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Fridge / Shadowjack Watches Sailor Moon

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  • When the narration briefly takes on an MS Paint Adventures flavor where Mimette is concerned, one of the first commands she responds to is, "Fondly regard office." — which is based on the only command the Godhead Pickle Inspector would respond to in Problem Sleuth, "Fondly regard creation". Casual reference, or god complex on the part of the (as Shadowjack made explicit in episode 113 and its immediate follow-up analysis of what's going on in her head) nigh-serial killer Mimette? ... Maybe.
    • I don't know about the rest of it, but the only reason she's 'Nigh' serial killer is that she gets stopped.
  • A bit of brilliance in this post [1]: The name of Serenity's husband? Mal. As if it could be anything else

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