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Trivia / Let's Drown Out

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  • In Memoriam:
    • Gabriel dedicated 'Let's Drown Out Alien 3' to the franchise's designer H. R. Giger, who died just before this video was recorded and released.
    • After Rik Mayall's death, Yahtzee asked commentors to suggest games Mayall recorded lines for to Drown Out in tribute, but even though several were suggested nothing ever came of it.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: Gabe apparently liked to create these when he was working the door at Yahtzee's bar. He shared a story where he successfully convinced drunk patrons that the sprites for Street Fighter II's M.Bison/Balrog/Boxer were referred to as "punchnegro" in the original Japanese coding. When questioned on this by patrons, he simply said "It's Japan," which apparently convinced a lot of doubters.
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  • What Could Have Been: In "Let's Drown Out.... Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction", Gabe and Yahtzee brainstormed a "Let's Deconstruct", where they would go through a game step-by-step and break down the aesthetics and game design. For the inaugural entry, Yahtzee suggested his perennial favorite Silent Hill 2. However, between his busy schedule at the time and his move to America ending the series, the project unfortunately never happened.

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