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Tear Jerker / SiIvaGunner

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  • Despite it all, "Good Night" from Undertale (a Series Fauxnale) managed to genuinely move many people, due to a combination of the emotion of the song itself and the various implications that it really was the end (the base song being the last one in Undertale's soundtrack, the lack of new uploads for the next 7 days, and "please read the channel description" being replaced with "good night"). Not to mention the lyrics (taken from its source, "Goodbye To A World" by Porter Robinson):
    Thank you
    I'll say goodbye soon
    It's the end of the world
    But don't blame yourself now
    And if it's true
    I will surround you
    And give life to a world
    That's our own.
  • "11 PM - Animal Crossing: New Leaf" starts out with the song in question from Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which is already a sad-sounding song, then seamlessly ends with part of "An Unwavering Heart" from Pokémon Black and White.
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  • "Informing About the Parting" from Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is an incredibly somber song that accompanies the saddest moments of the game, portraying utter loss and emptiness in musical form. Space Oddity by David Bowie is a falsely hopeful song that turns to sadness when it tells of an astronaut lost in space with his communications gone, adrift and alone. Either of these songs alone can get tears out of the toughest of souls, but what happens if you put them together? The answer is sadness incarnate.
  • The ending of the Continuity Reboot story arc. Chad begrudgingly accepts The Voice Inside Your Head's offer of merging the two different universes, at the cost of losing "Snow halation" forever. The Voice says that it's for the best, and at the end of the rebooting process, Honoka is shown slowly disappearing and fading away. Fans have come to regret their hatred towards Snow halation.
    • One commenter summed it up thusly:
      I know we disagreed about Snow Halation in the past, but this is never what I wanted. All I ever wanted was for people to respect the dissenting opinion towards Snow Halation, I never wanted things to be destroyed.
      For what it's worth, coming from someone who disliked Snow Halation, it hurt for me to see this as well.
      Maybe it's a bit distasteful or saccharine to be this serious about a goofy joke on the internet, but I think this channel amounts to something bigger than just a joke, and I just felt the need to offer you my condolences for what has happened.
      Maybe it was inevitable, or maybe people like me spurred this on, but this is never what I wanted. I still don't enjoy Snow Halation rips, but never once would I ever want to take away something that someone else enjoyed, especially when this channel has been such a source of entertainment for me and I've genuinely felt like a part of the community.
      I'm sorry, I never wanted this.
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    • However, after completing an additional ARG, the fans achieved the True Ending of the reboot, where instead of resigning to Snow Halation's fate, he fights back against the Gay-Mexican Ass in My Ass, stating that SilvaGunner does not make rips for the fans, but rather out of love. Using this love and the MF Like Button, Chad vanquishes the The Voice Inside Your Head and saves Snow Halation. With this, the translated lyrics of Snow Halation is revealed to the audience who most likely didn't knew the actual lyrics:
      I'll reach for you
      and all the pain that's new
      I'll give a name
      something pure and true, like
      Snow halation
      until the day we come to feel the same
      I'll keep it close
      all this love I hold, my new sensation
      I can't keep holding back
      Use the stength that I'm hoping to have
      Take a leap of faith within my heart
      And this is my start!!
  • This video, released exactly one year after Satoru Iwata's death. It's a piano cover of "Because I Love You" (with a bit of the Eight Melodies/"Smiles and Tears" near the end), without any subversiveness at all. The description doesn't help, either:
    Please understand the channel description.
    • Really, the fact that the team dedicated every rip on 7/11 to Satoru Iwata by only ripping games that he'd had a personal involvement in, in remembrance of him.
  • In the narrow realm of humorless rips there is the aptly titled "I Didn't Talk To Anyone Again Today" from Irisu Syndrome!note  The rip encapsulates the feeling of loneliness without any lyrics.
  • "Dam Busters" manages to take a music bit from Action 52 of all things and loop it over "Never Meant" without diminishing the song's power. Some dams will most certainly be busted.
  • "Sista Moosesha (Gamma Mix)" replaces the background instrumental of the PaRappa the Rapper track with "Cut to Black" by Lemaitre, putting a whole new twist on the song, as some users have observed.
  • File Select Fusion, one of the final songs uploaded, is a mashup of most of the memes featured in his rips combined with a nostalgic arrangement of multiple Nintendo songs and also features a sentimental message from Joel himself in the middle.
  • the nutshack theme but the first nutshack is replaced with me ending the channel, the channel's first true Series Fauxnale. Rather than being a sad rip, like most of the Series Fauxnales, it's just... a vlog. A fifty minute long, humorless vlog, discussing all the good times the channel had, and ultimately being the video to reveal the real Siivagunner. If the owner of the channel directly coming up to thank the rest of the rippers and all the fans wasn't enough, the video ending with the rest of The Nutshack is oddly fitting and makes you feel that the channel really is over.
  • Snow halation - Love Live!, a cover of Snow halation with Flintstones-related lyrics, drove the point that the channel was truly ending (for a while, anyway). Not to mention that there's no "Please read the channel description", because there's nothing more to do.
    Nozomi Tojo: Because I love each and every day.
