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  • Zoey and Nilesy's Let's Play of Cry of Fear is nothing short of hilarious. Especially the Magikarp incident.
  • The world is not ready for the love between Zoey and her Stylus.
  • Too Spooky For Zoey week. Just... all of it. But especially this.
  • During the Dwarven Dairy Drive, Zoey starts reading out fanfic that ships Ravs with Teep, a sapient dinosaur, and has the two of them make out for hours on end. He doesn't exactly find this pleasant.
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  • Rythian and Zoey's New Year's Eve Portal 2 Adventure. Drunken puzzle-solving featuring the Dark Lord Teep and insights like "That thing that you just did reminded me of that thing you do."
    Rythian: "It says 'don't shout hello until you're across the river.' Okay? Do you get it, do you know why you don't shout hello until you're across the river?"
    Zoey: "But what if the river's greeting you? It'd be rude to just ignore it. Like, if the river's just like "'sup, man" and you don't talk to him until you've gone."
  • How does Zoey's 'A Very Pro-As-Heck Christmas' stream start? With Jaraxxus performing Thriller and under the impression that it's still Halloween.
  • Zoey can't hold her liquor at all, as shown in her and Fiona's Christmas Livestream when Fiona told her to take various shots as an alternative to playing Black Rats. Hilarity Ensues. The next morning, Fiona tweets that she's fine and that Zoey is... hungover at best.
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  • Zoey and Fiona start livestreaming Grand Theft Auto V with other members of the Yogscast. Her attempts to be a law abiding citizen... don't last long, and eventually the stream devolves into her fighting with Ravs and Zylus.
  • Zoey joins the main channel for Trouble in Terrorist Town. Within only three episodes, she inadvertently kills Rythian by trying to disarm C4 without a defuser, causing him to angrily ask why she did that, kills fellow traitor Lewis Brindley with a jihad bomb a half-second after the round ends, and brutally murders Sjin after his attempts at trolling let Duncan Jones win.
  • This post on her Tumblr is gold.
    'tomjesson: What's your favourite thing to do in your spare time?
  • This surprising exchange in '''TTT' with Kim Richards and Lewis, viewable here.
    Kim: As the resident expert on fingeringnote , y'know, he's very quick to point the finger.
    Lewis: (in disbelief) As the resident expert on fingering...
    Zoey: Well... I mean...
  • Her livestream of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Not only does her quirkiness clash with the mature nature of the content, but due to the game's open-ended nature combined with her lack of series familiarity and admitted nervousness during the session, Zoey's usual skills often fail to materialize. Highlights include:
    • Attempting to survey a small enemy village from a cliffside vantage point... and combat rolling straight over the edge instead of drawing her binoculars.
    • Reasoning that hiding in a dumpster will eventually be an effective strategy because the enemy militants have to have a trash cycle of some kind.
    • Thinking she can stealth through a town full of previously alerted guards while on horseback. This results in her horse getting shot (non-lethally, as she realizes later) and her giving a frantic eulogy behind a boulder, in which she mentions that her horse was three days away from retirement.
    • Dive-tackling the horse.
    • Trying to discard an unconscious enemy after transporting him on horseback, only to throw the body directly into the horse's head. After a Beat, the horse slumps over and blacks out.
    • Her stupefied reaction when pressing a button while hiding from alerted enemies causes her to reach out, grab someone coming through the doorway, and smash his head against the wall.
    • Toward the end, she finally manages to pull off a string of competent moves to rescue Miller and get cleanly to the extraction point. And then the Skulls arrive, and the helicopter gets repositioned. She almost curses during the cutscene and is stuck between bewilderment and raw terror for the rest of the sequence.
  • A valid, if oddly worded answer from the Tumblr:
    Anonymous: Fav dbz char?
    Zoey: satan
  • When playing Grand Theft Auto V with the other Yogs, Zoey has her default taunt set to using her fingers to crudely mime sex acts. And she does it constantly.
  • This:
    Rythian: I think your strategy of playing nothing but Mergerlergalergs may have been slightly off.
  • The gang decide to start roleplaying as other Yogscasters in a Duck Game match. Zoey picks Rythian. Hilarity Ensues.
    Zoey: Magic. Magic. Magic. Dragon! Evil. Shadow. Bane. Ender.
    Everyone cracks up
    • Later, after she gets hit while her back is turned:
    Zoey: I was busy brooding.
  • The fan base has started a trend of putting any and all mentions of Fiona in quotation marks, implying that she's not actually real.
