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Super Gaming Bros. Let's Plays



  • We could cop out and say the whole damn thing, but certain instances really stand out:
    • In the first game, Elliot somehow managed to hurt his balls from running in place...twice (once was off-screen, it seems). Matt tops that one by falling over after taking two steps and not getting back up.
    • The Runway minigame. Just....Just the image of Matt and Elliot (both of whom are rather hefty guys) strutting their stuff like runway models. And then posing afterwards. It's just too funny for words.
    • In the sandwich eating minigame, Elliot managed to beat out both Johnny and Matt, and when both Johnny and Elliot had the controller, they acted like they were eating...something other than sandwiches.
    • For the Yoga minigame, when it's Elliot vs. Johnny, Matt is quick to point out that Elliot apparently has no ass — his back just leads right into his legs. Complete with a zoom-in on Elliot's supposedly non-existent ass.
    • For the first half of the treasure minigame, Matt keeps spinning his chain the wrong way.
    • The tutorial for the Soda Shake minigame has one of the actors acting like he's being given a nuclear bomb. Johnny and Matt are quick to call him out on this. When the "soda" explodes, they actually act like a real bottle of soda exploded.


A Hat in Time

  • Johnny and company encounter a number of amusing glitches and quirks throughout the game:
    • When Hat Kid is jolted awake during the intro, her body and hat are completely invisible, leaving only her head. Sabrina (and some fans) took to remembering an infamous moment during the Sly 2 playthrough, where Sly's head suddenly vanishes.
    • During the Mafia Barrel Battle, the Mafia atop the barrel pile stands stock still instead of tossing barrels like he should be. Even funnier is that he's still shouting the usual taunts he'd say every time he tosses a barrel.
    • At the end of the first attempt of "The Golden Vault," Hat Kid inexplicably can't pick up the last vault ticket. Johnny spends a bit of time frantically jumping at the ticket, before he finally concedes defeat and shifts his focus to the other collectibles.
    • During the Battle of the Birds boss fight, Hat Kid becomes locked into a T-pose, but is still able to move around.
  • Johnny's fright and paranoia of Queen Vanessa causes his speech to devolve into Spanish whimpering.

Attack on Titan

  • The various things Matt and Uncle Greg come up with for the theme song.
  • The end of Part 3 for some reason focuses on a Titan's bare ass.
  • The guys' have various names of increasing badassery for Armin.
  • Near the end of the playthrough, the guys decide to show off one of the DLC costumes. Viewers voted for the Halloween costume, which swaps out the swords for oversized lollipops and the 3D Maneuver Gear with candy sticks.
    • The funniest thing is the little "thump" sound the lollipops make when they hit a Titan.



  • A rhyme Matt makes on a dime.
    Gruntilda: That piece was such an easy fit!
    Matt: You fucking shit!
  • In Treasure Trove Cove, Elliot kept managing to make rhymes with Snacker's name.
  • Johnny wonders if there's a game that everybody in the room can do blindfolded; Matt takes the answer literally and says "No, I need to see what I'm doing."
  • Matt whiffs the snowman enemy in Freezy Peak by a mere inch, sending him careening into the ground.
  • Matt fails the twinkie minigame for the first time; at first he says in a mocking tone to try harder, only for the game to tell him to try harder. The change in his tone from mocking to aggravated was hilarious.
  • Matt constantly dumping on Boggy the polar bear for being a complete and total failure of a father (who admittedly left his children at home to cry while he practiced racing instead of looking for his kids' presents).
  • The recurring gag of Freezy Peak of which the crew keeps wishing everybody a Merry Christmas, in a game world with no Christ.
  • Elliot imagines the round of Grunty's Furnace Fun akin to Steve Harvey's Family Feud. Johnny, not realizing what Elliot was going for, lets out a disgusted "Whoa..."

Batman Returns

  • During the 2nd level boss fight, Johnny notices that the boss is called T. Strongman. Elliot guesses that his name is "Terry" and the three refer to him as such for the rest of the boss fight.

Batman Forever

  • The three of them start off riffing on the game, but their fun soon devolves into boredom, annoyance, and anger.
  • Johnny (playing as Batman) dramatically leaping off a tower of crates yelling "JUSTICE!" to defeat a Mook named Tough Si...only to get the living shit beaten out of him by Tough Si while Matt (playing as Robin) keeps ineffectually performing kicks and jabs IN THE WRONG DIRECTION WHILE TOUGH SI IS RIGHT NEXT TO HIM.
    Matt (pretending to be Batman and barely containing laughter):Thanks boy wonder
  • Johnny, while he has only a sliver of health left, is stuck facing off against a thug. All he can do is back away while screaming "Help me!" over and over again.
  • Johnny, Elliot, and Matt's reactions to the final boss of the game ( a steroid-pumped, overly muscular Riddler called Big Riddle).
    • Also pretty funny if you pay attention: when Big Riddle first appears, Johnny (Batman) immediately rushes at him and in a blink-or-you'll-miss-it moment Big Riddle proceeds to grab him and perform Bane's signature move on him within seconds.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

  • During the first Scarecrow section in Part 5 Elliot sings a sped up version of the 1960s theme as Batman is running.
  • Matt starts reading bad fan fics during the Killer Croc section

Batman: Arkham City

  • Every time there's a timeskip they edit in the 1966 Batman Commercial Break scene.
  • When Strange says "No one is untouchable".
    Johnny (Strange): See? I can poke you right now, boop!
  • When Bruce wakes up and the first thing he sees is Strange:
    Matt: ...and already we get the Game Over screen. (everyone laughs)
    Johnny: Use the middle stick to dodge the TYGER guard!
  • Then while fighting the thugs as Bruce Wayne:
    Elliot (Bruce): I'm Bat-I-I mean, Bruce Wayne! (everyone laughs)
  • While entering the Arkham City Bruce get hit from behind by a random thug, but Matt finds his hair style familiar and asks if the player just got hit by Zangief.
  • Matt(Riddler): Riddle me this Batman; do I have a T-Mobile or Sprint?
  • The Running Gag of the three constantly bringing up other protocols every time "Protocol 10" is mentioned.
  • In part 25, Elliot gets sniped from far away by Two-Face's launcher like a deer caught in the headlights. He's literally staring the incoming shots to the face and does not move at all.
  • During the predator room in the museum, Elliot attempts to knock out Riddler's informant last in order to get information from him, and knocks out all the other gunmen except for one. He ends up accidentally KOing both the last gunman and the informant at the same time.

Brave Fencer Musashi

Bushido Blade

  • Matt and Elliot run into each other head on and fall down as a result. Same thing happens again with Johnny and Elliot.



Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

  • In part two, Johnny repeats the time honored tradition that players do in the game: strut too fast into the water.
  • Near the end of part two, Matt gets interrupted for a phone call, apparently asking for a guy named Frankie Serano; who Matt has no idea who he is or how he used Matt's cellphone without permission. Matt just rolls with it as an alternate alias.

Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse

  • The very beginning with Matt narrating the intro, first in a stereotypical Japanese voice (which Johnny urges him to change as soon as possible), then in a high-pitched Mickey Mouse-esque voice, and finally in the Bela Lugosi Dracula voice.
  • During Part 5, Johnny starts coming closer to hitting the Rage Breaking Point as the difficulty gets much harder. At one point he ends up losing the holy water weapon to a dagger weapon and starts screaming gibberish, which onscreen subtitles appear and translate as "Noooooo, I Had It With The Nandugger!"
  • After Johnny climbed the grand staircase the moon's graphics appeared to have glitched up, making it look like it's carrying an assault rifle. Johnny even clips through the stairs trying to get a closer look.
    • Even funnier if you realize that this is the same graphic as the first game, and yet no one commented on it there, at least not outside the comments section.
  • Johnny landing the finishing blow on the final boss, only to immediately fall into a bottomless pit. This happens twice.

Castlevania: Rondo of Blood

  • The Gag Dub the guys perform during the entirely-in-Japanese cutscenes is priceless, but special note goes to the one for the scene where Richter first encounters Maria.
    Matt (as Maria): Anyway, I have magical birds that fly out of my dress and can kick serious ass - in fact, I'm more better than you in every way!
    Elliot (as Richter): You know what's funny? I have no idea what you just said!
    Johnny (as Richter): Sorry, I don't speak Japanese!
    Scene immediately cuts to Maria with an angry look on her face
  • Part 3 features a level with an entirely green background similar to a Green Screen. Elliot responded to this by superimposing a picture of Sloth over the background.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Clockwork Knight

  • Johnny reading the entire game's backstory... while again pretending to be Morgan Freeman.

Conker's Bad Fur Day

  • Matt grabs his first Chocolate, then immediately loses it by falling off a cliff.
    • What is better is this is right after they caused the Gargoyle to fall off the cliff by making him laugh his ass off and go "You stupid little-" before falling off the cliff, which causes Johnny to do the same thing after Matt falls off of the cliff.
  • The crew research what "Mepsipax" isnote  and run into the Urban Dictionary's definition.
    Elliot: "Mepsipax; a device scarecrows want in exchange for manuals. Used for scaring birrrrdies and providing countless hours of free entertainment."
    Matt: That's meta as shit.
  • Part 4 starts off with A Rare Sentence:
    Matt: Let's go have a chat with the big-breasted sunflower. *Beat* I can't believe I just said that in a sentence.
  • The constant poo puns are a highlight, but there's one standout example.
    Johnny: (after Conker swims through an entire well of crap and grabs some cash): How appropriate; a shit-eating grin.
    • Additional mention goes to the turd mountain; which they use to jab at various sonic games (all of them, not just the bad ones).
  • In part 11, Matt takes a quick trip to Rock Solid, only to get himself beat down. One of the rock men not only flattens Conker into a pancake, but immediately barfs right on the corpse.
  • In part 19, Matt gets hit repeatedly by Teddifunkers. Apparently, it took so long that Johnny edited in a brief failure montage to Spanish Flea. And at the very end of the same part:
    Johnny: (sarcastically) What a time for a Coke break, Matt.
    Matt: Fuck you, there's always time for Coke. -a Cola!
    Johnny: No, what are you talking about?
    Matt: *sniffs* Let me just, uh, wipe that off first.
  • The ending of the Heist Multiplayer mode. Elliot and the computer have taken each other out, leaving Johnny and Matt. Johnny attempts to steal a bag of money while Matt tries to blow him up with a rocket launcher. Johnny attempts to run circles directly around Matt to throw him off, but runs right in front of Matt as he fires another rocket resulting in the both of them getting blown up.
  • Also in the heist, Elliot lets out some long pent-up rage against Matt and he clobbers him, uttering Fuck YOU!!! with rising tempos each time he lands a hit.

Crash Bandicoot (1996)

  • The odd conversation about Coat Farts in part 5. The three come up with funny names for products that smell like you just farted in your own coat.
  • In part 6, Johnny makes it to the red gem area in Native Fortress, and walks off onto the flaming platform. Later, he completes the level and misses the last box at the very end of the level. Twenty Minutes Later, Johnny reaches and completes the level with Elliot's threats of murder in the background while Johnny passively-aggressively laments on what type of person misses the box.

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

  • Matt's outright hate for Cold Hard Crash is played up to hilarious levels.
  • How Matt and John quote Crash's personality. John's Crash voice is somewhat spot-on too with his yell of "Pancakes!"
  • During Night Fight, Matt takes his chances and spins onto a crate that has a bouncing nitro on it. He manages to hit the normal crate, and still explodes. The crew are in disbelief.
  • At the end of World 2, Cortex is running out of power during the communication. Matt thinks he needs a battery.
    Matt: Do you need a battery too?
    Johnny: [in a Cortex impression]: Crash, my battery's fried, could you—?
    Matt: Do a solid?
    Johnny: Crash, give Cortex a solid!
  • While going through the bonus stage of Hangin' Out in Part 8, Johnny and Elliot help Matt by counting the number of bounces until the crates break... which leads to Elliot counting in other languages. Then Matt jumps directly into a Nitro crate after leaving the bonus stage.

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

  • Though Elliot says that this is his favorite Crash game, he certainly doesn't show it, because the amount of deaths he suffers is astronomical.
  • In Part 9, Elliot repeatably fails to get across a chasm. Johnny then takes control away from Elliot and succeeds on the first try.
  • This quote from Johnny:
  • After Elliot suffers yet another death, this one via a shark that was right in front of him in one of the jet ski levels, Johnny has this to say:
    Johnny: If there was a brick wall in the middle of a 100-yard football field, and that wall was only an inch high, an inch wide, and an inch thick, you'd still run into it!
  • Elliot gets a Game Over. Johnny tells him not to skip it so he can "feel the fail."
  • Elliot's butchering of the English language by saying this playthrough is going to make him YouTubely scarred.
  • Part 18 is where Johnny's rage begins to cap, and it shows.
  • One of the last jet ski levels has Elliot stuck trying to get one single box. Johnny starts to lose it after about a minute and a half.
    Johnny: ELLIOT, SERIOUSLY! You've been on one box for the last minute and a half! Just go! Do it! Focus!
  • The level "Future Frenzy" has platforms that flash from green to red when they rotate. Elliot tries to jump across some of these platforms while they're flashing, only to fall to his death. Johnny likens it to running across a highway during a yellow light.
  • To be honest, we could be here forever; there are just so many funny moments from this particular LP, mostly stemming from Elliot's failures. Over on the main page, this LP is even called "Epic Fail: The Elliot Cancel Story".

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

    Which is starting to become a running gag whenever the physics make Matt goof up.
  • The darkly hilarious recurring phrase of "You can die now!" said with elation, in response to Crash 1's rebalancing to use Crash 2's box collection mechanics, meaning you don't need to do each level without dying to get the gems.
  • Vicarious Visions: The fuck is a hitbox? It's on their business card.
  • While in playing the first game's "Fumbling in the Dark":
    Mark: Obviously you're not Bane. You weren't born in the dark.
    Johnny: (imitating Bane's voice) You merely fumbled in the dark! I was born in it!
    All: Molded by it!
    Johnny: I didn't see the light of day until I hit an Aku Aku box.
  • In general, Johnny makes a lot of funny noises whenever he dies as he gets more and more exasperated at some of the game's more... unforgiving parts. His rage really caps at the infamous bridge levels.
    Johnny: (in an enraged, nasal voice) It counted me touching the bridge and I still fucking fell!
    Matt: Ladies and gentlemen, Some Call Me Johnny has been replaced by Woody Allen.
  • From the first part of the Crash 2 portion, Matt makes Crash belly flop right onto a panel that normally falls and sends Crash to a bonus round. This doesn't happen, leading to Johnny editing in a loud splat and a blood splatter when Crash slams right into solid ground.
  • Elliot's multiple run-ins with a monkey on the gem path of "Sphynxinator", culminating in one its projectiles curving upward to hit Crash at the top of the screen. The guys' incredulous reactions sell it.

Crash Team Racing

  • Several instances of the players managing to overtake each other just before the finish line. In round two, Johnny manages to overtake Matt with an N. Tropy stopwatch in Dragon Mines, beating him by mere inches to the finish line.
    Johnny: Mine... mine! Mine! MINE! YEEEESSSSSSSS!!!
  • In Round 4 at Hot Air Skyway, Matt suffers an Epic Fail that has to be seen to be believed. He, while near-stationary, plants a TNT box, which he then immediately runs into, manages to bounce off him, only for it to fall back down on him and blow his kart up. This actually costs him the race, since it happens just before the finish line.
  • Elliot's outrage when he sees that, despite him and Matt ending up tied, a quirk of the game declares Matt the winner anyhow.


Deep Sleep Trilogy

  • In part 1, Matt pretends to be bored of the game already due to the title name, even though Elliot just loaded the game. When Elliot enters the lucid dream state, Matt suddenly gains interest.
  • Part 2, Elliot loads the game, only to accidentally right click in the browser and cause it to be misaligned within the video recorder's capture frame.

Devil May Cry

Donkey Kong Country

  • According to Johnny and Matt, this is their fifth attempt at recording the game.
  • The game was recorded on Elliot's birthday, but the younger brother was too busy playing Dead Island.
    Matt: Happy birthday, buddy, and what better way to celebrate than by leaving you out of the Let's Play.
  • Matt calls the Green Zingers Zombees.

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

  • Part 4 had Elliot giggling over the level name "Squawks's Shaft," to which Matt claims has ruined his childhood.
  • Part 14 has Johnny using the voice of Morgan Freeman for Enguarde the Swordfish, then later using the voice to reply to Matt and Elliot.

DOOM (2016)

  • Sam = Ultron, Vega = Jarvis.
  • In one part, Elliot jumps down a far height, thinking he'd die. He survives, only to get fried by electricity on the platform he fell down on.
  • Elliot gets so spooked by a Lost Soul he falls down a bottomless pit.
  • In part 15, Elliot tries to jump towards a door that closes on him just as he makes the jump; sending the other two in hysterics.
  • Also in part 15, the guys imagining somebody sticking his penis in a dangerous contraption. Johnny remarks that the guy who did that is now the one in the robot walking around.
  • Matt upon seeing the BFG in action:
    It's America: The Machine Gun!
    • He then wishes it played the 1812 Overture when fired, and sings said song at one point when Elliot puts the BFG to use.
  • When first fighting the Pinky demons, one charges at Elliot while he's only got a sliver of health left. Elliot, naturally, lets out his high-pitched scream. Johnny decides that that scream was actually Doomguy.
  • During the second trip to hell, Johnny decides to play Doomguy up as the hammiest character around and voiced by Schwarzenegger. Highlights include:
    I'm here to inspect the lead levels of your house. They're too low.
    What killed the dinosaurs? Me!
    Zero plus two is two.
    Put up your dukes. Not your Daisies.
  • Shooting a demon in the knees prompts Elliot to cry out "My leg benders!"



  • In the group's mini-game round up, they have Sephiroth and Cloud face off each other in a foot race and then a race to a flag (complete with them falling into the sand and crawling to said flag). Johnny envisions this as the two's epic battle for the planet.


  • Part 2 when Johnny named his character of the game, "Dikhed". Characters calling him "Dickhead" when his name is actually pronounced as "Dikeheed" made this a Running Gag throughout the entire part.
  • Johnny's reaction to the load times.
    Elliot: Now you got loading screens!
    Johnny: NO!
    Elliot: [Laughs]
    Johnny: NO! No, this game was good!
  • Johnny's reaction to Zephyros's Desperation Attack in his boss fight.


Fable I

Far Cry 5

  • Part 8:
    • Johnny spots two cows having sex in-game. Uncle Greg proceeds to hum a tune in moos which he calls "cow porn music." The gang then come up with possible porn titles such as "Hot Beef Injection."
    • This quote:
    Greg: People seem to love the PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds experience, or as I call it, the PUBE.
  • Part 9:
    • The close-up pointing out a randomly-disappearing carrot.
    • This quote:
    Greg: If you could swing a shark at your enemies, I'd buy this game tomorrow.
    • Greg on movies that Elliot hasn't seen:
    Greg: You thought Rocky was a geological survey.
    Greg: He thought Citizen Kane was a voter special.
    Elliot: No, I thought it was how Kane got his citizenship in America.
    • Elliot's comeback is a pretty good zinger, too.
    Elliot: You thought Austin Powers was how Mike Myers became a senator in Texas.
  • Part 10:
  • Part 11:
    • Editing in the Monty Python intermission in-between a cut.
    • The Grave Digger gets melded into a flammable tanker. The crew are perplexed as to how to separate the two cars.
  • Part 12:
    • Matt's addiction to roasting peggies with flamethrowers. And then he finds one immune to the flamethrower.
    • A random wolverine starts runs up and biting a lady in-game. And then things get crazier. The gang sans Matt think it looks like a beaver.
  • Part 13:
    • The thumbnail- a "guess I'll die" meme with a dinosaur head slapped onto it.
    • Less than three minutes in the video, a barn blows up from bullets hitting TNT... which the game registered despite the bullets going directly over the TNT.
    • Matt talking about the flying controls in the Far Cry series only to be interrupted mid-sentence by randomly crashing into a tree.
  • Part 14:
    • Matt just throws a rock through the windshield. He's mentioned before that even though he's cleared the game, he still gets his controls mixed up.
    • This bit:
    Johnny: I fought the tree and the tree won.
    Matt: Fucking Exdeath.
    • Matt's Widowmaker randomly blowing up after hitting a car.
  • Part 15:
    • The fact that Matt used a flamethrower in a stealth mission and called it subtlety.
  • Part 16:
    • This line after Matt said he was gung-ho:
    Johnny: Hey, don't call that gun a ho. I'm sure she has a family to feed.
    • Matt asking a black NPC if she "likes a little soul food with your wonder bread" and the subsequent calling-out by Johnny and Elliot.
    • Johnny questioning how spending money mid-mission instantly refills all ammo:
    Johnny: What is it, you swipe a credit card down a slot inside the plane? Is that how it works?
  • Part 17:
    • The random firebomb that hits Matt out of nowhere.
    • Matt's obsession with destroying the Yes sign. Takes on a degree of sadistic glee. Even more so with the song Elliot edits in over it.
    • Matt gets his plane stuck in a tree, leaving him only able to start up the plane and die.
    • The extension of the name to where it's now "Rook Ironlungs Kamikaze Saitama Furburger V."
    • Johnny's crying of "CLUTCH NIXON" anytime the ragdoll physics knock Rook's corpse out of the plane.
  • Part 18:
    • Matt decides to drive drunk in-game. Including Johnny and Elliot impersonating a drunken Rook.
    • Matt getting hit by a flaming bull charging into him. Followed afterwards by what appears to be a spontaneously-combusting tractor.
    • This bit:
    Elliot: What do you call it when someone busts a nut on your toast? Pearl Jam.
  • Part 23 has Matt driving the truck and gets the idea to hit the cultist and save the civilian. He then hits the civilian and misses the cultist.
  • Part 25:
    • Matt loses his patience with Larry too many times to knock him out twice while he's talking.
    • Elliot imagines Larry smelling like "Orange Soda and Butthole."
  • Part 36:
    • The cavalcade of events Furburger goes through in the span of a minute: having the car blown up by a helicopter, sent flying across the road ending in the spread eagle position, getting run over while waiting for a revival (with a tire rolling in the background), getting revived by Peaches which resembles getting bit in the dick, blowing up an oncoming truck which results in sending his human partner flying and getting Peaches stuck under it, with Peaches catching on FIRE right after standing up from it.
  • Finale:
    • During the final battle, Furburger gets incapacitated. While he's in the middle of the revival animation, he gets incapacitated again. This happens about five times in a row.
    • Furburger's full name as of the end of the LP: Dead Rook Ironlung Kamikaze Saitama Sweet Cheeks Pooper Scooper Quitter Derpasaurus Petty Mostly Blind Fireproof Dumbass Rank-Ass Buzz-Kill Pterodactyl Butterfingers Problem Solver Knucklehead Deputy Driver Furburger Healing Hands V of the 3rd Kind of the Jungle.