  • Title Theme & Ending - 7 GRAND DAD. Originally, a version with very little effort put into it was uploaded. This was, of course, a Bait-and-Switch as usual. The final version, though? Begins the same way as the first, then follows Grand Dad, Smol Nozomi, and Loud Nigra as they walk through many areas inspired by various rips. And as it ends, we see it was all on the computer of SilvaGunner himself, as he states that he's finally made the highest quality rip, so he doesn't have to upload any more rips. After this, he says:
    SilvaGunner: I haven't slept for so long, I've forgotten what dreams were like. Now I can finally rest. Good night.
    • A fitting end to the channel.
  • Wood Man's death, shown on Twitter. Now that he has to go up against Mega Man, Wood Man takes leave from the channel entirely, leaving nothing but a blank icon and a blank space. The way he says how even though he was hated by some, he holds no grudges, is oddly touching. Not to mention the fact that unlike The Voice, Wood Man didn't do anything bad- in fact, he did more good, uploading Halloween rips and supporting the MF Like Button.
    well guys, it's about that time. i can't stay here forever
    ...apparently dr wily says i gotta fight megaman now. all of my life has led up to this
    i'll be sure to come back if i win but otherwise... iuno lol. but right now i have to go, i cant stay on the channel any longer
    i know a lot of you didn't really like what i've done with the channel (or me in general), but i still wish mah haters nice times.
    so yeah, i guess this could be the last time you'll hear from me in a while.
    remember... stay nice >:]
  • The death of the Cinderella Girls in the first episode of The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis can only be described as such.
    • Made worse by the Voice's explanation of how their world works in the third episode. He says that there are two types of beings: Figments and People. A figment is an idea, or a being created by the combined imagination of humans, such as Grand Dad, Tito Dick, and Nozomi. As long as human's stay imaginative and think about them, they're virtually immortal. Even human's can be reborn as figments if enough people know their memories past their deaths. However, if a figment were to die in the real, physical world, they cease to be, purged from all existence. That means that the Cinderella Girls, all of which were figments, were essentially wiped out from ever having BEEN! No one would mourn for them, because no one knows they were ever there. The characters likely forgot they were ever shown being brutally flattened on TV mere moments after it happened.
    • The effects seem to be instantaneous: It's implied that when Parappa died in episode 9, Soulja Boy literally forgot who he was in the middle of calling his name.
  • Stickerbush Symphony (OST Version) combines the eponymous track with Goodbye To A World. If the rip itself wasn't sad enough, remember this isn't the first time the channel's combined a rip with a Porter Robinson song.
  • Vin Diesel's monologue in "See You Again" is definitely one to tug at the heartstrings. Also combined with Heartwarming Moment.
    20?? - 2017
  • Ending - Club Penguin. A mashup of Time Of Your Life and Snow Halation set to a Stylistic Suck Club Penguin video sounds funny, right? Well, it sort of is, but it's also saddening, especially if you were a Club Penguin fan.
  • Nintendo 3DS Music - Swapnote Main Theme has SiIva writing a note to Nikki, who seems to be an old flame from before he started doing rips. SiIva says that he misses her and has been lonely, but thanks her for encouraging him.
  • In a way, Title Theme & Ending (Discount Version) - The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy. Shortly after it begins, it is shown playing on a TV set in the middle of a place that is revealed to be an abandoned HHGregg store (the company had recently gone bankrupt).
    • This also applies to Snow halation - Love Live! School idol festival ~after school ACTIVITY~, mixing the already-emotional "Snow Halation" with HHGregg's famous Christmas in July commercial, and later a news report about HHGregg's bankruptcy. It was the last rip of July, capping off a month that included occasional HHGregg rips, and presumably marking the end of its relevancy until next July. The tearjerker was mitigated when HHGregg came back as an online store, and they have even acknowledged SiIva on Twitter.
  • In the light of Chester Bennington's suicide, two rips were uploaded as tributes.
  • A Bad Dream (PAL Version)- EarthBound uses the melody of Dear Prudence to create a melancholy rip that makes you feel as you've really failed.
  • This video using "Sadness and Happiness". No memes. No jokes. Just the music playing, while a voice (possibly Bobbery) reads what was written in Scarlet's letter, word for word.
  • Okay Everyone! (Sayori) from Doki Doki Literature Club! combines Sayori's theme with the melody of "All I want for Christmas is You". While there's some potential Black Comedy with the song about hanging Christmas ornaments, it still tugs on the heartstrings. Even the usually irreverent comments have variations of "All I want for Christmas is for Sayori to live".
  • The title characters' argument in Wood Man & Robbie Rotten - A SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis Side Story:
    Wood Man: i'm better than you are so i should do the exposition
    Robbie: Pah! You couldn't even work your way out of the net I threw on you when we first met!!
    Wood Man: that was just one time man, one time. you don't know what it's like being under that kind of pressure.
    Robbie: It was a goshdarned NET! How hard is that to break out of?!
    Wood Man: if you knew it was so easy then how come you used it to capture me?
