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In 2010, a guy by the name of Sergeant_Mark_IV decided that Doom wasn't violent enough. So he made a mod for it.

The end result was Brutal Doom, a mod that takes the original game (or Doom II, or pretty much any IWAD you throw at itnote ) and pumps new life into the MS-DOS classic. Taking cues from the infamous Doom comic book, Brutal Doom allows Doomguy to perform all manner of new tricks on the forces of Hell, and for them to respond in kind. Ever since its first release in 2012, the mod's continued to receive updates and additional content.

The mod's available for download at ModDB, but be forewarned—to say that this mod is gory is an understatement. You will literally paint walls red.

Brutal Doom inspired many "mutator" add-on mods, as well as one entirely stand-alone fan-made expansion: Project Brutality.


On New Year's Eve of 2016, Sergeant_Mark_IV released the Brutal Doom Starter Pack along with Version v20b. This campaign—which initially was called Hell on Earth but officially renamed to Extermination Day as of v21—is a three-episode standalone campaign which acts like a distilled retelling of the original two games. The first episode, Hell on Mars, changes the setting of the original Doom's first two episodes to a UAC research base on Mars. The second episode, Battle of Los Angeles, retells the events of Doom's fourth episode and the first half of Doom II. The third episode, Behind Hellish Lines, takes the action directly into Hell in a new take on the final levels of Doom II's campaign.

In November 2016, a remake of Doom 64 called Brutal Doom 64 was also released. Unlike Brutal Doom itself, the mod only focuses on remaking Doom 64 with enhanced Brutal Doom visual effects and other additions, lacking the over the top brutal moves seen in Brutal Doom.


In November 2018, Brutal Bolognese has been released, allowing the Ludicrous Gibs effect of Brutal Doom to be used by many, many other mods. It was a more cross-script friendly version of "Ketchup" released earlier that removes monster coding dependency, thus allowing all monsters, including those from other mods, to be gibbed without changing the monster script.

In November 2019, Sergeant_Mark_IV announced that he is working on a new mod called Viet Doom, a total conversion for Doom themed on The Vietnam War.

A Spiritual Successor named Brutal Fate, also developed by Sergeant_Mark_IV, was announced in 2020.

Note: As the mod relies on the data from whatever IWAD you use with it, all tropes listed on the Doom page also apply here.

Brutal Doom provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Action Girl: Female UAC Marines appear in several of Extermination Day's levels, notably "Industrial District" (as part of the guard detail for an evacuation center) and "Push" (as part of the invasion force). Amusingly, they share the same Former Human sound set as their male counterparts.
    • As of v21, Sergeant_Mark_IV included an option to play as a female Marine, using art assets from FEMDOOM.wad and custom sound effects. However, he indicated that there won't be a female player Marine sprite set—according to him, Brutal Doom has over a thousand player sprites, so creating female variants would be too much work.
    Sergeant_Mark_IV: Besides, I believe a Doomgal is supposed to be just as buffed as Doomguy is.
  • Action Prologue: Brutal Doom 64 opens with the player storming a UAC facility with an entire platoon of Marines and air support. You have the option to skip it and go straight to the campaign though.
  • Adaptation Distillation: Extermination Day retells the plot of Doom and Doom II, with events shifted around (the equivalent of "Deimos Anomaly" takes place during what would have been the final third of Doom II, early versions had a version of Doom II's "Dead Simple" during the opening Mars portion, etc.) or excised (Doomguy finds a portal which works and sends him straight back to Earth, skipping everything in the first game from its second episode onwards and only actually visiting Hell during the final third) and some elements of the movie added in (particularly, the first level originally used the music from the movie's infamous FPS sequence near the end, and footage of the sequence also shows up in the theater in the first secret level). The first episode, Hell on Mars, takes place at a UAC research facility on the red planet rather than on Phobos and Deimos. The second, Battle of Los Angeles, takes the action to Earth as Hell invades—but rather than the entire planet being overrun, the fighting's contained to the eponymous city. The third episode, Behind Hellish Lines, takes place in Hell itself as Earth's forces attempt to stop the invasion.
  • A Father to His Men: The player can be this if they're particularly diligent about keeping friendly Marines alive.
  • Alas, Poor Yorick: Doomguy can perform this as a fatality on the shotgun-wielding zombies, brutally tearing off their heads.
  • Alien Blood: Cacodemons still bleed blue blood, but prior to v21, the green blood that Hell Nobles (Knights and Barons) bled in the original game was removed. With v21, the green blood was restored in conjunction with some improvements Sergeant_Mark_IV made to the blood graphics.
  • All Up to You: While the second and third episodes of Extermination Day are bridged by a fantastic War Sequence level, after that point you're alone once again—barring any friendly Marines who survived up to that point. Intermission text explains at a few points that large forces attract more attention, which is why you're sent on your own towards the portal after the first time you meet up with live and friendly Marines. Earth's invasion force is tangling with Hellish reinforcements once you do go through the portal, so Doomguy decides to go it alone, reasoning that a lone Marine would attract less attention. A few levels later, Doomguy learns the UAC forces have suffered thousands of casualties and were forced to pull back to Earth and hold the line there.
  • An Arm and a Leg: It's possible to shoot off limbs of the basic enemies. You can blow off a Former Human's arm off and watch him fall to his knees screaming in agony, or shoot off an Imp's leg and watch it hop around before it bleeds to death.
  • Anti-Frustration Features: Friendly Marines have a bad habit of getting lost, not helped by the fact that their movement speed is much slower than Doomguy's. In a case of Rubber-Band A.I. working to your favor, these Marines will automatically teleport to Doomguy if they've been ordered to follow him and get too far away.
  • Artificial Brilliance: Several changes to the AI have been made, with monsters actively trying to hunt you down and certain monsters are now capable of dodging your shots.
  • Artificial Stupidity: Friendly Marines are totally oblivious to the notions of cover and stealth. They will run directly in front of you even while you're hosing down the room with the BFG 10000. They will occasionally attack imprisoned fellow Marines. If ordered to hang tight and wait, they will occasionally flinch and start shooting at each other.
  • Art Evolution: Aside from the add-on mutator mods providing higher-definition textures and sprites, there's also cases of this in the base mod—
    • Extermination Day's approach to level design is much different from the original games. Doom and Doom II have a very abstract level design which, as Ahoy put it, serves "an unknown purpose in-universe." Extermination Day's levels have much more detail, pushing the envelope of what the aging Doom engine (and its added abilities with enhanced ports) can do.

      Extermination Day also aims for a more believable architecture, providing visual context for certain locales. For example, the level "Marine HQ" really does look like an administration building, complete with office spaces, bathrooms, barracks, armory, and cafeteria. This attention to detail is especially noticeable in the second episode—massive, sprawling urban zones that allow you to enter almost every building for door-to-door combat with Hell's legions.
    • As of v21, several of the weapons have new art and sound assets: among them, the Shotgun, the Super Shotgun, the Minigun, and the Rocket Launcher.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: There's a few cases of this.
    • On paper, the Mancubus Flame Cannon is far from Video Game Flamethrowers Suck—while the primary fire is short-ranged, it has a much wider range of effect vertically. You can shoot it out a doorway, window, or over a ledge and torch enemies above and below the blast. The flames drop loose flame onto the ground which cause further damage. Enemies caught in the stream of fire flinch constantly. Some foes can even be set ablaze, making them run about and damage other monsters, cause infighting, or set off explosive barrels.

      However, the weapon has significant splash damage that will hurt Doomguy if he's too close to his target or to any obstructions. This is even more of a problem with the cannon's long-ranged secondary fire, where the projectile has huge collision detection and can wind up hurting or killing players trying to use it like a tactical shooting weapon. It's certainly not a good choice for PAR TIME seeking players.
    • The Revenant's Hellish Missile Launcher sounds amazing in theory—giving Doomguy the ability to fire the same super-persistent homing missiles the Revenants use on him? Hell yes. Unfortunately, they aren't nearly as good about homing when Doomguy uses them. Prior to v21, they had a bad habit of veering off-course vertically and slamming into a floor or ceiling. Given their Splash Damage, this can wind up injuring or killing Doomguy in the process. These missiles also aren't very damaging when used on mid-level demons such as Hell Knight, Mancubus or the Revenant itself, leaving the Revenant missiles only useful for clearing out Imp ambushes. Also, ammo is rare, since you can only get it from more Revenants.
