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  • In the third and final part of the Let's Play of Young Merlin, Gabriel gets halfway through explaining a story about how he ejaculated into a handbag only for Yahtzee to go through various reasons why Gabriel should stop the story, only for Yahtzee to settle on "Even if you do not care about the viewers, I personally do not want to hear any stories involving liquids coming out of or near from you" and "just keep your ejaculate to yourself".
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  • In the fourth part of the Let's Play of Normality, Yahtzee is reduced to childish giggling after Gabe says "boobie boobie bum bum." Gabe himself is laughing his ass off watching Yahtzee break down in tears laughing. Not helped when Gabe keeps saying it to make Yahtzee react.
    Gabe: There it is! All this intellect, all this analysis, all this critique, brought to its knees by "boobie boobie bum bum."
  • In the Let's Drown Out of Quake II, Yahtzee attempts to rocket jump (or rather, shoot an explosive barrel) onto a crate. When successful, he celebrates, and then is immediately killed with one shot by an enemy. Can be viewed here.
  • Pretty much the entirety of the Let's Drown Out of WWF No Mercy. Gabriel plays the European Championship with a custom character that looks like Yahtzee, much to the latter's annoyance.
    • Yahtzee's short story about what happened in primary school when all his imagination-game friends got into collecting WWF stickers and he wasn't interested in them, followed by Gabe laughing at him.
      "I had to befriend a dinner lady!"
  • Yahtzee's reaction to the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man reciting his Japanese-developed origin story.
    "...Wot? WOT? That's—? That's not—! ...The origin of the Marshmallow Man from the films! They just made some shit up!"
    • Yahtzee's favorite punching bag, Peter Molyneux, returns for more. Yahtzee muses that Peter would hype up his own newborn as the messiah if it got him some press.
  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was Drowned Out in Richter mode, and Yahtzee and Gabriel were particularly impressed with the Item Crashes for the Holy Water and the Bible, which they called the Piss of Christ and the Jesus Beam.
  • In the Let's Drown Out of The Sims 3, after Yahtzee commented on a piece of non-news (Hideo Kojima disappointed that he did not write Breaking Bad), they made a Running Gag out of Kojima Facts for the rest of the drown out. Specifically things that Kojima didn't do. Which led to this.
"What? Give me that! Hey, this is bullshit!"
  • Usually Yahtzee will tell Gabe to shut up when he goes into little skits like this at Yahtzee's expense. However at this point, Yahtzee told Hideo Kojima to shut up instead.
  • Gabriel's impressions of Yahtzee as a paperboy and someone asking for help.
  • In the Let's Drown Out of Final Fight, Yahtzee commented that the maturity of the Metal Gear Solid series has reached the point of primary schoolboys pushing each other to the girl's toilet.
    • Early in the LP, Yahtzee ruminates on the poor planning of the Mad Gear gang.
      Yahtzee: If Haggar's closing in on them—beating up all their men and stabbing them with knives—why don't they just threaten to kill Jessica unless he stops?
      Gabriel: They don't understand crime. This is that kind of 80's/early 90s thing, where criminals did it for the fun of it. They weren't doing it for money or gain or anything, it was just, "I like crime, arrr!"
      Yahtzee: The punks who threaten Arnie at the start of Terminator, those sorts of guys.
      Gabriel: Like that, but organized somehow, and more of them.
      Yahtzee: Just for the love of crime!
      Gabriel: It's performance art, basically.
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  • Yahtzee and Gabriel play Brutal Doom and are continually impressed with its depth and how many new features it has. It's not long before the amount of violence on display has them expressing concern for mod creator's mental wellness. At one point, Gabriel begins comparing it to the Doom comic, upon which Yahtzee pulls off a Berserk fatality (that is, a literal Rip and Tear), which even Yahtzee hadn't seen before despite playing it beforehand for the video.
  • In the Let's Play of Smash TV, Gabriel opens by saying that Yahtzee is once more trying to get a rise out of him, and failing. Gabe then seizes another opportunity to argue semantics, whereupon Yahtzee finally snaps.
    Yahtzee: ... I feel like I'm in Hell.
    Gabriel: So do I, I'm having to explain something really fucking simple to you.
    Yahtzee: What the fuck is wrong with you?! I'm ask- the question was-
    Gabriel: They're different things!
    Yahtzee: Oh God! OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD! This is something entirely created in your mind!
    Gabriel: No it isn't! "Game of the year" and "what your favorite game is" are different things—
    Yahtzee: "Your game of the year" and "what your favorite game was that year" are two different things! That was- that is a sentence that came out of your mouth! I jus-I'm gonna write that down, and I want you to read that and try to figure out why I think you're fucking nuts.
    Gabriel: Again, I've explained this, and you just don't listen, so-
    Gabriel: Then how are you confused?