Final Fantasy IV

  • Kain stealing Rosa to introduce her to the Dragoon Spear. The duo's sex jokes are actually well timed.
  • Anna's spirit in part 3 telling Edward he must fight, only for Edward to use the Hide command.
    Johnny (as Edward): Am I doing it right?
    Johnny (as Anna): What did I ever see in this man?
  • Any time Matt lampoons Cecil as The Jinx.
    • Taken to extremes in part 5.
      Johnny: What the hell!?! Sea God? Really!?! I..I see what you're doing up there! You don't like me very much do you?
    • Taken Up to Eleven in part 11:
      Matt (after Cecil drops the Magma Stone causing an eruption): CECIL WHAT DID YOU DO!?
      Johnny (as Cecil): Son of a bitch! I just dropped a key in the well!
      Matt: You fucking jinx!!!
  • Part 5 has Cecil buying Demon Armor, to which Johnny sees the scene as Cecil wanting to be a good guy but then buying an item that is the complete opposite of his alignment simply because the armor was on sale.
  • The duo's arrival in Mysidia:
    Johnny: Anyway let's see where we ended up! [walks into Mysidia] ...Oh shit.
    Matt: [bursts out into laughter]
  • Cecil's unexpected transformation into a Pig, which the two deemed that he is now the "Bacon of Baron".
  • When they meet Palom and Porom.
    Matt (as Cecil): Hi Palom! Hi Porom! I think I killed your mother!
    Johnny (as Cecil): Oh, did I kill your mother yet? Oh ho, give me some time!
  • In Part 10, Johnny's proposed solution to reaching the Underworld.
    Johnny: Guys, whip out the shovels. We're gonna be here all night.
  • Matt's explanation about everyone's favorite Shin Megami Tensei character: Mara.
    Matt: Mara!? No! That's dick-demon!
  • In Part 14, Matt's reaction to Kain dying while in Toad form.
  • At the beginning of Part 18, Johnny and Matt go back to the Earth just as the Giant of Babil is summoned...and then Matt makes a Yugioh joke and Johnny reacts by editing in the ATK/DEF display from the anime. The joke comes around full force as a Brick Joke as after the escape of the Giant of Babil, they display 8000 life points dropping right to 0 as it crumbles to nothing.
  • When John and Matt encounter the Death Machine in the Cave of Trials.
    Matt: It looks like a failed physics project.
    John: What has science done?!
    Matt (As the Death Machine): KILL ME. PLEASE. KILL ME.
  • This comes back in the last part of the Lunar Subterrane where they encounter the Deathmask.
    Matt (As the Deathmask): KILL MEEEEEE!
  • The sheer number of times Edge dies in this LP.
  • Johnny comparing Cid's trial of ferrying people to their destinations to Crazy Taxi.
  • Almost everything Matt says about Yang's manliness, especially if it's about Yang's moustache.

Final Fantasy VI

  • Part 3 has Johnny talking about how one can get the Genji Glove by turning down Banon's offer to aid the Returners 3 times. Due to a slip of the tongue, Johnny accidentally calls Banon ''Ganon, causing Matt to burst out laughing and mention that Banon does look as hairy as Ganon.
  • The bad lying in Zozo by Matt continues through the entire part. Even when Johnny wants to stop.
    Johnny: OK, Matt, we need to stop or else the viewers are going to think we're insane.
  • All of Part 10 qualifies, but easily the defining moment is Matt, in-character as Celes, singing an opera falsetto rendition of "Dragula" all while Johnny pretends to be a stagehand who continues to get irritated that Celes is refusing to follow the script. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • Part 16 has the party encountering a burning house in Thamasa. After the mayor says the fire is strong from all the Fire Rods stored inside, Matt is in complete disbelief at the sheer stupidity of it.
  • Part 19 has an ice cream truck stopping in front of Johnny's house, causing him and Matt to commentate on it and say Sabin would ditch the battle to go suplex the truck so he can get "all the fuddy duddies he wants". Later on, Johnny jump cuts to Sabin dead and turned into an imp and tries to impersonate him with a really silly sounding voice (of what an imp would sound like anyway). Matt mistakes Johnny's impersonation for an imped Celes, making Johnny impersonate her as her imped self grieving over Cid's death very hard.
  • Part 24 opens with... Matt and Johnny singing along to "Superstar" by The Carpenters, for about 4 seconds before getting interrupted by a random battle.
  • Part 25 has Johnny fighting Wrexsoul the normal way, which means in order to lure the boss out of hiding, he has to kill off his party members until the boss reappears. Johnny's attempt to kill his party takes longer than usual because his set up is too good; either the party absorbs/nullifies elemental damage or their evasion is too high and makes them hard to hit. Johnny becomes increasingly frustrated at his party's inability to die while Matt jokes that Relm can't kill herself because she cannot self terminate.

Five Nights at Freddy's

  • Not 10 seconds after starting the game, they get the "IT'S ME!" flashes. Johnny and Elliot, knowing that those very rarely happen on Night 1, freak out. Matt is oddly nonchalant, causing the other two to think he missed it.
    Matt: I saw it, but what just happened?
    Johnny: Uh... something that usually doesn't happen Day 1.
  • Part 2, Night 2. After narrowly avoiding Bonnie by closing the door on their face, the hallucinations occur almost immediately after again. Johnny's rapidfire response in an unusually high pitch?
    Johnny: Don't do that, don't do that! Check Pirate's Cove- check Pirate's Cove!

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

  • At one point, the three of them make the decision that in the band of criminals that is the Fazbear gang, Chica is only the van driver. Which she was demoted to from the position of "nothing". All because of her hot pants.
    Johnny: Who wears short shorts? You, and that's the problem.

Friday the 13th: The Game

  • One of Elliot's game sessions has him in a group whose Jason is a pretty bad player. At one point, Elliot hides in the bathroom and you can see Jason and a counselor running back and forth as Elliot watches from the window. Johnny calls it the Jason version of Scooby Doo. Elliot then decides to leave the house and runs from Jason, only to get run over by a car that comes out of nowhere and die. Johnny and Matt are in complete hysterical fits and Johnny calls it revenge for all the people Elliot hurt in L.A. Noire.


Genma Onimusha

  • Their apt description of the game's premise: Capcom taking some EXTREME civil liberties with Japanese history.
  • They get tongue tied pronouncing Oda Nobunaga.
  • The guys roleplay two soldiers desperately trying to hit each other, mindlessly shouting "Fuck you!" repeatedly.
  • The Running Gag of Johnny inserting an invincibility theme from a different game every time he collects five Green Orbs.
  • Part 5 has Johnny struggling with the infamous Water Puzzle; and so Matt roleplays as Samanosuke wondering naively that Kaede is working very hard to save his life right now. As the level rises, he changes it to reflect him drowning in the water.
  • Earlier in said part, Johnny doesn't realize that he put himself into a unavoidable losing situation.
  • Nemesis Barbie, a term coined by the duo for the doll monster that seemed to persist Samanosuke through multiple rooms just to kick Johnny's ass.
  • Fighting Osric in Part 3; Johnny repeatedly says "Fuck You!" every time he cuts him, only for Matt to call him out on his potty mouth, prompting Johnny to hear that and curse Matt out.
  • Up in the Oni tower, Matt commits a slip of the tongue and calls Samanosuke "Onimusha", prompting Johnny to crack up.

Ghosts 'n Goblins

  • The fact that they're playing a game that Johnny has mentioned his utter hatred for during his review of the game
  • Calling the ghosts burritos.
  • The trio agreeing that Arthur is on a quest to cure his blue-balling at the hands of Satan, leading to this bit at the start of the second run:
    Matt: So the first one was Arthur's wet dream, this is his real run.
    Johnny: WET DREAM?!
    Matt: Yeah.
    Matt: Yep.
    Johnny (as Arthur): I tell ya, all those deaths make me FORCEFULLY ejaculate!
  • In part 3, Johnny, who at this point is angered for using the fireball for nearly all of the first run, says that he's not moving past the opening of stage 1 until he gets a knife. Much to the dismay of Elliot and Matt.
    Elliot: You're still on a time limit you know.
    Johnny: Yea well I have infinite lifes!
    Elliot: We have shit to do! God fucking damn it!
    Johnny: Get fucked Elliot! You're not playing this game, I am!
  • Johnny's reading of the true ending text, followed by this bit:
    Matt: And then Arthur divorced her.
    Johnny: But they weren't even married!
    Matt: They got married and immediately divorced.
    *Game Over screen*
    Johnny: Hey look, the game does end on divorce!
    Elliot: *laughs*
    Johnny: Or no, marriage. Because Arthur's supposed to be a swinging bachelor! Once you get married it's game over, baby!

God of War

  • Cole Phelps: Censorship.
  • "Kratos?" [sigh] "What, Zeus?"
    • This gag continues until the start of the Sonic Adventure 2: Battle playthrough.
    • Hell, the gag continues to this day, with either Johnny or Matt letting out an exasperated sigh every time a phone goes off before asking "What, Zeus?"

God of War II

  • In part 8, John, Matt, and Elliot do a bit of internal dialog for Kratos trying to jump across some gears.
    Matt (As Kratos): Ares! Why do you torment me so?!
    Johnny (Also as Kratos): Give me the power to push the wheel!
    Elliot: It's not Ares you dumbass!
    Johnny: (Beat) ...ME! Give me the power to push this wheel!

God of War III

  • After killing Hades, the cutscene that plays between Kratos and Hephaestus... doesn't play. The guys blame the HD Remaster for this. In fact, the HD Remaster seems to have a lot of bugs and glitches, like Kratos suddenly pirouetting in mid-air while trying to grab a harpy, or one of the pillars in Hera's Garden developing a mind of its own and pushing Kratos out of the way.
  • When fighting Cronos, it's MATT of all people who points out the "thong shot" while Kratos is falling.
  • Elliot wanted to burn some bramble in Hera's Garden, but ends up pulling out Helios's head instead.
    Johnny: Helios, what do you think?
  • Speaking of Hera's Garden, their thoughts on what someone from the outside sees while Kratos is solving the optical illusion puzzle.
  • Kratos's angry face in Part 18 is made into the thumbnail.

God Of War 2018

  • Part 1:
    • Johnny mistaking the pre-title screen music for Binary Sunset.
    • This quote:
    Johnny: If he [Kratos] wasn't so chalky-white, I could rub my eyes and swear he was Triple H.
    • That the crew picture Kratos telling dad jokes.
  • Part 2
    • The crew playing off Atreus as embarrassed by his corny dad, Kratos.
    • This bit after stabbing the deer:
    Johnny (as Kratos): You didn't even have to do a QTE.
  • Part 3
    • Johnny pointing out that the stranger has a target tattooed on the right side of his chest.
    • This bit after Kratos rolls the stranger's corpse off a cliff:
    Matt: Ex boyfriends, what are you gonna do? Am I right?
    Johnny (as Kratos): Mondays.
  • Part 4
    • The gang portraying Kratos as an annoyed dad after Atreus asking "Are we there yet?"
    • Matt pointing out that the shape of a particular rune-stone looked like a middle finger from afar.
  • Part 5
    • The gang's Kratos impersonations totally ruining the serious moment after Atreus just committed his first murder.
    • Matt portraying Kratos and Atreus as being clueless about the phrase "What's up, dog?"
    • The gang's description of Brok, which range from Kratos as a Smurf, Kratos being shrunken and choked to death, and Kratos getting blue-balled on murder for 100 years.
  • Part 6
    • Matt thinking a menu prompt at Brok's shop read "Sell Atreus."
  • Part 7:
    • The intro where Kratos's face is submitted through photo mode. Including the image used as the thumbnail.
    • All of the gang's continued play of how they portray Kratos as an out-of-touch dad.
    • Once the gang discovers that photo mode can be used in cutscenes, they proceed to play with the faces. Hilariously ruining the mood of whatever cutscene they play.
  • Part 8:
    • Johnny claiming the World Serpent looks like Chaos.
    • Matt referring to Atreus as "God of Instagram Filters" in photo mode.
    • This bit:
    Matt: Kratos got his axe back. Six more weeks of God of War.
  • In part 35, Elliot almost finished up the Winds of Hel puzzle only for a stray nightmare to get in the way of the switch.

Godzilla Save The Earth

  • Matt thinks Jet Jaguar is a giant man in a costume. He then proceeds to give us hilarity as he plays the idea straight.


Hatoful Boyfriend

  • Much like Huniepop, the mere fact that they're even touching this game. Elliot and Sabrina are reveling in the confusion of not just Johnny, but also the viewers.
    • Seriously, read the comments and count how many people are saying "What".
  • The description of the first part reads thusly:
    Another morning playthrough for you guys, and it's... uhh... we honestly don't know what to think of this. Just... enjoy... I guess.
  • Johnny decides to name his character Hatsun Pigeon.
  • Johnny's reaction to the constant use of "Everybirdie".
  • The fact that they eventually decide to give Sakuya Yoda's voice should speak volumes of how seriously they're taking this game.
  • Part 4. All of it.
  • The gang's reaction to their character getting assassinated by a Hawk Ninja just because they didn't fuck a bird. Johnny's reaction really sells it.
    • Johnny then proceeds to call his girlfriend Nora to demand an explanation. This is how their conversation starts:
    Nora: Hello.
    • What makes Johnny's conversation to Nora even better is she immediately knew what Johnny was talking about due to her having played the game before and laughing at Johnny's bewilderment.
  • After starting the game over again, Johnny acts paranoid for every single part and wonders where the ninja hawks are and worries if he will fuck a bird in time.
  • "Let's get fucking!"

Heavy Rain

  • Part 21 has the greatest case of glitches and comedy, completely ruining the somber moment of the John Sheppard flashback sequence.
  • Johnny singing the Kirk vs. Spock fight music from Star Trek every time there's a fight resembling it.
    • He edits the actual song in when Norman and Scott are fighting.
  • Their reaction to Ethan cutting his finger off.
    Ethan: [Screams]
    Johnny: This is gonna be my reaction if Sonic Generations is a bad game. (Both die laughing)
  • When Norman tries to calm Nathaniel down, Elliot keeps the scene going until he "panics" and winds up having Norman shoot Nathaniel dead. Not only does this make Normal look like he can't make up his mind, Johnny refused to let Elliot live it down.
  • Near the end of the game, Elliot gets Lauren killed off by accidentally leaving her behind in the car that sunk at the bottom of a lake. Elliot was left astonished and swears he had pressed the right button while Johnny is in shock.
    Johnny: You ditched Lauren!
  • In The Taxidermist DLC, Elliot successfully evades Leland White and escapes before he can catch up to Madison. Johnny wasn't sastified with the ending, so he decides to take control and replay the mission. He confronts the killer in the garage and Johnny goes after him with a chainsaw to the crotch.
  • During his escape from Leland White, Elliot manages to successfully get out of his house, but the camera angle immediately changes and causes him to screw up, making him turn around and nearly re-enter the house.
    Johnny: DON'T GO BACK IN!!!


  • The mere fact that they're playing this game, much to Elliot's delight and John's increasing bewilderment.
  • The Blatant Lies the two tell explaining this game.
    Johnny: I play this game for the articles.
    Elliot: I watch The Jerry Springer Show for the issues.
  • This one needs no explanation.
    Elliot: "For the voice acting, here's the thing. We could get either actual voice acting or boops.
    Johnny: "Boops?" Like Animal Crossing?
    Elliot: Actually, yeah.
    Johnny:, what would the sex sound like if it was boops?
    *both of them make absurd bubbly noises*
  • When Elliot talks to the girl in the gym, one of the dialogue choices (Forgive me for saying this...but your body is straight bangin') leaves Johnny bewildered on who the heck would write such a thing:
    Johnny: "But your body is straight banging." What urban tryhard wrote this fucking shit?
    Elliot: A bunch of white people. *Both of them end up laughing*
  • Johnny's being near speechless when he learns that the protagonist also dates one of the girl's mothers.
  • When Elliot matches broken hearts in Kyanna's date in Part 4:
    Elliot: Shit!
    Johnny: Yeah, you poisoned her, you dick!
    (Elliot breaks into laughter)
    Johnny: Jesus. Hey, this food expired three months ago! What game are you trying to pull here?!
    Elliot: Wait, this is a McDonald's!
    Johnny: (laughs) "I'M VEGAN, YOU DICK!"
    Elliot: No, Beli's the vegan.
    Johnny: Oh. ..."SHE'S VEGAN, YOU DICK!"
    (Cue Elliot laughing)
  • Elliot's inconsideration towards making the woman pay on the first date as imagined by Johnny.
  • The finale's beginning with Johnny's Tranquil Fury stating the brothers' initial favorite catch phrase.
    Johnny: Elliot...How's that phone, by the way?
  • When they unlock Momo.
    Elliot: Now we can go on dates with her.
    Johnny: *in a distressed tone* ...wait, what?
  • The first minute of the the finale is basically Johnny lamenting on how Elliot forgot to upgrade the phone to assist in the dates, which ends with:
  • During the montage in the finale:
    Johnny: Jesus Christ, Elliot. You haven't struck out once since upgrading the phone. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME!?


Injustice: Gods Among Us

  • Part 3 has Joker fighting alternate universe Hawkgirl. For a few seconds, Johnny (as the Joker) and the AI trade blows by slamming a huge pig back and forth into each other.
  • In Superman's minigame before his fight with Black Adam, Elliot realizes that Superman is blowing up cars that are driving across the street, grabbed by Black Adam, and thrown directly at him, noting the Fridge Horror that Superman is casually killing people. Johnny tries to rationalize it by saying everyone being blown up had it coming.
    Johnny: (As Superman blows up another car) He won't be missed. He was a criminal. (Another car explodes) Murderer.
    Matt: (Another car explodes) Rapist.
    Elliot: (Another car explodes) Bank robber.
    Johnny: (Another car explodes) Thug.
    Matt: (Another car explodes) Debt collector. (Another car explodes) Pyromaniac.
    Johnny: (Another car explodes) Doomsday.
    Elliot: (Another car explodes) Porn star.
    Matt: (Another car explodes) Pizza thief.
    Elliot: (Another car explodes) My neighbor in Room 210.
    Matt: Damn!
    Johnny: Christ, Elliot! Vendetta much? "He borrowed sugar, and never gave it back!"


Jersey Devil (1997)

  • In Part 1, Matt describes the game as either a homage, parody, plagiarism or ripoff of Crash Bandicoot depending on how one feels about the game.
  • During the animated short, Elliot pointed out that the game has a Halloween aesthetic...forgetting for a moment that it was a Halloween fest game.
  • Near the beginning of Part 2, Elliot finally finds his own voice impression: Bubsy the Bobcat.
    Matt: Elliot, you do Bubsy way too fucking accurately.
    Elliot: That scared me. (Johnny and Matt crack up) Holy shit.
    Johnny: We did it, boys. We found his voice.
  • The Truffle Shuffle golf commentary on part 2.
  • The discussion in Part 13 which starts with Elliot going "We're gonna cum money!"


