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Whether he's filming a solo video or joined by his friends, Northernlion's videos are always full of hilarious moments.

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    YouTube Videos 

Let's Plays and Other Videos

  • His Machinima show Poison Mushroom is one of the funniest things to ever grace the channel. Particularly hilarious is the episode on the Family Feud adaption. The game, with its off the wall answers to questions, gives Northernlion lots of fuel for humor.
    Benjamin Franklin was never the president! I'm Canadian and even I know that!
    • Another great episode was the Street Cleaning Simulator.
      If this were a real simulation, as soon as you drove up to the pump, you would just shout "I'M NOT PAYING THAT!"
  • His Grey's Anatomy let's play, with his constantly poking fun at the characters' constant pursuit of sex.
    Derek: Hey, want to meet me in the call room after surgery?
    Northernlion: AKA Derek's sex dungeon.
  • While invading other players in Dark Souls, he eventually finds a player waiting in the corner of a room and... it's Shmuck Bait.
  • Northernlion plays The Political Machine 2012 and creates the greatest candidate known to man.
    • Northernlion tends to make some over the top avatars for this game, so when he decides to play it with a friend, it's a given that there no way the other guy's avatar could even compet—OMG what is that THING!?
  • The Worst Daily Challenge Ever, the tale of a Spelunky run Gone Horribly Wrong. It's worse because Northernlion was actually doing pretty well to start off.
  • "Jason Bright and his followers launching into the vast unknown." note 
  • Northernlion's face-off against fellow Binding of Isaac letsplayer Bisnap. They mod the game so they both have all the same floor layouts, so they're playing on a (somewhat) level playing field. Hilariously, they both get crazy-broken item combinations (NL: Brimstone, Polyphemus; BN: Thin Mushroom, Sacred Heart) and proceed to wreck the game in different ways.
  • From another face-off with Bisnap, this time in Rogue Legacy:
    Bisnap: (selecting his character) A gay giant, I'll do it.
    Northernlion: That sounds like Jack Black deciding what movies to take.
  • Some of Northernlion's reactions playing 1001 Spikes (a Nintendo Hard platformer) are funny too. "Huuuuaa! How could you... You betrayed me!"
  • As he was trying the Isaac Community Remix, he comes to realize that one of the character in a secret room has his face, leading to some funny comments.
  • During the L.A. Noire playthrough for the Sunday subscriber stream, NL begins the first traffic case, and Bekowsky beomans how hard it is to get a gun, but any lunatic can get a driver's license and a car... Right as NL drives off a cliff, landing the sickest jump of 2017.
  • And speaking of sick jumps: During a game of Player Unknowns Battlegrounds with the usual group, he managed to jump his dune buggy up onto a building's roof. This alone would be the highlight of the video, as he had been attempting unsuccessfully to do this with the motorcycle for months... except Austin had also just hopped onto that same roof from the adjacent building, and decided it would be funny to just stand there and let the buggy hit him, knocking him off the roof. This too would have been good for a laugh on its own... except just then, Malf decided to follow Ryan over the same exact jump in his UAZ, clearing the roof and landing exactly on Austin's unconscious body. Here it is from Ryan's perspective. And Malf's. And Austin's.
  • The Outer Worlds subscriber stream immediately proves itself to be the successor to Ryan's infamous Fallout: New Vegas playthrough as he convinces the first NPC he comes across to give him his gun, and then immediately shoots him in the face.
    • Ryan finds the pacifist solution to the Edgewater dilemma... and then murders the leaders of both factions. Hilariously, he commands Parvati to kill Reed, who then calls him a monster.
    Thomas Kemp: I hope Adelaide's ok!
    NL, who has just murdered her in cold blood, stares into his camera.
  • The Super Saiyan Ross song.
  • In episode 5 of Enter the Gungeon, Northernlion risks facing waves of enemies despite having low HP in order to gather more resources to salvage his run. Fortunately, the game rewards him with a treasure chest, a mimic to be more accurate. His reaction is priceless.


  • While playing the Binding Of Isaac Rebirth, Northernlion gets to experiment with several item synergies. So eventually, in one run, he finds the Anti-Gravity Tears item and wonders how it will interact with the character Azazel. Cue portals from hell summoning. He eventually tries to get around this by using Bob's Rotten Head, but it's also affected by the effect. For some extra multi-tasking, he also gets a remote controlled familiar. And then there are also the occasional funny commenting on top of the unusual gameplay.
  • Another day, while playing co-op Binding of Isaac with his wife, the two of them picked Soy Milk. Then, they later picked Cricket Body and Ring Worm. Crazy tear tornadoes ensued.
  • Remember Northernlion's "Top 10 WORST Items in The Binding of Isaac" video, and how he ranted a bit on why Lemon Mishap was the absolute worst item in the game? Well then, I bet you can guess what the first item he gets in his very first on-camera run in Rebirth is!