      • v21 improved the tracking and homing behavior of the Hellish Missile Launchers, also allowing them to be fired without first having a lock on something. Still, they still have a tendency to veer into a floor or ceiling if not homing in on something.
    • As of v20b, the Plasma Rifle has Splash Damage of its own. While that gives it great crowd control potential, it also means that Doomguy will get hurt if he tries firing it too close too monsters or obstructions. Given the size of the projectiles, this means it's only safely usable in open areas. This issue also extends to friendly Marines wielding Plasma Rifles, as they can wind up hurting Doomguy with the splash damage. v21 makes Doomguy immune to the splash damage from his own Plasma Rifle, and Release Candidate 3 also made him immune to the splash from friendly Plasma Rifle-wielding Marines.
      • v21 formally introduced the Skulltag weapons, including the BFG10K. If the shots from this beast hit something even remotely near Doomguy, they will hurt or kill him.
      • v21 Release Candidate 3 has the Nuclear Rocket Launcher available in the test map and via the console. Suffice to say, using this baby anywhere that isn't a very wide open space is suicide.
  • An Axe to Grind: v21 introduces a new type of enemy for at least Doom, the Zombie Civilian: labcoat-wearing zombies who move extra swift and attack you viciously with a fireaxe, which you can take for yourself as an additional melee weapon along with the chainsaw. You can easily behead or dismember enemies and even charge the attack to strike at the right moment and with enough strength.
  • Ascended Meme: Doomguy can determine if the Cyberdemon does indeed have huge guts (In the later versions, when performing a fatality on the Cyberdemon, its intestines will be torn out).
  • Back from the Dead: As of v20b there's a bug that sometimes allows Doomguy to revive rescuable Marines that are dying or are dead, assuming they weren't gibbed, blown apart, or went through the vanilla Doom death animation. Walking up to their corpse and pressing the "use" key will cause rescued Marine corpses to pop right back to life as if given an order, while Marines who died while tied up will be set free. This bug even works on friendly Marines who died to fire attacks, and sometimes even ones that disappear when killed—if you find the exact spot where they died.
  • Back Stab: Punching an inactive and unaware zombie or Imp from behind triggers a short third-person animation showing the Doomguy killing said enemy with a quick Neck Snap.
  • Badass Back: As of v21, the Rocket Launcher now includes backblast damage that can kill enemies directly behind Doomguy. Unfortunately, this can work against the player if he's standing too close to a wall.
  • Badass Boast: Prior to v19, Doomguy had a number of One Liners taken directly from the comic which could be invoked with a hotkey.
  • Berserk Button: Flip off the Cyberdemon at your peril. GROOOOAAAAAAARGH!
  • BFG: It wouldn't be Doom without it.
  • Bloodier and Gorier: Takes the gore of the original game Up to Eleven and putting it about on level with Braindead. Fallen enemies form pools of blood when killed, Imps slump against walls when dead, Doomguy will hold onto a Shotgun Guy's head when he rips it off and can throw it as an attack, etc. ..
  • Blood Knight: If he wasn't one already, this mod makes Doomguy into this. Prior to v19, he would sometimes laugh triumphantly after performing a fatality on an enemy.
  • Bloody Hilarious: The gore is so over the top that it often becomes this. And it is at least the half of the mod's appeal.
  • Blown Across the Room: The regular shotgun, now known as the Pump-Action Shotgun, is capable of sending Imps and Former Humans flying backwards if fired at point-blank range.
  • Boom, Headshot!: Brutal Doom adds the ability to shoot enemies at specific spots that affects the damage you deal to enemies. Headshots are not only the best way to slay humanoid enemies and conserve ammo, but also give the satisfying destruction of your enemies' brains. On top of that, shooting a stronger enemy like a Baron of Hell in the head will cause them to flinch, making it much easier to avoid their attacks.
  • Boring, but Practical: The assault rifle you start the game with has good damage and accuracy, and the ability to aim down the sights makes getting headshots a breeze.
    • v21 reintroduces the Pistol. While it still has poor damage, it has good accuracy and a three-round burst mode, making it useful for scoring headshots against low-level enemies. It also draws ammo from a separate pool from the AR. You can either select it as your starting weapon in place of the rifle, or pick it up from a fallen zombieman.
  • Bottomless Magazines: Averted. Unlike vanilla Doom, most of your weapons have limited magazines and must be reloaded either manually or once the mag has been emptied. There is, however, a mutator mod that reverts back to Doom's bottomless magazines.
    • And as of v21, the base mod now includes a menu option to "turbo reload," effectively removing the magazine/reload mechanic should the player so desire. v21's Black Metal difficulty also now has instant reloads inherently worked in.
    • Also as of v21, averted for your enemies as well. Former Humans and Sergeants will reload after firing enough shots, giving you an opportunity to attack them while they're busy.
    • Brutal Doom 64 plays this straight in its default game mode but averts it in Tactical mode.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Prior to v21, rescuable Marines all wore the same standard UAC green armor that Doomguy (by default) does. As of v21's public beta, the Marines have different color uniforms depending on the weapon they have, which also mirrors those worn by the Former Humans. For example, Marines with Miniguns now have blood red armor (and, like the Former Human Commandos, dark skin) while Marines with Shotguns have grey armor. Rocket Launcher-wielding Marines have tan armor, while Plasma Rifle-wielding Marines wear bluish-aqua armor.
  • Cool Plane: v21 added attack helicopters imported from Sergeant_Mark_IV's Vehicle Combat Mod, complete with rocket pods and chaingun. Some of them, Doomguy can pilot for himself. Others have a Former Human Commando behind the controls.
    • The U.S. Air Force is explicitly mentioned in the intermission text after the Extermination Day level "Final Destination," and in the level "Industrial District" you'll regularly see F-22 fighters flying overhead. F-22s also perform low-altitude bombing runs twice in the campaign, taking out a Cyberdemon or a large group of other enemies for you.
    • In the level "Dead Streets," if you're quick enough you'll catch a glimpse of a B-2 Spirit stealth bomber dropping dozens of bombs onto the streets below.
  • Convection Schmonvection: In MAP08, "Lab Complex Entrance", there are pools of lava in one room that will hurt you if you go near them without a radiation suit. In all other cases (as of v20b) lava only hurts if you make direct contact.
  • Covers Always Lie: This mod averts the vanilla game's oversight by adding both the small SMG in the foreground and the assault rifle in the background, as well as introducing friendly marines you can rescue.
  • Darker and Edgier: Brutal Doom 64 removes the more over-the-top elements like executions and taunting, as Sergeant_Mark_IV felt they would clash with the more horror-based atmosphere of Doom 64.
  • Defiant to the End: When deprived of their legs, some zombies will whip out a pistol and take potshots at you, knowing full well it probably won't stop you.
  • Die, Chair, Die!: Many of Extermination Day's static props (trees, chairs, and the like) can be destroyed, and Sergeant_Mark_IV continues to add interactivity of this sort with each update. v21, for example, included the ability to destroy vehicles left sitting on the road in the Battle of Los Angeles episode, and introduced the ability to destroy the house appliances and wooden fences seen in the level "Twisted Neighborhood."
  • Difficult, but Awesome: The fatality attacks leave you open to enemy attacks and for inexperienced players it will consume more health than you can recover but used well with skill, you can becoming a barehanded badass ripping and tearing demons guts and accumulate health up to 200.
  • Direct Continuous Levels: While the vanilla game's levels frequently start the player off in a completely random spot, Extermination Day is designed to give a sense of flow from map to map-the door, lift or other means of exiting the level will be visible when starting the next level.
  • Disk One Nuke: Unlike the vanilla game's Pistol—which is never used once you get the Chaingun in the vanilla game unless for a Self-Imposed Challenge—the Assault Rifle features decent damage output and the ability to accurately aim to headshot most demons, making it a very useful weapon to the end. Meanwhile, the Minigun that replaces the original game's Chaingun has a much higher rate of ammo consumption and a wider shot pattern, relegating its usefulness to close encounters.
