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Shout Out / Shadowjack Watches Sailor Moon

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  • When it comes to Shout-Outs, there are certainly a lot. Let's let zakueins take the wheel here:
    "The Shout Out Page is going to be EPIC as well. I mean, just in the first ten episodes, you've got Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, Aliens, William Gibson..."
  • In Episode 10, Naru carries around a lead sheet as an old family custom in a reference to Order of the Stick (and the fact that her mom, QUEEN BERYL, presumably needs a way to block Detect Evil). Meanwhile, Rei gets the "Mistaken for a Man" exchange from Aliens.
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  • In 13, we have It's a Good Life as Beryl sends Jadeite to the cornfield.
  • In 15 we have Rei swearing by Noshabkeming the Radiant from Lensman and Crom from Conan the Barbarian. Lets just say there's a LOT of these.
  • In addition, we have Kamen Scooter.
  • And Beryl during the Season 1 finale as Kefka!
  • In 70, Usagi speculates that she has earned the ire of the Mary Kay Commandos.
  • A rather horrifying one in the review of the R movie, where the evil flower is from the Little Prince's asteroid, and had Fiore stuff them into the volcano... Followed by one to Aliens as the flower people begin to attack.
  • In 147 the sailors lost in the woods do a Calvin and Hobbes routine about how random noises sound like crunching human bones...MOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!
  • In episode #114, Mimette's routine of settling into her new office and preparing for a day of soul-stealing work is told like an installment of MS Paint Adventures.
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  • In Episode 70, Koan promises that anyone who could be the rabbit will Die Jolly With a Knife!
  • "In the name of my pretty floral bonnet, I will punish you!"