    Robbie: Well, because... uh... I was just TESTING you! That's it! And you FAILED! You failed to beat Mega Man, you failed to escape the net... you failed to capture the heroes, you failed against Santa... and you FAILED making dinner for me! You FAILED, you useless piece of metal! FAILED! FAILED! FAILED! You talk all big about yourself, and everyone thinks you're the coolest. But I know you for what you REALLY are - a failure! You can just sit here on your fat metal buttocks and rot in this so-called "time loop" for all I care, you stupid dolt!
    Wood Man: is that how it is huh? maybe i should just leave then. i should just leave all of you behind and go fail somewhere else, while YOU guys can all just rot in this fucking purgatory instead. you don't even care about the bigger picture, all you want to do is capture heroes anyway. and you can't even fucking do that. you know goddamn well that you're a failure too robbie. ...and that's why we're together.
  • In a way, the story behind this rip. It's a tribute to Isao Takahata, the then-recently deceased director of Grave of the Fireflies, of which a clip is featured in the rip.
  • This rip, which closed out the "It's Everyday Bro" anniversary event. It's the farewell messages of two former Team 10 members with "An Unwavering Heart" playing over it. It's unironically touching.
  • Pretty much the entirety of The Life and Times of Wade L.D., but the crowner has to be the ending. Wade is reported dead, after which two voicemails are heard. The first is from 2B, who thanks him and hopes that he'll be alive to meet her again. The other is from Wade's ailing son Jimmy, who hopes to catch up on the missed father-son time in the afterlife.
  • Much of the 2019 National Go Fishing Day event, as it came very soon after the death of backroom member Mr. Marowak, or Marrow. As such, the event was extended to two days and many of the rips were from the Streetpass game Ultimate Angler, as Marrow was a fan of Streetpass. Title (Night) is probably the biggest offender - it's a full arrangement of Smiles and Tears, complete with SiIva himself saying "I miss you".
    • The "I miss yous" come back with vengeance at the end of "8PM (Fishing Night in Heaven)", another tribute released at the end of King for Another Day.
  • Their take on Super Mario World 2’s opening. While the title indicates a reference to the infamous clan music of Yoshi's New Island, it is instead a very heartwrenching, totally gagless take on the theme of CLANNAD. And then the lyrics kick in for an extra dialing on the waterworks.
  • MissingNo., one of the original contestants of King For Another Day, is played as a uniquely terrifying character in the tournament, with horrifying corrupting effects on their surroundings (such as turning liquids into hyper-realistic blood) and an incredibly ominous victory theme. MissingNo. themselves, however, is portrayed in their reveal trailer and MOJO!! content as something comparable to a glitchy cross between Napstablook and Darkrai, being a completely non-malicious being with no control over their terrifying powers with a bad case of loneliness and self-loathing as a result. They do end up getting some very sweet interactions with the likes of Hypercam and HOBaRT (who lets MissingNo. join him as a cook for the tournament), but they never quite stop beating themselves up, and it left many fans wanting to just give the poor glitch a hug. Not helped by arrangements like "Drifting Away", a dual rip with Johnny Bravo consisting of a glitched remix of Drift Away sung from their perspective.
  • "Since I'm Australian", when you think about the lyrical content. The second half of the song is practically a lament of being misused in the tournament, with samples saying things like "I feel so untouched/unloved right now", "But you didn't have to cut me off", or "I wanna live, don't you see" playing prominently. It gives off the impression that the "funny mixer" really did want to be a proper contender, especially since this was his last song in the tournament and it made deliberate use of his source list's potential that was only occasionally seen before.
  • After an entire month of amazing rips with 32 different competitors, how does the King For Another Day Tournament end? With a dedication to the one competitor who couldn't return: Etika. It's an absolutely stunning cover of Lifelight, with ''We Dem Boyz'' worked in, combining together to form a song that is equal parts triumphant and sad, reminding us of the one competitor that lost his life before the tournament could begin.
  • April Fools' Day 2021 features a barrage of Super Mario Bros. rips that edit Mario out of the titles and logos, referencing Nintendo's use of the 3D All-Stars collection and Super Mario Bros. 35 as Permanently Missable Content which stopped being sold on that day. While initially humorous, it slowly develops into a number of rips that are either glitching or simply somber covers and otherwise-memetic tragic songs without a hint of irony that paint a narrative of everyone's hero Mario trapped in a void, trying to break free. The comments followed in turn, transitioning from jokes about not remembering the plumber to pleas for him to punch through and just come back to the people that loved him.
  • "Memory Test (Beta Mix) - Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!" rip is an unexpectedly dark take of the "21st night of September" meme. The rip takes "September" by Earth, Wind, and Fire and mashes it with the bleak "A1 - It's just a burning memory" by The Caretaker. And if that wasn't enough, midway through the rip, "September"'s lyrics are sentence-mixed to go from the singer reminiscing nostalgia of the aformentioned month to him desperately struggling to make his beloved one remember the eponymous "21st night of September".
    Do you remember?
    Do... do you remember?
    21st night, remember?
    As we danced in September,
    I was with you...
    • While the "Beta Version" swaps out the original song with Taylor Swift's take on "September", it doesn't make it any less depressing.