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    Black Hole Of Board Games 
  • His entire conversation with the Gatekeeper in the Nightmare review.
  • At the end where the Gatecleaner (the Gatekeeper's nephew) forces him to review the other games in the series before sending him to the Black Hole BLA-GOLE!
  • Party Mania sees Spoony as a Valley Girl. Proof that CMOF and Nightmare Fuel can be combined seamlessly.
    • On the commentary he says that one joke that didn't come through is that he has "really hairy Wookiee legs" that he wanted to show at one point, but the definition wasn't high enough to make them out.
    • Linkara as '80s Chick was hilarious; Benzaie, on the other hand...
      • Bandit Keith/The Gatekeither: I mock your misfortune with a manly American skronk! [skronks] Nyahahahahahahaa! [long pause] ... in America!
  • Isaac Asimov's Robots:
    • When the Spacer representative, after being taunted by Bailey, tosses an object at him: "There is no crime in our utopia, Detective Bailey. Now THINK FAST SHITHEAD!! Now go catch that Assassin or we're gonna exterminate you like cockroaches. BE WELL, SHARE AND ENJOY!"
    • All of his Hitchhiker's Guide references, actually. For example, he wears a "Vote Zaphod Beeblebrox '12" shirt during the review.
    • Spoony's reaction to the game's premise: Solve an attempted murder before time runs out or else the Spacers invade the Earth to put down violent riots.
    • He points out the problem with the premise- if the spacers send down the robots, the robots will be bound by the three laws, the first two of which are "You aren't allowed to hurt humans" and "You must obey humans" (roughly). So he postulates a scenario where the robots will come down to wreck the earth, refuse to harm anyone, and then the Earthers will just order them to go back home, which the Spacers will reverse, and this continues endlessly.
  • Spoony shows off the rest of the VCR games to offer in a poll. One of the outtakes has a couple of the games falling over and he corpses, saying that was bound to happen.
  • About 90% of the VCR WrestleMania Game review. It starts with Spoony insulting the overall cheapness and cash-grab nature of the product in saying he could make a better VCR game with Hulk Hogan (and does). Then moves on to The Ultimate Spoony selling children's bath toys before finishing in a three way augment between The Ultimate Spoony, Hulk Spogan and the Spoony Sheik (Noah playing all three) while Spoony sits and reads Feast for Crows (which only causes the Spoony Sheik to start complaining about that series instead).
  • Oh god, the entire VCR Golf review is amazing. Spoony can turn crap into gold.
    • He look at the back of the box and see two people having fun with a board game, VCR Golf. And then photoshop it out with Crossfire. Then make the two sounds like there are having fun with VCR Golf.
      • "EXTREME!!!!"
    • His reading of the blurb at the back of the game's box in the same hushed tones as golf announcers, only to start laughing when he comes across the line about 4AM "that's the stroke" sessions. Additionally:
    • As he's explaining the rules (and how boring they are) Spoony immediately invents a new, better game: Wizards playing golf!
    • Aaand then he Goes Mad From The Revelation when he learns that you have to use an actual putter and golf ball to play the game. Which is not mentioned anywhere in the game box.
    • And when you think it can't get worse for poor ol' Spoony, halfway through the review, he is sent a DIFFERENT VCR Golf. It's made better by the fact that, at first, he thinks it's the same one. Then he sees the box the other one came in, compares the two, and then realizes its a different game.
    • After the video, Spoony tries to putt a ball into the plastic cup that came with the game, only for Oreo to immediately chase after the ball, while he and Miles laugh.
    • And then Spoony takes about nine strokes to sink in the putt, but Miles manages a hole in one.
    Miles: Bobby Jones, cuz that was a stroke of genius.
    • The beginning of the review: Remember when he said that he would stab whoever sent him the game? When he saw the game at his front door, he pulled out a gunblade and his car-keys, wearing a small Slasher Smile.
      • He then dedicates the video 'to the memory of all the fans who donated'.
    • The Sanity Slippage with the second game is just brilliant. He stares at it for a good bit, reeling with a mix of shock, horror, and disbelief... until he suddenly stops. He grows a Slasher Smile and slowly looks around, as if there were other people in the room. Finally, he walks out and comes back with a Gunblade, laughing like The Joker.
    • At the end, he goes on about how he took the worst the fans had to offer... and is interrupted by the doorbell again. The last look he gives the camera before throwing the games down makes things better.
  • Justin Bieber: Always Be Mine with Brad Jones and Brian Lewis. Which is basically Truth or Dare without Truths and with juvenile tweenie Dares and score keeping.
    Brad: ..Boom, first person in class to get plastic surgery.
  • Gone Birding: The Ultimate Birding VCR Game
    • The simple fact that it exists and was given to Spoony sent him into a stupor... after he tried to kill Travis Crabtree.
      • For that matter, how the video goes from Spoony Laughing Mad scored by Mr. Crabtree's theme music, followed by him running after him with the gunblade before a Smash Cut to the show's opening.
      • The best part of this bit is right before the music starts. Travis says that a package addressed to Spoony arrives at his house. Spoony's only response is to just stare despairingly at the box and murmur a quiet "Great".
    • The scientific names of various birds, including 'Anas rubripes' (American Black Duck) and 'Carduelis pinus' (Pine Siskin/finch)
    • Halfway through the video, it gets so boring/torturous that Spoony has to resort to stabbing himself in the leg (or the groin, considering the angle) with a pencil.
    • His beard also grows as he's watching the video.
    • He reads, in an anguished, despairing voice, the event cards which consist of nothing but bad puns.
    • In the end, he realizes that instead of watching this fucking video, he can go outside, taking his dog Oreo for a walk. Dr. Insano takes his place with great interest. Scored by Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World."
  • AWA Power Slam VCR Wrestling
    April: Take the fucking game!!!
    • Thanks to the WWE Network, Spoony happens to be watching the legendary Mankind-Undertaker Hell In A Cell match at King of the Ring 1998 and even the match he's watching seems to be disgusted by the game's existence, as the moment we see the front of the box...
    J.R.: Good God, GOOD GOD!
    King: That's it, he's dead.
    Announcer: Remco presents-
    Spoony: -This game wins! At least one person put in at least one second of original gameplay content, which is ONE more second than the Wrestlemania gametape had!
    • And later, when the video pauses and starts counting down during the first segment.
    Spoony: That was thing! A thing just happened and I noticed it!
    Spoony: My point is- (Beat) I can't even remember now, what the FUCK was that?! (Sigh) Wrestling is fucking weird...
    • Spoony's amazement at how, unlike the arbitrary point system from the Wrestlemania VCR game, the Power Slam VCR game had actual gameplay in the footage
    Spoony: Holy SHIT, you may actually have to pay attention to the video! You have to interact with what's happening on screen!! Actual thought may be required!!! (Hastily pulls out instruction sheet)
  • Spoony opens up a second Viewer's Choice. One of the games that comes up is Hooked on Bass: VCR Bass Fishing Game. He just shows a clip after an Aside Glance and letting out a sigh.
  • His conversations with the hosts of the Nightmare expansion packs and the opening conversation with the Gatekeeper.
    • Being whipped by Anne de Chantraine. And her sudden transformation from beautiful witch to classic ugly wrinkly witch.
    Spoony: Honey, you got real ugly. Seriously though, you look like you are taking a big time stakeout shit.
    • His reaction to the host of Nightmare: Vampire is the best, the host is a sultry vampiress by the name of Elizabeth Bathory (Yes, as in THAT Elizabeth Bathory, the infamous legendary "Blood Countess") whose every line is sexual innuendo interspersed with orgasmic breathing. Spoony stares open mouthed at her, pouring a can of Mountain Dew into his lap, then drops the can, reaches off the screen, brings in another can and opens it, without his expression ever changing.
    • At one point in the old Nightmare commercial, one player grabs and reads a Fate card with an incredibly cheesy fake expression of glee on her face leading to Spoony mocking it and acting it out with a Fate card reading: "You have resurrected Crystal Pepsi!" A heavenly choir sings and we hear a thunderclap of awesomeness as Spoony mugs in open-mouthed joy. Then he gets another Fate card reads "Beyond Thunderdome!" and causing enough joy to Spoony that it generates wind, somehow. Even thin air loves the joke!
    • While tossing cards at Anne, Spoony finds a card that tells him he can take a key from anyone and everyone he successfully manages to scare, but it has to be a "fair scare." How does he do it?
    Spoony: Tricky. Oh and you can relax, unlike Miss Piggy over there I don't use really loud noises to scare you and slap you upside the fucking soul, those aren't fair. I use legit psychological trauma. I have to scare everybody to get the keys out of here, huh? Okay, sorry abou this. Roll the Harkonnen thong footage! *Beat* Nah I'm just kidding, I wouldn't do that.
    cut to more footage of Spoony checking out the board game'
    Spoony: Now I think what's really amazing here and by far the most impressive really is my awesome package. *cue Harkonnen thong footage while Spoony laughs manically.*
    • Spoony's latest addition to the multitude of Gatekeepers, the Baitkeeper! "Now, ugly one! Take a little maggot, and use this Black Pole, and cast it into the Black Hole!
    • Describing just how far Baron Samedi will go to ruin "Dirtbag"'s game.
    • Spoony threatening to pull a "Serpent and the Rainbow" on Baron Samedi...and then clumsily explaining the reference.
    • Even worse: At the end: the Baitkeeper makes the VCR "Hooked on Bass" board game appear on top of Spoony. The fiend!
    • This exchange:
    Baron Samedi: What's happenin' Bro?
    Spoony (sulky and drinking Mountain Dew): Nothin'. Stuck in the Blag Hole, hafta review all the Nightmare games, so my day basically sucks.
  • Spoony's Shout-Out to Beetlejuice telling Baron Samedi all of the things that prove no, he's not paranoid. And Samedi's comeback.
    Spoony: Paranoid? Well I've been in a Twitter war with a black knight from an RPG on the original Game Boy for a few months, I've been playing Civilization V and just got pre-emptively nuked by Gandhi and had a pretty good time doing that, I've played the Battlestar Galactica board game and its expansions about A-HUNDRED-AND-SIXTY-SEVEN TIMES, AND IT KEEPS GETTING BLOODIER '''EVERY SINGLE TIME I PLAY IT!''' Not to mention the fact that you're talking to the Toilet Pizza guy! Now what do you think? You think I'm paranoid?
    Baron Samedi: How old did you say you were, fossil?

    Convention Appearances 
E3 2010
  • Even at a trade show (E3), Spoony is bringing the funny:
    Ultramarine "In the Emperor's name, stand aside, you are in my way"
    Spoony: "Oh you son of a-!" [notices that he just screamed at an Ultramarine, backs off]
    Ultramarine [Shakes head at camera]
    • Which turns into a Running Gag when a pair of Jedi do the same thing at the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic.
      • And again when a pair of North Korean soldiers from Homefront do it
  • Spoony's reacting to the new X-COM game by screaming "BETTRRRRAAAAAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!!!" at the top of his lungs in the middle of the conference hall prompting Angry Joe of all people to put on an Oh, Crap! face and later say "I'm not with him!" while stepping away from the camera.
    • Made even more hilarious when you realize his cry was so loud it echoed.
    • How about the fan song?
  • Spoony's added captions at the Epic Micky promo
    Dancing, painting man not included in Epic Mickey
    Repetitive Music Playing DJ not included in Epic Mickey
    None of this has anything to do with Epic Mickey
  • The captions about Fable III after the interviewee compares the protagonist to Obama:
  • Spoony, Angry Joe and JewWario, reporting from...the Hotel Room From Hell. Comedic Sociopathy at its finest, folks.
    • Highlights include an Evil Elevator, M.C. Escher-esque hallways and their accompanying smells, and an air-conditioner T.V.

PAX Prime 2010

  • Spoony singing Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" at PAX. Glorious.
    • What changes it from "entertaining" to "freaking hysterical" is contrast between everyone else playing alongside with him standing uncomfortably rigid, and then Spoony hamming it up to the nth degree in the middle.
      • Lampshaded by Spoony himself: "And may we never speak of this again".
    • And then playing Let's Dance 2. "Who was taping this? Turn it off, turn it off!"
      • And then, the words "SHAME REACHING CRITICAL MASS" appear in large red letters.
  • After queuing for hours to see the Duke Nukem Forever preview, he can finally reveal it to his fans!
    • The Final Fantasy series has officially become his Berserk Button after seeing the horrible demo of the fourteenth game at PAX. His mention of when the game will be released, usually played straight even with other games he hates, includes him shouting that he's only telling us this so we can feel good when we don't buy it.
      • Especially hilarious was his answer to the question how many MMO games had better PAX demonstrations than FF XIV.
      "ALL OF THEM!!!!"

SGC 2010

MAGFest 2011

  • From his panel with Maffew of Botchamania at Magfest, his impression of wrestlers, but especially Wade Barret and Randy Orton.
    "You don't understand. 'head turn and looking downward at the mic' I kick you in the skull, I kick your mother in the skull, I kick my own Grandmother in the skull if it meant getting the world heavyweight title." then looking upward confusedly.
  • Also saying that saying 'Woo' after things makes them okay.
  • Describing the storyline where Edge kidnapped Paul Bearer, and proceeded to torment Kane by destroying mannequins dressed as Bearer week after week as "like Spy versus Spy".

PAX East 2011

E3 2011

  • The return of the "Betrayal" scream in the intro for Spoony's E3 2011 X-Com video.

E3 2012

  • The Nintendo Pre-Show video, with Spoony, Angry Joe, and JewWario... And the first thing Joe & Justin comment on is Spoony growing his hair out, with Spoony's protesting that he's doing it for a Loki cosplay.
    • Spoony's rant about Sony's abysmal support for the Vita, describing it as Sony procrastinating for a week instead of working on a ten page paper & then just doing a rush job complete with size 14 font, double spaces, and small margains; before ending with this.
    Angry Joe: Did you buy a PSVita?
    Spoony: YES!
  • Angry Joe starting his interview with the developers of X-Com: Enemy Unknown, only for Spoony to storm in screaming "BETRAYAL!" at the top of his lungs, before Joe quickly points Spoony to the Enemy Unknown gameplay footage. Cut back to Spoony, looking like a child on Christmas morning, before throwing his arms in the air & declaring "LOYALTY!"
  • Spoony's fake promotion for NBA Baller Beats. What really sells it is how "enthusiastic" he is until this gem of a line pops up.
    Spoony: Wait, what's that? You don't have a hard wood floor? Oh, um. Oh. Ohhh. Well Shit.

    Final Fantasy VIII 
  • If you want funny, there's Spoony's "review" of Final Fantasy VIII, where he not only abuses the Naming Feature, sets the mechanical spider boss to Will Smith's song Wild Wild West (amongst other acts of obliterating the game), but so despises the game (and, admittedly, has so much other work to do) that it took him years to complete.
    • "For those of you who can't speak latin, the, uh, the chorus is saying "Real gay, real gay, sissy gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, sissy gay, gay, buttsex, Astro-glide, gloryhole, baaaaaaaaalls! TEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAABAAAAAAAAAG! Schlong!""
    • And the end of Part 9 of the Final Fantasy VIII review: STOP HITTING BUTTONS YOU CRAZY BITCH! YOU'LL KILL US ALL!!
    • Also, "Mentos - The Freshmaker!"
    • Seifer entering to the Imperial March with the comment: "Yeah, I think Seifer might be evil."
    • Zell's can-can.
    • The Wayne's World reference and the Nelly over the prom dance.
    • "Quistis' boobies, Quistis' boobies, Squall is get-ting laid to-night! Whips and chains and kinky leather..." (Being sung to the chorus of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy", no less.)
    • "I better get back to my dorm, take a cold shower and post something emo on MySpace. I just hope I don't run into fucking Zell." (Runs into Zell) "D'OH!"
    • The last part of the Final Fantasy VIII review has Dr. Insano send an assassin to kill Spoony... and who else should it be but Squall, played by Spoony himself!
    • Naming Rinoa "A Whore" and her dog "Anal". "'As A Whore walks around, she learns more Anal tricks.'"
    • The main characters are soldiers, approaching a beach for a battle in a war. They are on a cruise liner, looking optimistic, and when they land, nothing happens. "Afternoon Delight" starts up to accompany this scene, until Spoony points out that this is not war at all. Cut to the D-Day scene of Saving Private Ryan, showing what it should look like, as well as a caption saying that "this is what should happen to them". Yeah, the German machine gun fire scene. Afternoon Delight is still playing.
    • How he summoned Diablos... *cue the ominous music*
      "What in the fuck is that?!"
      Subtitle: OMG TEH SATAN!
      "El Diablo, NOOOO!"
      • The multiple references to how he can summon Satan at will after the battle are priceless as well.
        "A test of bravery? Seriously dude, fuck you. How about this for a test of bravery: how about I summon the fucking devil to peel your face off and fuck you in the eye sockets because I kicked his ass, and he's my bitch now?!"
    • Also his many many aroused reactions with Quistis Trepe.
      Dude, she's eighteen and she whips people! I have to go to Tijuana and pay to get women like that to pay attention to me!
      • At one point he mentions that Quistis explains Seifer was in the disciplinary room but broke out, "Well this just proves Seifer's gay, because trust me, any straight guy stuck in a place called the "disciplinary room" with Quistis...he wouldn't wanna leave"
    • Dr. President Insano's inaugural speech in Part 8 of the Final Fantasy 8 review.
      "I even used my real name! You voted for a guy named Dr. Insano!!"
      "My election platform was to build a giant robot sawblade that would cut Canada off at the top and then attach it to Australia so they wouldn't bother us anymore! My vice president is Fu Manchu! (maniacal laughter) What the hell is wrong with you people?! I'm pretty sure that's not even legal! Oh, man, we are so going to jack this country up beyond repair!"
    • Spoony's reaction in the final episode when his least favourite piece of music from the game starts playing.
    • His reaction to the introduction of Irvine:
      (Irvine stands up and slings his gun over his shoulder while "Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi plays in the background)
      Spoony: Well at least he keeps a low profile. He's so inconspicuously dressed. No-one would suspect a guy dressed as a Wild West gunfighter carrying a large bore rifle. I mean seriously, is there a store these guys go to to get the worst, most uncomfortable outfits in the world, or do you need a mail order catalogue?
      (cut to Spoony on the phone with a catalogue)
      Spoony: Yes, I'd like the Brisco County package. That's made with 100% stereotype right?
    • Dating advice from Spoony:
      • "Grrr... Squall, I am warning you—the off chance of seeing Quistis naked is about the only thing that keeps me playing this game: DO NOT SCREW THIS UP!"
      • "She doesn't want you to say anything, she just wants you to get horizontal! NO DON'T SAY THAAAAAA... I hate this game, I hate it, I hate it..."
      • "If this guy put a neuron of thought into it, he could probably talk Selphie into making it a foursome!"
    • Playing Michael Jackson's "Thriller" when the phony President of Galbadia revealed himself to be a zombie.
    • "Look out! It's Secret Zombie President Ronald Reagan, and he wants to eat your brains because Alzheimer's took his!"
    • Playing the soft, relaxing music over a The Phantom Menace clip of Obi-Wan fighting Darth Maul.
      • Followed by playing the Final Fantasy victory tune when Maul kills Qui-Gon Jinn.
    • In relation to Laguna's dream sequence in which a real dragon appears instead of the prop dragon for the movie: "Remember when this happened to Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey when they were shooting Reign of Fire?"
    • "He [Dr. Odine] looks like he's wearing the Wheel of Fortune!"
    • "Game FAQS score for Final Fantasy VII: 9.5"
    • "So yeah, this is what happens when you put Squall and Selphie in charge of humanity's last hope: now there's another pissed-off ancient sorceress, the world is crawling with monsters from the moon, and Selphie is still OUT OF HER FUCKING MIND!!!"
    • Exposing the Fridge Logic of the game's magic use mechanic by matter-of-factly explaining how one could go into a store, buy a tent and then refine it into healing spells....or convert a trading card of The Devil into 100 black holes that the player can then proceed to just carry around.
    • A minor one from Part 9, when Spoony talks about Flashbacks, and mentions Lost, showing a slip of Sayid wistfully remembering his past, and adds a clip of Bride and Prejudice with Naveen Andrews in a dance scene.
  • The Sorceress addressing the crowd.
    Spoony: I'm actually really interested in what the sorceress has to say. What her politics are, what her diplomatic platform is...
    Sorceress Edea: ... Lowlifes. Shameless filthy wretches.
    Spoony: No! Wrong! Open with a joke or something, you're losing them!
  • The random encounter with the UFO carrying a Easter Island statue.
    Spoony: Wait, what in the... (cut to Spoony looking puzzled as The X-Files theme plays in the background)
  • The scene where the Sorceress is convincing Seifer to join The Dark Side:
    Seifer: (on the verge of crying) Stop calling me a boy!
    Sorceress Edea: You don't want to be a boy anymore?
    Seifer: I'm not a BOY!
    Spoony!Seifer I AM A MAYN! (punches the Final Fantasy VIII box)
    Spoony: And get this: That's all it takes for Seifer to give up his whole life in service of some evil mastermind. Honestly, is Seifer the easiest manipulated little worm on the planet or what? In essence, all she did was insinuate he had a small dick! No, really, it's just about one step up from going "Buk-buk-buk-buk-buk-buk!" Seriously, are we supposed to buy this? Who's going to believe that a hero — young and reckless though he may be — is simply going to abandon his entire life and career in a prestigious, respected order of warrior knights, just because some evil wizard challenges his feelings of powerlessness and impotence and offers him the chance at power and respect he feels he has been denied?
    Anakin Skywalker: I will become the most powerful Jedi ever!
    (cut to Spoony looking despondent)