  • Drone of Dread: Extermination Day's third episode, Behind Hellish Lines, almost exclusively uses this kind of music in contrast to the rock/metal that dominates the first two episodes.
  • Easier Than Easy: Power Fantasy is an odd case-the enemy count is the same as vanilla Doom's Ultra-Violence and Nightmare difficulties, but the amount of the damage the player takes is reduced by 70%. The description text describes it as being made for game journalists.
  • Easy-Mode Mockery: v21 updated the description of the easiest difficulty, Power Fantasy, by stating that the mode is (among other things) intended for game journalists. Probably a Take That! inspired by the execrable performance by certain journalists showcasing the first 15 minutes of DOOM (2016) and Cuphead.
  • Eldritch Abomination: The Final Boss of Extermination Day is no longer a wall with demon head with hole on it, but a titanic demon that's literally called "Eldritch Abomination" if it manages to kill the player.
  • Enemy Chatter:
    • The Waffen-SS soldiers who appear in Brutal Doom prior to v19 (and after v20b) use voice clips of German soldiers from Call of Duty 2 once they've spotted/heard the player.
    • In v20b, Evil Marines (enemy UAC marines with dark grey armor that tote either Plasma Rifles or Assault Rifles) have voice clips taken from Brotherhood of Nod soldiers in Command & Conquer: Renegade. In v21, this was changed to use the lines meant for Former Humans from a mutator side mod.
    • Inverted with friendly Marines, who are quite the chatterbox when idle or in combat, using both clips made for the mod (such as asking you to Mercy Kill them if they start to turn into a zombie or something) and ones from other games (as of v21, rescuing them will have them use Male One clips from Unreal Tournament). While following Doomguy, they have a tendency to talk a bit too much—even interrupting their own lines—causing their dialogue to get repetitive. If you manage to keep a squad's worth of them alive, having them follow you around will get quite noisy.
  • Evil Laugh: Prior to v21 Release Candidate 3, if an Evil Marine managed to kill Doomguy, the Evil Marine would throw his head back (using the "flinch" sprite) and laugh in triumph. This was taken out in v21RC3 concurrent with the changes in armor color and voice clips used.
  • Evil Tainted the Place: In a clever and subtle nod to the original Doom episodes, Extermination Day's episodes gradually play this trope out. In the first episode, you'll come across quite a bit of corpses mutilated by the demonic invaders, but nothing too bizarre. By the second episode (mirroring what happened to Deimos Base in The Shores of Hell and Earth in Doom II) however, the further you advance through Los Angeles the more you'll notice the city itself turning into an eldritch hellscape. At first it's just evidence of horrific Satanic rituals—but then you'll come across rooms which give way to walls of writhing flesh and streets parted by rivers of lava and blood...
  • Every Car Is a Pinto: Originally averted in Extermination Day, as all cars and vehicles were simply part of the geometry. Played straight in v21, however: as part of Sergeant_Mark_IV's ongoing effort to make the levels more interactive, he made it possible to damage and destroy vehicles. After taking enough hits, they'll catch fire, and after a few more they'll explode.
  • Exploding Barrels: Aside from standard barrel behavior from the original Doom, non-flaming barrels can be picked up once you have a Berserk pack and thrown for a massive boom. Walking right into barrels allows to move them. Flaming ones can be kicked and rolled on the floor, leaving behind a trail of flames, or hit with a rocket to make them explode like standad ones.
  • Face–Heel Turn: As of the v21 beta, if an Arch-Vile happens upon a captured Marine that Doomguy hasn't yet freed, he will turn the hapless captive into an Evil Marine.
  • Finishing Move: Melee attacks under the effect of a Berserk pack or Demon Strength Rune will trigger these. Conversely, melee attacks of most monsters will also result in one if they kill you, or each other. Rescuable Marines also perform finishing moves if they kill a foe with a melee attack.
    • There are other fatalities Doomguy can perform that don't require a Berserk pack—but they can only be done under certain circumstances:
      • Kicking (or shooting) the head off of Imps and Former Humans when they're on their knees and bleeding out,
      • Kicking (or shooting) the head off of a Hell Knight or a Pinky Demon after they've lost an arm,
      • Mutilating an enemy with the Chaingun/Minigun or dual rifles,
      • Gibbing an enemy that's running around on fire,
      • Bisecting a Baron of Hell with a Shotgun or Chainsaw while it's in its death throes.
    • In v21, Sergeant_Mark_IV introduced some additional first person view finishing moves. One example: if you knock an Imp down with an attack that hasn't killed it, you can walk up to the Imp and stomp it to death with a kick.
  • Flipping the Bird: You can flip off (and insult) whatever is stands in your way with a simple push of a button, and it's conveniently mapped to the F key by default no less. It is actually a useful way to wake up unaware enemies without wasting ammunition. It also sends certain enemies into Berserk Mode. In v20, using the command with your fists out causes Doomguy to flip off the enemy with both hands.
    • Since it's programmed to work like a low-damage attack, this can lead to some unexpected results, such as blowing up explosive barrels by flipping them off a few times. Who knew that they had such thin skin?
  • Friend or Foe: If a friendly Marine was ordered to hold position and the Doomguy walks past with other Marines following him, there's a chance the Marine holding position will "panic" and open fire on the other Marines as they come within sight. Most of the time, this is harmless, as the friendly Marines can't injure Doomguy or each other. However, Plasma Rifle (prior to v21) and Rocket Launcher-wielding Marines can wind up hurting or killing Doomguy from their weapons' splash damage.
  • Game Mod: Extensively. New graphics and visual effects, new weapons, new features like finishing moves and being able to pick up monster weapons, remixed music, Ludicrous Gibs taken Up to Eleven (complete with objects like flesh chunks and blood splatter persisting in the world and reacting to things like explosions even after death), and new enemy attacks and behaviors to balance out all the changes for the player (as well as higher difficulties beyond the Ultra-Violence level).
  • Gatling Good: Brutal Doom replaces the Chaingun with a proper Minigun that shoots very fast indeed. v21 introduced another weapon, the belt-fed Machine Gun, to bridge the gap between the slower but more accurate Assault Rifle and the Minigun.
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: In the updated version of the last act of the original Doom Thy Flesh Consumed, the Mother Demon from Doom 64 replaces out of nowhere the second Spider Mastermind normally encountered in the final level. On the other hand, it delivers the satisfaction of a brand new final boss fight.
  • Give Me Your Inventory Item: Inverted with friendly Marines. Should Doomguy completely run out of ammunition, any Marines following him will give him a random amount of equally random ammunition (rifle cartridges, sometimes shotgun shells, rarely even rockets) to keep him going.
    "Hey, Sarge—I found some ammo back here. Have some."
    • There's also (as of v20) an unused feature in which Friendly Marines will give Doomguy stimpacks when he's low on health. This can only be invoked in-game by summoning Marines performing the action via console commands.
    "Sarge, you aren't looking too good. Have a stimpack."
  • Glowing Eyes: Putting aside Spectres (see Red Eyes, Take Warning below) many monsters now have brightmaps as of v21. This makes certain enemies' eyes glow that didn't before, like Imps.
  • Goomba Stomp: Yes. You can, in fact, damage and kill enemies by jumping on top of them.
  • Gorn: Sweet Christmas. The original Doom, which was extremely bloody and gory for the time, is downright tame compared to the blood-splattering carnage on display here. Not gory enough for your taste? You can crank it up even further to "Edgy as Fuck", "Japanese Cartoon" or the maximum, "Overdrawn at the Blood Bank." note 
  • Grievous Harm with a Body: With a Berserk pack, you can grab Lost Souls and chuck them at whatever you please. Hell Nobles also have the ability to chuck zombies at you and Revenants can do the same with Imps (after slamming them around a bit). You yourself can use zombies as human shields if you grab one you've previously wounded, and launch them at your enemy when you're done.
  • Groin Attack: Can be done on regular mooks and all Hell Knights/Barons of Hell.
