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Drinking Game / SiIvaGunner

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  • Find a playlist containing at least fifty high quality rips. Take a shot if (you can refrain from this rule when the playlist consists entirely of this):
    • The song is a Flintstones, Nutshack, Snow Halation or Go My Way rip. You can exempt yourself from this rule if it applies to a rip for the work (eg a Flintstones rip for The Flintstones: The Rescue Of Dino & Hoppy)
    • The rip blueballs you.
    • You hear the CG Rap vocals.
    • The rip plays normally for a moment before the bait and switch happens.
    • If the rip plays alongside another song.
      • Two if it's "Crank Dat" or Lady's "Yankin'".
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    • SiIva himself appears with the Wiseguy voice.
    • If it's a Circus rip.
    • If it's an Undertale or Friday Night Funkin' rip.
    • If the rip has a Vinesauce reference (eg "GRAND DAD?!", "Who's been drawing dicks?", "It's hip to fuck bees", etc.)
    • It is a very short rip involving the channel gag of the time it's made (e.g. "Nerf this!", Gracie Films)
    • Take two shots if the thumbnail is replaced by an edited version.
      • Finish your drink if a fully-animated video plays.
  • At either the Wario World pause music rip or any Fusion Collab, take a shot for each time the song changes. Continue until you can no longer do it.
  • At a Friday Night Funkin' rip, take a shot whenever Boyfriend blueballs.
  • In the comments section:
    • A shot for each comment pointing out the joke.
    • On pre-reboot rips, a shot each for a "GRAND DAD" or similar comment. Even if the rip isn't Flintstones.
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    • A shot for each comment saying that the channel's about to end.
    • A shot for each comment pointing out a made up part of the ripped game based on the joke.
    • A small sip for each comment complaining about a "Yankin'" or "Nerf this" rip.
    • A very small sip for each "OMORI rips are highly appreciated comment" on an OMORI rip.