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Songs he will rip in the future

If he does a Christmas album...
It will either be entirely Snow Halation rips, or presented as though it will be, but not actually contain any. This is, of course, assuming it's not a Discredited Meme by then.
  • Check out the current event on the channel called The Silvagunner Christmas Comeback Crisis... There you go.

The Greatest Hits Album only exists to make the April Fools' Day joke work
Think about it. Though the way this album was released is otherwise normal, there is one thing different: He never said normal uploads would return the next day. He does this for every following album. Add the fact that nobody could have known normal uploads were returning, and it almost feels like its sole purpose was to be a Series Fauxnale. This might be jossed if he releases a Volume 2.
  • Well, he released a Volume 3, and it's either an actual Grand Finale, or a much more convincing Series Fauxnale. In the latter case, I'd say this is pretty much confirmed.
    • And of course, not even a day after adding this, he's back.

Undertale will be the first game to have its entire OST ripped
Not counting some old games with small OSTs, this seems likely.
Chad Warden will appear in another rip to chastise the fanbase for dislike bombing the JustinRPG rips.
Now whether or not it'll be another rip of Megalovania (Or perhaps Cognitive Dissonance's version.) or a rip of a song from Black/White or the sequel is to be seen.
  • Jossed. Chad sacrificed himself to both will Snow Halation into the Merged Universe and destroy The Voice. Even if Chad managed to survive it, he likely wouldn't defend JustinRPG, as JustinRPG was summoned by The Voice.

The Continuity Reboot will lead to a sort of storyline about some entity invading the channel.
Already, there are several ARG-like parts to this whole affair, and given how Siiva is Not Himself I think something is going to go down. I'm pretty sure "Grand Ma" (alluded to in one Payday 2 rip) is related to the takeover.

(Alternatively, it's the Jahns.)

(Alternatively alternatively, it's Towel.)

  • Sort of confirmed. While there is someone behind the reboot storyline, the (as of writing) unknown entity who caused the reboot altered the GiIva universe rather than hijacked the channel thanks to Chad Warden fanning the flames of community discourse.
    • It's the Voice Inside Chad's Head.

The final rip of the possible seven Super Mario 64 rips.
SiIvaGunner has been uploading a string of Super Mario 64 rips lately. Right now, he's uploaded "Koopa Clear", "Race Fanfare", "Looping Steps", "Ultimate Koopa", and "Correct Solution". If there are seven rips in all, then the last one will be a reupload of the "It's-a me, GRAND DAD!" video from the original channel, signifying the Reset Button Ending of the reboot. Or, to prolong the reboot, "It's-a me, GRAND MA!"

There will be a Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 rip the day the reboot ends.
It occurs on 7/7/16, after all.
  • Jossed. No rips from that game were released that day.

There will be a Greatest Hits Album for the reboot.
Presumably, the announcement for this album will be the last video before the video ending the reboot, unless there is a rip from Undertale in-between the two.

We haven't seen the end of the lore or of Snow Halation.
Snow Halation will try to come back, which won't end well for the new Merged Reality.
  • Sort of Confirmed. Chad Warden sacrificed himself to bring it back and kill The Voice.

The first rip after the reboot's end will be...

The Exhibition Match rip will become a Brick Joke, with the end being in a different, unrelated rip.

GiIvaSunner meant for the message at the end of Pokémon Grand Dad Version to imply that it was the true cause of the reboot. In actuality, the culprit is Mr. Rental.
  • There's a bit of a hole in this in that Mr. Rental is seen helping Grand Dad in this rip and chooses to let Grand Ma live in this rip, so he could just be another red herring since he's shown interacting positively with both pre and post-reboot Running Gag characters.

The appearance of Tito Dick in the channel banner is not a leadup to another ARG, but rather the SiIvaGunner crew baiting the "lore" obsessed fans.
The day Tito Dick becomes completely opaque, absolutely nothing will change about the posted rips and Dick will disappear from the banner without really impacting anything. Nor does it mean Nutshack rips will go away after Dick is removed from the banner.
  • He never became fully opaque, but otherwise confirmed.

The final rip on the channel will be a version of "Save the World".
Given that both of the Series Fauxnales involved Undertale music (namely, "Last Goodbye" - used for the credits - and "Good Night" - the final track in its OST), when the collaborators inevitably get tired of the channel (or want to do another fake-out) this'll be the signifier. (It may be accompanied by another version of "Hopes and Dreams", if only for resonance.)