    Yahtzee: *sputters incomprehensibly, then sighs* ... because you're fucking mad. You're a fucking madman...
    • Even better, Yahtzee resigns by saying "YouTube comments will complete this argument for me." Upon which, most of the comments agreed with Gabriel!
    • Earlier in the video, Gabriel relates stories of his time as a teacher, and both agree that the pack mentality of children is comparable to Nazis.
  • After the Smash TV fiasco, Yahtzee decided to play Proteus in the next episode to calm himself down.
    • One Youtube comment pointed out that the first part of the episode, where Yahtzee and Gabe admitted their problem with each other, is basically a couples counseling session.
    • Just in general, Yahtzee's hilarious and chilling "calm voice".
      Yahtzee: Ah, I'm calm again now. Thank you little birdies. Aren't you calm, Gabe?
      Gabriel: I'm...? I dunno, man, your calm voice gives me the willies... Maybe it's because I'm so used to you being, sort of, a grumbling, bitter individual that any sense of actual, gentle calmness from you triggers my "He's up to something!" reflex.
      Yahtzee: Oh, I've left that person long behind. My new name is Blissful Harmony.
    • The calming effect ended with this:
      Yahtzee: (normal voice) Ok, I'm too calm now. I'm going to read aloud this quote from EA to piss myself off.
  • Yahtzee begins the Let's Drown Out of Wonderboy 3 by inexplicably singing "What's Up" at the top of his voice. This was at the insistence of Gabriel, who revealed Yahtzee uses that song as a voice test in the previous LP.
    Yahtzee: (singing) And so I wake in the morning/And I step outside/And I take a deep breath and I get real high/And I scream from the top of my lungs (normal voice) various swear words and racial epithets. The police have been called frequently.
  • In their drown out of Condemned: Criminal Origins, they reasoned that the homeless in game have an ample supply of medkits due to Obamacare.
  • At one point of the Limbo episode, Yahtzee jumped onto a log expecting surprises but found out it was just ordinary landscape.
    Gabe: It's a trick log.
    Yahtzee: Bloody trick log. Just like the ones I find on my toilet seat.
    • Another moment while playing Limbo, where Yahtzee comes across an obvious deathtrap and several drowned corpses with which to set off the trap:
      Yahtzee: "Obvious trap!" "Lisa needs corpses!" "Obvious trap!" "Lisa needs corpses!"
  • Many, many in their Oregon Trail drown out.
  • Gabe plays Duke Nukem Forever while the pair spend much of their time mocking Duke for being Testosterone Poisoning played unironically straight. At one point, Yahtzee starts singing the Popeye jingle when Duke drinks an enormous can of beer and punches aliens.
    • Yahtzee, out of better things to do, drowns out Gabe's half of the conversation for the last thirty seconds of the video... by loudly singing "Grabbag," the Duke Nukem theme, a capella.
  • A slightly drunken and ham-handed Yahtzee fails to competently play Super Mario Bros. 2 in a way that makes Gabe burst out laughing, and it's hard not to join in, especially when both of them try to suss out why things went as wrong as they did.
  • Yahtzee plays Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals:
    >look mailbox
    "Yes. It is a mailbox."
    >look INSIDE mailbox
    • Also during that playthrough, Yahtzee takes full advantage of the custom expletives, primarily using "Bugger my old brown dog!" and one part briefly using "Fucking Sierra games!", the sight of the latter causing Gabe to crack up.
  • When playing FTL: Faster Than Light, Gabe says he's already emotionally attached to starting crewman Doodlemeister in jest, after Yahtzee warns him that Anyone Can Die. Guess who's first to die in a fire?
    • Later on, Yahtzee makes a simple calculation error, which Gabe catches him on. Gabe jokingly demotes Yahtzee to scullery maid and promotes the scullery maid to his Number Two instead. Yahtzee's response is to put on an outrageous accent (which Gabe later compares to "a bag of Welsh cats") and introduce himself as the new helmsman. After Gabe pauses for a second in response to this, his only response is "Fuck, bring back the other one."
    • At one point Yahtzee and Gabe are suffering an embarrassing loss to an Auto-Scout. Yahtzee asks ship's captain Gabe for input. Gabe responds in a manner that wouldn't be out of place on Futurama.
      Yahtzee: All weapons down, sir! What are your orders?
      Gabe: (Screams Like a Little Girl)
    • This gem:
      Yahtzee: Fire! Fire in the door compartment, sir.
      Gabe: Uh... Okay, open doors, vent oxyge—
      Yahtzee: Can't open doors, the door department is on fire.