    Final Fantasy X 
  • His new review of Final Fantasy X named Tidus "Meg Ryan" and is running an "Ass Count" of shots of a (usually female) character's ass up close and has an "unsent" version of him ("It's gay", he says about being dead). Ah Spoony, happy days are here again.
    • Following a big epic freak-out leading to a static cut to an image of Spoony dressed as Kefka, Spoony tries to calm down and compose himself... to no avail.
      Spoony: I think I just needed to vent and kind of get it all out. I've done that and I-I-I-I kind of think I can handle this rationally from here on out.
      (Cut to Tidus monologuing to soft music)
      Tidus: Listen to my story.
      Spoony: NO!!! FUCK YOU!!!! FUCK YOUR STORY!!!! IT SUCKS!!!!
    • "Your religion is a hollow lie! Nah yah!"
    • Spoony explaining how Blitzball is impossible:
      Spoony: You CAN'T throw a volleyball underwater. YOU CAN'T! I don't care if you're Harry fucking Potter and you were riding a jet powered broomstick underwater and fired the fucking ball out of a bazooka! The ball ain't moving like this.
    • The portion of Final Fantasy X Part 2 where Tidus walks into the locker room and everyone sighs disappointedly was hilarious.
      Spoony: Heh heh heh. And Tidus wonders why that happens every time he walks into a room.
      Spoony: (impersonating Tidus) I'm the star player for the Zanarkand Abes! I should be rolling in pussy!
    • Spoony's reaction to the lack of urgency the heroes have in terms of their mission:
      Spoony: Well, I guess we take a break from our world-saving pilgrimage for some Blitzball. It's not like Sin roaming the countryside, devouring whole population centers this very momen— (Description Cut to Sin roaming the countryside, devouring whole population centers this very moment) Ooohhhhh...
    • His reaction to the infamous "laughing scene":
      Spoony: Goddamn it! Do you hear this? Do you hear this people? THIS IS THE SOUND OF MY HELL! AN ETERNITY OF THIS SOUND! AND IT NEVER! SHUTS! UUUUUUUUUUUUP!"
    • His attempt at rationalizing the chocobo knights' offensive against Sin:
      Spoony: What was the plan again? Lure Godzilla into the most feeble trap ever conceived and hope it dies of laughter?
    • His amazement over Auron, the one character he actually likes, is funny enough. The Hallelujah music in the background makes it even better. In Part 1, he actually notes that Auron looks like he's debating whether or not to let Tidus fall to his death.
    Spoony (impersonating Auron): (thinking) If he dies, I'll be the hero of this game.
    • The entire rant about Seymour, which ends with Spoony asking his fans to kill anyone who likes the game.
      They're, like, voters! Kill them! Kill them all!
      • Also, his reaction when the latter summons Anima:
        Spoony: But things start looking bad for our heroes until Seymour steps in and summons a magic boat anchor to pull fucking Dagon up from hell itself to kill everything!
        [Anima kills all the fiends in the stadium]
        Spoony: Okay, yes. He dragged a Great Old One up in chains from Hell itself to serve him! [sounds nervous] But that doesn't make him evil! Wh-wh-why would you think that? The man's a hero! Uh... [holds up his hands in worship] Praise be to Yevon!
    • On Wakka's reaction to Chappu's death, and the absurdity of blaming the gun instead of the kaiju:
      Why would you put your trust in an assault rifle when you have a perfectly good volleyball? No, I'm never going to let the Blitzball thing go!
    • And his reaction to the "reward" he got for winning the Blitzball game, after hours of frustration:
      The game opens up an entire league of Blitzball. Oh... oh wow, no. God, no. Just no. Look, is that meant to be a reward? Do I wanna play more Blitzball? Do I wanna be waterboarded?! ARE YOU MAD?! And, it's accessible from any safe sphere. Anywhere. Fuck your blitzballs with a rusty gunblade. FUCK THIS GAME!!!
    • On Rikku's (in)famous Wetsuit Removal Scene:
      Oh, come on, seriously? Why don't you just have the underage girl deepthroat a banana while you're at it?
    • On the Shoopuf (a "dinosaur taxi"):
      Spoony: I don't know, guys, this is pretty stupid but not quite stupid enough for this game. It's just missing something...
      (cut to the driver who talking in a very familiar lisp and accent)
      Spoony: Ah, good! Jar Jar Binks! Excellent! Now this is Hell.
    • "Naturally, I feel the urge to profane [Yuna's memorial ritual] with completely inappropriate music!" - Namely, R. Kelly's "Ignition (Remix)".
    • The Freudian Slippery Slope that ensues upon meeting Lulu
    So, you go into the temple ... and eventually find a group of d-ENORMOUS GAZONGAS...uh, Tits jugs Lulu— I MEAN it's just Lulu, the Boob Mage— Black Mage!... Sorry, I'm just pretty funbags-FLUSTERED!
    • He eventually comes to the conclusion that maybe Lulu became a black mage to find a spell to deal with the back pain from her boobs.
  • Part 3 of his FFX review opens up with a Crowning Moment as he notes that what the Blitzball tournaments are missing are the Vuvuzelas and over the top football/soccer commentators.
    • Or in Part 3 when Spoony says "Ah Crap, it's another anti-magic field generator kit!" only to be interrupted by Dr. Insano marketing his Magic Negator. He goes into how indestructible and unreachable it is only to be interrupted by footage of Wakka destroying it with his Blitzball.
      Dr. Insano: And It's Rocket Powered! Not only is it cool, it takes it safely out of range of any ground based weaponry! It's Gunblade proof! It's impossible to reach and it's made of solid steel! What could anyone throw up there that could get through that?
      (Wakka destroys Negator with a Blitzball)
      Dr. Insano: (shocked silence) What the— A Blitzball!? Who throws a Blitzball? COME ON! That's just dumb!
    • His reaction to Wakka trying to cheer Rikku and the Al Bhed up over the destruction of their home city by saying it's "like happy festival fireworks, ya?"
      Spoony: That's like trying to cheer people up after Hurricane Katrina by saying it's like a big giant water park!
  • His extensive rant on Tidus in his Final Fantsy X review, with him growing more and more deranged, culminating with a Technical Diffuculties scene with a picture of Insano cosplaying as Kefka. Hate Hate Hate!
    • "That's why I started training at a Shaolin monastery... until I realized the lessons would be really expensive, so I just went out and bought this gun!"
    • Spoony's rant on how disgusted he is the people find Rikku (who is only 15) to be a sex symbol... until he sees a picture of woman cosplaying as her.
      Spoony: If this was a live action game, we'd all be registered sexual offenders! This is dirty, creepy stuff, and you should all be ashamed of your(cut to a picture of Rikku cosplayer) Oh, my GOD, that's hot! No! Focus! Nyegh! Stupid sexy cosplayers!
    • At one point, Spoony points out how stupid he thinks characters who build giant robots and have spirals for pupils are. Cue Dr. Insano asking if Spoony's seen Neutro anywhere.
    • Spoony lambasting the absurdity of Blitzball.
      Spoony: It'd be like me inventing a game where people light themselves on fire and play tennis in a cube made of bees floating in outer space.
    • "... and I hate androgynous-looking whiny, pansy-ass characters." (shows picture of Tidus, main character of this game) "D'oh, son of a bitch!"
    • Oh hai Black Lantern Spoony!
    • Rikku tells Tidus not to tell anyone he's from Zanarkand because it's a holy place in Spira and he might upset people. Cut to a scene with a caption saying "EXACTLY FOUR MINUTES LATER"...
      Wakka: You're no amateur. Who you play for?
      Tidus: (grandstanding) The Zanarkand Abes!
      Spoony: *Banging his head against the wall *
    • "Our hero, ladies and gentlemen: too stupid to eat!"
    • Spoony full out sings "Whole New World" when Seymour tries to impress Yuna. And it's just... amazing.
    • Spoony says that if he hit (Rikku's) Jail Bait Taboo ass, he'd have a rap sheet, leading to:
      Spoony: Rikku has a list. And it's creepy. And if I hit that jailbait ass, I'd have a list too. It's called a rap sheet.
      Rikku: Well, just give me five or six more years. (Slaps her ass)
      Spoony: WHOA! You are a prison sentence waiting to happen, kid!
    • Preceding the above he notes how he usually just preferred flirting with Lulu
      Lulu: "I'll put you on my list."
      Spoony: "I don't know what that means... but color me intrigued."
      Lulu: "I wish you luck little boy."
  • In the finale, Spoony's entrance into the scene dressed as Tidus. He just looked so goddamn ridiculous its impossible not to laugh.
    • Black Lantern Spoony's present. "YOU FOOL!"
  • The characters getting ROCKED TO DEATH when Yunalesca summons Megadeth.
    • And, in the same vein, pointing out the background music for a certain fight sounds like a dog trying to sing Slayer.
      • Actually, the final part had a lot of hilarious music moments. Also included are "Poker Face" for Yunalesca, and "The Pina Colada Song" and "Cheeseburger in Paradise" for what Jecht's favorite song could be.
  • Spoony yelling at Seymour's generic nihilistic Final Fantasy villain motivation for destroying the world.
  • Mmmm... Evil blooming butt-onion.
  • Outlining the plan to stop Sin and Yu Yevon.
    Spoony: So all we have to do is defeat Godzilla with conventional weaponry, and, for an encore, climb inside his carcass and have a fistfight... with GOD!
  • The sheer Refuge in Audacity/Crosses the Line Twice of Spoony defending Jecht's abuse of Tidus. It goes on for nearly a full minute.
    Spoony: I like Jecht already. If ever a little fucker needed a beating and constant emotional abuse, it's this dude. Try to look at it from Jecht's point of view; you're the greatest blitzball player (and Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator) who ever lived! And this is the whiny brat who's going to inherit your family name?! Would you ever be able to deal with the shame, the cold hard fact that your loins produced such a wispy, screeching abomination? Would you ever be able to claim this sawed-off, pasty, fish faced, little fucking bastard as your kid? Every time that Jecht looks at this waste of lederhosen, he has got to be wondering what sin he committed to blight the world with such a blitheringly stupid cunt creature instead of the son he always wanted. I mean, how would you feel if you produced this unholy spawn, the world's greatest argument for partial-birth abortions?
  • Having ended part 1 with Tidus repeatedly kicking a suitcase for potions, part 2 begins with Tidus still kicking the case and Spoony wearing a long white hair and beard wig.
    Spoony: Just steal the whole fucking case already!
  • In the 2014 April Fools video, it looks like he's going to review the HD remakes of X and X2, though the opening is shot like it's a Blackhole of Boardgames video. We come to the laughing scene and instead of Noah, it's April looking like a young Spoony. In summary...
    April!Noah: It still fucking sucks!

    Final Fantasy X- 2 
  • Randomly shouting "Deep wang!" when he gets especially pissed off.
  • When Spoony has to learn the Al Behd language, which he already did in FFX.
    Spoony: "Go digging for Al Behd primers in the Bikanel Desert, expose yourself to the language as much as possible." Expose yourself to my cock! I already did this shit the last fucking game, and I didn't care that time either! Hell, Rikku is one of the core characters. She's an Al Behd! She knows the fucking language! She grew up speaking the fucking language! "Go digging in the Bikanel Desert." Go digging in my shit for corn!
  • His growing rage over "the password is monkey" scene.
    Ninja: Oh hey, I wanted to double-check that clue. It's "mon," right? Nah, it's just that I heard some kids saying that it was "key."
    Spoony: (unimpressed) It's "monkey."
    Ninja: (laughing stupidly) Yeah, I figured it was "mon." Over and out.
    Spoony: Put it together, fuckpump. It's "monkey."
    Paine: The clues are "key" and "mon?"
    Spoony: It's "monkey!" How do you not get this?!
    Yuna: Key-mon?
    • Followed by his reaction to Rikku's glass-eyed exclamation of the answer. Also mentioning how "monkey" is somehow a six syllable word.
      • And of course the obligatory...
        Koopa: Monkey!
  • "Yes, she dances so poorly, it causes people to go blind. Who could possibly do a dance so horrifying it blinds people?". Cue a clip of Benzaie doing a striptease dance in his Conan the Barbarian costume...
  • "Stay tuned for part 2. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go use my penis on something."
  • His confusion over not being dropped off at the top of a floating island, despite a line to that effect.
  • The impression of what Wakka's been like since finding out the truth about Yevon.
  • [reading a shopkeeper's text] "I've got this key with the emblem of Besaid on it. How does-" 900,000 GIL?! Eat my tits! This ain't exactly a mint condition copy of Action Comics #1 you know. The fuck do I care about a key?!... I'll be back.
    • And then later on in the game, he returns to the store with the money to buy the key...and it's already been sold. Spoony wonders what the heck the shopkeeper's still doing there after getting that much money.
  • His horrified disgust at finding out that the goal of the game is to find Tidus.
  • His rant about why the heroes never bothered to search Zanarkand for spheres first, seeing as Tidus would never shut up about coming from there in the first game.
  • His reaction to Paine:
    Spoony: But you know, I really like the dark, brooding goth chicks, girls who wear all leather, have a lot of self-doubt, don't say much and mope all the time. If only there was a female counterpart to Squall from Final Fantasy VIII, but with big titties, so I can harbour secret fuck fantasies about him, but without it being gay.
    Paine: It's a little late to be bringing that up.
    Spoony: Viva Rule 63!
  • "If i wanted to see something with bad audio and no light, I'd watch one of The Cinema Snob's early episodes!"
    • Even funnier when he later apologized on Twitter, saying that Brad's early videos were still better than his, and Brad's response.
  • "This music is almost as bad as the one time I got tricked into going to The Nostalgia Chick's accordion recital."
    [Cut to Spoony on a couch, holding Kali, the Chick's Boston terrier, with a terrified look on his face while the Nostalgia Chick plays the accordion]
  • Spoony's encounter with the Massage Leblanc mini-game.
  • Spoony's reaction to the 'incestuous love triangle' sub-plot. "I would expect this sort of depravity from perverted slash-fic writers on the internet, but not you!" Doubly funny because he's probably in plenty of fanfictions with that sort of plot. And he probably knows it.
    • "I..I..I'm sorry but is that like a chick thing? I mean, I wouldn't know. Do women routinely go up to each other in the shower and compare the size of their boobs? 'Cause I gotta tell ya... guys... guys don't do that. Guys don't go looking at the guy pissing next to them in the public bathroom and go (acts like what he just said) "Nice.".
  • The nerrrrrrrve!
  • Spoony mocking Leblanc's shaky movements.
  • His description of Lucil's attire.
    Is this a uniform or... what is it? Who gets up in the morning and just decides "You know, I'll go with thigh-high boots with garters attached to my purple corset with shoulder pads, and under that, my green and yellow front-zipper turtleneck bikini. No pants, baby! That's how the Youth League rolls. No pants!"
  • "This review brought to you by Schmitt's Gay!"
  • Comparing the church of New Yevon to the neonazis comes so much out of nowhere that it's bloody hilarious.
  • The Barkeep introduction scene:
    Yuna: Nobody knows his name, so everyone just calls him Barkeep.
    Spoony: Oh that is a problem, here's a solution: ASK HIM HIS FUCKING NAME!!!!
  • In episode three, Spoony points out the Fridge Logic in hosting a concert in the Thunder Plains- an area where, in the previous game, lightning would strike the player every few seconds. How does he do this? By having the audience subjected to a lethal version of the same treatment, with random lightning bolts killing spectators in massive explosions and Yuna's singing punctuated with Wilhelm Screams.
    • "Well shit... that was actually really good."
    • In a Freeze-Frame Bonus, you can find Waldo at the concert.
    • "And they decide the best course of action is..." *insert Jeopardy! write-down-answer music*
    • Hoping the concert is called "Yunapalooza"
  • After finishing the review, Spoony realizes that he's going to have to fight someone from the game. It turns out to be Yuna, as portrayed by Spoony in drag.
    Spoony: Oh my god. You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen in my life.
  • Spoony ordering Oreo to bring him guns...and she instead comes back with a squeaky toy.
    • And it works.
  • Evil Burton identifying Spoony and his likes and dislikes. The likes includes Transgender/Tentacle Hentai.
  • "I'm sick of all the violence and hate in the world, so I'm gonna violently hate-fuck the world in half with my Doomsday weapon's mile-long cockgun!"
  • The ENTIRE Vegna-gun infomercial.
  • "Dude, why are you trying to kill me? I was pretty complimentary on your game, all things considered! ...Oh wait, I brutally murdered your boyfriend with a gunblade. Shit."
  • At the end of the review, it looks like Yuna is going to kill Spoony. Who saves the day? SEPHIROTH. All because he's a big fan of Spoony's work. And then capped off when he tosses Spoony a copy of Final Fantasy XIII and walks off.
  • Spoony's complete confusion over the nature of Tidus and Shuyin's existence. There's just something hilarious about how he rambles.
  • This bit:
    Logos: A girly man like that doesn't stand a chance without his escort.
    Spoony: Ohh matron, yes!
  • Spoony's facepalm when Yuna shares her plan B: Love. Cue him playing multiple clips of facepalms, including one from Naked Gun 3.
  • Spoony's Call-Back to Wakka's What the Hell, Hero? moment from the first game, namely telling Wakka to think of Happy Festival Fireworks when the idea of burning down the temple in Wakka's hometown when the building was overrun with fiends.
  • Asking what could possibly be on the sphere in Leblanc's chamber...cue "Never Gonna Give You Up".

    Final Fantasy XIII 
  • Actually taking back a lot of what he's complained about with Final Fantasy VIII over the years because of how much worse things have got since then, saying at least that game knew to make the main character the main character, and if Final Fantasy VIII was made today it would probably be told from the perspective of Zell.
  • Spoony repeatedly comments on how interesting a concept he finds Lightning's gravity manipulation device thing seen in the intro and how much he looks forward to it doubtless being an integral gameplay mechanic, before casually adding that it never shows up again.
  • This gag:
    Snow: What's our motto?
    Spoony (wearing Groucho Marx disguise): I don't know, what's-a matter with you? (Rimshot)
  • In a Call-Back, using the Narm-ish splat sound effect from The Ring: Terror's Realm to accompany a character falling from a great height (and in the actual game, improbably surviving unharmed).
  • Another subtle one to the same review is how, when complaining about how illogical the FFXIII save points are in the context of the game world, he casually mentions how 'I understand Dalad Jelly, but...' considering he spent minutes going mad over over-analysing that in the earlier review.
  • Snow gives a child an assault rifle and the child immediately starts shooting it up and in the air—Spoony uses Manipulative Editing and dubs in a scream to make it look like the child shot Snow in the face.
  • Spoony giving us an insight into his overanalytical Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny! internal monologue by starting out wondering about the glowing robes in this setting and somehow ending up, a rambling tangent later, by deciding that the life pod thing Darth Vader sits in in The Empire Strikes Back is actually a toilet.
    • Spoony's rather fearful admission that this was only in the beginning of the game and is afraid he'll go overboard analyzing every bit of FridgeLogic that comes up in this game.
      "I'm not even an hour in this game. (beat) I think I'm gonna die."
    • On a similar topic, he notes how clearly outmatched the l'Cie should be by Cocoon, given their vastly superior weaponry and the somewhat underwhelming appearance of the magic early in the game.
      "Oh shit, they can throw tiny fireballs, and chuck magic snowballs at us from really close range. Our guns, tanks, armour and jetpacks are useless against them! Kill them all! Burn down the whole village! MAKE THEM WEAR THE ROBES OF SHAME! (beat) No, I'm never letting that go."
  • Spoony's rant about "THE HALLWAY". Delivered in a despair ridden monotone, describing it as a prison from one which cannot escape.
    • Fittingly enough, this comes a short time after he made a Counter Monkey video about a player who tried on purpose to piss off an Eldritch Abomination to get into a deadly maze which is meant to be a death sentence, and beat it by picking a species which he believed could not get lost in a maze. Spoony as DM reacted to it by making the maze a straight line 100 million miles long. This fits Spoony's perception of Final Fantasy XIII quite well.
  • The start of Part 2 is a light What the Hell, Hero? to everyone in the flight sequence not helping Sazh dangling for his life from the back.
  • Spoony's disbelief at the "magic trenchcoat" explanation for why Snow can punch robots to death with his bare hands.
  • Stereotypically Drunk Mexican Cyborg Early 90's Otaku Kid.
  • Starting a "SERAH!" Count.
  • Commenting on how much he loves watching Lightning punch Snow in the face.
  • Describing the fal'Cie as a "giant nuclear fuck-off robot Ra's al Ghul."
    • "I mean if I saw this, I wouldn't wanna be within 10 miles of it let alone live next to it. But apparently everyone is cool about it."
  • Using the splat sound effect from The Ring: Terror's Realm again, this time to represent Hope apparently shoving a boomerang up his ass.
  • His frustration over the story's massive amount of Fridge Logic. It culminates in his disbelief that the game is so badly written that the writing itself becomes the Big Bad. (That is, when the fal'Cie turns the main characters into l'Cie and gives them all a task they must complete in order to avoid being turned into robot zombies, it never bothers to explain what that task is).
    There's "Suspension of Disbelief" and there's "Get the fuck out".
  • During the scene where Snow reaches out to Serah, Spoony considers it to be a symbolic reference.
    Spoony: Oh, I know this one! Hang on. Symbolism! Hang on...symbolism of what? That Michelangelo painting? 'K, uh, why? The painting represents that Man is created in God's image or that God gave Man life, and that means nothing in this context. Nothing's being imparted or created in this scene, and the mere thought that this somehow symbolizes that Snow is God-*coughs*-Sorry, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Maybe it's to symbolize that Snow has a really tiny dick. Yeah, I'll roll with that one.
  • Going crazy over the nonsensical enemies and concepts which, while they made sense in previous games due to its heavy old-school fantasy genre, makes absolutely no sense in a more sci-fi centered game.
  • The brief scene with Dr. Insano and Oreo, where the former is trying to tape the latter with a police siren as she makes (fake) growling sounds.
    • Spoony's sheer disbelief at the monsters (basically flans with hats that have sirens) guarding Carbuncle before saying "Sure, why not."
  • Channeling The Cinema Snob for a brief moment, saying that since the game reminds him of Tekken, it's "clearly a masterpiece".
  • The Gilligan Cut portraying Snow as having abrupt change in character from hero to "hero".
    "Since when have heroes ever needed plans?"
    (Firing in the Air a Lot, surrounded by frightened civilians) "I'm a Pulse L'Cie, I'm here to kill you all!!"
    • Which is funny in a different way if you played the game, as he's firing into the air in order to get the civilians to clear out so he & Fang can rescue Hope & Lightning. He just does it in the most boneheaded way possible.
  • Spoony explaining why Lightning hates Snow.
    (after explaining Snow and Serah's relationship) "[Lightning hates Snow] 'cause she thinks Snow is a shiftless, jobless, homeless looking waste of existence with all of the brains of a used condom. (Beat) She's correct. Now imagine this guy is railing your little sister nightly. (Shows a clip of Lightning punching Snow) So far, she's my favorite character!
  • Describing Sazh & Vanille as just wandering aimlessly, before pointing out that the game itself actually states they're wandering aimlessly.
  • "So the kid's focus was to find Sazh, even though Sazh was in the same room as him when he got his focus; meaning that his focus was to find Sazh after Sazh became a L'Cie, which is something the other fal'Cie could not have possibly know would happen... Oh god!"
  • After seeing Snow and Hope fall several stories from the top of a skyscraper:
    Spoony: "Oh wait, wait I've seen this one! Uh, lemme guess, they get blown off a rooftop and they fall two hundred feet and then they land head first and oh come on you know you wanna' do it! I want you to do- come on do it you motherfuckers they walk off without a scratch come on do it. Do it! DOOO IIIIIIIIIT!!!"
    * Cut to Snow walking off without a scratch.*
    Spoony: DAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! *Breaks down crying.*
  • Spoony demonstrating how Hope should have told Snow off for letting his mom die.
  • "You don't know yet?!"
  • Mentioning how previous Final Fantasy games had better, less tedious leveling mechanics in previous games, which leads to...
    • Spoony then mentions that the leveling system in XIII-2 is worse, ultimately ranting:
    "I swear, I'm gonna find the jizz-whistlers who made these fucking games—I'm gonna leave you in the mountains with your asses sewn shut until diarrhea leaks out your fucking eyesockets—fuck you, Square Enix, FUCK YOU!"
  • Spoony's bafflement of how Sazh's dual guns transform into a shotgun, especially when he had just praised Lightning's gunblade being able to become an actual rifle. Though, even while questioning it...
    Spoony: Where the hell did this come from?! How does the ammo...? How do the guns fit...? Ahh! ...I won't lie, I kinda want 'em.
  • Spoony's reaction when an incompetent PSICOM officer throws (what appears to be) a CS grenade:
    Spoony: Daaagh, YOU FOOL! Who did that!? Reynolds!? God dammit Reynolds! Into the house; you throw like a girl!
    • Hilarious in Hindsight a few episodes later when we discover that Barthandelus is voiced by Reynold's voice actor.
  • Dr. Insano's demonstration of how upgrading weapons (don't) work in real life. Overly-Long Gag at its finest.
  • Nabaat orders the army to "make it rain". What does Spoony do? Spoony makes it rain!
  • Juxtaposing Snow attempting to convince the Psicoms that he and the others are trying to protect Cocoon with an earlier scene of Snow walking out into a crowd of people, firing a machinegun in the air and shouting "I am a Pulse L'cie! I'm here to kill you all!"
  • This excellent reference:
    Snow: Monster! People are not yours to use!
    Richter Belmont: Die, monster! You don't belong in this world!
    Barthandelus: What can mere men do?
    Dracula: What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets!
  • Hanging a fantastic lampshade on the idea that someone trying to destroy the world is wasting their time on an internet reviewer.
  • He starts to recognise Barthandelus's voice from somewhere and looks the actor up on IMDB. It's Reynolds.
    Spoony: I never forget an asshole!
    • And right after pointing out that his entire plan is apparently to piss the heroes off so much that they destroy the world out of spite. After noting that there is nothing this dude can say that could possibly have that effect, he looks him up. One "You're in my spot, sir" later, and Spoony puts his fist through the laptop and is ready to destroy the world himself.
      Spoony: Screw Cocoon! Kill this motherfucker and rape his heart as you watch the world burn!
    • He also dubs over a scene with audio from his Let's Play of Swat 4:
      Barthandelus/Reynolds: I need you to move over, sir.
      Snow/Spoony: You son of a bitch, what the fuck are you talking about?!
      Barthandelus/Reynolds: Get out of the way!
      Snow/Spoony: (tries to punch Barthandelus/Reynolds) I will punch you in the fucking soul, you fucking asshat!
  • When pretending to be Barthandelus plotting out his plan to disguise himself as Serah, he goes into some really exquisite albeit creepy detail on getting Snow to take the bait especially in regards to Serah's "sexy high school girl" appearance. He also notes it's completely hilarious if you imagine he actually thought it might work yet failed to fool even Snow, which is like "failing to outsmart a box of frozen waffles".
    Spoony: Look how cool he plays this, right? I mean, they just completely call him on his bullshit, then he just switches to Palpatine-mode and is all like, "Yes, that was but a lame example of my ultimate power. I can do so much more."
  • Spoony criticizing a really big Plot Hole in XIII's plot: the main characters are basically told "do THIS CERTAIN THING or become a robot zombie". The problem is? THEY'RE NOT TOLD WHAT THAT "CERTAIN THING" IS.
    Spoony: This would be like if some motherfucker just kicked the door into my house, handed me a banana and a shotgun, and said "Now hurry the fuck up, Spoony, or I'll kill your whole fucking family!" THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THAT?!
    • The funny part is that the later portions of the review after the twist have him doing the opposite, calling out the heroes for actually following through on their plan, and acting as if they have free will and agency, even though they are doing exactly what the villain has explicitly told them he needs them to do in order to complete his Evil Plan. It's equally funny.
  • "I'm no one's slave!" "I'm no one's slave!" "I'm no one's slave!" "I'm no one's slave!" "I'm no one's slave!"
  • The opening to Part 5, which begins with Spoony standing in front of his bookcase holding a box with Pumpkinhead's face on it.
    "If you've been following the site lately, you'll know that I've been reviewing a bunch of really shitty board games lately and they've nearly driven me insane. But hey, something good finally came out of it, they made me realise something, and in my last video you probably heard me talking about how I realised I've been living in this house for a long time with a Pumpkinhead boardgame, and not with my girlfriend of over a year. So I decided something had to change. (picks up a garbage bag and drops the box into it with a huge Troll grin) There, problem solved!
  • The entire dialogue between Fang and Orphan.
    Fang: Orphan! I'll do it. I'll destroy you.
    Spoony: The hell do you think we were just doing, lady, delivering a fucking pizza?!

    Fang: Anger didn't drive us...
    Spoony: Um, yes it did! Look! (clip of Lightning punching Snow)

    Orphan: How many times must you fail?
    Spoony: Now there's a question I'd like to ask the people who run Square Enix.

    Orphan: Retake the form of Ragnarok. Deliver us that which we have too long been denied!
    Fang: What do you want?
    Spoony: He literally just told you. Idiot.
  • After Lightning, Snow and Sazh recover from their crystal-zombification, completely offscreen, due to the The Power of Friendship, Spoony goes completely off the rails.
    Spoony: I wanna' find the motherfucker that wrote this game and take a shit in his wife! I don't even know what the fuck that means!
    • He then goes on to refer to it as "Handwaving [the game] by jerking off a brony and jizzing friendship sparkles all over [the game]." Even if you are a brony, it's hard not to laugh at that sentence.
  • As Spoony is beating up Snow
    Spoony: Experience Bij, motherfucker!
    [grabs the WWE RPG sourcebook off his shelf]
    Spoony: Know your role, shithead! [clocks Snow with the book]
    • How Spoony finishes Snow
    Spoony: I used to fuck guys like you in Tekken. *cue throat rip!*
  • Spoony points out that the Fal'cie plan on "talking to God" does not really seem that thought out.
    "[The Fal'cie] get it in their head...gear...things... that if Ragnarok destroys Cocoon, it'll bring The Maker back. And they've gotta have so many things to say to the guy. Except for the fact they'll all be dead, so I imagine the conversation will be rather brief, and even if they think some of the Fal'cie will survive I sure as hell wouldn't wanna be one of them considering The Maker created all life and they just got finished killing all of it. He might be slightly upset. [...] But here is the killer part: The Fal'cie has no idea if this is even gonna work. They don't know yet! That's right, they don't know yet! This whole "blow up Cocoon" thing is just a shot in the dark; and of course, since the good guys win, we don't even find out if it would have fucking worked! [...] [A philosophy book] suggests that when people die, their souls must go to the same place using the shame road that the gods do, through the same Pearly Gates. So if you kill, y'know, everybody, God's gotta wanna know what the hell the fucking racket is in His driveway and go check it out. But here I have to remind you; this is the only datalog I found that mentions this theory that justifies the Fal'cie's plan, and it's pure speculation, and it's written by a human, so I'm not sure what to think here. Did the godlike Fal'cie all read this textbook written by a human, and think "This makes total sense to me!" and then set into motion a plan to eradicate all life in the world? Isn't usually the other way around?"


    Let's Play - Deadly Premonition 
  • Before he starts playing, he mentions that the graphics remind him of a game on the Dreamcast about The Ring, saying that he hasn't (at the time) played it, but it did not look fun to play at all. Cut to a few years later, and...
  • Spoony's commentary in the beginning when two young twin boys spot a half-naked dead woman in a tree- and then proceed to play with the ladybug they have found as if nothing has happened:
    Spoony: Well, that's one memory they've locked away for a future therapy session.
    • "Adam Sandler is... Dale Cooper!!!"
    • The entire sequence with the absurdly long hotel table. "I got this table from the Last Supper. Jesus wasn't using it. He said I could have it."
      • Funniest thing? The game was in on the joke. After a few Spoony's jokes about them not hearing each other, the protagonist actually shouts "Miss, I'm sorry but I can't hear you from this side of the table!"
    • Joking that the music in the hotel dining room is the Mario theme, he hums the Mario theme only to realize how close they are and utters a bemused "What the hell?"
      • Looking at the video it seems that he said that in response to the extremely long dinner table in the Hotel.
    • Noting "Police" brand cigarettes, "Bandage" brand band-aids, and of course the pickle brand known as "The Pickles.
    • "So what do you do when you're driving through the woods at 80 miles an hour? Surely there's some way to arrest your movement. Oh, hitting a rock, that's how you do it."
    • "If only cars had something that could be used to light a cigarette OHHHHHHH JESUS!"
    • While looking through his wardrobe choices, including a red suit: "So I can just change my tie, or I can look like a complete asshole." One guess which one he chooses.
    • "I just killed Al from Home Improvement!"
    • "Oh, no! I got the fuse box! I am carrying with me my greatest nemesis!"
      • Does this count as Foe Yay? He has his enemy in his pocket...
    • "And I get...a...lollipop...What?!"
    • "I should report back to headquarters and give them an update." *picks up phone* "HELP THERE ARE ZOMBIES OUT HERE THEY'RE KILLING ME. PLEASE SEND HELP IMMEDIATELY I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DOOOOO!"
      • After a few more conversations with "Zach": *picks up phone* "I'd better let the spaceship know how I'm doing."
    • "Oh no! Stop her!! SHE'S MAKING BALLOON ANIMALS!!!"
    • His reaction to the limbo-ing zombies. "How low can you go for braaaaaains."
      • Also with a hillbilly-dressed zombie: "Must GIT-R-DOOOONE, then get braaaaaains."
    • After the hero's umpteenth mention of his imaginary friend Zach along with seeing a vision in his coffee, a perfectly understated "Okay, I'm starting to suspect that this guy is not a real FBI agent."
    • Instantly upon seeing the elderly hotel manager: "She did it. I'm calling it."
    • Spoony constantly comparing the zombies to the Joker.
      • "Why so serious?"
      • "Melvin?"note 
      • "My father... was a drinker. And a fiend..."
      • "Oh God, now the background music has kazoos."
    • And it's about now that I get jumped... Thank you. Yes, assume the limbo position.
    • The constant instances of It Makes Sense In Context dialogue. Highlights include:
      • "Are you on the trading card I just received?"
      • "It's not fair, you're supposed to limbo!"
    • "Any game that doesn't feature a diaper changing mini game instantly loses two stars in my opinion, just like, right off the top."
    • "Oh, hell with it, let's do it right here on the table!"
    • The game proving that timing is the cornerstone of comedy:
    Spoony (as York): I can hear you much better now that the music's stopped! [The music starts up again before he even manages to finish his sentence] (frustrated) Oh...
    • [During York's dream]
      Boy: York! York!.................
      Spoony: .................. YES, may I help you little boy?
  • "You have to manage your hunger, sleepiness and boredom levels. It's like a combination between Silent Hill and The Sims. Or you'll just pee all over yourself."

    Let's Play - Phantasmagoria 
  • His take on Phantasmagoria 2 will have you laughing uncontrollably about every ten seconds. Really amazing stuff considering it's his first full LP, and it's the first time he's played the game. "Phantasmagoria: The Quest for the Wallet!" "Oh my god, it's a gay version of me!" "All right, World of Warcraft, let's dance!" "Someone has sand in his vagina!" "When the bouncer at the scummy club knows your date by her first name, it's not a good sign!"
    • "Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of the Flesh! Can you feel the bone-chilling horror as he changes his rat's sawdust?"
    • He enters his admin's office for the first time, and loses his shit at all the animal head trophies on the wall.
      • *Australian accent* Oi! My name's Patrick Muldoon, network administrator and big-game hunter! I'm out of the office at the moment, but I'll be right back so if you'd care to leave a message. OI! And put your covers on those TPS reports, ya bloody bastard!"
    • All the slightly Hypocritical Humour where Spoony paints Curtis as a massive nerd. Lampshaded at one point with "This man wants to bring back Sliders! ...or that might just be me."
    • "Oh my God, Jocilyn, head for the exit! The ducks--they found me! I don't know how, but they found me!"
    • "What is love/baby don't hurt me...." Made all the funnier by the sheer, ridiculous Big-Lipped Alligator Moment it accompanies.
    • Crazy Joey Fatone's random babbles during one of the freakouts, "There's my taco Salad!" "Pizza, pizza, pizza" "Everybody in the POOOOOOOL".
    • "MY ASS!"
    • "There's no 'I' in Evilcorp, Thomas...well, actually there is."
    • "This Sudoku is diabolic!"
    • "I heard that, Curtis"
    • "You'd get more plot and character development out of a fucking Tamagotchi!"
    • [Curtis has a vision of Therese screaming in the mirror] "Oh my god, I had sex with Curtis!"
    • "Why does he have a disco in his secret lab? (Beat) You spin me right round, like a record, baby, right round..."
    • "George Romero presents: Bob of the Dead"; And:
      Zombie!Trevor: Gaaaaaay..
      Zombie!Tom: Rogaaaaine..
      Zombie!Bob: My glasses are fiiiiixed..
      Zombie!Trevor: But Curtis...
      Spoony: Your brains look fabulous!
    • "It's a Glo-Worm. I used to have one of these as a kid. See you'd squeeze it and it'd glow and keep you all safe at night.'s going right in my pants."
    • His impersonation of Dr. Frank n Furter was downright hilarious and very good as well.
      • "So, come on up to the lab and...see what's on the slab."
    • What happens when Curtis wastes a little too much time:
      Curtis: I love you, Blob...
      Spoony: (deep breath) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHH! You know, if the game itself isn't going to take a fucking interest in the storyline then why the hell should I?!
    • "Oh no... Emo Powers... fading... Crawling in my skiiiiiiiiiin....."
    • "It's fun to stay at the Y... arrrrgh..."
    • "Curtis just had a vision of gore, and I flashback to the 80's for a minute there."
    • He has Curtis call himself, which results in a demonic voice calling him a "motherlicking" something-or-other. "Man, I gotta change my answering machine. (beat) Let's do it again!"
    • This hysterical bit:
      Spoony: Oh, I know what we gotta do! We gotta call Bob, 'cause you know something bad is gonna happen! The way his day's goin'...
      Bob: (on phone) You murdered me.
      (Curtis hangs up and the phone rings)
      Spoony:' Watch, it's Bob. "Ratboy, you bastard, don't hang up on me!"
      Bob: Don't hang up on me, you murdering, psycho son-of-a-bitch!
      (Spoony cracks up)
    • In the part at the end where Spoony parodies the phone part (and one of his own running gags), this part shines through:
      Spoony: (Scoffs) Like I really want to talk to Batman.
      (The phone rings)
      Batman:' I heard that, Noah.
    • Spoony constantly wondering if various people want to see Curtis' screwdriver.
    • Then during Therese's death:
      Therese: Who's there? *opens curtains*
      Spoony: Hi, my name's Noah!
      Therese: *Screams*
      Spoony: *disappointed* Awww...
      • After Therese is killed (strung up, cut, and then electrocuted in a pool of her own blood):
    • "Oh, sorry, didn't mean to scare you. This is Satan, I was just using your bathroom. I'll be right out."
    • While in the process of showing everything in his inventory to the psychiatrist:
      Psychiatrist lady: You look like you're having fun.
      Spoony: I wish I was having fun...
    • There's also his numerous comments to the effect that since absolutely everyone is hot for Curtis, it'd be easier for them to just have an orgy.
    • And unquestionably the greatest ending to an LP ever. Seriously, just watch it.
      • In particular the bit where he parodies the way Curtis always seems newly surprised that his computer/phone/mirror etc goes supernatural and attacks him every time (presumably because the FMV clips could have been played in different orders) by calling people on his phone and getting more shocked every time something happens.
  • When they talked about the banality of evil, I'm pretty sure this wasn't what they were talking about.
  • "Ve are taking our relationship to ze next level, Die Wundersex. Your safe word is Farfelkugeleinekleineschnitzelbank und from now on you're my dirty altar boy".
    • Spoony's reaction to the next scene where Curtis is dangling from ceiling-mounted chains in his room—first hysterical laughter, then questioning the details:
      Spoony: Think of all the preparation this must have took. She had to go to a hardware store, get a stepladder, a stud finder, thirty feet of chain...She had to get a power drill, an extension cord, something to cut the chain with, she had to special-order the leather underwear and harness. That's gotta be 200 pounds hanging from the ceiling there."
  • "And he shoved the toolbox UP HIS ASS!" (Since it is not visible on the ingame character, only in his inventory.)
  • "And now Columbia is hitting on me. Ya know, if I keep coming back here I'm sure every cast member of Rocky Horror will want to have sex with me."
  • At one point, before finding out Therese's name, Spoony refers to her as "Horny the elf".
  • The game's first sex scene, which is partially censored (but only in visual, not audio), and replaced with a shot of Spoony eating popcorn while it's happening - and giving a thumbs-up to the camera.
  • Tom writing Tifa/Cloud bondage smut fic while working late at the office.
    "Tifa's enormous milky-white breasts were slick with perspiration as they heaved against the cruel bonds of her black leather bodice. She struck Cloud again with the whip and said "Do you like that little boy?" "Oh yes Tifa, I do," he said."
  • "[in-game email detailing world domination plot] And here's a logo our design guys came up with; it looks like a football with a thingy. I don't know what it means, but damn it looks cool."
  • "Curtis has a body like an uncooked breadstick if you dropped it on the floor and it got little hairs all over it."
  • The tail end of Hour 4 is your only warning: Spoony is warming up for Pun. Dope-slaps abound:
    "Y'know, if he put that on, it'd be a bi-curious jacket... y'know, cuz it's a strait-jacket and he's gay for Trevor..."
    "Hey look; electronic mail! ...I'm sorry, I'll do it again." *slap* "I'm a bad boy..."
    "I know I've been hard on this actress, but she's not -that- bad... in fact, I've grown rather phoned of her." *slap* "Ow..."
    "Y'know, I've had such a bug up my butt these last few days..." *slap* "Ow, I'm sorry..."
    "Even though it wasn't technically on the desk, Curtis did end up boning her after all, so I'm awarding full points! Hehe! I mean it was boning, just not in the way you'd thought it would be, heehee..." *slap* "Hey ow, that was involuntary!"''
    "(after the camera lingers on pipes in the ceiling) Hey look— Duct Tales! Get it? Duct Tales? *SLAP* *SLAP* *SLAP* *SLAP* (Spoony yelps after each slap and then bursts into tears) Oh my god... I wish this game would DIE!"
  • Any time the milquetoast Curtis tries to be self-confident:
    Trevor: ...But here I am on time, fresh as a daisy!
    Curtis: A daisy, huh? You know, I could say something.
    Spoony: —if I were wittier.
  • After Bob is murdered. "Would it be inappropriate to sing 'Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead?'", "Oh he was my sworn blood enemy. OH WAIT, NO—" "Look, killing Bob wasn't as important to me as crushing his everlasting soul and humiliating him." "He was a weapon's grade douche nozzle."

    Let's Play - SWAT 4 
  • His legendary spazzing whenever the SWAT officers complain about the player being in their way.
    Girard: "You're in my spot, sir."
    Spoony: "You son of a bitch. I swear to God...!"
    Girard: "You're in my way, sir."
    Spoony: "You MOTHERFUCKER. I will PUNCH you in the fucking SOUL, you FUCKING asshat!"
    • Bonus points for it being same officer almost every time.
      Spoony: REYNOLDS!
      • Subverted in one of the later videos:
        Jackson: "That's my mark you're at."
        Spoony: "Oh, you ass—wait, you're not Reynolds! Who the fuck are you?!"
      • Followed immediately by a flashbang blinding Spoony, as he was too distracted to look away from the door.
      • This seems to be how Spoony learned their names, as a few missions later:
        Jackson: You're standing in my position, sir."
        Spoony: "What?! Oh, eat my shit, Jackson, you stupid fucking FUCK-WHISTLE."
      • Also, at one point, Reynolds gets incapacitated, and Spoony just gloats over his body.
        Spoony: Who's in the way now, bitch?
      • He does likewise with not-Reynolds when he gets killed immediately following the above exchange (and another flashbang screw-up.
        Spoony: It's good you're dead, I'M GLAD!!!
    • First mission:
    • Also, whenever he tries to equip pepper spray to restrain someone, but accidentally equips a breaching charge instead.
      Spoony: "Bitch I've got a bomb!"
    • Even funnier is when randomly at the end of the mission he pepper sprays the old woman just for the sake of it (it's justified if only because she's housing a total psychopath serial killer of a son).
      Spoony: "Oh yeah, didn't wanna leave without saying hello to you!"
    • The end of the raid on the gambling house involves him shooting a guy, and another criminal immediately surrendering. Spoony laughs, saying "you saw what I did to the other guy!" and goes to cuff him, only to spot a third criminal, fire a burst at him, and wound him in the hands, causing him to surrender.
    Spoony: Oh, look at that! I shot the gun out of his hands. That was totally intentional! At least that's what I'm calling it in the report...
    • The end of one SWAT 4 mission is both this and a Moment of Awesome, when he discovers that a mad cult has murdered all of their children and buried them in the basement, he is NOT going to let this pass!
      Spoony: "No, no, no it's not ending this way. Seriously, I'm sorry I injured a fellow officer, but it's not ending this way! I AM BURNING THIS FUCKER DOWN! Burn it! Fire it up! Fire it up! Fire it up!"
      Shortly after the discovery of the child graveyard in the basement, SWAT Commander Spoony reported the discovery of an armed incendiary device near the cult's stockpile of liquid fertilizer. He ordered a withdrawal of the team to await the bomb squad, but the device 'unexpectedly' detonated before their arrival, destroying the entire building. No police officers were injured, but tragically, the device exploded before the kiddie-murdering cultists could be evacuated from the scene. There were no survivors. No further investigation is planned.
      • Also, "All right, you sci-fi wizard fuckers! Here's a stinking cloud! Mwahaha!" [throws CS]
    • Spoony orders his team to open a door and flash-bang the room, but unfortunately a suspect is standing directly on the other side of the portal...
      Spoony: Crap, he's standing in the door! Don't throw the gren-
      (the flash-bang rebounds off the suspect and explodes in the middle of the SWAT team, the screen turns white and the sound is killed)
      Spoony: You Fool!!
      (screen fades out while Spoony is still screaming in rage in the background)
    • Episode 11 comes full circle—Spoony flings a flashbang himself and blinds his entire team. He immediately shouts "YOU FOOL!" then pauses, and says "No, wait, ME FOOL!"
    • This scene from "Full House... of crime!"
      Spoony: And here we go...
      [The top left cop opens the door and the top right one lobs a flashbang a few feet in front of him.]
      Spoony: Oh come—! You FOOL! I said throw it into the room! Throw it into the fucking room!
      [The screen fades to black as "Attempt 4" is displayed, accompanied by Losing Horns]
      Attempt 4: It's a grenade. FUCKING THROW IT!
    • After Spoony accidentally shot and killed two of his teammates:
    • And the last third of the ninth video of SWAT 4 has the DEATH MONTAGE, showing the infuriatingly yet hilariously large amount of deaths Spoony suffered while playing through that level.
    • Followed by another one presented as a Russian police training video (with a a perfect use of Dschingis Khan's "Moskau"), with plenty of anti-Semitic and Soviet propaganda Engrish. "Aim Better For Much Victory", "Individual Is Weak. Trust in Comrades and Glorious Socialist Union", "Is police! But we arrest for bad sweater."
    • Also, in the same mission, Spoony arrests Chester A. Bum by spraying him in the face with an excessive amount of mace. Chester manages to escape by eating his zip-ties and hijacking an ice cream truck with an RPG-7 stolen from the arms deal.
    • Episode 11, aptly titled I Die A Lot takes this to the logical extreme, with him ending up having to make the ENTIRE mission a Death Montage due to the ridiculous times he's died/rage-quitted/friendly-fired upon or just plain failed.
    • Declaring that, after numerous friendly fire kills from his squad running in front of his gunfire, "THEY were in MY way."
      (Attempt #3) "Oh, you fucker! You ran right in front of me and you shot me for that?"
      (Attempt #4) "I hate this motherfucker in the bathroo- OH YOU STUPID FUCK! You ran right in front of my assault rifle! AGAIN!"
    • "No, not stairs! (Whiny) My foot is owie..."
    • The 13th and final mission of the game begins with his teammates bitching about him being in the way before he's even given control of his character.
      Reynolds: "You're in my spot."
      Spoony: "You son of a bitch. What the fuck are you talking about?!"
      Reynolds: "Get out of the way!"
      Spoony: "What the fuck! I didn't even start this level yet!"
      Reynolds: "Boss, you're in my way!"
      Spoony: "What the fuck are you—This is the spawn point, you fucking ass-miner! I oughta shoot you in the eyes right now!"
      • A little later, after they get into a corridor and a suspect flees.
      Spoony: "See, what the fuck am I supposed to do here? I-"
      Reynolds: "You're standing in my position, sir."
      Spoony: "Again with the fucking... AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHHHHHH!"
    • It stays funny right until the very end, which is a Shout-Out to the post-credits phone calls from the Metal Gear series:
    Spoony: "Until next time, President Carter... ... Y-yes, I love you too."
    • Especially amusing in light of his noted rivalry with TNA President, Dixie Carter.
  • "And according to the game, that wasn't a bad job for a non-sworn officer. Now, a real SWAT man would have charged in there with a taser gun and a whiffle bat and brought 'em all back alive."
  • If this is a Rage Monkey lab, I'm joining the terrorists. You know how far I'm willing to go to stop the Rage Monkeys (also a Call-Back to Riff on Ripper).
  • That moment in Mission 7 where Spoony orders his Blue Team to stack up on a door, only to have one of the team members come out of the door to get in his position.
    Spoony: He cleared the room, opened the door, then threw in the grenade and cleared the room twice.
    • Made even better when Spoony finds that the team member had discovered two suspects in that room, but left them unsecured after the first time in the room.
  • During the third mission of The Stetchkov Syndicate, Spoony finds a suspect hiding in the freezer. After detaining him, he then proceeds to verbally abuse him, tase him, lock him back in the freezer and then wedge the door shut.
    • Later on, he spends several minutes trying to hunt down a roaming gunman through the level, only to find him eventually in the kitchen. Spoony deduces he was trying to get his buddy out of the freezer.
  • During one mission, he sings a portion of Escape Club's "Wild Wild West".
    Spoony: Yeah, you'll have that song stuck in your head for about a week. You're welcome!
  • After you've watched the whole series and become fully versed in the whole "You're in my way" Berserk Button, it's pretty funny to go back to Video 2, where it happens for the first time and Spoony's reaction could almost be called calm. From an acorn grows a great oak...
  • In episode 14, the return of the "You're in my way sir" shows that even through the passage of time it hasn't lessened since he instantly launches into a tirade as soon as it happens.
    • He is also back to his classic "YOU FOOLS!" response to getting flashbanged. Humorously, both of his teams manage to flashbang each other in the course of the episode.
    • His glee at someone else getting told they're in the way for once.
    • His comments on the floating bags of cocaine. "It not only gets you high, it IS high!"
      • Receives a Brick Joke in the end credits, which says:
      The new narcotic has been nicknamed "Fizzy Lifting Crack" because of its amazing euphoric and literal sensation of flight. Unfortunately, it has also proven quite fatal, since it does not also provide the euphoric sensation of landing.
  • Mission #15: Olympic Manhunt. Dear lord. The constant references to Russia's anti gay policies are a prime example of Crosses the Line Twice.
    • Officers Reynolds and Girard are caught in a compromising position. Now they must go to America to be gay married and have hamburgers. The end credits say they are registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond and plan to wed next year in New Jersey.
    • Once again, "Moskau" is used alongside this video. However, this time, Spoony's commentary is still faintly audible in the background, leading to some pretty hilarious moments - arguably the best being his reaction to being blinded and killed in yet another flashbang fuckup.
    • About halfway through the vid, Spoony ends up getting shot dead once again - only for the rest of the team to successfully shout the offending enemy down, resulting in Spoony's killer kneeling over with his hands on his head... right on top of Spoony's corpse. Quite naturally, the caption dubs this "GAY THREESOME TACTIC."
    • At one point, an enemy runs past the SWAT team apparently without even noticing any of them (Spoony commenting "what the fuck, dude?!" and the subtitles commenting "A GAY! HE RUNS WHERE?") to let another enemy into the area - only for Spoony to automatically subdue them with a taser. The subtitles immediately proclaim, "THIS IS GLORIOUS VICTORY! NOW TO INTERROGATE WITH CAR BATTERY TO WET SCROTUM."
    • Spoony using c4 to blast a door open - managing to KO the enemy hiding behind it in the process. Quite apart from Spoony's gleeful laughter, the captions also provide "IN SOVIET RUSSIA, DOORS SLAM YOU."
  • In the subway station mission, Spoony takes time out of the start of the mission to comment on the fake movie posters at the entrance. Particularly Shaolin Cyborgs vs. Ninja Pirates VII.
    "Yanno, once it got past the original trilogy, it just kinda became a mockery of itself. And besides, Bruce Stallone...Bruce Stallone was barely in it. Although Arnold Damn...yanno, I guess I can cut it some slack, 'cuz any movie with Arnold Damn in it is automatically pretty awesome."
    • The "Bruce Stallone was barely in it" part becomes majorly Hilarious in Hindsight when viewed in light of Spoony's review of Lethal Games.

    Let's Riff - Ripper 
  • His impression of Christopher Walken has to be seen to be believed in his Let's Riff of Ripper.
    • Especially as the real Christopher Walken in the game sounds like he's doing a bad impression of himself.
    • The "maow!" sound Spoony makes as Walken sticks his cigar in his mouth.
    • Also when Paul Giamatti shows up. "I am not drinking any FUCKIN' MERLOT!!!"
    • "I HEARD THAT, Quinlan!!"
    • "Holy shit! It's Cyber-Walken! Get in the car!"
    • He even gets in a reference to Ralph Bakshi's obscure animated version of The Lord of the Rings, or specifically (S)Aruman's delivery of the lines.
      "...For I am Saruman Ringmaker, Saruman of MANY COLORS!"
    • "Let me try something. HEY CATHERINE!"
    • Christopher Walken reading Twilight, Moby-Dick and Watership Down, as well as a few other books.
    • And then there's the beginning of act 3, part 1. In the previous video Farley's stomach exploded in front of Quinlan.
      Quinlan: There's nothing like a guy blowing up on you to focus your attention.
      Spoony: Sounds like the tagline for a bukkake video.
    • Rock! Rock! You must go to the Dagobah system, Rock!
    • "Oh, by the way: Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down... Ha ha! You just got Ripprolled!"
    • "... I got an enlarged prostate..." "WHOA! Too Much Information! WAY too much information!"
    • (A rat-like monster appears) "Oh my god, it's Blob from Phantasmagoria 2, and she's back from hell!"
    • "Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a ripper!"
    • Quinlan: What do you sell? Spoony: DILDOS!
    • In the hospital:
      Quinlan: [turns around] I heard that.
      Spoony: Curtis!
    • "If it was this annoying and hellish just to get into a public library, just imagine what you gotta do to get the kind of illegal Asian porn I like!"
  • From the next part of Ripper:
    • "Let's see what we've bottles, pizza, porno mags, and a Game Boy DS. Hey, wait, this is my room!"
    • "Yes, Mr. Quinlan, people love to download the dying screams of monkeys. Why do you think Mariah Carey is so popular?"
    • This little exchange cracks me up.
      Vigo: Ah, please, have a, let me tell you how you fucked me...
      Spoony: Wh-wh-what?
      Vigo:...and how I am going to fuck you.
      Spoony: Okay, this conversation got off to a weird start.
    • And this awesome gem.
      Spoony: Okay, spill it Burton! What day is the monkey revolt!? TELL ME WHERE THE BOMB IS!!!
    • "Why did you hide the one thing that can kill the fucking Ripper, you insane old man!
    • But here's what really happened: clip from The 10th Kingdom, where the game's star played Wolf.
    • "Eat my ninja energy shuriken, monkey queen! HADOOKEN!"
    • In the Prologue, as Quinlan cradles the injured Catherine in his arms.
      Spoony: We're winding up to a big ol' "Nooooooo!"...
      Quinlan: FUCK!
      Spoony: [through surprised laughter] ...or that works too, I guess.
    • Spoony's perpetual iPhone jokes regarding the Wireless Access Console (WAC), claiming he has one, but not the much-coveted 'swirly blue thing' model:
    Spoony: Aww man, even he has a phone with the swirly blue thing on it! I mean, come on! I was gonna wait until the 4G model comes out, and then I'll all the features I'll ever want! Oh! I hear next week they're losing exclusivity with Trans-net, so maybe when I get my 4G version of the phone I can get it with Verizon!
    • "My girlfriend has a "portable WAC" too, but she calls it something different."
  • Fire Farley before his findings on four felonies were finished? What fiends!
  • Why Falconetti couldn't remember Stephanie Jordan;
    Spoony: Hey man, if I'm not raiding her lost ark or going to her temple of poon then she ain't worth knowing...

  • The morning after the release of Fallout: New Vegas, Spoony livestreamed himself playing the game. There was some mild amusement over the fact that he managed (in true Dr. Insano fashion) to "science" his way out of every interpersonal conflict in the game. However, the real humor came during the "Wang Dang Atomic Tango" side quest when he recruited a sex robot — and got "Fisto".
    Fisto: Fully Integrated Security Technotronic Officer active and reporting for duty.
    Spoony: (awkward pause) Okay, that is not what I had in mind when I asked for a sex robot.
    (Selects "Let's shorten that to Fisto" dialogue option.)
    Fisto: Yes, sir. Fisto reporting for duty. Please assume the position.
    Spoony: Uhhhh....
    (Selects "What?! No!" dialogue option.)
    Fisto: I am programmed for your pleasure. (firmly) Please assume the position.
    Spoony: GAH! NO!
    (Chat room erupts with laughter.)
    Chat Person #1: Go on, DO IT!
    Chat Person #2: DO IT!
    Chat Person #3: Don't be a pussy!
    Spoony: Guys, I am not fucking the robot!
    Chat Person #4: Dr. Insano would do it!
  • In his livestream of the DOS game "Castles", the way he reads out the Messenger moral choice options, which invariably include an option ending in "...and then HAVE HIM MURDERED!"
  • From his Kingdom Hearts livestream:
    • He takes great delight in the fact that the game gives him the opportunity to fight Final Fantasy characters he hates, such as Squall, Wakka, Tidus...and Selphie ("Yes, I am fighting a girl whose weapon is a jump rope!") In fact he spends almost the first two hours of gameplay repeatedly fighting them all, even though (due to his lack of experience with the game) he initially keeps losing.
    • He was especially amused that the game allowed him to name the raft "Pussy Wagon".
    • When Aeris appears, he says "You're dead!" in a hilariously bored/outraged way—particularly funny if you've seen the Final Fantasy reviews where he parodies fans by tearing up over her death.
    • When he goes to Wonderland, cue the inevitable call backs to "Tandem's Last Ride"...
    Spoony (about the Cheshire Cat): Please tell me I get to kill this motherfucker...
    "Spoony (As Cloud):"
    • Spoony gets into a massive fight with the chat over whether or not abilities auto-equipped. Spoony believes staunchly that abilities do, in fact, auto-equip (unless there isn't any room for them) and proceeded to berate the members of his chat telling him they don't and bringing the topic up multiple times later.
      • The ultimate kicker in this scenario being that Spoony, despite his yelling and insistence to the contrary, was wrong. Abilities do not auto-equip in Kingdom Hearts. In fact, he actually manually equips the abilities, which makes one wonder how he didn't realize it wasn't automatic.
    • At one point (return to Traverse Town), he pauses the game for a good 5 minutes to ask the chat how this game works with FF continuities since Aerith is alive, Squall and FFVII characters interact, etc. After reading the chat for a few minutes, he got one unifying answer, "because throwing in FF characters is cool." Spoony just chuckles, and when asked if he's angry at that answer, he says he's not, just curious as to how they resolved said paradoxes.
  • On another occasion on LordKat's stream, Spoony mentioned that while at was at MAGFest 9, he ran into Stuttering Craig. While ScrewAttack and Channel Awesome don't necessarily have the best history, the two men managed to have an intelligent and civil conversation. Afterwards, Spoony breathed a sigh of relief and got on an elevator with LordKat:
    Spoony: You'll never guess who I just ran into. Stuttering Craig.
    Stuttering Craig: [from back of elevator] Hi, Spoony.
    • After Craig got off the elevator, he said LordKat literally fell on the floor laughing.
    • Almost as funny was Spoony's confession that he was slightly worried, because he couldn't remember what tone of voice he'd used when he said Craig's name....
  • During his livestream of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, one line was enough that he put it into the review.
    *Benzaie is killed by a Thin Man's lucky shot*
    Spoony: Benzaie nooooooooo! Oh Benzaie...he died before he had a chance to surrender!
  • For a game packed with Nightmare Fuel, his livestream of Outlast had some amusing moments:
    • Announcing, "I'm telling you now, if I see Slender Man, I quit."
    • Constantly referring to the two machete-wielding enemies as "the Penis Brothers".
      Spoony: Had to mention the Penis Brothers!... You had to bring up the Penis Brothers!
    • Surprisingly, his commentary over the Cold-Blooded Torture scene.
      • His attempting to make small talk at Dr Trager.
      (Referring to this image): Do I get to pick the order of the parts you remove? 'Cause the balls go last.
      "Do you have a girlfriend? ... You're not wearing pants. You know you're not wearing pants? My usual doctor wears pants."
      • During the actual torture scene:
  • Persona 4 Golden has Spoony at his Swat 4 levels of snark.
    • When the MC has his head stuck in the TV at Junes:
    Chie: Ahhh! What are you doing in there?
    • On receiving a golf club and 3 medicines from Yosuke:
    Yosuke: I thought it was better than going in alone!
    Spoony: Oh good, some Advil and a three wood, now we're unstoppable.
    • His utter hatred of Chie is quite something to hear.

Yor: The Hunter from the Future
  • This review is packed with CMOF. "We will need a lot more hemp before we're through"; "purple cavemen"; "that's the fifth civilisation Yor's destroyed so far!"; and of course "the Most Awesome Thing Ever Filmed".


  • While the entire review is quite funny, Ed Glaser's cameo as a SWAT officer is particularly entertaining for those who have been following Spoony's SWAT 4 Let's Plays.
  • Spoony's comments on the inexplicable nature of the conversations in this movie, going straight from weird nicknames to BAM (Big Ass Motherfuckers??) to Vietnam for absolutely no reason.
  • There is an entire scene with a briefing that didn't happen.
    The Commander: Alright, men! You deploy at 0600. (beat) Any questions?
    Bloodfist: Uh... Who're you?
    The Commander: I'm afraid that's classified. Technically, I don't exist. ... I'm not here. ... We're not having this briefing.
    Bloodfist: We didn't have a briefing.
    The Commander: Good man.
    Bloodfist: No seriously. You just walked in here and said we were leaving at 0600.
    The Commander: No I didn't.
  • Spoony recreats the awesome musical score by tapping only one piano key over and over again while flexing with his other arm.
  • The Big Ass Motherfuckers repeatedly machine-gunning everything while screaming over and over in the movie in overly repetitive scenes as they fight the bad guys. Then a female hostage appears...and Spoony uses Manipulative Editing to make it look like their response to this is also machine-gunning her while screaming.
  • Reb Brown rocking a light blue T-shirt with a picture of a sailboat on it.

Strike Commando

  • "The Funniest Thing Ever Recorded on Film" lives up to its name on its own. But it was rendered even funnier when it premiered during the Channel Awesome fundraiser drive, as the microphones were not cut during the video, and Reb Brown's overacting is accentuated by the assembled Channel Awesome team totally losing it. Not to mention after the video is over, and Spoony recreates the scene with Doug as the dying little boy.
  • It helps that the scene in question is the single most narmtastic thing ever devised by man.
  • "I've seen way too many fucking movies..."
  • "We'll need a lot more hemp before we're through."
  • "So, uh, what's your ETA? Over."
  • "For Stalin!" "For Disneyland!!"
  • "The guy does have one important thing working for him, and that's his balls. Wait, no, sorry, his balls are two things. Um, his movies are balls...have balls."
  • Spoony's mind boggling at how one of the characters seemingly knocks another one over just by doing a pelvic thrust.
  • "(Describing the boxart) There are thousands of people trying in vain to kill our beefy, bulging hero; his face is frozen in the eternal howl of rage and defiance as he shoots the biggest machine gun in the world with a grenade launcher mounted on what seems to be six rotating Gatling barrels which are all firing simultaneously. I can't even begin to tell you in how many ways this fucking gun is impossible."
  • The re-tooled montage at the end of the movie, where Ransom lays siege to an import-export office in Manila, and then blows up the Colonel. Complete with Awesome Music.
  • Replacing Reb Brown's trademark war cry with the T-Rex from Jurassic Park.
  • Spoony's slack-jawed expression of awe after Reb blows up Jakoda and catches his metal dentures.
  • "They're almost indestructible." "Yeah, if only soldiers wore armour made out of radios."

Captain America (1979) & Captain America II: Death Too Soon

  • The Reb Brown Captain America films are generally pretty boring, but Spoony manages to liven them up.
  • The ending of the second part in which Spoony meets The Gate Keither.
    • "This looks like a job for... The Proper Authorities!" * Walks away*
    • The Nostalgia Critic being Driven to Suicide by the first film.
      "That's the coward's way out, and you know it, Critic!"
    • To the tune of the MST3K "Forklift Song":
      "This is the song written for the fight scene! He's got to find Christopher Lee! He tried to kill him with a forklift!"
    • Spoony [imitating the second film's villain, Miguel, played by Christopher Lee, ordering his henchman to give a pack of feral dogs a triple dose of a serum which ages people 38 years per minute]: "Dose them heavily, Mango; I want them old, arthritic, and useless when they attack Captain America. He'll never see it coming."

Howling II: Stirba: Werewolf Bitch

  • His getting more and more frustrated over the use of vampire tropes in Howling II.
  • The "Christopher Lee Audiobook Collection" segment.
  • "How do you make a sequel to a movie hoping the audience never saw the first one? [poster of Highlander II] Duh!"
  • His utter glee at managing to work once again the line "Can't we get beyond Thunderdome?" into a review.
  • His comparing the US title ("Your Sister Is A Werewolf") to the UK title ("Stirba: Werewolf Bitch.")
  • Once again, he loses his train of thought when he gets Distracted by the Sexy.


  • "Hey what, next thing you're going to tell me is that professional wrestlers don't fight for real."
  • "Billy, tell Hulk about Disneyland."
  • Spoony's response to how the film's villain is forcing the Lou Ferrigno character to fight again in thirty minutes after he's already fought two matches:
    Spoony: You're booking TNA Impact, aren't you?
  • The "USA: 9.7" gag with the fruit stand/corkscrew aerial crash. The dopey look on his face is icing on the cake.
  • "I like wrestling! *gangsters look happy and enthusiastic* But I don't like fighting. *gangsters' smiles disappear and they start to look worried* But I like to wrestle! But..."
    • Most, if not all of the constant Hulk jokes in this review are just classic.
    • "Could someone help Hulk out? Hulk brain hurts, and Reb Brown heavy..."
  • "I haven't been this uncomfortable watching a mentally handicapped person wrestle since Eugene in the WWE!"
    • "Great! Now we've got a brain-damaged, 300 pound bodybuilder who's also retard-strong and who hallucinates other people are Vietcong!"
    • Calling Lou's fights against two people a Handicap Match and getting booed for it.
  • Spoony noticing that the main villain is played by Joe Takagi from Die Hard and then noticing that another character Tiger Joe, is played by the terrorist that steals a candy bar, also from Die Hard. Then he theorizes that the Nakatomi crisis was an inside job.
    • The subsequent Die Hard jokes soon after, especially when Takagi gets his ribcage crushed by Lou.

Cage 2

"Hulk sense disturbance in the force."
  • "Mmmmm, Watcha saaaaaaaaay..."
  • "Your next fight is against "The Great One" [The opening of The Rock's WWE entrance video & theme plays]
  • "I didn't mean to kill that little guy!"
    Spoony: Uhhhh, yes you did!
  • "Yeah, try pulling the trigger about 10 more times, I'm sure there's a bullet in there somewhere!"
  • "Stars action hero Lou Ferrigno! ROB Brown!"
    Spoony: BLASPHEMY!!!!
  • When he sees that one of the opponents that Lou fights is Malibu (From American Gladiators, as well as the Warrior from the Dragonstrike VHS), he puts in post-match footage of Malibu being interviewed.
    Malibu: I saw this guy coming...and I took the most excellent hit of my life...and I'm fine today!
  • His take on how deadpan the announcer sounds doing the commentary
  • His comments on the overuse of stock sounds and screams, including a man in the audience cheering with the YYYEEAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!! scream
  • On Reb's costume:
    Spoony: *laughs* Oh come on! What did they do, buy the costume at Wal-Mart? He looks like a Spanish conquistador! Actually my first thought was that he kinda looks like Locklear from Betrayal at Krondor... Oh God... I just made a Betrayal At Krondor reference in Two-Thousand-and fucking-Eleven... I don't get out much...

Mercenary Fighters

  • His recap of the basic plot of the film:
    Spoony: Only Reb Brown could bring us a story this deep and nuanced. It's just got so many layers; it's got historical parallels, conflicted loyalties, a sense of discovery, and it's tale about starcrossed lovers. It's about a marine sent to a far away land to help the government evict a native populace so they can exploit the area's natural resources, but after observing the native culture, he falls in love with his guide and becomes inspired by their noble sacrifices to maintain their way of life. At the end, he and his wisecracking pilot friend realise they've been fighting for the wrong side, join the rebellion and drive off the invaders after a climactic final battle. Only Gollun & Globus could come up with a movie so complex & visionary. I mean, where the hell else are you going to see a movie like this?
    [Burton has been holding a copy of Avatar for the last part of Spoony's recap.]
  • WARNING: What follows is the manliest thing ever recorded on film. Your balls may drop off in shame at the mere knowledge that you will never in your entire life do something half this manly
  • His (Rather justified) reaction to seeing Reb Brown's pasty white ass
    Spoony: But eventually he comes out of the water and - Oh my God say this ISN'T HAPPENING!!! AAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!' *Cuts to Spoony throwing up into a sick bag*

Death Of A Soldier

  • "Well. That's just great! Now we're at war with Australia. You know, Australia - I didn't want this, but you guys! You're outta control. Don't wave your dick at an Aussie, he'll blow your goddamn head off, I suppose! Seriously! What's the hell's the deal with Australia anyway?! Not even the British understand you! Just... look at this! Australian Rules Football? I mean what the fuck is that? And the ''platypus''? I've gotten less bizarre shit hitting the randomiser button generating a character in Champions Online! I hope this movie turns into a Reb Brown revenge flick where he personally kills Paul Hogan with a grenade launcher. Do ya wanna get nuts, Australia?! Because I can get nuts! Yahoo Serious just made the list! Do you see what happens when you fuck with me!? ....... What the hell was I talking about?!"
  • "La la la, not listening, sustain, la la la!"
  • "To be fair, Reb is biologically compelled to kill a person every 24 hours..."
  • "This is a weird conversation..."
  • Spoony's confusion at the film's cover showing Reb Brown (as Eddie Leonski, the Brownout Strangler no less) walking on his hands. At least it makes people watch the movie to see how this kills him.
  • Reb/Eddie explains his bizarre psychological habit of killing women for their singing Irving Berlin show tunes.

Night Claws

  • Spoony comparing his reaction to the news of a new Reb Brown movie to Michael Sheen's Squee in Breaking Dawn: Part 2, particularly after Spoony applauded him and fawned over how Ham and Cheese he was in that scene in his v-log review.
  • Right smack at the start of the review, two teenagers are having sex in a car when they hear some kind of wild animal outside. The girl clearly shows she doesn't know what kind of flick she's in:
    Girl: Then go out there and check things out, or we're not finishing anything.
    Spoony: Go check it out? Who the fuck you think he is, The Beastmaster?! The fuck's he gonna do to a bear?! Here's a smarter idea, why don't you drive a mile down the road, pull over and fuck there?!
  • The splicing of clips from Pumpkin Head 2, Jaws, and Scream when pointing out the Cliché Storm.
  • The Running Gag of Frank Stallone being in the credits, but apparently not in the movie.
    Spoony: And where in the hell is Frank Stallone?!
    Spoony: And for the love of Christ, where the fu- is Frank Stallone IN the Bigfoot suit?!
    Spoony: Everything is NOT okay! Eleven people are dead! And Frank Stallone's gone missing!
  • Genre Blindness ahoy!
    Love Interest: We should split up, we can cover more ground.
    Spoony: Oh my god... The Scooby-Doo gang would pity these fools!
    Spoony: (after the group splits up a third time) Oh, you've got to me fucki—- Are you out of your minds splitting up again for the third time in the movie?! I've never even heard of something like that! This is like sitting on top of a tree in a thunderstorm, holding a metal ladder over your head, screaming at the sky "COME ON, GOD! DO IT! I DARE YOU, YOU FUCKING PUSSY!"
    Spoony: (after the group splits up for the fourth time) BlephtAGAIN! Four times! You're splitting up FOUR TIMES in the same movie! This is unbelievable! This has to be, like, a world record! This is like hitting on 18 in Blackjack FOUR TIMES! You know what? I hope they live. I hope they all live. I hope they find Bigfoot, they circle around him and catch him in this deadly crossfire and just kill the fucker, and go back to town to have Denny's afterwards. It'll be revolutionary.
  • Spoony's reaction of absolute HORROR and bewilderment when the "love interest" straight-up neck-snaps Reb Brown to death.
  • In the follow-up video he mocks the movie's aforementioned "Twist Ending" of revealing Reb to be a Decoy Protagonist right at the end and seguing into something unrelated for the last few minutes—at the end of the review, Spoony explodes into flames and is promptly replaced by Bayou Billy.
  • He tries to do a lame pun on how the "Twist Ending" involves Reb having his head twisted off, only to apologise: not for the pun being lame but because he thought it was offensive to Reb.
  • The Overly-Long Gag at the end of having photo credits for every character in the film, even the most minor ones.
  • His glee at the death of the survival group, especially the leader.

Uncommon Valor

  • Spoony having become a nervous wreck after realising that someone will come to haunt him now that he has to continue reviewing Final Fantasy.
  • Spoony confusing the Critical Marine for Obama who he thinks came to take away his guns.
  • The spliced in Tropic Thunder bits.
  • Sailor's reason for being in prison and Spoony's and The Critical Marine's reaction to it.
  • Reb Brown as explosive expert everything of that.
  • The horrible acting of the CIA agent.
  • When a prison guard hears the water splatter from an impossible distance, a large red exclamation mark appears above his head with a familiar sound.
  • The spliced in voice from Unreal Tournament in Reb's explosive killing spree.
  • Spoony's reaction after Reb's character's heroic sacrifice.

Last Flight to Hell

  • Spoony puts in the VHS tape to the movie and a trailer for Lethal Games with Frank Stallone plays. At the end, Spoony realizes something
    Spoony: "Well there's Frank Stallone, he's in the fucking preview!"
  • Almost having a fatal heart attack when he seems like he'll have to watch Reb Brown get killed again.
  • The oddity of Chuck Connors' character being named Reb, which becomes reminiscent of the parade of Kens from Fugitive Alien.
  • Anytime Spoony makes fun of the movies odd opening credits by having him freeze in place as the colors go weird and a credit is displayed on screen
    Spoony: Remember how I talked about The Ring (Terror's Realm) sucking in zero seconds? Well now it looks like we've got a tie for first pla-
    *He freezes as the colors turn a mix of green and purple, the subtitle THE SPOONY EXPERIMENT appearing on screen*
    Spoony *Sounding slightly strangled*: Gah... Ah...can't move....gahhh....
    • Shortly after:
    Spoony: As far as I'm concerned, they can keep pulling stuff from Strike Commando all they want because that movie fucking kicked ass! God, I hope they bring back Jakoda as the evil henchmAHH-
    *He freezes again as the colors change to a mix of green and yellow, the subtitle NOAH ANTWILER appearing on screen*
    • Later still:
    Spoony: I swear to God, if this chick breaks Reb's neck, I fucking quit! *He looks around himself* Oh what, so now you don't freeze frame?
    *He freezes again, the colors turning blue and yellow as the caption ''DO YOU READ SUTTER CANE?'' appears on screen*
    Spoony *Sounding slightly strangled*: God dammit!

Lethal Games

  • Spoony having to beat his editor's face in after the scene keeps cutting to Reb's untimely death in Night Claws, complete with We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties.
  • Spoony's bewilderment at still being mostly unable to find Frank Stallone in a Frank Stallone movie.
  • The recreation of Mike's absurdly drawn out death, as Dr. Insano finally gets completely fed up with Spoony's refusal to stay down.
  • Linkara and Brad Jones reading porn titles. Linkara (who gets censored) critiques the spelling of the more punny titles and seems amazed at what is apparently the twenty-fifth sequel to a porno, while Brad admits that he owns at least two of the titles on the list (one of which, Invasion of the Samurai Sluts from Hell!, would be reviewed by him a couple of months later) and seems worried that one of the titles is yet another E.T. porno.
  • Frank Stallone's kill count by the end of the movie? ONE.

Viking Bikers From Hell

  • Blaming the lateness of Reburary due to the hunt for the elusive Frank Stallone.
  • Dr. Insano not knowing what a "polar vortex" is.
    Dr Insano: It would take a scientist to explain!
  • Spoony going on a rant how Sonny killed a man who controlled A THIRD OF MIAMI'S COCAINE SUPPLY, only for him to stop after seeing a mannequin, shouting "Guys look out! It's Slenderman!!"
  • Spoony makes a one-liner, then cutting to the CSI: Miami opening. Three times.
  • Becoming more and more incoherent in his joy over finally seeing Reb do what he does best again, until we get "He just hit his head on the side of the fucking...thing!"
    Spoony: I dunno about you guys, but I need a cigarette.
  • He theorizes that another actor's character being named Reb in Last Flight to Hell was actually Reb getting hopelessly confused at having to answer to another name, hence his being The Danza here.
  • In the beginning, Reb grabs a pistol and blows up a car with one shot, and another biker gives out a mildly unimpressed "Hmph!" Cue Spoony cutting to the guy going "Hmph!" every time Reb blows something else up. Nothing impresses that guy!

White Ghost

    Ultima Retrospective 

Ultima 0 - Akalabeth

  • Akalabeth: World of Doom
    • Asking "Mr. Demon" if he's seen the "Doom", and then finding a sign with "Doom" spelled on it pointing to the cave.
    • Calling the number that shows up at the end of the game to "tell of his great deeds"... and we're shown that at the other end of the line there's a dusty skeleton. Several dusty skeletons, in fact.

Ultima I: The First Age of Darkness

  • Landing on the island from and finding a bunch of weapons, then he finds the Triforce, does the Zelda Item Get! pose, complete with the DO DO DO DOOOOO! sting, then stares at it incredulously and wonders what he's supposed to do with a triangle and then tosses it aside for a weapon he can really use... a Gunblade.
  • His Fridge Logic over the fact that, in this fantasy setting, there are shops that sell space shuttles. Cut to Spoony as an apprentice blacksmith fixing the re-entry tiles on the Challenger.
  • His re-enactment of Gandalf vs. the Balrog, where he pulls out an AK-47 and a phaser phazor, and when that doesn't work, he busts out an M79 grenade launcher.
    "Alright. Time to bust out the Flame of Anor!" * Pulls out an M79 and loads it.* "Enjoy the fireworks!"
    * Blasts the Balrog away, turning around as it falls to its doom, but not before it whips Gandalf in the leg*

Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress

  • "Yes! Beat the Benny Hill gag like a Dead Horse!"
  • On Uranus is a town called "New Jester" which is populated by nothing but Jesters. Spoony jokes that they were probably exiled for making too many Uranus Jokes.

Ultima III: Exodus

  • Bennet the Sage vs. The Carpet.
  • Spoony's dramatic unveiling of the deadliest enemy in the game... THE FLOOR!!
    • THE GRASS!!!!
  • His closing remarks.
    And hey, I dare you to find one other game where you can play a transsexual ewok jester. * Yub Yub music starts playing*

Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar

  • "WTF Cock Dungeon??"

Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny

  • His responses to Blackthorne in the dungeon scene include "Eat a dick" and "Fuck you," even as he's gushing over how great and disturbing the scene is.
  • His sarcastic 'surprise' that someone named Lord Blackthorne is evil, accompanied by a picture of Lord Blackwood from the Sherlock Holmes (2009) film.
  • "Man, this Mondain guy! Everything he ever touches is something that threatens all life on the planet. Even his skull can be used to just casually wipe out all life in the world! I even bet when this guy just takes a crap, it all just comes out in one big, long, black, steaming, life-eradicating log of evil." (shows the ending of Time Bandits)

Ultima VI: The False Prophet

  • His reaction to the What the Hell, Hero? plot of Ultima VI: "Ooooh yeah. Uh, sorry."
  • Chuckles forces Spoony to play The Game. Every time he's hit with the rubber chicken he loses it.
  • Spoony's rant when the Avatar gets poisoned and runs up to Lord British to get healed only to find him asleep with no way to wake him up:
    Spoony: LB! Hey! C'mon! It's me, the Avatar! I've got rapid onset Black Death from the rats in your goddamn sewer! I'm DYING you fool! Don't you care? DON'T YOU EVEN CARE? What is with this guy? Douchebag could sleep through a nuclear bomb! Well, he won't wake up till morning, so I had no choice. I just had to wander off and eventually die horribly of disease sitting on Lord British's freaking throne. Maybe when he wakes up he'll notice I filled his fucking chair with my own evacuated bowels when I finally died a horrible, clenching oozing death of the fucking Motaba virus! Shithead.

Ultima VII: The Black Gate

  • His lengthy 2 minute explanation of the main quest of the game, which ends as he hyperventilates with a paper bag and falls over.
    Be right back! Spoony needs CPR.
  • The This is Spın̈al Tap reference, which Spoony had been talking about wanting to make ever since he started the Retrospective.
  • Spoony right after saying he gave Spark, the son of the murdered blacksmith a shotgun:
    "WHAT?! I'm the goddamn Avatar, I'm supervising him!"
  • Also, Spoony's tone of voice when reacting, among others, to the mutilated corpse of a blacksmith, a "deserted" cave infested with dragons, and the ritualistic killing of a baby.
  • Spoony's punchline when the Black Sword is used to decapitate Lord British?
  • And his examination of the throne room the Guardian's followers have built:
    Spoony: Why, to welcome their conquering God, they've even constructed a massive, imposing throne in the... surprisingly small room barely big enough to hold it, with human-sized doors and a sweeping view of a blank stone wall and a couple of barred windows.
    The Guardian: What kind of throne room is this? A throne room for ants? How am I supposed to get in? I need leg room, people! And come on, I may be a Dark God of Deceit and Domination, but even I need a little lumbar support!

Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss

  • His "Dude, Where's My Respect?" Freak Out upon finding out nobody believes he's the Avatar, despite the fact that a whole religion is founded around him and his deeds.
    Baron Almric: Whether thou speak truth or falsehood, I cannot say!
    Spoony: What, seriously? You don't know who I am? The motherfucker who saved the world no less than six times already!
    Baron Almric: Stories tell of the coming of the Avatar, but years have past since he visited here.
    Spoony: I am literally the Christ figure of your fucking religion! There are museums dedicated to my great feats stretching through hundreds of years of your recorded history! I should be the most recognizable bastard on the face of this planet, and this cock hydrant doesn't know who I am? None of you guys know who I am? Read a book people! I know humility is one of the eight virtues, but I'm the goddamn Avatar! Hello?!
  • And, of course, his Mushroom Samba response to the game's Trippy Finale Syndrome.
  • Also, his Fridge Brilliance regarding the fact that since the Avatar came in from his sleep, he's in the Princess' bedchamber wearing pajamas and sporting a morning boner.
  • The amount of bad voice acting in the game not going unnoticed by Spoony, such as the ridiculously hammy ghost of Garamon/a horrible voice actor ("Treachery and DOOM!!"), the Baron's daughter being kidnapped by Tyball's agents/a bad voice actor and the Avatar being banished to the Abyss by overly smarmy-like voice of Baron Almric/Baron Horrible Von Voice Actor. ("My mind is set! Colwyn shall take thee to the Abyss!")

Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds

  • The end of the review, when a Headless bursts into his room.
    Spoony: Okay, that's it! I'm installing anti-personnel mines in front of that fucking door, this shit keeps happening!
    [The Headless growls at Spoony as he gets out of his chair]
    Spoony: Oh, you wanna fight?
    [The Headless flips Spoony off.]
    Spoony: Oh, don't you fucking test me you headless hairball, not after the month I've had.
    [The Headless growls at Spoony again.]
    Spoony: Okay, well I think Linkara would say at a time like this, "You may be headless monster immune to weapons, but me? I AM A MAN!"
    Spoony: Now, me on the other hand? I fight like a dirty bastard.
    • The after the credit's gag, where Spoony is hit with a chair held by the Headless, and promises "One day I'm gonna get that filthy animal." before "The End" appears is funnier if you've seen The Cinema Snob's review of The Geek, which Spoony borrowed the line (and abrupt ending) from.

Ultima VII Part II: Serpent Isle

  • Spoony's interpretation of what must have happened after the destruction of the Black Gate, since it seemingly took 18 months for the Britanians to search Batlin's stuff.
    Mere seconds after the Black Gate has been destroyed
    The Goddamn Avatar: Okay. Well, that's done. I'm on vacation! Wooooooo!
    The Goddamn Avatar throws his sword to the ground, and puts on a Sombrero
    Off-screen Party Member: Shouldn't we look for the wizard who built the Black Gate incase he tries to build another one?
    The Goddamn Avatar: [picks up a bottle of tequila] Eh, eventually. Hey, who's coming to Buckaneer's Den? If we hurry, we can still catch Happy Hour. I'm driving, chicks dig the Magic Carpet! Wooooooo!
    • The best part? Spoony used a green screen to actually insert himself into the cutscene of the Black Gate's destruction.
      • The second best being the offscreen party member sounding like Eric Idle.
  • A subtle one, he talks about a funny glitch where two city guards get stuck on each other and get in a never ending argument about getting out of each other's way. Spoony then plays audio clips from SWAT 4 of the infamous "you're in my way, sir" gag, making him giggle and comment that he keeps waiting for them to get into a fist fight. The really funny part? If you watch the game, you'll see the Avatar and his companions start killing the guards to end the gag. It's one of those "whoa, wait, rewind that" funny moments.
  • Spoony's mini-rant about how the game requires you to equip several specific pieces of equipment, and that it's very possible to lose one of the items in your inventory, because it's a small ring that's barely visible on the screen, before noting that this is the exact reason he never finished the game before, because he Rage Quit after he couldn't find the item. He then caps it off by noting that he should have continued playing, as a glitch in the game that means that when it checks you're using the required equipment, it checks everything except one thing - Naturally, the ring.
    Spoony: *Exasperated sigh* ... Fail all around...
    • Accompanying this is a sketch which has Avatar Spoony suiting up with frog-armor, until he realizes he doesn't have the ring. He searches in vain for the ring in his bags and pulls up various random objects, which includes (but not limited to) a pair of heart-printed underwear, a woman's bra, a Bible Black DVD, a Final Fantasy action figure, various beef jerky packages and finally a Fleshlight and lube before he finally loses it.
    The Goddamn Avatar: '''FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU---!'''

Ultima VIII

  • The Digging Yourself Deeper joke at the beginning about trying to convince his mother that RPGs aren't evil, which ends with him in a padded cell with satanic symbols scrawled all over his face.
    Spoony: No mum, role-playing games aren't Satani-WOAH! [Smash Cut to Ultima VIII's boxart, a giant flaming pentagram]
  • The Guardian gloats that, by exiling the Avatar to the world of Pagan, he is dooming him to a place where no-one knows his name or his exploits in saving Britannia. Spoony immediately responds with "Like that's anything new!" and does a Call-Back to his Dude, Where's My Respect? complaints from Ultima Underworld.
  • Spoony constantly complaining about everything being grey.
  • Exploding Treasure Chests. Set to the 1812 Overture.
  • Spoony's Hollywood Tourette's trying to explain the completely broken platforming segments while trying to complete said segments, eventually causing the review to pause while he gets his meds
    Spoony: What am I doing wrong?! It keeps overshooting the fucking-COCKSUCKER!
    • The last straw being when he finishes one of said segments...and is knocked into the pit by an exploding chest.
    • The dramatic return of the Headless... who Spoony fights by mimicking the goofy repetitive striking animation of the protagonist of this game. And then Oreo runs into the room.
    • The blooper after the credits crosses this with Heartwarming as Oreo fights Miles (still in his Headless costume) in an adorable Curb-Stomp Battle
    • Spoony showing a somber black and white clip of the Avatar hacking away at children with an axe while a list of the Eight Virtues scrolls by - with "Murdering small children with a battle axe and searching their bodies for loot" added as a ninth "virtue".

Ultima IX - Part 1

  • Simply reading the tweets he made regarding making the Ultima IX review is enough to get a laugh. Gems includes:
    "Oh god...I've been pulling 8-12 hour shifts of Ultima IX for like, 4 days now. I can't even remember sunlight...or happiness..."
    "Ultima 9 is looking to be at least a 2-parter. This game is the biggest iceberg of frozen shit I've ever played in my life."
  • After mostly remaining calm as he spends the first eight minutes explaining the background story of Ultima IX and all the problems and Executive Meddling it had during development, he ends the intro by starting to scream, finishing off with "We're about to jump balls-deep into it, so, get ready motherfuckers, it's gonna get loud!"
  • The "Betrayal Counter", made better in that the "Betrayal" is stylized like the "OBJECTION" from Ace Attorney and that it uses sound clips from the infamous "Betrayal" video.
  • When Spoony critiques the Avatar's massive downgrade in stats, the counter goes off four times in a row, while Spoony continues narrating.
  • "What's a paladin?" While it's common for reviewers to play stupid scenes two or three times, Spoony has to play what he calls "the worst line in the entire game" eight times before he launches into a tirade how it alone made him stop playing the game for weeks when he first heard it and explaining how it represents a giant middle finger to all Ultima fans.
    • And on a related note, Spoony's full-throated shriek of anguish and subsequent enraged gibbering on hearing the Avatar ask what the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom is. "This is like the Pope asking what the fucking Bible is!"
    • The end of the rant:
      Spoony: What's... a paladin? FUCK! YOUUUUUUU!!
  • "Yes, a maid has to explain to The Avatar why it's good to eat food. THE AVATAR IS TOO STUPID TO EAT."
  • When dealing with the tide of inconsistent accents, Spoony dares the game to get offensive, "Michael Bay this bitch up." And then he gets hit by the Gayvatar.
    ...this game has touched me, and I can never show you where.
  • Hell, ANY time he repeats a line to show how stupid the game is.
  • When asking why a gargoyle is hovering in place despite wings not working that way:
    And don't tell me he's a wizard or shit because fuck you.
  • Halfway through opening and shutting the Avatar's fridge door to hear the impossible sound it makes, Spoony inexplicably discovers a human skeleton in the the freezer compartment. His reaction and subsequent recovery are priceless.
  • "Wait, what the fuck? There's a pirate in the park, too? What's with this guy? He just sees me in the park and brandishes a fucking cutlass at me? Great, I just murdered a man in a public park. Now I get to tell the cops that I'm the fucking Avatar, and I'm on serious Avatar busine- giant spiders, too?!

Ultima IX - Part 2

  • The opening scene. The Avatar enters a tower by an elevator, and within, there's a man floating in the air and flipping his arms around impossibly like pinwheels, while weird squawking and gasping noises issue forth. Spoony has a priceless look of blank, uncomprehending terror on his face before shrieking in agony.
  • The fact that Spoony created an entirely new opening just for this video.
  • Spoony Vs. Giant Enemy Crab and his increasing annoyance, starting with things like
    Fucking crab's taking more punishment than the Headless.
    Fuck, dude, I gotta get more water type Pokémon. Apparently these bastards are indestructible.
    I've got new respect for those guys on Deadliest Catch. Jeez, crab meat should cost like $10,000 a pound!
    • And eventually progressing to
    "Come on, you crotchsmoker, DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!!!!"
  • Upon hearing this:
    Shamino: When [the columns] first came out of the ground, I felt that there was something very sinister about them so I undertook a spiritual quest to learn more.
    Spoony: Really! No shit! You had to go to the ethereal plane to piece that one together, didja. Good job! I-I-I dunno, I mean, I guess I can see why someone might think the giant, lava-spewing columns were put together by the Care Bears to emit cotton candy and friendship!
  • The part where everyone seemed to float in mid-air. Complete with "I Believe I Can Fly" in the background.
  • The part right after that, where, if hit enough times, the guards will just spontaneously crumble into the ground and ski back-and-forth in a heap before disappearing. Complete with "Yakety Sax" playing in the background.
  • His random cursing every time the game crashes.
    Noah: But I can't use the mantra until after he tells- [game crash] motherfucker cocksucking superc--t son of a FUCK!
    • Later...
    Noah: It's so boring and simplistic i just want to- [game crash] COCKSUCKER MOTHER OF A DUNG MERCHANT FUCK!!
  • The game provides him with fodder for many Call Backs:
    • Learning of a character named "Tydus" and initially fearing that it was that "Tidus."
    • The reveal that the Guardian's plan is to crash the moons into Britannia; cue "Orbital wobble?"
    • When he finds the brothel, playing the "Go to the whore!" clip from Lords of Magick.

Ultima IX - Part 3

  • When Spoony points out an incredibly long, tedious quest, he asks the viewers what kind of reward they would put for the aforementioned quest:note 
    Spoony: Let's just say that you're the designer of Ultima IX... and I haven't killed you yet.
  • Before the review even starts, Spoony interrupts the brand new intro to declare "FUCK THIS GAME!"
  • A unique reaction to yet another glitch:
    Oh fuck, now he's done something worse than kill me! I can't move! I can't walk, I CAN'T MOVE! Raven, help me, I forgot how to walk! My legs don't work.... aaaand the game is completely hung. (Error message pops up) And there we have it.
  • Wearing metal armor inside an active volcano:
    Spoony: Do you have any idea what it smells like in there? It'd just be this visible funk, this haze you could see that smells of sulphur, swampass, sweaty balls, and feet...

Ultima IX - Part 4

  • Following up a ghost's question of "What is love?" with a certain song.
    • The rest of the dialogue is scored with "I Want To Know What Love Is" to really drive the point home.
  • "What the fuck were you [The Guardian] doing in the Black Gate anyway, taking an extra-dimensional shit? Does it explode every time you use it?"

Ultima Runes Of Virtue - Part 1

  • Spoony's stream of consciousness observation of the Black Knight's room, leading to the conclusion that the Black Knight is Buffalo Bill.
    • Preceded by a bit where he seems quite legitimately embarrassed that his mind went in this direction even as he was playing the game for the first time. "Goodbye Horses" subtly bubbling up in the background also adds a perfect touch.
  • The seahorse appearing. Spoony knows he's going down, but he has to fight it, so he shoots it...and it dies. He notes the anticlimax, when suddenly another seahorse appears and an epic fight breaks out.
    • Said fight ends with Spoony confronting a cobra which eventually bites his face and becomes thrown onto the red seahorse. All with Spoony's saying "Snakes! Why it had to be snakes?!" while we're being exposed to Snake posters on the wall.
  • The Black Knight vows revenge on Spoony for making fun of him, and sets in motion his grand Evil Plan... to annoy him.

Ultima Runes Of Virtue - Part 2

  • The entire opening, where Spoony's character is being tossed around a room with teleportation pads of some sort, before getting Telefragged by skeletons. Repeatedly. Spoony's horrified reaction (and subsequent Skyward Scream) are hilarious call-backs to the start of Ultima IX - Part 2.
  • Spoony dealing with some Invincible Minor Minions that are small, spherical, and hop about while making obnoxious beeping noises. They do no damage, but prevent Spoony from moving through the large number of them. He immediately demands to know if Doctor Insano had anything to do with their creation as he's swarmed by dozens of the things. His frustration reaches a breaking point in a matter of seconds.
    "The fuck is going on? This game is rubbing its balls on me! STOP RUBBING YOUR BALLS ON ME!"
  • Spoony comments how the Orcs never seem to attack you and, in fact, run away from the Avatar. This sets up a scene of a sweet Orc family eating a peaceful Christmas dinner before the Avatar comes in maniacally laughing and slaughters the poor things while they beg for their lives, all the while Lancelot's theme music plays in the background.
    Orc child: Don't hurt my mommy and daddy!
    Avatar: *throws axe* The Avatar slays you in the name of valour and justice!
    Orc: Please! We have children!
  • The Gameboy version has the Avatar picking up mushrooms. A colorful Mushroom Samba ensues.
    High!Spoony: (Upon seeing a two-headed horse) Oh GOD!! Dr. Insano has sown a horse ass-to-ass!! AAASSSSSSSS-TO-AAASSSSSS!!!!!
  • When Spoony tries to do another "can't we just get beyond Thunderdome" joke, the video itself rebels against the gag, interrupting him with a Family Feud-style strike.
  • It's a very small thing, but the way (and timing) of Spoony attacking the Black Knight with the ping-pong ball it's just hilarious.
    • It's not just any ping-pong ball. It's the red ball from Minority Report!
    • Not to mention the Black Knight's grand plan was to Troll Spoony instead of actually attack him. And it works!!
  • Spoony needing to apologize over claiming that the seahorses didn't exist in the Ultima games when they show up in Ultima 4 and 5, and how it's All There in the Manual about how they don't start fights, but sure as hell finish them... before claiming his complaint still stands because "There's seahorses, and then there's "Ahhhh!! Seahorses!!"
  • Spoony's rather on the nose assessment of Runes of Virtue 2's usage of the Kaizo Trap (what he calls the "Fuck You" traps). The ensuing montage of Spoony getting screwed by traps and cursing them out is also hillarious.
    Spoony: These are what I call "Fuck You" traps, which are traps you are guranteed to walk into the first time because there is no way for you to possibly know they are there... but the developers put them in anyway. Why? Because "Fuck you!"
  • Spoony's absolute amazement at how the Gameboy versions of the Runes of Virtue games blow the Super Nintendo port out of the water.

  • His Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen review is chock full of these. The crowner would probably be his epic tirade summing up his feelings about it at the end:
    Spoony: It really is one of the vacuous, most overblown, bloated, pointless... Did I say vacuous?
    Miles: Yeah.
    Spoony: It's double vacuous, loudest, most incomprehensible, coked-out, rambling, insincere, over-dramaticised, under-plotted pieces of Michael-Bay-monkey-shit, smearing-on-his-face, smear-it-on-the-screen, just god-awful movies I think I've ever seen in a theatre.
  • Noah reviews Pandorum while suffering from a cold, and sends himself into a coughing fit trying to imitate the sounds the monsters make. "...I should not have done that."
    • His imitation of the insane captain is hilarious too, combined with several references to The Ren & Stimpy Show episode Space Madness.
      Earth's gone? AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!
      You don't understand, man! There's no God! There's no devil! It's just us! Wait! * looks around shiftily* You hear that?! We gotta get outta here! * panics* Oh Dennis Quaid, you don't understand, man! They're gonna kill us all! Game over, man! Oh my beloved ice cream bar!
  • The entirety of his recent New Moon review, though not particularly scripted, is full of him joking about hallucinatory Edwards warning Bella about how her hair will get ruined, utter bewilderment and almost outright rage over why Bella is so unlikeable (and yet portrayed as having all these people willing to do everything for her), and hilarious over-the-top foppish accents when he's imitating the Volturi, and giant muffins ("It's a Long Story"). Considering he's holding a beer when he starts the review, and seems a bit drunk while he continues, it's probably fair to say that he didn't enjoy this movie. (Even though it's root beer, as Spoony doesn't drink.)
    • You want more laughs out of this? Make note of when he comments that Scarlett took off for the bathroom. Then go read Scarlett's review of the movie.
    • Funniest moment in the review had to be his take on the scene where Edward protects Bella by basically punching her across the room.
      Spoony: I have to save you, Bella; Fuck out' the way!
      • His impression of Harponote  just adds to it.
  • From his V-log review of The Fourth Kind:
    Spoony: Look at those guys on that fuckin' planet. Look at them... They still think digital watches are really neat; let's fuck with 'em!
  • Noah and his brother Miles' impressions of Colonel Quaritch from Avatar. "My mech needs a gigantic steel boner so I can fuck people while I stab them with my big knife! I'm gonna robo-fuck 'em! Ay! Ooh!"
    • Also, "AHAHA! These guys have ''souls!''"
    • Miles saying the villain has subtler moments and follows up with explaining the destruction of the forest and impersonating the man with, "This is a great cup of coffee. Nice thing to have when when killin indigenous folk."
    Noah!Quaritch: Mmmm! That's good stuff!!
    • This exchange:
    Noah!Quaritch: That mech is too pussy for me. You know what my mech needs? A big fuckin' knife.
    Miles!Soldier: But why would you need a knife sir?
    Noah!Quaritch: Silence, pussy! I want a big fuckin' knife on that fuckin mech, and I want it right fuckin' now!
    • "I got a steel boner all the time for killin' people! Whoo!"
    • This jewel:
    Noah!Quaritch: I don't need no fuckin' mask!
    Miles!Quaritch: Screw you, I don't need to breathe!
    • "We hate them wait they have blue skins...blueskins, screw'em."
    • When Miles tries to defend movies with moral messages about tolerance and understanding, Noah responds by waving his arms We Are The World-style.
  • Spoony runs off to find his notes for Deadliest Fantasy Warrior, leaving a befuddled Miles alone with the camera, to which he can just awkwardly say "Hi" to us.
    • Better than that is Spoony and his brother Miles remembering who they came up with for the fictional character Deadliest Warrior Spoony was planning. Ash vs Kirk! The chainsaw hand versus the kirk combat roll!.
  • Noah's Vlog about Eclipse
    • The definite crowning moment being his reaction to Bella saying she loves Jacob and making out with him.
      • Also Moment of Awesome: he shouted in the theater "She is fucking with them at this point! She is just fucking with them!"
    • About The Last Airbender: "When you spend years working on a movie and it gets outdone by Eclipse... That's deep, man. That's like Hemingway-level depression."
  • Noah completely freaks out over the "Tai Chi in every scene" in The Last Airbender, jumping up and spazzing out every few seconds, while Miles just sits back and grins.
    • "Waaaaterrrrrrrrr"
      • "No no no, Waaaaaaaaaaaateeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr"
    Fire Bender: Fire hadouken!
    Water Bender: Water shield...
    Fire Bender: Mother fuck... Well, I'm gonna do it AGAIN!"
    Water Bender: Water shield...
    Fire Bender: ... Watery bitch... I'M GONNA DO IT AGAIN!
    Water Bender: Water shield... AAGH!
    • "Earth shiiield." Becoming increasingly light and nonchalant with the accompanying arm wave every time.
    • Right at the beginning of the video, he seems to be in physical pain as he admits he liked the Uwe Boll film Rampage.
    • His impressions of the douchebag general who mocks Zuko.
    "'Here is the douchebag prince, who was exiled by his father for speaking out against a general during a battle in trying to protect his friends. He is a traitor to our people and an epic-league douchebag.'"
    "'Let's all give a hand to the douchebag prince. Oh, and uh, we know he's not allowed to wear the armor of our people because he is an exiled weiner, but we're going to let him do it anyway, for he is as a child and so we will mock him as a child! Would you like to order from the kiddie menu, Prince Zuko? Hahahaha!'"
  • Spoony and Pat the NES Punk give their impressions of Jacob Kell buying shoes, and at a drivethru window.
  • Spoony and Miles return to discuss Thor, with hilarity once more ensuing.
    • Spoony referring to the Casket of Ancient Winters as "the magic icecube".
    • "Thank you, brother who is not the god of treachery!"
    • "He's only saying you shouldn't go to the Land of the Frost Giants, because you totally should go."
    • Spoony pointing out how we see Loki is not how the Gods see Loki:
    Spoony: Thor's like "WHO COULD HAVE DONE THIS? WHO COULD HAVE LET THE ICE GIANTS IN?" and all heads should have turned to fucking Loki, the God of fucking Mischief. And he'd be like "...WHA? WHAT?" "You're the God of Deception, fucktard!" "But I didn't but-but— Okay, you got me."
    • Spoony's prediction for his & Miles's opinions on the Green Lantern (2011) movie - Spoony (Who isn't really a fan of the Green Lantern comics) will be critical of the movie, whilst Miles (A fan of the Green Lantern comics) will be sat on the couch shouting "That was awesome!"
  • From Spoony & Miles discussing Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Spoony's dead-on impression of Captain Jack Sparrow.
  • His review of X-Men: First Class: "I'll keep this short" (the video is 30 minutes long). The sad part is, by his V-Log standards, that is short.
  • Spoony had some issues with the Holmes' miraculous survival at the end of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, specifically: "Okay, you've solved the problem of him breathing underwater. You didn't solve the problem of him dropping two fucking miles and shattering every bone in his body on the water."
  • In his and Miles' review of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, where they discuss Leonard Nimoy as Sentinal Prime. It almost seems scripted as Spoony breaks down while Miles talks:
    Spoony: "You know what they do? They have him...
    Miles: "The line?"
    Spoony: "The line." (facepalms and moans)
    Miles: "Okay. (takes a breath) You see because, Leonard Nimoy was Spock."
    Spoony: "Oh, the fucking line..."
    Miles: "And Spock had a line." (Spoony continues to moan) "And so Michael Bay had to remind you of the fact that Leonard Nimoy was Spock, and that Spock said a line." (Spoony looks up at the camera and stares) "And the line was... 'the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few'. I flipped the screen the double bird."
    Spoony: "...You fucking raped the line!"
    Miles: "You see the thing is, I was actually having my own little fan moment, of having Leonard Nimoy, who is doing a good job as a voice actor. I liked him a lot. Then you had to put that in there."
    Spoony: "You had to fucking rape The Wrath of Khan right in front of me..."
    • Even more Hilarious in Hindsight after seeing that the ending of Suburban Knights became a near line-for-line Shout-Out to this scene. When this was brought up in the commentary, Spoony defended that first, they earned the line compared to Transformers, and second, they didn't have Leonard Nimoy himself doing it.
    • One YouTube user took this to its logical conclusions.
    • Mentioning how the humans are all stunned that a group called the Decepticons would turn out to be evil.
    • The explanation of the Mood Whiplash slapstick, where Miles somehow keeps a completely straight face with Spoony flailing around all over and around him.
    • At the start of the V-log, Spoony tells the camera he took notes of all the stupidity. Halfway through the review, he lets us know that for the human characters, he simply wrote "ANNOYING FUCKS" in big, bold letters.
    Spoony: "I took notes. I started taking notes before the film even began."
  • Spoony and Brad Uncensored of Transformers 3. Canadian Transformers. Playing hockey.
    • The whole bit about Brad's wife, a great fan of Transformers, meeting with Skids and Mudflap.
      • And Brad twisting the knife: "And remember, this is just a two minute clip. They're in the whole movie, and they get more screentime than Optimus!"
  • In his and Miles V-log of BloodRayne: The Third Reich , their realization, and subsequent disgust, that the movie would probably have sold more if it was just a straight up porno.
    Noah: Oh god, I feel like such a pig for saying that!
  • Spoony and the Snob discussing the Ho Yay between Rocky and Apollo in Rocky III, particularly regarding the favor Rocky owes him. "Okay, bend over."
    • Comtemplating how the robot in Rocky IV could have gone to Russia and been Rocky's trainer, after being given Mickey's voice.
    • Wondering how the robot could have been used in the next two movies. "Why was I programmed to feel pain?"
    • Speculating that Carl Weathers wasn't told about the robot.
    • In the last couple minutes, they get to talking about how Apollo didn't need to die in the fourth film but just be hospitalized, leading them to wonder what Rocky and Apollo's future interactions could have been like...mostly focused on Apollo being upset that Rocky didn't throw in the towel while he could still move.
    • While talking about Rocky IV Spoony attempts to imitate Stallone's big Say My Name moment but mixes the villain's name with one from another Stallone movie....
      Noah: PHOEENIIIIX!
    • The Snob admitting the worst part of his parents' divorce was having to see Caddyshack II twice in the theater.
  • In his Final Destination 5 v-log, he describes the antagonistic presence as "you playing The Sims".
  • Wondering at how no one in Contagion (2011) covers their mouth when they cough.
  • When he and Miles discuss about the The Thing (2011) prequel movie, Noah says he hated it, but Miles says, while actually talking about the original one, that it's his favorite horror movie of all time. Noah looks surprised and confused for a second, asks if he's talking about the original one, Miles confirms and Noah then looks at the camera for a split moment with an expression of "Phew, I was really scared for a second".
  • The thumbnail for his review of Paranormal Activity Tokyo Night is his demonstration of the protagonist's knock-kneed walk on her broken legs.
  • Spoony showing a glitch in DC Universe Online in which his character (Dr. Insano, naturally) ends up falling through the earth and onto the other side of the map.
    • (While spinning around) "I'm drilling through the earth, FOR SCIENCE!"
    • Sean mocking Spoony by jumping on his head while he's stuck under the map.
    • Briefly standing next to another guy who picked the same ridiculous pose for his character.
  • Spoony's vlog of Breaking Dawn. He just chugs on rum and whiskey, and as the video goes on he gets increasingly drunk off his ass. Add Linkara and JewWario and you have comedy gold. Of note would be the moment where he almost tries to screw the cap of the rum bottle onto his shotglass, while Oreo, sitting on the couch behind him, looks at her owner in confusion.
    • While on a few levels it's kinda sad, it is ungodly hilarious that this movie was soooo terrible, it drove Spoony, an admitted non drinker, to getting completely smashed off his ass. That's some powerful suck right there.
    • And also: "Oh, Lewis, you ignorant slut, you're bringing science into this?!". Then some of those fans who quote that line in the comments spelling his name 'Louis'.
    • His reaction to Edward being all concerned about hurting Bella while they have sex.
      "Dude! Let her be on top! Problem solved!"
    • His sympathy for Bella's dad who is still entirely clueless that his daughter has married into a vampire family and is pregnant with a half-vampire child. "Mustache Dad is like 'ok'. He has completely given up, it's been three movies, she hasn't listened to him yet."
    • Reaction to Jacob imprinting on Renesmee. "I love this baby so much. I'm gonna fuck it one day."
    • "He injects her with his venom, and he bites her arm, and then he bites her thigh, and then he bites her boob. Dude, this is so not helping! Get a fucking defibrillator, you cunt!"
      • When Noah says that in his hundred-plus years Edward should have done something meaningful like becoming a doctor, Lewis breaks down at the thought of "Edward Cullen, MD", leaping around the hospital with dramatic ER music and declaring that this patient needs venom.
    • Discussing how ridiculous the name "Renesmee" is, since the name is a combination of the name of Bella's mother with the name of the island she and Edward honeymooned, Linkara offers a comparison if he were named such, mentioning his mother is named "Avonelle". Spoony's response is "wait wait, back the crazy train up...your mother's name is Avonelle?" The entire tangent afterwards as Linkara explains and Spoony makes fun while trying not to offend is gold.
    Linkara: I'll kick your ass, man!
    Spoony: Your mother's a saint, I'm sure.
    Linkara: Damn straight.
    Spoony: I'm sure—I'm sure mother Linkara is very nice.
    • Spoony doesn't get all the fun, JewWario provides this gem when they discuss Bella is willing to risk death to have her baby: "Well she's fulfilled her life goal [of fucking Edward] so what else does she have left to live for?"
      • And when Spoony brings up the discussion of baby names, Linkara offers up "Damien".
    • Oreo apparently being an Empathy Pet and wanting some rum herself. And just the fact that during the entire hour and a half of morose rambling, she's in the background having plenty of fun.
    • The first time he takes a drink, Oreo gets up from her spot on the couch, while looking over Spoony's shoulder, wondering what he's doing.
      • When Oreo later goes for the shotglass straight out of Noah's hand, Noah pulls it away and says "No baby, this is Daddy's medicine. He needs this."
      • At one point, Oreo starts bugging him, so he starts playing fetch with her.
    • Noah's portrayal of the Volturi as Dr. Frankenfurter-esque dandies, as well as his declaration that apparently all they do all day is sit around in flowing black robes and be gay.
    • Lewis and Justin's Flat "What" reactions when Noah mentions the name "Renesmee".
    JewWario: I hate hippies.
    • Hell, how about the START of the vlog, which is Noah with his head in his hands for a second before he looks up at the camera and intones "Piece. Of. SHIIIIIT!!"
      • Even better, Oreo freezes on the sofa while playing with her toy as he says it.
      • ...While Linkara deadpans, "So I take it you liked it?"
      • The thumbnail for the video summarizes the vlog perfectly—Spoony's head is on the coffee table buried in his arm, while two bottles of alcohol sit beside him; Oreo in the background on the couch is sound asleep.
    • When he goes to read his notes he took during the movie, he discovers that his attempt to write "Music is still awful" in a darkened theater resulted in an illegible scrawl that appeared to say "Merfolk is still awfer," leading to Lewis asking if there were mermaids in the movie.
      • Initially he read it as "Wetwork is still awesome", which is only slightly less surreal.
    • All three of them losing it over his impression of Edward preparing to have sex with Bella, a completely unexcited "Okay, let's do this."
      • And then, "Okay, he doesn't say 'let's do this.' That'd be my move. I'd be like, 'Geronimo!'"
      • Followed by Justin interjecting the equally hilarious "'Hang on, let me go get my nose plugs. Dive!'"
      • Related to this, when he does an impression of Edward apologising to Bella for hurting her when they actually have sex - which is summed up with a completely deadpan "I'm too strong, I - I just fuck you too hard."
    • Spoony recaps Bella declaring the sex to be the best ever and Lewis starts quoting the "five best kisses" line.
    • Spoony belches with perfect timing when talking about Jacob talking to Bella at the wedding reception, making Jacob sound like the perfect drunk jackass Romantic Runner-Up.
    • The absolute exasperation of everyone—especially Linkara—when told about Bella and Edward playing chess as sexual foreplay.
      Spoony: This motherfucker owns an island, and he doesn't own an Xbox?!
      • As JewWario tries to make playing chess sound erotic: "Loser get bottomsies." "You took more than that, big boy. Ooh."
    • Every time Spoony mentions that the characters go to Rio, Oreo hears the sound as her name and perks up.
    • Lewis asks "Why on earth is there a truce based around this stupid, vacant-eyed psychopath?" (meaning Bella) and Spoony answers "No, it's not about Edward." What really sells it is that he seems to have genuinely mistaken what Lewis was talking about until Lewis corrects him, he says it totally seriously.
    • At one point, as he's explaining Edward's only emotion/expression during all the films, he tries to replicate the expression on camera. He ends up pulling this really odd pout/frown/grimace face, which he only sustains for a few seconds before laughing. It needs to be seen to be believed.
    • Every time he takes a drink, he screws his face up and groans like he's drinking turpentine, before ending it with 'That's actually really good'. It's hilarious.
    • Spoony explains that in the movie, the only other thing done for recreation (apart from sex) is chess.
    Noah: And, like, the one thing they do, on this honeymoon, for recreation, other than fucking, is play chess.
    Justin: They play chess.
    Lewis: They play chess?
    Noah: They play chess!
  • In his vlog about going to Washington D.C. to protest SOPA, he relates how Angry Joe decided to shoot a video dressed as Corporate Commander on the steps of the Capitol Building, and Spoony and Rob Walker were scared to death that they would get in trouble (they had gotten permission, but still). It all culminated with Rob pointing out to Spoony that there were snipers on top of the buildings watching them. Spoony realizes how great an epitaph it would be on Joe's tombstone: "Shot dead on the steps of the Capitol Building dressed like Corporate Commander."
  • ''The Avengers:
    • Spoony starts out facepalming, and goes "Oh my God... this was the biggest dumptruck of diarrhea I've ever seen in my fucking life." After a Beat, he suddenly smiles and goes "Gotcha!"
    • His Insistent Terminology where he constantly refers to Nick Fury's superiors as the "Shadowy Council of People in Poorly Lit Rooms Who Secretly Run the World".
  • For Snow White and the Huntsman, his complete inability to suspend his disbelief for the idea that Kristen Stewart is "fairer" than Charlize Theron.
    Noah: I know I'm sounding like a pig here...but come on! It''s Charlize Theron.
  • In his and Miles V-log on Prometheus, their description on how the two stoned people's first encounter with the snake like aliens (or as Spoony and Miles calls it, an Alien dong). Complete with Spoony's re-enactment of the Alien.
    • "This is the Church, this is the Steeple."
    Noah: And the guy's like, 'It's beautiful! Look at this thing! And then it goes... (makes menacing hissing/gurgling sounds)
    Miles: That's pretty much the universal sign- (Noah hisses again) -that it doesn't like you.
    • Apparently, that particular scientist doesn't live in this universe, 'cause...
    Noah: OK, so-so this thing, it goes...(HIISSSS!!!)...and the guy g—there's this big orchestra sting and he goes, "AAH!!" And the guy's like, "Dude, dude, let's get outta here," right?
    Miles: He's like, "No, I got this."
    Noah: He's like, "Nonono,'s OK. (gets in a little closer) (looks back at Miles) Isn't it amazing? And then it eats his face. Oh, nononono, he reaches out to TOUCH it, he's like, "Hello, alien penis! Hi! Oh, you're a cute little penis, arencha?"
    Miles: "I've never seen hentai in my life!"
    Noah: "Oh, you're a cute little alien dong. Hello!"
    • Oreo spends the whole video either squeaking her toy nonstop, or whining when Spoony takes it away. "I know, I'm a monster."
    • "Oreo didn't see the movie. But if she did, she wouldn't have liked it."
    • Every time either of them says, "Not very good scientists."
    • Noah's re-enactment of the alien head being electrified, and Miles' comment, "Oh, that's not good. Maybe we should put it under the hood."
    • The description of the caesarian scene and all the questions it raises:
    Miles: "There's no internal injury. You can just staple her back up and she's good to go!"
    Spoony: "You can just rip out a woman's fucking uterus, and staple the bitch. That's a caesarian. That's how medicine works, right?"
  • During the V-log for The Amazing Spider-Man, Spoony and Miles spend about seven minutes arguing over a very minor plot point.
    • Oh, it gets better - The plot point that caused the argument? Dr Rathra comments to Conners that he's not exactly innocent in the deaths of Richard & Mary Parker; so Miles was arguing that it meant that Conners had killed Peter's parents, whilst Spoony was adamant that it was instead down to Conners acting unethically, even declaring "You can break the law whilst doing science! Trust me, I know!"
      • And referring to Rathra throughout the whole thing as "Evil Indian Guy," since neither of them picked up on his name while watching the film.
      • "Damn you, Mohinder! I'm trying to work!"
    • Spoony asking Miles if the Arizona Police have "lightning rounds" whilst discussing the NYPD using taser-bullets to take down Spider-Man, and Miles commenting that they're only to be used in case of Batman showing up.
    • The rant about "Crane Dad".
    Miles: Forget the police! Forget the National Guard! You make a friend of the Crane-Union, you have the most powerful ally in the city, my friend!
    Spoony: These guys are amazing! They should have called this The Amazing Crane-Operators!
  • In The Dark Knight Rises Oreo is up to her usual squeaky toy antics...and then she walks on Miles' crotch.
    • Noah's impression of how Burton's film should have ended, with the Joker blasted into a piece of raw meat by the Batplane.
    • The two discussing whether Bane sounds like Sean Connery or Ian McKellen.
  • Spoony Tries Highlander Brew has some funny moments. Spotlights include his extended silence when trying Prawn Cocktail crisps, his Scottish accent when he discovers Highlander Brew was made in Canada, and Spoony being utterly amazed by a Twirl bar. The video is even funnier if you're from the UK and know the candy Spoony is trying.
  • The Skyfall review, between assuring viewers that he did like the film and praising its strengths, is effectively one big Running Gag about hacking and firewalls.
    • "Why did they hook up the thermostat to MI6... to the interwebs?"
    • Joking about hacking the castle.
    Silva!Spoony: I have a satellite, and my satellite can hack your firewalls. It can hack your stone walls! 'Cause I'm that good.
    • Miles refering Q as "The nerdling".
    • Miles really shines in this video in that he successfully trolls Spoony into Face Palm and death-threats.
      Miles: But it doesn't have CGI in it! (smirks)
      (Spoony scowls and flips him the double bird.)
      • On why there are so many recent remakes in general:
      Miles: That's why we need the Highlander remake.
      Spoony: I'll fucking kill you!
      Miles: And hopefully with Justin Bieber as Conner Macleod.
      Spoony: Okay, you are not leaving this room alive.
      Miles: It is popular with kids!
    • At the end of the video:
    Spoony: (Exhausted) Sign us off.
    Miles: Skyfall! (Thumbs up with a big smile)
  • Breaking Dawn Part 2 review:
    • April, offering "the female perspective," refers to the CGI infant Renesmee as "that fuckin' Gollum baby."
    • Discussing appropriate times in the final battle for the Wilhelm Scream and Goofy Yell.
    • Addressing that one edit implies that a character swam to Italy... from the state of Washington.
    • All of Spoony's, Brad's, and April's impressions of the Volturi leader, Aro.
      • The tangent about what the Volturi do when plot isn't happening. Spoony!Aro wants to play The Michael Jackson Experience and claims he can do the Thriller at Mach 3.
      • He mentions the fact that the Volturi haven't picked up an Italian accent despite living there for centuries. April then comments that it'd be funny if they sounded like Mario; Spoony barely averts a Spit Take.
      • The discussion over starting a show called "Bored Volturi" (about what the Volturi do when people are not giving them information). It basically involved Spoony and Brad Jones sitting immobile on the Volturi thrones, interrupted only by occasionally tittering in the campest manner possible.
      • Their imporov of the Volturi ends when Brad says a man in a Michael Myers mask just passed by, giving him a weird look. Then they start it again a few minutes later anyway.
      • Spoony's impression of the meeting-Renesmee Squee, which he asserts he fell out of his chair at.
      • Made better that Brad and his friends also fell out of their seats in their respective theatre and April had to help Spoony up.
      • The routine of Brad, Spoony, and April imitating Aro telling Wayne to call Carlisle through phone and then through a telegraph.
    • His rant on the Special Effect Failure driving scene.
    • Spoony was discussing the idea of the Volturi coming back to wipe out the Cullens in a surprise attack, and that if he was Michael Sheen in that scene, he would... have sex with one of the guys. And then launch the surprise attack.
    • The thumbnail of Part 4.
    • April being unable to grasp why the blatant Fanservice is appealing, because if you want to see sexy people taking their clothes off, it's easy to get porn for free on the Internet. "And it's actual, like, fucking porn." Spoony then admits that he seriously believes the audience has earned a hardcore, X-rated sex scene after sitting through the entire boring film series.
    • Spoony and Brad somehow start talking about the making of The Human Spider. Spoony is still amazed at how little persuasion it took for Brad to agree to film a scene where he was on his hands and knees, ass to ass with another man, both wearing nothing but adult diapers, outside. And we learn that filming that scene took about an hour, and halfway through Spoony noticed his neighbors watching in utter horror.
    • While talking about how the movie is a must see, they state that despite this praise, it's not a good movie and that they cringed whenever audience members applauded. Brad mentions that when Michael Sheen's character was killed onscreen, he was booing while the rest of the audience cheered.
      • In general, they rave about Michael Sheen as the best part of the movie, saying that he should get an Oscar for his role in this, and that the movie should be seen for him, if for no other reason.
    • Spoony wraps up the review by saying that they need to end it because Brad's battery is about to run down, the police are looking for April, and he needs to take a piss like a fire hose.
  • The Hobbit Review:
    • "Dwarves not read, Dwarves dig for shinies!"
    • The entire sequence featuring their comments about the wizards and Radagast's inclusion of the film, right down to a faux Saruman reaction:
    Spoony as Saruman: "Oh my - Radagast!? He's not here is he? The dude eats shrooms, all the fucking time!"
    • His reenacting of the White Council scene (emphasizing its expository nature), where every sentence is followed by someone else saying "I know, right?"
    • Comparing Elrond's identification of the blades to a D&D game, including Gandalf asserting to the dwarves that he gets to keep Glamdring on account of specializing.
    • The entire second half of Noah and Miles discussing the trailers.
      • Every instance of "BRRRRRRRRRRM!!!"
  • Spoony & April Try Mitsuwa Market Food
    • Spoony tries the potato doughnut. It's so bad that he gags on it for a while before swallowing, and then likens the taste to old coleslaw stored in a sock.
      • He then goes back to the better-tasting green mugwort bun and begs for it to save him.
    Spoony: Oh horrible green alien fruit, save me from the potato doughnut.
    • Spoony drinks Kimchi flavored soda. He spends the next few minutes trying to pretend it tastes great, while also attempting not to puke.
    • He then drinks all of the Ramune mixed together. At first, he asks his fans to cheer him on and send him courage. His reaction immediately afterwards, when he spills some all over his shirt (and apparently crotch) all with a blank, thousand yard stare on his face, is pure gold. Also, immediately before:
    Spoony: [[Dune (1984)} There is no fear. Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear, I will let it wash through me and I will "drink this shit!"]]
  • In the Bioshock Infinite review, Burton pulls an Oreo when he distrupts the video by looking at Spoony instead of directly into the camera, like he's supposed to.
    • When he says "What are you looking at?", it becomes unintentionally funny if you're looking at a different tab.
    • His idea of Comstock planning out making Columbia, deciding what building to put where, then yelling at people whenever they try to set up a vending machine which isn't dispensing guns.
  • After Earth - The Aftermath:
    • For starters, the vlog is 10 minutes longer than the actual movie.
    • Spoony's impersonation of the World War Z film trailer.
    • Their amusement at the name "Cypher Raige."
      "Mrs. Raige, can Cypher come out and play?"
      • Spoony asserting the name would be laughed out of a Shadowrun game.
      • Mrs. Raige's name being "Faia," which Spoony had misheard as "Failure."
    • Comparing the end of the movie to Frodo trying to get a cell phone bar on Mount Doom.
    • Noah and Miles' reenacting Will Smith's "fear is not real" speech, with Noah sitting in the foreground with a ridiculously exaggerated dour expression on his face while Miles slowly recounts a long and boring story.
  • Noah and Miles watch "Man of Steel":
    • The mental image of Russell Crowe in the green screen studio, acting under the direction of "You're riding a dragon being chased by space ships."
    • Spoony joking about Zod wanting to have sex with Lois and yelling "I WILL HIT THAT!"
    • Comparing Jor-El's Offscreen Teleportation to "Creepy Watson."
    • Envisioning outtakes of "KNEEEEEEEELL!!!" being randomly exclaimed.
  • Miles watches The Lone Ranger:
    • Noah's impression of Woody Allen as Tonto.
    • Noah's disbelief when Miles explains about the villain eating the heart of the Lone Rangers brother.
  • Couch.
  • Riddick:
    • Noah and Miles comment on the Fridge Logic of the ship's power cells being so finicky that even the slightest deviation can make it explode, and then proceed to imagine the ship blowing up if someone tried to use a hair dryer.
  • Escape Plan starts out with Noah failing to get Oreo to budge from his spot on the couch.
    • The demonstration of 50 Cent's acting technique, where he seems incapable of talking and doing physical action at the same time.
    • Spoony gets the vapors upon learning Jim Caviezel played the warden.
  • In Spoony and April Try Mitsuwa Market Food 2: The Quickening Spoony opens a packet of Potato Salad flavour potato chips and gets hit in the eye with a piece of a chip.
  • From the RoboCop (2014) vlog:
    • From before the vlog, his Angrish reaction on Twitter:
    Spoony: APRIL
    • Spoony spends the opening minutes with a lock of hair hanging down that makes him look like a '50s greaser whenever he turns to the right.
    • Recounting his ill-advised chugging of Korean liquor.
    • Spoony and April's impression of Murphy and his wife's not-sex.
    • The impressions of how Murphy talks like a robot even as a human, including a few times where Spoony has to stop himself when he starts quoting the lines with emotion.
    • The two of them realizing the Fridge Logic of just how Murphy affords his (far too nice) house on a cop's pay.
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier:
    • Spoony gives his best impression of Nick Fury, and that's Samuel Jackson yelling constantly in his Pulp Fiction voice.
    • Spoony and April wonder why they need to replace a chip in the Helicarrier's server bank instead of just smashing the whole thing. "Oh, look! There goes propulsion! There goes life support! I don't even know what these do! Oh, look, there goes Galaga!"
    • The Winter Soldier is referred to as "The Winter Spoony" due to the fact that the two of them have the same haircut.
    • The description on his website: "But why? Bucky is no mad dog killer, he is after something."
  • From The Amazing Spider-Man 2
    • Noah complaining about having to listen to Gwen's graduation speech again. "She won't shut up and she's fucking dead!"
    • The comments that Kafka was Herr Dr. Insano, and the studio should have just called up Noah to come in and play Dr. Insano instead.
      • Making fun of how he got into Kafka's hands in the first place and how he looked after being electrified. All it took was for Spoony to say he was fried and April to call him "extra-tasty crispified" and it set off a whole salvo of mockery on how "electrocuted" apparently means "breaded, fried and salt-crusted" to Hollywood.
    April: *regarding Electro* Inside, I'm moist and juicy!
    • Noah's suggestion that the web shot that was supposed to save Gwen Stacey turning into a hand could have been even cheesier if it turned into a face and gave a Big "NO!".
    • Mocking the nerd angle of Electro before he became a supervillain. You can tell he's a nerd, because he wears glasses, and has messy hair, and is carrying schematics.
    • The repeated bringing up that Spider-Man is a jerk for not giving Harry his blood — yeah it might kill him, but from the looks of him he hasn't got long anyway, so who cares? At least give him the hope.
    • Declaring that if he could, he would summon Mephisto and make a deal with him that this film was never made.
    Spoony: [frustrated] "I would like to get this couch out of this fucking room, get the salt from the kitchen, make a pentagram in the middle of this fucking room, summon the Dark Lord Mephisto, and make a deal somehow to make this movie not happen!
    Spoony: [almost immediately] "Okay it's not worth it!"
    • Spoony pictures how difficult it must have been to work for someone like the late Norman Osborn.
    Norman Osborn: I need… a powersuit.
    Employee: A powersuit? Ok, we can do that, Tony Stark is—
    Norman Osborn: No you fool! I don’t want a powersuit, I want a powersuit shaped like a fucking rhino!
    Employee: Why?
    Norman Osborn: YOU’RE FIRED!!
    • At one point, Spoony starts to think up of his own electric-themed puns in response to the ones in the movie.
    "Oh look, it's the police. I'd like to file a few charges. How about assault and battery!"
    • Spoony going over the scene where Peter sees "the guilty specter of Dennis Leary":
    Spoony: (staring right at the camera shaking his head disapprovingly with a frown) I know you're banging my daughter. (April laughs) and then Spider-Man is like (Oh, Crap! face). I'm gonna get you. And Spider-Man is like "She's HOT!".
    Peter: (growling in the Bat-voice) I'm Spidermaaaaaan...I'm Spidermaaaaan...
    Harry: Are you okay? You sound weird.
    Peter: (still growling) I don't sound weird...YOU SOUND WEIRD!
  • Spoony & April Try Mitsuwa Market Food 3
    • Spoony taking a bite out of the takoyaki pastry. He takes a second bite after April gets grossed out over seeing the octopus tentacle sticking out, and then spends several minutes quietly trying not to vomit while his eyes bug out. April tries to get him to describe what it was like for the viewers, and then eats it herself:
    Spoony: [Quietly and high-pitched] Your turn.
    April: Oh god, I don't wanna eat this...
    Spoony: I can see through time...
    April: [Now eating it and gagging] Why did I do this to myself! Fuck! Ass!
  • Spoony & April Watch X-Men: Days of Future Past:
    • Spoony making fun of Wolverine, dropping "snikt" and "bub" wherever he can for a while. April getting offended and nudging him to stop just eggs him on more.
    • At one point Spoony asks why Trask's death leads to the Bad Future and lists what happened in the other movies as other moments that could have done just that. April points out that the movie takes place in the past so the events he listed haven't happened yet. Spoony is quiet for a beat with this really odd smile. Then he turns to April then the camera before saying "Whatever."
  • Noah & April see Avengers 2: Age of Ultron
    • Spoony's reaction to the Sokovians throwing what seems to be jars of acid at the Iron Legion bots.
      Spoony: What the fuck! This ain't Tempus Thales coming!

    Wrestle! Wrestle! (And Wrestling V-Logs) 
  • His Crosses the Line Twice sketch of John Cena telling a comatose veteran that Rusev is the United States Champion, causing the guy to flatline in front of his family?
  • His review of the Slammies was brilliant from beginning to end, but this line comes near the end, where Spoony describes the way to defend your title:
    "'It's a no disqualification match now!' So, I'm just gonna take out my .45 and I'm gonna shoot John Cena. And assuming he sells THAT, I've just killed the guy, I pin his corpse, and I win! That's pro wrestling, folks!"
  • Spoony's February 27, 2010 Vlog, a 90 minute long video picking apart an episode of TNA Impact, is worth sitting through, if only for the moment when he completely loses his fudge over seeing a sign in the audience declaring that Scott Hall rules.
    "There's aa-ff...! NOOO!!! NOOO!!! (slack-jawed) There's a sign in the crowd that says "Hall Rules". (WTF?! face) 'Hall rules'? Hall does not rule! He's never ruled!! NOTHING IS RULED BY HALL! NOBODY WOULD BE RULED BY SCOTT HALL! THERE'S NO RULAGE! HE IS NOT A RULER! SCOTT HALL?! "In Hogan We Trust"! Fine. Hogan's an asshole. There's an asshole with a sign that says "Bubba Army"! "The Bubba Army"?! You know what? I BUY THAT! The guy said "Fuck Haiti"; I can see people agreeing with that—it's bullshit, but there's assholes out there—But nobody is that deranged to think that Scott Hall has ruled anything! SCOTT HALL DOES NOT RULE! (Beat) THEY'RE STILL TALKING! (extended pause) I SHOULD MAKE YOU WATCH THIS!"
    "You think we're gonna see wrestling, right?" (leans into the camera) "WROOOOOOOOOONG!"
    "I one day aspire to be like Ric Flair in making a video, just like—(launches into Ric Flair impersonation) 'I HATE THIS GAME! I HATE IT! AHHHHHH'—and start elbow-dropping my coat."
    "Now...I could go on about how we're dealing with a wrestling program in which a 300-pound Samoan is kidnapped by ninjas who drive a panel van? But I won't. He goes, 'You know, I've called Samoa Joe, I've left messages on his voicemail, and it's been a week, and there's been no answer. Where do you hide a 300-pound Samoan?' he says. ... I don't know! BUT HE WAS ABDUCTED BY NINJAS!! NINJAS!!! CALL THE COPS!!!!! THERE ARE NINJAS KIDNAPPING PEOPLE ON TV! THE COOOPS! Did no one get a license plate?! Do ninfgh—Ninjas! Kidnapping! TV! WE'RE NOT STUPID!"
    (laughing, which then dissolves into sobbing and whimpering) "I hate this show..."
    (cackling) "Wrestling! Wrestling! WRESTLE! WRESTLLLLLLLLLE!" (Smash Cut) "I'm watching the commercials now... The commercials are less stupid. They keep me calm."
    "Now he's cutting onions!"
  • From the inaugural episode of Spoony's new wrestling VLog series Wrestle! Wrestle!:
    Spoony: Hulk Hogan couldn't throw a fucking dropkick in 1984. In 2010, Hulk Hogan couldn't throw a fucking dropkick if you had a six man wire team and he was wearing rocket boots.
  • July 15, 2010: Commenting on a back-and-forth between some Knockouts.
    "The rest of The Beautiful People come out pissed off and they start arguing with Madison about how she's uppity, and Madison says, 'Maybe you've overdosed on your dumb blonde pills!' [Bec]ause I—dumb blonde pills; I think they sell those at the Jerk Store . . . Velvet Sky fires back and says, 'Well, I think you've overdosed on yours!' Wow, the level of discourse in TNA is, is just riveting. This is, like...not since the Lincoln-Douglas debates have we seen such a back-and-forth of dueling witty repartee. 'You've overdosed on your pills from the Jerk Store'...oooh! And besides that, if there's a natural blonde in the bunch, I will eat my shorts."
  • July 19, 2010:
    From his notes about the TNA announcer: "Fucking Stryker refers to Dolph Ziggler's fans as 'Dolphins.'" Spoony closes his eyes and just seethes, which is hilarious enough, but after several seconds of this he says (still in Tranquil Fury mode) "nine ... ten." Then opens his eyes, sighs, and we now return you to our regularly scheduled commentary.
  • Describing Fourtune joining forces with Immortal:
    "Ric Flair walks up to Hogan, hugs him and says 'I swear to God, every day I'm going to wake up loving you more'. (pause) Okayyy, little gay. (shrugs) Oh well, it is wrestling."
  • Spoony's take on what wrestlers say when he recaps them are pretty funny, but his Miz one is epic.
    "Oh shit, scary big black man!"
    "I've got all year motherfuckers!"
  • July 22, 2010:
    "Kevin Nash approaches after the match. He shakes Kurt's hand, gets in the ring. And for the next ten minutes, I kind of blacked out because they started talking, and they talked for a long time. And when it was over, I knew that they had spoken, and I knew that the words they were speaking were in English, but I had no idea what the fuck had just transpired. So I rewound it and I watched it again...and I...was...I still didn't know what the fuck had happened. So I watched it again, and this time, I transcribed the words that they spoke in an attempt to understand what they were saying. I will now recap the events of this angle IN EXCRUCIATING DETAIL SO YOU, TOO, WILL SUFFER AS I HAVE SUFFERED.
  • After PAX, Spoony reviews an episode of NXT featuring Michael Cole at his fourth wall-breaking, gong-bashing best.
    "Kaitlyn wins [the obstacle course], and Cole immediately starts up, he grabs his fuckin' mallet, and he's like, *mimes banging a gong with each word* 'NO! NO! DUMB! STUPID! I WAS A WAR CORRESPONDENT! What the fuck am I doing here?! I'm not covering this horseshit! Y'know what? SCREW THIS SHOW! THIS SHOW SUCKS!'"
    "He brought a gong! Michael Cole, in anticipation of hating this fucking show...this must've been from last week. Like, last week, he goes home - I'm just thinking in terms of storyline - Cole, he goes home, and he's like, 'That fuckin' NXT show sucked. Y'know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna buy a gong. I'm gonna bring this fuckin' gong with me, set it right next to the announce table, I'm gonna hit this fuckin' gong.' *laughs* He bought a gong! He went to a music store and was like, 'I want a gong, please.' And they sold him a gong, and he's like, 'I need a gong stand for my gong.'"
  • From his latest wrestling rant, hilarious moments include his impression of Tommy Dreamer, him repeating Taz's insanely stupid statements such as "If my aunt had a yam-bag she'd be my uncle", and him talking about Kevin Nash's 3 minute promo which made no sense to him after three viewings. Also, him reading off his notes in general, but specifically about when Dixie Carter came out "Oh shit there's like 12 minutes left in this show and its all going to be Dixie talking".
  • His imitation of Michael Cole's reactions to Miz and Daniel Bryan during his Wrestle! Wrestle! review of Summerslam 2010.
  • From the 8/26/10 review of iMPACT!:
    Not only are fours prominent in the picture, "Fourtune" is not spelled the way you'd think it's spelled. It's spelled F-O-U-R-T-U-N-E. Fourtune. AS IN FOUR GUYS! THERE'S SIX GUYS! Jesus Christ! This is why iMPACT! is stupid: they can't count!
  • His near-existential breakdown at the "debut" of Dixie Carter's husband, Serg Salinas.
    So, some guy runs in the ring and Fourtune immediately smothers him . . . and nobody knows who the fuck this guy is. And so Tazz goes . . . "That's Serg!" *beat* Oh! It's Serg! Who the fuck is Serg?!? And Tenay is like, "It's Dixie's husband Serg!" *beat* Dixie's married? To a guy named "Serg?" When? How long has he been here? What the f—...he's...WHO THE FUCK IS SERG?!? We have never established Serg's...anything! We have not established Serg. WHO THE FUCK IS SERG?!?
  • "'You don't want me to get Hulk Hogan out here Sting, because Hulk Hogan will...have a bad back at you.'"
  • "PARKOUR!" when describing John Morrison's wrestling. Made funnier as a Call-Back when Randy Orton reverses John Cena's AA into an RKO through a table.
    • "Cole totally wants the Mizz-jizz."
  • His latest Wrestle Wrestle has the return of his reaction to a John Cena vs Randy Orton match. A scream of anguish.
  • His 9-16-2010 TNA Vlog starts out with him looking dead. He explains that Sean Faust is taking over the WWE programs, so he can focus on TNA. He then rolls his eyes, and then wonders how it's possible to put on a terrible show every single week, while apologizing for engaging in such hyperbole. Its not hyperbole. He then goes on to explain how even the recap was stupid, while wondering if they understand that you are supposed to pretend that wrestling in general takes place in the real world. It's a problem that they have a lot in this particular episode, what with Abyss abducting and torturing people with branding irons in the back.
    • The crowning moment though is when he completely loses his composure and breaks down laughing for a good while soon after he finishes quoting Brian Kendrick during the Fourtune segment.
      • "'I am a descended god!' No, Brian, you're a descended testicle."
    • The kicker to his whole rant involving Abyss torturing people with a branding iron: near the end, when he suggests actually taping himself branding Bennett the Sage's genitals.
      • *holds hands over his nose* "Dreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeamer ..."
  • His 10-16-10 may just be the funniest one yet. From how he singlehandedly and brutally shows how TNA creative fails at law with the whole Eric Bischoff taking over TNA and how he tricked Dixie with the whole contract thing, to his reaction to Eric Young and J-Woww's promo.
    • Specifically after describing all the bullshit that's gone on in the first hour of the show which has had exactly one wrestling match that lasted exactly one pin count, he says 'This is where it gets bad' and describes the how he was paralyzed with fear at the Eric Young promo as if he was in a nightmare, and how it will be the last thing people will hear when he goes into a homicidal rage.
      • 'Am I a gorilla?'
      • "Serg, no! <Beat> Who the fuck is Serg?"
      • *concerning the formation of Immortal* This is like Vince Russo...Vince Russo might as well be, like, just spooging on the camera. Honestly, that would be more entertaining. At least something would be happening that I could understand. Y'know, just watching a man violently spooge on a camera lens: that I can comprehend; I don't appreciate it, but at least I can follow it.
    • Some of his best moments have to be him comparing TNA to the decline and fall of the WCW empire including total nonsense that has gone on with the contract nonsense, the women's title which was surrendered and how you will be able to tell when he goes crazy when he says its a brilliant satire, the return of Hollywood Hogan and the monolithic nWo group of 'Immortal', and how they seem to be compacting its years-long fall to a three-hour show every week.
  • His reaction to the introduction of Dixie's lawyer in her lawsuit against Immortal.
    He talks like one of the lawyers in those late night lawyer commercials, you know like: (blank expression, monotone voice) "Come to Goldberg and Associates, we are the excellent traffic attorneys who will make you money". He may actually be Dixie's lawyer and they just called him up and said "Hey, do you want to be on TV for five minutes". Oh no, wait, he's like one of those "real clients" they have on those commercials: (vapid expressions, stares off past the screen, hillbilly accent) "A anvil fell on muh heid, and Goldberg and Associates got me twenty millyun dollars, thanks Goldberg and Associates".
  • From the 11/1 show: "I'm wrestling with a concussion right now! WOOOO!" *flop*
    • He states he fell asleep while watching, slept for 6 hours, while his DVR played that episode of Impact! on an endless loop. It apparently gave him nightmares. And the nightmares were more entertaining.
    • Also, Spoony's pain at knowing who Gunner and Murphey, the reoccurring heel security guards who are in the show more than many wrestlers are.
  • His 1-6-11 Vlog was his first Wrestle Wrestle in almost a month. At the beginning he explains that the episode will be like his previous format where he would first watch Impact before pausing it and giving us his thoughts then and there. After 5 minutes of casually explaining this he goes ahead and cuts the camera so in the next shot he will have seen some of Impact. His very first words on the first cut?
    • "Okay! Already I've got a big problem with this show!"
    • His impression of Mick Foley, 'nuff said.
  • His bashing of Karen Jarrett and Velvet Sky's screeching voices in the 1-29-11 Vlog, from him mocking Karen and Velvet's voices to him actually making the viewers listen to Velvet Sky demanding [Winter to come to the ring.
    Velvet Sky: "Well I got something to say to you, you glass-bottom-boat-loving bitch!"
  • His 2-9-11 V Log.
    • His statements about TNA's failure to do basic things for their attempt at resurrecting the Main Event Mafia (like making sure half their roster was on the TNA payroll) were actually kinda humorous, as well as his relief that Booker T replaced Matt Striker. Tellingly, this occurred before TNA went and pushed his berserk button.
    • Steiner math. Using Scott's very tenuous grasp on mathematics against him. And then having a divide by zero moment when the "Kurt Angle factor" now worked in Steiner's favor. "Wow. I blew my mind."
  • From his 2-17-2011 Impact review, first the list of things he could be doing besides watching Impact, second the contrast between before he had watched, and after the first segment, third, TNA failing the four year old test to whether custody of children can be determined by results of a wrestling match, fourth, comparing the Jarrets' segment and use of strawberries within to LordKaT rubbing one on his nipples and also questioning the internal logic of those segments regarding Kurt Angle, fifth, the no shenanigans/ no cheating match stipulation between Velvet Sky and Sarita, when cheating should already be illegal, sixth, calling, then immediately getting the payoff for Flair turning on Fourtune, seventh, his impression of the Pope's promo about how Reagan, and Jesus support the Pope also Pope hiring Kato/Okata, and why he's there, eighth, the boobs on Miss Brooks, the 10 second Scott Steiner promo, and finding out they are promoting it on the website as an attraction for next week, and finally promising he was going to get booze next week. There was a lot more, Spoony was really on fire this week.
    • "If you wanna replicate the experience of Karen Jarrett's voice, simply listen to someone playing Dead Space. *Hellish Screech*"
    • "Seriously, like every fucking thing Karen Angle is saying she's...reminding us that in the near future, they're going to have loud, filthy sex. And if there's one thing I never need to think about ever again in my life, it's Jeff Jarrett, naked sweaty and thrusting."
  • Miles gets one in the Wrestlemania XXVII review:
    "And if you want to know who won the feud between 'Taker and Kane, Kane was in the undercard and had a ninety second match. Who's the real winner here?"
    • Also, the two brothers debate what's worse: Sting versus Jeff Hardy or The Miz versus John Cena?
    • Miles actually got one with the first thing he spoke, after Spoony apologised for the way he treated him the last V-Log they did together.
      Miles: It's okay; I cook food for you, so I get my revenge in other ways.
  • In the Money In The Bank 2011 v-log, after Spoony recaps the CM Punk contract segment from the previous Raw & explaining that Punk had requested his face on everything, including the turnbuckles & that Mr McMahon would have signed the contract if John Cena hadn't screwed everything up, Miles chimes in.
    Miles: I wanted my CM Punk turnbuckles!
    • Spoony then goes on to say that he was half expecting, after McMahon actually caved into Punk's demands, that Punk was going to turn around and remark "Really? Shit man, I was just joking! Really?! Okay!"
    • Spoony and Miles doing their impressions of Randy Orton's ridiculous faces he made while going crazy after losing his match against Christian.
  • His Wrestlemania XXX vlog with April features Spoony imitating Bray Wyatt's nonsensical promo teqhnique. What makes it is April laughing in the background during the whole thing.
    Spoony!Bray Wyatt: Undertaker! Some say that you came from a box of cornflakes! But no! But no... I say... I say that Tony the Tiger... his stripes are CLEAN! And YOU! You are the one... you are the one who's the holy diver, Undertaker. And I will be the one who eats the cornflakes and assume your power, Dead Man!

    Articles & Other Videos 
  • During the streaming of his Catherine gameplay, Spoony is utterly baffled that most people wouldn't streak through the streets, even if given enough money.
    • "Hell yeah! How much are we talking about?" (waits for poll results) "This isn't even going to be close... Really. Most people said no. Really."
    • After defeating "Doom's Bride" (a giant, shrieking naked woman in a wedding veil who wields a knife), he quipped, "That's basically Scarlett in the morning."note 
    • In the middle of a recording, he notices a scorpion on the wall. He leaves, but you can still hear him smacking it in the background.
    Spoony: No I didn't take a picture of it! I killed its dumb ass!
  • Spoony finally discovering someone more manly than Yor: Sabin. Because MOTHERFUCKER SUPLEXED A TRAIN.
  • During the crossover review of an Avengers video game with Linkara, Dr. Insano brings us... NEUTRO 2.0! It, well, it doesn't last long.
    Dr. Insano: (after Neutro 2.0 is destroyed) Right, erm... I'll just let myself out. (leaves)
    • Also, in the same video, Spoony's reaction to meeting 90s Kid for the first time.
    • "Just ignore him. He's like a pop-up ad that won't go away."
    • The blooper at the end of the video as well.
      Dr. Insano: (A book flies past him) Missed me!
    • Spoony and Linkara singing the "Forklift Song" from MST3K during a battle between Spider-Man and, well, a forklift.
      • "He tried to kill me with a forklift!"
  • Spoony as a parody of Captain Jack Sparrow listing what he considers to be the greatest comic-books about pirates of all time (he's only able to think of Tales of the Black Freighter from Watchmen). Cue a long awkward silence and then the end credits.
  • Spooning with Spoony, Part Two All of it.
    • His commentary on it is also a killer, as he struggles to understand the logistics of the show within its own universe. "Who's holding the camera? I mean, I know Rob Walker's holding the camera, but like in the continuity of this show, who the hell is standing over the bed holding the camera, and why is this person never acknowledged?"
      • "Why do the police never stop me?!"
      • He finishes his commentary by thanking his girlfriend for not killing him for this, and concluding that he has a weird job.
  • Anytime Ultimate Warrior shows up. Or more to the point, Spoony's hilarious impression of him:
    • It's clear that Spoony has at least heard of is a fan of Botchamania, because, in addition to the Warrior bits, his Hulk Hogan impersonation includes the "the apple pie" mondegreen and the "NUMBAHHH ONE! (belt whip)", both of which are Botchamania staples.
      • Whatcha gonna do, when I unleash these 24 inch pythons of SCIENCE on you dude?
    • Dr. Linksano's initial appearance, explaining what the different universes are like.
    Linksano: For instance, in my universe, Wayne Brady is black!
    Spoony: He's black in this one too.
    Linksano: Silence, you sad silly bastard!
    • The Warrior Christmas Special: "He raped Santa!"
      • "No one rapes Santa on our watch!"
  • On the same note, Spoony putting subtitles over videos of the Ultimate Warrior, which are suppose to illustrate what he's saying. Especially:
    Ultimate Warrior: They're seeping through!
    Subtitles: They have horrible diarrhea.
  • Spoontok of the Klingon Empire.
    We have a holodeck on my Bird Of Prey, and we have to hose it down nightly! Those walls are sticky as hell.
  • This line, from the "Reasons I Shouldn't Write Screenplays" article on Captain N: The Game Master:
    Oh yeah, the Metroids are coming, and you have Edward Cullen to thank.
  • From the Gamecrazy training video: As if Jive Turkey Zelda wasn't funny enough, there's this: "Even Flavor Flav would say you've gone too far with this performance. Either that, or he'd be madly in love."
    • The Totally Radical is hilarity in and of itself, but hearing some of Spoony's reactions — such as hearing "Zelda" go "Booyah!" and then Spoony gets up and walks around the room laughing so hard and loud the mic still picks up his laughter.
  • Dr. Insano tries to break into a parade like Ferris Bueller. "STOP RESISTING!"
    • And the commentary reveals that the cop was played by Noah's brother Miles, who is really a cop and was wearing his own uniform and riot helmet (carefully turned so we couldn't see his insignia and get the Arizona police even more of a bad reputation).
  • The framing material for the Kristanna Loken interview, where he keeps discussing how it was done under pretty much the worst possible conditions with the benefit of a year of hindsight. Plus, Linkara's Oh, Crap! reactions whenever Loken starts getting suspicious about what the two of them really think of her movies.
    • "I'm sure he means well."
    • Caption: You can actually see Linkara digging his own grave.
  • From the Nintendo customer service video, as a man tries to return an incredibly dirty NES: "Well, this is what happens when you call your console the Nintendo Wii!"
  • His demonstration of the Battlestar Galactica board game starts out with a concept sure to make any BSG fan double over in hysterics: President Ellen Tigh. And to make it even better, she's played by Spoony himself.
    • Early in the game, he succeeds in a difficult dice roll to get more food, and loudly declares "I AM THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER!"
  • I always get a kick out of a few of the headers from his site that changes every time you reload the page: "Because the forky and knifey experiment was already taken..." "Spoony: 1, Little Miss Gamer: 0" being a few highlights. But I got a good laugh today at seeing "What, you want me to come up with something funny every time you reload?"
  • On the commentary for his crossover with LordKaT about beating Pumpkinhead's Revenge, he realizes he accidentally called the guy who actually managed to beat the game and let them use his footage "fucking pathetic" and hastily tries to backtrack. "You are a god among men. You have slain the Pumpkinhead, and I tip my hat to you, sir."
    • In the crossover itself, when Spoony says the game makes less sense than Blitzball:
      LordKaT: At least Blitzball was integral to the plot!
      Spoony: [Punches LordKaT in the face]
    • Also in the commentary, he talks about the difficulty of other Channel Awesome personalities trying to write his character in crossovers. At one point, Likara was showing him dialogue for a crossover. He approved and gave him the advice that with him, the general rule is "more profanity". Linkara promptly rewrote his dialogue with loads and loads of vulgarity that surprised even Spoony. His reaction is a nervous "Maybe a little less profanity..."
  • A brief snippet from Spoony's live streaming gameplay of X-COM: Terror from the Deep: On his first turn, he sends all his guys out of his ship. On the aliens' first turn, they lob a hand grenade into his formation and take out his entire team in one hit. The rest of the video is about 30 seconds of Noah laughing uproariously at the Epic Fail.
  • Review of Game Over
    Akbar: It's a—
    Spoony: Ah fuck it, this plot is so lame and predictable I'm too bored to use Admiral Akbar.
    • Correctly pointing out that Burton looks more impressive than Drexel's robot shell, and Burton was made from a Dust Buster.
  • At his SGC appearance, during a discussion of Yu-Gi-Oh!one of the fans brings up a fact from the manga. Spoony's response: "Heh, you read the manga. What was the question again?"
    • On being questioned about slash fic with him and Linkara: "I just want to know how they knew so many details."
    • In the middle of describing the numerous Ass Pulls of Metal Gear Solid 2's ending, he realizes, "You think I'm making this up, don't you?"
    • The greatest FFVIII-related death threat he ever got:
    "You motherfucker. I hope you die getting hit by a truck full of cancer. lol"
  • From his streaming of Police Quest 1, Spoony imitating the drunk at 57:30 is HILARIOUS.
  • Captain Z-Ro. The whole damn thing. "So basically the laws of time and causality are just taking it up the ass at this point."
    Leonardo da Vinci (about the Mona Lisa): [speaks Italian]
    Spoony: Oh my god, that's perverted! I never knew that's why she was smiling!
    • Btw, Leonardo's saying "I must somehow capture her soul's expression, not just the one on her face". Wait a minute... IT DOES SOUND PERVERTED!!!
    • When Jet jumps off the tower, the scene cuts to Captain Z-Ro running up the stairs. Cue Spoony going "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... *thud*"
    • "Italy! People not included."
    • "Uh oh, I think [Leonardo]'s gonna sing"
    • "Oh, if only I had a time machine so I could go back in time and prevent Jet from stealing the hangglider- hey!"
    • "Aw, you're still alive?"
    • This:
    Captain Z-Ro: Hang on, Jet. Hang on.
    Spoony as Jet: Oh, that's brilliant advice, Captain Z-Ro, thanks, I never would have thought of that!
    • "[Leonardo]'s working on the Mona Lisa. One of his most famous paintings. He started it many years ago, but he died still feeling it was unfinished." "There. Finished."
    • "And now for the hidden message, So dark the con of man, yes."
    • "No, turn the machine off, you idiot! There's a fly in there!"
    • "Unfortunately, da Vinci never got his flying machine to work." "Unless you played Assassin's Creed II, that was awesome."
  • All of Spoony's jokes about Wendy's chili in his riff on Wendy's Training Videos.
    "Ah, Wendy's chili—right up there with Jack-in-the-Box tacos and the Filet-o-Fish as the culinary equivalent of playing Russian Roulette."
    "Yeah I like picking on the chili. Eat me."
    • His impression of Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy's and his pronunciation of "Fashion" and "Fresh"
    "Yeah, let's get some old "FAYSHON" "FRAYSH" burgers for our "FRAYNDS".
    • His reaction to the singing hamburger patties was hilarious both times.
  • From the Mazes and Monsters commentary, Spoony revealing that his response to a film consisting of anti-Dungeons & Dragons propaganda that made his life hell as a youth when his mother saw it was not anger at this, but annoyance that the film was so boring and failed to really convey that it was the game that made the protagonist suicidal. Instead, he reveals, a few years ago he wrote a half-finished script for an Exploitation Film called Creatures and Caverns which does the concept competently, proving that D&D leads to orgies and human sacrifice!
    • And the reason he didn't finish it was the sudden realization that he'd never be able to find anyone willing to act in it (seeing as the depravity on display would be, according to Spoony, on par with Caligula), though he promises to finish it off if any viewers do think they could put it on film.
  • Twitter post on 11/24/10:
    Hour 12 of quitting caffeine cold-turkey: hurled a Coke bottle at my brother, tearfully shrieking "I'M SO EXCITED" before sobbing helplessly
    • His stand-up show him taking the whole thing with grace and dignity.
    I can't have caffeine, so fuck every last one of you.
  • "Spoony & Gang Go To White Castle": 20 minutes of Spoony and his friends discussing White Castle food, while the elderly couple behind them stares uncomprehendingly.
    • In particular, Spoony's description of his commercial for White Castle Dusseldorf Mustard, especially after Paw provides feedback.
  • His stand up routine about ordering junk food with the Star Trek replicators.
    • Though he forgets the best part of the routine until the middle of his Q&A session, about the convention's woefully inadequate supply of elevators and one woman who got an elevator to herself by shouting that she had children, "like the first white bitch off the Titanic."
  • In a discussion about high school activities on LordKaT's stream on 01/23/11, ArcLight speculated that Spoony might have been a cheerleader, to which he replied "FUCK YOU I was in the marching band!"
    • "I played the fucking glockenspiel. You don't even fucking know what a glockenspiel is."
      • Which aren't exactly the manliest instruments, since the glockenspiel is more or less a xylophone.
  • Mestema Poohs and his Dancing Teeth. That is all.
  • Spoony's iRiff of After Last Season, during the horrific CG of fish, Noah inexplicably breaks into Disney's Little Mermaid songs out of despair and boredom.
    Spoony: (Near Tears) Up where they walk, up where they run, up where they stay all day in the sun. Wandering free, wish the damn scene, would fucking end. (Breaks down crying)
  • Three Words: The Human Spider. Especially The Stinger at the end.
    Doctor Insano: [evil laugh] Even for me this is really fucked up!
  • His guest spot on ThatGuyRiffs.
    Spoony: It's the fucking PowerPoint Fairy!
  • His new dog almost taking out the camera during a game of fetch.
    • He tells us she's great at fetch and even drops the ball when she brings it back. He then has to call her over once she gets it, and pull it out.
    • "She' my crotch right now." (As he's talking about how nice she is.)
    • Without missing a beat, while talking about Shadowrun Noah picks up one of Oreo's squeaky toys, squeaks it a few times and throws it. The offhand way he does it is hilarious.
  • His cameo in The Nostalgia Critic's review of Moulin Rouge! Critic, The Nostalgia Chick, and brentalfloss teleport into Spoony's bathroom. Spoony, busy brushing his teeth, looks over with a perfect "WTF?!" for a split second before they teleport out again.
  • During 2013, the Ask Dixie hashtag was trending on Twitter, where members of the public could tweet Dixie Carter with questions about TNA, as part of Dixie's on-going and ill-conceived forays into social media to promote herself and TNA. Naturally Spoony, being one of Dixie's internet nemeses took part His question was "What's a Paladin?" (See it here at 1:34)
  • "Spoony-Wan Trains Oreo." ALL OF IT.
  • In his interview with Richard Garriott, Lord British fully owns up to his desire to make you kill children in more and more horrible ways in every game. It apparently is a secret Running Gag in every Ultima game since Ultima 4.
    • If you notice, LB actually stops short of cursing during the video. The man won't swear on camera, but he'll gladly force you to kill children.
  • In "Lord British vs. The Avatar", Spoony, as the Avatar, has just been gypped by Richard Garriott, as Lord British, after a quest where he lost two fingers and a kidney. In anger, he tries to hurt Lord British with a whiskey bottle, his sword, and a battleaxe as he is hunting. Emphasis on "tries", as Lord British barely notices his attacks. He then runs off, comes back with his M79 grenade launcher and fires it at Lord British. His reaction?
    "Avatar, that's not very sporting to the animals!"
  • In The Stinger for Linkara's "The Next 15 Missed Opportunities of AT4W", which has Spoony make a cameo at the end, which is Spoony shot from the floor and askew. Noah then says "Aw shit! In hindsight probably should not have fired my gun at the camera!"
  • Spoony uses his wrestling knowledge and his Marvel knowledge to consider a match between Squirrel Girl vs The Undertaker. Hilarity Ensues.
    Spoony: Oh whatever. Undertaker tombstones her narrow ass in the middle of the ring. Dude is not selling for fucking chipmunks.
    Spoony: There WOULD be a great near-fall, though, where thousands of squirrels pile on Undertaker, just THOUSANDS. No chance he kicks out. ONE-TWO—
    Spoony: THROAT SLASH. And Squirrel Girl knows at that moment she is just FUCKED.
    Spoony: Taker goes fucking berserk. Absolutely apeshit. Squirrel punch. BIG BOOT to a flying squirrel. Clothesline! SQUIRREL CHOKESLAM. OLD SCHOOL.