  • On the 2015 Christmas Eve stream, it's revealed that when Zoey and Fiona wake up every morning, Zoey turns to Fiona and says something random in one of her crazy voices. Apparently, "HOI! I'M TEMMIE!" is a recurring one.
    • On the same stream, Fiona starts reading donation messages as she does on every break. As they're being read off, Zoey randomly starts sexily petting Fiona's face. Fiona continues reading until Zoey starts playing with her mouth.
    • The stream finally ends with Fiona noticing the mostly-empty bottle of whiskey from the 2014 stream, which still has a small amount in it. She decides to make it her final shot of the night. After some technical difficulties resulting from spilling, she downs the glass and remarks on how awful it is. Zoey then kisses her on the lips, and thus immediately tastes the whiskey herself. Hilarity Ensues.
  • On a solo art stream, Zoey notices that the eyes make her Temmie art look depressed.
    Zoey: The eyes look a bit sad, like "Why are you doing this? Why are you creating me, master? Please delete me now!" (Starts cracking up) "Do not bring me to life! I wish to be free of this pain... Hoiiiiii!" And other such words.
  • The 2016 Valentine's Day stream ends with Fiona making a remark about tulips, which Zoey takes as a pun about two lips and kissing. Zoey spends the last five minutes working herself up trying and failing to solve the pun, which Fiona repeatedly denies was the joke, and eventually laughs so hard she cries.
  • Another solo art segment preceding Fiona's arrival to the stream has Zoey trying to draw "Bollard Man", a supervillain with the power to summon bollards from his body. On taking the chat's advice to have the bollard physically sprouting out of him, Zoey connects the stick figure with the massive bollard by way of two lines between his legs. The instant she sees what she's done, she immediately backpedals.
  • Zoey streams Alien: Isolation, one of 2014's most acclaimed horror games — and for the first few minutes, Fiona isn't there to help her. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Her sanity gradually deteriorates right in the opening cutscene, when the Uncanny Valley facial effects and overused sweat sheen get noticeable.
    Zoey: His face is so wet! [...] I'm distracted by the glistening sweat. It's so moist.
    • When the first door opens on the Sevastapol to reveal an ominous dark passage, she balks, descends into a stream of gibberish in a croaking old woman voice, and contemplates waiting for Fiona. Fiona then tells her she'll be in in ten minutes.
    • How does the lone Zoey cope with the escalating tension? By adopting a random traffic cone as her Companion Cube (taking the time to slowly kick it from place to place since she can't grab it properly) and singing a steadily cracking cover of "Roxanne".
    Zoey: Come on, cone! The soothing sounds of The Police will help us - (unintelligible whimper)
    • Zoey is separated from the cone shortly before Fiona comes in. She memorializes her exceptionally short-term "friend" with a song:
    Zoey: And it seems to me you lived your life like a conedle in the wind...
    • The stream ends at the first gameplay encounter with the Xenomorph. Zoey tries to hack a door open while chat yells at her to run, but she and Fiona blissfully ignore them... and the ominous footsteps and screeching noises closing in on them. Only when the tail impales her does Zoey realize that the Xenomorph is a proper enemy now.
  • Zoey and Fiona's stream of Dishonored gets off to a rollicking start with Zoey singing Fiona's name to the tune of their background music for about three minutes, then refusing to start the game in favor of random conversations with a steadily deteriorating Fiona.
    Fiona: I don't have a favorite meme!
    Zoey: And why is it Dat Boi?
    Fiona: It's not Dat Boi!
    Zoey: ... Oh shit, waddup.
    Fiona: (giggling) What the fuck?
    Zoey: Language!
    • Fiona, acting as Corvo's voice while Zoey plays, first encounters Emily.
    Emily: Corvo, you're back!
    Fiona: Oh my gosh, there's a child! Why am I hugging it?!
    Fiona: These streams aren't just to make Rythian suffer!
    Zoey: I feel like they should be.
  • In Zoey's solo stream of the Bangkok mission in Hitman, she briefly loses the plot while being told about her target:
    Diana: After all, today is Jordan Cross' 27th birthday....
    Zoey: Oh, happy birthday, man!
    Diana: ...the age when rock stars die.
  • Another solo stream, which has Zoey go through the first three hours of Bioshock Infinite, starts off well when she happens upon a basin labeled "Of Thy Sins, Shall I Wash Thee", and Booker refuses to use it when she interacts with it.
    • Her horror and confusion upon finding four worshippers in different areas of the starting garden who have the same face and haircut.