  • The Running Gag of Yahtzee investigating signal sources in Elite: Dangerous and constantly finding that it's just people who've dumped cans of various kinds of waste in space. Or as Gabe puts it, "Ohh, treasure!'s poop again." The one time that it isn't someone dumping their literal shit, it's Schmuck Bait, which an overjoyed (and perhaps blissfully naive) Yahtzee takes, hook line and sinker. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Near the beginning of the video, Yahtzee is trying to scan a star. Anyone who remembers his review of Elite Dangerous is going to have a hard time not laughing as Yahtzee nearly runs into another star during the attempt. Gabe's impersonation of the ship's computer adds to it, audibly exasperating Yahtzee with Captain Obvious commentary.
    Gabe: We're at 124% hot. The cabin is doing the Star Trek thing.
  • The Ego Review of 7 Days a Skeptic:
    • Yahtzee explains why he included a room with a food dispenser—apparently a common question was "What was the cast of 5 Days A Stranger eating while they were at the mansion." You can hear his eyes roll when he answers that question here.
      Yahtzee: [Everyone was eating] Just... from the salt bag.
    • Yahtzee has to look up a walkthrough for the game that he wrote.
    • The ending of the first video:
      Gabe: Oh, fiddlesticks—
      And then Gabriel accidentally touched the hotkey that stops the video record. (cue silly music)
    • Of course, "I just wanted to go into space!"
  • Yahtzee and Gabe play Cities: Skylines and are instantly as immature with the substantially less restrictive engine as you might expect. As in, using the roads to draw renditions of genitalia and breasts and then naming the respective portions of their city things like "Bellend Hill" or "East Boob." It's like watching Beavis And Butthead play SimCity. At one point they're startled to discover that you can click on individual citizens and rename them (into very crude things, naturally). They even mention that they'd never be able to do this sort thing in SimCity (2013). In short, he's drawn boobs with all the buildings and callously ruined the lives of his citizens—amusingly, this is exactly what Yahtzee said he'd probably do with a city management game all the way back in his Zero Punctuation review of Sim City Societies, down to the sort of personal level he said Sim City Societies could never reach.
    • Very, very early in the episode, when they're first starting to lay out the streets:
      Gabe: Neither of us really know what we're doing, so... A little bit like our first time having sex, we're just going to fuck around and hope that something gets erected.
      Yahtzee: You promised you'd never tell anyone about that!
  • The ego review of Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment:
    • Yahtzee asked Gabe, in a somewhat condescending tone, what he thought was happening when people just heard a voice in their head and disappeared.
      Gabe: I don't know. They just wanted to go into space?
      Yahtzee: Ooooooooh! A low blow!
    • Gabe manages to bring Yahtzee's train of thought to a screeching halt with one sentence.
      Gabe: I saw a special needs girl throw a goat on Friday.
      Yahtzee: What. Was that like a Mad Lib?
      Gabe: No, no, that's a real thing that's happened in my life.
  • The Ego Review of 6 Days a Sacrifice:
    • Gabe manages to confound Yahtzee regarding his own game, in managing to find two completely new bugs in one playthrough, one of which is a Game-Breaking Bug. The game is eight years old and apparently no one else has ever reported causing these bugs. Yahtzee blames Gabe for screwing it up somehow, Gabe blames Yahtzee's programming.
    • Yahtzee gives us a mother of a Fantastic Aesop, after which Gabe inadvertently sets him up for a classically dry British quip.
      Yahtzee: Don't try to summon dark eldritch horrors to defeat the Roman army! That was how this all started. That'll set off four hundred years of buggery!
      Gabe: Four hundred years of buggery...which, which one of the Blessed Agonies is that? (chuckling) Four hundred years of buggery...
      Yahtzee: Well... probably falls under boredom.
  • The pair drown out Rocket League, and towards the end Yahtzee hands off the controller to Gabe. They quickly point out how different their playstyles are, with Gabe being the measured one and carefully guiding the ball to the goal:
    Gabe: Unlike Yahtzee "fucking crotch-thrust" Croshaw!
  • Yahtzee explains a small homage in his own game, The Consuming Shadow:
    Yahtzee: Now, the person sending us the texts at the Ministry signs of his texts as "T". And it's heavily implied that—
    Gabe: (killing the moment) It's Tony Danza.
    Yahtzee: ...Yes. It's Tony Danza.
  • Most, if not all, of their The Eye of Argon reading, though it's not as if they need any help, given what they're dealing with — especially since it was Gabe's first exposure to the work.
  • There's a few amusing moments to be had while the duo play, such as a moment where Gabe admits that he would let someone pour creamed corn on him all day for a hundred dollars, or Yahtzee saying that given a choice, he would be the God of Salt (doubly funny since 'salty' evolved into a slang term for being upset or pissed off).
    • Early on, Yahtzee's explaining the game's mechanics, noting that absorbing other players' cells requires some amount of cunning. Cue someone running into Gabriel's path and getting absorbed, which causes Yahtzee to (almost cheerfully) remark "That person was not cunning!"
