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Jon has had so many funny Twitch stream moments that they deserve their own page. Most of these are either archived on Twitch note , or have been uploaded to a channel he made specifically for them note  or a channel created by a fan note .


If you want to have a bit more fun with the stream, we have a bingo card here.

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    General and Miscellaneous Streams 

Running Gags

  • "YOU WILL GIVE ME AN EGG!" (One of Wesker's voice clips from Resident Evil 5, used when someone subscribes. The sub icon, fittingly, was a golden egg prior to a Twitch update that gives ranked badges. After that update, the eggs for the sub icons vary in color depending on how many months someone subscribed to Jon. They are, from worst to best, a white egg, a brown/bronze egg, a silver egg, a gold egg, and a pale blue [probably platinum or crystal] egg)
    • Also doubles as a Mad Libs Catch Phrase; viewers will often edit the EGG part to something else, typically the joke of the stream night. (e.g. "YOU WILL GIVE ME A (car horn)") Viewers would also submit other styles, like a song segment in which a word is replaced with EGG.
    • Egg videos, particularly ones submitted by MasterTimeThief. When Jon gets ready to play one, you know you're in for a wild ride.
  • "DISAPPOINTED!!" whenever something...well...disappoints Jon.
  • The intermissions for Jon's streams in general are occasionally amusing themselves, especially when Jon and his co-commentators banter with one another and interact with the viewers. Even the gifs themselves that play during the intermission are amusing to watch.
  • Any time Bagel comes in and starts messing with Jon's tech.
  • The Raid Countermeasures video that Jon uses to derail a chat whenever he gets raided, first used in the second Super Ghouls n Ghosts stream. The video is basically the Rambo parody from UHF, with RoboWaluigi as George Newman, Emile as his assistant, and Kappa as the Air Force pilot. It must be seen to be believed.
    • An updated version submitted by a stream regular places various Twitch emotes onto the mooks, replaces Kappa with Dr. Weird, complete with a "BULL—" sound clip, and instead of a scrolling Twitch chat, Robo-Waluigi finds Emile held at gunpoint by a group of Kappas.
    • Other countermeasures introduced include a mini version, complete with a menu styled like Superman 64 and setting the display to 20%; a "Fake Raid" in which Waluigi opens a door to see a room full of Emiles then backs out, ending with some snark; one specifically tailored for when the Tommunists raid, which uses a clip from Hot Shots! Part Deux; and a "one-man raid" version, with a single Kappa shooting at a RoboWaluigi before getting gibbed into a confetti explosion, topped with a single spinning DK Jr. with the image's inexplicable stray pixel upscaled and wandering freely.

General Stream Content

  • In one of Jon's early "Slam and Jam Time" streams, after discussing the Die Hard franchise his co-commentators (and the chat) become obsessed with making crossover titles based on adding "...or Die Hard" onto anything and everything.
  • In another early stream, after Jon has shown off his extensive collection of weird gifs, he finishes with the story of how he went to a Halloween party dressed as Elwood Blues, only to meet someone there dressed as Jake Blues.
  • Jon decides to play Sonic 3 and Knuckles. First it takes him several attempts and cartridge-blowing before the lock-on technology works, and then he discovers that the person he bought the cartridges off was some kind of Sonic prodigy, because he has six or seven saved files with all the Chaos Emeralds and maxed out lives and continues. Jon immediately gets an inferiority complex and keeps pre-emptively apologising for not living up to the previous owner by explaining he was a Nintendo kid growing up.
  • Batman and the Chocolate Factory.
    • Shortly after the former, Patrick wonders what it would be like if Bane were the host of various children's shows, including Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
      Patrick: [as Bane] So let's tie our shoes and get ready to destroy [Mrs. Robinson]! Do you remember how to tie your shoes, kids? First the bunny goes round the tree and then you strangle the life from it!
  • From "Random Game Night: Jon Picks Edition":
  • Jon plays the Wii U version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which adds Nintendo-themed costumes for the characters. The results are...interesting.
  • Jon decides to stream Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball as a favor to Lucahjin and absolute chaos ensues. Jon gains at least 12 subscribers and spends nearly an hour trying to drive Tina off a water slide in the most amazing way he possibly can.
    • Accompanied, of course, by bursts of R.Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly".
    • Around 40 minutes in, Lucah starts to die laughing, and Jon soon joins her.
    • As if that wasn't enough, one of Jon's subscribers dug up this.
    • Prior to the waterslide incident, there's Jon's reaction to the fact that Lucah is such an expert on the game, and his incredulous responses when so many people start subscribing during the stream of that game.
  • Pepsiman: The world's greatest non-superhero.
  • It's become something of a Running Gag that Jon gets the largest amount of subscribers when things are going really stupid, which makes Jon even more exasperated at the already ludicrous situation... which is probably the intention of said subscribers.
  • Die Hard stream:
  • The Servbot punting during the Kasumi89 stream. Possibly trumping that is when one of the bots gets stuck in a wall.
  • In Payday 2, all four members of the team deciding to use the Santa Claus mask for the first mission.
  • Jon uses a straw poll system so his viewers/subscribers can choose which of the Fortune Cookie's selections (and his own) he should play. However, occasionally he also uses it to ask them secondary questions like what character he should play as. This escalates out of hand when they're even using it to determine the answers to trivial rhetorical questions Jon asks such as "Will Emile mention Xenoblade or Pokémon first the next time Jon sees him", and on one occasion the chat even managed to crash the straw poll setup with too many polls.
  • Jon and G's adventures in Resident Evil 5:
    • G attempting to stun Wesker with the stun rod. And succeeding.
    • After the stun rod, they detonate a rocket with rotten eggs. And then with a knife.
  • During Jon's inaugural "Choose Your Own Adventure" stream, he lets the audience vote on what to do for the first hour. The "Mystery Option" wins by a landslide... and Jon immediately ends the stream. note 
  • The 3/23/2014 Choose Your Own Adventure Stream actually has a story in which every spoiler tag was chosen by the viewers. Chuggaaconroy was murdered at the Tokyo Game Show by Lucahjin using Chugga's voice and will be defended in court by Phoenix Wright.
  • From "Random Game Night: Artik Skarab Edition" (4/19/14):
    • The running gag of "[name] come back, you can blame it all on me".
    • Lucah reads the username of a subscriber ("Ravagetalon") as "Rava getalon" instead of "Ravage talon".
    • Jon plays a PS2 Jaws game where, unlike the infamous NES title, you play as the shark and get to body slam boats to make them explode, drag bleeding swimmers through the water, and perform "stealth" kills in first-person mode. Jon's response can only be described as glee.
      • Jon manages to grab a person and send them flying through the air. Cue Lucah immediately having flashbacks to the Dead or Alive stream.
      • He puts this skill to good use in - what else - a game of shark basketball where he attempts to throw humans into rafts. Or, once he gets frustrated, into the cliff face where they instantly explode into a bloody mess.
      • Every human character repeats the line "I'm never gonna make it", which does not go unnoticed.
      • The shark gets powerbombed by a killer whale during a boss battle.
        Jon: Shamu is fuckin' pissed is what he is.
    • The "mystery game" that turned out to be Alien³ for the Game Boy features a stick weapon with a rather unfortunate shape. Jon promptly dubs it the DickStick. Lucah and Masae have a field day with this, as do the chat.
    • Masae and Lucah are, in general, ridiculously silly while Jon tries to play GoldenEye. Jon, however, is focusing intently on the game, ignoring the two girls. When they point this out, Jon replies "This is why I can deal with Emile." The two immediately take offense to being compared to Emile.
    • Lucah brings up the time she was made to clean Jon's kitchen note , much to Masae's indignation and Jon's exasperation.
    • This exchange that would become Hilarious in Hindsight:
      Jon: I think being single's better for my sanity at this rate, Jesus.
      Lucah: To be fair, you boys are no fuckin' basket of chocolate either.
    • At one point Jon tries to mitigate the madness by bringing in Pcull44444, who only makes it worse. Much, much worse. Eventually, an utterly speechless Jon pulls a fake stream-end... only for Lucah to call it the exact second he does.
  • From the "Impromptu Super Mario Strikers" Tournament:
    • One of Jon's friends, SlurpeeNinja, became Jon for most of the night.
    • The chat becomes obsessed with Jon's hat resulting in things like fanfiction of the hat.
    • Similarly, the chat becomes obsessed with Kirby Air Ride.
      Chat: Air Ride or Riot
    • This reaches its logical conclusion when the chat claims that Jon is hiding a copy of Air Ride under his hat.
  • From "Random Game Night - Multiplayer Mayhem":
    • Jon plays Worms: Armageddon with a team of Worms named after Arnold Schwarzenegger characters, and all their sound effects consist of the same clip of Arnold screaming.
    • In a game of 100% Orange Juice, Lucah has horrible luck with dice rolls and even gets an achievement for failing every dice roll to be revived when she's died. She then loses her internet connection and an AI takes over her character...and proceeds to get great dice rolls and start winning. MattTetska then takes over Lucah's character and promptly starts losing again.
      • In the second round, PageOfHeart pisses the others off by playing as the Game-Breaker Final Boss character Tomomo. Jon and Dan become determined to beat him, and Lucah proceeds to quietly play a defensive strategy in the background which Jon doesn't notice until she abruptly wins the game as Page was only a Red Herring for Lucah.
        Jon: I like how Page was like "I was the decoy!"
        Lucah: Yay, Page you're the best wingman- Y-You're the best OJ man.
    • While playing Mario Kart 8, after being asked if he'll ever write a book about his life, Jon jokes that he'll wait for LPing to collapse and then write a shocking insider's exposé:
      Jon: What is Chuggaaconroy really like off-camera? Tune into this book to find out!
      Lucah: How do you tune into a book?
      Jon: ...Very carefully.
  • On 2/15/15, Jon was involved in a 24-hour fundraiser stream to help a local craft shop get a new laser cutter and agreed to play through all of Kaizo Mario World if they managed to raise $10,000.
    Jon: Morning guys, what's up? What happened?
    TechRaptor: Ten thousand dollars!
    Jon: [immediately leaves the room]
  • From "Gonna Try To Finish Some Games" / Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts stream:
    • After Jon shoots down the idea of another TRG Bomberman tournament, Dan asks if he would've been invited to the next one and jokingly suggests that everyone hype him up only for him to intentionally lose in the first round just to make people wonder, verbatim, "Who the hell was this clown?".
  • From "Round 2 vs Super Ghouls N Ghosts" stream.
    • In response to Tim sending his chat to raid Jon's, Jon prepares his new "Raid Countermeasures".
    • SuperJeenius being on fire with the snarky comments. Extra points since this is the first stream he's been with Jon in since moving from Japan.
      • "Florida's tagline should be 'Welcome to Florida! A nice place to visit, but not to live in'."
      • "To be fair, Jon doesn't shower. So he COULD be an Xbox 360."
      • "After I take Jon out to Tubby Dog, I give him my own Tubby Dog."
      • This little exchange during the editing discussion:
        Jake: Jon, I have to apologize to you.
        Jon: Why's that?
        Jake: Battletoads.
      • This gorgeous exchange:
        Jake: I might have lied about you being on top of me.
        Jon: Wait, WHAT?!
        Jake: or me on top of you, I forget-
      • After that, Jake follows up with a story about how Jon said he wouldn't kiss him because he knows he's not gay, Jon pauses and realizes he probably actually said that.
      • The entirety of the donations:
        Donator: Jake, are you high rn?
        Jake: YES I AM. I AM HIGH ON LIFE.
      • jake_on_jon_action just subscribed!
        Jon: REESE, I AM SO SORRY.
      • jon_on_jake_action just subscribed! followed soon after.
    • This sums up the stream quite nicely:
      Veluren: This stream's title should be Super Ghouls 'N Roasts, because people are getting freaking burned tonight.
    • And then Lucah joins the chat, resulting in comments like her selling Jon to the highest buyer and asking if she could watch Jon and Jake.
      • And then there's this gem.
        Lucah: How could I dump someone Jake clearly wants? Jake has amazing taste.
    • There's also the fact that the call was originally Jon, Khead, and Hero Trev with the latter two more or less getting lost within the madness Jake starts.
  • From "Round 2 vs Michael Jordan and the Windy City & More" stream (2/3-4/16):
    • After beating Darkwing Duck for the NES, Jon decides to stop the stream. He issues a raid on a streamer who was playing Kirby's Dream Course for the SNES, having the raiders say "#IAmDarkwingDuck". The streamer, confused, decides to switch games to placate the hordes that were seemingly demanding Darkwing Duck.
  • From "Round 1 vs DuckTales 2 & Possibly Super Star Wars":
    • The stream started a bit later than intended due to a snag Jon encountered with his copy of DuckTales 2. Namely, he realized he had accidentally bought a French copy of the game. What makes this even more of an Epic Fail is that the person who sold it to him outright told him that the game wasn't in English, but Jon somehow interpreted this as "Oh, he just means it's not the North American version." and happily bought it due to its low price ($50 compared to its usual price of $300+). Cue the chat chewing him out not for his moment of idiocy, but for being Canadian and not knowing French. Throughout the entire stream, the chat annoyed Jon by repeatedly asking him why the game was in French (often with Kappa spam to show that they were doing it on purpose to piss him off). This continued even into Super Star Wars.
    • During Intermission, Jon starts talking about how he tried to use the Kinect in the office.
      Jon: At one point, the game I was playing thought the arcade machine was a human.
  • From "Late Night Game Clearing - Joe & Mac & More?":
    • Jon finally set up Twitch Alerts for subscribers and is immediately caught off-guard with a wave of resubs with the notification sound as a Wesker remix of "Y'all Ready For This?" which goes on for a good 10 minutes while Jon can't get a word in edge-wise due to laughing too hard.
    • Jon beats Joe & Mac (in two sessions, beating a Batman game in between) despite being "helped" by Jewker reading out hints from a GameFAQs guide which turns out to be hopelessly (and hilariously) inaccurate.
  • From "Danger Squad Mario Golf Challenge & Casual Complete A Game Stream":
    • Jon's constant aggravation over the fact that he decided on a strawpoll to pick the titular game to be casually completed, specifically because Bubsy of all things instantly jumped to the top.
    • During Jon's run of Mario Golf for the Game Boy Color, he grows increasingly irritated of the "Nice On!" message that pops up when a ball lands on the green. This leads to the chat repeatedly spamming "NICE ON" every time this happens, with an eventual slew of donations that simply read "Nice On!" and variations.
      • A few later donations then mimic the memetically controversial televised finale of Neon Genesis Evangelion.
      • The fact that one of the Nice Ons was written by listing Nickel, Cerium, Oxygen, and Nitrogen in that order, followed by Jon's subsequent embarrassment at the fact that he understands the joke.
      • Eventually, Jon chooses to raid a streamer with #NiceOn because the latter was streaming Ninja Gaiden. He simply responds with an "oh shit" before going back to the game. Then Jon remembers that he probably raided the guy last time.
    • Related to the above, a donor's offer to give Jon the state of Florida (based on a joke he had made as a caller on Sub Night) leads to most of the "nice on" donations coming from people using the username "The State of X", where "X" can range anywhere from Illinois to Bill Clinton to Gallifrey.
      Jon: This has gotten out of hand in the best and worst way possible.
      • One of the more notable states was the "State of Denial" with a donation message of "No".
      • The "Nice On!" phenomenon got so popular that Jon added it to the list of phrases that the automated chat user Nightbot can say on his stream.
      • This piece of fanart best exemplifies the chaos.
    • Jon manages to get raided twice within a relatively short timespan. Of course, this means twice the countermeasures.
    • This fan-submitted egg soundbyte:
      "You will give me a JOHN STAMOS!!!" [Full House theme begins playing]
    • When Jon accidentally sends a ball into a cactus, Dan had this to say:
      Dan: You thought it would be a perfect shot, but it was me, Dio!
      Jon: So Dio's a cactus now?
    • One donator labels Jon as their favorite streamer because "everyone else is crazy."
    • Right after a bad shot gets a "shit" out of Dan, the stream crashes.
    • Jon manages to start his inevitable playthrough of Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind spectacularly by jumping into an underground pathway that sends him to his death, mistaking it for the one that sends him back to the start of the level.
    • Jon breaks a pile of eggs in-game. He doesn't know how he's gonna cope with that. Later, he gets killed by one. Twice. Then he kills the eggs.
      Jon: Take that, eggs. Had enough of your bullshit.
    • Jon manages to get killed by touching a parked rollercoaster.
    • "If I'm gonna be killed by anything, I wanna get killed by the damn googly-eyed lobster!"
    • At the very end of the stream, Jon leaves us with a couple funnier egg soundbytes to sleep on.
    • Dan's final thoughts on the stream:
      "Fun stream watching Jon suffer."
  • From "(shrug)"I dunno?":
    • Jon plays Shellshock Live, and almost immediately, Dan raids Jon with 8 people. As Jon is invoking countermeasures, the match ends offscreen to Jon's amusement.
  • Danger Squad: Tetris challenge
    • Jon gets raided twice. Countermeasures ensue both times.
    • After the challenge, he plays through Kirby's Dream Course, complete with a few Running Gags:
      • Stupid shots being Crazy Enough to Work.
      • "What is this course?"
      • Donations with speaking Kirby characters with nonsensical translations, most of them being potshots.
    • After the stream, Jon chooses to raid someone. Options were "What is this course", "Merry Christmas", "Poyo", or "What is this Merry Poyomas". He then chooses "Can't decide on a raid message" as the raid message.
  • During the intermission of one stream in 2013, Jon and Skitch decide to read a fanfic written just for the stream. Behold, the glory that is Wesker's Quest: The Sacred Eggs.
  • From "Round 1 VS Battletoads":
    • Jon gets to Clinger Winger on his last life after having used a continue in Rat Race. Although he knows he won't beat it on his first try, he hopes to at least survive long enough to rack up 100,000 points and get an extra life, so he won't have to use another continue. He ends up dying with 99,900 points.
    • After beating Battletoads, the chat votes to do one round of Fortune Cookie. The game that wins is Sonic 3 & Knuckles... But Jon decides to play a hacked version, Knuckles, Knuckles & Knuckles. It's clearly not in the most complete state, but it's hilarious nonetheless.
  • From "Birthday Stream / Random Game Night / Real Life Distractor Stream":
    • While playing Ninja Gaiden, Jon summarises the game as "Exposition and dodging birds, that's Ninja Gaiden."
    • Later during the same game, Jon's sister calls him and he briefly asks her to "say hello to the internet" over the call, while the chat (of course) assumes it's Lucah because every female voice is Lucah.
    • While playing a Turtles game, Jon does an impression of Mikey which he then says sounds more like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. One of the co-comms tries to continue the thought but mispronounces Shaggy as "Shaqqi", leading to a brief discussion of what would result from a fusion dance between Shaggy and Shaquille O'Neal.
    • The last game Jon plays is a randomized version of Super Mario World - essentially a spontaneously generated hack - resulting in the triumphant return of old jokes in the chat.
    • As the stream takes place on American election night 2016, Jon and his mods enforce a "no politics" rule in the chat so the stream can be somewhere to get away from it. Meanwhile, after a close race, Republican candidate Donald Trump ended up being elected President of the United States, a result that, in the least provocative terms possible, didn't sit over very well with liberals such as Jon. Then, at the very end of the stream, when the usual 'stream over" sequence plays...
      Voiceover: DISAPPOINTED!
      Jon: Yeah, that about sums up the result.
  • From "Danger Squad Challenge & Charity Catchup Stream (Part 1)":
    • While streaming Ikaruga, Jon decides to flip the game (which plays in a vertical video resolution, being a direct port of an arcade title) horizontally. Tom Fawkes then decides that this is a good time to raid Jon, causing the inevitable countermeasures to play... except it's rotated on its side too.
    • During a stream of Tales of the Abyss, Masae Anela suddenly appears in the Discord fangirling over Jon playing a Tales game. She then proceeds to become a co-com for the rest of the stream.
    • Just before that, Jon does his usual Deadpan Snarker narration over the game's opening cutscenes.
    • After streaming the ROM hack Super Mario 64: Star Road, Jon decides to check out a donation message left by "SuperMaro". Right before opening the donation, Jon asks SuperMaro to tell his life story, and at that very moment Mario in-game says "I'm-a tired", catching Jon off-guard and sending everyone into hysterics.
    • Jon's final game of the night is Xenoblade Chronicles X, where the player can create their own character to serve as the game's protagonist. Jon proceeds to create a purple-skinned man with blank yellow eyes, "anime old man hair" (complete with beard and mustache), and a large butterfly print covering his face. His name: "Space Dude".
      • When Jon first tries to get a hang of the controls, he's left in surprise at Space Dude's unrealistically incredible jumping height and running speed. One person in the chat compares it to Albert Wesker.
      • Jon attempts to fight a somewhat tough Giant Enemy Crab three times, dying each time.
      • Jon closes off the night by "fighting" an Everlasting Millesaur. Which is Level 53. For reference, the final boss is Level 50. Jon, knowing he won't win, decides to let the Millesaur fatally step on him. Space Dude proceeds to be sent flying just by touching the dinosaur's toe, takes 155,116 damage from it, and dies. Jon breaks down in laughter at the absurdity of the event.
  • From "Super Bomberman R Multiplayer Madness":
    • Ryan mentions on co-comm his satisfaction with how quick and responsive the UI for the Switch is. Jon agrees and, to demonstrate it to the viewers, opens and closes the home screen really quickly. Only he does this in the middle of an online match, getting himself kicked from the match for his efforts.
  • "Splody Multiplayer & River City Ransom: Underground Co-Op"
    • Jon's group crashes all four of the servers of Splody. The fourth time, it crashes in the waiting area.
    • We've already had an egg sound based on the Big Bill Hell's commercial, with Wesker clips inserted into the commercial's audio. Now MasterTimeThief has taken it a step further by making a full parody of the commercial about Jon's streams. And it is glorious.
      Commercial: CALLACAB, to Big Jon Hell's! Home of SUPERMAN ASKING! That's right, SUPERMAN ASKING! How does it work? If you can ask six times for a new episode, and not get blocked, you get no new episode!
      Jon: [hysterical laughing]
  • "Freestyle Stream - Little Bit of Everything Edition"
    • After a vote for what kind of stream this would be ended up having "Don't Care" win, he decided to mix them all into one stream, the intent being a bit of Game Clearing, then a round of Fortune Cookie, then Super Bomberman R, and finally River City Ransom: Underground. He starts off with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Radical Rescue, with plans to beat it before jumping to Cookie. Cue the entire rest of the stream being that one game, all thanks to an insanely brutal Boss Rush at the very end with an absolute garbage final boss immediately after. Jon refuses to switch to another game, feeling obligated to beat it since he's so close to the end. By the end of the stream, he still hasn't beaten it.
      • Much like with Snake Rattle and Roll, he attempts the boss rush again after ending the stream, and beats it within an hour. His reaction is priceless.
    • Co-comms Ryan and Medz assist Jon by reading from a walkthrough when Jon asks for help. When Jon gets brick walled by the game's fourth boss, they look it up in the walkthrough. To their great amusement and Jon's great unamusement, the walkthrough calls it the easiest boss in the game. Everyone continues to refer to it as "The Easiest Boss" for the rest of the stream. Later, during the Boss Rush, Jon suddenly mentions out of nowhere that he doesn't hate the developers for making a hard game, but he really hates the walkthrough writer for calling that boss easy.
      • At one point, the co-coms discover that the walkthrough randomly has a recipe for snickerdoodles of all things in it.
    • After finally beating The Easiest Boss, Jon rescues Master Splinter, who rallies his sons to prepare for... wait, what?!
    • During one of Jon's many attempts at Shredder, Ryan says something, accidentally distracting Jon and getting him killed. Jon promptly instigates a new permanent stream rule: anyone named Ryan who is on co-comm is now forbidden from speaking whenever Shredder is onscreen. This applies to all Turtles games, and even the movies.
    • When Jon finally decides to end the stream, the chat is debating whether the raid message should be #PrepareForButtle or #EasiestBoss. Someone eventually suggests #EasiestBossButtle, so they go with that.
  • "Sampler Stream: A Little Bit of Everything, For Real This Time Edition":
    • For those who've seen the last attempt at a freestyle stream, the title is sure to elicit a few chuckles.
    • During one match in ClayFighter 63⅓: Sculptor's Cut, Jon loses a match to Santa and immediately regrets it upon seeing that Santa's win animation is him humping the camera while shirtless.
    • Much later on, Jon attempts to open an image on Twitter of a proposed "Finish the Fight" emote and gets directed to the infamous photo of Donald Trump humping a chair edited to have a shirtless Vladimir Putin hugging him. Everyone ends up being completely squicked out by this.
  • "Bagelfest 2017: The Road to Recovery":
    • The setup for the stream: Bagel had to have dental surgery to remove some teeth and infected bone, and the stream is a sort-of fundraiser to help Jon and Lucah make up the cost. As a result of the surgery, Bagel spends the whole night under the effects of some really good drugs. Jon takes the opportunity to turn on Bagel-cam to show the cat lying around and being high as fuck, something that Jon, Lucah, and Chat revel in numerous times throughout the stream.
      • At one point, Jon gets sent some fanart of high Bagel.
      • At one point, Jon expresses his great envy over Bagel being high, because the last time he had dental surgery himself, he was given pain meds similar to Bagel's and was told they would get him high, but they didn't do jack shit and he was massively let down. He was so sober he gave Lucah directions on the way home.
    • During the opening round of Cat-Lateral Damage, Jon unlocks the Mewseum stage and finds the hall full of cat portraits. He decides to knock all of them down in quick succession. Due to the way the game handles displaying multiple notifications in such short notice, the font for them ends up getting progressively smaller as the list of notifications grows bigger and bigger, to the point where Jon starts to have trouble reading them.
    • While playing the licensed Felix the Cat game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, he gets sent a donation where the sender talks about using Jon's stream to help himself get over a rough patch in his life. What happened, you ask? Oh nothing much, the guy just lost a leg in a car accident, that's all. Jon is appropriately blindsided by how nonchalantly the donor describes the incident, which ends up becoming pretty amusing in a dark sort of way. Said one-legged donator later explains that his description only seemed nonchalant because the character limit for donation messages meant he couldn't really go into much detail about it, something that Jon and Chat both start giggling about.
    • During one intermission, Jon gives a heartfelt speech about him getting over his fear of loss. Come the next game, a Hello Kitty game for the Game Boy Advance, and Jon quickly learns to regret his choice of words.
    • Jon mentions at one point that if they get enough money from the stream to pay for the surgery in full, they'll donate any surplus to the foundation they adopted Bagel from. He takes that opportunity to link the foundation's official site in chat, and naturally, the chat instantly floods the site with traffic and causes it to crash.
    • The final game of the night, at the request of chat, is Sonic Adventure for the Xbox 360. Seeing as this is a cat-themed stream, Jon inevitably jumps straight into Big the Cat's campaign. Seeing as how that part was one of the best-loved parts of The Runaway Guys' playthrough of it due to Jon's insane antics as Big, Jon presents us with the glorious return of that performance. And when we say glorious, we mean glorious.
  • "Motion Control Madness - Power Glove, SEGA Activator, Kinect":
    • Jon plays video games using the really bad motion control peripherals for the NES, Genesis, and Xbox 360. The hilarity that ensued was inevitable.
    • The fact that Jon included a self-cam feed so people can see just how dumb he looks using all of these motion controllers.
    • Bagel really seems to be into the various motion controllers Jon uses, and at one point just lies down in the middle of the Sega Activator while Jon's using it.
    • Jon and his co-coms' incredulity at the surprisingly detailed story for Super Glove Ball.
    • The Power Glove and Sega Activator segments manage to gain their main source of humor for how bad they are at controlling various NES and Genesis games, while the Kinect segment gets its main appeal right off the bat from the weirdness of the games Jon plays with it. Case in point, the fact that one of the power-ups in Sonic Free Riders is a giant can of soda that the player shakes and rides.
    • Dragon Ball Z Kinect manages to take the cake for the night, be it Jon's struggles figuring out how to start the damn game (he needed to hold both hands up in the air in a "Spirit Bomb" pose, while the on-screen instructions made it sound like he had to hover his hand over the game's logo), his very blase methods of motioning the various attacks (particularly him punching with a "door-knocking" motion), and the poor responsiveness of the Kinect itself. All of this culminates in the Goku vs. Oozaru Vegeta "fight", a QTE cutscene where Jon constantly fails on the Taiyo-Ken segment thanks to the Kinect not recognizing that he's doing the instructed pose, leading to the glorious sight of Goku getting punched dead four times. Jon game-overs because of this.
    • You're going to need this if you watch the VOD...
  • "ConBravo Mystery Game Pile":
    • More modified Dr. Weird sketch parodies come in.
    • One viewer sends in a version of the raid countermeasures remade entirely in LEGO, leaving Jon in hysterics. Even the stray pixel in Donkey Kong Jr.'s Super Mario Kart sprite was recreated!
    • Jon manages to find particular amusement from Timecop thanks to the game's heavy use of digitized sprites, with the main villain's one and only sprite being particularly silly.
      • Once Jon finally beats the game, Bagel gets on the computer and somehow opens uTorrent. Commence the pirate jokes!
    • Later, Jon decides to play My Stop Smoking Coach, a DS game designed to help smokers quit tobacco. Jon promptly makes his character a one-year-old child named "Smokz" who has been smoking an average of 100 cigarettes per day for a whole year. The game then tells him, based on that information, that Smokz has smoked 36,500 cigarettes since he started, and that by the time he's 85, he will have smoked exactly 3,102,500 of them. To drive the point home, Jon points out that the game's by Ubisoft.
    • Jon's next game of the night is Hooters Road Trip, a licensed racing game for the PlayStation. The game itself is relatively uneventful for the most part, but still gains memorability from the fact that the car with the best-rated handling actually drives the worst and vice-versa, not to mention how the reward for finishing in first place is simply a bunch of big-titted girls in bikinis half-assedly shouting "You did it! Yaaaaaay!"
  • "A Hat in Time Pre-release Stream":
    • Jon was having technical issues with the controller and worked with the devs for two hours, resulting in a late start time. As soon as he starts streaming, there is an update pushed, resulting in him going to intermission within seconds of starting.
    • When Jon was asking for co-comms for the stream, Bagel decides to jump on the keyboard. And Jon decides to read what Bagel typed, out loud.
    • The last hour of the stream can be summed up as the co-comms freaking out at the horror-themed world... and Jon laughing like mad. As he normally does for horror games (or horror elements in games, in this case). With Bagel showing up at times.
      Jon: [to his co-comms] Have you seen me play horror games? Because I am an asshole.
      Jon: [also to his co-comms] Remember I'm dead inside so this shit's funny to me.
  • "Game Sharks: Zombies Ate My Neighbors Challenge & SNES Classic/Star Fox 2 Relaxfest":
    • Stan tells a story about the time he was listening to Mulan's "Make a Man Out of You" at work, and didn't realize he was singing along out loud until his boss told him to keep it down. After the song was finished. By the way, he works at a call center, and was singing so loudly that the customer on the other end of the phone three cubicles down heard him. He pretty much only managed to avoid getting fired because his boss thought it was hilarious.
    • At one point during Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Stan manages to get Medz mixed up with... himself. Then he starts blaming Jon.
    • Two countermeasures were submitted: a seasonal one for the Halloween season complete with a Wall of Text ending in the form of a Blue Screen of Death, and one for when Tim raids, using footage from Team Fortress 2's Meet the Demoman.
    • The Star Fox 2 Relaxfest quickly manages to become anything but, thanks to Jon being too used to the prototype ROM (which is significantly easier than the final version thanks to a few useful features being locked in the latter).
    • During a session of Kirby Super Star, Stan presents us with the rather bizarre exclamation "Well color my ass stupid." This then leads to someone in chat asking what kind of color "stupid" would even be, leading him to have a bit of a mental breakdown, as is par for the course.
  • "Birthday" Stream Before TRG Trip
    • This stream features an unusually large amount of technical issues, be it increasingly heavy frame drops from the start to Bagel somehow managing to bluescreen Jon's computer. Seeing as how Jon was doing this birthday stream early (since he would be busy recording for The Runaway Guys during his actual birthday), people inevitably started considering these issues Jon's penance for celebrating his birthday too soon.
    • The stream manages to devolve into utter mayhem fairly quickly from something not even marginally related to any of the games. While playing Turtles in Time, a discussion about Christmas movies leads to Jon stopping what he's doing to look up info on the Home Alone series of films. Nothing too special, until this quickly segues into a discussion on the Air Bud franchise thanks to Stan confusing which sports correspond to which movies, which then leads Jon to look up and read off the Wikipedia article for that. Not only is everyone left incredulous at the fact that the series spawned 14 films over the course of 16 years, but Jon also finds amazement in the fact that it had a spinoff series... that got its own spinoff series.
      • This whole discussion starts when a co-comm mixes up The Godfather with Goodfellas and Jon invents a mash-up of Die Hard with Home Alone where "John McClane teams up with two burglars to save Christmas". It ends up being dubbed "Die Alone".
      • Later, a discussion on Jingle All the Way leads to Jon pointing out that there was a sequel starring Larry the Cable Guy of all actors, much to Stan and Myo's confused amazement. Then Jon starts looking up the Jingle All the Way series on Wikipedia, at which point he learns that the film was released direct-to-video in 2014 by WWE Studios of all companies.
      • Jon ends up looking up the Wikipedia article for The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension and being amazed less at its incredibly absurd premise and more at the fact that a film with such an absurd premise starred Peter Weller and Jeff Goldblum.
    • During a casual round of Ninja Gaiden, Jon's co-coms manage to wander their way into making constant Spongebob Squarepants references, which then leads to them singing various songs from the show, both to Jon's increasing consternation. Eventually he opts to just mute them. Twice.
    • One of the Egg sounds for the night was the opening banter between Richter and Dracula from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night but done with Wesker as Richter and Kermit as Dracula, making a bit of a lackluster egg (though the sound of Dracula's glass breaking being replaced with a cartoonish "squish", implying Kermit threw his sandwich on the ground, got some laughs)... But then comes the end of the stream where a similar egg happens but it's Wesker versus Dracula instead, concluding with Wesker shooting Dracula as he teleports in.
  • Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Night (Steam)
    • A lot of bots got through, resulting in a couple of messages being marked as deleted. This resulted in the chat mutating the "<Message Deleted>" into nonsensical messages.
  • Multiplayer Game Night - Free For All Fracas Edition
    • During a round of Fibbage, one of the sentences the game offers is "Jaden Smith tweeted: 'I wanna _______ for Christmas.'" The correct answer, "be Ryan Gosling", is funny enough on its own, but what really sells it is the fact that the tweet in question was posted on December 29.
      • During the following round, one of the potential categories that comes up is "Danny friggin' Devito". Jon begs the player who is choosing to choose that category. They run out of time and the game randomly picks for them, miraculously choosing that category. Jon's enthusiasm almost immediately deflates when the question is "Despite an online campaign from fans, Danny Devito stated in 2017 that he would not be the new voice of ____." A question that almost everybody playing already knew the answer to.
    • One of the fan videos submitted during the stream depicts Bagel as Segata Sanshiro.
    • The Cory in the House DS game becomes a Running Gag throughout the night as not only did a few Fibbage lies feature Cory and the the alternate ending of Bagelta Sanshiro was Cory and had #PlayCory, but it also was played at the end of the stream during the raid.
  • FMV (Full Motion Video) Night: "What's Quality?" Edition
    • Jon's enjoyment of some of the more bizarre death scenes in Dragon's Lair and Space Ace, as well as the fans producing lots of art of Jon in the Don Bluth style.
    • At one point in Wirehead Jon makes the wrong direction choice and the protagonist paddles his dinghy ashore only to be arrested by a ranger. A co-comm suggests it would have been funnier if a bear had appeared and attacked him. This turns out to happen further downstream as part of the plot!
    • At the very end of the stream, Jon deals with possibly the most incompetent Troll ever: someone sends in an egg sound that uses part of the One-Punch Man opening in a deliberate attempt to get the vod muted. Except, they used less than ten seconds of the song, which isn't enough to flag copyright, so that plan could never work. Jon is suitably unimpressed.
      Jon: You're now banned from submitting eggs. Congratulations..... And the stream. Double congratulations.
  • A Salute To WiiWare - The Good, The Weird & The Bad
    • In honor of the impending end of the Wii Shop Channel, Jon decides to celebrate the legacy of the service by playing a slew of WiiWare and Virtual Console games. Naturally, this being Jon, Hilarity Ensues.
    • The third game Jon decides to show off is the TurboGrafx-CD port of Street Fighter, itself a Porting Disaster of an already terrible fighting game (ironic given the massive jump in quality from the second entry onwards). Jon and company spend a good deal of time laughing over the game's mountains of jank, whether it be Jon defeating an opponent by spamming the Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku or an opponent managing to beat Jon in just two hits. At one point, Gen of all characters shows up, at which point one chat user is caught up over the character's uncanny resemblance to Moses.
    • Jon plays the side-scrolling arcade beat-'em-up version of Ninja Gaiden and the first level, "NINJA IN U.S.A.", involves Ryu fighting a slew of mooks with hockey masks who Jon refers to as "Jasons". A Canadian co-comm says he's afraid to go to the States anymore because it's full of Jasons attacking you, and an American co-comm confirms, saying he saw like seven of them just today, along with a beer vending machine on every street corner (also visible in the game).
      Jon: And the boss [of the U.S.A. level] is...a sumo wrestler. Because AMERICA.
    • At one point, Jon shows off the title Cozy Fire, which is... literally just that. Jon, Taki, and G promptly giggle over the incredibly mundane nature of the software and the fact that is uses the "totally copywritten" "Theme from A Summer Place".
      • Jon puts Cozy Fire back on to end the stream, and decides to put some music on with it. Every song he can think of, however, would get the VOD muted. So what does he put on? The Fibbage 2 lobby music.
    • One later game Jon shows off is the WiiWare title Muscle March, a bizarre Widget Series game. Words alone aren't enough to describe what this experience holds; it needs to be seen to be believed.
    • From Muscle March onwards, the night just descends into a beautiful Hell of increasingly strange niche games. In order, Jon plays the runner game Tomena Sanner (which can best be described as Nico Nico Douga in video game form), Eat! Fat! FIGHT! (a sumo wrestling game which is Exactly What It Says on the Tin), Major League Eating: The Game (which chat quickly likens to a DeviantArt fetish product due to its horrendous character designs and emphasis on overeating, vomiting, and burping - complete with burp beam wars), the original Cho Aniki (which honestly speaks for itself), and the unironically entertaining Space Invaders Get Even.
  • Thunderbirds are NES, Then Who Knows?
    • Jon unveils a new One Man Raid Countermeasures video.
    • Jon also reveals he replaced the old high roller donation notification, which got shown here.
    • For some reason, the powerups in the Thunderbirds NES game seem to actively avoid being collected, creating a bizarre Running Gag. Jon's particularly aghast when one appears to do a U-turn in order to evade him.
    • The intermission gif wall has a certain...oddity amongst it. Five of the panels are in sync, while the top right is... the Dud.
    • The Thunderbirds Fake Countermeasures fan egg, followed by a take on an old Five Alive commercial. Which was then followed by the glorious ProtonEgg in Pokémon video.
    • Viewing fanart on Twitter brings about Disappointed Kongs: ProtonJon Edition, eventually leading to... fanart of Jon and Bagel that must be seen to be believed. A colored version shows up toward the end of the stream.
    • The Super Famicom Thunderbirds game isn't translated, so naturally Jon tries to improvise, providing his own interpretation of events. There's also considerable confusion over whether or not they pass or fail certain events, as each "episode" appears to have the potential for Multiple Endings depending upon one's actions.
    • Jon eventually hits a particularly tough section, ragequitting into Turtles in Time.
    • The Drake and Josh treehouse meme gets an Aqua Teen/Dr. Wobert Cop version.
    • The giraffe neck Jody meme hits an all high time.
    • Jon's final game for the night is F-Zero GX, and he takes full pride in showing off just how completely cheesy some of the Story Mode cutscenes are.
      • After showing off the customization mode, Jon shows off a TAS clip for Chapter 5 three times. Twice just for how insane it is, the last time focusing on the driver portrait on the HUD and how much it's being jarred around.
  • Breaking The New Computer Already (Volume Warning)
    • True to its title, this stream is wrought with a swarm of technical issues for Jon thanks to this being his first stream on a new computer with Windows 10 (his last PC ran on 8). In particular, Jon gets hit with multiple desyncs, with audio delay as long as eleven seconds.
      • At one point, Jon misspoke and said the stream delay was at 10 minutes instead of 10 seconds, turning into a running gag for the rest of the stream.
    • Jon managed to get so many egg messages during the month between the last stream and this one that he couldn't reasonably read them all during just one intermission. So what does he do to solve it? Run them all through a text-to-speech program that grows progressively faster as it goes down the list, switches voices and languages partway through, and suddenly reverts to a comically slow crawl.
    • During Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Jon tells some of his past experiences at airports and cons that were... less than stellar, up to and including him nearly getting barred from entering the United States for not having a work permit on him and only managing to enter the country in part because the officer assigned to interrogate him in Secondary Screening started geeking out over game consoles. He later finds out that happened solely because the woman who sent him to Secondary was convinced he was gonna smuggle the Thrown Controllers gear across the border and adamantly shot down all of Jon's attempts at his own defense. Eventually, the co-coms and chat collectively conclude that Jon's just cursed.
      Chat Commenter: Welcome to Flightmares with Proton Jon.
  • Laid Back "The Messenger" Stream
    • Due to the metaness of the game, the co-comms usually comment on the plot, only for the game to immediately mirror their dialog.
    • One of the co-comms mentions how lizards (as dragons) being a fear for him is silly, and says he finds bears more scary. Cue the chat reacting to any dragon by calling it a bear.
  • Kusogrande Match, Then Mystery Tourney Match, Then ??? ( for commentary) note 
    • While the stream isn't full of laugh-out-loud moments, it does have one particularly big highlight at the hands of Twitter. Because Jon spent a good chunk of time the previous stream discussing various Power Rangers knockoffs from the height of the series' popularity, one Twitter user alerts him to the existence of a Gag Dub of one of the shows he mentioned, VR Troopers, made by the show's cast virtually on a whim. The results must be seen/heard to be believed.
    • At the end of the stream, Jon decides to raid Myo, who decides to show off his own unique brand of countermeasures.
  • Game Sharks Season 3 Catchup & Bag of Mystery
    • Jon tells a story about how he didn't have time to practice tonight's Game Sharks challenges because he was nearly involved in a car accident on an icy freeway, and in fact the car behind him was involved in a (minor) crash, but he couldn't stop to help because his own car was sliding away. Of course, the co-comms and chat decide to exaggerate this into "Jon left a man to die" and eventually "Jon killed a man" jokes.
    • The titular Bag of Mystery itself. 117 Game Boy Advance games randomly drawn out of the bag, all of "quality".
  • Weird Controllers Stream - Checking Out Quality Video Games
    • Out of all the games, the one that got the best reactions was Babysitting Mama. As the name implies, it's a game about being a babysitter, but the game came with an actual baby accessory for the Wii remote. And yes, this is the source of that gif in case you're wondering, as Jon notes.
    • The last game of the stream is Kirby Tilt n Tumble, an infamous game when it comes to recording it for both streams and normal recordings for the simple fact that the game uses a gyroscope within the cartridge itself, meaning it's impossible to play with traditional GBA recorders. The strange workaround, as Jon shows in this stream, is to start the game via the GameCube's Game Boy Player, remove the disc, and use the GameCube itself as the controller!
  • Christmas Eve Stream: Christmas Games & Game Sharks Secret Santa Challenge
    • While playing Daze Before Christmas, Jon's rather delighted by the jazzy remix that serves as Krampus' theme. Naturally, it winds up becoming the Intermission music for the rest of the stream.
    • Jon shows off both of the tie-in games for How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Grinch. Surprisingly, the GBC one turns out to be an enjoyable Stealth-Based Game akin to a reversal of Merry Gear Solid, featuring a highly expressive anime-styled Grinch who strikes an... interesting pose on the "Mission Successful" screen.
    • The PS1 version isn't nearly as good, but causes Jon to double-take over a poorly compressed voice file where a young Who-child asks the Grinch "Hey, who are you? A big teddy?" Due to the bad rendering, Jon mishears this as... something far less appropriate.
  • Boxing Day Boxstravaganza:
    • Super Crate Box kicks the stream off in fine form by crashing every time he gets a Game Over. Followed by crashing when he attempts to check the Stats to see whether or not it's actually saving his progress. After spending several minutes troubleshooting, Jon finally manages to get the game to prompt him for a name again, only to discover that he can't input "P" because P doubles as the Pause button, so it keeps pausing on the Name Entry screen.
    • After someone in chat tells Jon to "stop sucking so hard" at Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (which he was already not enjoying), Jon immediately closes the game, tries to get a crazy Half-Life mod running, then decides to fake end the stream. Unlike previous times he's done this, he then shows the "Now loading" video and goes back to Super Crate Box, acting as though the stream really did end, and his Twitch channel is now playing the VOD. He doesn't last long in his fake intro before he breaks down laughing that he "can't do this bit anymore".
    • Camille has a Chugga-style lost innocence moment while Jon plays the aforementioned Half-Life mod, courtesy of attempting to parody the Snake Eater song.
    • Bagel interrupts the stream, Jon puts on the Bagel Alert, then Bagel switches it off himself. Jon gets worried Bagel is just going to take over the whole stream from him.
    • Shortly afterwards, Jon takes advantage of Bagel staying still enough to treat the stream to BagelCam. Camille's squeal of delight appears to get Bagel's attention.
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Stream - 5 Different Stream Types Voted By Viewers
    • To put the beginning of the stream bluntly...Sub Bomb Night 2: Electric Bombalow.
  • Fortune Cookie's Down, so I'm Gonna Wing It (Happy Easter!) has a Running Gag involving "pizza crimes": it starts out when Jon shames the practice of eating pizza crust-first.
    Jon: Oh, this pizza's great! It's a good thing I have no more feeling left in my left hand!
    Maniacal: Just wear gloves!
    Jon: [Corpsing] "Just wear gloves..." Hang on, lemme get my pizza gloves on now!
    Maniacal: Yeah! Just put on the pizza gloves!
    Camille: Could be worse; you could be holding the pizza sideways, you know?
    Maniacal: Aw man, you could eat it like corn! There you go!
    Jon: That makes more sense than holding it from the fucking end!
    • It later spirals to feature eating pizza with a spoon, like a cookie, like a smoothie, and with a straw, among other ways.
  • Chill Packing Stream
  • Sega Dreamcast 20th Anniversary Stream
    • Naturally, Jon revisits Sonic Adventure, going through most of Tails' story in order to unlock Big. During his first stage, Medz offers some encouragement:
      Medz: [as Big] Now don't fuck it up.
      Jon: [immediately loses Froggy] Why did you have to say that? [over MegaGWolf losing it] The literal second you finished talking. The literal second — you know I'm susceptible to jinxing! Why did you do it?!
      MegaGWolf: I think you just answered your own question.
      Medz: [still as Big] It was all part of my master plan, Jon~
    • One of Jon's matches in Project Justice pits him against Batsu, Vatsu, and Burning Batsu. He promptly loses it before explaining:
      Jon: So Vatsu is the bad Batsu that frames Batsu in the Story Mode, and Burning Batsu is just really mad Batsu. It's the same guy—!
  • Quest For The Cause Incentive Stream - Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast
    • The game starts on a high note when the opening cinematic ends up being purple, on the upper-left corner of his capture. This happens through the entire stream, but only for Jon.
      • His solution? Alt-tab out, then alt-tab back. This causes him to shoot his gun, as alt is set to be the game's secondary fire.
    • Due to using quick saves a lot, which is bound to F12 (the same key as Steam's screenshot key), he ends up with over 200 screenshots.
  • Unlocking Dragon's Crown's Online Mode & Then Who Knows?
    • Jon introduces his character for the impending co-op of Dragon's Crown Pro: A honey-blonde Amazon named Bun-Show.
      Jon: [cracking up] I have been laughing at this all day. I was on my way to the doctor, thought of that and just started cracking up in the fucking car.
    • While looking at the game's Options, Jon discovers that there are various Narrators available, including the Dwarf, much to his delight:
      Jon: I always wanted Cookie Monster to tell me to go on an adventure.
    • Discussing the demon king's Overly Long Name of Majino-Gusna-Idra-Shin goes off the rails when Jon tries to rename him Mitch... remembering just a little too late that's the name of one of his co-comms.
      Khead: Couldn't you have come up with a shorter name, dude? Like seriously, why?
      Jon: Miiiiiiiiiiiiitch...?
      StickerMitch: Yes?
      Jon: ...That was my default short name, I'm sorry Mitch.
      Mitch: Oh.
      Jon: [as Khead loses it in the background] That's why I — that's why I held on it so long, I'm like "Wait a minute. That's not gonna work."
  • Dragon's Crown Pro Multiplayer - This Time With Actual Multiplayer
    • Jon's Late to the Punchline moment as he's introducing his cohorts: AlbinoShamrock as Triangle, Khead as ChestNut, and StickerMitch as Linkle.
      Jon: Bun-Show and ChestNut is really the best tag team ever.
    • While fooling around near the town gates, Bun-Show accidentally clips Linkle with her axe and sends her flying through them.
      Jon: Sorry!
    • AlbinoShamrock's subtle Sight Gag of naming his equipment bags, starting with 'I' 'Have' '4' 'Bags' and ending with 'I' 'Have' 'All' 'The' 'Bags' 'Now' 'For' 'All' 'Items'. Which he scrolls through to show off at the first opportunity. Later, he changes it to 'Wesker' 'Says' 'You' 'Will' 'Give' 'Me' 'An' 'Egg' '!'.
      Jon: ...Really, dude? Really?
      AlbinoShamrock: Gotta have fun in some way.
    • The first fight with the Ancient Dragon doesn't go well. The team gets whittled down to just Bun-Show and Triangle, and she falls for the final time at the same time Triangle gets cut down, with the Ancient Dragon having just a sliver of life left. ...Except Jon didn't notice that Triangle still had one life left, and AlbinoShamrock, the one LPer not streaming, scores an Offscreen Moment of Awesome, with the others noting the irony.
  • Dragon's Crown Pro - Labyrinth of Chaos & Hard Mode Multiplayer
  • The Lion King (SNES) - Let's See If I Remember How to Beat It
  • Main Menu Secret Santa - Senran Kagura: Peach Ball - I’m Sorry In Advance
    • This is Jon’s first Senran Kagura game, and even the chat is shocked at how lewd this entry is.
    • The entire stream consists of Jon joking about his Twitch channel getting deleted as this game features copious amounts of nudity, despite this game not being banned on Twitch.
    • And after all this, he still claims this game is better than Sonic Spinball or Mario Pinball Land.
    • After Jon is finished with the main story, he decides to check out the diorama feature. Words cannot do it justice.
  • Building a Mega Man Zero Model Kit
  • Power Trip - Raffle Winners Pick Games
  • Learning Final Fantasy 14 with Lucahjin
    • Right before he even starts the game, he claims he's making a mistake learning the game.
    • There's an eerily humorous parallel to his Dragon's Crown Amazon "Bun Show" and his FFXIV character "Adeline Flamberge", who is a Viera (a female-only race of rabbit-eared people). They're both tall women with...ahem, prominent butts.
    • Jon gets acquainted with the game controls in the tutorial instance of Ul'dah, which is just him. The moment he leaves it though, he is immediately met with a mob consisting of the viewers and Reese's Free Company.
    • In a rare case of The Stinger, Jon gets Raid Countermeasures from Tim! It's his first time seeing it, and it happens to be specifically tailored to him, at that.
  • Model Kit Building: Eevee and Pikachu
    • Jon asks the chat to pick between the two provided options in the kit for different faces/expressions for Eevee, which (being Jon) he describes as "Happy...and Even Happier".
    • What starts as a serious discussion about the Youtube algorithm and monetisation while Popskyy's music plays leads to Jon saying how Popskyy got annoyed at Jon paying him for the album, which Jon makes fun of for getting angry at someone giving him money...until the co-comms point out that Jon does the exact same when people donate to him. The co-comms then bait the chat into spamming donation alerts at Jon, for once getting his reactions on camera.
  • Next Stream - Friday Night - Gunstar Heroes with The Completionist
  • Among Us With Moderators: Traitor Time
    • In five hours' worth of stream in which he's a participant in every game, Dan is NEVER chosen by the RNG for his preferred role of Impostor. This does not stop the other members often voting to space him regardless.
  • Birthday Bizhawk Shuffler - Random Games at Random Times

    TheRunawayGuys Streams 
  • The First The Runaway Guys Stream:
    • At the start, Jon gets so many subscribers so fast that he can't finish a sentence in his conversation with Chugga and Tim without having to give someone an egg.
    • Jon starts out by playing Wheel of Fortune and the chat looks forward to Chugga failing as usual, and Chugga himself comments that his play might as well be "Twitch Plays Wheel of Fortune". Then Chugga actually wins the first game! He returns to form later though with the guess (for TV show title category) of "The Molded Gurus" for The Golden Girls.
      • Special mention goes to the first "High-Low" minigame. Emile is up first, and everyone in the chat is expecting another high-caliber goof-up from him. Then comes the clue: Ice Age.
    • The Guys play Mario Party 6, but Chugga forgets to change the disc in the Wii and it comes up as Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, his last LP, to an amused reaction from Jon.
    • Emile spends the whole time between making dirty jokes and not getting others' dirty jokes.
    • Emile says one thing that unleashes quite possibly the greatest parade of silliness and fan art in the history of mankind, a parade so funny that simply describing it doesn't do it justice. In fact, if you don't want too many spoilers, here's the link to the entire moment, but if one truly wants an idea of what the whole thing was about...
      • The situation comes to a head when they get to a mini-game where Emile's character is inside a small box Daisy is holding. What results is a moment for the ages that will haunt TRG for years to come:
        Emile: I'm inside Daisy's heart-shaped box.
        Tim: Oh my god.
        Jon: [sighs] You know what that is, right?
        Emile: No, actually. I just know it's a song.
        Jon: Jesus fucking Christ, Emile. [to Tim] Do... do you want to tell him or should we just leave that open to interpretation?
        Emile: I don't know what it means!
        Jon: What would a heart-shaped box be, Emile!?
        Emile: I dunno, a box of chocolate on Valentine's Day?
        Jon: Oh my God, Emile!
      • The fact that it takes a full minute and Jon telling him point-blank before Emile realizes what it means.
        Jon: IT MEANS VAGINA!
        Emile: [screams]
        Tim: Yep... That's what a box is...
        Jon: Jesus, Emile!
      • At the end Jon is practically dying of laughter and Chugga suggests his gravestone should bear the words "Death By Fanart".
      • Now in all its animated glory!
  • From the second stream:
    • Punching.
    • Emile putting a mug on his head and getting tea leaves all over himself and the couch, because a fan asked him to put a bowl on his head.
    • Jon's Mother joining in the final round of Fibbage.
  • Third stream with Masae Anela:
  • Runaway Guys and Friends (fourth stream with Masae and StephenPlays)
    • Masae's frustration during Super Mario Maker, especially when Jon beats a level she struggled with in three tries, leading to an explosion of "pouty Anela" fanart.
    • Jon does not have regular access to his egg sound clip, so Tim fills in by declaring "YOU WILL GIVE ME AN EGG!" at random intervals for the new subs.
    • During Quiplash, a question asked about the worst thing that could happen on a Twitch stream. The options? "Sit next to Emile" or "Read the join code out loud". note 
      • And of course the two people who wrote the answers were Jon and Masae.
    • Quiplash also had the return of the username Jon's Mother.
    • The result of someone asking them to give Emile a wet willy because "It'd be funny." Stephen "convinces" Jon that they should do it and they proceed to do it with Stephen narrating it.
  • The Runaway Guys Stream - 5 Players on 4 Player Games Edition (Guest stars: Masae and Tom Fawkes)
    • During Ultimate Chicken Horse, Masae overshoots a jump and flies past the goal. The next several minutes are her attempting to wall-jump up the side and past a poorly-placed obstacle to get to the goal. She not only makes it, but gets a solo bonus due to the other three players screwing up. The next round, both Tim and Chugga place coins where she landed to taunt her.
    • Mario Party 10, Bowser Party. At the end of the first round, Emile of all people descends into pure, unfiltered Angrish Up to Eleven.
      Emile: I instantly have to fight you and then roll again?? This game sucks! AND LOOK, IT'S ON THERE! note  WHAT THE CRAP? WHAT THE CRAP??
      Jon: Bowser is so fun, but it's so broken!
      Emile: WHY? WHY? Okay, legitimately, why is it cool to hate Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival, but it's not cool to hate this game??
      Jon: Tone it down, tone it down! Jesus!
    • The second round then sends him into pure Tranquil Fury when he lost Bowser. When the rest expected him to win and thus use it to let off the steam from the first round.
  • The Runaway Guys Stream: Free from Dokapon Edition (Guest star: Masae) note 
    • While they're playing Duck Game, Emile grabs a table thinking that it's a gun, and has to be informed after the round that it was a table. This quickly leads to the term "tablegun" being coined.
    • During Mario Kart 8, Jon realizes he forgot to set audio delay (without which the commentary can get desynchronized from the game footage), and goes to do so at the end of the race, but this only makes the desync worse. Thus we have Jon spending the next several minutes tweaking the setting, made more difficult by the fact that the chat can't agree if the commentary is coming too early, too late, or right on time.
    • They play Quiplash with custom, TRG-themed questions, leading to a lot of gems.
      • One of the questions is what Emile will be shipped with next, and the winning answer by a large margin is Fed Ex. Then it turns out Emile himself came up with that answer.
      • One question asks what app Jon uses for stress relief, and both of the answers involve insulting Emile in some way. What makes it funny is when it turns out the ones who submitted the answers were Emile and Jon.
      • When one question asks about Emile's greatest fear, one of the answers is just "Me", submitted by Masae. Making it funnier is that afterward, Emile reveals that he gave the exact same answer to a question that wasn't shown about Jon's greatest fear, and for a second was worried he misread the question.
      • The winning answer for one of the final questions uses the word "queef", prompting Emile to ask what it is. Cries of "Chugga's Lost Innocence 2" start flying from the chat instantly.
        Emile: So what's a queef?
        Masae: Oh my God, please tell me—I was going to ask you...
        Tim: Ah! Here we go! Is that the moment? Is that the moment from this stream?
        Jon: No. Emile, no. Emile, no. EMILE, no...
        Tim: I think it just happened. I think it just happened, guys!
        Jon: NOOOO! NOOOooooo!
        Tim: Oh yeah!
        Masae: Emile...?
        Emile: [timidly] Yes?
        Masae: Are you being serious?
        Emile: ...Yeah. I know "queen", and I know "queer"...
        Jon: G'NIGHT, EVERYBODY! [pretends to end the stream]
    • Next they play Trivia Murder Party. Tim and Jon were among the people who answered the second question incorrectly, so they get sent to The Killing Floor.
      Tim: Please, no cutting fingers...
      Jon: It's too early for cutting fingers.
      Host: We're going to play the Fingers game!
      [collective Big "NO!"]
    • The shirts of TKO.
  • A Very Runaway Guys Stream
    • The first game of the night is Wheel of Fortune, which naturally had some gems.
      • All three players (Emile, Masae, and Tim) use identical avatars - all of which the chat commenters think look like a female version of Jon.
      • Emile has some hilarious answers, as usual. Special mention goes to "Garlic Oreos" (the correct response was Garlic Press). Later, chat informs the guys that Garlic Oreos actually exist, much to their amazement.
    • During Jeopardy!, it appears as though Masae was on a roll during questions on 80's movie quotes, until Tim figured out minutes later that Jon was answering for her.
    • Emile admits to rubbing green bell peppers on his forehead.
      Masae: Guys, this is why you always rinse your vegetables.
    • Near the end of the stream, Emile describes how he wants to vacation in Canada someday. At one point, he describes his anticipation at seeing a moose, describing as majestic... only for Jon and chat to inform him that moose are anything but. One highlight occurs when a chat user describes an incident where they were camping with their family, and a moose attacked their car and shat on the hood.
  • The Runaway Guys Colosseum (Day 1)
    • The first game of the stream is Mario Kart 8, in which one of the donation incentives is forcing someone to wear oven mitts for a race. Right off the bat, Xilenhoc donates $2,000 and forces everyone to wear mitts.
    • As another incentive, the group will race Baby Park blindfolded at a total of $10,000 in donations. When this happens, the group decides to amp it up by doing a full set of races blindfolded: SNES Rainbow Road, 3DS Neo Bowser City, and Excitebike along with Baby Park. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Some requests from donators included having the group imitate Chugga's Hiker Dance from his Pokémon Black and White playthrough. They oblige after reaching each increment of $10,000, music and all.
    • Wheel of Fortune, the second game, has a donation incentive that forces a chosen team to solve the puzzle on their turn. With Chugga involved, this naturally results in some hilarious guesses, such as "GINGER SNAPS TIGEER".
      • Chugga gets so many donations forcing him to solve that his team never gets a proper turn in the first game. When they finally get a chance to spin in the second game, they land on Bankrupt.
        Jon: Please be Miss A Turn. I would laugh so hard.
    • Throughout Wheel of Fortune, Tyler (who's not playing) can be seen in the background imitating Vanna White (and wearing a toga to emulate Vanna's dress).
    • One game played during the stream is The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. One of the donation incentives is to have two people switch places. With the group present having various degrees of expertise, the resulting chaos proves inevitable.
    • Dungeons & Dragons was hilarious. With Emile's character being a legendary warrior with a pet rock that hatched into a dragon; Masae, a rogue who had an irrational fear of the color brown; FamilyJules, who SCREAMED EVERYONE'S NAME; and Josh, who was the cowbell-playing bard who only seduced lizards/reptiles. Naturally, Hilarity Ensues.
  • The Runaway Guys Colosseum (Day 2)
    • The first game is Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, which sees the return of both mitts and blindfolded Baby Park. At one point, Jon has three sets of mitts on him.
    • Viewers have noticed the absence of the fan-favorite lamp from the last stream. One donation goal has the group hire someone as a PI who will investigate the lamp's whereabouts.
    • We find out later on that the lamp has been stolen by LORD DONA'TOR (AKA Tom), who demands 100 donations of EXACTLY $33 which mention the lamp to bring back the lamp. Donations of $33 start coming in immediately.
    • After the demands, one incentive listed will give the lamp its own YouTube Let's Play channel if $3.3 million is donated by one person.
    • During Mario Party 7, Tim and ToxicxEternity manage to win a game of Sync-row-nicity while both of them thought they were controlling the wrong boat.
    • One of the donation incentives for Mario Party 7 is to have two players swap places. Cue someone donating to have Tom swap with LORD DONA'TOR.
    • A person named Xenoblade donated, and it went as well as you expect.
    • One of the donations says the donor has never seen Lucah in the same room with LORD DOMINATOR. The commentators and chat had a lot of fun with this typo. Especially the ones who are fans of Wander over Yonder. LORD DONA'TOR says that LORD DOMINATOR is his cousin "who's into some weird stuff."
    • Jules is swapped with someone, BUT NOT BEFORE HE SABOTAGES THE TEAM HE IS CURRENTLY ON!
    • Emile is swapped out for Josh. However, Emile donates to swap himself in for Josh and the team Emile is on WINS!
    • The bonus stream is FamilyJules 70-Star speedrun vs. Masae Anela 16-Star speedrun. Masae repeatedly fails at doing the skip on the penguin slide. Jules then suggests a $250 donation incentive for him to "tell Masae something that will make her angry." This is met later. That "something"? Penguin race isn't part of the 16-Star speedrun route. Masae is indeed angry.
  • The Runaway Guys Colosseum (Day 3)
    • One game played on stream is Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. The first part is a competition for Captain Falcon amiibos. Each is Level 50...except for a severely underleveled one that's appropriately named "The Dud".
    • Emile revives Miiverse. Yep.
    • He also died during the $90,000 hiker dance.
    • What is the ultimate, $100,000 incentive? The return of the lamp, of course.
    • During the Thrown Controllers event, one of the first challenges for Chugga was for him to say good things about Paper Mario: Sticker Star for a minute. He succeeds, ending with a Precision F-Strike. To make it even better, it was just a joke and Jon was actually surprised that Chugga did it.
    • The end of Thrown Controllers has a slew of Brutal Questions, causing Jon to think the game is broken.
  • TRG Stream on Tuesday, October 30th.
    • The stream starts off with TRG and Masae Anela playing Super Mario Party. At one point, Jon manages to obtain Rosalina as an ally, only for Tim to immediately steal her for himself; jokes proceeded to commence about Tim stealing Jon's "space waifu".
    • Later, when Jon (who is playing as Waluigi) gets Monty Mole as an ally, Emile says that Waluigi's overalls are "very sexily detailed." Masae immediately responds with a Big "WHAT?!", and when Emile tries to explain himself he only manages to dig himself deeper by saying "the leather looks cool." This results in Jon incredulously asking if Emile is into leather and the chat blowing up with cries of "Chugga's Lost Innocence 3".
    • After clearing River Survival, the group notices DK in the distance, leading them to believe DK can be unlocked. note  Emile then asks Jon (who was Player 1) if he could have the controller to unlock him. Cue Jon walking all the way up to DK and pretend to close the game.
      • When Jon decides to stop messing with him, he passes the remote to Masae to hand it to Emile. Cue Masae keeping the controller away from Emile. In order to get it back, Emile offers her tea, cookies, a back massage, and $5.
      • Aside from the back massage (for obvious reasons), Emile keeps good on his promise during the intermission, bringing her tea, two cookies, and the $ pennies! note 
    • The second (and final) game of the night is another installment of Jackbox. Despite the gang's fun briefly being soured by a troll who got into a round of Patently Stupid, there are still a number of amusing moments to be found elsewhere.
      • In spite of the troll's blatantly offensive submissions, TRG and Masae's inventions still manage to make people laugh for either being Mundane Made Awesome or being actually well-done examples of Black Comedy, such as Emile's idea of using the Ludivico Technique to keep people awake during all-nighters note , or Jon's idea of freshening up mens' unwashed dicks by slamming a wrecking ball into them. Masae's first invention takes the cake, though: in order to get your children to stop explaining sex to you, Masae suggests... a gun. Aptly titled "Stop Talking". When pressed about it, Masae sheepishly describes it as "a permanent solution."
      • Jon's submission for the "all nighter" prompt also strikes a chord with everyone, thanks to it literally just being crack. Which for some reason you inject according to Jon's proposal (crack cocaine is typically smoked). Jon's tagline of "Because the party doesn't stop until your heart does!" is what really sells it.
      • During a game of Split the Room, Emile suggests the idea of paying someone $1,000 with a message attached that reads "I like your boobs." Later, at the end of the stream, someone actually donates Jon $100 with the exact message included.
      • The final game of the night, Mad Verse City, features giant robots engaging in rap battles with one another, and while quite a few raps stand out for being legitimately well-written (most surprisingly this one by a guest and this one by Emile of all people), there are quite a few that manage to stand out for taking the Refuge in Audacity approach, with lines such as "this line absolutely rhymes with the previous one" and "Mom's Spaghetti" (which, according to the player in chat, was autogenerated by the game).
      • At the end of the game, Masae decides to go to the bathroom, at which point Emile starts rapping about it. Masae, predictably, is unamused.
  • The Runaway Guys Stream: Mario Party Time!
    • Thanks to the hard work of SmashToons and Jewker, Jon is able to take Emile, Tim, Tom Fawkes and Masae (co-oping as Peach) on a very special trip to TRG Land for 40 turns of Mario Party 3 on a map filled with in-jokes, such as starting on Daisy's heart-shaped box.
    • One of the new Running Gags that develops during this stream? Thanks to Emile's comments on the Rosajon/Female!Jon phenomenon, coupled with him offering up the bizarre defense that "everyone was 17 once", it's determined that everyone has a "Jon phase" when they're 17.
    • The game proves a bit... unstable, with certain actions causing it to softlock. Such as landing on certain (but not all) Happening Spaces, as the group discovers very early on, right as Jon mentions that he doesn't know what most of them do.
      Emile: In case there was any doubt this was a Jon stream now...
      • Boo cannot steal coins. Boo can, however, still steal Stars, much to Jon's dismay.
      • Another way to crash the game? Using the Bowser Suit. Not only does Jon learn this the hard way, but he later manages to win the "Hey Batter, Batter!" minigame... and score a second one. Which, combined with his Boo Repellent, completely locks down his entire inventory space.
      • Same goes for the Barter Box, which Masae discovers when she attempts to swap with Tim (who'd just bought a Magic Lamp).
      • Naturally, this leads to players crashing the game deliberately, such as the others (and Chat) goading Tim to do so right after Jon had scored three Stars during a Chance Time.
        Jon: That was such a masterful Chance Time too—! That was— that was pure—
        Emile: That's just part of the board now.
        Jon: We're playing F-Zero X instead now.
    • Masae repeatedly vies for Kirby's attention. When she sulkily declares that he's only paying attention to Jon because he's not around as often, Jon responds that he just has a naturally warm lap... which Tom affirms.
      Jon: How do you know that?!
    • While they normally trade off, Masae ends up taking two turns in a row while Tom is out of the room. The minigame they get, Slot Synch, goes... not so well for her.
      Jon: [deadpan] Do you want me to aim for literally anything else? Do you want me to aim for literally anything else?
      Masae: I can do it!
      [one Epic Fail later]
      Tom: [returning] Are we still winning?
      Jon: You should have been here for that. That was your turn!
      Tom: Okay, well I guess it's my turn now. What happened?
      Masae: Nothing!
    • Right before the Final Results, Emile impulsively bets the channel on the outcome. Princess Tom/Masae snag the Coin Star and tie him for Happening, coming out ahead, sparking chaos:
      Tom: We won? We get the channel! We get the channel!
      Masae: [at the same time] OH MY GOD!
      Jon: [simultaneously] Why did you bet the channel?! Why did you bet the channel?!
      Jon: It took two of them to take us all down! But they did it!

    Subscriber Nights and Tournaments 
  • 2/21/15's Sub Night has many rounds of Fibbage with increasingly bizarre player names, eventually leading to a match where there are two Jons, one It's Not Jon (the real Jon) and one Electron Jim. Cue a question about gin, which they all answer with the same lie.
    Jon: First they're saying It's Not Jon's Lie and now they're saying it's Jon's Lie!
    • During a previous game of Fibbage, the question is "Reg Mellor is the reigning champion of a sport that just involves keeping a _____ in your pants." Most of the players got it right... DanTheEnigma, for some reason, chose Banana. Even better? Dan had the lead along with another user for the entire game... had he not done this, he would've won, or at the very least tied with the other user. Long story short... Dan choked... again.
      Jon: Dan, why in the world did you choose Banana?!
      Dan [in-chat]: Because it was funny!
    • During Lie Swatter, one of the Truths was "Smash Mouth wrote a cookbook". Jon goes on Amazon and finds the book, and finds that there are also Cookbooks by Coolio and Shaq note 
      • And then somebody linked a video of Shaq cooking with an Easy Bake Oven.
  • 5/9/15 Sub Night
    • The joke account "JonWheresSuperman"
    • Someone put "I will punch you in the dick, Jon!" as one of the answers in Fibbage.
    • Dan's rounds in Fibbage and Drawful had some great moments. In Fibbage, Dan put in nothing but wrestling-themed answers, including "In 1980, Saddam Hussein was named an honorary citizen of _____." Dan's answer was Suplex City, Bitch.
      • Even better? Dan won the "Thumbs Cup" note  for his efforts, which Dan admitted he was aiming for the entire game.
      • In Drawful, one round had a stick figure barfing. Dan put 2 girls, 1 cup reaction. A few got fooled by it, but every single person in the game gave it a like. Later on, which also doubles as a CMOA for Dan, the answer was kids in a musical which Dan got. His choice also had 4 people get fooled by putting Charlie Brown Dance Scene.
    • Guest commentator Cookme25/not_a_cookie manages to make a last-minute comeback and win a game of Drawful using the "DISAPPOINTED!" meme.
  • Sub Night April 2nd 2016
  • Game Show Night/Sub Night Lite
    • On the first play of Deal or No Deal, both contestants had $500,000 in their cases after accepting their respective deals from the Banker. Hilarity Ensues. Especially since during the previous Fortune Cookie stream, Jon had his two guests play the same game against him and both of them had $500,000 as well, making it four $500,000s in a row... except for Jon.
    • During Family Feud, one question, "What makes a restaurant your favorite?", gets three very similar answers. One is during the initial guessing (Decor), and the other two after one team gets the question,note  all of which are considered wrong. Although the first team gets three of the four answers, they strike out. When the other team tries to steal, they guess another synonym, atmosphere, but don't guess it with enough time for Jon to type it all in, marking them wrong and giving it to the original team. The last answer? Atmosphere. Everyone falls apart over it.
  • Subscriber's Game Night: Cards & Jackbox, Oh My!
    • Tom Fawkes raids just as soon as the stream goes live... just as Jon, who was hosting him, planned as he silently goes from the loading screen straight to countermeasures.
    • Jon plays Trivia Murder Party and, after the lead changes rapidly in the last stage of the game, the final winner is a user called Isaacisdead, meaning the end-of-game newspaper headline reads "ISAACISDEAD LIVES!"
    • With the second round of Trivia Murder Party, the end-of-game newspaper has a joke sub-headline saying "Cats Make Great Pets!" with turns out to be a bit of a Black Humour Contrived Coincidence, as at the same time Jon is streaming, Lucah is in the other room trying to calm down Bagel after they tried to get another cat to keep him company and he caused chaos by violently attacking it.
  • Subscriber's Game Night - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Race & Battle) & Jackbox 3
    • During the final round of battles in the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Battle Tournament, a VERY glitched version of Shine Thief occurs.
    • During Quiplash, one of the questions was "What caused Emile to scream?" note  The answers were "Someone sneezed" and "Masea brougt." Jon finds both of these answers bad...but he wrote one of them, and it ended up winning.
  • Subscriber's Game Night: Jackbox Party Night Edition
    • This is the first time Jon is playing Jackbox Party Pack 4; the sound of a cat in Fibbage 3's music makes Jon think Bagel is in the room.
    • On their second game of Bracketeering, the prompt is "Best Podcast to make love to", the finalists ended up being bottom-up perspective and Top Down Perspective. Jon notices and comments on it.
  • Subscriber's Game Night: Splatting with Words
    • Jon's reaction to everything about Clam Blitz in Splatoon 2.
  • Subscriber's Game Night - Mashing The Quack Button Nonstop
    • In Duck Game, one of the minigames requires each player to climb up to the top of a screen and grab a weapon to kill the other players. Jon is able to get to the top first and grabs a gun, but kills himself right afterwards thanks to his finger slipping. He is not amused.
    • Quite fittingly for a Jon stream, Cloudflare's servers suddenly crash out of nowhere in the middle of Duck Game, causing a bunch of websites and even Discord to black out for a large portion of subscribers.
    • Once Cloudflare got back up after 30 minutes, Jon grabs two subscribers to join in as co-coms with Khead, only to find that all of their audio feeds are corrupted. When Jon opens Discord to check, he nearly manages to crash Xsplit in the process; Jon then starts to test out some of the transitions, only for his UI to suddenly freeze on the "End Stream" transition. Jon then attempts to restart his computer to fix the problem, only to un-freeze himself by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. One of Jon's guest commentators practically begs this very website to catalog the fiasco.
    • At one point, Super Jeenius of all people shows up after being MIA for nearly a year. note  He proceeds to, in true him fashion, snark at everyone and everything even as he joins in on a game of Use Your Words. Jon concludes that he probably spent too much time adhering to the politeness of Japanese culture and accumulated a fuckload of bottled-up snark as a result.
  • Clue Online Tournament - Who's The Best Detective? (became a Fortune Cookie stream after the tournament finished early)
    • While setting up for the first game, Jon reveals that during his test session beforehand, he made a completely random guess to eliminate himself... and got it right. With screenshots to prove it.
    • During the second heat, Jon and co-comm HJTenshi discuss the fact that American Psycho has a (terrible) sequel starring the first film's protagonist's sister. Tenshi starts reading out IMDB and Jon is shocked to learn that it starred Mila Kunis and William Shatner, and was directed by Morgan Freeman (sadly, not that Morgan Freeman).
    • Later, they somehow get onto discussing a hypothetical anime-themed version of the board game Guess Who?
      Jon: "Does your character have spiky hair?" That's all of them!
  • Clue Online Tournament #2 - Col Mustard's Revenge!
    • When everyone joined the room for the first game of the tournament, no one's name was on screen, save for Xeno Monical. Jon had to then ask the contestants in chat if they got in. Most everyone responded yes, along with they characters they were playing, causing Jon to state that they only needed to figure out who Professor Plum was...who Xeno Monical was playing as.
    • The tournament consisted of six mysteries. Jon was the killer three times.
      • Of particular note regarding the above. In two separate games, Jon gets a hand revealing that he cannot be the murderer for that round, as he's one of his own cards. In both instances, the session then ends prematurely due to technical issues and must be restarted... and in the replacement matches, Jon ends up being the culprit. Poor guy really cannot catch a break...
    • Jon considered out loud the idea of a Legacy version of Clue, in which you would start with a large number of characters, one of them would be murdered at random, and then whoever turned out to be the actual killer would also be eliminated at the end of the game, resulting in a Dwindling Party. Cue seemingly the entire chat informing him that he just reinvented Danganronpa as Clue.
    • Jon gives out a massive assortment of redeemable codes for various versions of the game over the course of the evening. As the night continues, they become more and more wildly placed, including random blurbs on the gameplay screen, hidden on the Intermission screen, hidden in the room's !call command, and several as posts to Jon on Twitter. After the tournament ends, Jon creates a strawpoll to decide what to do next... and all five options are additional codes. Then the chat starts giving out large numbers of their own non-Clue codes as Jon desperately tries to end the stream.
  • March Community Tournament - Puyo Puyo Tetris Swap Mode (Switch)
    • The rules explicitly forbid Kyon from participating in this tournament, due to unanimous agreement he is too good at the game. Cue the jokes about Kyon being "arrested for Puyo Puyo crimes". Becomes hilarious later on when it becomes decided whoever wins the tourney should fight Kyon in a bonus round. They actually do this, and Kyon won the bonus round, 3-2.
    • Picture this.
      • The topic of voice acting in Puyo Puyo comes up, and someone mentions that when you get a high chain, it should just be "picture this" over and over and over.
      • Reaches its logical conclusion when someone submits fanart that is, quite literally, a picture that reads "This".
    • The contestant Demon is aptly-named, proving to be pretty good at Puyo Puyo Tetris. Someone eventually jokes that he should change his name to "angel" when he fights them so he's less threatening. Guess what he does come his next match...
  • Smash Bros & Animal Crossing Multiplayer Hangout
    • Jon mentions that when he played Persona 5 blind, he immediately noticed the Arsène Lupin references and decided to name the protagonist "Arsene". Which got really confusing when he got to the part where that protagonist meets...Arsene.
  • Completely Normal Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament
    • Jon fills some slots for the tournament with non-subs, having them fill in a Google form with a 'captcha' instruction telling them to put a number into one field or they'll be disqualified. He calls out seventy percent of the respondents for 'being unable to read' when they don't do it right.
    • Player Flaze_Leinad is The Unpronounceable to Jon, who manages to screw up the pronunciation of their name in a different way every time he has to say it.
  • Proton Splat League Season 3 Finals


    Bomberman: Act Zero Online 
  • The surprise third player from the first stream.
    • Also from the first stream, Jon's sheer incredulity that the Infinite Bomb powerup is a thing.
  • Skitch's commentary from the third stream because it's still anyone's game.
  • Also from the third stream, it's noticed that at that time, Bomberman: Act Zero was the 15th most played game on Twitch.
    Jon: Wait, WHAT??!
  • Jon being a Third-Person Person in his excited sports commentator-style commentary on the game, and lampshading it.
  • The game lists the 8 players in a match with national flags beside their names. In one of the games, Jon is on top and another Canadian is on the bottom, with all the players in between being Americans - Jon promptly dubs it "a Canadian sandwich".
  • In one match, a new player with the username "A Girlbreast" joins in. Jon and the others have fun with Hello, [Insert Name Here] jokes, while one commenter manages to do a Navigtr / Retsupurae reference based on it.
  • Jon gets promoted from rank E (the default) to D. The others immediately begin mocking him for it and claiming that Jon is the only person on earth who's played the notoriously terrible game long enough to actually get a promotion.
  • A poor choice of words concerning the above sets chat off about "The D". It starts out sexual, turns into puns, and ends with the Wikipedia page for the letter D being vandalized.
    • Jon gets promoted to rank D+:
  • Dan The Enigma ends up as the game's Butt-Monkey due to a comment made by Jewker and his constant choking. Everyone gets in on it, resulting in a straw poll asking if he will choke. Every option was "yes".
    Jewker: Dan is an aggressive man, but he is not aggressive enough to get a win.
    • This in fact escalated to the point where Dan actually pulled a Face–Heel Turn in-chat.
      • More like a Tweener, but whatever suits the editors. -Dan
      • Shut up, Dan.
    • When Jewker is brought into the call on the first Act Zero night he continues the jokes at Dan's expense.
      Jewker: This is a winner's call.
  • When asked why why he and his fellow players love Act Zero despite the game's terrible reputation, Jon gives this clip as evidence. It involves three players simultaneously having infinite line bombs power-ups for insane results.
    • Jon finds out about this when he finds himself pressed up against a wall by an unbroken line of remote bombs. Panic ensues.
    • The next two minutes is basically Jon and his commenters being increasingly incredulous about the number of bombs being dropped all over the place, culminating in multiple players boxing in Jon and killing him.
      Jon: It's like there's a fucking conspiracy here!
  • Before the first Bomberman Night, someone decided to complain about the fact that they had been waiting for over an hour for the stream to start. Jon responds by delaying the stream by 20 minutes and changing the title to reflect this.
  • Dan The Enigma is only a few hundred points away from getting a D rank, and is trying to earn the amount of points required to get said rank, leading to the inevitable jokes in the chat about Dan "wanting the D". He even joins in after a while.
  • People start subscribing with hilarious usernames, such as "eggpleaser" and "Hey_Distraction". And after the latter subscribes, Jon naturally gets distracted and dies.
  • Act Zero has now spawned a fanfic
  • Any time Dan scores a kill on Jon has hilarious reactions.
    Jon: DAMMIT DAN!
  • In the fifth stream, Jon comments on the increasing popularity of "It's still anyone's game":
    Jon: Well, there are worse catchphrases to have. I should know, I have half of them.
  • Jon's anti-MysticShaymin "rock opera" song in the seventh stream.
  • Spaghetti O's.
    • To explain, it comes out in the streams that Jon's local grocery stores do not carry Spaghetti-O's, which leads to his commentators, the chat, and his girlfriend all conspiring ways to get him Spaghetti-O's. Also, lots of jokes about going through customs with cans of Spaghetti-O's.
  • In the closing Q&A session of the 5th Bomberman Night (starting at 4:32:25), Jon told us about all the places he's lived. This includes getting kicked out because of a roomate's poor diet, a house that was illegally set up as a suite, and several other crazy events. The funniest of all though, was the story of his 3rd home, which was inhabited by "Including, but not limited to:
    • A Pyromaniac
    • A furry
    • An MMO addict
    • The pirate from LazyTown
    • A Christian Theology major who liked picking fights
    • A 300lb emo girl who used to cut herself
    • Her ex-Wiccan boyfriend
    • And Butters from South Park."
      • One of the co-comms then remarks that Jon was living in the real-life version of Drawn Together.
  • In the most recent one, Dan wins the tournament, then challenges Jon for double or nothing. And ends up getting steamrolled.

    Saints Row IV streams with Pcull 44444 
  • At the beginning Jon and Pcull need to make characters. Pat decides to go with a fat black man with deep British voice while Jon decides to make... Albert Wesker using the Nolan North voice of course.
  • Jon's reaction to pretty much any cutscene or well-known music piece in the game. The game is filled to the brim with references to the action and sci-fi genres. Jon, known for his love for classic, over-the-top action movies, appreciates it.
  • Also, his reaction to the Eagle and Horse Masks in the "Let's Pretend" store.
  • Pat ends up turning his character into what Jon refers to as "Gandalf the Pimp" after buying a Wizard Outfit in the same store.
  • Wesker wildly licking a candy cane. And caroling.

    Race Streams 
  • 7 Player Race - Super Mario Bros. 3 and Donkey Kong Country 1
    • Pre-stream, a chat member complained about the heat. Another chatter gave advice. Then, it escalated into everyone giving advice into how to cool down. Here are some gems:
      • How to cool down: 1) Drop a giant ice cube on your head. 2) Throw yourself into an active volcano. 3) Wear a hoodie to the DMV. 4) Work on your aim. 5) Ponder your existence over a classy DJ Premier beat. 6) Profit.
      • How to cool down: Step 1 go to Antarctica
      • How to cool down: Step 1 - Get naked.
      • How to cool down: 1. Ice Bucket Challenge
      • How to cool down. Step one: Work in the dairy cooler
      • How to cool down: Step one: Buy a large fan. Step 2: Plug the fan in. Step 3: Turn the fan on. Step 4: Drink water and enjoy the coolness! note 
    • Later in the pre-stream, chat started discussing the then-most-recent episode of The Runaway Guys' Mario Party 6 playthrough where Emile, as Daisy, gets to take part in the minigame that led to the infamous "I'm inside Daisy's heart-shaped box" comment. One chat user managed to pretty much break chat by describing it as Emile "experienc[ing] the joys of masturbation." The reaction to this is so impressive that one user outright states that it'll be going on this very page.
    • The people who finish first and second place finish so far ahead that they go on to play other games. By the time Khead finishes in third, Jon manages to beat Ninja Gaiden, and Tim does so with both Contra and Mega Man. Not only that, but Tim is able to also beat Mega Man 2 before everyone finishes.
    • While most everyone still racing is struggling with finding the exit in 8-Fortress, Jewker manages to clip through a wall and circumvent finding it entirely. Someone in chat looks it up later and confirms that the clip Jewker performed has a one-frame window. And he managed to do it entirely on accident.
    • Jewker manages to die after killing Bowser. He does so by getting hit by the same fireball twice.
    • After playing an egg submitted song during the intermission after the SMB 3 race, out of nowhere Jon plays a song that was sung by Master Time Thief. Said song was a parody of "American Pie" with the lyrics changed to reflect on Jon's history of L Ping and streaming. While heartwarming, the song was hilarious to the point where Jon himself got roasted.
    • After said intermission to let everyone stretch before the Donkey Kong Country race, Jon sees that Tim has Super Mario Kart loaded instead. He berates him for it, then gets mad when it causes him to accidentally type Super Mario Kart as the game he's playing. Jewker plays along and also loads up Super Mario Kart, and is able to finish a race before they start DKC proper.
    • The Donkey Kong Country race ends up being a bit of a Humiliation Conga for Stan, who was the one that suggested the game because he 100%'ed the second and third Donkey Kong Country games but never played much of the first and figured it couldn't be much harder. He eventually gives up while in a distant last place, game overs several times, and never gets out of World 1 while the others are all well past that point, all while slowly descending into madness as the race goes on. Throughout all of this, Stan's framerate is so shot that the viewers can't really see what he's doing and can only hear him losing it. Only the next week do we find out why his feed was so slow, it was set at a ridiculously high bit rate. He lowered it before the next race stream, though.
  • Race Night - Mega Man X & Super Mario World Randomizer (And More?)
    • Once again, pre-stream manages to impress thanks to everyone suddenly inserting Jewker's name into titles of various works of media after one user forgets him while listing possible participants for the race. It doesn't take long before people start wondering what Jewker's reaction would be. Unfortunately, he doesn't notice it.
    • Dan in the Mega Man X race. He was using a speedrunners' guide for starters. For any % in a 100%. Dan had never beaten the game before, so he would have a hard time in the end game. THEN he was in last for the majority of the race and messed up a simple upgrade spot. THEN he went for Armored Armadillo WITHOUT the Electric Spark. THEN he decided to finish the game after the race. It took him an additional hour or so to beat all of the Sigma stages. His final time (according to one chatter) was 1:39:58 and the amount of time it took for Jon to get to Crazy (the stage in the next race). Safe to say, Dan choked...again.
    • For the Super Mario World race, as the title implies, Jon shakes things up by using a ROM of the game that was put through a randomizer significantly more extensive than the one he used for A Link to the Past, with this one randomizing not only item placement but room placement, exit placement, and more. Things kick off to a good start when, much to the shock and frustration of most of the racers, the very first level ends up being Tubular.
      Khead: Oh, goddammit, really?
      Jon: Oh, for fuck's sake, really??
      Gex: Come on! The first level, are you serious?
      Jon: What is this??
      Ryan: [laughing] This was the reaction I had when I checked it! I'm going the other way! I need to see what's over here.
      Jon: Ryan, how the fuck did you hide that this was the first level? How did you hide this??
      Ryan: By not being on call!
      • Jon finds a level named Pepperoni Island, leading chat to explode with Pepperoni Secret references.
      • Early into the run, Jon reaches the optional Big Boo battle, this time with a Boo Buddy Trail (which turns invisible in tandem with the Big Boo) and swarm of Eeries plaguing him the whole way through. Jon quickly compares it to Kaizo, leading one chat user to state that Jon's finally home.
      • Jon tries the classic shortcut of using Star Road (or rather, the Epic Path) to get to Bowser, and promptly goes to Hell and back trying to make his way through the bizarrely-arranged levels there, starting off with a variant of the block-breaking level where the key that opens the secret exit swaps places with a green shell far lower on the level. Eventually, Jon does manage to complete the Star Road, only to realize that none of the warps there take him to the Front Door, or even the Special World for that matter, leaving him to contemplate the fact that he had wasted an obscene amount of time wandering through Star Road for nothing.
      • Later, Jon does stumble upon the warp to the Special World, or as it's called in this seed, the Kappa Zone.
      Kuuribro: Help! Send help!
      Jon: I can't, I'm in the Kappa Zone!
      • Stan partakes in the race in an attempt to redeem himself for his poor performance in the Donkey Kong Country race the week prior. Once again, he ends up in a distant last place, is unable to make it past the first stage of the second world, and slowly grows more insane as the race goes on before ultimately backing out.
      • Late into the run, one chat user randomly posts ASCII art of Pedobear; Gex refers to it as a "Teddy Bear", leading Jon and chat to have a field day.
      • The ending. Oh god, the ending.
    • Trojan's egg video, based on the Raiders of the Lost Ark scene in UHF.
    • After finishing the two races in the stream's title, they decide to do a race of Kirby's Dream Land, and after finishing that they do a race of the game's Extra (read: hard) Mode. Partway through the latter race, Myo gives up entirely and without a word, shifts to playing Pokémon Blue, where he names his protagonist "Fuck, I" and his rival "My Dick". He plays through it mostly silently (because his microphone was unplugged), so it takes a good few minutes for anyone else in the stream to realize he changed games.
      • As the Extra Mode race starts to come to a close, Dan starts to have fun with his gif collection. Some might say too much fun. It quickly descends into Ultaki and Dan having a gif war.
  • 7-Player Super Mario Bros. 2 Race & More
    • During the Super Mario Bros. 2 race, viewers were deciding on what team they will go on. This becomes a Running Gag when they hashtag with random team alignments.
    • The Shooting Boulder video, which features the travels of a boulder after being punched by Chris Redfield until it appears chasing Leon Kennedy. At an earlier point in the series' continuity. All because of a quip Jon made during the last Fortune Cookie stream. Various stops include the Raid Countermeasures, Dr. Weird's lab, and the stairwell where Robocop first fights ED-209. For bonus points, the boulder gets to be the reason that ED-209 falls down the stairs in this video.
    • During the Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest race, Jon, while attempting to make a joke, accidentally loads a savestate that takes him to the beginning of the game without any save data. While he is able to rectify this shortly after by loading a 101% save from Arcade Pit, the sheer timing of it, right as he was coming close to achieving victory, managed to throw virtually everyone off-guard.
    • Also during DKC2 is, you guessed it, Stan. In yet another attempt to redeem himself for his poor performances in the race streams, he decides to join in on DKC2 as it's a game that he's been able to 100% in the past. However, it doesn't seem that he practiced beating the game as quickly as possible: while he manages to do quite well for the first couple of worlds, he manages to get completely stuck on Rattle Battle of all stages, with growing amounts of angrish that Jon likens to Funny Bruce Lee Noises, as his feed begins to lag more and more. Eventually, he Rage Quits again. If it's any consolation on Stan's part, he was only in second-to-last place this time.
    • The fact that roughly half of the participants in the DKC2 race ended up ragequitting is pretty amusing in and of itself, particularly when one considers that it is less of a testament to their skill and more of a testament to the game's difficulty.
  • Game Sharks Super Mario World Challenge, Castlevania 1 Race & More
    • Jon gets both a raid and a Bagel Alert in his first ten minutes live.
    • The Castlevania race ends up having a false start thanks to Dan not getting any music on his copy of the game, thanks to a Good Bad Bug where letting the game's demo play a certain amount of times leaves the actual game devoid of the BGM. After a brief reset, Jon and co. attempt to start a second time, only for Jon to not have any music this time, prompting another reset.
      • Tim has some tremendously bad luck, with his game crashing during the last couple levels of the game. Twice. In spite of that, he still manages to win handily, beating the game a good half-hour before anyone else. Then he decides to play hard mode and tries to beat that before anyone else. However, Jon manages to finish before Tim does, effectively meaning that Tim placed both first and third.
      • At one point, Ryan manages to crash the game while fighting Death.
    • The second game of the night is Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. The way this race can best be defined is by Jon's constant messing up due to him repeatedly forgetting that he's not playing one of the Return to Dream Land-era games.
  • Game Sharks Season 2 & Game Racing Stream
    • Game Sharks Season 2 begins with a video starring BoodaMedz, BlackStar258, Myohel0, MasterTimeThief, and TheJewker. Said video helps introduce Season 2's new rules and the first challenge, Battletoads for the NES along with a nice surprise at the end.
    • In the Sonic 3 race, history repeats itself from Tim's experience in Castlevania when Medz, this time, takes an early lead, his game crashes and he spends ages trying to find a way to get back up to where he'd got to, and he then wins the race easily anyway.
      • Even more amusing is that it turns out that Medz spending so much time to get back to where he got to was pointless, since while the game froze, it still counted as beating the stage, and had he simply chosen his save file, which was, indeed, showing the next stage rather than the stage it had crashed on during the end, he would have been able to keep going where he had left off anyway.
    • Jon's self-deprecation being subverted shows up again as well, with him constantly talking about how everyone else is better at Sonic than him, only for him to finish second, and arguably the first person to strictly complete the challenge as intended as Medz had to use Sonic 3 & Knuckles instead to get around his glitch and add a delay due to a missing boss fight.
    • Myo ends up stuck on Marble Garden Zone for the entire race, eventually giving up to play Ninja Gaiden instead. To be fair, this was his first time playing Sonic 3, having only practiced up to Marble Garden while Jon was playing Battletoads.
    • Spam bots raid the chat once again, so it gets put back into sub-only mode. While in sub-only mode, Jewker bans the cause note  of the bot raids: Stay_Hydrated_Bot.
  • Race Night: Barbie (NES), Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts with CharlieUltra & LateNightRetro
  • Game Racing: Randomizers (Mario 3 & Mario World)
    • Jon counts down the start of the first race... and four of the six racers (including Jon himself) push the wrong button when trying to start the first stage.
    • Master Time Thief, who participated in the Mario 3 race, is unable to continue, so for the Mario World race Jon finds a replacement.
    • During the Mario World race, Dan's trying to get the secret exit in Star World 4 (which the randomizer put in place of Star World 2). This involves getting a key from a platform above the keyhole. Normally, this is done by running across green and red blocks, but nobody hit the red switch, so only the green blocks are active. The solution is to glide down with a cape, but Dan doesn't have one. He does have a Red Yoshi, which this seed gave the Blue Yoshi's flying ability, so what he can do is fly down, hit a green block to get a cape, then go get the key. Dan has difficulty understanding this.
  • Race Night: Blind & Non-Blind Races
    • The second race is for Sonic Advance 1, which is blind for Jon and some other players. Medz, The Ace at Sonic games, easily wins (a foregone conclusion) and then tries to beat Sonic Advance 2 before the others finish 1. He manages it just before Rush, the player in last place, beats 1. Jon has so much trouble with the final boss that Camille beats him into third despite being well behind him for a while. Then Rush, who was in last place for most of the race, somehow beats that boss on his first try.
  • Race Night: Super Mario Land, Smash 64, and Rocket Knight Adventures
    • MasterTimeThief's GIF shenanigans just before the start of the Mario Land race.
    • During the SSB portion, DanTheEnigma tries to find the character tierlist, and starts reading them off before realizing he found Melee's tierlist.
    • Everyone has a case of Damn You, Muscle Memory! getting used to the SSB controls due to how simple everything was compared to how it is now.

    Final Fantasy V: Four Job Fiesta (Blind, Pure Chaos Playthrough) 
  • Part 1:
    • Jon starts off the playthrough with snarking over the intro as per usual, in particular talking about Lena as if she came from the Tycoon Meteor, which Jon dubs the "space potato" before passing that title onto her. One chat user immediately calls her "Space Casca".
    • When the time comes to name his player character, Jon brings up an old fan-translation of the Super Famicom version where the default name for the player character, Bartz, was mistranslated as "Butz". Guess what he ends up naming his character.
    • When Jon reaches the Wing Raptor, he notices a lot of people in chat who have played the game being filled with dread. He wins in less than half a minute.
    • Because Jon knows that he'll inevitably have a ton of people in chat backseating and/or posting spoilers, Jon decides to create a banner letting people know not to do either of those things. Of course, this doesn't mean he isn't allowed to have fun with said banner.
      • Later, Jon realizes that he's at an even greater risk of spoilers and backseaters once he gets raided, leading him to reiterate his "no spoilers or help" policy for the stream. Then he decides to enhance the banner to make it more obvious to new viewers, and once again starts having fun with it.
    • At one point, Jon activates the in-game lap dance sequence, which gets very weird very quickly when all the dancers simply crowd onto Butz and spin around rapidly. When Jon finally moves away, the girls are still spinning in circles on the same square!
    • During the shipwreck portion of the game, Jon opens a chest that ends up raising the other end of one of the boats. His incredulity towards this is quite the listen.
    • Later in the game, Jon reaches the scene where everyone but Galuf falls under the siren's spell, causing Galuf to slap everyone back to their senses; Jon jokes that Galuf's slapping them all on the ass.
      • Once the fight with the Siren actually commences, she casts Haste. Jon quickly realizes what he's in for.
    • The reveal that Faris is a girl manages to catch everyone (Jon included) off-guard, not because of the twist, but because of the fact that it was supposed to be a twist at all! note 
      • Even funnier, this is after Jon stumbles upon a cutscene where Galuf pries on Faris in her sleep, one that was obviously intended to be seen after she was revealed to be a girl, which spurs some interesting questions once the reveal does happen.
    • The fight against Magissa very quickly goes downhill when she brings in Forza. Words alone cannot do it justice.
      • Upon his inevitable loss, Jon discovers that the game's method of moving past a game over is soft-resetting the game itself, which causes him to break down in laughter upon seeing the Health & Safety screen again.
      • After stocking up on extra Phoenix Downs, Jon goes to rematch Magissa, only to beat her before Forza can ever be summoned. The resulting shock is legendary.
    • Jon's first attempt to escape Fire Castle once it starts collapsing quickly becomes a gigantic shitshow when he takes the opportunity to open all the chests that were blocked off to him before the escape sequence started. All but four of those chests contain enemy hoards, leading to things becoming more and more tense for Jon and co. due to the time limit growing narrower and narrower. Then one of his party members gets KO'd, which leads to Jon running all the way back to the magic pot to heal before checking more and more chests. Even then, he manages to reach the exit of the castle, only to be confronted with a mandatory fight with a Sergeant and three dogs, and after defeating the dogs, the Sergeant is revealed to be an Iron Claw! After all that, Jon just barely fails to make it out of Fire Castle in time. So what happens after all of this? He gets sent back to the Health & Safety screen again.
    • Throughout the stream, Khead pesters Jon each and every time he talks about something in the game as if he were familiar with it, jokingly asking if he's played it before, much to Jon's increasing annoyance and amusement. This leads to #HaveYouPlayedThisBefore becoming the raid message for the night. Who does Jon decide to raid? Someone who's also doing the Four Job Fiesta and is playing the game blind as well!
  • Part 2:
    • Pre-stream, we have Stan vs. Myo after something happened. There even was a strawpoll!
    • Pre-stream also brought us Jon being replaced in various titles in the same vein as Jewker in the last race stream pre-stream chat. Even Ninja Gaiden was parodied! At least one user devoted himself to making the jokes as punny as possible, starting off with Jonic the Egghog 3 & Bagel.
    • During the first stream, Jon's intermission was composed entirely of silly Final Fantasy-themed gifs; the chat jokingly chewed him out for not having a gif of Sabin suplexing a train. Come this stream, the intermission is nothing but gifs of that scene.
    • The actual stream itself is relatively tame at first compared to the chaos that defined part one, but things start picking up when Jon misreads the Ignus Fatuus spell as "Ignite Fart", which quickly becomes "Ignitus Fartus". This becomes the raid message.
    • Jon and chat's disbelief towards the use of the phrase "slept like a top" in-game. It's actually an archaic variation of the phrase "slept like a log" from 17th-Century England. This later segues into Medz joking "have you ever seen a top be awake", which leads to Jon trying to make an Inception joke... except he forgot the name of the movie.
    • Jon's utter disbelief at Butz's second ship sinking because of an earthquake, mainly because this is the third time he's lost a mode of transportation.
    • Jon and Stan's bewilderment towards the cutscene for obtaining the Toad spell.
    • Throughout the whole stream, Stan is hammered as shit from a small bit of drinking... while under-hydrated, blessing us with moments like this. At least one person compares it to JoshJepson's birthday stream, where he was drunk to the point of deliriousness. Then another user pops this clip in chat.
    • Jon's reaction to Cid and Mid's less-than-intuitive plan to escape the desert.
    • Jon has a bit of fun with the sandworm's entrance animation.
    • Jon tries out the Quicksand spell on a Sand Bear, and instantly falls in love with how stupid it looks.
    • This incident Jon has with the game's NPC AI.
    • At one point after the reveal that Lena and Faris are sisters, Jon finds a cutscene where Lena refers to Faris by her real name, Sarisa, and is instantly caught off-guard by how out-of-the-blue this apparent revelation was. One user in chat jokes that Jon's real name might be Chuck, which Jon instantly shoots down because "Jonathan" is what's written on his birth certificate, only for Ryan to joke that it's part of a government conspiracy.
    • At one point, the Game Boy Player suddenly crashes on Jon during a cutscene. The situation is alleviated when Jon reveals that he saved just before it happened, but the reactions the crash elicits from everyone are legendary.
    • While Jon's fighting the Soul Cannon, Bagel hops on Jon's desk and activates Windows Narrator.
  • Part 3:
    • Either the game or the Game Boy Player occasionally crashing earlier in the stream.
    • Jon shares a story about how before streaming he accidentally peed on Bagel. Made funnier when Tim, known for his Toilet Humor, joins the stream chat while Jon tells that story.
    • Once Jon finally meets Exdeath, he finds himself unable to take the guy seriously... because his portrait art makes him look like a teapot.
    • In the continuing trend of Jon's luck being better off stream than on, he spends a while on stream trying to get a rare weapon drop that's stronger than anything he has at the time. He gives up after a while, but when he tries again off-stream, he gets it first try.
    • At the end of the stream, Jon tries to find a raid target and finds someone also doing the Four Job Fiesta who was at the same point he is. He then realized he was looking at his own stream!
  • Part 4:
    • While Jon's wall of gifs on the Intermission screen is usually a barrel of laughs, this stream's wall in particular stands out, if only for how it manages to catch Jon of all people off-guard thanks to him forgetting about it.
    • Seraphicat's video for whenever Jon wishes to remind anyone about his no spoilers policy.
    • Once Jon learns that Exdeath's true form is a living tree, chat immediately dubs him "treepot".
    • MasterTimeThief sends a Visual Pun with a spoiler warning: a car spoiler with "Exdeath is weak to protagonists" written on it.
    • After Galuf's death, coming after a scripted battle where he manages to continue fighting with zero HP, GrimoreBlacky in chat jokes that "Galuf had amnesia so hard he forgot to die."
    • Jon's reaction to this unintentionally sexual-sounding scene after Galuf's death.
  • Part 5:
    • Jon starts the stream by searching the world for optional scenes before going to fight Exdeath. He first goes to the Sealed Castle, which he was very obviously supposed to do before Galuf's death. Doubles as a Brick Joke to the sexual-sounding scene from last stream, with Jon, Stan, and Taki joking that Galuf is now able to freely possess Krile's body.
    • The first attempt against Exdeath is a comedy of errors. After a certain HP threshold, Exdeath starts doing two actions in a turn; Jon attempts to use Reflect to counteract Exdeath's magic. At a certain point, he tries to use Curaga, which is a full heal, on Krile, who doesn't have Reflect. However, Exdeath kills her before it can go off, so the spell automatically targets Faris, who does have Reflect, instead. The Curaga promptly is reflected onto Exdeath; Jon opts to reset the console instead of trying to whittle it all down again.
    • Jon finally loses his temper over backseat gaming and says that starting next stream, anyone who posts hints or spoilers will be banned instead of timed out. He extends this warning to everyone, including subscribers, mods, and himself. Then he tries to figure out the logistics of how he would backseat game himself. This quickly segues into Jon imagining himself traveling back in time to punch his past self as punishment for backseating.
    • Jon mentions that the viewer count for Four Job Fiesta streams is consistently lower than most anything else he streams, but says he doesn't worry too much about it. Someone in chat warns him not to pull a DSP, which eventually spirals into Lucah warning Jon not to masturbate on stream. Right as he says he won't, Stan mutters "damn it" to something seemingly unrelated. Jon questions him on it, and everything Stan says in response only serves to dig him deeper.
    • In response to Jon changing his backseating policy from time outs to bans, two new separate songs are sent in to warn viewers not to backseat. Shortly after they're sent in, Jon accidentally plays them all over each other, resulting in a discordant mess. Then he does it again at the very end of the stream.
  • Part 6:
    • During one cutscene, Butz loses control of his emotions and flies the airship around the world very fast. Jon jokes that he's trying to pull a Superman and turn back time.
      Jon [as Butz]: Guys, I saw this in a movie once! This will work, I swear!
    • Jon briefly assumes, thanks to an NPC, that he needs to breed Boko with the black Chokobo to make one that can fly and fly it around the world.
    • Jon's first battle against Exdeath's Soul. After Jon calls him having only insta-kill moves, Jewker accidentally spoils how much health it has, when the game gave Jon nothing. Then Jon learns that he only gets 7 Job Points and no experience or items from the fight. He doesn't take the news well.
      • After trying to run from the Shield Dragon enemy for longer than it took to beat Exdeath's Soul, Jon encounters another Soul and tries to run. He succeeds almost immediately.
    • To prove how serious Jon is on the spoiler policy he has in place, he times out Jewker, a moderator, for spoiling information without Jon's consent. About a minute after this happens, someone in the chat tries to give Jon advice. Jon reacts about as well as one can expect.
      • It gets better. Due to Jewker using Better Twitch, Jewker can still access the ability to time out other users despite having his mod powers taken away. Once Jon learns about this, he informs the chat that if Jewker catches enough people giving spoilers or hints, he would be reinstated right away. This succeeds.
    • Jon briefly wonders which class he used that could use whips. It was Freelancer, the class he only used when he couldn't use any other classes (thanks to the Fiesta rules).
    • Just like the fourth stream, he sets the intermission wall to all of the same, silly GIF. And forgot what he set it to, meaning, once again, he got caught off guard by his own intermission wall.
    • Jon's failed battle against Odin. He was given only one minute to fight Odin. When the timer runs out, the battle comes to a sudden end and Odin gives a message saying "too bad, maybe next time" before Butz passes out. The Health & Safety screen comes up immediately after this, much to Jon's amusement.
    • After realizing his party won't be safe from the enemies in the next dungeon until they're Level 41 note , he decides to fight the Shield Dragon for real. He manages to hold his own rather well, until he discovers something rather mean about it.
      Jon: He RUNS?
  • Part 7:
    • Before continuing the Fiesta run, Jon partakes in the Game Sharks challenge for Tetris (specifically Nintendo's official version for the Nintendo Entertainment System), in which he has to score as much points as he can, and is given as many attempts as he can fit in 30 minutes. Many hilarities abound:
      • One attempt has the game troll Jon by giving him 30 pieces that are not I blocks. By the time he finally gets one, the attempt is nearly over.
      • Towards the end of another attempt, Bagel drops by and poops nearby. Jon could even smell it!
    • Ryan, having missed the last few streams of the Four Job Fiesta, wonders what happened to Galuf. Jon tells him that he went Super Grandpa.
    • Jon does an optional dungeon, the Forked Tower, to get Holy and Flare. Early on into his first attempt, Jon encounters a pair of Tiny Mages that almost immediately cast Encircle on Butz and Lenna, the only members of his party at that point (since the Forked Tower enforces the Let's Split Up, Gang! trope wholesale). The only issue is, the prompt for Encircle is somehow mistranslated as "Can't Remember", which inevitably catches Jon off-guard once he learns that getting both party members inflicted with it qualifies as an instant game over. Cut to the very end of the stream, and this shows up on Jon's Twitter feed.
    • At the end of each part of the Forked Tower, Jon has to fight a boss. The first boss is hardly an issue, but the second resets the fight if the player uses anything other than magic. None of Jon's classes have offensive magic. Hilarity and dust-biting jokes ensue.
    • After getting Holy, Jon first gets the opportunity to try it out against a pair of Gargoyles. The results are suboptimal.
  • Part 8 (Finale):
    • Jon starts off the stream by describing his layout one last time, and discusses how his fight with Omega went at the end of the last stream. Right after finishing talking about how he wouldn't fight Omega again, he gets into a fight with Omega. While two spaces away. Cue another Curb-Stomp Battle, followed by a fake-out end of stream.
    • At one point, chat compares Exdeath's face sprouting out of his tree form to a penis. It doesn't take long for someone to dub it the treenis.
    • After finally beating Neo Exdeath and, by extension, the game, Jon starts snarking as usual over the ending. One quip that sticks out in particular is "Remember when Faris got wet?"
    • During the credits, Jon mistakes the sound of Solar spinning a quarter (which he can hear from his mic) for him spraying whipped cream on something, for which Jon calls him out on. Chat immediately starts either dubbing it "Victory Whipped Cream" or making jokes that Solar creamed himself in excitement.
    • With Final Fantasy V finally completed, Jon decides to turn the stream into a Game Clearing one (as it only took him two hours to beat FF5) and pops in his copy of Rayman for the PS1 and continue from where he left off last Game Clearing stream. This is how Jon decides to go out of the starting gate.

    History of SNK Crash Course Streams 
  • History of SNK Crash Course - Terry Bogard Edition
    • While showing off some of SNK's early games, Jon tries out Paddle Mania and is surprised to find that it doesn't just pit the player against other tennis players, but against reps for various other sports. Such as surfing and a synchronized swimming team.
    • Lucky Glauber, while normally a Butt-Monkey in The King of Fighters, singlehandedly sweeps Jon's team in one match. Much to Jon's dismay.
    • Twitch was having some technical difficulties that evening, leading to some unintentional hilarity when Jon patiently waited for his co-comms to finish a tangent... and then gets cut off by the stream going down.
      Jon: Yes, I am waiting to get a word in edgewise, thank you. Uh... S—
      [cue Twitch disconnection screen]
    • When asked to clarify Bonne Jenet's backstory during Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Jon replies simply that she's a pirate. Jewker offers his own take:
      Jewker: So, there once was a man named Gold Roger...
      Jon: Oh my God, shut up.
      Jewker: [undeterred] Who was king of the pirates.
      Jon: [laughing] Shut the fuck up, Jewker.
      Jewker: —Wealth beyond your wildest dreams! Before they hung him from the gallows, these were his final words: "Hey, this is my daughter, B. Jenet, what's up?"
    • Also during Garou, the unfortunately-named Khushnood Butt repeatedly whoops Jon, walling him for longer than Grant does. At one point, he wipes him out almost instantaneously.
  • History of SNK Crash Course Part 2: Crossover Edition
  • History of SNK Crash Course: The Final Lesson

    Paper Mario: Sticker Star with Chuggaaconroy 
  • Just the fact this happened at all (as a bonus incentive during the TRG Colosseum Direct), as Emile is notorious for not liking the game (though his reasoning is fair).
  • It can be safe to assume that many thought Emile was overreacting about the game's flaws, and even Jon said during the Super Metroid collab that he thought it was at least okay. As we find out during the stream, however, Emile's rage at the game was arguably being generous, much to chat's increasing surprise. Jon himself, meanwhile, seems to have just resigned himself to the increasing amount of crap the game throws at him.
  • Chugga frequently asks Jon if certain enemies in the game count as original characters, including pretty ludicrous ones like the Paper-Cone Goombas. He also mentions that he has a list of every enemy that he counts as an original character, which he reveals towards the end of the stream consists of four entries (Sombrero Guy, Mural Goomba, Mural Koopa, and Poison Blooper).
  • We get an origin story for why the game left a particularly bad mark on Chugga, as it was the last step of a large Trauma Conga Line. First, Chugga got a great scare when lightning hit his home and set off the fire alarm, which fried not just his modem but its hardware built into the wall, leaving him with no wi-fi for over a week and no way to get video work done. His phone couldn't connect to mobile data in his apartment, all of his local friends were out of town, and to top it all off, he had just contracted a nasty cold. To keep himself sane, Chugga went out and bought The Last of Us... only to discover that his PS3 wouldn't be able to play it unless he performed a system update. With no other good options, Chugga finally turned to Sticker Star, which he owned but hadn't gotten around to playing yet, and the rest is history (complete with him having to step outside anytime he needed to check a guide). He later mentions that Fire Emblem Awakening (which would later become one of Chugga's favorite 3DS games) was on sale around that time, but Chugga decided against buying it because he has already spent so much money on The Last of Us and didn't want to accept that he wasn't enjoying Sticker Star yet.
  • Other stories Chugga tells about his Sticker Star experiences:
    • The reason he was very excited for it in the first place? He saw the demo level that utilized the Fan Thing to move a windmill, and instantly assumed that the game would be like Ōkami.
    • A sandstorm in World 2 needs to be stopped with a Vacuum Thing sticker. Chugga hadn't found the Vacuum yet, so he guessed he needed the Faucet instead. However, he had already used it in battle and didn't know about the shopkeeper who sells previously obtained Things, so he had to search for an hour to find where the Faucet was. When he finally got it and returned to the sandstorm, it didn't work and vanished from his inventory. He decided to not play for the rest of the day.
  • When Chugga impersonates Masae at one point, the chat gives him a collective "you shouldn't have done that". At their request, Jon brings out his voice changer, which makes him sound strangely like Masae.
    • Chugga then has a request for Jon...
      Chugga: Hey Masae, do you like my stupid puns.
      Jon (in Masae's voice): No.
      Chugga: ... I want a recording of her saying that for all eternity.
      "Masae": You gotta pay a lot in exchange.
      Chugga: How much?
      "Masae": Also I don't want her to kill me
      Chugga: How. Much?
      "Masae": (starts laughing)
      Chugga: ''HOW MUCH!?
      "Masae": You don't wanna know! You don't wanna know!
      Chugga: My soul!?
      "Masae": You wouldn't sell your soul for this. I know you're better than that.
      Chugga: (defeated) Ok...
  • While Chugga keeps his rage at Sticker Star in control for most of the stream, he eventually loses it when the Bowling Ball gets discussed Explanation  and lets out a screech.
  • Chugga's rant about how even the sound test in the game was poorly executed.
    Chugga: The sound test doesn't even give every song, it gives you 29 songs. Did they get one thing right?! Did they make sure, very meticulously, that every single thing had to suck ass?! Was that a requirement?!

    SpoooOoky Streams 

Dead Space Blind (Halloween 2013)

  • Jon discovers that positioning a corpse in a doorway and letting the door close on it causes it to clip through the door, spaz out wildly and then glitch out of existence altogether. He starts performing it periodically and interprets each successful attempt as "the Door Gods are pleased with your sacrifice." It isn't long before the chat develops a cult-like obsession with the Door Gods that would eventually lead to the protonDoorGods emote.

Resident Evil 6 with Exfauxsure (Halloween 2016)

  • Part 1:
    • At the end of the stream, Jon decides to raid Super Jeenius with #It'sAllMyFault, after a line spoken by one of the protagonists. Jake's response?
      Jake: If this is you, Jon, then yes, it was all your fault.
  • Part 3:
  • Part 4:
    • Various snowmobile-related shenanigans occur in this stream, including:
      • Exfauxsure accidentally running over Jon with one.
      • Jon riding a snowmobile on a bridge backwards and cracking up over it.

Dead Rising 3 with Patty (Halloween 2016)

  • Part 1:
    • Durring the fight with the gang leader, Patrick voices that he wants the RollerHawg the boss has. After beating the boss, Jon crates one and allows Pat to drive it. Not five seconds later, he pulls (as Jon describes it) an "Austin Powers" by getting it stuck between a wall and a truck. He eventually gets it unstuck, but after another five seconds he hits a sloped surface at an odd angle, causing the Hawg to flip upside-down and go flying, and eventually blow up from taking too much damage. Jon decrees that Pat is not allowed to drive anything for the rest of the game.
    • Jake raids Jon during the fight with the boss, when he is unable to activate countermeasures. After the fight, Jon attempts to activate them three times, only for the game to keep playing cutscene after cutscene, forcing Jon to switch back to the game feed.
    • At a garage, Jon attempts to spawn a RollerHawg at the exact same time Pat attempts to spawn one of the DLC vehicles, a large APC. The result is the APC spawning on top of the RollerHawg and crushing it, depleting its health almost instantly. Not only that, but for about a minute afterwards they couldn't use the APC either because the flaming RollerHawg wreckage underneath it made it too high off the ground for Jon and Pat to get in.
    • "You disintegrated my dildo!"
  • Part 2:
  • Part 3:
    • Jon dedicates several minutes to the very somber Meryl sidequest, and literally a second after he officially finishes it, a biker appears out of nowhere and blows Meryl up with a molotov, not allowing her to die peacefully the way she was scripted to. This causes Jon to absolutely lose it.

Dead Space 2 Blind (Halloween 2017)

  • Part 1:
  • Part 2:
    • Jon cheerfully singing "Hands Across America" while mowing down a horde of screaming undead children.
      • A similar scenario happens later on, this time set to "She Works Hard for the Money" by Jon.
    • At one point, Jon finds a skateboard and stomps on it to do a "sick trick." The exact moment he does, Issac has a hallucination. Jon lampshades how convenient the timing was.
      Jon: Alright, maybe that trick was a little too sick.
    • Praise the sun.
    • During a rather intense battle, Jon goes to intermission. Why? Bagel pooped. As a "bonus", Bagel somehow manages to turn on Windows Narrator again, much to the chagrin of Jon and the chat busts out laughing like mad as the Text-To-Speech on Jon's computer reads out various things (such as "Intermission Button").
      Jon: This is why I hate this cat sometimes...
    • After repairing an elevator, Jon does a countdown to when bad things would start happening. Nothing happens. At least, not until after Jon laments nothing happening.
    • Anything involving Howard. From Jon getting mad at him for "cheating at chess", to somehow accidentally sacrificing him to the Door Gods.
    • Jon asks if the Force Gun is worth getting. Cue this:
      Chat Member: Let me ask you, do you want to deal with those tiny bastards again?
      Jon: Force Gun it is!

    Sponsored Streams 
  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
    • The stream was a sponsored event for Ubisoft, with caused a Running Gag on the stream being sponsored by various other things.
    • To wait on the game to become available, Jon fires up Rabbids Go Home. Part of the hilarity that naturally ensues involve spooking humans. And apparently killing a man "as is Rabbid tradition".
    • Kuuribro's comment in regards to the animation of the game proper, once they get to the sunflower:
      "As the guy who studied animation, the animation in this game makes naughty things."
    • At the start of the second stream, Jon decides to spend the 1-hour waiting period playing the original Rayman Raving Rabbids, which he promptly proceeds to snark over in his usual fashion. Of particular interest is the fact that Rayman sits on a toilet to replay minigames from the previous level.
    • Jon's amusement with an animation of a Rabbid repeatedly climbing up a hill and sliding down it. One of his co-coms quickly compares it to the "slide on the soap" scene from Ed, Edd n Eddy.
    • Ubisoft gave Jon a rather cheap-looking "stream sponsored by Ubisoft" sign to put in the corner of his stream, shaped like a parallelogram. During the second stream, Jon's co-comms have a faux grumble about how you can't get good parallelograms these days, and the last time they ordered one off eBay, when it came it was a trapezoid!
    • During the fight against Rabbid Kong, Jon quickly notices that one of his attacks is called "Thong of Kong". Chat immediately latches onto it, which then leads one user to submit this self-described "abomination of God" to Twitter. The reactions from the co-coms and chat are something that must be heard/read to be believed. This eventually leads #ThongOfKong to become the raid message for the night.
  • The sponsored stream for Bayonetta ends with a Bagel Alert just as Jon plays the end card.
  • Game Sharks: Super Mario World, Then Death's Gambit #sponsored
  • Yakuza 0, Out Now on PC/Steam #Sponsored
    • Carrying on from the last stream, Jon repeatedly utters that he's "never killed a man" throughout most of Kiryu's fights, which are punctuated by scenes of him viciously beating up his opponents in increasingly over-the-top ways.
    • During a fight against some street punks, one chat member manages to send Jon a donation with the best possible timing.
    • At one point, Jon decides to spend ¥1,000,000 on the Dream Machine, and wins... a turtle. Jon wastes no time in milking it for all it's worth.
    • Proving that Jon knows this game's insanity front and back better than anyone, Jon manages to show off the box of nails during the fight against the Dojima family. Said nails get promptly forced down a random goon's throat, at which point several people in chat and Discord respond "WITHOUT ANY MILK!"
    • While wandering around Kamurocho, Jon manages to get pulled into two rather ludicrous sidequests. The first one involves Kiryu having to impersonate a TV producer at the behest of a cooking show's staff, having to respond to questions at various times. Jon decides to give chat free reign as to how Kiryu should respond to each question, and inevitably pick the dumbest answers each time... only for all of them to be right! The second one, meanwhile, features Kiryu having to work with a dominatrix; the premise alone sells chat on it.
    • During the fight against Oda, Jon shows off the Marlin Cannon, a move which involves Kiryu pulling a taxidermied marlin and using it as a cannon. One chat member quips that it wasn't the best Marlin Cannon, because it wasn't looking for Nemo.
    • At the start of Majima's sidequest, Jon takes note of the number of pretty women in the Grand Cabaret, as well as a scene involving beneath-the-dress groping. One chat member proceeds to sarcastically ask "WHAT IS A WOMAN?" That chat member's name? "ExplodingTittySyndrome".
    • During a fight between Majima and a gang of bikers, Jon discovers a knife special of Majima's he didn't realize existed. G promptly dubs it the "spicy knife".
    • At the request of Lucah and virtually everyone else in chat, Jon decides to go to the karaoke club and show off "24 Hour Cinderella", which closes off with a scene of Majima in a silver jumpsuit flamboyantly dancing with other people in the same outfit on a glittery pearl stage. While Jon is fully aware of the absolute beauty of this scene, G, needless to say, wasn't prepared for it.
    • During a later scene at the Grand, Jon manages to spot Mr. Libido. Needless to say, this is one thing that no one was prepared for. Not even Jon was completely prepared, given the fact that he completely forgot the fact that Mr. Libido just stays in the background throughout the scene, just casually doing the hustle... in his underwear.
    • As the stream comes to a close, Jon tries to get Majima to a phone booth so that he can save the game and wrap things up for the night... only to promptly run into sidequest after sidequest after sidequest. For once, the sheer amount of content in the game manages to get on Jon's nerves.
    • In true ProtonJon fashion, Jon decides to cap the night off by raiding a random streamer. Once he does, he immediately gets introduced to the guy's... unique method of countermeasures.
  • New Release - Override: Mech City Brawl - Multiplayer Stream with Main Menu
    • After trying out Override: Mech City Brawl's beta in "Fortune Cookie: Video Games Are Here Edition", Jon invites HJTenchi to join him for a special stream celebrating the game's release, along with tehMorag and The Jewker. Tenchi quickly proves to be a "Get Back Here!" Boss kind of player.
    • When testing out the multi-pilot mode, Jon is horrified upon realizing whoever's the Head is in charge of the camera.
    • Jon, Morag, and Jewker attempt a three-on-one match against Tenchi, with the three of them controlling a single mech against Tenchi. A few matches later, they do another three-on-one match... only this time, everyone's got their own mechs. Karma ensues.
    • Jon mentions that the Override team is planning a Bagel-themed skin for Mya, the cat mech. In the following match, Tenchi starts spamming Vidar's bear traps, having just learned they were a thing. This culminates in poor Jon getting stuck in one after Tenchi's death, costing him the match.
      Tenchi: I'm glad they're making a character skin after you and your playstyle rather than me and my playstyle.
      Jon: Jeff says he's just going to name the bear trap after you.
      Tenchi: An immobile device that drags others down: the Tenchi.
  • Windjammers 2 Demo (Sponsored) & Bioshock Infinite DLC Part 2: Jon introduces a new donation alert: the Glitchin' Gun, a parody infomercial that makes a game glitch up. According to Jon, he was wanting to get the Kitchen Gun infomercial out of his head and wanted to make an alert out of it.

    Crowd Control Streams 
  • Testing Out Crowd Control Extension - Help or Troll Me In Super Mario Bros 3 & Super Mario World
    • The stream itself centers around the new extension Crowd Control, which enables users to donate bits in exchange for coins, which can then be used to activate certain features - some benign, most negative - that affect whatever game the extension is currently hooked up to. Naturally, Jon's audience spends the duration of the stream torturing him as much as possible, among other things constantly spawning in pursuing enemies and insta-killing Jon by zeroing out the timer.
      • Adding onto this is the fact that, despite the audience's sadism contributing to most of Jon's deaths in both Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World, a significant chunk of deaths are down to Jon's own mistakes.
    • At one point during Mario 3, Jon decides to enter a Hammer Bro level in Desert Land, only for a viewer to spawn in a Boss Bass. Jon then proceeds to realize that doing this removes the game's ability to spawn the chest that ends the level. This ends up becoming a Running Gag throughout the stream, eventually reaching an apex when it ends up softlocking the Bowser fight.
      • Another Running Gag throughout the stream is the fact that viewers can actually pull Kaizo traps in Mario 3 by spawning in Boss Basses the moment Jon finishes a level. This leads to moments such as Jon almost dying during the cutscene that plays after beating a Koopaling, or Jon finishing a level only to get eaten by a Boss Bass off-screen.
      • At one point, the audience's dumbfuckery manages to trigger a glitch in which both Mario and the timer are temporarily frozen in place, with Mario completely immune to everything going on. Chat immediately compares this to the World.
      • Because a viewer gave Jon invincibility to finish off Lemmy, Mario caught the wand in the middle of his rolling jump animation, which is only used when he's invincible. This caused Mario's catching sprite to be upside-down, making it look like he caught the wand with his plumber's crack. Jon and Tom's reactions to the sight are glorious.
        Tom: Catchin' it in the thigh!
        Jon: I don't think that's the thigh!
      • Because viewers keep sending the Angry Sun to attack Jon, Tom muses about Bowser advertising for minions and the sun turning up for an interview. "What are your qualifications?" "I'M A GIANT BALL OF BURNING GAS!" Inevitably, several fanartists then decide to depict the scene.
    • During Super Mario World Randomized, the audience manages to get more than their money's worth out of the Interface Screw option, inverting the D-Pad controls, inverting the face button controls, swapping the D-Pad and face button controls, and stacking some or all of these options on top of each other. The result actually ends up giving Jon vertigo, making it difficult for him to move his cursor on his laptop or even read, and even ends up straining his hand the next morning, which Jon (thankfully) ends up taking in stride.
      • One level that replaces Donut Plains 1 incorporates the last stretch from Valley of Bowser 2. Jon, attempting to find the secret exit, heads over to it, only to find the key replaced by a blue Koopa shell, to his horror. Even more, not only does it turn out that the shell is not actually a blue one... neither is the Yoshi that Jon came in on note . Frustrated, Jon exits the key room by boosting off of Yoshi and heads to the area's normal exit... only to find the key right before the Goal Gate. What's more, it turns out that the exits in that area were also swapped, meaning that the normal exit is actually the secret one and Jon wasted that much time and potentially put himself at risk of another insta-kill for nothing in what is perhaps one of the most elaborate and multilayered examples of a "Shaggy Dog" Story.
  • Game Sharks: Pinball of the Dead & Crowd Control: Pokemon Red & More?
    • Throughout Pinball of the Dead, Jon struggles with a minigame where you have one chance to headshot a zombie. Failing makes the zombie bob up and down mockingly. Once the clock runs out on his run, he gets another shot at it, seemingly nailing the timing... only to inexplicably whiff. This X-Com-level artificial difficulty culminates in him throwing his controller out of frustration... and unfortunately breaking the trigger button. Whoops.
    • Jon's second game is Pokémon Red with Crowd Control. Upon starting the game, he immediately starts getting bombarded with items. The chat has a particular fascination for sending him a ridiculous number of Bicycles, leading to fanart showing Jon trying to ride a dozen bikes (or more) all at once.
    • The chat also sends him ridiculous numbers of Pokémon, even trying to do so when his boxes are full. Enough so that, after filling four boxes, the chat glitches the storage system such that it's impossible to use, a glitch that persists even after resetting the game.
    • Due to chat spamming teleports, Jon ends up getting the second Gym Badge first. When he beats Brock (at the first Gym), someone does a party wipe, causing Jon to black out before he gets the Badge. It takes him over an hour to get back to Brock and claim the Badge.
    • After getting frustrated with Pokémon Red, he decides to play crowd-controlled A Link To The Past Randomizer. It ends up being more insane than Pokémon!
    • As before, the chat ends up crashing Crowd Control multiple times. In particular, it freaks the hell out during ALTTP to the point where Jon ends up with permanent ice physics and one-hit KO.
  • Crowd Control: Mega Man X, Mega Man 3 & More?
    • While Jon's attempting to figure out whether or not the extension is even working, he gets his answer in the form of the Chat's first commands killing X during the demo.
    • Upon actually getting into the game, Jon and the Chat promptly softlock it when the Bee Blader he's supposed to destroy to proceed flies right on by.
    • Storm Eagle's stage gets off to a good start.
    • When Jon finally makes it to where the Maverick's supposed to be waiting for him, Stormy doesn't show. Jon abruptly realizes that by giving him Storm Eagle's weapon right before entering the boss arena, the Chat Logic Bombed the game.
      • Jaku, one of the devs, then warns him through the chat that once the grant wears off, the game will no longer count Storm as beaten. Jon attempts to prove him wrong by showing off his Inventory...
        Jaku: [in chat] have fun back in storm eagles stage *winky face*
        Jon: I have the weapon, I don't need to go back, I don't know what you're talking about! Look, there it is right— [Beat] ...Shit.
        Jaku: yeah where? where is it?
      • Storm Eagle gets his revenge during the Sigma Stages, in the form of generous Chatters granting him 23 Boss E-Tanks, transforming him into a Damage-Sponge Boss. One who spends most of the battle refusing to land.
    • Mega Man 3, like Pokémon Red before it, offers a teleport option. Jon goes in knowing full well that This Is Gonna Suck.
    • Another option in 3 that X doesn't have (yet)? Reversible controls. Which Jon immediately discovers doesn't affect the direction in which he fires - meaning it often looks like Mega Man's shooting out of his elbow - or sliding. Turning sliding puzzles into an utter nightmare requiring precise timing.
    • While stuck in front of a wall waiting for all the Forced Weapons to wear off so he can use Rush, Jon looks away from the game for a second... and Mega Man promptly falls through the floor. Surprise!
      • The Chat forcing Jon to use a given weapon for 45 seconds becomes a real problem due to how it prevents the use of Rush. At one point, one of the co-comms does the math and realizes there's over 80 minutes' worth of weapon forcing backed up in the queue. 80 minutes doled out in 45-second intervals. Followed shortly by the realization that the queue is frozen and hasn't been updating to reflect how much is waiting in the wings...
    • Shadow Man becomes the Butt-Monkey of the playthrough due to Jon repeatedly challenging him first whenever he gets to the Boss Rush, as well as whenever he reaches him on his stage. At one point, Shadow Man just vanishes rather than fighting.
      Jon: I don't know who's going to have more trauma at the end of this, Mega Man or Shadow Man!
  • Crowd Control: Super Mario 64 and Super Metroid
  • Crowd Control: Super Mario Bros 2 & Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    • Super Mario Bros. 2's crowd control features include the ability to send the player into Subspace. Jon discovers during the first Birdo fight that if this happens during a boss fight, the exit door closes. This leads to a panic moment when the door opens, Jon is just about to step through it... and a door to Subspace appears right before he goes through, canceling it out and requiring him to fight Birdo again. Suffice to say, this quickly becomes a Running Gag.
    • Another feature is the ability to switch the current protagonist on the fly. Which naturally leads to some interesting mash-ups appearing on Art Block, as well as moments where Jon has to alter his plans on the fly due to getting swapped to one of the less mobile characters.
      Jon: [seemingly stranded] Toad needs a skirt.
    • While in World 6-1, Jon attempts to find a certain pot that he needs to go into. A chain of events leads to him finally going into the pot... while in Subspace. Which warps him to World 6-1.
      Jon: ...what. Uhhhhhhhhh... that's new.
    • After warp-skipping to World 6, Jon realizes a flaw in his plan: 6-2 requires you to ride on Albatosses across a series of long pits. The Chat can give him Stars at any time. Albatosses are not immune to Stars. While Chat attempts to call a temporary truce, it doesn't last.
    • When confronting Mouser, Jon is given a POW Block and One-Hit KOs him, only to be immediately dragged into Subspace, resetting the fight.
    • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night becomes Libraryvania: Curse of the Card. Once again, Jon finds himself playing a game where Crowd Control grants Chat the ability to warp him around. The fact they can only warp him to the Library, whether through a direct warp or cursing him to temporarily replace his main weapon with a Library Card note , makes little difference.
    • After finishing both games on the roster faster than expected, Jon decides to revisit Super Mario World, using a Randomizer at the same time to make things more interesting. One of the first levels, named "Suave", turns out to be unpleasantly familiar to him: it's the same one that walled everyone in the last Super Mario World Randomizer race.
    • And when he finally clears it, and tries to move on to the next level...
      Jon: I'm gonna make a spiteful save state on that, 'cause I don't want to have to go through that again...
      [Luigi moves back down to Suave and reenters]
      Jon: [reading the next stage name] Unnatural, oh my — oh no, NO! NO, my buttons were reversed, so I'm back in the stage! Get me the fuck outta here!
      [exits out, promptly reenters again]
      Jon: [over G's laughter] God damnit... [cracking up himself] I can't figure out what button is to leave anymore...!
    • Thanks to the amount of Interface Screw options Crowd Control offers for Super Mario World, Jon's controls are switching constantly, leading to frequent cries of "What is Jump now?!" and variations thereof.
    • "Summit Boo's Haunt" has a keyhole passage... with a one-way pipe. The first time through, Jon's Yellow Yoshi swallows the key right as they head in, leaving them stranded there with no way out other than the one-block-wide pitfall in the corner. Jon then attempts to carry the key himself, but the ever-changing controls make it hard to maintain his grip. And when he arrives...
      Jon: [trying to swim over the lone koopa] Okay, don't hit the enemy, don't hit the enemy. Oh my God. I don't know what is down anymore.
      [the key slips out of Luigi's grasp, bounces, and falls down the thin pitfall]
      Jon: [at a pitch Emile normally hits] Awwwwwww Nooo-ho-ho-hoooo--!
      [follows it to his doom]
      Jon: That's like a fucking Vaudeville-style death, right there. That's just a Vaudeville failure.
      G: And this, boys and girls, is why you don't drink and drive.
      Jon: Oh my God, and I'm sober, that's the sad thing about this.
      G: You may be; Luigi isn't.
      Jon: [chortles] Not anymore!
    • Some of the randomized names are more appropriate than others. Jon cracks up upon finding the level "MMMM GOOD SHIT", which is actually Top Secret Area.
    • What happens when you combine extra temporary Water Physics with a persistent swimming enemy like the Porcupuffer?
      Jon: Well, good news, the water physics ended. Bad news, it's coming back down towards us. [...] What's this reverse Jaws bullshit happening right now?
      G: [starts singing The Pink Panther theme]
  • Crowd Control: Kirby Super Star & Yoshi's Island - Control My Game!
    • As per usual, the viewers are all too eager to mess with Jon. So eager that they manage to trigger an overflow that crashes the game... roughly ten minutes after starting.
      Jon: This is going to turn into a completely different game in a second. It's gonna start effecting me in real life.
    • Bagel also tries his paw at participating when he kicks Jon off the game and blocks his task bar.
    • The second half of the stream sees Jon growing increasingly flustered by the Chat's generosity, as donations start flooding in for the sake of funding a TMNT pinball table. Dan talks him through it, only to pull a Last-Second Word Swap... which Frank then reinterprets as a request to donate even more.
    Power Trip 
    Disc Only Podcast (with Tom Fawkes, Stephen Georg, and the 8-Bit Drummer) 
  • Episode 1: "Why Is This Real?"
    • Stephen's dream of the entire TRG collabing in a "Don't Fear the Reaper" cover and Emile on cowbell. Tom thinks it makes a good bumper idea for a future Colosseum.
    • While discussing ringtones, Stephen recounts when He-Man's memetic "Fabulous Secret Powers" tune blared through his car's speaker when a call came in.
  • Episode 2: "Happy Birthday Jerod!"
    • While discussing allergies, Jon brings up a relevant story involving Tom, and Tom at first isn't sure which one he means, at which point Jon reveals it's the one where he 'almost died', leading to confusion from the chat that Tom didn't remember that.
    • Much of the episode ends up being devoted to Stephen and Jerod swapping stories of violent incidents involving Southern fast food restaurants.
    • After a related discussion about different regions of North America locking/not locking doors by habit, a poll is issued on which of the four streamers' houses the chat would try to break into. Jon belatedly realises that the recording has captured him voting for Jerod's.
  • Episode 3: "Third Time's A Charm"
    • In the previous episode, Stephen and Jerod talked about a controversial pit stop on the I-95 called South of the Border, which subsequently led to the podcast being mentioned on the attraction's Wikipedia article. In this episode, Tom mentions the situation in passing during his intro.
      Tom: I'm Tom Fawkes, and we can't talk about South of the Border anymore.
    • The guys discuss the infamous hashtag for Pokémon Masters EX, #pokemonmastersex. Tom likes to imagine how the board room must've reacted to such an Accidental Innuendo.
      Tom: "Oh good, it's trending! (sudden realization) Oh no, it's trending..."
    • The entire 'boob timeline' discussion, which begins when Stephen asks if Jon has a timeline for all the female alt art of him. And then Jon says there are three.
      Stephen: Why are there three boob timelines, Jon?
    • Since both Jon and Jerod have specific alts drawn for them by their fans (Jon has female alts, while Jerod gets fursonas), Stephen pitches an idea for what Tom could be drawn as: various household appliances. In retaliation, Tom tells everyone to draw Stephen as common houseplants, and by the end of the podcast, both of them end up getting a truckload of fresh fanart from the community.
    • Stephen's dream in which Tom agrees to fill in for him to play Morning Mario... only for Tom to be in snowboarding gear and giving out snowboarding tips in the video he recorded for Stephen. As Stephen inquires about it, Tom told him that he took a few liberties.
    • A question comes up about instances in games that made them get mad and Jerod mentions the river rapids segment from Paper Mario: The Origami King. Tom proceeds to tell the chat to not tell Jerod that he managed to clear it first try... only for the chat to out him very quickly.
  • Episode 4: "Spooky Time!"
    • The guys talk about giving drug-like street names for cereal after Jerod confesses that his favorite snack is cereal.
  • Episode 5: "It's Talking Time!"
    • The episode starts fairly normal and simple, so they redo the opening. Then Tom says "Stephen!" instead of his own name, prompting another redo!
    • The discussion of the "Outback Stabhouse", a restaurant where you pay for the food by being stabbed. Stephen tries to convince Jon that it is a viable business model.
      • By the end of the stream, it is discovered that someone bought the domain, which redirects to the Podcast's Stitcher.
     Resident Evil 5 with DC Douglas 
  • Running Gags:
    • D.C. Douglas keeps trying to read the flavor text between loading screens, only for the game to load almost instantly. He gets increasingly frustrated by this.
  • Resident Evil 5 With Wesker (D.C. Douglas): First Stream
    • The fact that Jon is basically playing with Wesker's voice actor is inherently hilarious considering he basically gets to engage in facetious Snark-to-Snark Combat with Wesker that also somehow turns into a twisted romance.
    • On top of helping DC Douglas along the game (who is rather inexperienced), all the gags from his Co-Op Let's Play (Eggs, footballs, "COME ON!") come rearing its head once again.
    • D.C. spends some time trying to hit Chris by throwing rotten eggs. Then he eats one.
    • D.C. decides to ad-lib the flashback in 3-1, who only got a single line in his first appearance within the game. One line in particular is...ahem, thick with Belligerent Sexual Tension.
      D.C. Douglas as Wesker: "Now, get naked Chris, and fuck me like the man I know you are!"
  • Resident Evil 5 With Wesker (DC Douglas) Round 2
    • DC's absolute joy at getting his own rocket launcher.
    • An interruption via encounter with booby trap.
  • Resident Evil 5 With Wesker (DC Douglas) Round 3
    • Observing the Uroboros missiles:
      D.C.: Those are the most impressive dildoes I've ever seen.
      Jon: [low laughter] I don't think they'll fit though.
      Rachael: Not with that attitude.
    • "I'm busy! Running around doing nothing."

  • Resident Evil 5 With Wesker (DC Douglas) Round 4


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