Kingdom Hearts

  • Throughout the game, Matt (mostly) tries to avoid spoiling future worlds, characters and summons by replacing their names with the word "blank".
    Matt: I would really not use a summon on boss battles, unless it's Blank Blank against Blank Blank.
    Johnny: Well, we'll get to Blank Blank and Blank Blank later, Matt. Right now, blank off.
  • With the few rations Kairi asks Sora to get, Elliot thinks that their trip on the raft would only last about three hours, prompting Johnny and Matt to start singing the Gilligan's Island song.
  • Another moment for Matt:
    Matt: You shoulda seen the spoilers I was giving that one kid. "Yes, we're gonna show off all the bosses. That includes Blank Blank, Blank, Blank Blank, Blank Blank Blank, and Blankiroth."
  • Johnny loses the Hopeless Boss Fight against Leon in Traverse Town by taking a Fire spell to the face. The group play Sora up to have post-traumatic stress disorder from this for the rest of the game.
  • In the Traverse Town hotel room after the fight with Leon, if you speak to Yuffie, who is sitting on the bed and slightly leaning back, one of the things she can say is "Think of this as an adventure!" The Accidental Innuendo was not lost on the three guys.
    Matt: Sora's first time. Always an adventure!
  • The first match against Cloud. Donald and Goofy go down fairly quickly and Sora takes on the fight (mostly) by himself. Then, halfway through the match, the dynamic duo wake up for another go. Immediately (before they finish waking up) Cloud turns his attention to them and makes short work of them again, and only then does he resume fighting Sora.
    Elliot: I don't want animals in my match!
  • A moment so funny it had Elliot and Johnny in hysterics, and set the Running Gag for Deep Jungle:
    Elliot (Tarzan): Tarzan teach you to jump. You simply hop... a little... but, higher.
    Matt (Tarzan): Afterwards, Tarzan teach you advanced calculus.
  • Tarzan's pole dance.
  • The group wonders why Tarzan is in the Jungle Slider minigame. Matt suggests he's the tour guide.
    Elliot (Tarzan): Now over here, you see water and rock... and that a waterfall!
    Matt: Apparently Tarzan is also a geologist.
    Johnny: And Russian!
  • During the Deep Jungle clean-up video, Johnny encounters White Mushrooms three times. In every instance, he cuts to the area using the 1960s Batman transition screen with the White Mushroom's head replacing the Batman logo. While dealing with the White Mushrooms, Johnny recounts the story of during a test run of the game, a mushroom disappeared the moment before he hit it with the final spell, which is funny by itself but becomes even more so when the exact same thing happens during the video.
  • FUN WITH READING!, a.k.a. Matt's dramatic readings of the Ansem Reports.
  • In Part 31, Johnny tries to open a red shell with Fira, but somehow manages to completely miss the target from point blank range.
    Matt: [That's] really sad, considering how accurate Fire usually is.
  • In Atlantica, the trio learns of Pat Carroll and that she's still voicing Ursula to this day. Matt wanted to dedicate the part to the voice actress, only to immediately have forgotten her name.
  • In Part 33, the commentary is interrupted by a coffee pot. Cue the Batman transition screen with a coffee pot.
  • Using the Crabclaw Keyblade in Halloween Town, and noting that it's the brightest thing in the entire world.
  • Matt kills Elliot and Johnny with the impression of a magician ripping off blind people like a con-artist.
  • Elliot's impression of someone taking a blind person to see a magician.
    Elliot: The elephant disappeared. It just fucking disappeared.
  • At the climax of Halloween Town, as the final battle begins and Johnny attempts to hype it up, suddenly:
  • The short Neverland saga offered some good moments. In particular, after Hook was defeated and scampers across the water to escape the crocodile, Matt imagined that exact animation was how Riku got Kairi to Hollow Bastion.
  • While fighting the Hercules Cup, Johnny questions why throwing a barrel at Hercules is able to bring him down to normal. Matt decides to do some research... and to everyone's surprise, there is actually a legitimate Grecian myth explaining exactly why Hercules would be weak to barrels.
  • Johnny's reaction to finding out Peter Cullen voiced Eeyore.
  • The guys' Alternate Character Interpretation of Winnie the Pooh being the tyrant ruler of the Hundred-Acre Wood and the reason Rabbit and Eeyore are so miserable due to his oppressive rule.
  • When Owl shows up to explain the mini games in the 100 Acre Wood, Johnny edits in the theme of Kaepora Gaebora.
  • During the Seinfeldian Climb, Johnny edits in a round of applause when he states that the SGB are completely "trinitied out".
  • Matt asks Johnny to stop. Johnny's response: casting Stop.
  • After Sora becomes a Shadow Heartless, Matt makes up an overly complicated but hilarious lie regarding this point of the game until Kairi returns Sora to normal.
  • The part near the end of the game that Johnny likes to call "Kingdom Hearts: The Abridged Series" where you go through a room in each of the previous worlds and fight the enemies from that world. The gang takes this to its logical extreme by repeating all of the subject matter they discussed during that world. In the same part, after the boss fight with Chernabog, they reach the last room before the Final Rest and the door that leads to Ansem. A Behemoth then lunges in from off-screen and attacks the party. Johnny edits in a "Surprise, motherfucker" sound clip at Elliot's request when the Behemoth comes in from off-screen.
  • Mad Mushroom, the sixth seed of the Hades Cup.
  • Johnny tries to take a shot at his viewers who, for fifty-eight episodes, repeatedly asked if they were going to cover the four super bosses. Unfortunately, as Matt noticed, it backfired miserably.
    Johnny: That's it, ladies and gentlemen, that's all the super bosses done and over with, and if you still ask us if we're doing them, you're fucking a retard!
    Matt: You're fucking a retard?
    (All laugh)
    Johnny: God damn it, while I was trying to insult my subscribers, I ended up insulting myself.
  • Learning you can access the pause menu in between fights with the final boss. Matt suggests using a Cottage.
    Elliot: Don't worry, we'll be out in about eight hours.
    Matt (as Ansem): Take your time.
    Johnny: Thanks!
  • In the finale, the scene after the final boss is defeated.

Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories

Main Story

  • The fact that Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix was confirmed for a North American release shortly after the guys finished their Kingdom Hearts I LP.
    Matt: Right around the last part, "Kingdom Hearts 1.5 will be coming to North America." FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU-
    Johnny: And it's Final Mix! For fuck's sake, you couldn't have asked for worse timing!
  • When bringing up how Re: Chain of Memories was recorded after Kingdom Hearts II and thus after Haley Joel Osment hit puberty, making it seem like Sora's balls dropped between the first game and this one, despite the fact that it takes place right after the first game.
    Elliot: They can't go back in time to get young Haley Joel Osment to do the voice of Sora for Re: Chain of Memories.
    Johnny: Nomura will find a way.
    Matt: No, just kick him in the balls.
  • With the revelation that Sora, Donald, and Goofy forgot every ability they learned upon stepping foot in Castle Oblivion, Matt takes it a step further by claiming that they also forgot bodily functions.
    Matt: And Goofy also lost the ability to challenge piss.
  • When the mysterious cloaked man attacks Sora:
    Sora: What'd you do!?
    Johnny (as the cloaked man): I teleported, you dipshit.
  • "TRADING CARDS! Collect the whole set!" Related:
    (The cloaked man gives Sora a card)
    Johnny: No.
  • In part 2, Matt tells a sad tale.
    Matt: Once, when I was a kid, I couldn't beat this game for a week because nobody would drop a fucking Green card! Now I know what immigrants felt like!"
    Elliot: Matt, that's terrible!
  • While going on a tangent about Leon's very small jacket:
    Johnny: I'm a size What-The-Fuck.
  • After Elliot tells the story of taking John's copy of Chain of Memories on a school camping trip and then writing his initials on it, Johnny compares Elliot to a cat that pisses on everything to claim it's property.
  • Sora's "derping" expression whenever he collects a boss card.
  • At the end of the first Axel fight, Axel decides to spam his teleport move. Johnny and Matt are not amused.
    Johnny: (While Axel teleports around) can wait until your opponent uses up all their cards and catch them up on-
    Matt: Axel you cock-sucking-!
    Johnny: But then he decides to TELEPORT-SPAM LIKE A FUCKING TOOL! *delivers the killing blow*
  • In a cutscene where Donald tells Goofy to "stop goofing around":
    Matt: (In a Goofy impression) Who the hell do you think I am?!
    Johnny: You heard that, folks. Donald told Goofy to stop being goofy.
    Elliot: (Goofy impression) What do you want me to be, serious?
  • In Olympus Coliseum, Matt points out a doorway leading into open sky.
  • Talking about Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and what it did to Cloud's character:
    Johnny: I knew Cloud before he was cool...
    Matt: I knew Cloud when he was cool!
  • Upon receiving the Cloud summon card, Johnny questions if Cloud just gave Sora his autograph.
  • When encountering a stage hazard in Monstro that steals Moogle Points if it hits you:
    Johnny: Ah, my balls!
    Elliot: Donald, quick! Grab my balls!
  • Pinocchio is once again trapped inside Parasite Cage, but this time it looks like he's inside the void. The group assumes he's having pleasant conversation with Exdeath, a fellow tree-person.
    Johnny (Exdeath): I'm made of wood, too~
    Elliot (Exdeath): Oh, well, this is awkward. Um...
    Matt: You would think two people made out of wood would have something better to talk about.
    Elliot: "So, how 'bout that wood?" "Oh, yes, wood!" "Yes, wood."
  • In Part 14, Johnny prepares a deck specifically for dealing with Larxene's first battle. He named it, but when he brings up that fact, he's forgotten the name of the deck.
    Matt: OBLIVION!
  • Riku Replica's mysterious debut.
    Matt: Wait a minute, I'd recognize those boots anywhere!
    Elliot: So why keep it a secret, then?
    Johnny: Because, what if you didn't play the first game? First off, why?
  • Poking fun at the expression Captain Hook has on his enemy card. "AAAGH, I'M STUCK!"
  • In Part 17, during the balloon minigame, the guys go on a tangent that involves Matt regressing, bronies and pedophiles. This tangent is referenced in a later minigame.
    John: God, you're worse than the socially acceptable pedophiles.
  • Johnny spamming Lethal Frame in the second Riku fight, and the theory that the fight might have seemed instantaneous for Riku.
  • After Axel eliminates Vexen:
    Sora: What ARE you people!?
    Elliot: What do you mean, "you people"?
  • After the reveal that Naminé has fabricated all of Sora's memories of her, the commentators are flabbergasted at Sora's decision to blindly accept his fake memories.
    Sora: That's the Naminé I remember!
    Everyone in unison: YOU DON'T REMEMBER HER!
  • In Part 25, Elliot and Johnny imagine a pull string on the Riku Replica and think up various sayings it could have when pulled.
  • When Sora asks Naminé to restore his real memories at the end of the main story, Johnny notes that Naminé was probably hoping Sora would pick to keep his fake memories. Elliot suggests it could have resulted in a multiple-choice "Are you sure?" prompt, leading to Johnny making a reference to another LP:
    " Make me like I was."


  • Johnny asks people to keep a count of how many times the word darkness is said throughout the story. The final count? 118.
  • Being able to smell presences is a ridiculous concept on its own, but the group takes it at face value and assume everyone in the Kingdom Hearts universe just stinks, badly.
  • Ansem's portrayal begins to come off as alternating between a creepy uncle and a scorned lover, and the trio wastes no time in making fun of this.
  • The endless puns on "D Mode".
  • Elliot thinks King Mickey is a ghost.
    Johnny (Mickey): I'm dead, dick!
  • The Organization interludes between worlds, in which everyone stands around talking mysteriously, having staring contests, wondering what to order for dinner, and not turning on the fucking lights.
  • When Kairi appears to Riku and tells him to use the darkness as his strength, Matt says Riku has learned that his Character Development is to be an asshole.
  • Zexion's Cyclone Snatch.
  • The final battle with Riku Replica. During the recording of Reverse/Rebirth, Johnny was incredibly tired and having trouble telling his Riku apart from the replica. Even when there was a glowing orb enveloping the replica's hand. It culminates in the finishing blow, where Matt actually thinks Johnny lost the fight for a second due to how low his health was.
  • When Riku mentions that Kairi and Naminé "smell the same", Matt notices Riku hold his nose as he says it.
  • At the final showdown between Riku and Ansem, Riku says he can't stand his foul stench. Matt suggests (as Ansem) he could just use a different cologne.

Kingdom Hearts II

  • The lambasting of the intro (all 10 minutes of it), including the cloaked man doing a mime impression, the OTHER cloaked man who can understand him perfectly, playing Mad Libs with the "Our _____ are gone!" lines, and Matt mistaking Christopher Lee for Christopher Lloyd.
  • Johnny and Matt uphold the Dibs system for deciding who is doing what games in the series, leaving Elliot to do Coded.
  • Selphie pronounces Tidus's name wrong.
    Johnny (Kairi): First off, it's tee-dus...
    Kairi: Who are you? And that's not my name. I'm Kairi.
    Johnny (Kairi): And it's tee-dus!
  • Sora's hint to Kairi about his name starting with an S prompts the three to come up with other possible names.
  • "Shut up!"
  • After Roxas merges with Sora, Matt and Elliot joke that he gets sent to the Void and meets Exdeath (Johnny even edits in Exdeath next to Roxas) who amuses himself by singing "1 Million Bottles of Beer on the Wall."
  • Their responses to the train warping towards the end of part 9.
    Matt: And now we can't! note 
    Johnny: Whoa, this train's in hyperdrive!
    Elliot: Well, shit! note  Spoke too soon, Donald. Too soon.
    Matt: Why can't- Why- (He scraps the sentence.)
    Johnny: Oh, we're going to Hogwarts, okay I get it.
    (Cue laughter)
    Matt: This is technically us going to Hogwarts, you're absolutely right!
    Johnny: It's 358 Days over Two.
    Elliot: God damn it.
  • Shan-Yu and his Rubber Duck Brigade.
  • Part 17 has Elliot bringing up one of the meanest crossword puzzles about Kingdom Hearts II, and Kanye West for some reason.
  • The Hundred-Acre Wood is a pop-up book in this game, which Johnny takes to mean that Sora can actually read it. They then suggest a pop-up synopsis for the series, including a Master Xehanort with movable hands. John points out that the command menu in the Hundred-Acre Wood has a very unfortunately-placed drip of hunny over the top of the letter 'o' in 'command'...
  • Goofy's amazing backflip.
  • The lovely mind blown moment returns once again in Pride Lands when Elliot reveals that Jecht's voice actor voices Eeyore in this game! Even more ironic that it was Eeyore's voice actor that, once again, caused the mind blown moment!
  • Matt's resolve to visit the Hundred-Acre Wood and Atlantica immediately upon each episode becoming available causes some hilarious moments of conflict throughout the playthrough, as Matt decides to abandon crucial story points just to check up on Pooh (much to Johnny and Elliot's chagrin).
    Matt: Pooh break!
    Elliot: OHHH, DAMMIT! Come on, man!
    Johnny: NO, COME ON! We're so close!
    Elliot: Seriously!?
    Elliot: God dammit!
    Matt: It's Pooh o'clock!
    Elliot: No!
    Matt: Yes!
    Elliot: NO! It is not Pooh o'clock, FUCK YOU!
    Matt: Fuck YOU, it's Pooh time!
    • It becomes absolutely ridiculous in Part 49, when Matt leaves right before the Battle of 1000 Heartless to go to the Hundred-Acre Wood, only to find out that all of Hollow Bastion's save points are locked out during the conflict... but as luck would have it, a new episode of FINNY FUN has opened up!
    • Happens again in Part 52, right as the Storm Rider attacks The Land of Dragons. This time, Elliot's editing helps it along.
      Matt: Dragon's rampaging outside, you know what that means.
      (opens a chest to find a Torn Page)
      Matt: Pooh break!
      Johnny: Ohhh, FUC
  • The Running Gag of, whenever Sora, Donald, and Goofy are called something by the guys or the game, they respond with Goofy correcting it to "Junior X". For example:
    Tron: You, my friends, are the new passwords.
    Elliot: (As Goofy) JUNIOR Passwords.
  • Yuna's Tuna, which started as an innocent rhyme by Elliot turned into a stinky vagina gag.
    Johnny: This is what happens when your Let's Plays go over 50 parts.
    • Also gets brought up in Part 58, along with Texas Chili Bowl, when Matt calls out Johnny for making a dirty joke, to which he throws both aforementioned jokes back at him.
  • After Roxas whoops Matt's ass fantastic, the trio take to riffing on Roxas's name. Noting that Roxas sees his name as Saxor among others. Also during the cutscene, Axel asks Roxas if they've ever seen another phase of time in Twilight Town.
    Elliot (Axel): What about Mornings?
    Matt (Roxas): (Gasp) Mourning? Who died?!?
    (Johnny then imagines frustration and imagine slaps Roxas)
  • Matt has immense trouble getting past Demyx's rematch in the Data Fights, despite packing Sora with plenty of Ethers. Johnny then asks (as a genuine question) if there's a reason he isn't letting Donald and Goofy hold items. Looks like Complacent Gaming Syndrome dies hard.
    Matt: (one Face Palm later) So, uh... I forgot Donald and Goofy have pockets!
  • As the action gets more hectic or over the top with fights like Sephiroth or Xemnas, Johnny concludes the recurring reaction from the opponents to be a deadpan or exasperated "Fuck Anime".
  • Matt defeats Xaldin using a Whirli-Goof limit. When the final blow is struck, it briefly looks as if Sora and Goofy are dancing happily in the air around Xaldin, prompting this reaction from Johnny:
    Johnny: Frieeeeends!
    Matt: Come on, Xaldin, join in our looooove!
  • In Part 86, while Matt was trying to deal with one of the Mushroom XIII, Johnny gets his revenge for Ocelot's Torture Chamber.
  • In part 87, Johnny and Matt imagine the way Nomura has to use the bathroom unzipping over five to seven zippers. Also, Elliot imagines #7 of the mushrooms being the really angry Irish drunk.
  • The image of Terra’s Keyblade shoved through their capture unit (it fried during one of their attempts).


L.A. Noire

  • Any of their reactions to Elliot's driving. Especially with the stunt Elliot pulls in Part 9, with Matt and Johnny nearly pissing themselves, plus the clip Johnny edits in.
  • Matt impersonates a drill sergeant during Kelso's review flashback, telling Kelso that he'll have to suck his balls for getting low scores on the tests. While funny, what really sold it was Johnny's throwaway line at it's end.
    Johnny: Ball polishing! Kelso, 1!
  • Their reaction to Blunt Phelps's innocent question of "You fuck young boys, Valdez?"
  • During one of their first chases, Elliot drives through a train-yard and a canal. He calls it "a shortcut".
  • When interrogating an elderly witness, Johnny points out that whenever he's lying, he looks like he just crapped himself.
  • During another one of Elliot's rampages in Part 10, a pedestrian is knocked over by debris, but to them it looked like he fainted after seeing Elliot crash right in front of him.
    Johnny: He couldn't believe it!
  • Bowling for Pedestrians. Gets ridiculous at one point where Elliot runs over nearly half a dozen people, causing the game to have massive slowdown from the ragdoll physics.
  • At the beginning of the first Homicide case, Johnny is dreading having to edit the naked body of the victim, which his does in the most hilarious way possible: by superimposing Cole Phelps's face over the naughty bits.
    Episode 17: My Editing Software Crashed 5 Times
  • In the first Homicide case, it looks like a civilian is running out of the way of Elliot's car. Matt notices this.
    Matt (as civilian): Ahh! Phelps!
    Matt (as Phelps): I'm not Traffic anymore!
    Matt (as civilian): Well that's good.
    Matt (as Phelps): I'm Homicide.
    Elliot (as civilian): Aww FUCK!
  • During the car chase in the first Homicide case, Phelps' partner tries to shoot out the suspect's wheels. Not only does he succeed in making the wheel fly off, but somehow this also results in the passenger door and hood popping off simultaneously and the car spinning out and flipping a whole 360 degrees.
    Matt: Fuck yeah, Finbar!
    • In the immediate run before this, they're chasing the suspect's vehicle down a hilly road. Out of nowhere, their car lands on another car obscured from the camera that you pretty much have to freeze frame to see and it effectively blows off two tires, the trunk, and the engine, letting the suspect escape.
  • There tend to be hilarious moments in the car chases. During the car chase in Part 24, after spinning the suspect out, the vehicle flips over. A good 8 or so seconds after it stops, another car randomly drives on screen and collides with the suspect vehicle.
    Johnny: I got him for ya, Phelps!
  • Part 23 has Elliot running over yet another hot dog stand. Matt comments that Elliot just destroyed the Umbrella Corporation. When questioned why Umbrella ran a hot dog business, Matt says they had to have started somewhere.
  • In Part 27, a civilian who is on a crosswalk and hears the police siren tries to run out of the road, but then for some reason runs back into the road and is hit because of it.
    Johnny: And it was his indecisiveness that cost him his life!
  • In Part 33, when Phelps is escaping from a crumbling movie set, Matt hums Ridley's theme and Johnny edits it in, despite Elliot telling him not to.
  • Part 56, after encountering a glitch where some timber appears to be floating in midair, Matt's response and the immediate aftermath.
    Matt: Cole Phelps, Houdini.
    (Remainder of the items appear)
    Johnny: He really is a magician!
  • A Pedestrian trying to escape Elliot's firetruck trips, and is run over as a result.
    Johnny: SAKURAIIII!!!
  • During a shootout in Part 57, one corpse glitches out and goes flying into the air just as the trophy "Dead Men Are Heavier" pops up.

