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Nightmare Fuel / Shadowjack Watches Sailor Moon

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  • Episode 83. All the scenes with Prince Dimande were made much scarier, but this is the real Wham Line:
    Usagi: "I think it's unnatural and wrong!"
    Prince Dimande /heh heh heh. "So do I…"
    Usagi /is forced to realize that she is helpless and alone with a psychopath, and starts to cry. "No… please, no…"
    • The art for the recap has her chained to a bed with Dimande on top of her.
      Usagi: Mamoro, if you don't get here in five minutes this won't be funny anymore!
  • One of the recaps for R portrays Esmeraude's insanity in a genuinely disturbing (if darkly comical) light involving a deranged letter to Dimande born of sleep-deprived paranoia, blacking out, and realizing the next morning that she 1. apparently broke into his bathroom to get it to him and 2. strangled the agent she'd meant to deliver it before deciding that she knew too much to be left alive.
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  • His depiction of Mimette in the recap comics is even creepier than the original, especially with those big, empty eyes. Oh, and she's depicted covered in blood. ("What blood?")
  • Manga!Sailor Venus's introduction. Bring your daughter to the slaughter indeed...
    • Manga!Venus in general is fraking terrifying. One even manages to feel sorry for Manga!Beryl of all people when Venus kills her.
  • Fiore's first encounter with the Kisenian flower from the R movie:
    Fiore: "I knew knew that a flower could make one so happy. And so, as I grew, and wandered the worlds, I finally found a flower worthy of giving to you."
    Fiore recalls the tiny planetoid, its three volcanoes, and its three inhabitants—one of them a mysterious flower. It sang its song to Fiore, and Fiore, in love and reverence, obediently stuffed the bodies of the sheep and its little master into the one active volcano. The flower will never be lonely again.

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