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Funny / Twitch Plays Pokémon Chatty Yellow

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  • As the dialogue is replaced by Markov-chained segments of the chat, most NPCs and signs end up spouting out nonsensical rambling.
    Rival: Now this spaghetti underneath, Raviolli Raviolli, great barrier reef.
    Bruno: Kill yourself
    Victory Road Trainer: So where' the art of Zelda: Breath of the Islamic State of Adolf Hitler.
  • All major characters have their heads replaced with Twitch emotes.
    • Professor Oak = DBStyle
    • Rival = Kappa
    • Lt. Surge = Jebaited
    • Giovanni = Big Brother
  • All trainers' names are replaced with the usernames of random members of the Mob. This led to certain trainers having multiple names due to being faced multiple times.
  • The move "Chatter" doesn't work how it would in Gen 4 and up - instead, depending on the amount of Twitch global emoticons spammed, the effect would become that of another move. The devs clearly had fun implementing this and choosing which emote correlated to which move.
    • PRChase = Metronome Explanation 
    • PermaSmug = Self Destruct Explanation 
    • OneHand = Harden Explanation 
  • Unlike every other unusable item (which still has the "This is not the time to use that!" message), interacting with the Helix fossil generates dialogue just like NPCs. While the chat can finally consult the Helix fossil as they have always wanted, it seems Helix has some odd things to say.
  • During their time in Mt. Moon, the system creating the dialogue bugged out, leading to it replaced with "oh no!".