  • In Episode 22, "Devout", NL is having a good run with Ipecac (exploding poison shots) when he picks up Bob's Brain (fires automatically, explodes when it hits an enemy). Cue an Oh, Crap! moment when he realizes he also has Sad Bombs so Bob's Brain releases Ipecac shots when it hits. Then it turns up to eleven when he gets triple shot and Rubber Cement so he fires multiple shots, all of which bounce off walls and straight back into his face. See the madness here.
  • In Episode 23 of his Rebirth series, "Floss", he's doing pretty well (even making it to the secret Boss Rush room). And then he picks up Ludivico Technique, which doesn't synergize very well with the other items he has, Spectral Tears and Monstro's Lung (the controllable big-tear is transparent and only damages sometimes). So now he's forced to rely on Lil' Brimstone and Technology 2 for most of his damage. He, against all odds, makes it to the Cathedral, but the room right before the final boss has eight Haunts, annoying ghosts who phase in and out of visibility, making them a pain to fight. NL loses all of his health and dies...and is then resurrected with Guppy's Collar, an item that has a 50% chance of bringing you back to life, but with only one half-heart. He tries to fight the Haunts again, and dies, again. He is resurrected again. He fights again. He dies, again. This goes on for several minutes, his total resurrection count being six. Just to show you how hilariously unlikely that is, imagine Guppy's Collar is a coin. Heads, you come back to life, tails, you die. NL flipped a coin six times, and got heads every time, when he was actively trying to die!
  • A subtle example in Episode 27, "Speed Up", where NL played as Azazel and constantly complained about how overpowered he is. Comments pointed out that most of his damage was coming from the flies from his Guppy transformation rather than Azazel's Brimstone, so it was Guppy that was overpowered, not Azazel. This means that NL turned Azazel into a scapegoat. note 
  • Episode 35 of Rebirth gives us this little gem while he reads off the seed. There's something about the delivery that kills, only to immediately snap back to normal less than half a second later.
    "So this seed. Seven, eight, nine. I got a great joke for you guys. Why's six afraid of seven...go fuck yourself."
  • In Episode 55, "Nothin' Funny" NL gets a Hierophant card and insists on keeping it in case he gets Blank Card (copies the effect of a held tarot card). He eventually gives up on getting the Blank Card once he gets to the Womb, but then on the last room of the Chest before the boss, he finally gets Blank Card. NL then goes to use the Blank Card... And accidentally uses Hierophant instead, making the Blank Card useless.
  • Episode 56, "Lariat", is an Eve run. Early on NL complains about how Eve can easily get left behind if she doesn't pick up any tears or damage upgrades and especially if she gets a tears or damage downgrade. He then finds a secret room containing three pills, while also holding an unknown pill. Three out of four pills are tears downgrades.
  • The challenge run "Head Trauma" gives you an annoying combination of Tiny Planetnote  and Soy Milk.note  which makes it hard to hit enemies. How does NL get around this? He uses a dice room to reroll his entire run.
  • When playing the challenge run "The Tank" NL is desperate for speed upgrades and therefore wants to get the trinket Goat Hoof. He finds the tick note  and picks it up, reasoning that the chances of him finding Goat Hoof are low considering the number of different trinkets in the game. Of course, he then finds Goat Hoof.
    • In the same episode, NL finds the Hagalaz rune which has the description "Destruction". Thinking that it'll hurt enemies, he saves it for the Mom fight. However when he uses it, all it does is destroy all the rocks on the room. NL then rants about how he could have simply destroyed the rocks himself since he has Thunder Thighs.
  • Episode 89 has NL doing the Suicide King challenge run. He ends up getting stuck inside a curse room on the womb with nine lives but only one heart, so if he tries to leave, he dies and respawns in the curse room with one heart. He has no way of teleporting, so to end the run he has to kill himself nine times. One commenter awards him the title of Suicide King for his efforts:
    Comment: Suicide King is not just a run, it's a title, and I'd say the guy who ends his run by committing suicide nine times is pretty deserving of it, so congratulations, Northernlion, you are the Suicide King.
    • In the same episode, NL uses the "I can see forever!" pill to find the second secret room... While standing inside the second secret room.
  • In episode 110, "Explore", NL gets the Chaos Card which instakills any enemy it touches when thrown, including bosses. NL waits to use it until the Blue Baby fight, where he throws it against the wall, missing Blue Baby entirely (who at this point is completely stationary). To be fair to NL the Chaos Card is quite unintuitive to use and he didn't know at this point exactly how it worked, but it's funny nonetheless.
  • Episode 118 of Rebirth, which is simply titled "OOPS." Why is it titled that? Well, NL puts all his effort into beating the Chest with Eve on Hard Mode, as he needed the achievements. He does so, and is proud of himself, until he realises that he forgot to change it to Hard Mode, and had been playing Normal Mode the whole time. He proceeds to break into crazed laughter and the video cuts out.