A sub-theory: the rip of "Final Power" is a preview of their version of "Save the World". (It resembles the previous rip of "Last Goodbye", fittingly enough.)

Another sub-theory: their final album will be their seventh.

If the real GilvaSunner's channel gets taken down...
GilvaSunner has revealed on Twitter that his channel had some copyright problems.

The theory: If Gilva's channel gets taken down, SiIvaGunner will upload a tribute video of some sort, possibly halting the channel's uploads temporarily. As for what song it will be, I don't know, possibly a somber remix of Title Theme - Donkey Kong Country, because it was Gilva's first upload.

The true villain behind the lore is actually George Jetson
It seems awfully strange that, despite being so similar to the most prominent meme on the channel, The Jetsons has never been referenced on the channel, aside from in a video where Siiva said he would not accept any rips involving The Jetsons. Perhaps there's a reason to this. Since the Jetson is pretty much the opposite of the Flintstones, taking place in the future instead of the past, it's likely that George Jetson is some sort of Anti-Grand Dad, hellbent on destroying the channel.
  • In addition, while George himself is not an antagonist, the main antagonist of The Flintstones: The Rescue Of Dino & Hoppy, Dr. Butler, comes from the Jetsons timeline. Since 7 Grand Dad is an edited version of Dino and Hoppy, he would be an antagonist to Grand Dad, and as a result Jetsons rips would be ignored (presumably including the song in Dino and Hoppy/Grand Dad that is the Jetsons theme).

The Jetsons will stick around once normal uploads once normal uploads resume after 9/11...
...except their role will be reimagined as generic kamikaze pilots, unless the team wants to distance them entirely from how they acted in the 9/11 rips.

There will be a Simpsons-themed album.
It will either celebrate the series' 600th episode, the second FXX marathon, or the 30th anniversary of its debut on The Tracey Ullman Show. Either way, it would at least bring Simpsons-themed rips into prominence for the first time since the reboot.
One of the final three rips will be a "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue.

The channel isn't really ending.
C'mon, this is like, what, the fifth time he's pretended to end it?
  • Confirmed.

The countless endings to the channel are only team members leaving
There is an astonishing number of people working on the SiIvaGunner channel. Some of them have been part of it for a long time, but sometimes, you have to part ways. So, all the endings the channel is going through are actually just heart-felt goodbyes by beloved team members. That also explains why it's always merely a 10-Minute Retirement.

Snow halation - Love Live! is the rip that started the reboot
Branching off the above WMG that the first rip after the reboot would be an uninterrupted version of the rip that started it (which was wrong). Also, wall of text.

First of all, we have to assume that the rip starting the reboot is an Un-Installment. However, it is partially seen in both Intro - SiIvaGunner: Rebooted and Now Rebooting - SiIvaGunner: Rebooted. We can infer that the rip we see is Snow halation - Love Live! School idol festival as that is the original title of Intro. Okay, now I can explain why Snow halation - Love Live! School idol festival and Snow halation - Love Live! are the same song.

  • First of all, these two rips would be the same song if they were unedited. The only difference would be the origin (School idol festival or Love Live!).
  • Now, the Love Live! version is completely unedited, except for the vocals. We never actually hear the vocals for the School idol festival version, but we do hear the beginning, which is completely unedited like the Love Live! version.
  • Si Iva Gunner says he will add Flintstones into the School idol festival version to make the rip grand as hell. The Love Live! version does indeed contain Flintstones.
  • The only caveat here is that the Love Live! version is not just a static image like the School idol festival version. It's possible that it is actually a video In-Universe.

So, just like the unedited versions of these songs, the School idol festival version and the Love Live! version are the same. Now, the reason he ripped the Love Live! version at all is because the reboot prevented Snow halation - Love Live! School idol festival from ever being ripped again. During the reboot, SiIva even attempted to rip it, which resulted in S͏͔̜͍n̶͔̲͓̹ò͓w̨̯̻̲̼̩ ҉̲͎̲̣͙h̶a̫͖l҉̱̞͍̯̰█ (though the video was later renamed). The merging of the two universes would have fixed this damaged rip, but it was excluded from the merge. Chad had to bring it back using the MF LIKE BUTTON, which left the song damaged even post-reboot.