L.A. Noire (Revisit)

  • The return of Elliot's infamously dangerous driving.
    • This also carries over to whenever Elliot's on foot, as Cole proceeds to intentionally push people over, earning him the nickname of 'The Pusher'.
  • And the return of giving Cole Phelps various odd jobs.
    Johnny(as drunken Cole Phelps): Cole Phelps, Smashed!
  • Elliot's constant harassment of the crime scene photographer.
    Elliot: Hey PHOTOGRAPHER!!
  • Greg's realization that Juan "You fuck young boys" Valdez was based off of a coffee mascot.
  • When Johnny asks if you can drift.
  • In Part 5, Elliot crashes into a train while driving through train tunnels, resulting in his car getting totaled, which forces him to run through the entire tunnel just so he can continue the story. He eventually ends up getting out by going through a side tunnel, which culminates in him coming out of a gas station.
  • Also in Part 5, Elliot presents the wrong piece of evidence, betting slips, during an interrogation. This swiftly becomes a running gag throughout the rest of the playthrough whenever Cole interrogates someone.
  • Phelps' EPIC fail of a jump in Part 6.
  • In Part 7, the group gets into a hilarious diatribe about a noir-themed version of Blue's Clues
    Johnny: "Blue ski-doo, how could you?"
  • Part 10 has Phelps interrogating a bartender who expresses concern about the murder victim's marriage life. As soon as there is a pause in the conversation, a customer is heard in the background loudly complaining that the mayo wasn't held on his dinner.
    Johnny: "Mood: shot."
  • One stand out moment in part 11 has Greg doing a mock song about the singer Elsa's appearance:
    Greg: You see that, my turban, is clippin' through my hair. (Elliot: It's a head scarf)
    And what you, don't know is, I've got Voldemort back there.
    (Everyone bursts out laughing)
    Johnny: "'Cole Phelps and the Philosopher's Stone'".
  • Part 12 contains numerous instances in a span of only three minutes.
    • Elliot gets his car stuck on a ledge. To solve this problem, he gets into another car...then rams into it to get unstuck.
    • He soon looses control of his car, gets launched into the air, and comes within an inch of crashing into a gas station. Sabrina edits in a bunch of fire to trick the viewers into thinking he crashed.
    • John notices the physics of the game messing up, causing the scenery to float in mid-air, similar to the “Cole Phelps: Houdini” incident in the first playthrough.
    • Immediately afterwards, karma FINALLY catches up on Elliot's reckless driving. This causes everyone to burst into hysterical laughter for a good whole minute.
  • Part 14:
    • Uncle Greg referring to a marijuanna kingpin as "Reefer Sutherland."
    • Greg referring to damage as "Going from colorized to Leave It to Beaver real fast."
    • Greg: "Twelve cents! I was a stoner at the wrong time!"
    • Elliot mishearing Bugsy as Bubsy. Then Johnny claiming Bubsy would be more interesting if he were a dope peddler.
    • This ending pun:
    Elliot: What do you call someone who smokes weed underwater? (pause) The great barrier reefer.
  • Part 15:
    • The start of the video, which is Matt and Elliot talking about when is a bad time to jack off... accompanied by a #SGBOutOfContext blurb.
    • The gang's riffing on the entire scene between Courtney and Doctor.
  • Part 17:
    • In a very cathartic moment, Elliot commits a hit and run... on Roy Earle.

The Legend of Zelda

  • The first thing we hear in this game? Matt yelling "FUCK YOU" to Johnny, as this was their ninth attempt to record the game.
  • Matt reading off the items list, calling things like the Power Bracelet a croissant, and when he mentions the Magical Rod, he says "Wanna see mine, ladies?"
  • Rather than naming him Link, Johnny decides to name the main character "Bort." Thus starting the legacy of Bort, which would continue for several games outside of Zelda.
  • When Johnny loses money during the money making game, he tries to stab the old man in the cave out of frustration.
  • Elliot was at band practice for most of the playthrough, but came back earlier than anticipated. Johnny and Matt continued for several minutes, pretending Elliot wasn't there.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

  • They start off strong in this one, with Matt naming Link "I Say" and making everyone sound like Foghorn Leghorn, causing Johnny and Elliot to break into hysterics.
  • In part 5, Elliot wonders why Matt doesn't throw in the sword, with Matt reminding him that they needed to give it to the fat fairy. Johnny edits in Scott Steiner yelling out "HE'S FAT!"
  • Just before the first Agahnim fight Elliot is trying to voice over Agahnim's text but Matt scrolls through it too fast causing Elliot to come up with a clusterfuck of a sentence because he skipped a lot of text.
    Elliot: "With this the seal is now only after all the legendary hero evil!"
  • In Turtle Rock, Matt wonders that if they don't make let's plays, that the world would be a better place.
  • In Part 19, Matt tries to put magic powder on an Anti-Fairy to get a regular one because he was low on hearts. The Anti-Fairy had different plans, however, and proceeds to out-and-out troll Matt, killing him, and wasting the other fairy he had.

The Legend Of Zelda Links Awakening

  • In general, the trio take to bad, bad voice acting throughout the entire LP.
  • Every time I say grabs a Piece of Power (a temporary offense buff item), the gang shouts its name as loud as they can. During the first recording session, their mics were too sensitive, leading to them clipping the audio a lot due to this.
  • This little bit from part 2's fishing segment:
    Matt: Give a man a couple of fish, feed him for a few hours.
    Johnny: Teach a man to fish-
    Elliot: (interrupting) Clear the lake.
    Johnny: -feed him for a- wait, what? *laughs*
  • This moment from part 3, when they visit the cameraman's house with bow-wow:
    Johnny: I'm calling the cops!
  • After bow-wow eats a Like Like, Johnny thanks him for it. Elliot gives off the most manly "yep" in reply to Johnny.
  • Upon meeting a healing fairy, Matt wonders if bow-wow would try to eat her.
  • At the beginning of Part 12, when they find Marin by the beach, I say has some trouble remembering her name.
    Elliot (As I say): Mary!
    Elliot (As Marin): ...It's 'Marin'.
    Johnny (As I say): Melon!
    Marin: Oh, I say, I'm glad you found this place.
    Matt (As I say): ...Mark!
  • When they find out that Koholint island is a part of the Wind Fish's dream, Johnny points out that since they were getting close with Marin, and that they washed ashore at the beginning, Link/I say is literally having a wet dream.
  • Matt recounts a tale about how, right infront of Turtle Rock... he played the warp song.
  • Starting from dungeon 7, the crew see blue snake monsters. Johnny turns them into nihilistic monsters with a Barney voice.

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

  • The trek through Death Mountain Foothills. The whole episode is great, but the real fun begins about 18 minutes in, when the Cyclops enemy is introduced, and it only gets more amazing from there. The crowner:
    Derrick: Cyclops suck.
  • It's pretty much a Running Gag between Johnny and holes in the ground. If Johnny discovers a hidden hole, nine times out of ten he will fall into it. Even if he avoid's the hole, he'll usually get pushed into to by an enemy anyway.
  • Johnny sometimes picks up Derrick or his partner and uses him as a weapon to clobber enemies.
  • "I hope this isn't a giant bomb! ...said Big Red Button."

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

  • Part 1 opens up with Elliot and Matt arguing about why Elliot thinks this game is overrated.
  • The name Matt decides to give Link in this game? Dewd.
    Matt (as Navi): Hey, Dewd!
  • For whatever reason, Malon is given Bane's voice.
  • Upon first meeting Kaepora Gaebora, Matt speeds through his text, leading to the three of them filling in their own conversation, which apparently involves a Hot Pocket.
  • Elliot's very apt description of the backstory the Deku Tree gave being repeated by Zelda: "Things happened".
  • Near the beginning of Part 5, Johnny employs some Insane Troll Logic to fill the silence:
  • "I nutted just to be safe." — Matthew Matelli, 2017
  • In Part 8, Link starts spinning in place during a "puzzle solved" cutscene. After a barrage of silly noises, Johnny decides that they must be in the Sky Deck.
  • Before entering Dodongo's Cavern, Matt uses a trick jump to grab a Heart Piece early.
    Matt: (Speedrunner voice) I'm gonna try for a rolling jump here, save about seven years.
  • Part 10 has the guys saying Big Bomb Bag like a fast talking western auctioneer.
  • Part 10 also brings the Perfectly Cromulent Word, Pussfunk.
  • At the beginning of Part 11, Matt is about to bomb a blocked pathway of rocks before being interrupted by Kaepora Gaebora. This then leads to Link storing the already lit bomb back into his inventory, which then leads to the guys having a good laugh and joking about how Kaepora Gaebora is now in control of Link's current situation.
    Johnny (as Kaepora Gaebora): "I am the only one saving your life now. Stop talking to me and the bomb goes off!"
  • The noise Elliot makes at the beginning of Part 16.
  • The reaction in Part 17 to the cut-scene where Ganondorf comes to claim the Triforce...
    Johnny (as Ganondorf): "Hehe, DUMBASS!!!!"
  • Right before completing the Epona side quest in Part 18, Matt accidentally runs over a Cuckoo with Epona and initiates the Cuckoo swarm attack, leading to a frantic escape from Lon Lon Ranch.
  • How does Link start the race with Dampe in Part 18? By jumping into one of Dampe's fire traps.
  • At one point in the Forest Temple, part 21; Johnny gets irked by the echo of the male singer used in the Forest Temple's track; but then Elliot suggests overlaying it with Tim Curry's Pennywise laugh; upon which Johnny desired it and Elliot overlapped it in the dungeon once the chorus came up. It syncs up surprisingly well.
  • Also in that part, they discuss the floormasters and the wallmasters. They then come up with a third one that fails upon pratfalling, they first call it Fallmasters until Matt reminds them that a concept like that exists: The Shockmaster.
  • Part 29 has the boys implement their own audio into the game after Elliot completely failed to export the audio properly.

LEGO Batman

  • In Part 7, Killer Croc uses a sewer grate to decapitate Robin, eliciting understandably shocked reactions from Matt and Johnny. Fortunately, given the nature of the game, Batman simply reattaches it.
    Matt: Thank you for not reattaching that to my butt.
    Johnny: I woulda liked the crotch area so he really would be a dickhead.
  • Matt spends most of his time as Robin beating up Elliot, who's playing as Batman. A lot of it can be seen as Matt just fucking with Elliot, but that doesn't excuse Matt doing that to Alfred at one point.
  • While trying to get Matt to follow him through a level, Elliot yells out "I have plot!"
  • Matt and Elliot take turns playing on the hobby horse during Penguin's level.
  • Near the end of the game, between Matt screwing around and both Matt and Elliot having difficulty solving some puzzles, Johnny begins to get rather frustrated.

Luigi's Mansion

  • An entire game's worth of commentary featuring Manic Depressed Luigi. And thus did the heavens rejoice.
  • Matt takes it upon himself to list a cause of death for every Boo in the game, based off name alone. Some highlights:
  • Elliot points out an interesting piece of Fridge Logic in part 7.
    Elliot: Wait, so if there's a blackout, how are you using the phone?
    Matt: Uh...
    • This is actually a case of Aluminum Christmas Trees explanation .
  • In one episode, the guys come up with puns on TV shows but replacing one word with Boo.


Mario Kart 8

  • This image of them holding the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe case.
  • When they did it for the Drunk Let's Play, it was just Matt, Elliot, and Mark, as Johnny had passed out drunk. Every now and then, you can hear someone snoring in the background.
    • And of course, there's the fact that they decided to play at 200CC, meaning that, drunk or not, the three of them are driving like maniacs.
  • Just the amount of times Mark falls off the stage.
  • In part 11 at Bone-Dry Dunes, Elliot tosses a blue shell at Johnny who has a commanding lead in first place in the last lap. Elliot says the blue shell won't reach Johnny before he crosses the finish line, The game had other ideas.
    Uncle: It reached! I think it reached!


  • During the scarecrow fields level, at a certain point Johnny edits in background music from Legends of the Hidden Temple.
  • Does it again when he includes the Jeopardy theme in the Asylum Grounds.
  • Elliot goes in-depth when describing torturing ants. Matt and Johnny are less than amused, but the rips Johnny makes into him are quite humorous.
  • At the Asylum, Johnny notes that the inmates are doing the can-can. Elliot sings the wrong song into it, which Johnny recognizes as a standard theme one would hear at a bar mitzvah.

Medievil 2

  • Johnny's reaction on the ass shot of the mummy girl.
    Johnny: Did they really just do that?
  • The guys' poor attempt at imitating Winston's Cockney accent.
  • Johnny is flummoxed at the sight of an underground cult that worships Dan. This same cult then attacks Dan after he uses the time machine.
  • The three of them point out that the slideshow during the credits loops. Matt, as he has been doing this entire time, attributes that to the game being lazily developed.
  • Elliot's surprise that the Medievil 2 website is still up. Keep in mind that this was in 2015, and the game came out in mid-2000.

Mega Man X1

  • In Part 2, Johnny finally gets revenge for the humiliation that Storm Eagle put him through in the Brainscratch run. He first shouts "STORM EAGLE!!!!" then proceeds to insult him while he destroys him. Made funnier with Elliot's laughter in the background.
    Johnny: DIE!!!! (as he finishes Storm Eagle)
    Elliot (laughing): You did it on your first try!
    Johnny: IT'S STORM EAGLE, I KNOW!!!! (now in calm voice) John of the Super Gaming Bros. would like to apologize to all the people who were just made deaf by listening to this with headphones. If you were wearing them, please take them off.
  • Later, in Part 5, before fighting the rematch with Storm Eagle in the Sigma Fortress, Johnny purposefully wastes a sub-tank to fill up a few points of health just so he can hadouken Storm Eagle. His first three attempts to do so, fail, due to Storm Eagle actually being smart enough to push him off screen by flapping his wings, then refusing to land so he can hadouken him. This does not save him though, as eventually he comes down, and Johnny hadoukens him as promised.
  • During the Credits march, when Storm Eagle appears.
    Johnny: (When Storm Eagle appears in the credits) Rapey McRaperstein.
    Elliot: (laughs)

Mega Man X2

  • The boss rush was handled in a similar way to the BrainScratch run, Matt providing News Network-like job titles to the 8 Mavericks, as the music in the chambers reminded them of music people would hear on the 9-o'clock news.
  • Johnny gets a new capsule for his first armor part. He proceeds to give Dr. Light a profound, respectable voice... until Asshole Matt decides to interject with the Elmuh Fudd Syndwome delivery heard in Mega Man 8. Johnny immediately resigns his attempt and they both start mimicking Dr. Light.

Mega Man X3

  • Johnny and Matt's Fan Nickname for the mid-boss of Tunnel Rhino's stage: Ding Dong. explanation 
  • Johnny is quick to point out Matt's mistake when he refers to an enemy's attack as a Rainbow Dash.
    Johnny: There's going to be a lot of pony jokes in the comments now.
    Matt: Son of a bitch, that's not what I meant!
  • In part 3, Matt's idealism of the game starts to come down on it, and Johnny is enjoying Matt's vocal presentation of it, like he's seeing something coming crumbling down.
  • At a third of the way through the Blast Hornet boss battle, the boss decides to fly off screen, and then the game crashed. Unfortunately, since they didn't abuse savestates as well as they should, they were sent back 2 hours in gametime. Made even funnier in the comments section where someone points out that they could have used passwords since they were recording and could have just gone back through the footage to find it.
  • Johnny has Matt fall down the hole in Bilzzard Buffalo's stage. Matt falls too far.

Mega Man X4

  • During the X playthrough, Matt constantly makes fat jokes at Double's expense. He goes as far to say that the reploid's the biggest thing in the game, with General and Frost Walrus coming second and third, respectively.
  • Part 10:
    • This bit during Zero's boss battle with Cyber Peacock left Johnny in stitches:
    Matt: I like to get him on the far left or the far right. No, that is not a political joke.
  • Part 12:
    • This bit:
    Matt (as General): Say Zero, what do you think robots dream of?
    Johnny (as Zero): Electric Irises?
    Johnny (as General): She swiped you right years ago, Zero. Time to let go. You have... no choice.
    • The duo keeping Sigma as insisting that he's the Grim Reaper... or Mr. Reaps.
    • Assuming Sigma's voice sounds like a chain smoker.
    Matt (as Sigma): Don't mind my voice. It's just that a person tried to approach me and got leary.
    • This line:
    Matt: And thus the world knew a thousand years of darkness thanks to Dr. Pepper.

Mega Man Legends

  • In part 11, Matt forgets to double check his weaponry, so he ends up fighting the boat battle with the vacuum arm.
  • In part 14, Johnny inserts the Highwind theme when the flutter takes off. It syncs up incredibly well!
  • In part 17, Johnny makes fun of Mega Man's reading level. Especially when Matt acquires the ancient text describing launchers. Stating that he can't read that well yet.
  • Also in part 17, when Matt claims that Mega Man is the dream of the faith (a FFX reference), Elliot claims that he is an imaginary gerbil. Johnny relates it a bit to Final Fantasy X's ending and starts cracking up.
    Johnny: Thank you for completely shitting on Final Fantasy X's ending for me Elliot!
  • The stinger in the finale.
    Data: But soon, I'll be able to tell you everything! What you are, why you lost your memory, your original function and mission!
    Matt: In Legends 3!
    Johnny: FUCK!
    • Also in the final part, before Johnny talks about what he saw in the game, Teisel starts laughing maniacally in the background.

Metal Gear Solid

  • Johnny edits in two more members to FOXHOUND: Stinky Diver, a former navy commando with an attitude as bad as his odor, and Meltman, with the power to... MELT!
  • When the gang first get introduced to Mei Ling:
    Johnny: (Snake Voice) Wow, that's a great impersonation, Colonel.
    Matt: What if he takes out a sock puppet for that?
  • "You talk too much." Johnny edits in some text: "The series summed up in four words"
  • The crew's exasperated beliefs that more mooks and people had higher access to the whole building than President Baker.
  • During the raid of the building, Johnny uses the cardboard box to great effect. Then Matthew imagined Snake turning the box into a race car. Johnny follows it up with his Snake impression.
  • Johnny taking some dirty pictures of Johnny Sasaki face down, ass up, and nude.
  • When Meryl tries to confide in Snake, Johnny does not want to hear about it.
    Meryl: You know, I don't use make up like other women do.
    Johnny: (Snake Voice) Oh, here we go...
  • Johnny pointing out a case of Mondegreen:
    Johnny: Well every once in a while when you hit him he'll say "I can't read you"... but I only hear the "I can't read" part. *laughs*
  • When Psycho Mantis uses his power to show Snake he can read people's minds and move objects, he uses his powers to move (rumble) Johnny's controller. Elliot is less than impressed, which would have pissed off Psycho Mantis further for having his powers doubted and made Elliot look like a spoiled kid who didn't appreciate technology that was innovative at the time.
    Elliot: It's vibrating, So what?
    Johnny: *after laughing with Matt* It was cool 20 years ago, damn it!
  • When Psycho Mantis reads Snake's mind (memory card) and asks if he likes to play Castlevania:
    Johnny: (Snake voice) Well, I don't like to brag, but I've played Symphony of the Night about 98 times.
  • During Snake's Torture Scene, Johnny got distracted just enough by Elliot and Matt singing Guile's Theme and the Chicken Dance that he got a game over.
  • When Snake escapes from prison, Johnny ends up accidentally killing Johnny Sasaki.
  • During the 2nd boss fight with Sniper Wolf, Johnny goes full Combat Pragmatist and instead of fighting back with his own sniper rifle uses Nikita missiles to blow Wolf up from safety. And during the entire time he's playing the RC Car music from Toy Story.
  • End of part 14 has the group imagining Solid Snake catching a cold and its effects affecting the cutscene between Solid Snake and Liquid Snake where Solid keeps sneezing, interrupting Liquid's speech and then Liquid putting cold medicine on the list of demands to the United States.
  • In the finale after the credits, when Solidus Snake is revealed to be the United States president, Elliot claims that Bill Clinton was Solidus Snake:
    Elliot: Ah, shit. Damn you, Clinton! I always suspected it was you!
    Matt: Solidus Clinton.
    Johnny: *after laughing* Thanks for that mental image, Matt.
  • After deciding who gets to do what game for the next several Let's Play of the Metal gear Solid franchise, Matt decides to tackle Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty while Johnny decides to take on any Metal Gear game that has Solid Snake as the main character. Johnny then decides to hijack Matt's Let's Play by insisting that he does Snake's chapter while Matt plays Raiden's chapter.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

  • As Matt hides in a locker for several minutes to keep some soldiers from noticing him, he and the others start getting bored of a black screen being the only thing visible, so Elliot edits in a picture of Alex Trebek's face, followed by a video loop of ass-shots of Snake from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.
  • Matt improvs the Colonel holding a sock puppet based off Mei Ling from Metal Gear Solid, then as Raiden wonders how the sock puppet had higher clearance to sensitive information than he did.
  • The trio believe they are hearing Sky Cows and thus revere the skycow like deities.
  • Johnny imagines Raiden being really late and lame with comebacks.
    Johnny (Raiden): "Somebody wants me to lick their toast!"
  • Matt's idea for bomb disposal is to shoot the bomb. His reasoning: LP Slapstick.
  • Johnny and Elliot come up with the next morning's headlines after the explosion.
    Johnny: Local dumbass ruins EVERYTHING.
    Elliot: In other news, burnt soup is a thing.
  • When Matt robs a soldier and then accidentally shoots him through the head instead of knocking him out, they imagine Raiden going through some major Wangst to both the Colonel and Rose after killing someone for the first time.
  • Matt fucks up trying to scare dogtags off of one guy, so he plugs in seven more shots into the corpse.
  • The absolutely perfect timing of Raiden's negative inner thoughts during Peter Stillman's last moments.
    Peter: Do it, I know you can!
    Raiden: Why don't you do it?
  • After the Fortune fight, when Raiden shoots two into Fortune and hits Vamp; Elliot adds in the Mario Bros. lost life theme. Elliot follows up on the gag after the fight against Vamp by using the Donkey Kong Country lose a life theme.
  • They play up Raiden as the most bumbling undercover Russian officer. Johnny blabs his identity, Matt mistakes the Russian stereotypical alcohol and Elliot in the deadpan American way yells "I am Foreign!"
  • After beating Fatman, Matt decides to make Raiden cartwheel off the strut to his doom. Normally, the game shows a cutscene of Raiden falling into the ocean. Instead, Raiden hits a railing on the way down and the game immediately switches to the Game Over screen, followed by a snapshot of Raiden's impact on the rail. The group laugh their asses off and assume Raiden either landed on his crotch or fell on his ass and is sitting on the railing to rest.
  • Matt; when told to use the directional microphone, aims it right for Johnny Sasaki.
  • The constant puns Elliot and Matt make on Richard Ames' name.
  • Matt has massive bad luck escaping the Shell 1 core, getting spotted and chased twice, first by ciphers, and then by some guards, and when he finally locates a vent to escape through, he has trouble crawling through it and ends up getting shot several times. When he finally gets Raiden to safely crawl through it, Johnny and Elliot imagine that the Russian soldiers act like he disappeared into thin air, despite them all having clearly seen him crawl through it.
    • His luck in general is amazingly bad. One notable part is when he tries to tranq a guard, only for him to nod his head slightly after shot, causing him to whiff more than he should.
  • Much like the President's reveal, Raiden's mind and mouth seems to think two different things at once; courtesy of Matt's pressing of the thought buttons.
    President: Think about it! Do you actually believe public opinion influences the government!?
    Raiden: No
    Raiden's Thoughts: Probably, yeah.
  • During a long monologue with the President, a well timed yet nonchalant yep makes Johnny think that Raiden's just checking his twitter, not caring.
  • After getting Emma through the first swim, Matt shoots a tranquilizer at Emma's head, causing Elliot to loudly shout "WHAT THE FUCK!?" at Matt's shenanigans.
  • During the section where Raiden has to protect Emma on the Oil Fence, Matt lines up his aim, fires... and hits a seagull that happened to be in front of the target. Twice. It's made even funnier because, both times, it's entirely unintentional.

