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Heartwarming / Let's Drown Out

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  • While being Vitriolic Best Buds, Yahtzee and Gabriel both express their friendship toward each other from time to time, in their own special way.
    • In Yahtzee's (pre-recorded) Let's play of Future Wars, when he started meandering, he thought Gabe would start making fun of him at that point note , so he preemptively named a saved game file EAT MY ASS GABE.
    Gabe: I am not you. I don't sit here nitpick over tiny mistakes. That's called being a friend.
    Yahtzee: Aww. What happened to you man? We used to hate people so much together.

    • In their Let's play of Normality, talking about reasonable adventure game puzzle design:
    Yahtzee: Everybody has their own definition of reasonable. Jeffrey Dahmer thought he was a very reasonable man, when he was filling his lover's head with drano.
    Gabe: "I'm going to make a sex zombie. This will work fine." That's what he's trying to do.
    Yahtzee: It's fucked we both know that by the way.
    Gabe: That's why we're friends!

    • In end of the Ego Review of the Rob Blanc series:
    Gabe: I want to think I am your Paul to your rod... your Rob.
    Yahtzee: And now I will bum you.

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