When it came time to end the channel, SiIvaGunner found out that he couldn't rip Snow halation - Love Live! School idol festival, no matter how many mix titles he tried. But eventually, he found a workaround. By simply calling it Snow halation - Love Live!, he was able to upload the grand as hell rip of Snow halation - Love Live! School idol festival that crashed his channel months prior.

Nozomi is going find help over at TimmyTurnersGrandDad's Channel

I found it a bit suspicious that The Voice and TTGD posted a rip at the same time. Heck, the rip TTGD uploaded in question is Snow Halation, which is, according to TVIYH, "Weeb Anime Shit". Something tells me there will be a crossover...

  • Most likely jossed.

Grand Dad, Loud Nigra and other reoccurring memes are going to be mechanized or cloned.

We are talking about Haltmann here. Who's to say that he won't avert Never Recycle Your Schemes and do what he did with Meta Knight and King Dedede?

Ways the Christmas Comeback Crisis might end
Here's a few theories about possible endings the CCC could have.
  • Redemption ending: The Voice is convinced through unknown means that what he decried as "weeb anime shit" has done good for the world and has a change of heart, joining Nozomi in a Christmas celebration as he undoes all of his handiwork.
  • Green ending: The Voice wasn't the only one to make a comeback. After seemingly having Nozomi and any friends she has made along the way in his hands, Green de la Bean comes out of nowhere and beans him with the fury of a thousand suns. As Episode 2 sees Haltmann coming up with plans for making bean-bots, perhaps the Bean's motivation could be revenge for ripping it off?
  • Uproot ending: Robbie Rotten and Wood Man usurp the Voice through unknown means and become the new antagonists of the Christmas Comeback Crisis... who pretty much are ineffective against Nozomi and are anticlimactically defeated.
  • Pachinko ending: The arc abruptly ends with the channel back to normal with no indication of a change ever occurring. Everyone has a recollection of what happened, but when Siiva asks if anything happened while he was asleep, nobody ever talks in great detail about the final battle.

We'll finally meet the mysterious greater threat the Voice once mentioned at the climax of the Christmas Comeback Crisis
If we're lucky, it'll take the place of Planet Robobot's Star Dream. If not... it'll be more like 0 FUCKING 2 from Kirby 64.

Susie will appear in the Christmas Comeback Crisis at some point
In Kirby Planet Robobot, Haltmann's main goal was to be able to see his daughter again, being unaware that she was with him the whole time, as a result of a Sanity Slippage. In the end, his soul is destroyed, essentially making him Deader Than Dead. In the Christmas Comeback Crisis, he is brought back by The Voice, who he serves as The Dragon to. But who's to say that Susie can't bring him to his senses?
  • Possibly confirmed by Episode 2 of the CCC. The Voice mentions that if Haltmann keeps up the good work (after demonstrating a robot Bean for crowd control), that he will "grant him his wish."

There will be a Christmas Crisis rip that is a reversal of this one.
Namely, it will be presented as a "Play a Mini-Game!" rip, but it's actually a Slider rip with the image being the Super Mario 64 thumbnail from the other video. Additionally, the ripper will be credited (just like in TimmyTurnersGrandDad's rips), and instead of "I order you to read the channel description," it will be the traditional "Please read the channel description."

  • Jossed, since the main Christmas Comeback Crisis "event" is over.

Last Hurrah is propaganda by The Voice
This is going by the fact that in the description, the composer is listed as "Nozomi Tojo", rather than the usual mention of The Voice or one of his minions. This leads me to believe that The Voice credited Nozomi for the creation of an unsatisfying finale in hopes of turning the fans against her.

As of this writing, it seems that the Christmas Comeback Crisis story is just going to be left unfinished, leaving The Voice in control of the channel. However, if they do close it off properly, The Voice Inside Your Head will probably either have a Heel–Face Turn or become a Villain Protagonist. This would be an In-Universe reason to continue uploading rips. Also, the channel's name will change to "The Voice Inside Your Head" to signify this.
  • Jossed.
    • Confirmed, in a meta sense. With Episode 7 of the Christmas Comeback Crisis "officially" stuck in Development Hell, The Voice Inside Your Head is most likely going to stay in control for "Season 2".
      • Jossed by Haltmann taking over the channel.

The Voice actually has no idea about Wood Man's presence, but Wood Man is the only one who acknowledges it due to Voice saying Wood Man's debut wrong.