    • Zoey gets a minor case of sensory overload when she first enters Columbia proper, and spends several minutes simply spluttering incoherently at all of the moving parts.
    • Upon finding out that Columbia has the technology to record voices in 1912, she wonders if Comstock is a Twitch streamer.
    • Because she's turned down the in-game music to avoid a copyright strike, all of the bands at the Columbia Fair appear to be simply toiling away at silent instruments.
    • Zoey has to pause and take a drink after stumbling onto the racist raffle and seeing the first gory death. When she unpauses after a few minutes of cooling down and reading donations, her first attempt at a melee attack takes off her attacker's head completely, forcing her to pause and drink again.
    • A radio announcer reports on Booker's "rampage" and claims he's a malicious mass-murderer.
    Zoey: No, they shot me first! They were being mean!
    • This exchange, after Booker has killed a lot of soldiers in front of Elizabeth:
    Elizabeth: You're a monster!
    Zoey: No I'm not! ("Murder of Crows" vigor idle animation causes Booker's hand to turn into a warped talon) Ignore the bird hand!
  • About half an hour into their stream of Besiege, Zoey and Fiona are faced with armies attacking them from three sides, which they must eliminate. After numerous failed plans (this encounter takes up a full hour of the stream, give or take), both of them undergo severe Sanity Slippage, with Fiona intently constructing a ridiculous multi-leveled fortress of cannons and bombs while Zoey continually pesters Fiona with the idea of using an explosion to launch a boulder. And the instant they first try to test it, it immediately explodes.
    • During the last round, they decide to destroy a structure on a hill using a catapult. Zoey tries a hand at constructing it first, and does a good job... except for the fact that it's perfectly constructed upside-down, leaving the boulder to limply roll out as the launching mechanism simply slides off. Then Fiona takes a crack at it, ignores Zoey's advice, and proceeds to reassemble it backwards. Their third attempt has Fiona finally attach the rope in the right area, but when she tries to launch, the entire catapult splits in half because the other rope wasn't removed.
    • Fed up with the final level, Zoey clicks out and loads in the aforementioned Weapon of Mass Destruction again, intending it as a joke because it doesn't move to the level's parameters. However, by sheer luck, firing it causes enough stray damage to the structure that they instantly win.
  • Zoey and Fiona's Halloween 2016 stream gets off to a rollicking start with this exchange:
    Fiona: Yeah, I know.
    Zoey: (quietly) And other things.
    Fiona: I love y- (processes what was said, descends into giggling) Oh God, no! You can't say that!
    • As Fiona is trying and failing to build a stable bridge:
    Zoey: What are you doing?
    Fiona: I'm thinking!
    Zoey: Yeah? Doesn't show.
  • Zoey and Fiona's stream of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Zoey is a huge fan of the franchise, while Fiona knows nothing about it. Hilarity Ensues:
    • On the character select screen, Zoey refers to the scouter on the model of herself that she made, and Fiona makes an OVER 9000 reference because that's all she knows. Zoey spends the next minute just giving her a look.
    • Followed by Zoey's fevered attempts to explain the Freeza Race's cold-based Theme Naming, and Fiona asking whether the creator wrote the series while trapped in his kitchen.
    • During the intro scene showing Bardock's death:
    Fiona: So I was right! He does die. Not trampled by wildebeests, but trampled by a sun.
    Zoey: This isn't The Lion King!
    (Freeza's massive Death Ball absorbs Bardock and collides with the planet below.)
  • The Steep stream gets off to a great start even before the game is booted up, with Zoey's Adorkable, nonsensical "snow music" song and Hurricane of Puns regarding snow.
    • Zoey reveals that she has an intense fear of heights just as she's preparing for her first wingsuit jump. Her terrified reactions throughout the gliding session are utterly priceless.
    • During a heated exchange during which Fiona asks to be paid for putting up with Zoey's escalating shenanigans, the Twitch viewers donate $7.17, which — as the FiZone custom notifications point out — looks like "tit", which leads to this:
    Zoey: They paid you a tit, babe.
    Fiona: Ah, thanks! Thank you for paying me something. (Beat, in a lower, sultrier voice) Will I get that something, Zoey?
    Zoey: ... Yes. You know that you always have a handle on my tits.
  • In their first stream of Resident Evil 7: biohazard, they reach the first big scare, Andre's mutilated face dropping down at them when they pull his body off a meat hook. Both are frightened, but right as Jack Baker comes into frame and the camera cuts out, one of their donation messages plays and sends them both into hysterics.

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