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From seven Vitriolic Best Buds to seven #1 bestselling authors.

The following members of the group have their own pages for awesome moments without the other Sidemen:

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    General Gameplay 
  • After having been given the X Must Not Win treatment in Uno on Xbox 360 for the longest time, Ethan (with the help of Vik as a partner) easily wins his first game of Uno in March 2015.
    • Simon and Josh weren't satisfied with that happening and say that Ethan's win counts as only half a win because of it being a partner Uno win with Vik and go for another game. Ethan and Vik beat them again to fulfill the "full" win.
  • London 2012:
    • In a session where Josh, Simon, Ethan,note  and Tobi and played as mainly English-speaking countries,note  all four Sidemen in the session managed to pull off some awesome feats.
      • Josh got a massive head start in the men's 100m hurdles and did his run cleanly, resulting in a 12.93-second gold medal win.
      • In the men's shot put, Simon broke the game's world record of 23.97mnote  by a centimetre on the first throw. However, Josh manages to beat that by another centimetre on the fourth throw, making the world record 23.99m.
      • They all managed to compete well in the women's 100m backstroke, with a difference of three tenths-of-a-second between first (Tobi at 59.56 seconds) and last (Simon at 59.86 seconds). (In case you need to know, Josh got silver at 59.68 seconds and Ethan got bronze at 59.76 seconds.)
      • Ethan gets his first gold medal win in the game in the women's vault.
      • Finally, Josh proves his continued dominance in the game with an 8.86m gold medal win in the men's long jump.
    • In a game with all the original six Sidemen, JJ gets the world record in men's weightlifting over 105 kg with 214.00 kg.
  • Monopoly Plus:
  • Trivial Pursuit:
    • In Simon, Ethan, and Josh's game, Josh went from always losing to winning the whole thing in the final round.
    • In this game with the original trio and Tobi, Ethan and Simon started harnessing the power of Emon and choosing the same answers. Almost each answer that they chose would be correct.
    • In this game with just the trio, Simon has to choose from a large sum of tennis players, most of which he doesn't even know. He manages to get two right before he picks a wrong one.
    • Any time that an X Must Not Win strategy is pulled off successfully.
    • JJ plays the game for the first time. Guess who wins.
      • The way that he won was especially crazy; it essentially all came down to one question in the final round, and JJ was the only one to get it right. The Delayed Reaction Josh, Ethan, and Simon have once they realize that, yes, JJ has won on his first time playing, is the icing on the cake. JJ also has a great reaction; he's as shocked as everyone else.
  • Skate 3:
    • In the WE MUST BEAT ETHAN episode:
      • Simon's in the lead for the majority of the Crystal Crashers level. Then, near the end of the level, Ethan pulls the rug from underneath him by surpassing him with 4058 points.
      Ethan: Yes, the Redeemer! Christ the Redeemer, mate!
      • Josh managed to beat his 56,000 point score just by cannonball jumping in a parking lot.
    • In the WE SUCK episode:
    • In the FRESH MEAT episode:
      • On the Hotel Plummet level, Josh manages to get three consecutive scores of over 100,000 points (usually, it was just by doing the torpedo move and then cannonballing, but still).
  • Cards Against Humanity:
    • In his first game of Cards Against Humanity, JJ does exceptionally well, and despite getting the usual X Must Not Win treatment, he wins the whole thing.
    • In one video, JJ had problems reading the words "anthropologist", "squirrel", and "Rolls Royce", which sent the Sidemen into hysterics. In another video, a card is made with those words that JJ is ultimately forced to read as the Czar. He actually gets through it, only being stopped to repeat something once.
  • In a game of Uno Rush with Josh, Tobi, Vik, and Simon, the first game begins with Josh and Tobi on one team and Vik and Simon (or "Vimon" as Simon's now calling it) on the other team. "Vimon" wins the first game in two rounds in around one minute. Not only that, Vik won the second round by being able to play all seven cards in his hand when it started on him, preventing anyone else from playing a card that round.
  • Golf with Your Friends:
    • In this video, Josh manages to get a hole-in-one on a bumpy course with bouncy ground activated. The best part? He gets it within 5 seconds of the round starting.
    • Wanna know why Josh named one of his episodes of this game "THE BEST ENDING TO A VIDEO EVER?!". Here's what happened: Josh has to score in a hole with little time left on a level with malevolently realistic physics that find it necessary for the ball to roll down a giant slope in a way that takes up time since it's moving so slowly. He ends up scoring with one second left. Here's when it all starts, and here's the good part.
    • In this game of Golf with Your Friends, Vik managed to score four hole-in-ones on the first four holes of the game, immediately establishing him as everyone's target.
  • In this Tower Unite Minigolf episode, Ethan finally wins in first place after so many episodes of unluckiness and rage.
  • In this video of Soccer Physics, both Simon and Josh had "flawless" 5-0 games.
  • In a Peggle 2 match between Vik, Josh, and Tobi, Vik decides to use a random character and gets Jimmy Lightning (the character Josh frequently uses and incorrectly refers to as "Spunk the Chipmunk"). Using the layout of the table and Jimmy's multiball ability, Vik proceeds to smash almost the entire level on his first ball for over one million points!
    • To be fair to Josh, he didn't do half-bad either by getting over 400,000 points, but there was no way he was ever going to come close to Vik's score.
  • In the first 3 minutes of this video, Vik managed to get on the leaderboards.
  • In Vik's Geoguessr episode with Fangs, they somehow end up in a photo studio with no way out. The only clue as to where it may be is that it's possibly somewhere in Germany, as they notice German text. They make a wild guess somewhere in the middle of the country and they get 4709 points for being 120 kilometres away from where it is (in Nuremberg).