The Voice is a total weeb and his attempts of masking it has become less and less subtle.
Despute he stated that he hates anime and plans to 'purge weebs', he kept uploading several rips that contain anime. He even celebrated Hanayo's birthday! What's not to prove that The Voice is a weeb?
  • Not confirmed yet, but I think The Voice in CCC Episode 7 arranging for Haruka Amami from The Idolmaster to dress up as Susie and even sing really cements this theory. (And, of course, Haruka also represents the GO MY WAY!! meme that The Voice created during the reboot.)

The Christmas Comeback will end with all the characters doing a group song, most likely Snow Halation.
We'd have each character sing a line or two with sentence mixing, or maybe some guest appearances by some people like uncle jobel.

The Voice died sometime inbetween the channel pause and Wood Man posting rips.
Over the course of the channel pause, The Voice suffered a fatal heart attack. Although it looks like things are back to normal, when one keeps in mind just who Wood Man's ally is, it could be a charade concocted by Wood & Robbie to fool the audience into thinking The Voice is still alive.
  • Jossed by Episode 7.

Inspector Gadget was created by Haltmann
Right before The Voice is overthrown by Gadget, he brings up the fact that Haltmann has been spending an awful lot of time in his workshop. The reason for this is never given, but given the events of Episode 7, it's very likely that Haltmann has been working against The Voice, and given how Inspector Gadget is robotic, it is possible that Haltmann built/modified him to overthrow The Voice.
  • Confirmed. And two weeks after Gadget's takeover, Haltmann deactivated him in lieu of taking over the channel for himself.

Star Dream will appear in the Christmas Comeback Crisis
The series is obviously heavily inspired and borrowed multiple characters, plot points and even the futuristic athmosphere from Kirby: Planet Robobot. It's not unlikely that more characters from that game will appear in future episodes. Now, let's consider this: President Haltmann has taken over the channel. Like in the game, he still thinks Susie is dead and he wants to revive her. Since he seemed to realize that the Voice's offer to do that was a bluff, he has to do it by himself, for which he would need both Star Dream and the Access Ark. Plus, he needs to keep both the protagonists and the Voice in check, having a reality warping computer of universal power would do the job. Of course, Star Dream will betray Haltmann like in the games and will become the Greater-Scope Villain.
  • Sub-theory: If this happens, The Voice (if he's not dead) will say that Star Dream is the greater threat he mentioned in the Pokémon ROM Hack.

The channel will pause again between September and December
Assuming the current 9th episode of the Christmas Comeback Crisis is not a fake-out, or will quickly be replaced with a real 9th episode, there are only 3 episodes left. Many have already speculated they will end the CCC in Christmas 2017, but this is not supported by the uploading trends. If they keep uploading one CCC episode every month, then the last episode is uploaded in September. A few months away from Christmas. However, the original end date of the channel was also September. I don't think they would end in September again, because nobody would buy it. Instead of uploading the last CCC episode in September, they will have another pause, with no uploads until December (with the exception of Wood Man uploading Halloween-themed rips again). Sometime in early December, they will unpause and resume uploads, with Christmas-themed (and eventually ending-themed) rips. The 14th and final CCC episode will be uploaded on Christmas day. After this, they will still upload videos, but only on the channel's anniversary.

  • Jossed.

SiIvaGunner will pass GilvaSunner in either video count or subscriber count.
And they'll upload a special rip when they do.

  • Jossed; both counts were passed with little fanfare.

Monika will play a part in the lore.

But it won't be a Hostile Show Takeover, since that's already been Jossed. Most likely she's a figment who, like Wood Man, is aware of the fact that it's not really Christmas 2016 anymore. After all, Wood Man says he's not the only one.

Edit: I realized there's a bit of a snag in this theory. While Monika is pretty much confirmed to be a figment, and even shows up in certain rips (mostly to sing), she's just that: a figment. She can't appear in the Christmas Comeback Crisis, since it takes place in the real world. This would also extend to all Running Gags after the Christmas Comeback Crisis started, giving the SiIvaGunner team a convenient excuse to not have to rewrite anything for the remaining episodes...

I still think she might appear, though, due to Law of Conservation of Detail and her repeated mentions/cameos in lore videos. In order for this to happen, someone needs to specifically take her (or a group that includes her) out of the figment world. The Voice is the only one who is known to have a way to do this, and he shared it with Wood Man, so it would have to be one of those two. Wood Man seems like the most likely candidate for this, as Monika doesn't (as far as we know) have any abilities that The Voice would find useful.