  • Episode 183 of Rebirth, titled "Repent", has him random The Lost. He makes it to Boss Rush with Judas' Shadow before dying and respawning as Judas. Just about a minute later, he gets the Dead Cat, one of the best items for The Lost due to its One-Hit Point Wonder nature... but, of course, he's no longer The Lost. Much like the "OOPS" incident above, this is heavily lampshaded.


  • In episode 13, NL takes so many One Makes You Smaller pills he becomes smaller than his familiars. He then rerolls his run with a dice room, which gives him The Wiz plus Soy Milk. It's so hard for him to hit anything he has to rely on Little Haunt to do most of his damage.
  • In episode 14, NL finds the D100 and since people always nag him to use the run-changing items, he uses it. It gives him Mom's Knife. To put this in context, the viewers constantly complained about NL taking Mom's Knife in Rebirth because it doesn't synergise with many items.
    Northernlion: This is what you get! We've got Mom's Knife and no cool synergies!
  • In episode 17, Northernlion plays as The Lost and, against all odds, get Holy Mantle and a decent run. He then rerolls his entire run using a dice room, which gives him Dr. Fetus.
    Northernlion: If I don't, who will?
    *Immediately blows himself up and dies*
  • In episode 23, NL breaks Greed Mode by using IV bag and Old Bandage to get infinite money, and buys a huge number of bomb and tear effects from the shop. This is the result.
  • In episode 24, NL shouting "Edmund, there's too many ghosts. Edmund, there's TOO MANY GHOSTS!" while fighting The Haunt, and then screaming "OH MY GOD WHAT THE HECK, EDMUND! EDMUND MCMUFFIMIMIMI EDMUND MCMILLEN N' WIFE" after dying to The Widow.
    • NL goes to the shop and bombs the Restock Box to reroll the items. This also opens a stone chest which contains a troll bomb. The bomb blows up the Restock Box and causes the items to change again. Of course, NL doesn't notice any of this and sits there wondering where his toothpicks and PHD went.
  • In episode 25, NL completes the XXXXXXXXL Challenge in under 30 minutes. A normal run for him takes 40+ minutes. To make things even greater, he also makes it to Boss Rush in time and then completes an extra floor by going to Sheol with We Need To Go Deeper (the challenge usually ends at Mom's Heart).
  • In episode 33, Northernlion does the Blue Bomber challenge, where he is blindfolded but can use Kamikaze with Pyromaniac to deal damage to enemies. NL completely ruins it by rerolling his run, removing Kamikaze but not the blindfold so the only way he can deal damage is with Brother Bobby. Fortunately he finds The Candle in his shop, which allows him to still win the run.
  • In episode 38 NL tries the daily challenge and dies on the third room.
  • In episode 60, Northenlion has traded almost all his HP away in deals with the devil and also has Curse of the Blind:
    Northernlion: Gotta worry about enemies that shoot us right when we enter the room, enemies with beams, things that explode[...]
    NL opens a golden chest and takes the item inside. It's Bob's Brain.
    Northernlion: Oh, fuck.
  • In episode 79 of Afterbirth, Northernlion found a method to generate a ton of money to donate to the greed donation device. However...
    "We have made an unkillable Ultra Greed, a titan the like of which the world have never seen before. The strongest Ultra Greed in history. And my own bombs continue to betray me! The Benedict Arnolds that they are!"
    • He then wins by forcing Ultra Greed to be unable to complete his walk cycle animation.
  • The ending of episode 81 of Afterbirth. After using D4 rerolls on The Lost to get Epic Fetus, he proceeds to breeze through the rest of the floor, and tries to head down to the next... only to be teleported into the Curse Room by Curse of the Maze. From the pill he got from picking up PhD. Cue Stunned Silence as he slowly realizes what just happened.
    "They fucked us. They fucked us! Curse of the Maze put us in the Curse Room! This was our run! This was our run!"
  • In episode 103, NL is yet again trying to complete a Mega Satan run with Lilith, but by The Depths I he still hasn't gotten the first key piece. He then gets an Angel Room after the boss, and puts down his last bomb to blow up the angel statue. Incubus then shoots the bomb and pushes it out of the way of the statue before it explodes. Cue another Stunned Silence from NL.
  • In Episode 112 of Afterbirth, Northernlion finds the D20, so he starts abusing the item to generate tons of pickups (coins included), to be able to donate a significant ammount of money to the donation machine. After defeating Ultra Greed, he goes to donate what he has... and the machine jams with just one coin donated.
    Northernlion: Hey, pick a number between 1 and 100. You're right, the number was FUCK!
  • In episode 124 NL is playing as Keeper and has also picked up The Inner Eye, so he effectively has triple shot x 2. For some reason, he then chooses Monstro's Lung on the Blue Womb, which increases his charge time to 8.5 seconds. He then takes Eve's Mascara just to be silly, which increases his charge time to 17 seconds. He's forced to diplopia Bob's Brain just so he can deal some consistent damage.
  • Episode 126 of Afterbirth has Northernlion discussing the relationship between Devil Room chances and bombing the donation machine, which somehow leads into a remark about how having a 36-inch penis would be a bit ridiculous. He later uses a Sacrifice Room on a floor with Curse of the Unknown, with predictable results.
  • Episode 143 of Afterbirth has Northernlion trying one more time to clear some achievements with The Lost. To do so, he restarts several of them until he gets Gemini from the start and decides on a whim to try that run. He then finds Dad's Key.
  • Episode 170 of Afterbirth has Northerlion pick up Ipecac and then later Cursed Eye. Then, he picks up My Reflection. Those familiar with the Suicide King challenge know where this is going. Northernlion somehow manage to make things more and more extreme as he picks up more items.
  • Episode 423 of Afterbirth starts out a fairly normal run, but eventually he comes across a half-sized room in The Chest with six buttons. He presses three of them without thinking and gets eight Monstros and three Super Envies spawned on his head, which ends up costing half of his HP even with his Polaroid invincibility (never mind the open door on the other side of the room). His abrupt This Is Gonna Suck reaction sells it:
    "Not sure if that bothers you- Oh God what have I done."


  • Throughout episode 2 Northernlion says that he wants to get Apollyon "popping off", in some parts of the UK this is slang for farting.
  • In episode 12 of Afterbirth+, Northernlion tries the April's Fool challenge which messes with his head as very little is what is appears to be.
  • Episode 20 of Afterbirth+ has Northernlion tackling the Ultra Hard challenge. On one attempt, he gets desperate enough to secure a Devil Room that he commits an Algiz rune and every bomb in his possession on Monstro. He gets the Devil Room, of course... except it gives him three Demon Beggars and nothing else.
    NL: ... What the fuck is this. (longer Beat) You can't do this!
    • He later gets Gnawed Leaf and on a room of Fatties he goes into stone form because he only has one heart left. One Fatty walks up to him and farts repeatedly, and the knockback pushes him onto some spikes so if NL moves he instantly dies. He then has to try to get the Fatty to fart him back off the spikes before Little Haunt kills it.
    NL: No, he cannot die, he has to fart, he cannot die, he has to fart!
  • In episode 25 of Afterbirth+, Northernlion plays through the Pong challenge. He decides to make it harder on himself by fighting Hush and subsequently enters the Void and defeats the final boss. His commentary on the situation, especially if he fails, is the best part.
    NL: If this is bugged, and does not give me the challenge victory for this, ohhh... I will be displeased, I will tell you that much.
  • In episode 35 NL accidentally leaves the Josh Names mod on, resulting in him picking up items such as Peanut Butter, Mom's Bloody Hoof and Sad Penis. At first NL doesn't realise, so when he picks up Red Biohazard (actually Contagion) he mocks its name, and only later finds out that he has the mod turned on.
  • In episode 49 NL leaves the Josh mod on again and then finds Contagion again. Because he's used to it being called Red Biohazard he doesn't even realise that isn't its actual name, and doesn't even notice the Josh names until the Basement II boss.
  • In episode 135 NL has Anti-Gravity + Ipecac + Brimstone. This combination means that NL basically can't charge Brimstone without risking blowing himself up. He's forced to just use Ipecac, which is also affected by Anti-Grav and now has a horrible rate of fire. He picks up Incubus in the hope that it'll have normal Brimstone, but to no avail. However, he continues to amass more and more Game Breakers including Guppy, Godhead and Mega Blast and the run does a complete 180 from terrible to overpowered, culminating in him one-shotting Delirium as soon as he enters the boss room.
  • In episode 394 NL redoes the Suicide King challenge. As if if having Ipecac + My Reflection wasn't bad enough, he then finds Loki's Horns. Every so often he fires four explosive shots which all home in on him from different directions.
  • Episode 450, titled "No", has NL doing the RERUN achievement, which involves completing three victory laps and starting a fourth:
    • NL doesn't realise that on the third victory lap he's now The Lost without Holy Mantle until he's inside a curse room, so every time he tries to leave he loses a life and respawns back inside the curse room. He tries to kill himself with a bomb to make himself respawn outside the curse room, but he has Pyromaniac. Luckily he manages to confuse the game into letting him out of the curse room without killing him.
    • When Northernlion defeats The Lamb for the fourth time the game asks him if he wants to start another victory lap. Answering "yes" is the only thing NL has to do to give himself the achievement. He answers "no".
  • In episode 429, Northernlion describes the plot of Alien in Buffy Speak: "Ellen Ripley was like an astronaut... scientist of some sort, anyways, she goes into space and they, like, meet these aliens, and they're like, 'Hey. Aliens, are you nice?' and the aliens are not nice. They are mean aliens."
  • Episode 482 gets more and more ridiculous as it goes on. At first it looks promising, with NL getting Ipecac from Eden's Blessing and then Spoon Bender in the item room. He then finds Incubus, The Wiz, 20/20, and Mutant Spider, resulting in him firing at least 16 homing Ipecac shots at once but with a tear delay of 51. It's also impossible for him to aim because of The Wiz.
    • In the same episode NL has Placebo and a Health Down pill, and is hoping for PHD because the pill will turn into a Health Up pill so he can get infinite HP. He walks into a shop and sees PHD, but before he goes to buy it he shoots the red fires, which are right next to a reroll machine. Since he has Ipecac one of his shots blows up the reroll machine, and PHD disappears right in front of him.
  • In episode 570 NL gets to the Chest with Chocolate Milk, and finds both Fate's Reward and Ipecac from the golden chests. He then tries to charge up his Chocolate Milk shot while standing next to a wall. What he doesn't know is that Fate's Reward doesn't copy Chocolate Milk, so as soon as he holds the fire button it shoots an Ipecac shot into the wall and kills him.
  • In episode 630, Northernlion takes a ridiculous number of One Makes You Larger pills and grows so big that he can't fit on the screen. He also notes how his chin looks more and more like a pair of testicles as he gets bigger.
    NL: I'm worried that I might get, like, a... mature content warning just cause of our chin right now.



The Northernlion Live Super Show, and other livestreams

  • This epic trivia fail.
  • The January 27th, 2014 edition of the NLSS starts out fairly normally, with NL and the gang playing Family Feud, albeit with a special guest Wow Crendor. This provides some laughs as Crendor had never seen the game before and all of its problems. However, then they play Spelunky, and things quickly start to go off the rails. Creepy glitches start to pop up in the game, with NL explaining that he fell asleep on a plane and woke up not knowing if he was still on the ground or 35,000 feet in the air, seriously creeping him out. As the stream goes on, his chat starts to spam him with creepy messages like "NL, you're still on the plane" and "return the slab", causing him to seriously question whether or not he's dreaming. It must be seen to be believed.
  • The Guess Who and Trivia segment of the February 26th, 2014 NLSS.
    • The segment gets off to a bad start when neither Nick nor Josh correctly guess the Guess Who character, having already ruled out the chosen persona Crazy Mike (who wears a helmet) after receiving the answer 'no' to the question 'does he wear a mask'. This starts a debate amongst the three and in the chat about whether Crazy Mike's helmet counts as a mask.
    • Following this, the Trivia section falls apart when the insistence that Ryan answer the question "how many questions are there?"For context...  turns into Josh and Nick going on strike. Video can be viewed here.
    Ryan: You don't get to ask if you go first or second or how many questions there are. You just go first, Question 1...
    Josh: How many questions are there?
    Ryan: Question 1.
    Josh: No, how many questions are there?
    Ryan: All these questions are about famous bridges, I'm gonna give you two piece of information and a date and you tell me—
    Josh: No, you're gonna give me three pieces of information. First piece of information is how many questions are there?
    Ryan: San Fransisco...
    Josh: No.
    Ryan: ...suspension. 1937.
    Josh: ...I don't negotiate with terrorists.
    Nick: Yeah, me either. Let's boycott. Wanna form a union?
    Josh: Yeah, I do. How many questions are there? Alright, we're now unionised. I'm on strike.
    Nick: Yeahhh! I'm on strike too!
    Ryan: I'm not dealing with this fucking strike right now, okay? I will break the shit out of you guys.
    Josh: I'm ready!
    Ryan: Alright, well... (reads answers and PMs the winner on Twitter)
    Nick: I had no idea you were so anti-union.
    Josh: Well it doesn't matter Nick, you've just gotta stay strong.
    Ryan: Well, Nick or Josh, all you've gotta do is answer the last question, and then you win! And then... fuck your union, basically.
    Josh: What's the next question?
    Ryan: You don't get to ask the questions, okay Josh?
    Josh: What the next question?
    Ryan: Maybe I'll read the third question out, because it doesn't fucking matter, does it? Alright Nick, this one's for you y'know, don't let me break your resolve. New York City, East River, 1883.
    Nick: How many questions are there?
    Ryan: I'm not answering that.
    Nick: Then I'm not answering that.
    Ryan: Mm, well, that's an incorrect answer.
    Nick: I know the answer, too.
    Ryan: I'm gonna go ahead and say that you don't. (Starts reading off answers)
    Josh: I don't get a chance to steal?
    Ryan Oh, sorry, Josh, would you like to take a chance to steal then?
    Josh: How many questions are there?
    Ryan: Oh, you fucker.
    [Later, at the last question]
    Ryan: Hey Josh, this is Question 5 for you.
    Josh: How many questions are there in total?
    Ryan: There are five questions in total. Fuck you, Nick. Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep, 1985.
    Ryan: Josh, I gave you a silver platter to win a trivia victory.