  • Guns Akimbo: v20 added akimbo Assault Rifles and Plasma Rifles, with v21 throwing akimbo Pistols and SMGs to the mix. Your aim goes to pack in the process, though.
    • If you're playing in Tactical Mode as of v21, the game won't allow you to dual wield certain weapons. You'll get a message telling you that you can't dual wield them because "Real operators never try to look cool in a firefight."
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: One of Doomguy's finishing moves after getting a Berserk pack involves ripping and tearing an enemy half from the torso. It is also possible to finish off dying Barons of Hell by blowing their upper body messily off their bodies. Some enemies survive this, however. The Revenant will still try to rocket you even after you've blown its torso apart from its legs. There's also (as of v21) an unused instance of the Baron of Hell doing the same.
  • Hand Wave: How does the Doomguy restore his health after performing fatalities? Stress relief.
  • Heart Container: Health and armor bonuses can still boost your stats beyond 100 as they normally would, however, they can go beyond vanilla Doom's cap of 200. Prior to v21, it could go well beyond, into the thousands. And depending on difficulty level, you're gonna need that much health and armor to survive the Final Boss. As of v21, it's been capped to 300% instead.
    • As mentioned above, performing fatalities—either by killing enemies with your fists while the Berserk Pack/Demon Strength Rune is active, or by finishing off dying enemies in specific ways and earning a Cruelty Bonus—also boosts Doomguy's health and sometimes armor in the case of Cruelty Bonuses. In Realism Mode, learning how to consistently earn Cruelty Bonuses from susceptible enemies is a necessary survival skill.
  • Hellhound: Brutal Doom 64 has these as a new enemy type. They're large, two-headed, skinless dogs that can spit fireballs.
  • Heroic Mime: Not anymore; Doomguy can taunt and harass foes with the press of the F-key.
  • High-Pressure Blood: Happens sometimes when zombies and imps have their heads blown into bits—they'll stand in place while blood spurts out from their neck for a few seconds before their bodies finally drop.
  • Hitscan: Averted unlike the vanilla for both the player character and the enemies, where projectile weapons will have spread at longer ranges and sustained automatic fire, though one may occasionally see enemies enter their death animation before your shot reaches them.
  • Humongous Mecha: v21 introduced pilotable mechs imported from Sergeant_Mark_IV's Vehicle Combat Mod. These war machines come with dual Gatling guns, two double-barreled plasma cannons, missiles, and a cluster bomb launcher. Oh, and like all the other pilotable vehicles, there are enemy variants controlled by Former Humans.
  • Hyperactive Metabolism: As part of Sergeant_Mark_IV's ongoing effort to add interactivity to Extermination Day, as of v21 he gave Doomguy the ability to eat food found lying around in the levels, recovering health in this way. Doomguy can also now drink from running water (showers, sinks, faucets) to gain health, a bit like Duke Nukem 3D.
    Sergeant_Mark_IV: It's not a cool apocalypse if you can't break into abandoned houses to rob the refrigerators.
  • I Cannot Self-Terminate: One of the idle lines from the friendly Marines invokes this:
    "Listen ... I've been lucky so far, but—if I start to turn, promise you'll shoot me. I don't wanna be one of those fuckin' things."
  • Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels: Significantly reworked from vanilla DooM, the names and effects differ greatly depending on the version.
    • Prior to v20b, the difficulties were renamed (mostly as references to the Doom comic) and included three more:
    • As of v20b and Extermination Day, they've been changed to:
      • Power Fantasy (Lots of enemies, but they barely do any damage)
      • I'm Too Young to Die (Less damage taken)
      • Hurt Me Plenty! (Default amounts of enemies and damage taken)
      • Ultra Violence (More enemies and increased damage)
      • I Am Super Bad (Enemies deal 50% more damage)
      • 12 in a 10 Point Scale (Enemies are much faster, like Doom's Nightmare! mode)
      • Black Metal (Previous two skill levels combined, with twice as much ammo lying around)
      • Realism Mode (Enemies have much less health, player takes much more damage)
    • v21 removed I Am Super Bad and 12 in a 10 Point Scale and brought back Nightmare! mode. It also tells you exactly what Realism Mode does: Enemies take 200% damage, while the player takes 900%.
    • As of v21 Release Candidate 3, Realism Mode has been expanded into an entire suite of difficulty levels, with Hard Realism Mode being equal to the earlier incarnations. Hardcore Realism Mode throws in enemy respawns, and Brutal Realism Mode gives you the full on Nightmare! experience. As it warns you, "only the most elite players can deal with this."
  • In a Single Bound: Evil Marines, as of v21 Release Candidate 3, have the ability to make very high jumps. They're only "naturally" encountered on Mars toward the end of Extermination Day's "Nuclear Power Plant," which justifies their height jumps as part of Mars' lower gravity. However, they'll do it on any map, whether it takes place in low gravity or not. They often jump and fire in mid-air, and have a particularly nasty habit of ambushing a target by jumping just before they round a corner, firing down just before their target appears.
  • Invulnerable Attack: You are completely invincible when performing fatalities. This means you can be pelted by projectiles from five different directions and not feel a single thing until you finish stabbing that Pain Elemental with its own horn. Unfortunately, this also applies to enemies.
    • As of v21, the player can now freely spin around while performing fatalities. This allows Doomguy to immediately attack enemies that closed in on him during the fatality, potentially even allowing for a string of fatalities without taking much damage in return. This makes the Berserk Pack/Demon Strength Rune a bit more user-friendly in a Brutalized world.
  • It Can Think: Zombiemen are much more dangerous here. They fire in bursts, can roll to avoid attacks, and Extermination Day reveals that they can drive tanks and pilot attack choppers and mechs.
  • It's the Only Way to Be Sure: In Extermination Day's second episode Battle of Los Angeles, Doomguy finds an evacuation center heavily guarded by UAC forces. A UAC captain informs him that if the military can't contain the demonic invasion, the American government will authorize a nuclear strike on the city to stop it from spreading.
  • Kaizo Trap: As of v20, after you kill a Spider Mastermind, you can still be crushed under one of her many falling legs.
  • Last Ditch Move: Introduced in v19. When you shoot off a Former Human or Former Sergeant's arm, they'll sometimes pull out a pistol and shoot in your general direction several times before finally succumbing to their wounds. Similarly, Pinky Demons may sometimes enter a berserk mode after losing one of their arms, in which they move even faster for a short amount of time before they bleed out.
  • Lava Is Boiling Kool-Aid: Although the convective properties of lava can only really be simulated through map design, Sergeant_Mark_IV has been hard at work averting this trope ... perhaps a little too well. As of the v21 public beta, lava is no longer a simple damaging floor—for one thing, the inclusion of brightmaps allows lava to give off its own eerily glowing light. Things falling into or moving through lava causes sprays of molten rock and loose flame to erupt everywhere. Radsuits do not protect against this sort of damage, and Doomguy can find himself quickly burning to a crisp with even a quick dip in a lake of fire. The loose flames from lava splashes also cause flammable things (such as monster gibs) to charbroil, though this doesn't always happen.
  • Law of Inverse Recoil: Being a classic "arcade-style" FPS, DooM had no recoil to speak of with any weapons. Brutal Doom fixes that—prior to v21, as a part of the Realism Mode difficulty level, and as of v21, as a part of Tactical Mode (which is usable with any difficulty). The recoil also averts this law, as the Pistol, Submachine Gun, Shotgun, Super Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Minigun, Machine Gun, MP40, and MG42 all have major recoil and muzzle rise which will throw off your aim. The rocket launcher and Plasma Rifle don't.
    • As of v21, some of the weapons have a recoil-like effect regardless of whether you're playing in Tactical Mode or not, such as the Railgun, the BFGs, the Unmaker and the Flamethrower. Also of note is that when swinging your fists or the axe, your view will shift subtly to mimic the effect of your body following through with your swings.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: AI-controlled Marines can be a little overzealous in their desire to engage the enemy. They'll often charge into battle against packs of demons they have no chance of winning against.
  • Ludicrous Gibs: HELL YEAH!
    • Later updates take this even further, introducing the ability to mutilate fallen enemies and spray the walls with even MORE blood after you've killed them. Doomguy can also kick enemy body parts around after they've been gibbed.
