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All the Crowning Moments Of Awesome from the original are at least as awesome in this depiction...but a few get added:

  • The first illustration for the series? Jadeite getting run over with his own plane from Episode 13.
  • Shadowjack gets one for Episode #44, where he describes the fall of the Silver Millennium in (slightly imperfect, but still impressive) Shakespearean-style iambic pentameter.
  • In Episode #71, the high-stake chess game between Sailor Mercury and Berthier becomes The Immortal Game.
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  • Writing up a Sailor Moon rock opera.
  • The entire ending fight of an episode getting rewritten to be a clash between a Daimon and Yamandaka, two wrestling monsters, and her defeating the enemy but nearly dying before being saved by Sailor Moon!
  • The "Serenity's husband is Malcolm Reynolds" theory getting fanart done of it by none other than Erin Ptah of And Shine Heaven Now and But I'm a Cat Person fame.
  • Remember Episode #44? He topped that - in the same fashion, nonetheless - with a two-parter for Episode 125.
  • From the comments on Episode 111:
    "And then there are those random coincidences when Shadowjack doesn't realize how right he is because he wasn't even trying to seriously guess anything. I mean, using the phrase "glaive Messiah" in Hotaru's debut episode?! And meaning it as a D&D joke? That's like shooting blindfolded without even knowing the target is there, and hitting the bullseye."
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  • One particularly memorable illustrated recap came near the end of the S season, where he pays a eulogy to the Witches5 to the tune of "Ten Little Indians". The final upset is chilling.
    Once there was a crooked teacher
    Who taught in a crooked hall.
    For aid, he had six witches;
    Here is how he lost them all.
    SIX little witches
    To bring his god to life:
    ...and then there were FIVE.
    FIVE little witches
    Fought for the highest score;
    ...and then there were FOUR.
    FOUR little witches
    Loved to watch T.V.:
    ...and then there were THREE.
    THREE little witches
    Built a garden view:
    ...and then there were TWO.
    TWO little witches
    Playing with a gun:
    ...and then there was ONE.
    Cyprine / Ptirol
    ONE little witch
    She split herself in two...
    ...and then there was ONE.
    ONE little witch
    Brought again to life:
    Mistress 9: And then there was NINE.
    Mistress Nine: Messiah of Silence
    To get this girl,
    Teach' murdered two,
    For love he has forgotten.
    He thinks that she's the Messiah,
    So he'll surely spoil her rotten!

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  • Since the first season enemies are based in Antarctica, of course Neon Genesis Evangelion comes up. Which leads to a non-canon scene where the Sailors stop Second Impact.

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