But this gets more interesting when considering the King for a Day Tournament: Both humans (like Pitbull and "Weird Al" Yankovic) and figments (like Off the Hook and Dancing Alien Team) appeared in the tournament, and John Notwoodman acts as a host during the tournament. That means Wood Man had to have brought these figments into the real world to participate in the tournament; there is no (known) way to bring humans into the figment world, or even bring figments back into the figment world. So all of the characters who participated must be staying in the real world, and thus, could show up in the lore. Whether this includes Monika is anyone's guess, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say yes. In fact, I'll go further and say that if she does indeed appear in the lore at some point, she'll mention or allude to her cameo in King for a Day.

The final CCC villain/possible endings
Considering that the Voice is alive as of Episode 10, he might find a way to regain control from Haltmann. However, with the second Inspector Gadget takeover that started on April 1st, things might end differently now.
  • Voice Ending: The Voice regains control and proceeds to active his endgame: exterminate all anime and any meme that opposes him. As such, Nozomi and co must stop him lest all of existence be destroyed...
  • Haltmann Ending: Much his game of origin, he'll try to revive Susie while making profit off of making High Quality Rips. However, he's unaware that he's screwing around with the timeline and something bad might happen...
  • Gadget Ending: Inspector Gadget disobeys Haltmann and proceeds to cause the apocalypse. Alternately, Gadget is a pawn of Haltmann or the Voice. Or he's an extended April Fool's joke.
  • Critic Ending: The Nostalgia Critic usurps control of the channel and presumes to go full on Monika on us by eliminating every meme other than himself. And then presumes to be just like Gadget was, except with this joke.
    • The latter two are most likely jossed. Well, the extended April Fools' Day joke part was confirmed.

The next BEMANI rip album will be titled SiIvaGunner Sound Team, as a nod to the BEMANI Sound Team controversy and a play on the fact that SG is actually a group of arrangers.

When Si Iva Gunner wakes up, he will transport the channel to a post-universe.

(I will honestly be shocked if any of this is true, but whatever.)

Basically, I have a theory that Joel's exposition in "File Select Fusion" is alluding to the end of the channel. See, SiIvaGunner used high quality rips to build up memes for 9 months, and then went to sleep. However, he never actually uses those memes to enter a post-universe as Joel explained. So my theory is that when he wakes up, this is what he's going to do. At some point, it will be explained that there are only a finite number of music tracks, some of which can only be found in post-universes.

When SiIvaGunner eventually wakes up, he is going to see the absolute mess that has been surrounding his channel this whole time, and what Haltmann has been doing, such as artificially creating music tracks simply to prolong the life of the channel, and other things (possibly attempting to obtain Star Dream and the Access Ark like in Kirby: Planet Robobot) that could potentially put the world (or worse, the channel) in danger.

So, in an effort to save the channel from Haltmann, SiIva will somehow use the memes he'd built up for 9 months to transport himself, the channel, and all the figments to a post-universe. In the post-universe, the channel will be in a sort of peaceful empty state; the channel banner will switch to the usual tower from Tengami, but completely empty. Additionally, the channel villains won't pose any sort of threat in the post-universe, leaving any remaining story conflicts to be solved verbally.

Then, SiIva will start ripping the post-universe music tracks, which don't contain any memes. For a short while, rips will be uploaded that use don't use any memes, and instead have more streamlined humor/jokes. Additionally, rips of Tengami will be posted for the first time. After this, one final lore video will be posted, in which SiIvaGunner has finally ripped every last music track, and then proceeds to "REACH THE STARS" (which could mean any number of literal or figurative things).

John Notwoodman actually is Wood Man...
...But he's the Wood Man from the KFAD universe. He changed his name when the CCC universe's Wood Man showed up in the KFAD universe, to avoid confusion.

Channel takeover ideas
  • Animaniacs: Featuring rips incorporating songs from both shows (such as "Yakko's World" and "I'm Cute") or tracks from the video games. Like how the Phineas and Ferb takeover handled the rips related to Doofenshmirtz and Perry, it will be a two-day takeover, with the second day focused entirely on rips related to Pinky and the Brain.
  • Homestar Runner: A day of rips based on Homestar Runner and Videlectrix games. Some rips may be a throwback to the 2009 H*R April Fools prank by being "Sbemailiarized!" (i.e. bookended by Strong Bad answering an email). The Backroom even might reach out to the Brothers Chaps for Parody Assistance.


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