  • In Josh and Simon's TOTS "Discard Pack" challenge, Josh was winning 4-2 when they both got a TOTS card and none of them were able to discard it, since they both had the same stat (in this case, the top-right stat, which is dribble). So, they both opened a pack again, and whoever got the lower stat amount (this time, shooting) had to discard their TOTS and the pack they recently opened. Josh got another TOTS card, and he won that round, thus he was able to keep both of the TOTS cards he got!
  • To be honest, Josh's pack luck in FIFA 15 is absolutely insane. When the TOTY was still out, he got two 99 Ronaldo cards in one pack opening! JJ's reaction after Josh got his second 99 Ronaldo card was absolutely priceless!
  • In Simon and Ethan's game of search and discard, Simon gets two successful hits in a row (taking out Ethan's purple card as well as his TOTS Azpilicueta), succeeds at making Ethan discard his TOTS Sanchez, and ultimately wins the game.

    Grand Theft Auto V 
  • Considering how bad of a driver he is and how much he gets screwed over by the others, it's weirdly awesome whenever JJ actually wins a race in the game.
  • The Sidemen (sans Ethan) played a custom five-round Grand Theft Auto Online Last Team Standing deathmatch called "Dodge the Jet", in which one team of RPG snipers on a container platform above the Maze Bank Tower must try to shoot down a team of gunless fighter jets trying to knock them off. JJ, Tobi, and Vik were Team 1 (Ultimate Sidemen) and Harry, Simon, and Josh were Team 2 (and Tobi noticed that it was "Ethnics vs. Whites"). In an exciting, nerve-racking and very close match, Team 1/Ultimate Sidemen/"Team Ethnics" managed to defeat Team 2/"Team Whites" by knocking them off the platforms in the final round. Vik knocked off Josh and Harry in one fell swoop, then it was immediately followed by Tobi kamikaze diving onto the platform, which knocked Simon off in the process.
  • In this video's sky-high motorbike race, Tobi is very dissatisfied when Josh gives him the rocket treatment. In retaliation, Tobi kills Josh with two blasts arranged in such a manner that the first blasts him up and the second blasts him up higher, leaving Josh's body airborne for long enough to get rammed by Tobi's bike. Revenge is a dish best served awesome.
  • In yet another snipers versus vehicles LTS match, JJ and Vik double team on the Zentorno Gang by using their trucks to knock off and kill the entire team at once. Better is how Vik swerves to the right at the end of his ramp to deal the finishing blow.
  • Vik's epic life-saving maneuver.
    Vik: Oh, what I did was..heroic.
  • In probably the cheekiest save in Sidemen history, as Josh, Vik, Tobi, Simon, and Ethan are playing a level that involves driving off a ramp and landing driving on the side of a wall, Josh launches off the ramp awkwardly, does a full side flip, brushes the top of the wall, and still lands on the side. Everyone is shocked, with Vik just being pissed.
  • In the first race of Vik's 579th GTA V Funny Moments video, when Vik tries using a boost to get past JJ, he ends up gaining a brief and small lead and also ends up running into the boost icon...while JJ drives into the rocket icon. Even worse is how JJ deliberately stands in his way and only allows Vik to beg for his life. However, the rockets respawn, Vik obtains them, and he gives JJ the sweet and karmic revenge he deserved. Especially awesome considering how often JJ treats Vik like his Butt-Monkey, and this choice moment is like Vik finally gaining an upper hand on him.