    Josh: ...No.
    Nick: This is where we see where your allegiances are.
    Ryan: (laughing) I wanted to give Josh a chance, to pull him over to my side, but he refuses!
    Josh: But thank you for letting me know how many questions there were. I appreciate it.
  • In the January 5th, 2015 edition of the NLSS, Ryan and Nick are playing Drawful with viewers, when they are asked to guess the inspiration behind a drawing of what appears to be a salt shaker above some broken eggshells. Five of the seven players (not counting the artist behind the picture) answered "salty egg"/"salted egg". What's remarkable, and a complete Mind Screw for NL and Nick, is that the correct answer is "what everyone thinks of northernlion". Both proceed to have a hysterical breakdown, eventually joined by Kate, thinking that Northernlion is actually in the game and wasn't notified, before realising that the game just inserts the host's username (the game says it after the answer is revealed, but NL spoke over it). The full video can be seen here.
    Ryan: Am I inside of the game?!
    Nick: Or is the game inside of you?!
    Ryan: What happened?!
    Nick: Are our lives even real anymore?!
    • Also worth noting is that two pictures later is a drawing of poop with flies and stink lines. Chat suggests that the answer might be "mild salsa", and then "what everyone thinks of northernlion".
  • The January 7th, 2015 edition of the NLSS.
    • The story NL tells to Nick when the two are playing Rebirth turns into a Running Gag pretty quickly.
      Ryan: So, this story's for real. If you follow me on Twitter you've already gotten it, but I'm gonna do it again. Um... we went to the vet today, 'cause Tomo had his, like, vaccination appointment. He's fine, he just had to get vaccinated. Uh... we have him in, in the carrier. The carrier is... a little tiny... but it's more than big enough for Tomo. We go, we go into the vet, and there's a woman sitting there, she's, like, reading. She's just a, a patient - or, she's not a patient, but her animal's a patient there. She's reading, like, a newspaper with her animal next to her. She looks in our cat carrier, and says: "You need to give that big pussy some air." That is the first words that she said to us.
      Nick: (breaks into laughter) No, shit, really?!
      Ryan: Yeah. She looked at us, and—
      Nick: I didn't read this on your Twitter, and that's too good!
    • Later, when NL, Nick, Rob (AlpacaPatrol) and Josh (JSmithOTI) are playing Lethal League, and Josh's roomate's dog makes an unusual noise:
      (Strange, muffled, scream-like noise can be heard in background)
      Ryan: What.
      Rob: What? Was that a (unintelligible)
      Nick: Was that a Tyrannosaurus Rex?
      Josh: The, like... The dog makes noises.
      Ryan: Yeah?
      Rob: That was your dog?!
      Josh: (laughing) Yeah?
      Rob: Seriously, seriously, it sounded like this... (moves away from microphone and grunts)
      Josh: It's more like a (imitates dog)
      Nick: What'd you put in that dog?!
      Josh: Dude, the dog's— I dunno, like, my roommate takes him to the vet all the time and the vet's just like he's fuckin' sick.
      Rob: It's like an adult yelling.
      Josh: No, he's got like, like, a cold or something, I don't fuckin' know.
      Nick: What's the dog's name?
      Josh: Uh... Hudson.
      Nick: Aww, that's cute.
      Ryan: Oh, well there's your problem right there.
      Josh: And it just makes noises every once in a while. Y'know, I can't stop it, it's not my dog.
      Rob: (reacting to in-game event) Oh, fart in my mouth.
      Ryan: Even if it was your dog, I'd like to see you try to stop it.
      Nick: Yeah, the dog will fart in your mouth.
      Ryan: You gotta give that doggy some air.
      Josh: The dog's not dying. He's just... Well, I mean, it sounds like he's dying.
      Rob: I mean, it's yelling. He is literally yelling, that dog. There's no barking involved there, that is a yell.
      Josh: Yeah, yeah, it's pretty fucked up.
      Nick: I actually can't wait to listen to the VOD of this so I can hear that sound again.
      Josh: I mean, you can just come over to my house.
      Nick: Alright... Listen to Hudson make fart sounds or whatever.
      Ryan: It'd be really dark if Josh actually just had, like, a human held hostage in his house and we were laughing this whole time.
      (Everyone laughs)
      Nick: Oh man.
      Ryan: This is actually, like, in a movie, and, like, the person is there and they're like, "Man, this is the scene that really exemplifies how much of a sick fuck he is. He's just playing video games and laughing about it." This person's like, tied to a chain, and... (laughing) "Help me!" "See, it sounds like he said "help me"." "Yeah, it's real sick."
      Rob: "Call the police!"
      Nick: "Josh, did your dog just say "call the police", man?"
      Josh: I dunno, he just makes weird noises.
      Rob: "Yeah, I think he has the flu, actually, the dog flu." "I don't have the flu!"
