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Nightmare Fuel / Team Four Star

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  • The different forms of Jump Scare that occur during their Let's Plays, including the staticy ending of part 23 of the LeafGreen Nuzlocke, where our trio is reminded that "YOU. LET. US. DIE."
    • Not to mention the fact that their party is promptly replaced with Missingno. ghosts and their nicknames are changed to "Why", "Did", "You", "Let", "Us", and "Die"...
  • They later made it canon that they don't release Pokémon after they faint, they crush the PokéBall the Pokémon is in with a hydraulic press.
  • Lakigr perceived Lani, Kirran, and Grant as voices in his head, compelling him to murder wild Pokémon, crush his weak Pokémon, and turn the most vicious into powerful monsters. Lakigr tried to resist their commands but failed, becoming a self-loathing monster.
    • This becomes a bit of a Legacy Gag in that they theorized that the same thing had happened to Captain Ravager III, with the radiation and cryo freezing causing him to have three voices named Lani, Kirran, and Grant in his head egging him on the murder.
  • In the Soul Silver Nuzlocke they name their Slowpoke Slowmara. Her team portrait starts with stringy black hair and abruptly gains a demonic red eye several episodes later. The multitude of glitches that occur due to running a hacked emulation are treated as her corrupting the world in an attempt to reach the real world.
    • At the end of Part 21 Slowmara strikes, tearing apart the NPCs and causing a headless Mr. Stake to appear. As the guys start screaming, static hits the screen and the team portraits disappear, only for Slowmara to fill the entire panel. The audio of their screams becomes increasingly distorted until it goes silent as all three panels show scenes from The Ring.
    • Part 32 has them take a picture with an automatic camera. Nightmare fuel ensues, with the screen turning red and their team horrifically distorted while the guys scream in horror. Afterwards, they all ask what just happened.
    • Part 33 has a glitch where their character is replaced by an odd translucent sprite that varies when facing different directions. Panic sets in when they realize the girl that appears is Slowmara's original body, Tantor's sister. As this occurs they begin screaming while the audio fades out and distorts.
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    • In part 53, Slowmara is killed by Scrodum's Haunter. But when they try to terminate her at the PC, the game says: "Slowmara came back!" They have to cut the episode short due to freaking out over this.
  • At the end of Krillin's Let's Play of Outlast, after he learns that Miles has become the host for Walrider and during the ensuing beatdown: "TASTE MY VENGEANCE, MOTHERFUCKERS!" followed by a series of rather unhinged-sounding laughs. Given Krillin's status in DBZ...
  • From the Moon Nuzlocke, the team's interpretation of the Bug-type move Infestation.
  • The fact each member of TFS is being slowly replaced by Snatchers.

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