  • Highlights from Simon's crossbar challenge.
    • Out of all of the people to be the first to hit the crossbar, it's Ethan.
    • Simon quipping "Time to smash it", and then doing just that.
    • JJ's last shot. Immediately after his foot connects with the ball, JJ turns to the camera and does an Unflinching Walk as the ball bounces off of the crossbar in the distance.
  • Highlights from JJ's crossbar challenge.
    • Vik hitting the crossbar with his first shot, provoking everyone to come and lift him up.
    • Calfreezy hitting the crossbar. Twice. In a row. "DOUBLE KILL!" indeed.
  • The charity football match between the Sidemen (Sidemen FC) and a group of fellow YouTubers (YouTube All-Stars) on 3 June 2016 ends with Sidemen FC winning 7-2.
  • After 2017's previous loss, 2018 had an epic comeback and an even bigger curb stomp against the YouTube All-Stars with a 7-1.
    • Simon striking the first goal only a minute into the game.
    • JJ's phenomenal improvement compared to the last two games. Unlike before, where he never scores, he scores not one, but two goals.
    • Vik scoring a penalty.

  • Callux's self-dubbed "crazy basketball challenge":
    • During the segment where the boys have to try and score a free throw facing their back to the hoop, none of them are able to do it. Alexa Losey (who has been behind the camera up until then) volunteers to go...and she makes it.
      • She then orders all the boys to go up against the wall so she can throw water balloons at them.
    • At the end of the video, JJ is the only one to score the long shot, allowing him to throw a huge bounty of water balloons at the rest of the boys. It's like watching a kid in a giant ball pit.
  • In Tobi's water balloon quickfire Q&A, Tobi braces himself for a water balloon just in time for the balloon to whiz just over his head and splat against the wall. Tobi looks shocked, to say the least, once he realizes what's happened.
  • From Harry's recent full-Sidemen crossbar challenge:
    • When Vik goes to kick, he's given an insane buildup with interview clips of footballers apparently describing him as a player with great potential...and he hits that crossbar like a hammer on the nail. Harry even edits in a remix of Vik's leitmotif, "Mundian To Bach Ke", as the Sidemen celebrate with him.
    • When Harry announces that it's a free-for-all, he drop kicks the ball seemingly out of impulse...and actually hits the crossbar.
    • Tobi managing to hit the crossbar with the outside of his foot.
  • Sidemen vs FaZe in a first-to-five crossbar challenge:
    • Vik's descriptor in the video is "Crossbar King". The video's editor manages to back up those words when Vik manages to score two crossbars in a row. Vik was also quite close to nailing the crossbar on his first shot, too.
    • Harry keeps a tradition of his going by hitting the crossbar on a dropkick.
    • FaZe were no slouches in this contest as they managed to score the first two crossbars. Then after the Sidemen rallied to four crossbars, FaZe answered by scoring another two, which led to both teams having to do trick shots for their final crossbars. After several surprisingly close calls from both sides on the trick shots, the Sidemen win with Simon's leg crossing trick.