  • In the March 26th, 2015 stream, everybody making a Running Gag out of "Welcome to Brawlhalla!" (said by an announcer in the into to said game).
    Ryan: What the fuck happened, I left for two seconds and it's just— everything became terrible.
    • Gets even better at the end of the stream, when Ryan reads out the subscribers, and finds a list of variations on the joke while the others fail to contain their laughter in the background.
    Ryan: Welcome2Brawlhalla, ChatsABasicBitch, WhaleCumToBrawlhalla, WelcomeToBrawlhalla again, GetTheFuckOutOfBrawlhalla, SpyroIsANazi, WelcomeToDursthalla, WelcomeToJerryLawler, BrelcomeToWalhalla, Brawlhalla2ElectricBoogaloo, WelcomeToAdhalla, WelcomeToBeingABaller, BrawlhollerAtYaBoy and DrinkingBaer.
  • This discussion of pranks from the June 1st, 2015 #NoNLSS.
  • In the December 21st, 2016 stream, they play the Friday the 13th: The Game beta, and Ryan gets the car stuck trying to drive away. For the next 10 minutes, his character and Jason try to get the car back on the road.
  • During a Twitch VOD, as Northernlion converse with the chat, they start talking about soap-related thing like which one is the cheapest and so on. Eventually, he reads a soap related suggestion :
    Ryan: "You should learn to make your own bar soap and then start an anarchist club in major cities around the world and then..." " THIS is just the plot to Fight Club. You can't sneak this one by me mister."
  • Later, as he play The Binding Of Isaac, he finds a room with many pills that makes the character larger which ultimately pay off in the fight against Hush :
    Ryan: "Hey, Hush! Why don't you pick on somebody your own size? KATONK! KATONK! KATONK!"
  • In the April 3rd, 2017 NLSS, Ryan leaves to go ask his wife Kate what she is playing after the show ends, as is tradition. Usually, the other hosts will say "Hey, Kate!", represented as "Hey K8" in Twitch Chat. This time, however, as he is away, all the other casters decide to break into an impromptu song based around saying "Hey Kate!". When NL gets back and realizes what happened everyone just loses it.
  • The NLSS Civil War. After NL claims that Baertaffy can't rap, "B-Taff Supreme" drops a diss track on the egg that proves that, yes, he absolutely can. Things quickly escalate into the entire NLSS dropping diss tracks on each other (and if we're honest, mostly on Dan Gheesling), most of which are surprisingly good.
    • Dan's reaction videos to each of the diss tracks also deserve a mention here, particularly when he claims that his and NL's "Aquiest" took "400 man-hours" to produce, and his reaction to Baer's second track, which ends with him willingly walking into his own grave.
  • In the March 19th, 2018 NLSS, during a round of Fibbage: Enough About You, Malf wrote the phrase "I Feel Down The Stairs And Ravioli On Me" as one of his answers for the "One Truth and One Lie" segment. The rest of the cast was dumbfounded by the absurdity of the answer, and it quicky became another Running Gag for the show. See for yourself here

    Roundtable Podcast 

The Roundtable Podcast

  • The ever-changing "Nick's Weird Games" theme songs sung by Ryan and requested by Baer each episode.
    • It started with the standard tune in Episode 2:
    Nick's weird games, Nick's neird games!
    Nick's got a whole bunch of weird-ass games.
    He's gonna get the games, he's gonna bring 'em back.
    We're gonna say what's on the back.
    • Episode 3 gave us a droning "dirge" version of the song when Baer asked for a "variation" of the theme.
    Nick's weird games... Nick's weird games...
    This is the dirge... version of Nick's weird games..
    Nick's weird games! Nick's weird games!
    Yeah, yeah, fuck you, Nick's weird games!
    He's got some games and he doesn't give a shit!
    He's got some games, here he is, he's gonna sit.
    • Episode 5 has a "Police rendition" of the theme song:
    A week has passed since we last played weird games...
    He's gonna grab one right from the shelf...
    Only Nick can bring us together!
    Nick will save our show but Nick will break our hearts...
    He's bringing a weird game to the show, he's bringing a weird game to the show...
    With so much drama on Rountable P.C., it's kinda hard bein' Nick's weird games you see.
    So, uh, some how some way he keeps comin' up with funky-ass games like... Fortnight Lay.
    What we want - you know Nick's got it!
    PlayStation 1 - and various consoles!
    What he's gettin' - is another Nick's weird game, give it to me!
    When he sits down... Nick'sweirdgamesNick'sweirdgamesNick'sweirdgamesNick'sweirdgames...
  • In the first episode, the first discussion on Mortal Kombat X's four unique Special Editions prompts this misinterpretation:
    Ryan: (reading) Finally, you'll get the combat pack, which includes four additional unnamed fighters who will be a mix of older... with a K - kombatants, and guest characters.
    Baer: "Older with a K" is what I thought you were going for, I was trying to piece that together.
    Ryan: Kolder... They're all Sub-Zero!
  • During Episode 3, NL mentions that he was hesitant to meet up with Mathas for the first time at PAX because he didn't like meeting up with strangers. He then joked that maybe he had gotten an email from Markiplier back when the latter had only fifty subscribers asking if NL wanted to eat lunch with him and had just never responded to it. It's laughed off, and Nick goes on to tell a story about being near Markiplier at PAX, but then NL actually searches his Gmail account for "Markiplier", and it turns out Markiplier really did send an email to Northernlion back when he had around 1,500 subscribers (May 10th, 2012) thanking him directly for his newfound success.
    Ryan: Yo, check this out! I just searched my Gmail for "markiplier"...
    Mathas: Oh no.
    Nick: Uh-oh.
    Baer: Oh no.
    Ryan: This is from May 10th, 2012. "Markiplier has sent you a message: Northernlion, I just wanted to take"- I'm not making this up - "I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping me get where I am today in the Let's Play world. I read the advice you posted in the r/LetsPlay subreddit on how to start up a new Let's Play channel and I tried my best to emulate your formula. I have to say that it has worked better than I ever could have imagined."
    Baer: No fucking way!
    Mathas: Oh wow!
    Ryan: "Just a little over a month since I started, I'm approaching 1,500 subscribers."
    Baer: Oh my God.
    Mathas: You missed him!
    Baer: This is real?!
    Ryan: "It's thanks to me following your guidelines."
    Baer: Are you fucking kidding me?!
    Nick: Oh my God!
    Mathas: Oh-ho-ho-holy shit!
    Ryan: "Thank you for showing the way for an aspiring YouTuber like me. I don't know why"-
    Baer: I've gotta search my email for "markiplier", hold on.
    Mathas: Yeah, me too, Gmail "markiplier".
    Nick: I don't have any.
    Ryan: "I don't know why, but I haven't actually subbed to your channel up until now, so sub! Thanks again, Mark."
    Mathas: Wow.
    Baer: Was that a YouTube message?
    Ryan: That is a YouTube message from May 10th, 2012.
    Baer: Wow.
    Mathas: Now he's like six and a half million subscribers.
    Nick: And you just read it. Just now!
    Ryan: See what my anti-social tendencies get me?
    Baer: You were just joking about that, that actually fucking happened!
    Mathas: Tweet him right now, be like "yo, just got your message!"
    (Everyone laughs)
    • It was later confirmed by a post Markiplier made on Reddit's r/LetsPlay subreddit around the same time, thanking NL for his advice.
  • In Episode 3, Ryan jokes that every now and again on Twitter he gets tweets from fans thinking they're the first ones to come up with the pun "Dankest Dungeon".
    • As a response to that, the following week on the first Broadcast, he mentions getting tweets reading, "hey, check this out: Dankest Dank-Dank."
      Ryan: I also got a bunch of tweets that said "Northernlion, go fuck a cake".
  • In Episode 4, Mathas mentions getting Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes on "the Xbox One", before correcting himself to "the first Xbox". Baer agrees that it's a stupid name, and Mathas points out that the Wii U is just as bad, and that Nintendo should have called it the "Super Wii".
    Ryan: I don't get the PS4, 'cause like, PS for what? What's the PS for? I already have a PS4 and a PS2, I don't know what it's supposed to be an addition to. PS3 I got, because it was the third one I owned.
  • The discussion on Mortal Kombat X and the controversy about the pay-per-use "easy fatalities" in said game in Episode 6.
    Nick: Well, you know what they're leveraging though is the idea that you'll wanna show off to your friends online and go "look at me, I can do the fatality!" because I'm gonna bet you that the person on the other end doesn't know they did an easy fatality. Right?
    Baer: (laughing) It's gonna show up with a little notifier on the top, it's gonna be like a little baby face on either side; (baby voice): "easy fatality!"
    Nick: But then you're insulting! You're insulting somebody for paying money, which they wouldn't wanna do, you wanna encourage that.
    Ryan: They should be like, super fuckin' badass fatalities.
    Baer: Like, extreme inputs?
    Ryan: It should be shitty fatalities for free, and then twenty cents for the extreme fatalities, so normal fatality would be just you punch them and they die... and then extreme fatality, you're gonna like fuckin' get inside their brain, and mind control them and have them y'know, smoke every day for eighty years and have them die in the hospital with all their family around them.
    Baer: (bursting into laughter) Oh God, I want that so bad now!
    Ryan: It's gonna be fuckin' hardcore-alities, 20 cents right there.
    Mathas: You need to stop man, you're giving these people great ideas.
    Nick: It's not even that far out of the realm of possibility for how insane they want the brutalities and fatalities to be, they'd probably like smash the dude's family pet in front of him.
    Ryan: Oh yeah, and then after he died, Goro would just blow up the hospital. Like, erase his bloodline.


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