Metroid Fusion

  • Whenever the SA-X doppelganger shows up, the scary music would be replaced with [[Sexophone a sexy saxophone]], making it sillier.
  • At the beginning of Part 6 after the laboratory used to breed Metroids was destroyed, Adam berates Samus for disobeying his orders. Johnny and the others were just laughing about that due to how much of dick Adam was in Metroid: Other M. Matt laughs that her disobeying Adams' orders was probably the reason she wasn't in Metroid Prime: Federation Force
    • It gets better when Johnny was reading Samus' monologue and it all contradicts how the real Adam was depicted in "Other M".

Metroid Prime

Mortal Kombat 9

  • Matt lists the turn ons and turn offs for (almost) every fighter in the game. Hilarity ensues.
  • The trio's repeated interpretation of Raiden's first vision is that Liu Kang has to explicitly kick Shang Tsung right in the face or else Hitler will (somehow) be able to win WWII.
  • This bit from Part 3
  • At the end of Part 10, Elliot has Kung Lao do his teleportation attack right as Kintaro does a leaping attack. This causes Kung Lao to teleport right into the path of Kintaro as he lands and get crushed.

Mortal Kombat X

  • The start of the LP:
    Johnny: I'm Johnny.
    Elliot: I'm Elliot.
    Matt: DAMN YOU RYU! Download already!
    • And later in Part 4:
    Elliot: Matt put the 3DS away!
    Matt: I will keep trying damn it!
  • Matt and Johnny's reactions to Raiden's X-Ray attack in Part 10.
    • And later in the part when Raiden hits his X-Ray attack on D'Vorah:
      Johnny: (Voice echoing and with big red text) YOU WILL BELIEVE.
    • And guess what comes back when they did Mortal Kombat XL for Smackdown Sundays?
  • The finale has Johnny and Matt voicing Shinnok and Johnny Cage respectively during Cassie's fight against D'Vorah, cheering each player on for their team.
  • Johnny the trolling Shinnok.


New Super Mario Bros. U

  • While chasing down Nabbit at the end of part 11, the guys start to lose him. As Elliot shrieks, Johnny catches him... only to fall into a bottomless pit in the cutscene.
    Johnny: Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine! (Grabs, then falls.)
  • All of them dying in succession to a group of Goombas during Follow That Shell!.
  • Mark gets his first of many Game Overs in World 2. His response?
    Mark: Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go warm up a bagel and have sex with it.
    Matt: Butter's in the fridge!
  • Pretty much all of the Nabbit chases are this especially the one where Mark catches him five seconds in and apparently screams like he got shot.
  • After Mark "serves his purpose", Matt throws him, attempting to throw him into a spiked ball. Mark hits Elliot, who falls.
  • During a fortress, after everyone else has gone through the boss door, Matt stays behind to try and grab a mushroom. He falls and lands on a spike.
    Mark: Dickhead!
  • Mark's reaction upon seeing some of the spiked wheels in one of the fortress levels.
    My face exactly when I get a blowjob.
  • One of the Ghost Houses has a moment where two Big Boos are blocking a door. Any attempt at moving makes the Big Boos move, and since the guys are all small, that means death. Before then, just the guys trying to jump up to that platform. Cue up Benny Hill.
  • During the whole World 9 hilarity, Johnny is safe in a bubble so he can activate certain platforms for the other guys. This means he's not participating in the levels as much, and gets angry when everyone else fails. Mark calls him out on this to Elliot.
    Mark: This dick-eater over here...
    Johnny: Yeah, I eat that dick pretty well.
  • During one of the Bowser Ship segments, they have to ride a platform across a track. Control keeps changing between the four of them, and they keep going back and forth. Cue Matt with a sea shanty. At one point, the platform goes off screen and everyone is killed by a flamethrower... save for Elliot.
  • Matt comes up with some backstory for Troll Toad: He was abandoned as a baby and takes his anger out on everyone else through his trolling. Dark humor at its finest from Matthew Metelli.
  • The last part of the LP has two notable moments with Elliot, namely Elliot killing the other three in the group, as well as getting the last hit on Bowser, and the kiss from Peach. John interprets this as a way Mario can get a vacation, and then says as it happens Mario Sunshine happens.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

  • Matt's debut on the Let's Play channel did not disappoint, as he shows his first signs of bringing the laughs, mostly through being a dick to Elliot. In fact, his whole reasoning for grieving Elliot is because Elliot stole a power up that Matt wanted. Talk about petty.
  • During one of the minigames where they fire themselves from cannons to get extra lives, Matt takes all the 4-Ups like, as Johnny puts it, a greedy little whore.
    Matt: I got a 4-Up yours!
  • "My shoutout to Maxwell Adams!" And then Matt bubbles, much to everyone's chagrin.
  • Johnny and Matt's synchronized no's when Elliot asks them to get him out of a bubble by screaming "Pop my cherry!"
    Matt: Do you even know what that means?
    Elliot: Yes, but I'm not gonna say it in front of people.
  • Maybe some slight foreshadowing to how loose his language becomes later on, but after getting yet ANOTHER Game Over, Elliot lets out a slight "Oh fuck".
  • Elliot makes great use of the soundclip app he has on his phone, particularly during one bit where he plays Benny Hill while Johnny and Matt are having trouble with a level in World 9.
  • Barking spider!
    Johnny: Is that Spider-Man's new technique for fighting Dr. Octopus?
  • Matt says one level makes him so angry he wants to skin a cat.
  • After several attempts at beating level 8-1, Matt is the only one who reaches the home stretch to the flagpole. He enters the bubble ''right'' at the end of World 8-1, abruptly sending everyone back to the checkpoint. Johnny and Elliot absolutely ''explode'' with fury and disbelief.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (NES)

  • During the second playthrough, Johnny plays the blue pants character while Elliot and Matt respectively control the male and female red ones. They make "Blue Pants" the Butt-Monkey of the entire LP, often referring to him as a last minute addition to the Dream Warriors.



  • Matt naming the main character as Hei Yu and explaining that his parents were ass holes when they came up with the name.
  • Matt's running gag of him running into a wall explained as Chris slamming Hei Yu's face into said wall. He also has another running gag with the mask that pops up in the loading screens by doing a greeting at the beginning of each part with the mask having an Indian accent; he also somehow speaks Spanish with the Hindu accent at one point.
  • Part 6 has Matt becoming absolutely shocked when a tough mook punches Nate in the face for over 100 damage and inflicting Terror since most enemies in the game don't do a lot of melee damage. Matt and Johnny then start to snicker when Nate quickly runs away from the battle and ditches the party since he got hit so hard in the face. The duo declares bullshit when Nate is "revived" (returned to the party after fleeing) and say Nate had ran away to change his pants.
  • Johnny finding out that the leader of SEBEC is a man named Guido and laughing at the unfortunate name. Matt and Johnny both end up bursting into laughter when Guido goes One-Winged Angel during his boss fight and he calls himself Super Guido.

Persona 2

  • General:
    • The fact that people in the comments started using the running gag of "Rumor has it" for requests of future games for Johnny/Matt/Elliot to LP.
    • Every time Johnny & Matt riff on Tatsuya's impressions for interrogating demons. For instance, of imitating a motorcycle in Part 3.
    • The shtick regarding how Lisa's extremely-weebish dad resembles Steven Seagal.
  • Part 1:
    • Matt leaves Tatsuya's name alone and intact, so of course to uphold his tradition of fucking with names, he alters the nickname to "Ta-Daaa!"
  • Part 9:
    • Matt spent two parts prior avoiding the Hula of Misfortune so not to lose all the money he saved up. Then, he meets the rumor demon...who casts the Hula of Misfortune and takes the money with it.
    Johnny: That's your money going down the toilet.
  • Behind the scenes commentary regarding the cursed escort and taxi reveal that Matt had some real bad luck on that segment alone due to the fact that the taxi kept fleeing every fight Matt was in.
  • Part 12
    Matt: Pedophiles are like the draw four of hate sinks.
  • Part 15:
    • Less than a minute in, Johnny sees a bomb explosion in-game that's similar to one in Die Hard and says "John McCain" instead of "John McClane."
  • Part 16:
    • The banter between Johnny and Matt that resulted from the bombing of the Gold Gym.
  • Part 18:
    • Johnny referring to the burning Aerospace Museum as such:
    Johnny: This is literally 'This is fine: the dungeon.
    • Once Maya pilots the blimp:
    Johnny: I can see the Sonic Adventure 2 comments based on the siren sound alone.
    • And then Matt and Johnny banter on the phallic resemblance of the blimp.
  • Part 19
    • The fact that the thumbnail and the title ("What Happened Next Made Absolutely No Sense") say it all with how bonkers the info-dump with Ms. Ideal gets.
    • This exchange:
    Matt: I haven't played Sorry in a long-ass time.
    Johnny: I'm sorry.
    • This bit of sarcasm:
    Johnny: Hey everybody, that Fuhrer seems like a nice guy.
  • Part 20:
    • The shtick of Johnny & Matt referring to the Masked Circle in the flashback as Power Rangers due to the resemblance in masks to Super Sentai. Extending to Johnny pointing out that Persona 2 would be a better season of Power Rangers than "In Space" or "Wild Force."
  • Part 21:
    • The tonal contrast between the scene where Big Sis announces she's moving away and "Ta-Daaa!! You're the boss today, right!?"
  • Part 22:
    • Matt casually drops this one when discussing the Nazis in this game:
    Matt: They're also afraid of freedom.
    • This bit regarding the rumors-are-reality component of the game:
    Matt: Thank Lord the Flat Earth Society isn't in this game!
  • Part 24:
    • The return of the Vishnu running gag from the Persona 1 LP.
    • Matt on a rather... suggestive summon animation from Ashma:
    Matt: I don't know. I think it's funny as shit that the Grim Reaper comes out of her vagina.
  • Part 25:
    • When a random encounter with Nazis isn't edited out:
    Matt: Oh great. Just when you think it's safe to log back into Twitter, more Nazis.

Pokemon Crystal Version

  • Continuing the tradition of funny-as-all-Hell name "JOEKOFF" from Red & Blue, Johnny gives this name for the rival character: FUCKBOI.
    • Much later, guys laughing their asses off when they see sudden Precision F-Strike: "Some FUCKBOI guy..."
  • "We join Ash today as he looks for the mystical Leaky Penis. Only in Sinnoh."
  • In Part 20, Elliot accidentally pronounces "Negative Ditto" as Negative Dildo. Johnny and Matt's following reactions are hysterical, to say the least.
    Johnny: What the fuck is a "Negative Dildo"?

Pokémon Red and Blue

  • Early on, Johnny honors Matt's request for the abuse-a-name character for the rival: JOEKOFF (a play on Jerk Off).
  • Johnny points out that the mother saw on TV that all boys leave home. But judging from what is playing on the TV at the time when he checks it; Johnny realizes that she (and likely others) got it from watching Stand by Me.
  • Because Oak's sprite looked angry, Elliot plays up Oak as an angry old man.
  • The gang occasionally breaks into golf commentary voices while narrating their battles.
  • In part 4, Johnny sends out Ivysaur against the rival's Charmander, confusing Matt as he tells Johnny Charmander has Ember at this point. Cue Johnny using Leech Seed not giving a fuck.
  • Elliot imagines Butterfree as something that throws out butter sticks; with Johnny playing it up as a butter liberator.
  • Elliot highlights a recurring gag in the games that the pokemon fandom always bring up: Why do trainers say rather benign things and end up fighting you about it?
    Matt: Go this way to the next town. FIGHT!
    Johnny: Excuse me, how do you— FIGHT!
  • Elliot's reaction to finding out Ted made him a Hypno in the BrainScratch Commentaries run for Pokémon Yellow declaring his vengeance on Ted.
  • In part 8 Johnny sends out a sleeping Gyarados to wake him up, telling the Geodude he was facing "You have one job." The Geodude then misses with Rock Throw four times.
  • The trio loves to make fun of the Early Installment Weirdness of Gen 1, especially the goofy sprites.
  • Texas Chili Bowl. Matt was initially squicked when he heard Elliot say this, so much that he didn't want to clarify the term to Johnny. This is immediately followed by Johnny mentioning that Elliot already hurt the viewers' ears by screaming, and him debating on if he should look it up.
    Elliot: He gave him a Texas Chili Bowl.
    Johnny: I don't know what that is.
    Matt: Oh my god!
    Johnny: Do I dare ask for context?
    Matt: No.
  • At the start of part 11, Johnny approaches the staircase to the top of the Pokémon tower, ready to fight the ghost of Marowak... only for a wild Gastly to appear instead.
  • Also near the beginning of part 11, Matt realizes that the characters Jessie and James from the anime are named after the American outlaw, Jessie Jamesa realization that most Pokémon fans made in the late 90s.
    Matt: Johnny... Jessie James.
    Johnny: Yeah.
    Matt: Famous American outlaw.
    Johnny: You just got that?
    Matt: Fuck!
  • A sound glitch in part 14 gave Johnny and Matt a good laugh.
  • Elliot's "Cthulu Mating Call" from part 18 had the guys in stitches.
  • From part 19, when talking about Seel:
    Johnny: It was a dick joke?
    Matt: Yes.
    Johnny: I don't wanna hear that shit.
  • "Mary Mooseknuckle" from part 20 caused some laughs to rival the Texas Chili Bowl.
  • The guys occasionally riff on the Cueball trainer class, especially the trainers' massive codpieces.

The Punisher

  • Matt tells Johnny that Frank Castle looks like Scott Hall. Johnny takes one look at the character model and is convinced that it is Scott Hall.
  • Elliot and Matt become convinced that one of the bystanders the Punisher saves is Keanu Reeves.
  • Matt accidentally kills a valuable perp with the drill... twice.
  • The guys become convinced that the boss of the third mission is Bernie Lomex, and only have their beliefs furthered when he spends the last section of the fight standing perfectly still and soaking up all the bullets that the Punisher shoots at him.
  • When one of the special interrogations turns out to be shoving a man's head into a toilet, the guys start talking about Punisher as if he's a schoolyard bully trying to get other kids to do his homework for him.
  • Johnny imagines Punisher doing a Sailor Moon-esque transformation into his combat gear and begs to see that be animated. This prompts them to sing a Punisher-themed take on the Sailor Moon theme song, while Greg imagines Daredevil filling in for Tuxedo Mask with his billy club in place of a rose.
  • The return of the Star Trek fight music when the Punisher fights the Russian, this time with footage included.
  • In Part 20, Nick Fury runs toward Punisher while his torso is dislocated.
    Greg: I'm sorry... did Nick Fury just limbo into battle?
    Johnny : He either limboed, or he split his spine ninety degrees for a split second!
  • "What is Almond Milk? Almonds don't have any titties, what am I drinking?"—Matt, 2016.
  • "In part 25 of the game, Matt throws a guy off into the river; but didn't realize that the Punisher himself was too close to the edge, so when he took that one step to throw him into the river, he slipped into the river and died there too.
  • In part 28, Matt forgets how to sword.


Ratchet & Clank

  • Matt attempting to reach a gold bolt on a platform that's directly below him, only to just barely miss the thing by an inch and fall to his death.
    Matt: Aim down here...
    Ratchet misses and dies
    Matt: Fuck!
    Elliot and Johnny: (both immediately start laughing)
  • Waxing Lyrical after Matt torches a group of enemies:
    Johnny: Assholes roasting on an open fire...
    Elliot: Ballsacks roasting... shit.
    Johnny: "Uh, line!"
  • By Part 11, the constant fighting between Ratchet and Clank starts to come off as Belligerent Sexual Tension. Johnny wastes no time in pointing this out.
    Johnny: Are they going to make out or what?
    Matt: Eventually.

Resident Evil

  • Matt encounters a zombie opening a door and confronting him in the kitchen. He makes the zombie sound like a mini-boss because of it until he kills it.
    Matt: This bastard is ruthless. *blows off the zombie's head with a shotgun* Or so I thought.
    Johnny and Elliot laugh hysterically
    • Happens again in a similar fashion when Matt fights the Black Tiger in the underground area:
    Matt: Here's a boss out of fucking nowhere with incredibly epic music for it. *shoots four magnum rounds into the spider, making its massive abdomen explode''
    Johnny: God DAMN! Jesus Christ! What the hell were in those bullets!?
    Matt: Colt Python, son.
    Elliot: It's arsenic! That's what's in it!
    Matt: Arsenic my ass. Arsenic wishes it can do that.
  • In the remake of the game, Matt pushes a box under a crusher and activates the crusher. As soon as the process is finished, Johnny's phone emits a chime at the same time, which surprisingly fits well with the cut scene.
  • Also in the Remake, Matt grabs the final Death Mask and buys his time until Richard gets eaten by the snake. Matt then grabs Richard's shotgun... and bails. Johnny's upset at Matt's cowardice, but Matt then has the audacity to justify himself.
    Johnny: Aaahh, you're not even going to avenge Richard?
    Matt: Fuck him.
    Johnny: You fucking asshole!
    Matt: Johnny, if I went and threw my life away there, his sacrifice would have been for nothing!
    Johnny: 'snickering' you fucker!
  • In the remake, Johnny wonders what's the point in the game having a 2nd disc when it's used so late in the game. Matt deduces that the developers just realized they ran out of their space and their response to the problem would be "YOU GOT TO HAVE MO DISK!"

Resident Evil 2 (Claire Scenario A)

  • Part 3:
    • Matt's analogy for acid rounds being compared to a Saturday night date and the tangent that ends in:
    Johnny: If you're gonna use a gun as a penis euphemism, you'd really have to use either a Beretta or a Glock. You wouldn't say a revolver because I don't think you have six nuts.
  • Part 4:
    • This exchange:
    '''Johnny: Did I see a Burger King advertisement?
    Matt: Yep. Burger Kong.
    Johnny: Burger Kong?
    Matt: Yeah. Home of the Whooper.
    Johnny & Elliot break out in hysterical laughter.
  • Part 6:
    • Matt's macabre tour of Chief Irons's corpse during the Sherry escort mission.
  • Part 7:
    • Elliot mistaking a cattle prod for a defibrillator during the William Birkman boss fight in the elevator shaft.
    • This bit of dark comedy from Matt regarding Sherry:
    Matt (as Claire): Sweetheart, never think that way about your family. Your daddy will always be inside you.
  • Part 8 (Finale)"
    • The return of the naked zombies, which led to this once the in-game camera got focused on a zombie's ass:
    Matt: That's Capcom. Capcom has never been a company that's shied away from money shots.

Resident Evil 2 (Leon Scenario B)

  • During Johnny's play through of the Leon B scenario, Leon gets absolutely mauled by William's monstrous form during the ride down during the elevator several times. Johnny checks on Leon's health and sees it's still in the green! Matt and Johnny conclude Leon's fancy new pants (alternate costume) took the blow.
    Johnny (after Leon is mauled): God DAMN! *checks on Leon's health and bursts out laughing*
    Elliot: WHAT!?
    Matt: It's the pants! That was a critical hit! How did you survive that!?
  • Part 1:
    • During the appearance of a ruthless Tyrant-like monster dubbed Mr. X, The creature's container has some numbers on it, to which Elliot dubs the monster as 007, causing Johnny and Matt to crack up at the idea of fighting a zombified James Bond.
  • Part 2:
    • Johnny changes Leon's clothes into the gangster outfit and has Leon raise his pistol up and down repeatedly. Matt asks Johnny to raise Leon's arm up and as soon as he does, Matt makes this little gem:
    Matt: Johnny, raise it up.
    Johnny What? *raises Leon's arm up*
    Matt: SIEG HEIL! *Elliot laughs uncontrollably*
    Johnny *snickers* Damn it, there's a Hitler reference in every let's play! Anyway...
  • Part 3:
    • The fact that the first thing Elliot thinks of with interrogation rooms is an episode of 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.'
    • Upon seeing Ada (made funnier by the announcement of RE 2 getting a remake):
    Matt: I imagine in HD, she has a massive cameltoe.
  • Part 4:
    • The tangent from a spider obliviously clipping through Leon in the sewers.
    Johnny: "Okay. Go!"
    Matt: "They were playing chicken."
    Some chuckles from Johnny & Elliot.
    Matt: Or maybe they were just having a friendly jousting match.
  • Part 6:
    • Matt's interpretation of Leon trying to hit on a newly-single Ada Wong.
  • Part 7:
    • When Mr. X's smash interrupts the connection of the TV, this quip is the result:
    Matt: I liked the book better.
    • When Johnny shoots the naked zombies with the custom shotgun:
    Johnny: I almost wanna make a one-liner after every kill here.
    Matt: Dead meat.
    Elliot starts cackling.
    Johnny: That made me cringe.
  • Part 8:
    • After Mr. X falls into the lava vat, this quip occurs:
    Matt: Psst. You won't believe this, but during that dive, the Russian judge gave him a 6.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

  • Part 1 has Matt call Jill a big busty bullseye.
  • Part 2 has Matt squaring off against Nemesis. Johnny creates a special Vs. menu between Jill and Nemesis like in his Johnny Vs. reviews. He also goes the distance and adds in a fight bell to begin the bout.
  • Part 3 has the second round with Nemesis, fight bell included, has the infamous moment of anti-nemesis bookshelf.
  • Part 4, which happened to be on Elliot's birthday, has Matt giving Elliot a little gift for him when Nemesis shows up. He takes it the wrong way at first before Matt blows up Nemesis.
    Matt: Here you go, birthday boy. Happy birthday!
    *Jill hides in the kitchen*
    Elliot: Hide in the kitchen. *Beat, and then laughs with Matt*
    Matt: That is so sexist!
    Johnny: Just what Elliot always wanted!
  • Also in part 4, Matt manages to dodge an attack from Nemesis, only to get smacked in the face afterwards, causing Elliot to compliment Matt on the dodge and then take it back.
    Elliot: Nice! Oh, never mind.
    Matt: Oh, thanks, Elliot!
    Johnny: I looked up to you!
  • Part 5, during Matt's return trip to the branching pathways by the mayor statue, Matt sets up a joke similar to the "ruthless zombie" gag he made in Resident Evil and tells Johnny and Elliot that there's something far worse coming up than Nemesis himself. A gang of zombies wearing suits and ties bust down a nearby door and Matt proclaims the worst enemy in the entire game are politicians.
  • During Part 6, Matthew backtracks to find Dario's Diary. As he's reading, he decides to ham it up in his usual readings. After the first paragraph, he believes that Dario has been talking to a flying hamburger. However, Elliot takes it one step further and believes that he's talking to Mayor McCheese. Johnny is in hysterics, and Matt starts laughing so hard that he can't focus on the reading!
    Matt: Ghost written by Stephen King and the Hamburglar.
  • Part seven opens with Matt getting himself psyched up for a major confrontation with Nemesis. However, when they go to face him...he's nowhere to be found. They nearly give up in the alleyways, when Nemesis comes casually strolling around the corner. The hilarious part, Johnny threw in the round bell anyway.
    Elliot: Oh, there he is. *DING-DING*
  • At the part where Nemesis blows up Jill's escape chopper, Johnny uses a Trollface Nemesis as the thumbnail image.
  • Part 10. After Carlos tells Jill that Nichoali is still alive and should be avoided, Elliot, Johnny, and Matt go into this:
    Elliot: *Doing a bad impersonation of Carlos's voice* Jill, remember the Alamo.
    Matt: *Snickering* On actual Puerto Rican day too nonetheless!
    Elliot: Alamo's Mexican!
    Matt: Oops.
    Johnny: *after a lengthy pause* You bastard. *all three burst out laughing*

Resident Evil – Code: Veronica

  • Johnny's epic WHAT!?!? when Steve contradicts himself in the span of two seconds.
  • The timing of two particular trophies stand out as well as the context to them and before them. One trophy for the hemostatic medicine popped up immediately after they thought they should have gotten a trophy for it. The other one, Green Giant, popped in after Steve's death. Johnny's reaction to the latter was priceless, lamenting on how even the trophy system doesn't like Steve!
  • Jilly Rancher, Elliot's new assigned profession to Jill.
  • Johnny goes full on classic Resident Evil 1 throughout the entire Chris scenario, coming up with various things he thought Chris would've said.
  • Matt drops off Chris's knife at the start of the scenario, and legitimately cannot find it for the life of him, even as he passes by it multiple times!
  • Chris' "Walk of Shame" after a touching scene with Claire giving Chris an important item, only for it to be ruined by Matt not having any inventory space to pick it up.
  • The end of part 6 where Matt gets the lockpick. After the group makes their Master of Unlocking joke, Matt notes how it's funny that he didn't get an achievement for getting the lockpick. Not even one second later, Matt gets a trophy, causing the group to burst out laughing from the comedic timing.
  • In Part 9, Matt realizes he butt-dialed a random number while his phone was in his pocket. While Elliot questions how one butt-dials on a touchscreen phone, Johnny has a horrifying thought.
    Johnny: You butt-dialed something, and say someone did pick up. Didn't you just fart like five minutes ago?
    Matt: Yes! (bursts into laughter)
    Johnny: (imitating the person being butt-dialed) Hello? GOODNESS ME! I think I'm talking to Chewbacca!
  • Part 13 has Chris defeating the Gulp Worm, causing to spit out Rodrigo and give his last words before handing over the lighter that Claire had given to him previously. Elliot ruins the mood by saying how messed up it would be if the lighter got lost inside the Gulp Worm's belly and Chris having to cut the body open to find it.

Resident Evil 0

  • Billy does something wrong? Add on to his sentence.
  • Elliot near the end of the let's play winds up falling asleep in the middle of the commentary. Johnny gives Elliot grief for "committing a great let's play sin" and the fact that Elliot was skipping out on the commentary while Johnny and Matt had to suffer through it due to Matt constant screw ups.
    Johnny: Get your ass up! There are just some things you don't do on a Let's Play. Falling asleep is right up there with killing your co-commentator. You just don't do it!
  • Matt's constant screw ups and deaths lead to someone saying this in one of the final episodes of the LP:
    YouTube Comment: They should just rename this LP as "It was at this moment Matthew knew...he fucked up", because that's going on a lot in this game. Sorry, Matt.
  • At one point, the group play up Billy as the most ignorant person imaginable, by having him mispronounce Spanish words and acting like a complete jackass.
  • A frog jumps out of the water, so Elliot yells out "Ribbitch". A few seconds later, Billy gets swallowed, sending the group into hysterics.

Resident Evil 4

  • Not five minutes in, and Johnny gives a shout out to the animator whose job it was to animate piss.
    Matt: They gave him the easy job.
  • Johnny, Elliot, and Mark doing their bad impressions of the locals by speaking Spanish as poorly as possible. They say they can get away with it because they're part Puerto Rican.
  • While saving the dog, the four of them get into an argument about the name of a flock of crows.
    Johnny: A group of crows is called a murder. I don't know what you call a group of ravens.
    Matt: Baltimore.
  • For the shootout in Part 1, Johnny hides in a small room, leading to some great bits like these:
    Mark: You know, you would all fit if you didn't try to go through the door all at once.
    Johnny: Sorry, we're closed. BOOM!
    • One of the mooks comes through the door with his hands up. Johnny still shoots him.
    Matt: That guy looked like he was trying to surrender.
  • Part 2 begins with Johnny coming to a stop because the game needed to finish downloading. He started the download three days before recording.
  • Johnny follows the time honored tradition of trying to look up Ashley's skirt.
  • The guys praise Johnny for shooting an arrow out of the way from point blank, only to immediately berate him when he gets shot by another arrow a second later.
  • Just the amount of times Johnny gets Ashley killed or captured in Part 11.

Rugrats: The Search for Reptar

  • Johnny screws up the intro by introducing the game as "Reptar: The Search for Rugrats", but notes that he would have loved to have a game in that fashion.
  • Halfway through Part 1, Johnny plays the Visitors from Outer Space level, which has an anti-gravity section that the player must get through. Combine John's known disdain for most anti-gravity mechanics, a terrible camera that can't be moved manually, and horrible controls, and we get John having a hilariously hard time getting through this area, made even better by John and Elliot's reactions to the situation.
  • The title of the first video: "Yes, Your Eyes Do Not Deceive You."
  • Whenever one of the babies or Angelica gets stuck in a corner, which happens more than you'd expect. As well as Chuckie repeatedly crashing into walls, which Johnny blames on Chuckie not having his glasses in that one mission.
  • Minor one, but there's a stage where Chuckie has to find, tag and then race each of the other babies to the crib. Elliot decides to edit in a punching sound whenever Chuckie "tags" a baby.


Shadow of Destiny

Shadow the Hedgehog

  • Part 3 brings back the "Shadow is a faker" joke from the Sonic Heroes playthrough.
  • In part 2, Johnny tries to correct Matt's slight fumbling of words, only for him to justify his inverted speech pattern by stating that he's [not] on the hero side. The result? Johnny deciding to reprise Live & Learn with "reverse lyrics":
    Johnny: [deadpan] Learn and Live! Hanging on the... center of... yesterday?
  • All the co-op hijinks, such as Shadow commanding Sonic to destroy GUN troops.
  • In Cryptic Castle, Johnny introduces Matt to a room full of Chao. As the description to the part notes, "a happy day for Matt shall be achieved".
    Matt (in an ecstatic voice): PAIN IS GOD, AND I AM POPE!
    Elliot: ...What?
    Matt (completely unchanged): PAIN IS GOD, AND I AM POPE!
  • During Space Gadget the two go on a tangent cracking jokes referencing gangster films in the Home Alone series, and Cosmic Fall is just filled with Johnny's humorous reactions to his death. After one game over Elliot edited in a "This is a load of barnacles..."
  • Part 11: Elliot's reaction to Maria, and Matt's reaction to playing as Maria.
  • Part 14 starts on the Options menu, where Johnny and Matt point out that the song list resembles an emo poem.
    I AM
  • Johnny has a bit of difficulty controlling his speed during one of the circus levels, which leads to him missing a ring that would take him to a higher part of the level. The video freezes and goes white, we hear "It was at this moment Nathan knew...he fucked up", video resumes, and Johnny falls to his death.
  • In Part 16, Elliot edits in a fart noise when Johnny uses Chaos Blast. Made funnier by Elliot asking, in the video, if he's allowed to. Johnny says no, but Matt encourages him to do it. It quickly became a Running Gag for the rest of the playthrough.
  • In Part 20, Johnny notices the circumstances leading to Shadow holding a bazooka in one hand and a bomb in the other.


  • Nearly everyone in Johnny's group of friends try using insane logic to bypass the puzzles and traps for hilarity, such as using the sword against the player character and trying to speak to anything and everything, sentient or not.
    • One of the best was when they came across a beautiful woman chained to the floor, and upon trying all their various options, she turned into a werewolf and killed the player character. Guess she didn't like getting poked with a sword.
  • Johnny and the rest of the Burley Men get a laugh at the player character dying by falling on his face when the torch goes out.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

  • On a meta sense, Elliot, the one always called out for being on his phone during their Let's Plays, is now relying on a phone to play the game.
  • In part 2, Matt finds out how to have Elliot call the Konami help line. In the same part, Matt has Elliot dial 867-5309. Johnny's in stitches.
    Elliot: What the hell?
    Matthew: Probably changed her number.
  • Watching Elliot try to color in the drawing during the second therapy session. A gem in that part from Elliot as well:
    Elliot: You see, once you clear a nightmare section, you're back in therapy.
  • In part 3, Elliot tells the audience why hiding in the game is pointless, resulting in Matt asking Elliot if Harry is hiding normally or if he's just putting his hands in front of his eyes.
  • Johnny pointing out how absurd it is for a team of Jocks to be known as the Cuckoos.
  • Johnny imagines that the raw shocks are horny fan-girls on the hunt for Harry Mason. Matthew enjoys it and both of them impersonate fan-girls.
  • At part 6, Matthew notices that Harry's limping animation looks like he's riding a hobby-horse.
    • Also in part 6, the crew enters Toluca Mall, with Matt pointing out that their slogan sounds like an Asian Whorehouse.
    • Also from part six, Elliot finds another number to call. Matt impersonates the HR department.
    Matthew: Greetings, you have called to be our personal, ball-washer.
  • At the end of part 10, when Harry is about to have sex with Dahila, Matt says that with everything Harry had gone through at that point, he needed to bust a nut, leading to Johnny and Elliot singing the Corn Nuts radio ad.

Silent Hill 2

  • Johnny, Elliot, and Matt all get a laugh at James's goofy as hell running animation, which makes him look like he's constantly swaying his hips.
  • Matt's dark, apt description of two of the characters.
    "This is James Sunderland, a man who is in town because of a letter he got from his wife. However, Mary has been suffering from a crippling case of the deads."
    "This is Angela Orosco, a woman with more issues than Sports Illustrated."
  • The rousing game of Mad Libs regarding game memos in which the speech is blanked out.

Silent Hill 3

Silent Hill 4

  • The guys poking fun at the stock sound effects the game uses, including the fact that the final boss makes the same cougar roar that the dog enemies do.
    Johnny: You can't fool me! I hear it!
  • In a similar vein, the guys also poking fun at the voice acting, especially Henry's.
    Johnny: (soft deadpan monotone) New phone, who dis? (Elliot and Matt begin cracking up)
  • Having to escort Eileen through the Otherworld results in the guys yelling "Come on, Eileen!", which inevitably turns into them singing Come On Eileen.
    Elliot: I'm not even trying to make the joke, like seriously come on!
  • Part 20, Matt points out that Richard Braintree's ghost looks significantly younger than his living self.
    Greg: Well, he's a young ghost. He was an older guy.
    Johnny: He's a newborn ghost.
  • Johnny's comment that ghost animations look like someone's dragging a ragdoll around in Source Filmmaker.
  • The guys joking about how ridiculous a concept of evil wheelchairs is, which comes back several parts later when Matt runs up a staircase to evade them:
    Greg: Ha! Stairs! Their only weakness!
  • Whenever a sound effect is edited in:
    • The death trap in Forest World is accompanied by a Thwomp grunting.
    • A "pop" sound accompanying cleansed hauntings vanishing from existence.
    • The slide whistle in the final part, whenever Walter Sullivan slides over to Henry's location (which is often).

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

  • John's impressions of Bentley. Also, "Acute Combustion!"
  • The Wild Mass Guessing as to how Bentley knows how many clue bottles are in the level.
    Johnny: Satellite imaging.
    Matt: Google Maps.
    Johnny: (Bentley voice) These pictures were taken around 2008. I don't think there's a bakery around here anymore.
  • After Elliot fails the crab shootout:
    Bentley: Better luck next time?
    Johnny: (Bentley Voice) ...ya dipshit!
  • In the crab battle, Matthew wonders if the crew will find Lauren at the bottom of the sea.
  • Elliot's entire failure at part 5.
  • Elliot's death in part 8 where he gets set on fire ends with Sly flat-dead and continuously bouncing on the platform.
  • Johnny's Bentley voice telling Elliot that the next page they should find is the common sense page, which will help Sly think with his head instead of his ass.
  • In Part 12, Matt plays the King of the Hill theme during the stage named "The King of the Hill." It's uncanny how well the music matches what's happening on screen.
  • Part 13 gave us the Flaming Temple of Flame, AKA Legends of the Hidden Temple: China Edition.
  • In Part 14, both Matt and John are annoyed and dumbfounded that the last vault in the Panda King's area can't be accessed until the game is beaten. According to Bentley, the code's in "owl dialect", which leads to this, causing Elliot, Matt, and the audience to crack up.
    Johnny: (Bentley Voice) Input HOO-HOO-HOO!
  • The Subtitles to the Anime version of the intro cutscene Johnny "Pulled out of his ass" in the finale episode.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

  • The first thing we hear is Johnny pointing out that the game's subtitle is shortened to "Tit".
  • The glorious return of Johnny's Bentley voice.
  • One of the playthrough's biggest running gags occurs as a result of the 'Job Failed' screen that always shows Sly in jail... even during jobs that he's not involved in.
  • Another major running gag involves the trio's constant bewilderment over the coin value of looted items. This all starts in the first hub world in Feudal Japan, where they discover that a pair of Ivory chopsticks are more valuable than most of the seemingly more priceless items that they come across.
  • YET another major running gag since Carmelita's introduction is that she and Sly's ancestors have all been, as Matt puts it, "doing the Nasty-in-the-Pasty". Over the course of the game they take this to the point where they believe Carmelita is Sly's ancestor... in several different generations.
    Matt (Tennessee voice): Ye-HA! So which one o' you people fucked Carmelita too?
  • Johnny's nonplussed reaction as Bentley during this exchange:
    Bentley: If it slices through the rope while you're on it, you'll fall into that pool of white-hot, molten metal below!
    Sly: Is that bad?
    (Elliot starts to chuckle.)
    Johnny!Bentley: Th-... The fuck did you just say?! NO! It's not; lick it! Lick it with your teeth!
  • Taking after The Grizz, Matt embarks on an extended bout of rhyming during the Ice Age levels, leading Elliot and Johnny to occasionally do the same.
    • This reaches its apex when Johnny starts singing Vanilla Ice in his Bentley voice.
  • During the Arabia world, Johnny comments how none of them had made any Aladdin references. Cue Elliot proceeding to reveal he slipped one in for the previous part's title.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves

  • Elliot's apt description of the next chapter seeming very pink in comparison to the last one. John and Matt were both cracking up over how half-assed the answer was.
  • Elliot listens to Matt and has Murray throw Bentley into the water for nothing more than "LP Slapstick".
  • John bemuses himself with Matt's idea of following Constable Neyla into a trap.
    Johnny (bentley voice): So, let me get this straight; you followed a police girl into police HQ?
    Matt(Sly): "What can I say? I have a charm for the ladies."
    Johnny (Bentley): You sure do! You dumbass!
  • When telling the audience about fine art; Matt would love the idea of stealing some of Dmitri's art and selling it back to Dmitri. John imagines Bentley wearing groucho marx glasses while making the sale!
  • This gem during Chapter 2 while Sly is taking recon photos of a ballroom.
    Bentley!Matt: Sly, you dropped the camera. That's your foot.
    Bentley!Johnny: This is marble flooring!
    Bentley!Elliot: That's a brick.
    Bentley!Matt: That's a pink curtain.
    Bentley!Johnny: That's Carmelita again.
    Bentley!Elliot: That's a penis!
    Johnny: Oh, Sly's one of those people.
  • Sly needs to break Murray out of jail, a plan that starts with Murray beating up 50 other inmates. Which is followed by Matt and John thinking how he would instigate the fight.
    Matt: "Hey guys! Riot!"
    Johnny (Murray): "Gentlemen, I'm dropping the soap. Come at me."
  • In Part 22, Elliot acquires a key needed for a mission and turns around to go searching for the next one, only to get shot in the face by a tank and die.
    • As a side point, Johnny expressed a small regret that he'd used a fitting thumbnail for an earlier part.
  • At the very end of Part 24, Elliot attempts to have Sly glide from a high, yet awkwardly placed vantage point in order to reach the next mission. Just when it looks like he's going to make it, an icicle crashes down on him and sends up falling to the ground.
  • In Part 15, after completing another part of hacking minigame as Bentley while standing right off the track, Elliot attempts to get back on the track to continue his mission and hack another terminal only for the out-of-control train to race by and run him over. When he restarts from the checkpoint, he attempts to continue again now assuming it's safe, only for the train to race by and immediately run him over again. Then he gets wise enough to wait until the train passes, then finally runs back on the track to continue... only for the train to turn around and run him over one last time.
  • John and Matt ask Elliot to try and put Carmelita to sleep with one of Bentley's darts. She quickly turns around to chase them
    Johnny (Bentley): Not one of my better plans!
    • One video later, while controlling Murray Elliot attempts to attack her to see if his strength will do any damage. She turns around to fight back and Elliot quickly turns to try and run away, only to immediately run right into yet ANOTHER speeding train.
  • Matt gets his tongue a bit tied while describing Jean Bison's appearance in the Episode 7 select screen.
    Matt: Cave-jack-lumber-man bison...*beat* "Cave-jack-lumber—"
    Johnny: CAVE-JACK-LUMBER-MAN BISON!!! *Johnny and Elliot start laughing*
  • In part 32, Elliot, after a bit recklessly collecting some keys from the guards makes a hasty escape, only for Sly's model to become ''decapitated'' while running around! Shortly afterwards, while the group is busy in hysterics, the game crashes.
    Johnny (Bentley): And that was Clock-La's true purpose! To decapitate my buddy Sly!
    • Prior to that moment during the segment with the TNT barrels and the magnetic chargers, Matt and John do a spot-on acapela rendition of the Super Mario Sunshine secret stage theme.

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

  • Any time John uses his Bentley voice.
  • Bentley getting "Frozen in time" in part 3.
  • During Operation Tar-Be-Gone, Elliot accidentally bombs a chair in the scramble to bomb the tar pipes. Cue Johnny and Matt's Bentley impressions making Bentley claim that the chair had provoked him into blowing it up.
  • After Murray says a Pre Ass Kicking One Liner, we get this (strangely nightmare-fueling) gem.
    Matt (Also in Murray's voice): Welcome to Hell, and you just dropped the soap.
    Johnny (In Murray's voice):...USING YOUR INTESTINES AS A CONDOM!!!!!
  • Drunk Bentley and Murray.
    • To elaborate, it's in an Australian LEMONADE bar, and the two need to cause a disruption, so they decide to drink a few mugs of lemonade and start tearing the place up in a drunken bar fight.
  • Sly thinking he's Jose just because of the pilot license he stole.
  • The Stinger of episode 16. Bentley lives the Thug Life. Context 
  • During the boss fight with the Black Baron, Elliot is killed thanks to a lucky shot from a mook, forcing him to start the whole fight over. Cue transition to Raphael screaming "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!"
  • In Part 24, Elliot's playing a mission as Bentley where he needs to use the grapple-cam gadget while Bentley stays perched safely from the top of a house. He accidentally hits the wrong button on the controller and actives his rocket-powered wheelchair instead, skyrocketing Bentley off the roof and ending the mission.
  • Part 28, ends up in a cavalcade of glitches and madness. From the music going out among other glitches and the growing frustration of the group with the ship segment, the group quickly start to lose their minds. Then the game softlocks in a cutscene where Sly and Bentley stare at each other's crotches, making the group end the part in frustration and bafflement.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

  • The first instance of Johnny referring to Elliot as "the Butt-Monkey."
  • Elliot has a laugh at Johnny's misfortune with the Slicers in Metropolis Zone.
    • Speaking of which, when Johnny gets hit by one Slicer, he lets out a high pitched scream that, to many viewers, made him sound like Ridley.
  • The result of the multiplayer.
    Johnny: 2-Player wins! 2-Player wins! Tied! Fuck.
  • During the Easy Mode run off of Sonic Jam, Johnny decides that the game is taking it easy on Elliot because "They must think you're the pussy of pussies."
  • Elliot, because he wanted to get some rings, ended up getting a game over in Hill Top Zone.
    Johnny: You got a game over on EASY MODE!

Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Sonic and Tails Run)

Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Knuckles Run Via Sonic 3 Complete)

  • Matt drowned in Angel Island Zone... Act 1!
    Matt: Yes I did!
  • Matt spontaneously dying at the start of Hydro City Act 2. The two chalk it up to a brain aneurysm.
  • Matt plays the slot machine Special Stage during Flying Battery Act 2 and gets two Robotnik rolls in a row, going from 159 rings to 0.
  • Knuckles clipping through the sand in Sandopolis.
    • Then the sand leaving entirely.
      Johnny (as the sand): I have to go now, my planet needs me.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

  • Johnny shows off one of Sonic's ways to go to the "moon" (going off the map) by using a Gem to continuously levitate a box to the point where the sky graphics end. On the way back down, Sonic's fall is interrupted at the end with a loud SPLAT.
    • He then attempts to show another way involving Silver's boss fight. Somehow Silver escapes from the boundaries and begins chasing him across Soleanna, at which Johnny freaks out, and plays ominous music to potray the scene like a horror movie.
  • At Part 4, the cutscene after White Acropolis has a brilliant edit that'll make some roll on the floor. If you're impatient, it's shortly after 8:45, but the part must be watched from the very beginning for the necessary build-up (or at least the beginning of the cutscene at 6:57).
  • One town mission has Silver protect a girl named Roberta from exploding red barrels. When the mission ends, Roberta still dies due to the explosion, abruptly ending the mission with no rank. Johnny laments this for a few seconds, then resumes playing.
  • Part 14, after Amy finds out Silver was trying to kill Sonic.
    Amy Rose: If I had to choose between the world and Sonic, I would choose Sonic!
    Johnny: (in the background) You crazy bitch!
  • "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Hatsun the Pigeon. Marvel at its beauty."
  • Part 29 has Michael Scott from The Office screaming "NO, GOD! PLEASE, NO!" when Elise kisses Sonic to revive him.
  • When Sonic gets impaled from the back by Mephiles, a sound clip of Sonic shouting "LASERS" plays in the background.
  • Johnny rage breaking when Elliot almost makes them lose.
  • Matt's over-the-top laughter after Elliot gets bombarded with meteors. It's contagious.
    • Johnny's line pretty much seals it.
      Johnny: Joker here! I've infected the room with laugh gas! Our first casualty: Matthew Metelli!

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II

  • Johnny and Elliot name the Rolling Combo "The Bromance Attack."
  • Elliot provides some voice acting for the Metal Sonic fight while Sonic and Tails use the Bromance Attack.
    Elliot!Metal: If you can stop sucking each other's dicks that'd be nice.
  • Johnny and Elliot have a tense fight... with the first boss, which Johnny promptly lampshades.
  • When Elliot!Tails suddenly randomly flies the Tornado off screen, Johnny comments that Tails just went "Fuck you Sonic! You're on your own!"

Sonic Adventure

  • When Johnny enters the second area of Red Mountain, he misses most of the Ring Boxes. And with the hellish environment, Matt jumps to the conclusion they're in Lewis' personal Hell.
  • Elliot makes an ice, well timed pun at the Ice Cap entrance:
    Matt: And you fell into the water.
    Johnny: Well, what do you have to say for yourself?
    Elliot: I...I was on thin ice.
    Johnny (beat): Christ...
  • In Sonic's run through the Lost World in part 7, Johnny decides to use an exploit in the boulder section where said boulder rolls ahead of him so that he doesn't have to worry about outrunning it. The boulder rolls incredibly slow due to how Rubber Band A.I. works and Johnny proceeds to botch the whole thing by screwing up his jump from the springs and falling into the bottomless pit. Johnny decides to play the section the correct way, which turns out to be a lot faster than the exploit way.
    Johnny: (After falling into the pit) Fine, I'll do it the right way!
    Matt: And so you have successfully wasted my time!
    Johnny: (While running at high speeds away from the boulder) It is a lot faster.
  • Part 12 when Eggman suddenly stops in the middle of his race against Tails, Matt and John insinuate he's at a drive-thru.
  • During the start of Matt's turn of the LP, Elliot sings a Ted reference, but Matt's got no idea about what he's singing about, leaving him flabberghasted.
  • Right at the start of Speed Highway for Knuckles, Elliot imagined Knuckles' section of the game played as if he's Dora the Explorer.
  • When a mysterious shadow is cast over Station Square at the beginning of Amy's story:
    Matt (imitating Big): HI, HAVE YOU SEEN FROGGY? (Elliot and Johnny crack up)
    Johnny: God damn! What a drop shadow!
  • In the same part, Elliot and Matt's reaction to Johnny picking up the Burger Man Statue.
    • One of the comments about this:
    The Precise Climber: 3:33 How to pick up men - Amy Rose edition
  • During Amy's Twinkle Circuit sidegame, Elliot suggests that Zero is chasing Amy in one of the cars. What follows is a hilarious series of song references.
  • The start of the Big playthrough and all the guys spend the better portion of the video talking like Big.
  • After one part of the big playthrough, the guys change the speech patterns to Japanese for the hell of it. At one point, they return to Station Square and talk to Sonic who speaks in Japanese, prompting Big to wonder why the hell nobody speaks English around there.
  • "Chaos, eat a Snickers."

Sonic Adventure 2

  • Matt has WAY too much fun abusing the Chao in part 2. To orgasmic levels.
    Matt: It doesn't take me much to make me cum, er happy.
    Johnny: What!?! Whoa there Matt, reel it back in there buddy.
    • He gleefully declares that "It's Matt time!" whenever he gets to return to the Garden.
  • The utter Mood Whiplash when obtaining Eggman's Jet Booster in Part 4. explanation 
  • Johnny defeats Sonic in the first Sonic Vs. Shadow Battle by exploiting a glitch that makes the game think he's in somersault mode even when he's standing still, which causes Sonic to wig out before finally killing himself by repeatedly running into Shadow.
    • And he does it again when doing the battle on the Hero side in Part 11.
  • "What rhymes with "Oy vey"?" "Ole?" *punch* "OLE!"
  • Every time the gang brings up Eggman's "Yosh"
  • Episode 10's description:
    Episode 10: No food or movies? Better wreck San Francisco.
  • Johnny dying to the Egg Golem within the first two seconds of the fight in part 14.
  • Apparently Meteors seem to hate the guys because in part 15, while Matt was trying to show how to use the stationary meteors to get the Sunglasses for Knuckles, Falling Meteors destroyed one of them.
    Matt: You just gotta get the meteors here... *a falling meteor destroys the stationary meteor* ...Fuck you Meteor!
    Johnny and Elliot: *burst out laughing*
    • this come back full force during the multiplayer playthrough when Elliot gets hit by a meteor... Again.
  • Just before the final battle between Shadow and Sonic; the characters' scripts can't be heard because of the music. Johnny pretends that Shadow can't hear Sonic at all, and mishear Sonic call himself "Sonic the Hedge-clippers"
    • On a similar note, Elliot notes the poor sound mix during Sonic and Shadow's first encounter.
    Elliot: Hey, my name's Shadow. What?! I'm the ultimate lifefo- What?!
  • The ending of the dark side story plays the prompt for the hero side story. The premise elicits the driest Flat "What" from Matt and makes Johnny crack up.
  • Matt as the Big Foot pilot when the Homing Attack goes a little haywire.
    Matt!Pilot: Big Foot to HQ, you're not gonna fuckin' believe this! Apparently I have my own orbit!
    • When the pilot expresses surprise that "one hedgehog" took the mech out, Matt chimes in with "There's probably someone back at base with an animal chart, looking at a 'real' Bigfoot and a real hedgehog, just 'huh?'"
  • Shadow's Light Speed Attack "turns him into a miniature moon."
  • After Matt finally beats the Mad Space stage with the Chao Key:
    Matt: And Mad Space is done! Now, it's Matt time!
    Announcer:Six hours later.
  • The entire Final Rush race. Memorable moments range from Sonic's icon not progressing any further despite Johnny's commanding lead, the "Total Control" moment, in which every time Elliot uses Chaos Control, the animation glitches and turns solid gray for several seconds, a camera glitch where Johnny's camera became Shadow's camera for a split second, both characters falling sideways, and the characters falling through the killzones (Areas in which the game registers the player's deaths as opposed to allowing for massive Sequence Breaking).
    Matt: This is the definitive HD release as you truly imagined it.
  • Elliot constantly falling into meteors in Mad Space. Amazingly, this isn't the first time he became a magnet for meteors in a Sonic game (see above).

Sonic Heroes

  • Johnny switches formations going through a loop, sending him shooting to his death and causing all three to yell out "Whoa!", but when Knuckles actually hits the water, he too utters "Whoa!" in the same style as the trio, causing Elliot and Matt to crack up.
    • A similar situation happens to Elliot in Team Rose's run, though Elliot manages to save himself from falling.
  • At the end of Bullet Station, Elliot and Matt try to link the grade to its meaning.
    Elliot: E for Eggman Succeeded.
    Matt: E for E-Fuck This Level.
  • Elliot sounds and seems fed up with this game by part 7.
  • In Part 2 of the Chaotix Story Playthrough Johnny breaks some boxes that a Eggman Robot was standing on only for the robot to float in mid air causing the trio to lose it.
  • Elliot doing what ever this is in Team Chaotix part 4.
  • At the first story finale, Elliot thinks the text that says "Play Another Story!" should really have said "You're Not Fucking Done!"
    • Likewise, at the grand finale, when the screen instead says "Get All A-Ranks!", Elliot dubs it to mean "You're Kind Of Done, Just Get Good!"
  • In the first part of the Team Dark playthrough, the guys sing, to the tune of the main theme of the game, "Anti Heeeeroooes! Anti Heeeeroooes!"
    • Matt christening the Team Dark playthrough "Omega Heroes" due to the amount of time he plays in Power formation.
  • This gem:
  • Matt doesn't like BINGO Highway.
    Matt: I'd rather pick my nose than play BINGO.
  • Omega's gambling problem in part 3 of the Team Dark playthrough.
    Johnny (Shadow): Omega, I think it's time to admit you have a problem.
    Matt (Omega): Fuck you I have a problem!
    Johnny (Omega): Up yours, faker! I can stop anytime I want!
  • The team has a blast playing Omega up as a colossal asshole who digs shit up from people's pasts to insult them, but the kicker is during Bullet Station where Johnny starts to realize they're doing this to him and edits the following commentary to match Omega's synthesized tone.
    • Anytime they fall from a large height, they have Omega poke fun at Shadow, considering he survived one in SA2.
  • By the time they reach Team Chaotix, everyone is sick of the game and they decide to spruce things up by each taking control of a specific formation (Johnny as Espio, Matt as Vector, and Elliot as Charmy), making for one hell of a playthrough.
  • While Johnny takes care of the sleeping enemies on Team Chaotix's Egg Fleet, Elliot gives us this:
    Elliot: SleePINGAS usual!
  • Their interpretation of Big's reaction to Frog Forest:
    Matt (Big): ALRIGHT!
    Johnny (Big): Let me tell you about the day I orgasmed three times.
  • In Team Sonic's Frog Forest:
    Sonic: Did you guys hear a croak?
    Johnny (Sonic): Ah, my franchise died again.

Sonic Mania

  • During Part 3, Matt admits that he didn't know Sonic X was an anime. ...seriously.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

  • Just their reaction to something absurd that only make sense in South Park that is worth a chuckle, especially Matt's reaction.
  • In Part 6:
    (Matt cracks up laughing)
    Matt: Happy birthday, Ryan!
  • Part 11's editing during the fight with the underpants gnomes with the David Hasselhoff head.
  • Part 12 has Elliot going in for the Hasselhoff Rhinoplasty. Seeing the Hoff interact with everything had Johnny and Matt laughing sporadically.
  • Part 13. Dire Bears VS Jesus Christ. Doubly funny that the time of the recording happened on Easter no less:
    Johnny: OK, Elliot, what's going on with Dire Bears?
    Elliot summons Jesus, who then mows down the bears with full automatic rifles
    Matt: That's where Christ comes into play!
    Johnny: Oh, thank Christ!
    Elliot: Thank you, Jesus!
  • "Dire X!" "What do they do?" "They're X... only dire."

Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six

  • The fact that dick punching became the weapon of choice in this LP.
  • During the battle with Mysterio, Mysterio defeated the guys by kicking Spider-Man in the ass.

Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety

  • Johnny pointing out some of Spidey's animations and sprites in this game. This ranged from looking depressed when standing still tonoticing that when Spidey attacks someone he's grabbed, he dick punches them.
  • The Running Gag where the trio continue to think that every time the Jury takes Spider-Man or Venom to a trap room and chain them up that they're trying to due bizarre, kinky things to them.

Spider-Man: The Movie

  • Johnny ends up swinging too low while chasing after the Vulture, causing him to make Spidey fall to his death.
  • Both Spider-Man and Scorpion end up getting killed due to Johnny holding onto an exploding van.
  • During the boss fight with Kraven, Johnny gets killed by Kraven's attack, and then Kraven immediately drops dead seconds later!
  • During the Stealth-Based Mission in Oscorp, the NES Metal Gear soundtrack plays through the entire segment, as well as the "!" sound effect whenever Spidey gets noticed. The thumbnail also features Peter Parker with Big Boss' bandanna, beard, and eyepatch photoshopped over his face.
  • The final level starts with Mary Jane getting blown up by the Green Goblin within the first 10 seconds of Johnny getting control. The trio's reactions are what really sell it.
  • Matt's difficulties with the "Spider-Bowling" minigame at the end, which result in him (repeatedly) crashing into the ceiling.
    • He also, somehow, managed to throw the "ball" straight into the pins, and still hit nothing.


  • When Elliot says that the Terror Mask is voiced by Jim Cummings (specifically saying that the Mask is voiced by Pete), the rest of the crew start giving the Mask the voice of Pete and even Winnie the Pooh.
  • In Part 2, even though Elliot has a full health bar, a random enemy one-shots him.

Star Fox

Super Castlevania IV

  • The entire existence of Spartac Belmont.
  • Two Red Skeletons randomly start moonwalking at one point.

Super Luigi Galaxy

Super Mario Bros.

  • The moment that will forever live in infamy: Elliot gets a Game Over in World 1-1 by falling down the same pit.
    • The furthest Elliot ever got was World 1-2, and even then, he died to a Goomba. That death led to — you guessed it — a Game Over.
    Johnny: And now I must save the world alone.
  • During World 5-2, Johnny's running on top of the level. Down below are the Buzzy Beetles, which Elliot points out. Johnny mishears this as "Fuzzy Meatloaf", thus giving birth to the longest-running joke on the channel.

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

  • The first thing anyone hears in the LP? Elliot telling Johnny "I hate you" over and over.
  • Matt berates Johnny for playing the original version of the game when there's an easier and less frustrating version within Mario All-Stars. Johnny says he is playing the NES version to prove it can be beaten and to prove he is a man. Matt then explains that kind of attitude is how people get stabbed in the street, to which he then imagines Johnny fending off a mugger by saying "I beat Lost Levels!"
  • Part 3 has Johnny dying yet again as he was speaking about the world he was playing in, then saying FUCK! as he died, causing Matt and Elliot to declare the world as World Fuck.
  • Part 4 has the group talking about Spanish teachers when Johnny says he never got Spanish out of Master Bates, causing Elliot and Matt to crack up laughing after Johnny realizes what he just said.
  • Elliot asks Johnny and Matt "what's a molar?" Johnny's disbelief that Elliot asked that distracts him so much it causes him to run straight into a Koopa shell he just kicked.
  • At one point, Johnny tells Matt and Elliot to berate him, thinking that them praising him is causing him to screw up. Matt proceeds to insult Johnny, his family, his job, and everything about him, while Elliot simply calls Johnny the biggest douchebag of a brother he's ever had, while admitting he wanted to say that at one point in his life.
  • The finale right off the bat. After reaching the final level, Johnny has Elliot play "The Final Countdown" in the background to get pumped up. Johnny proceeds to run right into a lava pit as soon as the song starts.

Super Mario Bros. 3

  • Elliot's case of misusing words reaches an all-time... climax in Part 4.
    Johnny: Elliot, I shouldn't have to say this! But Elliot, never butt-fuck me!
  • Johnny puts on a frog suit for world 3's second fortress, and he still has it on as he approaches the boss room.
    Johnny: Face me, Boom Boom!
  • Level 3-8 is full of these:
    • Johnny using the Jaws Theme twice in order whenever Elliot's about to get eaten.
    • Matt sending Elliot to level 8 in world 3, knowing full well boss bass is in that level as a means of punishment.
    • Johnny taunts Boss Bass with the use of the fire-flower, only to serve himself with a side of Karma.
    Johnny: OH NO!
    Matthew: Looks like he had Chili. He had-a one spicy meat-a-ball!
    Johnny: (whimpering) Choke on it...
  • Elliot loses track of what world they're in at the start of part 5.
    Elliot: World seven, here we go!
    Matt: World four.
    Johnny: (simultaneously) Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to world four.
    *Beat, all laugh*
  • Elliot pointing out that the tower in World 5 looks like a giant turd.
  • In World five's first fortress, Elliot traded off a tanooki suit for a fire-flower. Matt compared it to trading off a Lexus for a Kia.
  • Matt's wordplay in level 6-7 gave a new meaning to doughnuts as a portmanteau of D'Oh! and Nuts!
  • In Part 10, following Elliot's death to a Boo, Matt lets loose a Hurricane of Boo-related Puns, one of which is later revealed to have been completely unintentional.
    Matt: He Boo-ted you out the door. Boo yah!
    Johnny: (Pauses game, laughing) Wait.. I caught that, Matt.
  • The entirety of the gold-mine fortress; in which the other two brothers don't tell Elliot how to get out of the dungeon. Eventually, Johnny comes up with his own lyrics "Running out of Time" during the P-Block theme. Finally, ending it causes some light snark out of Matthew.
    Matthew: So what happened? 200 seconds expired and his Battle Royale collar exploded.
  • Elliot finally getting the five up in world 7.
    Matthew: Seven Worlds!
  • In the coin fortress level of world 7, Elliot is frantically trying to figure out the solution to the level. Johnny repeatedly sings along running out of time along with the theme.
  • Any of Johnny's baseball umpire impersonations during Elliot's run through the pipeland fortress and gauntlet.
  • ZZ Top?!
  • When Johnny dies near the end of the game, Elliot decides to smack talk him. When Matt tell him that he has no room to talk (Elliot has constantly died throughout the LP, among other mistakes), Elliot shoots back with "You drowned in Angel Island." Johnny immediately puts Elliot in his place by reminding him that he died in World 1-1.