    • The latest versions of Brutal Doom have a slider in the options that lets you go from no blood at all (why would you ever want that is anyone's guess) up to a hilarious - if somewhat impractical - "Overdrawn at the Blood Bank", which causes enemies to release fountains of blood when you kill them.
  • Made of Plasticine: The bullets of any weapon heavier than the Pistol tend to tear smaller enemies to pieces. The detail in location-based damage and destruction is remarkable for a classic Doom game, and the various firearms on order can quickly reduce groups of zombies and imps to piles of limbs and shredded corpses.
  • Man on Fire: Played straight by the former humans (any of them) as well as Waffen-SS Nazis and Ubersoldats, Imps, Pinky Demons, Cacodemons, and the Marines (including Doomguy himself) if they are killed by fire weapons. Marines and the Waffen-SS go through a death animation in which they flail about as they burn to ash. However, all of the Former Humans and the hellspawn mentioned previously will instead run (or fly, in the Cacodemon's case) about while on fire. They deal collision damage in this state, so it's advisable not to get too close with them—however, if you're close enough and you can gib them while they're still alive, you'll receive a Cruelty Bonus for doing so.
  • Manual Leader, A.I. Party: In Extermination Day, if Doomguy manages to find every friendly Marine and keep them alive he'll have about two squads' worth of soldiers at his command.
  • The Many Deaths of You: Just as your enemies can be killed in brutal ways, the same applies to you if you are pathetically unfortunate enough. Demons can bite your head off, Former Commandos can blow a hole into your torso, your body melts if you die in pit of nukage/lava/blood, Hell Knights will throw you to the ground and curbstomp your head like American History X, but much more gorier, Barons of Hell will tear your body in half vertically, and then some.
  • Marathon Level: As of v21, Extermination Day received new maps and changes to existing ones best described as a journey rather than a maze.
    • "Staging Area" on Mars has Doomguy trekking across the Martian landscape from the "Nuclear Power Plant" of the previous area to the "Lab Complex Entrance" of the next.
    • "Return to Earth" changed from a hillside overlooking Los Angeles to a UAC air base in the Mojave Desert, already compromised—though the hillside complex of the earlier version is still part of this level, after a trek through a winding desert highway.
    • The "Depot" of v20 is now "Roadblocks," picking up where "Return to Earth" leaves off as Doomguy finds himself at a rail yard/truck depot, with the previous iteration of the level further down a highway and past a gas station.
    • "Eye of the Storm" receives a near complete overhaul to look more like downtown Los Angeles with highrises and skyscrapers lining the streets. The mall—which is the last vestige of the level's origins as a remake of "Gotcha!"—now precedes a wonderful sequence in which Doomguy can commandeer a tank and fight his way through downtown to a parking garage overlooking the heart of the invasion.
    • "Necropolis" now has a lot of outside areas, and the level doesn't end with the battle against the Cyberdemon; that now continues to underground caverns leading to a large open-area arena outside the city gates of the next level, "Dis."
    • "Sacrificial Grounds" receives a massive expansion, including an entire section of swamp that leads to an abandoned UAC facility!
    • v20's "Bloodfalls" underwent a near-total transformation into "Lavafalls." The level involves plenty of open-air fighting against enemies high and low amidst the crags of the eponymous lava-filled canyon, with some of the previous iteration of the map remaining intact.
  • Mercy Kill: Those mutilated Marines impaled on posts or hanging from the ceiling, moving and somehow still alive? In one of the few changes that makes the game less disturbing, Brutal Doom lets you kill them, putting them out of their misery.
    • Many of the ways in which you can earn a Cruelty Bonus come off more like a Mercy Kill instead. For example: blowing the head off an Former Human, Imp, or Demon that's just lost an arm (or a leg) rather than leaving them to suffer an agonizing death.
  • Mission Control: In the first episode of Extermination Day, three of the levels open with an announcement over the base intercom from surviving Marines holed up at the base's headquarters.
    "Attention all Marine units, this is Command. We are barricaded in the Command Center, we are trying to send distress signals to Earth. If anyone out there is still alive, regroup to our position. We have ammo and food. Godspeed."
  • Modern Stasis: Extermination Day takes place in the mid-22nd century. While humanity has established settlements on Mars and Plasma Rifles are issued to soldiers, civilian technology on Earth appears to be the same as present-day. Vehicles in v20b had a more futuristic look to them, but as of v21 they've been changed to resemble cars and trucks from the 1970s to 1990s.
  • Mood Whiplash: The intro of Brutal Doom 64 plops you into the middle of a pitched battle in an outdoor area between a platoon of marines and demons while heavy metal music plays. When you get to the end, it goes straight to MAP01 and its Drone of Dread.
  • Mook Horror Show: In the ending of Brutal Doom 64, Doomguy is able to scare off an entire army of monsters just by pumping his shotgun.
  • More Dakka: Brutal Doom replaces the vanilla game's minigun with the mighty Mach-3-Minigun, a very useful tool for close-quarters combat.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: Extermination Day's take on the Icon of Sin has six arms.
  • Multiple Gunshot Death: When using the Dual Rifles or Minigun in the base mod, sustained close-range fire on Imps and Former Humans can cause their bodies to fall apart into bloody pieces, even as what's left of them is still standing. Continuing to fire on them until there's nothing left earns you a Cruelty Bonus.
    • Cacodemons that take a Shotgun/Super Shotgun blast at close range will sometimes fall to the ground, visibly blown open but still twitching. If you keep firing on them with the shotgun while they're not-quite-dead, you'll continue to blow pieces off of them, eventually earning you a Cruelty Bonus.
  • Mythology Gag: "Rip and Tear" has been a popular meme among the Doom community thanks to the Doom comic. With this mod, however, you can literally rip and tear some enemies in half after picking up a Berserk Pack or Demon Strength Rune. In fact, players can alternate between two modes while Berserk, the one that causes Finishing Moves literally named "Rip and Tear! Mode."
    • The design of Extermination Day's levels are full of allusions to the original campaigns in Doom and Doom II. For example, the final battle in the first episode is against two Belphegors (a centaur-like Baron of Hell that throws BFG-sized energy blasts) that guard a portal, echoing the two Barons of Hell introduced in "Phobos Anomaly". The second episode's level "Dead Streets" contains a number of buildings with a layout similar to those found in the Doom II level "Downtown".
    • A few other Extermination Day levels are based on Sergeant_Mark_IV's Recurring Nightmare map pack, which are themselves revamps of Doom and Doom II levels. "At Hell's Gate" is based on the reworking Sergeant_Mark_IV did on the Doom level "Hell Keep," as is the level "Tower of Babel." "Eye of the Storm" also appeared in Recurring Nightmare, but in a very unfinished state which made it clear that the level was originally based on the Doom II level "Gotcha!", and even the finished version in Extermination Day is very visibly designed after it.
  • Night-Vision Goggles: Prior to v21, Brutal Doom changed the way the Light Amplification Visor works. Instead of simply changing the lighting of a map to maximum level, it instead mimics an image intensifier by brightening everything with a green monochrome appearance. However, the visor also displays most monsters (and some other things, like light sources) in an inverted, bright green color palette—evocative of thermographic cameras, a very different sort of technology.
    • As of v21, the Light Amplification Visor now behaves the way it did in vanilla Doom. However, the Rocket Launcher and Railgun have been given a scope feature which uses the hybrid image intensifier/thermographic camera effect.
  • Nintendo Hard: Pretty much every enemy in the game has taken a level in badass and gained new abilities to balance out the upgraded arsenal Doomguy has. There are also three new difficulty levels that are tougher than Ultra-Violence.
    • However, ballistic weaponry is no longer hitscan like in vanilla, which makes battles in wide open spaces more manageable.
    • The greatly heightened threat of the enemies can play hell with the intended difficulty level of certain third-party maps. Brutal is intended to turn the original Doom levels from somewhat hard to fairly hard, but if a map pack is tuned to be very hard in the original game it can become almost impossible to beat it in Brutal—and occasionally downright so; see Unwinnable example below.
    • As of v20b and the Starter Pack, the difficulty levels received a revamp. In place of Last Man on Earth, there is now Realism Mode. In this mode, Doomguy takes dramatically more damage—for example, at 100 health and no armor, a single Imp's fireball is a One-Hit Kill, and their pounce attack is also immediately lethal even if you've picked up a fresh piece of Heavy (Blue) Armor. Stepping into slime or other damaging floors is almost immediately lethal if your health and armor isn't well above 200. This causes some problems, as certain levels (even those in Extermination Day!) require taking a fairly extended dip in the stuff—often without a radsuit. And even with a radsuit, you might still die if the suit leaks.

      On the flipside, there are less enemies compared to the easier modes. They're also much easier to kill; Former Humans, Imps, and Nazis die immediately to a headshot from the Assault Rifle, and most of the tougher enemies can't survive more than two direct hits from a rocket.
      • In v21, Realism Mode's speed nerf was removed—instead, players can now opt to use a sprinting mechanic regardless of difficulty level.
    • For those who still think this is too easy, there's the Maps of Chaos mod, which expands existing Doom and Doom II levels and adds a lot of enemies.
    • Still not satisfied? Maps of Chaos has an overkill version that massively increases enemy spawning and makes the difficulty downright grotesque. The smallest room invariably has a dozen enemies at least, every significant item is guaranteed to open trap walls with swarms of demons, there are teleport triggers every which where so just stepping into your average corridor can spring a flood of enemies into a part of a level you thought you'd cleared, and many maps start you off with crowds of monsters already targeting you. Oh, and later in the game high-level enemies like hell knights get the same spawn rates as medium enemies earlier on - and there are several instances where you fight more than one super-enhanced cyberdemon at the same time. Good luck.
  • No OSHA Compliance: Zig-Zagged in Extermination Day depending on the level (and version of the game). For example, "Nuclear Power Plant" provides evidence that the facility was OSHA compliant until the demonic invasion left it a mess—there are platforms with guardrails, the reactor core must be accessed via an airlock with a built-in decontamination shower, and there's a locker room nearby that supplies radsuits.
    • Prior to v21, "Nukage Processing" had no safety measures to keep someone from falling into the pools of nukage outside, and there were no radsuits in sight. However, as Sergeant_Mark_IV continued work on the map pack, later versions included a radsuit locker and decontamination shower as well as guard rails for the outside walkways. This also made it possible to get all the secrets in Realism Mode.
  • Non-Indicative Difficulty: The theoretically easiest difficulty level (Power Fantasy) gives you the enemy frequency of Ultra-Violence and Nightmare! However, the enemies only deal 30% their normal damage, allowing you to mow down hordes of monsters with impunity.
  • Now, Let Me Carry You: In the ending cutscene on Extermination Day, the Marines rescue you after you kill the Final Boss.
  • Off with His Head!: If you're unlucky enough to have Imps claw you to death, they might tear your head off your body. You can also rip the head off of Zombie Sergeants and throw it, if you get the right kill move.
    • Headshots do more damage and can inflict this if they're the killing blow. Of note is that this effect extends to melee hits, including Doom Guy's ability to kick things, and that certain techniques (following up a punch with a kick, or jumping followed by kicking) conveniently put his foot at head level, allowing the player some relatively clean melee kills.
  • One Bullet Clips: You lose no ammunition when changing a magazine/energy cell before it is empty, even though the discarded one is visibly thrown to the ground. Of note, though, is that reloading the Assault Rifle before it empties gives 31 rounds, while reloading from empty gives only 30, and reloading the Shotgun produces a Dramatic Gun Cock only if the gun was empty beforehand.
    • In v21, if you use the Super Shotgun's alt fire to only fire one barrel and then reload, you will still see an unused shotgun shell in the other chamber and Doomguy will only eject the other spent shell.
  • One-Hit Kill: If you let a Baron of Hell grab you (without having overcharged health), it will rip you in half, killing you instantly. The Cyberdemon has also gained a stomp attack that is instant death if you get too close to him. The main gun from enemy tanks is also very likely to destroy you outright, especially after v21 put a cap on how much health and armor you can have.
  • Overdrawn at the Blood Bank: With some extensive usage of all the weapons you can carry, you will be able to paint the walls a very thick coat of red, and most of the finishers delivered by Doomguy and the monsters release generous amounts of the red stuff. Quake II said of its incarnation of the BFG that you can fire it in a small room of unsuspecting enemies and "observe the new red paint job." In Brutal Doom, if you fire a BFG in a room full of weak enemies you get to watch the paint explode.
    • Invoked in-game: it's the name of the bloodiest gore level selectable in the options.
  • Paint It Black: As of v21's beta, captured Marines who turn into Evil Marines will have their armor turn black. v21 Release Candidate 3 changed it to olive drab instead.
  • Pistol-Whipping:
    • If friendly Assault Rifle-wielding Marines are close enough to an enemy, they'll smash them with the rifle's butt.
    • v20c made it possible for Doomguy to also melee with the Assault Rifle and Pump-Action Shotgun. If he's aiming down the weapon's sights and attempts a kick, he'll perform a buttstroke instead. This was removed by v21 in favor of just kicking at the enemy.
    • One of the fatalities for the zombieman has Doomguy ripping their rifle out of their hands and beating them to death with it.
  • Power-Up: Most of the classics return but are accompanied by new ones such as the "Demon Strength Rune," which is a variant of the Berserk Pack that's occasionally dropped by enemies. There's also a Demon Sphere transformation power-up, which forcibly warps Doomguy into a Revenant (or a Baron of Hell!) for a short period of time.
  • Quick Melee: You can strike enemies with a kick attack. If you' ve obtained a berserk pack, kicking a low-level enemy will send them flying backward with enough force to splatter them against the wall.
  • Precision F-Strike / Flipping the Bird: At the push of a button: "FUCK YOURSELF!" It even makes certain enemies go into a hissy fit. One side mod makes the finger taunt a literal strike, making anything you flip at explode into gore. You can also use it to open certain secrets.
  • Pretty Little Headshots: Hahahaha, no. Even the humble Pistol will cause the unfortunate enemy's head to explode in a shower of blood and brain matter.
  • Rare Random Drop: The Demon Strength Rune, which provides Doomguy the same effect as a Berserk pack sans the healing effect, occasionally drops from the demonic enemies like Imps and Demons.
    • Initially for v21, Sergeant_Mark_IV intended to include a Skulltag difficulty setting in which the Skulltag weapons (and an Assault Shotgun) would have a one-in-four chance of replacing certain weapons: BFG10K would replace the BFG9000, the Railgun would replace Plasma Rifles, the Grenade Launcher would replace Rocket Launchers, and the Assault Shotgun would replace Super Shotguns. As of Release Candidate 3, this was changed to a general mechanic for all modes except Purist.
    • In addition to the Skulltag weapons and the Assault Shotgun, Release Candidate 3 also introduces a belt-fed Machine Gun as a rare replacement for the Minigun. Even more rarely, the BFG9000 gets replaced by the Unmaker. In this version, some powerups can also get replaced with a Flamethrower or a Demon Sphere.
    • In an instance that probably qualifies as a Good Bad Bug, you can use Doom II's Super Shotgun in Doom I wads via a rare drop. You have to find and free a friendly Marine, hope they're armed with the Super Shotgun and either have them die or kill them yourself. Grab the dropped Super Shotgun and you're in business. Needless to say, this very rarely happens in normal play without Save Scumming (the Marine's weapon is randomized).
  • Rated M for Manly: It's badder, bloodier, and filled to the brim with heavy metal mayhem.
  • Red and Black and Evil All Over: If you happen to play v21 with Doom II or the Recurring Nightmare wad, you'll get a nasty surprise in the Wolfenstein level ... an Evil Marine-type enemy wearing red armor and a black helmet named "MrX," toting a plasma rifle and much more health than Evil Marines.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Brutal Doom changes the appearance of Spectres. In the unmodded games, they look like a highly visible pinky-shaped smoke or shadow. In the mod they are invisible until they attack, except for a pair of glowing red eyes.