    Real-Life Videos 
  • In the Sidemen Olympics, right before his go in the keepy-up challenge, Josh admits that he's not at good at them...only to then get 31, winning him the round.
  • In Simon's "Hide and Seek in the Sidemen House", JJ does the unthinkable by jumping off the balcony and land onto the sofa below, completely evading Simon. He manages to win the entire thing after being found second the last time they played hide and seek at Upload 2017.

  • The Sidemen Experience in 2014 had the Sidemen go against one another in various challenges. By the end, Josh ended up being the Ultimate Sideman. Other highlights include:
    • Tobi winning the first two challenges, and he got a sundae as his reward for dealing with the chilli peppers in the first challenge.
      • Then he managed to down his Bastard Blender drink successfully when he lost.
    • Vik making such an awesome prank call that he managed to go through all his cue cards.
    Vik (on helium): I can fit a tin of baked beans up my bum hole.
  • JJ's video reacting to Harry's new car was pretty cool. Inside his car, he sees Harry's (not actually his) Ferrari 458 in the video, says "Oh, that's cute", and puts his phone down. The camera pans out to display his motherfucking Lamborghini Aventador. If that didn't make him look like a douchebag, it made him look like a badass.
  • After a prolonged period of Ethan not being verified on Twitter (and receiving many a teasing for it), he was finally verified, which means that all of the Sidemen are now verified on Twitter.
  • Ethan finally got one million subscribers on his main channel on 23 June 2015, which means now all the Sidemen have at least one million subscribers on at least one of their channels!
  • On 6 March 2016, all seven Sidemen uploaded football challenge videos to their channels simultaneously, along with the announcement of a charity football match for June 2016. It was a day they and their fans dubbed "Sidemen Sunday".
    • They then followed this up on 28 May 2016 (which the fans have dubbed "Sidemen Saturday"), when all of the Sidemen uploaded videos to support the announcement of their upcoming book.
  • Basically all of the Sidemen have been marveling at how ridiculously their new joint channel has been growing. It was launched on 15 May 2016, and hit the one million subscriber mark in three days, which may or may not be a world record.
    • Oddly though, they didn't get their Gold Play Button plaques until around January 2019... the same time they got the Gold Play Button plaques for the MoreSidemen channel! Better yet, each Sideman got their own pair of plaques for the two channels.
  • If there are any Sidemen fans that are also Rooster Teeth fans, you'll enjoy this picture Vik took with Burnie Burns and Gavin Free.
  • Tobi getting a small mention in a PewDiePie video. His triumphant tweet of "Pewdie mentioned me. I have made it." afterwards is the icing on the cake.
  • The fact that the Sidemen's Upload event managed to sell out in 10 minutes.
  • It has been confirmed: with Sidemen: The Book, our seven boys have officially become #1 bestselling authors.
  • The Sidemen and Vikkstar123 in particular getting community flags in Rocket League. The Sidemen's flag is the SDMN FC logo while Vik gets a flag all to himself using his own logo.
  • After famous YouTuber RiceGum released a diss track on Ethan, Callux backed his friend up by releasing a diss track against him that even RiceGum admitted was good.
  • JJ and Simon are being made playable in FIFA!
  • Vik's diss track on Deji is this. No one ever expected he was ever gonna do it and yet pulled it off hilariously. Even JJ's admitted that while the diss track is So Bad, It's Good, there's no way Deji can even win anymore.
  • One of the logos players can find in Player Unknowns Battlegrounds is Vik's channel logo!
  • In the "SIDEMEN TOTAL WIPEOUT FOOTBALL CHALLENGE", only one man was able to make it out against the two walls of bubble balloons that block the way. And that is Tobi, who just rolls underneath both JJ and Harry.

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