Super Mario Maker

  • During part 3 of the 100-Mario challenge, Johnny comes across an unfortunate misspelling in one of the levels, which makes Matt uncomfortable, but Elliot starts saying it in the most hilariously suggestive ways.
    Johnny: I don't think this kid knew how to spell ninja. ULTIMATE NINGA WARRIOR!
    Matt: The more you say it, the worse it gets.
    • And yet Elliot continues to say it for a bit, as when he starts his 100 Mario game, the first thing he says is "What up my ningas, we're back!"
    Johnny: Stop, you're making Matt sweat.
  • Part 10 has Johnny playing a fan submitted level and he waits for Bowser to crush enough blocks so Mario can get by. As Johnny waits in the tiny alcove, Bowser suddenly flies towards Mario and gets close enough for the two sprites to overlap like they were kissing and Elliot editing in the moment for a freeze frame bonus and the part's thumbnail.
    Johnny (as Mario): Oh, hey, Bowser! *smooch*
    Matt: Love ya, baby!
  • Part 12 has a fan submitted level that the trio simply can't beat and spend the majority of the video trying to beat it. After many failed attempts, Johnny decides to fill the entire ground level with blocks so he can skip the entire level and reach the flagpole. Elliot and Matt burst out laughing and call Johnny out for being such a dick to the person who made the level, but Johnny nonchalantly gave no fucks.
    Matt: You're an ass hole! I knew you were gonna cheese this, you ass!
    Elliot: You're a dick.
    Matt: You're a fucking piece of shit.
    Johnny: Well, that's what I got to say. I don't give a fuck. What you gonna do?
    Elliot: He ends up unsubscribing.
  • In part 13, the trio plays a level where there's tons of Spinies stacked on each other and other objects. Towards the end of the level, there's a single Spiny placed on a lone block that can easily be jumped over. Elliot and Matt wind up jumping into it and losing a life each, which causes Johnny to fly in a fit of rage over how the two managed to screw up something so simple.
    Johnny (to Elliot): Why would do... why did you do that?! It's like the most obvious fucking Spiny and you jump right on top of the goddamn thing!! BAW GAHD!!
    • Elliot's death here was bad enough for Johnny, but the rage really goes out when Matt dies to the same Spiny. Even worse this is just after Matt had just pulled a pretty epic clutch in the boss battle preceding it.
    Johnny (to Matt): MATT! What the fuck!? What is it, fucking hormones?! You wanna fuck that Spiny?!?!
  • In part 14, the well-improvised "Castle of Bullshit" medley.
    Matt: Sturgeon's Law, full effect... This is why nobody directs... jumping... contributes... I'm running on fumes... Come on and something... (He dies.)
    Johnny: BULLSHIT!
    Matt: I died.
    Elliot/Johnny: (at the same time) GODDAMN!/BULLSHIT!
    Matt: I died.
    Johnny: THIS IS BULLSHIT NOW! <imitates wind-down>
  • It takes Johnny correcting Elliot on the lyrics to realize that the song "I'm So Excited" is about trying to hide a boner.
    Matt: I'm surprised it took you this long!
  • Part 15, as Elliot aims for a question mark block across a floor with Munchers:
    Matt: Greed don't fail me now.
    *The blocks holds a mushroom, which Elliot already has.*
    Matt: Greed, you failed me! You fucking failed me!
    *Mario then hits a Muncher causing him to shrink*
    Johnny: And now I have nothing!

Super Mario Sunshine

  • Due to a slip of the tongue, the crew take to calling Shadow Mario "Maro".
  • Several in Part 14.
    • Johnny spends several seconds shooting at Shadow Mario, but the latter just stands there and takes it.
    • Two cases of scared and angry yells involving Shine Sprites shooting far away from where Mario is, first with the large Sprite and second with a gold bird.
    • Johnny says at the beginning he'll save the blue coins for later. Shortly after getting the Turbo Nozzle, he ends up getting a blue coin when he confuses one set of doors for another.
    • The end of the video, where Elliot and Matt improv an argument between Mario and a Pianta about their sex lives.
  • Part 15:
    • During "The Yoshi-Go-Round's Secret", Johnny was spraying the sand in order to get the certain fruit for the Yoshi egg. While he was stomping on the various Swipin' Stus, one of them actually took Mario's hat note . Johnny and the crew were shocked about it and Matt poked fun about it being a precursor to Mario Odyssey. What tops it off is that Johnny decides to leave the hat behind, only for his health to deplete.
    Johnny: Oh, that's right. Mario can't live without the DAMN HAT!!!
  • The various things the crew has FLUDD say to poke fun at Mario.
  • Hey TV Tropes, did you know that if you enter and exit Corona Mountain, the flood in Delfino Plaza goes away?
    • Johnny calls himself out on it during the Blue Coins part noting that he DID know that during the Nintendothon a few years back.
  • When it comes time to gather the Blue Coins, Johnny does it all by himself as a means to answer fan questions, while also drinking beer at the same time.

Super Mario World

  • Elliot died in a SWITCH PALACE!
  • Elliot manages to somehow get killed while riding Yoshi.
    • To be fair, the other guys don't bust his balls for that one; they're just as confused as he is.
  • Same level as the above, Elliot falls down a pit. That freeze frame makes the Koopa Troopa look like he's waving bye to Elliot. Johnny and Matt take notice.
  • Matt tries to explain what white chocolate is.
    Matt: White chocolate is a chocolate derivative. It was created in 1885 by the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan when they refused to eat dark chocolate... This is a lie.
    Johnny: You actually had me going there for a minute.
  • In yet another mishap, Elliot is about to complete Star World 5 and reaches the goal, only to turn around literally at the last second and fall to his death. Johnny has a near-meltdown at this point and his reaction needs to be seen to be believed.
    • And then there's his reaction to Elliot pushing the P Switch into the pit in the same stage.
  • Near the end of the game, Johnny attempts to flip apart several rotating blocks with the cape powerup, only to inexplicably clip through both them and the floor and fall into his death. Both he and Elliot are left completely dumbfounded while Matt can barely contain his laughter.

Super Mario Blue Twilight DX

  • The trio's reaction to Luigi's ending for beating Bowser is priceless as they're stumped upon the sudden appearance of Doc Brown taking Luigi away leaving Peach on her own still tied up.
  • And then there's their reaction to Luigi's ending for beating Dracula, where Luigi finds himself in the ending sequence to Sonic 2!

Super Mario 64

  • Everybody gets in on impersonating Mario and his thoughts on the various shenanigans of his adventure in an Italian accent.
  • Johnny complains about how he hates mission 4-5 (Snowman's Lost His Head), only to beat it on the first try in a visually entertaining way. The whole mission can be viewed here.
    Johnny (as Mario): This way! Follow the back-sliding Italian!
  • While not from the LP itself, Ryan has been trolling the comment section with his own commentary on how Johnny is playing the game wrong.
    Johnny (as Mario): There's someone calling me out for it in the comments, because he has to be happy somehow!
    • Johnny calls him out on it in Part 5.
    • And again in the finale.
    Johnny: God knows I've already upsetted Ryan-senpai.
    Matt: Oh no, you upset an otaku about video games.
    • Also note Ryan actually had a failure in part 4, labeling his comment as 'Things Johnny did wrong #5' rather than #4, causing someone to ask if a part had two mistakes, prompting him to reply;
  • Anything to do with the Ice Bully in Snowman's Land. Three times does the Ice Bully die in Part 13 and only during the mission that requires the Ice Bully to die does Mario have anything to do with his death. The third time, Mario was all the way across the map from the Ice Bully when it died.
  • This bit from part 15 when Johnny is opening the cannon in Tall, Tall Mountain. note 
    Johnny: And now, I'm going to get my ass burnt. It was nice knowing you, arrivederci!
    • The best part comes afterwords. note 
    Elliot: Plan B!
    • In the same part after the monkey breaks open a cage that contains a star, Johnny proceeds to jump off the cliff after it with a ground pound, only to land on a ledge right below him and suffer fall damage.
    Johnny: [Pretending to be in pain] Ohhhh! My ass!
  • In Part 16, Johnny tackles Tiny Huge Island, and the gang goes all out the shrinking and growing gimmick of the level by pitch-shifting their commentary, having high-pitched voices when Mario is small and low-pitched voices when Mario is big.
    Johnny (in the comments): Oh sweet fucking Jesus. The lower pitch came out way better than I thought it was going to.
  • The end of the LP has live action footage of Johnny barging into Ryan's hotel room to beat the shit out of him for all his trollish comments. The video cuts out as soon as we hear the punch sound effect.
    • Many people were just laughing at Johnny's goofy as hell angry walk. Someone referred to it as "Parkinsons' Scarecrow".

Super Smash Bros. Brawl: The Subspace Emissary

Super Metroid

  • In part 1, the trio starts ripping into Metroid: Other M and make fun of Adam for his authorization shenanigans. They have this exchange:
    Elliot: *while Johnny is in the options menu* You're not authorized to changed controls!
    Matt: Who the fuck gave you the right, ass hole?
    Johnny: Authorize this!
    Matt: He just whipped out his dick, folks.
    Johnny and Matt: I call it the Adam.
    Elliot: I call it a Snickersnote .
    Johnny: *Is in stunned disbelief for a moment* Oh, my god.
    Matt *Bursts out laughing* Shots fired!


Tales of Symphonia

  • In part 9, Johnny edits in fireworks when Matt obtains the Celebrate 100 Trophy.
  • In Part 10, the reaction to Lloyd getting 25 points on his exam. Out of 400!
    Matt: Lloyd spelled his name wrong!
  • Part 17 has Colette lying towards Lloyd about her condition while Lloyd calls her out on it, causing Johnny to edit in the "Truth, Doubt, Lie" button prompts from L.A. Noire and added the jingle from it as well.
  • In part 20, Matt gets his shit wrecked by Efreet's explosion attack. That alone was worth the laugh, but then Johnny edits in an instant replay while Matt commentates over the whole fiasco.
  • The end result of Colette's Journey of Regeneration led Johnny to say "I am Colette/Presea, please insert girder" anytime either she or Presea are addressed.
    • It can be any sentence, so long as "girder" is used in it.
  • "We're going to throw a meteor at the world. Now hear me out! ... Yeah it's pretty fucking stupid."
  • During the boss of the Bonus Dungeon, there's this moment where Kratos is chasing Raine down
    Matt!Kratos: Get back here, you!
    John!Raine: Don't shoot the medic!


Use Your Words

  • Johnny gives his own name as a player, Elliot names himself Felawful, and Matt, after accidentally naming himself the password, changes his name to... Munchma Quchi.
    • During the livestream for the game at a later time, he named himself Kareem Oliver Diaz and Mel Ester.
  • Some of the answers they give for the categories. Highlights include:
    • I am Cornholio!
    • Fuck you, that's who.
    • The Village Swordbreaker, bitch!
    • Giant Sack Merges With Giant Sack!
    • Santa Has a New Bag!
    • I just had sex. I was on the receiving end.
    • I'm not crying. I just caught a whiff of your mother's curry.
    • YA PUSSY STANK! (you KNOW that was a Matt answer)
    • The best answer has to go to Matt during the Survey Says, where one of the questions is "A Reason To Be Suspicious of an Email", and he uses that opportunity to poke fun at Johnny.
    • And these are just a few examples, because much like 1 2 Switch, we'd be here forever listing off all the things they came up with.


Valiant Hearts

  • When reading letters of the characters, they gave them exaggerated and stereotypical accents. Hilariously in Part 2, Elliot cannot make up his mind on the accent for Karl. And Matt gave Marie a chain smoker voice.
    Johnny: I thought he was German.
    Elliot: Fuck you.
  • Matt repeatly insisting Eliot eat the dog.
  • In Part 13, Elliot somehow manages to get crushed by a tank being tipped. Johnny chimes in with the Looney Tunes outro music after everyone bursts out laughing.


The Walking Dead

  • Pretty much any time they do an impression of Lee. It's pretty much this LP's equivalent of Manic Depressed Luigi.
  • The crash scene in the start of the game where the sheriff driving Lee crashes into a walker. Right before the impact happens, Elliot is given a choice for a reaction and all four are a variation of Oh, Crap!. Johnny and Matt are in hysterics at the speech prompts and the timing of the crash, causing Johnny to ask "Did you just press X to zombie?!"
  • In Part 3, when Clem is attacked by a walker, Lee makes a face that Johnny interprets as "Did I leave the oven on?"
  • Johnny's dumbfounded reaction to the radio actually needing batteries.
    Johnny: I was joking.
  • In Episode two, when the owners of the dairy are revealed to be members of the St. John Family, Matt brings up something:
    Matt: If one of them is named Austin, we're gonna either have a Red Rangers flashback, or a gay porn flashback.
  • In Episode three, Johnny's reaction to Carley's "I've been thinking about you" line is amazing.
    Johnny (As Lee): Well, I've been thinking about you too. Say, do you wanna see "General Lee?"
    • Which causes Matt and Elliot to laugh their asses off and call Johnny racist, which he asks why, being completely unaware of the Unfortunate Implications of what he just said.
    Matt: General Lee was the leader of the South!
    • The part also has Lee searching for clues with Duck, which obviously leads them to quote the infamous "You fuck young boys?" joke among other references.
  • Lee slipping on a pool of blood in part 1, despite the fact that he was only standing and not moving, causes the group to break into hysterics and laugh at Lee every time he slips and falls in the future.
  • Episode 3- Part 3, during the attack, due to a glitch, Elliot manages to kill two Walkers with one shot, leaving the group dumbfounded.
  • All throughout chapter 3 after they get forcefully evicted from the Motel; Johnny and Matt keep pestering Ben if he was the reason the Bandits came to attack them.
    Johnny: You know what always makes me feel good? Confessions. Makes the soul clean, makes me feel good..."
  • At the end of Episode 3 - Part 5, the game glitches which prevents the commands from popping up. Forcing them to end the part and reset the game.
  • During Episode 4 - Part 1, Johnny does a certain post edit on a shootout. What makes it better is Elliot's counting during it.
  • In chapter 4, the guys have Lee drop the race card to prove to Vernon that he's no threat.


Yoshi's Island

  • In part 4, Johnny repeatedly dying in the extra stage of world 1 set to the athletic theme.
  • At the start of Part 6, Johnny was about to comment how the Gusties look like ghostly Torpedo Teds, until Matt interrupted him to comment that they look like flying condoms, causing Johnny and Elliot to crack up for over a minute. Johnny will never be able to look at Gusties the same way again.
  • During one level, Johnny goes to jump, not noticing the Gusties (or as Matt calls them, flying condoms) right above him. The video freezes and goes white with a Gusty about to hit Johnny, and we hear "It was at this moment Nathan knew...he fucked up." The video resumes, and Johnny is sent flying.
  • Johnny making an Accidental Innuendo upon dying in More Monkey Madness causes Matt and Elliot to crack up.
  • While dealing with the Jungle Shy Guys, Johnny explains how they can only be attacked from behind by saying "You can't lick them from the front", causing Elliot to absolutely lose it.
    • Of course, this comes after Elliot accidentally refers to the doggy paddle as "doggy style". When Elliot starts laughing at the above innuendo, Johnny calls Elliot out for his own slip of the tongue.
  • While fighting the raven boss on the moon, Elliot refers to the way he's beaten as the Thousand Years of Pain.
  • The Monster Mash song from part 19.
  • Johnny shows off the easy and cheap way to beat Navel Piranha, by hitting it from off-screen before Kamek can make it grow.
    Johnny As Kamek: OH MY!
  • In Sluggy the Unshaven's Fort, John gets hit by a bat and accidentally makes Yoshi ground pound straight down a pit immediately afterward. All of their reactions are hilarious.


Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

  • Matt manages to get the other two to crack up within the first 5 seconds of the Let's Play.
    Johnny: Greetings! I am Johnny.
    Elliot: I'm Elliot.
    Matt: And I am Error.
  • Matt's offhand comment on what really sunk the titanic: Jews.
  • In the first episode, Johnny decides to farm Bubbles for easy experience. There's one point where one is bouncing around the room and Johnny times his swing so he hits it... only for it to change its movement pattern so Bort misses it completely.
  • P!!! (shouted every time there's a P-Bag on screen.)
  • During the final part, Johnny edits in a colossal F-bomb with a scene from the introduction of Paranoia Agent. Doubly so by using the guy who stands infront of a nuclear explosion.
  • At the Great Palace, Johnny answers Matt's question on how fighting Dark Bort shows courage: it takes true courage to not use the corner trick to defeat Dark Bort.

Smackdown Sundays

    Smackdown Sundays 

Mario Kart 64

  • The entirety of the Moo-Moo Farm race because they can't seem to believe how fast they're going through the racetrack.
  • Near the end of the Moo-Moo Farm race, Johnny and Elliot completely blow Matt up to win the race at the end.
  • Matt's comeback at Kalamari Desert earned him snarky retorts from Mario.
    Johnny (Mario): "Not-a winning this one, he says. Going to come in third place, he says..."
  • Matt manages to shoot himself with his own green shell during the Toad's Turnpike race.
  • Sherbet Land on 150cc immediately begins with Elliot and Matt falling into the water.

Mario Kart Wii

Twisted Metal 2

  • Matt uses Grasshopper's special attack only to get himself killed by Axel (Elliot).
  • Johnny calling Twisted Zippy the retarded chick.
  • The final battle at Antarctica had some great laughs:
    Johnny: Elliot, did you seriously forget? Oh yeah! He's Mr. Slam! What does he do? Oh yeah, HE SLAMS!
    Matt: Let me remind you Elliot!
    Johnny: "Let me get close to him, and maybe he won't slam me? Like a Boss!"


  • The ending credits. Matthew snipes off Johnny by having one entry be: Smallest Dick: Johnny! The whole credits play, and Johnny earned the most marks for being the most incorrect person ever, yet the game calls Elliot the biggest loser. Poor kid can't catch a break.
  • Johnny pointing out that Matt and Elliot have no problems looking at Elliot's Bulge.
  • The reasoning the guys have for some of the answers they come out to.

Mortal Kombat XL

  • During a battle between Scorpion (classic) and Triborg (Smoke), John says he's "just blowing smoke".
  • Johnny as Shinnok.
  • Johnny's Skeletor voice for Shinnok during his match with Matt playing Goro, taunting and shit-talking the four-armed Shokan the entire match.
    "Hello, Goro, you four-armed bitch!"
    Elliot: (laughing) He's a Shokan!
    "Eh, that's how they say 'bitch' in Outworld!"
    *after Matt's unsuccessful Stomp attack* "Is that how you impressed the wife in bed? The one I murdered."
    *while Matt is performing Goro's Fatality* "You still hit like a bitch!"

Battle Arena Toshinden 3

  • Johnny picks Naru, Matt picks Ten Count. Unfortunate Implications aplenty. Also during the fight, Elliot and Johnny make a ton of jokes stemming from the late King of Pop's musical titles.
  • Matt cannot seem to block Elliot's chainsaw attacks for the life of him.

You Don't Know Jack

  • Matt gets so flustered trying to talk over the announcer that after a while he just gives up.
  • Matt tries to screw Elliot... twice. He fails both times.
  • When they see the animation for Round 10, this conversation takes place:
    Johnny: Did the 1 and the 0 just do it?
    Elliot: And they had a kid!

WWF Smackdown War Zone

  • They recorded this one right after the drunk Mario Party for 2017. It shows.

Dragon Ball GT Final Bout

  • Johnny, Elliot, and Matt can't help but laugh at the poorly dubbed English voices at the character select screen.
  • Matt, as Perfect Cell, tries to hit Johnny, as Pan, with an energy blast. Pan just happens to be a bit too short, but just the perfect height for a dick punch.

Super Bomberman R

  • It's Johnny, Elliot, Matt, and the AI in three rounds of Bomberman. They lose, in all three rounds, to the computer.
    Johnny: Let's put [the COM] to Normal, because I don't wanna lose to the COM.
    Matt: If you don't wanna lose to the COM, then put it on Easy.

The Game of Life

  • Everyone riffs on Johnny's player character, "WHITE." They do so even more when Johnny wins.
  • Elliot, to his own surprise, maintains a commanding lead for a while by leeching off of the other players' money.
  • Johnny quips about Blue committing tax fraud.
    Johnny!Blue: Blue-skidoo, the money's due!

Jackbox Party Pack 5: Patently Stupid

  • The Final Round problem is "I wish Brazilian Fart Porn was more fun!" Johnny's invention? Jesus Saves: You Fuckers Need Jesus.

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