  • Red Shirt: Aside from the rescuable friendly Marines, there are other non-player Marines found throughout Extermination Day, particularly in the Battle of Los Angeles episode. Most of them stand guard and fire three-round bursts at enemies they see. These Marines come in helmet and helmet-less flavors, as well as several different combinations of race and sex. Strangely, they use the Former Human sound set, and will "flinch" if Doomguy walks past with friendly Marines in tow—which almost makes it sound like they're cheering him on.
    • The level "Push" features a subtype of these Marines that loosely follow Doomguy (but not from level to level) and cannot be given orders. Mostly, they run about in a semi-random fashion, sporadically firing single shots from their rifles. In a sense, they're faster Former Humans (of the vanilla DooM variety) that are on the player's side. Their speed gives them a surprising amount of survivability, as they tend to jink out of the way of most projectiles.
  • Revolvers Are Just Better: Although still dummied out as of v21 Release Candidate 3, several versions of Brutal Doom included a revolver which was capable of using either rifle cartridges or shotgun shells and could switch between the two with its alt fire mode. Per the trope, it's capable of greater per-shot damage than some of the weapons which use either ammunition type.
  • Road Runner PC: Doomguy moves blazingly fast in Brutal Doom. In v20b, the difficulty setting Realism Mode cuts down his speed to a more believable level (he runs as fast as he walks in other difficulty settings) ... but in v21, Sergeant_Mark_IV removed this speed nerf in favor of implementing a "Tactical" game mode with a sprinting mechanic, usable with any difficulty level.
  • Robo Cam: A downplayed version occurs in the pre-v21 versions of the base mod if Doomguy grabbed the Revenant's Hellish Missile Launcher. When the player attempted to fire the launcher while not aiming at a valid target, "NO TARGET" appeared as a HUD-like message in the middle of the screen. Post-v21 the Hellish Missile Launcher behaves differently, letting you fire even without needing to lock onto a target and automatically homing in on the nearest enemy.
  • Rocket-Tag Gameplay: Realism mode in a nutshell-the player deals twices as much damage as normal, but enemy attacks are nine times stronger. Unless you're constantly on the move, you will die.
  • Secondary Fire: Added to most guns.
    • By the numbers:
      • The fists get a slower, more powerful punch.
      • The Chainsaw (or angle grinder, which it's called in v20b) gets a horizontal swipe attack.
      • The Pistol gets a fire-mode switch, selecting either single-shots or quick three-round bursts. This also works when dual welding pistols.
      • The Assault Rifle, Pump-Action Shotgun, Submachine Gun and MP40 have an aim down sights (ADS) mode. This turns the assault rifle into an excellent marksman's weapon, the Shotgun into a decent precision one (while also upping its rate of fire), and somewhat cuts down on the wide shot patterns of the SMG and MP40.
      • The Super Shotgun secondary fire fires only one barrel instead of both, allowing for two shots in rapid succession.
      • The Minigun's motor stays revved up, so you don't have to wait for it to do so before firing. However, it alerts monsters to your presence just by its constant spinning noise.
      • The Machine Gun fires a single rocket as an explode-on-impact grenade. You have to reload before firing another one this way.
      • The Grenade Launcher fires fused non-impact grenades for excellent around-the-corner potential.
      • The Plasma Rifle gets a ten-shot shotgun-like spread.
      • The Railgun zooms in and becomes the ultimate sniper rifle from hell.
      • The Rocket Launcher also gets the same zoom-in feature as the Railgun, albeit with not as much magnification.
  • Sergeant Rock: Friendly Marines will address you as "Sarge", and you're definitely the most badass character.
  • Shield Bash: While in "Rip and Tear" mode, Doomguy can rip the shield away from Project Brutality's Cyber Hell Paladins and strike at them with it. Two hits to the head to bring them down and a single strike to crush their skulls.
  • Short-Range Shotgun: Averted with the standard Shotgun, as its tight spread and ability to aim down the iron sights make it decent at medium ranges at well.
  • Shotguns Are Just Better: The Super Shotgun, which was already dripping with awesome firepower in the base game, benefits from Brutal Doom's gameplay overhaul. It is very powerful, has fairly good range, and has an enormous spread. Hit someone at close range with it, and they will be no more than demon meat.
    • v21 saw the inclusion of an Assault Shotgun (which Sergeant_Mark_IV alternatively called the AA12 in his dev videos) into the base mod. Initially it was only going to appear at random on difficulty settings with Skulltag weapons enabled. Instead, it became a general Rare Random Drop as of v21.
  • Shout-Out: The mod heavily references the Doom comic. Many of the new names for the skill levels are directly taken from Doomguy's lines in the comic, as are most of his one-liners.
    • Extermination Day cribs a lot of textures from other games, such as Duke Nukem 3D—which is formally acknowledged in one of the campaign's secret levels, a near-exact replica of Duke 3D's first level, "Hollywood Holocaust." (v21 also added an additional Duke 3D level, "Red Light District.")
      • Extermination Day also features a few nods to the Doom movie. The first level originally used the music from the film's infamous FPS sequence, and footage from it is used in the cinema in the previously mentioned Hollywood Holocaust re-creation.
    • The changed effects of the Light Amplification Visor (pre-v21) and the scope on the Rocket Launcher and Railgun (post-v21) also mimic Duke Nukem 3D's Night Vision Goggles.
    • If you type "summon/give dsweap" in the console commands, you can acquire a great weapon described as being "too big to be called a sword".
  • Sole Survivor: Intermission text in Extermination Day regularly assumes that Doomguy is the only Marine to survive each episode, regardless of whether or not he has any friendly Marines with him.
  • Spread Shot: Hell Nobles can perform a 3-way fireball attack. Versions of Brutal Doom prior to v19 and after v20b gave the Plasma Rifle a seven-way spread shot for its secondary fire.
  • Sprint Meter: "Tactical" mode has a stamina meter that goes down whenever you sprint or use a kick attack.
  • Stay Frosty: A Stock Phrase uttered by friendly Marines. Fitting, given one of the influences of Doom in the first place.
  • Stealth Pun: One Black Comedy-flavored example in Extermination Day. The campaign has two secret levels—one is "Wolfenstein," featuring a Wolfenstein 3D-themed (but closer in appearance to Return to Castle Wolfenstein) level in which Doomguy finds himself inexplicably teleported into a German castle-turned-Nazi stronghold during World War II. This secret level's entrance is in the campaign's other secret level—a near-exact replica of Duke Nukem 3D's first level, titled "LA Holocaust."
  • Stripped to the Bone: Killing a Former Human, Nazi, or Imp with a Plasma Rifle will reduce them to a charred skeleton. This is also what happens to Doomguy if he's killed by plasma bolts.
  • Squad Controls: Friendly marines have two general commands—hold position, or follow the player. Switching between states requires walking up to the Marine and using the "use" function. This allows the player to set up killzones by having the Marines lie in wait for incoming enemies, or to keep them from tangling with something that will certainly get them killed. Alternatively, ordering them to stay put is also good for keeping them out of your way if they make the game too easy for you.
  • Take That!: Prior to v19, the Commander Keens were reskinned with Justin Bieber's face. Since then, the reskin was removed.
  • Tank Goodness: In Extermination Day's second episode, Battle of Los Angeles, Doomguy doesn't just fight alongside fellow Marines. They've brought heavy metal with them, and several of the levels in the episode feature tanks providing supporting fire, with devastating results.
    • Doomguy also has to fight tanks a few times in Extermination Day. The second episode's level "Warzone" has one such tank crewed by Former Humans guarding the way to the exit. In the secret Wolfenstein-themed level, the Nazis have two tanks of their own in the castle's courtyard. The only way to survive a direct hit from any one of these requires having health and armor well into the thousands.
    • v21 turns the tanks into mobile vehicles, with both pilotable(!) and enemy-controlled variants, imported from Sergeant_Mark_IV's Vehicle Combat Mod. The main battle tank receives the name M1A4 Rhino, and comes complete with a cannon and a machine gun. Another vehicle, the M1A2 Vigilante light tank, isn't really a tank even though it has the same chassis: the turret is replaced with a quad cannon.