  • While playing Serious Sam BFE they field a viewer question about psychedelic use...Gabe admits to a lot. Yahtzee mentions that he's thought about trying to obtain some to try, but hasn't the first clue how to do so. Gabe's opinion of the idea of the socially awkward Yahtzee attempting to buy psychedelics:
    Gabe: (starting to giggle) You buying drugs would be one of the most comically adorable things I could possibly—
    Yahtzee: (cheerfully) Hello! I'm interested in buying some drugs! I'm not a police officer!
  • While playing The X-Files: Resist or Serve, Gabriel reminds Yahtzee that Mulder was a porn addict. Yahtzee asks if this was a reference to David Duchovny's work on Red Shoe Diaries. When Gabriel asks if he looked that up on the Internet or not, Yahtzee replies that he used to watch the show while masturbating heavily.
  • The codenames of the missions in the playthrough of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, as Yahtzee has modded the game so the pool of possible choices for names includes many more Inherently Funny Words. Even better, Gabe wasn't aware that Yahtzee had gone in and tinkered with the files, and initially thought that these were actual operation names provided by the devs. The one that caught Gabe off guard was "Operating Burbling Jesus."
  • Yahtzee's potato innuendos during Harvest Moon.
    Yahtzee: Okay I'm going to smear my last spud on a lady. Watch out female-persuasion people, here comes the spud!
    Gabe: Someone have sex with Yahtzee so we can have not-his-balls-related conversations.
    Yahtzee: Spud down the gob, spud down the gob!
  • Yahtzee and Gabe play Ark Survival Evolved:
    • The duo design yet another abomination in the character creator, some sort of nightmarish Popeye Expy with grossly distended abs. Because of the game's...questionable anatomy engine, this results in a character whose abdomen has a plateau, which they immediately call "Captain Shelf-Abs."
    • Yahtzee shovels berries into his face without checking to see what they do. This includes a huge heaping handful of berries that cause instant narcolepsy, causing him to pass out face down on a beach in seconds.
    • The discovery that the game has a button for defecation. And that attempting to throw your poo breaks the game's gravity calculation, resulting in a sphere of poop hovering at chest-height for no good reason. Both agree to blame it on the berries.
    • Gabe cajoles Yahtzee into going into the ocean at night. They take one peek under the water and discover no less than three Megalodons beneath the surface barely a hundred meters away all suddenly turning in their direction, resulting in an understandable "Screw This, I'm Outta Here!" reaction from the both of them.
    • Yahtzee crafts a spear, then throws his spear at a parasaur. The speared dino ignores the spear sticking out of its face for a solid minute, which leads to Yahtzee awkwardly asking for his spear back. It only panics and flees when Yahtzee starts hacking at its ankles, taking Yahtzee's spear with it. Yahtzee feels both sheepish and cheated, as that was his only spear, leading to him hunting down the parasaur (mostly out of principle, as the spear despawns if the stuck victim doesn't die within a set timeframe).
    • Finally, they get bored and bludgeon the biggest thing they can find, and manage to kill a stegosaur, causing the ragdoll to windmill about wildly before settling in place, startling but amusing them both. Yahtzee would go on to mock Ark for this in a Zero Punctuation review.
  • From their Dark Souls 2 LP, episode 9: After dying multiple times due to a trio of Beef Gates, Gabe slips past them and pelts towards his destination. As he runs all-out with the beef gates hot on his tail, he and Yahtzee bellow the The A-Team theme.... until Gabe reaches a hole that isn't visible from their camera angle, has a moment of Gravity Is a Harsh Mistress, and then plummets straight down into the void. They both fall deathly silent until Yahtzee belts out an incredibly sardonic and mocking slow laugh.
  • Towards the end of the first Half-Life video, Yahtzee sets up a Tempting Fate joke about how the game is almost over because he's about to be rescued by the arriving soldiers - the intended punchline being that Gordon's about to learn that the HECU soldiers are actually here to kill him and everyone else in the facility. However, the joke ends up being ruined (and made better) by an AI glitch in the Source version, which causes the soldier to not only ignore the other scientist but to run straight past Gordon on the staircase before coming back to try to attack him.
    • A similar glitch affects the "Blast Pit" level in the second video: about 21 minutes in, a scripted event involving a security guard futilely attacking the Tentacle is first delayed and then derails the level when the guard is completely unaffected and the Tentacle remains focused on him for nearly fifteen minutes, allowing Gordon to get past with almost no attempt at stealth.
      Gabriel: Oh my god, invincible security will save us all!
      Yahtzee: I love this version of the game, it's bugged to shit.
  • The Running Gag of Yahtzee getting a little to much pleasure from sending people to the "nice men with guns" in Papers, Please.
  • Their video of The Path opened with Yahtzee singing the chorus of Shania Twain's 'Man! I Feel Like A Woman', only to finish with "Man! I feel like a corned beef sandwich."


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