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  • Acceptable Targets: All religions and religious figures, but Catholics in particular. Gabriel even goes as far as to call them a global pedophile ring in the Dream Web playthrough.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Quite a few!
    • Dizzy is a manic depressive who's just one one of his "good days" in Fantasy World Dizzy.
    • Alex Kidd is a closeted ashamed homosexual, with High-Tech World being a humongous metaphor for him trying to come to terms with it. For example, the infamous 100 prayers puzzle solution is Alex desperately trying to "pray out the gay."
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    • Future Wars's main character and his love interest is a high functioning autistic and a robot, respectively.
    • John Glames isn't a particularly smart or savvy secret agent, he kinda just manages to fumble his way to victory.
    • Kent Knutson or Cunt Cuntson, Double Cunt, Cunt Squared, or The Monster Kent Knutson, is a sociopathic dispicable human who thoughtlessly kills countless people. He also thinks we've misjudged Colombian drug lords.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • Yahtzee and Gabe discussing public accountability in American politics, complete with Gabe wanting a Donald Trump presidency "to see America hit rock bottom", in episode nine of their Dark Souls 2 playthrough.
    • In a similar vein, in Dink Smallwood Part 2 video, both of them talked about the then-relatively unknown (at least outside the UK) Boris Johnson, and note how bad it would be if he got actual power. Cue 2019, which saw Johnson rise to the rank of Prime Minister due to his predecessor resigning over Brexit. It didn't help that this is immediately followed by the Covid Pandemic in 2020 which saw both the US and the UK being badly hit.
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  • Growing the Beard: Yahtzee and Gabe started doing Let's Plays months after discontinuing the short lived 'Show and Tell Podcast', the series found its feet when it was renamed Let's Drown Out and combined the formats of the Let's Play and podcast.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Gabriel's first sentence in their Faster Than Light video is a slightly mangled quote from Henry V, namely "Once more into the breach". Three years later Subset Games, the authors of FTL, had released a game with such title.
    • Similarly during their playthrough of Papers, Please Yahtzee notes that the game would be perfect to represent hell. Not long after, more than one game decided to do exactly just that (Peace Death, The Aftermath).
    • Frequent jokes have been made about Yahtzee's dislike for children. The two have also made jokes about the pointlessness of marriage. Fastforward a few years, and Yahtzee is both married and has a child.
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    • On a similar note, Gabe has expressed both surprise and suspicion at the idea that Yahtzee's girlfriend, Kess, decided to talk to him despite supposedly not knowing about his online work. Years later, Kess on a stream admits that she was indeed a fan of Zero Punctuation at the time but didn't tell Yahtzee because she thought he would have found it creepy (he himself admits he probably would have). He would not learn this until after their marriage.
    • In "Dark Souls II" episode 9, Gabe and Yahtzee discuss Valve's reluctance to release any new Half-Life games. Yahtzee speculates it's because the series is transformative, and there's been no noteworthy technological developments to transform. Gabe then brings up VR. Indeed, a full four and a half years later, Half-Life: Alyx would be regarded as the first killer app for VR gaming.
  • What an Idiot!: In Gabriel's playthrough of the Resident Evil remaster, he chooses to play as Jill Valentine because of her increased inventory. He then proceeds to fill it up with three separate weapons, multiple healing items, and ink ribbons, despite typewriters almost always being found near item boxes. Then he complains about having no room for more items and having to backtrack to an item box.

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