    • v21 Release Candidate 3 changed the tanks into full 3D models, albeit of a low polygon count roughly comparable to 90's-era games. The tanks are now simply known as the "Main Battle Tank" and "Artillery Tank" in this version (at least in the console) with the Artillery Tank receiving homing missiles in addition to the quad cannon.
  • The Homeward Journey: Extermination Day's first episode, Hell on Mars, turns into this for Doomguy and the other few surviving marines of the UAC Mars base. With the demonic invasion leaving the base's hangar in shambles and no help coming from Earth, the survivors decide to fight their way to the Portal Testing Labs to get home.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: The fatality you can perform on the Archvile. Performing this fatality causes Doomguy to rip the Archvile in half, throw its upper torso to the floor, curbstomp its head against the ground and then laugh in triumph. Damn.
  • The War Sequence: Map 19, "Push," is one of two levels that bridges the second and third episodes of Extermination Day. You get to take part in a full-scale invasion of Hell itself. Backed by dozens of Marines, tanks, and even aircraft, you have to fight through hundreds of demons to reach a citadel guarding the way deeper into Hell.
  • This Is Not a Drill: The first level of Extermination Day starts off with an urgent announcement over the base intercom—
    "Attention all Marine units! We are under attack by an unknown enemy force! Everyone report to your combat stations! This is not a drill! I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILL GOD DAMMIT!!"
  • Those Wacky Nazis:
    • Again prior to v19, in both Doom II Wolfenstein 3-D-themed secret levels, the blue-dressed and comically accented SS enemies were replaced with more realistic troopers wearing grey dark uniforms and shouting actual German phrases (taken from Call of Duty 2). They also carried MP40s that could be picked up and used by Doomguy.
    • As of v20b, they're back as part of the Starter Pack campaign. This time they're accompanied by guard dogs (who, in Realism Mode, can One-Hit Kill Doomguy even if he's at 100 Health and wearing armor!) as well as tanks.
    • v21 Release Candidate 3 added a new enemy for Wolfenstein-themed levels—the Ubersoldat, who is a taller, beefier variant of the Chaingun Guy.
  • Torso with a View: A possible result of shooting a zombie with the Shotgun; the blast removes most of their chest, including a good portion of their ribcage. The Railgun is also capable of this.
  • Universal Ammunition:
    • After the Pistol was replaced by an Assault Rifle, its common ammunition shared with the Chaingun (now Minigun) finally made sense. On the other hand, versions prior to v19 (and after v20b) also have the MP40, which in-game fires the same ammunition used by the M16-shaped assault rifle. One of the points that identifies a submachine gun (which the MP40 is, "MP" being short for "Maschinenpistole"; the German term for an SMG) as such is that it is an automatic weapon firing pistol ammunition; we're pretty sure the assault rifle and the minigun aren't firing the same 9x19mm rounds as the MP40!
    • Downplayed in the base game as of v20b, in which the Nazi SS forces make a return in a secret level of Extermination Day. Players can find and use the MG42 machine gun, but it doesn't share ammunition with any of the other weapons. However, the MP40 still shares the same ammo as the other cartridge-firing weapons.
    • As of v21, the weapons and ammo types have been further reworked. With the reintroduction of the Pistol and the inclusion of a new Submachine Gun, the MP40 now uses the same ammo type as they do. It's distinct from that of the other cartridge-firing weapons, and as of this version only drops from certain Former Humans, steel drums, mutilated corpses or impaled Marines.
  • Unstable Equilibrium: In the unmodded games, the Health Bonus and Armor Bonus both gave a +1 bonus to either health or armor, allowing to have up to 200 in both stats. In Brutal Doom this cap was removed, up until v21. As a result, skilled enough player who managed to find enough Health and Armor bonuses—or earned enough Cruelty Bonuses—while avoiding damage would eventually have obscenely high health and armor after enough levels. It's very easy to get armor and health stats up into the thousands this way!
  • Unusable Enemy Equipment: Averted. With the right tool, you can acquire the Mancubus and Revenant's weapons. Gib them, kill them with the chainsaw, or chainsaw the corpse. As of v21, destroying the corpse also works. The SS replacements in versions prior to v19 (and after v20b) likewise drop their unique guns on death.
  • Unwinnable: The mod is made for the original Doom levels, and it's optimized for a small number of other mods as well. But every map-replacement mod ever made for Doom can be played with Brutal as well, including some that make assumptions about gameplay that are no longer true with Brutal Doom. For instance, a map that spawns a Cyberdemon in a relatively small enclosed room and relies on the player's reflexes to dodge its rockets can easily become unwinnable, because the Brutal Cyberdemon fires much faster and its rockets have massively increased area damage. And if the player tries to attack at melee range in order to prevent the Cyberdemon from firing rockets, they'll be squished to death instantly thanks to his new stomp attack.
    • However the newest versions such as v20 toned down monsters' strengths to more balanced levels, allowing slaughtermaps to be completed with skilled players. The Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind are just toned down a little though.
    • The dedicated mod Maps of Chaos can get unwinnable simply by its insanely increased difficulty. For example, many levels spawn you already under attack, and your reaction is bound to trigger every enemy around who wasn't already targeting you from the start. It's common to take a lot of damage before being able to take a breather, and if you ended the previous level already damaged, no amount of godlike reflexes will save you from a reload loop.
  • Video Game Caring Potential: It's possible—albeit very difficult—to keep friendly Marines alive throughout the entire campaign, as they will follow you from one level to another (though they might not always spawn in specific maps).
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential:
    • Prior to v21, the "Cruelty Bonus" (a health or armor boost) is granted when you kill enemies in a particularly creative fashion—usually those whom you've just dismembered or set on fire. Bonuses that aren't caused by melee fatalities are instead triggered through close-range Mercy Kills, though, downplaying the trope. As of v21, most of these were removed in favor of having enemies drop bonus health vials and/or armor shards in situations where a Cruelty Bonus would have been awarded.
    • It can take some effort to master killing monsters with fatalities—if you go about it the wrong way, punching an enemy to death is likely to rob you of more health than the fatality gives you back, to say nothing of armor. But watching the bad guys being torn to bloody shreds by the Doomguy makes it so worth it.
  • Ultra Super Death Gore Fest Chainsawer 3000: This mod provides the spectacularly apropos page image for that trope. And, as far as Brutal Doom's gorefest qualities go, that image doesn't show off the half of it.
  • Unexpectedly Realistic Gameplay: The "Brutal" part of the mod's title comes in from the wide and various ways enemies will respond to injuries, as shooting a zombie in the arm will cause it to lose it's weapon and pull out a sidearm instead, or how you can blow a Revenant in half, causing it to crawl after you, still firing it's rockets at you. Certain injuries will also cause enemies to keel over in agony, and eventually bleed out.
  • Video Game Flamethrowers Suck: Defintely not the case here. Aside from the Mancubus' Flame Cannon, v21 introduced a bona fide flamethrower as a Rare Random Drop. It uses the same "gas" that the Mancubi Flame Cannons do, but shoots a long-ranged stream of napalm that does incredible damage and leaves long-lasting patches of flame where it hits. The flame stream also ricochets off walls. Don't try and use this in cramped spaces or in close quarters, though.
  • Villain Teleportation: While Pain Elemental Overlords can teleport to avoid damage, Flesh Wizards take it up a notch; their entire attack strategy is pop up randomly, blast some bolts at Doomguy, and teleport away until they or Doomguy dies.
  • Who Needs Their Whole Body?: Revenants can be blown in half and their upper half can be just as capable of hurling rockets at you while their legs will amusingly waddle around aimlessly before falling over. Wounded legless soldiers will sometimes shoot at you with their pistol for a few seconds before dying. Pinkies who get their side shot off will sometimes resist for a while before succumbing to blood loss and keep trying to attack you (killing them in this state sometimes rewards you with a cruelty bonus).
  • Your Head A-Splode: Much like the vanilla game's gibbing mechanic, a headshot that reduces the enemy's health to their starting health times negative one will result in their head exploding in a shower of blood and brain matter.
  • You Nuke 'Em: v21 Release Candidate 3 has the Nuclear Rocket Launcher. It's available in the test map, but is otherwise unused in that version.