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Shout Out / Shadowjack Watches Sailor Moon

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  • When it comes to Shout-Outs, there are certainly a lot. Let's let zakueins take the wheel here:
    "The Shout Out Page is going to be EPIC as well. I mean, just in the first ten episodes, you've got Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, Aliens, William Gibson..."
  • In Episode 10, Naru carries around a lead sheet as an old family custom in a reference to Order of the Stick (and the fact that her mom, QUEEN BERYL, presumably needs a way to block Detect Evil). Meanwhile, Rei gets the "Mistaken for a Man" exchange from Aliens.
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  • In 13, we have "It's a Good Life" as Beryl sends Jadeite to the cornfield. In 15 we have Rei swearing by Noshabkeming the Radiant from Lensman and Crom from Conan the Barbarian. Lets just say there's ALOT of these.
  • In addition, we have Kamen Scooter.
  • And Beryl during the Season 1 finale as Kefka!
  • In 70, Usagi speculates that she has earned the ire of the Mary Kay Commandos.
  • A rather horrifying one in the review of the R movie, where the evil flower is from the Little Prince's asteroid, and had Fiore stuff them into the volcano... Followed by one to Aliens as the flower people begin to attack.
  • In 147 the sailors lost in the woods do a Calvin and Hobbes routine about how random noises sound like crunching human bones...MOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!
  • In episode #114, Mimette's routine of settling into her new office and preparing for a day of soul-stealing work is told like an installment of MS Paint Adventures.
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  • In Episode 70, Koan promises that anyone who could be the rabbit will Die Jolly With a Knife!
  • "In the name of my pretty floral bonnet, I will punish you!"

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