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Funny / Twitch Plays Pokémon Pyrite

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  • With liveupdaters disappearing, a bot was created to update when no one else is around. It has the tendency to randomly think that an entire box of Pokémon "may have been released", only to find them again and report them all as fresh catches and registers an egg hatching as the simultaneous release of the egg and capture of the Pokémon within it.
    • In more specific events, when Magnemite was taken to the name rater, because the Pokémon with the exact name registered was no longer there, the bot thought it had been released, and party updates no longer registered its presence. It later thought that Dewgong evolved into the Magneton and replaced all of its moves, only to evolve right back to a Dewgong and replace all of its moves again. Prior to that, it had a glitch where it registered Pokédex numbers 000-010 as belonging to legendaries, and as such was counting "attempts" each time a wild Caterpie appeared.
  • When attempting to face Pryce, the chat got stuck on the ice floor puzzle for over 2 hours during one attempt, causing the chat to start reciting song lyrics.
  • What Azure says at the start of the battle against her: