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ProtonJon's Twitch streams are always full of funny moments, but since his Fortune Cookie streams make up such a large majority of his content, it goes without saying that they contain a large majority of the funny as well. So large, in fact, that they needed their own page to contain it all.


If you want to have a bit more fun with the stream, we have a bingo card here.

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     2013 - 2014 
  • An early Fortune Cookie stream has Jon playing Monster Rancher 2, where Jon's monster happens to be a living wall who Jon names "Pcull44444". Later on, the chat is saying that Wall!Pcull may die soon, so Dan gives Jon this line.
  • Jon explains he can't pay attention to messages because he has to concentrate on a hard F-Zero race. Patrick decides to troll him by setting him a fake algebra problem to distract him. Jake then gets him back on Jon's behalf by setting Patrick a real calculus problem, which Patrick then proceeds to actually start solving while Jon continues to race.
  • In the first-ever Fortune Cookie stream, while playing Sonic Advance 2 Jon claims to be a "Professional Space Jam Song Knower-er".
  • Jon plays a Runaway Guys Dating Sim.
    Jon: The problem with bringing up streaming something stupid to the livestream chat is that they want to actually see said dumb thing.
    • Right before playing this game, someone asks Jon if he was trapped on an island, and he had a choice between being alone forever or being with Chuggaaconroy forever, which would he pick. Jon chooses being with Chugga, on account of him actually not being too hyper when only one other person is around and saying he would actually be useful in that type of situation. Cue someone in the call with him...
    • His first run through, Jon immediately fails by (as Emile) getting into an argument with Jon and kicked out of the house. Jon claims this is the most realistic result.
  • Playing Super Mario Bros. 3 on a Retron, he accidentally kicked the cartridge, which caused it to fail to connect to the console properly. This is the result. WARNING: May induce seizures.
    • The very beginning:
      Jon: Okay, we're gonna play SUPER BGGAGABGABAYU. ...Ooon the NES.
      • Made better by the fact that his co-comms had no idea of what was happening, they could only hear Jon speaking.
    • All the glitched text forming nonsense words that sound vaguely German or Japanese...
      • The end-of-level message that reads "YOU GOT A EARD!" instead of "YOU GOT A CARD!", which Jon reads as "YOU GOT A BEARD!"
      • Toad's strangely poetic comment "Pntttptnpn to a faraway land" in a Mushroom House.
      • Jon reading the on-screen text "WRCCIXR G1 WRP ZINR!"
    • As commenters point out, Jon gets screwed over by invisible coin blocks... again.
    • Jon notes that a glitched 1-up appears in the game as the letter P and comments "Man, I got a P!"
    • Jon plays up to World 8 because he wants to see what glitched Bowser looks like... only for the game to start healing itself enroute.
    • It starts glitching again a bit later, and Jon has to get up to Bowser while being unable to see the lava for the glitches...and Bowser turns out to be perfectly normal.
    • Somehow in the midst of the chaos, Jon's soundboard somehow changes the sound for when someone subscribes changes from "YOU WILL GIVE ME AN EGG!" to "MORTAL KOMBAT!"
    • Jon reads out the heavily glitched credits as best he can, then the game resets...and the title screen has reverted to normal, to his surprise.
    • Jon reading from the comments: "Jon beat World 4, but it's still anyone's gurflgrgl!"
    • On the same note as that: "You will give us an ERGGUURGH?!"
    • One of the subscribers during the livestream tells Jon "I thought you weren't doing any more ROM hacks", causing Jon to laugh and respond with "Touché".
  • During a game of Wheel of Fortune with Lucahjin, Dan The Enigma, and PsychoticGex (the latter of whom were teamed up for sake of having room for all 4 players), Lucah ended up temporarily leaving the Skype call for all of 2 minutes. Meanwhile, Jon, Dan, and Gex are just laughing their asses off.
    • To give some context as to why that happened: the group is playing the game in hotseat multiplayer, relaying their decisions for Jon to carry out via Skype. On the second puzzle of the session, after a few turns as normal, both "Gex the Enigma" (the team of two) and Lucah both figure out the puzzle while Jon (who was already in the lead) doesn't have a clue. Jon spins for Gex, and gets a Bankrupt. He then spins for Lucah, and lands on Lose A Turn. The other two already call shenanigans, only for Jon to pick another letter, realize the answer, but spin one more time for score... he lands on the Jackpot space and immediately secures it. The other three promptly rage, Lucah getting so vitriolic she actually drops the call.
    • Later, the chat actually made a Lucah/Mexican Pizza fanfic!
  • In some other Wheel of Fortune matches, Jon wins the final prize of "FUN" while guest John (with an H) wins "the Eiffel Tower" (according to Jon slightly misinterpreting the prize cutscenes).
    • And then Jake wins "the Pyramids, and a boat, and some water for the boat to go in".
  • At one point, Jon ended up streaming Superman 64 due to the game he was supposed to play not working. Given the night's stream being titled "Hopefully Not Breaking My Games For Once Edition", you'd expect the game to break. Jon's computer crashed instead.
  • At 1 hour 24 minutes into this stream, Skitch accidentally says "that episode of Face/Off" instead of "that movie". This segues into Jon and the others discussing a hypothetical spinoff series where Nicolas Cage takes on a different face and persona every week and has to help people, similar to Quantum Leap.
    • Around 3:30, Jon calls out LiamSixx for previously saying he lived 3 hours away from Jon in Alberta, and now saying he only lives 1 hour away. Liam defensively says he got it wrong...
      Liam: Look, which direction is Medicine Hat from you?
      Jon: ...EVERY direction!
    • And then Lucah, who's stayed quiet, dismisses all this as "Canadian talk".
  • The Fortune Cookie gives Jon the original 8-bit Super Mario Bros. as one of his choices and the chat favors that one. He's worried because he hasn't played it "since before the N64 came out", but after a few touch-and-go moments, manages to beat it. Happily he celebrates with a soundboard clip...
    Soundboard: DISAPPOINTED!
    Jon: ...That was not the sound clip I wanted!
  • Jon moves house and for his first stream in his new house, he starts out with The New Tetris. He sets up a game with the hardest-level AI "to see how long I can last" and comments on how he only expects the game to last two or three minutes, especially given how he's got to converse with the chat at the same time and isn't paying much attention to the game. Then, in the middle of him saying this, the game abruptly ends-
    Jon: I WON?! WHAT?!!
  • After Pcull44444 and LiamSixx had both done speedruns on their own channels that night, Jon decides to do his own speedrun: Color A Dinosaur. And people start subscribing as he does it.
  • Jon plays Snoopy's Silly Sports Spectacular and becomes obsessed with trying to beat the seemingly impossible pole vault. He finally manages it...due to looking away from the screen at the crucial moment.
  • During Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist:
    [after Jon says "Liam has the best stories"]
    LiamSixx: [Chat says] "Liam, tell me a bedtime story." Everybody died. The end.
    Jon: That story sucks!
    Liam: ...And they lived happily ever after.
    Jon: That's a much better story.
  • During the first stream of 2014 (a Fortune Cookie stream), somebody subscribes with the name "YouWillGiveMeAnEggDotCom". Jon thinks the name is funny enough on its own, but then somebody gets the idea to try the URL, and finds that it redirects to Jon's Twitch page.
    • The Sailor Moon fighting game. Highlights include the story Jon makes up to complement the first cutscene (acting as though he's translating the Japanese text), his bafflement at the brutality of the grabs (headbutts, slaps, powerbombs), Chibi Moon "eating" the opponent's face, DanTheEnigma continuously questioning why Tuxedo Mask is on the continue screen in the chat, and somebody pointing out the Contrived Coincidence of struggling against Sailor Mercury, when earlier in the stream he was struggling against the similarly-named Mercurius in a Gundam fighting game.
    • Speaking of struggling against Mercurius, he expresses frustration with one move in particular, which he dubs the "Erection Shield".
    • The Barbie game. From their reactions to the acting, to Lucah saying "clean My Balls" (their name for the pony) and the chat going wild with it, to Jirard showing up in the chat and treating the pony washing as a competitive sport.
    • Jon plays Bomberman 64: The Second Attack. First he accidentally refers to it as Bomberman Act Zero: The Second Attack out of habit, and then the first bit of dialogue in the game refers to "picking up an unusual egg", fitting hilariously well with the established running gag.
  • During one of his streams in October, someone (or multiple people) kept subscribing to his channel. This wouldn't be anything strange, except that 20 or so of them were all variations on Chugga's username, puns/jokes involving his username, and one that was simply "Chugga Wants An Egg". Jon and the chat were wondering if Chugga was doing this on purpose to see how many eggs Jon would give him before he asked him to stop. Jon didn't stop because (a) either way he was getting $5 a subscription and if whoever was doing it wanted to keep giving Jon money then so be it, and (b) he thought it was hilarious.
  • I Can't Hold All These Choices Edition
    • Jon ended streaming Drakkhen, for one specific reason:
    • During Jon's stream of Castle Shikigami 2, Jon and the chat makes a sudden realization that the character he's playing as is voiced by Chris Redfield.
    • Jon's determination to play City Escape while streaming Sonic Generations. (He then played the original City Escape after finding out that the Generations remake was not as good as the original and got a D rank.)
    • All of McPixel (starts around 1:52:50).
      Jon: That was not the solution.
  • Lucahjin was over at Jon's house to hang out on the January 25 stream (Haven't Come Up With A Subtitle Edition), at one point Katamari Damacy came up and things got very surreal:
    • Skitch brought up the "Ban Doge" petition on the government website, and went on a nearly 15-minute insane, rambling improvised story about a teacher whose life was ruined because of Doge. By the end of it, Jon and Gex are both awestruck.
      • Halfway through, Gex interrupts to mention that a new subscriber has signed up with the username "John Doge Johnson", then name of the teacher in Skitch's story.
    • Lucah (who may or may not have been groggy from lack of sleep) went into a berserker rage at Jon's poor play, concluding with her playing the next round and screwing up even worse.
    • And then Gex, poor Gex. He meant to say "knack", but his words slipped and he accidentally blurted out the N-word. Lucah's fake offense was a bit too real and Gex sulked off. What followed was several minutes of Lucah pleading him to come back, even saying "It's okay! I'm racist too!" Trainwreck would be a bit of an understatement for how it goes from there.
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us winning the straw-poll vote.
  • "Bird, Bird, Water!!"
    • Meanwhile, the chat just blows up with puns:
      Zach110 & Pikmin3411: Laser Raven!
      Ninjapupftw: DEATH WATER.
  • The Running Gag that "Jon's audience hates Contra" - whenever a Contra game appears as a straw poll option it gets under 5% of the vote, much to Jon's bafflement.
  • The "Non-Titanfall" stream reveals just how large a ham Emile is: according to Jon, every time he screams on The Runaway Guys, they mute his mic, but it's so loud everybody else's mics pick up the sound instead.
    • Near the start, Jon plays Ghostbusters and a commenter points out that he's ProtonJon using a Proton Stream on a ProtonJon Stream.
      Jon: We have officially become too meta.
    • Jon gets annoyed that people are asking about Superman 64 when there's an update about it "right under the stream", prompting this:
      Pcull44444: [singing, as Sebastian from The Little Mermaid] Under da stream, under da stream! There is an update, about Su-per-man, under da stream!
    • Jon plays War of the Monsters after a confused mess of straw polls, during which Pcull accuses Jon of being Hitler for restricting straw poll use, and Jon's fans promptly make photoshops about it. Then, during the game, after Jon (playing as Magmo) uses the phrase "Everybody Loves Magmo", he and Pcull conceive a sitcom about giant monsters. "It ain't easy being thirty feet tall! (LAUGH TRACK)"
  • Spring Snow Edition
  • At the start of his "Pre-PAX Panic" stream, Jon keeps coming up with excuses to put off starting the game (Goat Simulator) because he wants to keep listening to an awesome remix of the Flying Battery Zone music that someone linked him to.
  • Pre-Post Con Break Edition
  • From "Misfortune Cookie Test Stream":
    • Jon starts out playing the Robocop game by the same people who made Superman 64, and it turns out to be almost as bad.
    • Then he moves on to the main point of the night, doing a Fortune Cookie but then choosing the winners with different methods such as the last-place game winning, or the third-place one, etc. However, for his first one the Cookie decides to troll him by continuously giving him RPGz as options (which Jon won't use because they take too long to get going).
    • Jon plays Overlord and guest Tenmar creeps him out by talking about Jon while imitating the sycophantic sidekick's voice in that game.
    • Jon "plays" Duke Nukem Forever (actually spending most of the time fooling around with the minigames) and corpses with laughter whenever he sees Duke's wooden animations in the mirror, especially when he twirls a swivel chair. When he goes to the gallery of images from the first game he remembers that the villain was called "Dr. Proton" (and Duke just refers to him as "Proton" in dialogue), leading to some fun moments. Then at the end of the session we get this:
      Jon: I guess we're done with Duke Nukem Forever.
      Jewker: You might say we're done with Duke Nukem... forever.
      [Jon slow claps Jewker for almost a minute]
    • One of the options on the next Cookie is Virtual-ON Oratorio Tangram, which Jewker refers to as "Virtual Ontario Tangerine".
  • Fortune Cookie: Jon Misses Streaming Edition
  • In "Fortune Cookie Back Home Edition":
    • Jon accidentally mutes his mic and doesn't realise because guest commentator DanTheEnigma apparently seems to be replying to his comments without actually hearing them. Dan declares himself "the King of Predictions".
    • Jon plays Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the first time and names his character "Wesker♪" and his town "Eggtopia".
      Jon: [as Wesker♪] This tree represents life, just like I will control all YOUR lives!
    • The Hurricane of Puns from the chat based around the idea that Dan wants to get a job purely so he can afford to buy a Wii U. Made even funnier when ThatAmericanSlacker asks Dan if there's any photos of him to photoshop. Dan obliges, Hilarity Ensues.
    • Jon tells stories about events that happened while he was with The Runaway Guys, including Emile ripping his pants while trying to imitate a fan video of their Mario Party 4 Let's Play, Tim ripping a huge fart in the middle of a restaurant twice, and Emile using a toy rocket laucher as a penis pump.
      • Whenever Jon would start telling one of these stories, Slacker would post this pic in the chat.
  • "Fortune Cookie: Remembering What Home Is Like Edition":
    • Tom Fawkes relentlessly uses his mic's voice changer to bring a slew of jokes, such as seductive Megatron and THE VOICE OF GOD. Points for when he impersonates Psycho Mantis and quickly points out it wasn't a mic effect, but rather just speaking into a cup.
    • Later on, Skitch gets in the call and becomes a Speak & Spell.
      Speak & Spell Skitch: You. Will. Give. Me. An. Egg.
    • The madness that was Freddi Fish.
      "Time to sacrifice my friends to the Blood Fish God!"
      • With Jon saying the dialogue in silly voices and Lucah egging him on; Freddi sounds like he's faking enthusiasm and Grandma Grouper sounds like Dr. Claw.
      • Lucah claims to have 300 hours logged on the game on her Steam account. Tom assumes it's a silly joke, checks, and is rendered speechless when he finds out she's serious.
      • At around 25 minutes into the video, Jon starts smelling weed from his apartment window (especially amazing because he says he lives in a fairly tall building), which eventually spawns a "420bubbleit" comment. It gets to the point that he thinks his computer's high since it rarely registers his clicks.
      • Jon claims that Grandma Grouper's icon on the sign looks like "old Donatello", and then they proceed to name her after a different Ninja Turtles character every time, such as Grandma Shredder or Grandma Rocksteady.
      • The real kicker is when he goes to quit the game, and Luther goes "Freddy! I'm melting!"
        Jon: [as Freddi] I don't care that you're melting!
      • Stare into the void, and it says hi.
    • The first game Jon plays is Kirby Air Ride after the chat's previous obsession with it (see above) and he starts a new file with nothing unlocked. After his first race...
      Jon: I unlocked something, what did I unlock? I UNLOCKED CONFETTI!
    • At the chat's suggestion, Tom tries to imitate Jon's Waluigi voice, but it turns into a Surfer Dude/Bill & Ted Waluigi.
      Jon: [as Tom as Jon as Waluigi] Eh! Waluigi! I'm gonna go get some gnarly waves, dude!
    • Jon plays Sonic Adventure and Tom claims that Eggman was renamed Robotnik in America because of the Red Scare. This leads to he and Skitch having a deep and meaningful discussion about Cold War symbolism in Sonic, in which they claim Tails represents the Chernobyl disaster (as he has two tails), Knuckles is Communist China, Shadow is the CIA, and Rouge is apartheid South Africa.
      Tom: This is the worst conspiracy theory ever!
      Skitch: Or the best.
  • "Fortune Cookie: Haven't Finished Unpacking Yet Edition":
    • Jon starts out by playing a Contra game before the first Cookie, as it's the only way his "Contra-hating audience" will ever let him play one.
    • Kelekin orders a pizza and uses a straw poll to have the chat viewers pick which pizza chain he should order from, what toppings he should have, and which slice he should eat first, based on compass directions.
    • The chat's Flat "What" reaction when Jon shows them just how bad Resident Evil Gaiden is after they vote for it.
    • CrossworDS beating out Surgeon Simulator 2013 by only 15 votes and ranking above Dark Souls II in viewership.
      • Jon loads up CrossworDS only to remember that it's displayed sideways on the DS and so appears rotated 90 degrees on the stream. In an attempt to correct this, there ends up being four screens on the stream simultaneously for the entirety of the game.
    • Personal Trainer: Walking winning with 50% of strawpoll votes and beating Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition.
      • With Jon's pedometer out of battery, the game manages to amuse with its sheer underwhelmingness.
    • During a game of Wheel of Fortune with Gex and Tom while Backloggery was down, we get a truly epic example of Good Bad Bugs. After Gex guesses the final letter of the puzzle, he suddenly only has 2 seconds to guess the answer to the category "Where Are We?" After the time runs out, it switches over to Tom's turn. First, Vanna informs him that all remaining letters are vowels. After time runs out for him to "solve" the puzzle (which would have given him the money even though Gex had already won it), Tom gets a chance to guess the clue... and the timer starts counting up. The three of them simply stare at the screen for a solid 20 minutes laughing, complete with people sporadically subscribing, Jon playing every single sound on his computer as a response, and the timer going past 1,000. It got to the point where Jon specifically limited what games they could play just so it could keep going, and replaced the egg sound with the Wheel of Fortune jingle for the rest of the night. The cherry on top? The one exception to the RPG rule, Chrono Trigger, showed up in the Fortune Cookie for the very first time afterwards.
      Chat Member: Who would have thought that Surgeon Simulator would be the low point of tonight?
    • The best part? Jon left the game running after the stream finished and the timer actually broke 10,000.
  • In the following "Never Trust a Timer" stream, Jon starts off with Sonic Blast Man 2 and initially plays as the character Captain Choyear, who he constantly refers to as "Guile" and then discovers that his uppercut attack looks rather like someone cheering, leading to the Running Gag of Jon putting on a cheerleader voice while playing as him.
    • There's also Sonic Blast Man's "AH FAT FUH FRIDDUM" 16-bit voice clip.
    • Jon has to leave early so he sets his Otacon alarm clock to remind him. It works...but he finds out there's no way to turn it off.
  • Jon streams a romhack of Ocarina of Time: Master Quest that replaces Link with Waluigi. After a while, he switches over to Fortune Cookie, only for Master Quest to show up in the first round of cookies and win with a commanding lead, so Waluigi's adventures continue... only to be impeached almost instantly.
    • Jon plays the SNES Power Rangers game and the commentary and chat both dissolve into nostalgic discussions about the show and lampshading the Recruit Teenagers with Attitude concept, until someone suggests Zordon should have recruited "a team of 18-Year-Old Jons with attitude". Cue the photoshops...
    • Tom Fawkes' increasing bewilderment that the chat keeps picking his choice for game in almost every Fortune Cookie.
  • From "Pre-Pre-PAX Prep Edition" stream:
    • About to play Punch-Out!!, Jon leans over to reset his NES, knocks his desk, and a Duke Nukem action figure falls on a Klaptrap model and knocks it onto Jon:
      Jon: Duke Nukem just threw a Klaptrap at me!
    • Jon plays Enter the Matrix and manages to glitch it almost immediately, getting the protagonist stuck in a door. He then proceeds to show off the mode where you play as anthropomorphic cars fighting each other, and has to fight himself with a controller in each hand as it's 2-player only.
  • Jon plays The Binding of Isaac for the first time ever. His very first item? Polyphemus.
  • From the "recharged bandwidth" Stream:
    • Jon tells the story of how he was stopped by TSA customs and was delayed a ton going to PAX East, because of having a second suitcase full of the games for Thrown Controllers.
    • After Jon responds to fan questions about 1) Chugga's illness and 2) Twitch's new policy muting the sound from sections of the VOD files for streams that have copyrighted music:
      Tom Fawkes (singing to the tune of "Sugar Sugar" by The Archies): Chugga! Dah dah dah dah dah dah! The VOD file is now muted! Dah dah dah dah dah dah!
    • In Cooking Mama 4, he aplies corn dogs on everything.
    • In the Double Date game in Rhythm Heaven Fever, the funny background events that happen when a football is kicked.
    • Clock Tower 2:
      • Alyssa touching "a yellow liquid" (demon blood) coming out of a toilet.
      • Tom referencing the Awkward Zombie Phoenix Wright comic.
      • Slowly opening/closing doors during a chase.
      • Getting killed by a falling painting.
    • Having the stream muted because of the intermission music.
    • Kirby 64:
      • Killing Adeline by touching her.
      • Him trying to get a Darth Maul lightsaber (Spark + Cutter), and failing.
      • His reaction to Spark + Fire.
      • ....and Dan posting a link to a clip from Dexter's Laboratory of Dexter saying "my hair is on fire".
  • During the "Back to Organized Chaos Edition" stream:
    • Magic Pengel came up as option and then everything went to chaos shortly after the peaceful title screen music.
    • Jon plays Dead to Rights. The player character has a dog named Shadow, leading to several Shadow the Hedgehog jokes throughout the stream. For the last poll of the night, the last game that comes up is Shadow the Hedgehog, much to Jon's amusement. The results of the Strawpoll were so skewed in that game's favor that its part of the results pie chart literally looked like Pac-Man.
    • Speaking of which, Jon has never played the game before and the moment the intro started to play he cracked up laughing. He then came to the conclusion the game was bad after the second stage.
      Jon: Too edgy for me man; I dunno if I can handle it. So much edge right now.
  • From the 9/29/14 stream:
    • Jon starts out playing Hyrule Warriors, and then it comes up again two Cookies later.
      • Ruto dying after drinking a health potion. She was even standing up in the Mission Failed screen.
    • He also plays NARC, a game where you can fail a mission by punching a fellow cop to death, come back to life by taking drugs, and kick a cop in the face while trying to take drugs.
    • Shovel Knight also comes up, and Jon fires up Butt Mode. Hilarity Ensues.
  • During the "SpoooOOOOoooky Stream with Lucahjin":
    • Lucah was terrified as crap during Five Nights at Freddy's while Jon grew increasingly bored of it.
    • Jon scared Lucah with his Xbox controller's vibrations by letting it vibrate on the coffee table during a cutscene in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly.
    • Later on, they were told about Mio's running animation after one of Jon's mods, EightEK, telling Jon to mash the run button. The result was Mio "sliding" across the screens stuck on a frame of her running animation.
      Jon: Tony Hawwwwwwkkkkk, eat your heart ouuuuuutttttt.
  • From the "Countdown to Something Else Breaking" stream:
    • Jon plays a Sesame Street edutainment game, and on the difficulty select screen keeps spamming Elmo saying "Easy!" over and over. Later when one of the minigames is set on the moon, MegaGWolf jokes that there are moon landing conspiracy theorists who claim "We never went to the moon, we just sent Elmo there instead!" He then finds a hilarious review of the game that claims it is set in a post-apocalyptic setting.
    • All of the Mario Mix DDR playthrough is hilarious (especially as Jon and his co-commentators all go from ironically to non-ironically liking the game as it goes on) but in particular when Jon reacts to the ending as Bowser admits his goal was to use the Music Keys to cure his tone-deafness. Jon claims that Bowser was Chugga all along.
    • Jon plays a game called Egg Mania and Skitch sarcastically suggests that the Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels will be things like "Over Easy" and "Hard Boiled". He turns out to be absolutely right.
    • Sailor Moon R opens with a Call-Back to when Jon played the Sailor Moon fighting game with him making up a silly story to go along with the intro sequence. Later, he discovers Jupiter still has the powerbomb from said fighting game.
  • Jon tries to livestream some Halo Reach, but the audio doesn't work for some reason. He loads up Fibbage to test the audio, and gets the hilariously unfitting lounge Fibbage music playing over Halo Reach. He starts playing through the game with said unfitting music, laughing the whole time at how calm it is compared to the serious nature of the game.

  • Pre-Magfest Prep stream:
    • Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts:
      • The Infallacycle. Jon uses the robust vehicle editor to create the silliest car he can think of, and, well, he probably succeeded. He starts off by putting wheels everywhere on the thing, doing some minor tweaks so that it actually moves around. Afterwards, he gets excited at the thought of attaching jet engines to it, only to discover he only has one. He attaches it anyways, not even on center mind you, just to see what happens. It flies. No teetering, no wobbling, no turning upside-down. It just flies fucking perfectly.
      • Jon loads up a tank.
        Tom: Why does your tank have a jet engine?
        Jon: Because! Would you not want a tank with a jet engine!?
    • The insane push from the chat to make the next game Revolt instead of Rhythm Heaven Fever, going from 17% behind to 4% ahead.
    • ''Bassmaster2000
  • The sequel stream is called "Fortune Cookie: I Survived MAGfest & All I Got Were These Games Edition".
    • The "Bad Mystery Magfest game" just beats out Taiko Drum Master. It's a Barbie game.
  • Jon ends up playing Hatoful Boyfriend, as it was a joke pick from Lucah. He names his character Wesker Wesker.
    • Resulting in pictures like this one.
    • When they get to the hyperactive Okosan, Lucah tells Jon that he's Chugga in bird form. Jon then has to come up with an appropriate voice for a character who only says "Coo!" over and over...
      Jon-as-Oko-Chugga: Xenoblade, Xenoblade! Xenoblade!
    • The Running Gag of Gex having Popcultural Osmosis Failure. He spends the entirety of the Hatoful Boyfriend session in a Funny Background Event Heroic BSoD.
      Gex: Why are there pigeons?
      Jon: [matter-of-factly] Because it's a pigeon dating sim.
      Gex: IT'S A WHAT?
    • Later on in the stream, one of the choices is Spore on Steam. Immediately everyone guesses that will be the picked game. Dan forgets to put it in the Strawpoll link. In the fixed link, it's listed as "Spore (????)". Sure enough, it's the number one choice. Jon then starts a Running Gag:
    • As per usual, Skitch manages to come up with a fake philosophical analysis for whatever game is being played with Gex and Tom joining. This time it's Mickey's Adventures in Numberland going from a goofy painting and cubism to Mickey in purgatory to the game being based of The Divine Comedy.
  • Fortune Cookie: Good To Be Home Edition
  • Fortune Cookie: Questionable Choices As Always Edition
    • Twitch allows streamers to note the game being played beneath the stream title. For this stream, Jon has it set to Games With Your Heart.
    • At first, the protonEgg emote wasn't showing up in the chat on Jon's end (just a white space), then it came back and protonWhat was a black box.
    • Learn With Pokémon: Typing Adventure gets derailed immediately when Jon notices that the announcer has a very British accent and calls out whatever keys he types. Including "\".
    • Jon, Trev, and Khead acting out the various voices for the characters in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.
    • Jon ends up playing Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game. Hilarity Ensues.
      • Over the course of the game, Jon has to rely on spamming German Suplexes to win fights, so naturally with one of his mods (Dan) being a massive wrestling fan, and this stream coinciding with the day of WrestleMania, he makes a Suplex Counter. From when Dan started counting, Jon hit FIFTY-SIX!
    • The ending of the stream (and Street Fighter). Jon actually beats Bison's second fight, and for his efforts gets to watch a music video as the credits. Jon, Trev, and Khead are all speechless. Then when Jon finishes watching it, he accidentally plays it again, exits out, throws his controller, and accidentally starts up Story Mode again! Immediately afterwards, Jon Rage Quit the stream out of frustration.
  • From the Easter stream, Jon plays Choice Chamber where the chat makes him overpowered to all heck, then once he reached Room 100 he told the chat to try and kill him. They gave him the worst weapon, making him jump constantly, and making bomb squirrels appear, and he managed to last until 15 rooms later, when the chat had to build a bridge, and one person put a block just high enough that Jon couldn't reach the other side.
    • Jon plays Bucky O'Hare and after beating the first boss, Jon says in confusion that the character he's rescued looks like his 8-year-old self. The chat (obviously) proceeds to combine this with the existing "18-year-old Jon" running gag by creating "8-year-old Jon".
    • Jon gets Wheel of Fortune as the first game in a Fortune Cookie and practically calls it as the winner right then and there, especially with Lucahjin and Villene present as the other two players. The cookie begs to differ, and proceeds to offer Skyward Sword, Turtles In Time, the Sega CD Cliffhanger, and an RPG-rule-bypassing Paper Mario: Sticker Star as the next four. Wheel still wins, but it's by a much smaller margin than expected, and the chat explodes in response to the "best Cookie ever".
    • Jon then proceeds to win no money in the course of that game as Villene and Lucah dominate it, but he gives Villene the right answer for her bonus puzzle of GARLIC. The game starts showing a clip of the Moon and Jon jokes she's won a trip to the Moon, only for that to actually turn out to be the prize, to his astonishment.
      Villene: This is the best present you've ever given me! Garlic in exchange for the Moon!
  • From the "I Tore Myself Away From Mortal Kombat X" stream, while Jon is playing the original Metal Gear, Jewker is on co-commentary, and starts telling a story. Halfway through a sentence, he cuts out. Jon pauses the game to sort Skype out... and then Tom Fawkes, who is a regular co-commentator but one that wasn't present, suddenly talking instead. Cue bafflement from Jon and the chat.
    Jon: Well, that was unexpected! ...Let's try that again.
    Tom: There we go, it worked!
    Jon: Wait, that's not the voice that was originally talking! [laughter] Hey, Tom!
    Tom: Hi. Oh! ...Wait.
  • "Fortune Cookie: With Live Guest Lucahjin Edition":
    • Jon is streaming with Lucahjin. In order to get the licensed Aqua Teen Hunger Force game working, Lucah licks the CD. And it fixes it.
    • Later, once the Fortune Cookie part of the stream starts, Jon and Lucah decide to just play the first game the Cookie gives them. It chooses... one of the worst Barbie games in existence. And after they finish playing that game, they do the same thing... and it spits out another Barbie game!
    • And the game after that? Another Barbie game. This time, Jon's forced Lucah to play it.
    • After the third Barbie game, Jon runs the Fortune Cookie a few times to see if it's working, and gets several not-Barbie games. Then they choose the game... and it's a FOURTH Barbie game!
    • The reason for all the Barbie games? JON RIGGED THE WHOLE THING.
  • From the following "Barbie's Banned Edition" stream, late in the stream Jon plays 100% Orange Juice along with Lucah, an online player with a much higher level of experience than any of them (Enemene, who did the art for the game), and Skitch - who has never played the game before. Skitch is quickly knocked down to one hitpoint and seems doomed...then rolls four 7s for attack in a row, killing both Enemene and Jon while he survives.
  • From Subscriber's Fortune Cookie Night - Good Idea Gone Bad Edition, he makes a Wesker Egg in Scribblenauts Unlimited. That explodes. To nuclear proportions.
  • From the "Being Productive (?) Edition", Jewker convinces the chat to make Jon play the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys game, with all of the quality expected from a Nintendo 64 game made by Titus. Highlights include the off-model images, attack animations, odd timer measurements, movable fire, and a mudman jumpscare. In the end, the chat was initially amused but ultimately disappointed.
    • The Cookie offers Mario Party 6 at one point, and Jon points out that it has been exactly one year since the fateful Runaway Guys stream that played the same game.
    • Jon plays Battletoads and has an initially strong start before getting uncharacteristically stuck in Level 9 and becoming increasingly irate at the game before he ragequits back to the Fortune Cookie. And then the first suggestion the Cookie gives is Battletoads in Battlemaniacs.
  • From the "Pre-E3 Edition" Tom and Jon made an agreement not to reveal spoilers about a recent leak for Smash 4. Cue Tom very casually mentioning that Ryu and Roy have been slated for release in the middle of the first game.
    • Also from the same stream, from the makers of Tetris, Hatris. To everyone's surprise, it turns out to be a pretty good game. It also managed to beat Mortal Kombat X on Twitch.
    • Also during Hatris, Jon completely lost it when Tom mentioned they had over 2,100 viewers.
    • Jon plays Super Spy Hunter as a mystery game, which he'd only recently heard of. Both he and the chat are awed by both how good the graphics are for an NES game and, especially, how insanely Nintendo Hard it is. Especially when it turns out that the first boss has three phases.
    • During a giveaway of 100% Orange Juice, someone managed to put in the correct answer in the chat only for Page to point out that the person already had the game.
  • From the "Wisdom Teeth Pain Watch Edition" Jon decided that because he didn't know how long he would be streaming, he decided to forgo the No RPG rule. Cue three RPGs in a row showing up on Cookie.
    • He gets three 1% rules in a row, so he enacts the 0% rule, where if two games have the exact same percentage, he plays the least voted game.
    • The con stories:
      • Emile getting stuck to a chair.
      • Emile sitting in a chair that was under a shelving unit.
      • Tim in a sumo wrestler stand up.
      • Emile in a soccer lady stand up.
    • Toward the end of the Q&A, Jon casually mentions the fact that he's dating Lucahjin, assuming everyone knew by now. The chat proceeds to positively detonate with surprised reactions.
    • At the end of the stream, Robocop got stuck.
      Jon: The engine just needed a little revving.
  • From the Fortune Cookie: One Last Hurrah Edition (the last before Jon's big move):
  • "Mario Maker and Fortune Cookie: Testing Out The New Office"
  • "Fortune Cookie: Late For My Own Birthday Edition":
    • The first game of the night, The Adventures of Batman and Robin, is one that Jon picked up from a con... and has "U R Stupid" engraved on it.
    • Setting all the buttons to "Horn" in Dukes of Hazzard: Daisy Dukes It Out.
    • When Jon has trouble with the audio in a game, someone compares it to when Jon played Halo Reach. Jon decides to look up the Fibbage lobby music as a result... only for the first video to come up to be his stream of Halo Reach!
      • Following that, some of Tim's videos come up while Jon was searching for something to use.
    • Jon plays Fighter Maker, and eventually makes a character that winds up warping and sliding all over the place while making hilariously glitchy poses.
      • He spends some time tinkering with the legs on the character's model, and ends up making an animation where he throws a punch while his legs pivot around his body; or as Jon put it, "I think I've made Jean-Claude Van Damme."
        "Ugh, my groin hurts from staring at that!"
  • From "Fortune Cookie: The True Meaning of Cyber Monday Edition":
    • Jon's constant WTF reactions when playing Robocop 3, especially the random upgrade screen with Robocop sitting in a chair.
      • Also his astounded realization that the game only gives you three lives. Total. Leading to this gem:
        Jon: [reading a chat comment through laughter] "Robocop has as many lives as he has prime directives!" [as himself, still laughing] But he has four!

  • From "Fortune Cookie: Pre-AGDQ Taking Over Twitch Edition":
    • The first game Jon plays is the terrible SNES Simpsons game Virtual Bart. The game's title screen involves a very short looping clip of a drumbeat followed by a Large Ham voiceover announcing the name of the game. Jon tries to read out all the names of re-subscribers and give them eggs even while this is going on in the background. Inevitably, "YOU WILL GIVE ME A VIRTUAAAAL BAAAART" becomes the custom egg sound of the night.
  • From "Fortune Cookie: Always Bet on Bad Edition":
    • The first game Jon plays, Pulse Racer, which has the bizarre concept of cars powered by life force and whose drivers have heart attacks if they drive too fast. Jon got it for free, and still feels like he paid too much for it.
    • Jon's annoyance playing Sly 3 that in a simultaneous button-pressing sequence, Bentley calls out "1, 2, 3" but actually hits the button on 2.
    • After Train Simulator 2015 wins a straw poll (obviously), MegaGWolf claims it takes up 8 gigabytes of disk space. This turns out to be wrong because the version Jon has doesn't have DLC - shocking GWolf who didn't know he had DLC. Lucahjin also randomly cameos to yell at him about it.
  • From "Fortune Cookie: An Autobiography Edition":
    • Jon manages to break his desk by kneeing it, hitting the railing and taking down a drawer that just ends up tearing the whole thing down, sending splinters everywhere. This ends up becoming the biggest focus of the stream.
      • Chat decides to devote donations to buying Jon a new desk.
        Tenmar: Dear chat, today we are gathered here today in memory and celebration of @Protonjon 's desk. For many houses, ProtonJon's desk has served Jon and us with the qualities that we should all strive to be. While we sit here at our own desks, let us all take a moment to thank our desks for the reliable service that they give us everyday as we enjoy our hobby of video games. ProtonJon's desk maybe gone but it leaves us with treasured memories. We will miss you @Protonjon 's desk.
        Jon: I taught it a lesson it will never forget.
      • He manages to get into a joking argument with Lucahjin over it, with Jon alleging that Lucah telekinetically destroyed his desk.
      • Tom Fawkes dubs Jon "One-Knee Man."
    • Tom Fawkes decides to raid Jon at one point. Countermeasures ensue.
    • Jon decides to get a game over in Top Gun: Fire at Will. Each time he loses a life, an FMV pops up that essentially says "That sucked. Do better." When he actually gets a game over, it's a clip of an American flag that's not even at half-mast.
      • Him shooting at the ground during his attempts is another level of hilarity on his own.
    • Jon shouting that "Yoshi's Cookie is made of people!"
    • On one Fortune Cookie, Jon says a game is for Xbox Live Arcade... and because he said the words, his Xbox One turns on and then initially won't turn off again.
    • Jon reads out Enemene's donation comic which is done as an interview in which he has to insert his own dialogue. At first he just says "Insert dialogue here" as it says. Then, for some reason she switches to drawing him in a style that makes him think of the Aha video "Take on Me", so Jon sings his answer to that question to the tune of the song.
      Jon: [singing] So, needless to say... I go to store and buy lots of ga-ames... usually; withthedonationsyouguysgiveme. Some...times... I... have... (Have to spend my own) to... buy... expensiveones! (reallyexpensiveones!) I...spend...toooo! ...way too high, gotta stop.
  • From "Fortune Cookie: The Search for More Subtitles Edition":
    • While playing the original Dynasty Warriors, Jon picks Xiahou Dun and utterly curbstomps nearly every opponent by spamming the Epic Slash. Then Lu Bu shows up and repeatedly curbstomps Jon.
    • Each time Jon fights Lu Bu, he gets increasingly annoyed at his impalement attack.
    • When Jon finally manages to defeat Lu Bu, he ends up in complete shock upon watching Xiahou Dun rip out his eye and eat it.
      Jon: [nervously] We did it... Yay...
      Jon: I see why they went in a different direction.
    • The moment Jon pulls out Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril, it gains an overwhelming majority in the Strawpoll.
    • During another Cookie, Splatoon pops up, and Jon instantly knows that it'll win the poll. Then WarioWare: Touched! shows up and beats Splatoon six ways to Sunday. Even Jon is surprised by the turn of events.
      • One of the chat members against Touched points out how Lucahjin already did an LP of the game, and everyone can just watch that. Of course, Lucah's LP is almost certainly the entire reason why it won by such a large margin...
      • Related to the above, everyone in favor of WarioWare constantly spams Lucah's Twitch emotes during the poll.
    • Jon gets raided a third time. You can see where this is going.
    • One of Jon's donators sends him a novel-length Author Tract about how Jon should treat the intelligent and incredibly talented Emile with more respect (as he chooses to phrase it) and how Jon's holding up a Double Standard for treating Chugga like shit for his quirks while tolerating Tim's catchphrase of "In the bathroom!" Jon then calls the donator out for treating Tim like shit for his quirks during his rant. What really makes this funny is the chat's complaints over the rant's length. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
    • Jon plays the mech shooter Krazy Ivan and at one point ends up fighting an enemy that is obviously a ripoff of an AT-AT from Star Wars. He and his co-commentators immediately start coming up with advertising jingles for "Third Party AT-AT" as though it's a toy.
    • After winning the X Cup as Bio-Rex in F-Zero X, Jon looks away from the TV to converse with his guests. When he looks back at the screen, he starts corpsing because all that's there is Bio-Rex saying "Don't judge me by my appearance."
    • The Steam game REVOLVER 360 RE:ACTOR somehow manages to come up twice on Fortune Cookie in one night. The chat dec it's a sign and overwhelmingly votes for it the second time, and Jon (a shmup fan) ends up being surprised at how original the 3D rotation concept is.
    • Mega Man and Bass narrowly defeats Mario Party DS and then Jon just gets derailed reading the database descriptions for the characters. Especially Dr. Light's.
      Jon: "Bad point: Douchie"?! WHAT?!
  • Fortune Cookie: 20 Years And I've Only Caught Some Of Them Edition
    • Jon ends up playing Big Bumpin (one of Burger King's three advertising Xbox games) with John and Dan after John finds out the game still has online servers. Jon and Dan both gave a Big "WHAT?!".
    • Later on, Jon plays ''Pokémon Puzzle League. Dan and Jon have a field day making fun of the Large Ham voice clips from everyone, Ash, Lt. Surge, Blaine, and Team Rocket in particular, which led to this gem later on against Lorelei.
      Jon: [mocking Ash's and Lorelei's voices] I'm gonna win! Can't win 'em all! I'm gonna win! Can't win 'em all!
      Dan: [as Blaine to Lorelei] When you're hot, you're hot!
      Jon: And that's when we learned Blaine was a lonely old man...
  • Fortune Cookie: The Eve of Poker-pocalypse
    • Crossing over with Tear Jerker, after several of Jon's viewers talk about having had their pet dogs die recently, it becomes something of a black humour Running Gag and the goal of the games Jon is playing is retconned to "Save the dogs!"
  • Fortune Cookie: #Team Adequate Edition
    • When trying to play Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, the game crashes constantly, resulting in some amusing moments:
      • After the third crash, it starts to run like normal, showing the opening cutscene... only to crash once the cutscene finished.
      • Then the game goes back and forth between running and not working. Jon begins to worry that his GameCube is broken, which the chat notes is quite the feat.
      • Finally, Jon gets to the save screen... and the game crashes, with the audio playing, resulting in this.
        Jon: OH GOD! The demon children have risen!
    • At the end of the stream, Jon raids someone playing pinball. The streamer initially refuses to acknowledge that it's a raid because no one would raid someone playing pinball, then they wonder who Jon is, blame the raiders for slowing down his pinball game, and finally starts timing people out.
  • Fortune Cookie: All LEGO Salt, All The Time Edition
    • Jon describes the Genesis version of The Adventures of Batman and Robin as "a beat-em-up shmup."
    • During his fight with the game's first boss, Harley Quinn in a robot tank, a powerup spawns behind it. After waiting an eternity for Harley to move to the other side of the screen so he can get to the powerup, Jon ends up learning the hard way that it actually makes Batman's shots worse.
    • "And after all that we cover our face with our cape because that's what Batman would actually do."
    • Less than half an hour into the stream, it crashes.
    • "And now, for some reason A TRUCK!!!"
    • "Oh fuck, Batman's greatest villain: balloons!"
    • "You wouldn't expect punching a hot-air balloon to be that effective."
    • "We didn't wanna show the Joker our cape this time."
    • Following the line above, Jon notes how all three of those Nintendo Hard sequences he went through up to that point composed the first stage alone.
    • "Thank god Batman can somehow survive more than one explosion."
    • Jon ends up beating Two-Face too quickly, causing his blimp to take a comically long time to explode. Then Two-Face suddenly descends from the blimp on fire.
    • Jon decides to run a Strawpoll on whether or not to keep playing the game; the results end up being roughly 50/50.
    • When Jon reopens Strawpoll for the Fortune Cookie, he ends up getting an absurdly small sliver of the page.
    • The fact that Jon's third Strawpoll (after completing another round of The Adventures of Batman and Robin) is titled "That took way too fucking long. For the love of god let's play something else."
    • Jon decides to play Killer Instinct with Cinder's bright yellow palette, which he dubs "Pee Cinder". He loses. Then he switches to Cinder's dark yellow palette, which he calls "Dark Pee Cinder", and wins.
      Jon: Dark pee won.
    • Jon speculating the possibility of a calculator port of Doom, and his guest commentator NYVideoGameFreak revealing how one of his friends once made a TI-83 port of the game.
      • Later, NYVGF reveals that someone managed to get an ATM to run the ROM of Doom. Eventually, someone in the chat provides a link to
    • Jon realizes that the winners of the Magfest and Pax East Thrown Controllers panels were both named Steve and both won under the exact same conditions.
    • Jon's brief confusion as to whether or not Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale is an RPG. note 
    • After the slew of Ultra Combos inflicted on him in Killer Instinct, Jon dubs his next Strawpoll "ULTRAAAAAAAAAAAA COOOKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE".
    • Upon realizing that he will be streaming from his Xbox One for the first time to stream Puyo Puyo Tetris, Jon predicts that the console will catch on fire.
    • Since Jon can't read Japanese, he decides to name the various characters of Puyo Puyo Tetris based on how they look. Since this is Jon we're talking about, the results are something to behold. A few highlights include "Bear with Science" (Risukuma), "The World's Most Extreme Bugcatcher" (Sig), "Wonder Twins Unite!" (Jay & Elle), and "A Motherfuckin' Robot" (Zed). Later, Jon discovers that his character (Bear with Science) is literally named "Squirrel Bear-senpai".
    • The chat takes a liking to the Gratuitous English that appears throughout Puyo Puyo Tetris.
    • "Dammit, we lost to the kung-fu fish." (Suketoudara)
    • NYVGF predicts that Squirrel Bear-senpai's "Mmm" voice clip will be incorporated into an egg soundbyte.
    • Angry at the chat's conflict over whether he should keep playing egg soundbytes, Jon decides to end the stream... only to jump right back in again.
    • Using cheat codes, Jon decides to play as a horse in Daytona USA, and careens into the grass for no reason whatsoever. Then he crashes the horse.
      Jon: Horses don't care about grass!
    • Later, Jon manages to get first place with the horse.
      Jon: We won Daytona with a horse; we're champions.
      NYVGF: Well, you made a horse relive its dreams.
    • Jon provides an epicly hilarious background for the horse, who dreamed of running with cars that laughed at its ambitions as it participated in Daytona. At one point, he considers naming the horse "American Dream".
    • Jon managed to beat out Super Mario Maker of all things!
    • Throughout the game, the announcer refers to the horse as a car.
    • In his third race, Jon accidentally activates "first-person horse mode".
    • "For sale: one horse. Gently used."
    • Jon's pleasure at the fact that the horse makes skidding noises.
    • And Then John Was a Horse
    • "If this horse doesn't turn into a hovercar, I'm gonna be very disappointed."
    • One person in the chat suspects Lucahjin of forcing Jon to race as a horse.
    • Jon's third Strawpoll ends up not displaying on-stream, prompting Jon to fake-end the stream a second time out of frustration the moment he finds out.
    • For those watching the stream without chat, hearing NYVGF say "please don't drink rubbing alcohol, that sounds like a very bad idea" out of nowhere can elicit a few chuckles.
    • Jon repeatedly spams an egg soundbyte that uses the first line of "The Hero", leading to an absurdly long loop of "You will give me ONE PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNCH!!!!!"
    • Jon's disbelief at the description on the back of the box for Countdown Vampires; the mentioning of "white water" particularly sticks out. Then he learns how polarizing it was to reviewers, scoring a perfect 100 on one source and a 1.5/10 on another.
    • Jon and NYVGF decide to pull a MST3K on Countdown Vampires, continuously riffing on the game's quality.
      • During the intro cutscene, "Jason Voorhees is mixing drinks" said in an Unusually Uninteresting Sight tone.
      • Among other things, NYVGF calls a photo of one character a Japanese rendering of Steve Jobs.
      • Near the beginning of their run, Jon receives a donation from a user named Vampire Cat (referencing a rather odd part of the intro where a cat becomes a vampire).
      • Jon's bafflement after being told that he's locked himself out of the good ending. note 
      • Jon dies from a time-out, having expected a cutscene or more vampires. He then surmises that he had died of a heart attack. Someone in the chat speculates that "Someone used the Death Note for good, finally."
      • Following the above death, Jon names his character "Heart Attack".
    • Near the end of the stream, Jon's internet slowly starts to give out on him, taking away services one by one. By the end, he has no internet access at all (on his computer, all other devices were fine), but somehow the stream still keeps going. Naturally, it all fixed itself immediately after he chose to end the stream in frustration.
      • This happened while streaming Super Mario Maker, so Jon decided to stream some Mario Maker in the following stream to make up for it. It happened again. Jon later tweeted that Mario Maker must be cursed.
  • Fortune Cookie: All Games Delayed Until 2017 Edition
    • When a mystery game wins a Cookie, Jon asks a follow-up question of whether viewers want a good or bad game. The latter wins overwhelmingly, before he reveals the bad game to be the Bee Movie video game. As he plays through it, Jon takes the time to constantly remind the viewers that this is what they voted on.
      • From the start, the game seems destined to not work, with Jon's setup alternating for a while between the game not properly displaying on his TV and his capture card not working properly, to the point that he and Gex almost consider it divine intervention to stop Jon from playing it.
      • It comes up at one point that IGN gave the game a 6.8/10, which starts a recurring conversation point of games that IGN considers it almost as good as or better than, including Hyrule Warriors, Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and Kirby: Triple Deluxe.
  • Fortune Cookie: Fundraiser to Buy Over 100 Waluigi amiibos Edition
    • The Intermission screen for this stream is filled with Waluigi gifs, to celebrate the announcement of Waluigi amiibos during E3.
    • Jon plays Bomberman Quest and commentates over the opening, in which balls of light attack Bomberman's prison vessel, steal its engines, and cause it to seemingly explode before crashing. Jon jokes that Bomberman is dead and the story is over, as it cuts to a visual of Bomberman unconscious... and the game crashes. He and the chat decide that his ending is canon.
      • Perhaps it should have been, as everyone notices that the gameplay revolves around killing everyone else who survived the crash. Including the ones who aren't fighting back. Including one who tells him he hasn't done anything.
    • Jon plays the PlayStation version of The Lost Vikings 2 (which had been given the Chugga-worthy Punny Name of Norse by Norsewest) and then puts on the SNES version to contrast them, leading to much amusement about the PS version's voice acting and horror at the Off-Model interpretation of the wolfman character Fang (who is voiced by someone doing a Gilbert Gottfried impression). However, Jon said that he liked the music from the PlayStation version better.
    • This is followed by a Fortune Cookie in which Taz-Mania comes up for the second time in a short period. The chat decide this is destiny and it's obviously going to win...until, that is, the other games offered by the Cookie are Kirby's Dream Course, Trauma Centre: Under the Knife 2, Chibi-Robo!, and Resident Evil: Code Veronica.
      Jon: This is the best cookie we've had, like, ever!
  • Fortune Cookie: Disorganized Chaos As Always Edition
    • The first egg sound that played for subs was so bad, Jon outright removes it from rotation. It contained offnote singing.
    • Jon shared some unusual dreams that he had.
      • One has him attending some kind of party at a lodge, attended by people from his hometown in Newfoundland. He wanders off by himself for whatever reason, and stumbles upon a Thrown Controllers panel with nobody running it, so he starts running it by himself. In it, there was a "Murder" question with a slideshow of 11 questions. The contestant, Tom Fawkes, despite being given extra time, refuses to answer those questions. Then the next slideshow is about female representation in puzzle video games, causing him to wonder what the hell the questions are about.
      • One dream has a family of turkeys who owed a farmer money but could not pay him back, so the father turkey offers himself to be the farmer's Thanksgiving dinner to settle the debt. At the end of the dream, Jon learned that the amount of money the turkeys owed was $1.69.
      • One has a McDonald's that uses a ball pit to turn adults into kids, then raises the kids so that they grow up to be completely loyal to McDonald's and only buy McDonald's products. An undercover secret agent who was sent to stop them was able to retain his adult mind after being de-aged, so he pilots an F-15 out of the playplace area and uses it to blow up everything.
    • While Jon plays Mighty No. 9, Tim raids the chat. Two guesses as to what happens next.
    • The last game Jon plays on that stream is Metal Wolf Chaos, and every moment of gameplay and reaction from Jon and the chat is absolute gold.
  • Fortune Cookie: Countdown to Breaking New Desk Edition
    • The first Cookie of the night contained two Ghouls 'n Ghosts games and two Ninja Gaiden games. The fifth game won the vote with a commanding lead: Superman for the Game Boy.
    • After most every other game played in the stream has glitched or otherwise gone wrong, Superman 64 appears in the final Cookie. Jon promptly lets it in since the stream can't get much worse, and when it inevitably wins the poll he sets the language to Spanish, sets the screen size to 20%, and stops giving a shit.
      • Jon states that there was a big reveal he was saving for the end of his LP of the game, but since it's taken so long, he decides to casually drop it while playing: the ring challenges are all gone on Easy difficulty.
      • Someone in the chat jokes that Jon should crop the display so the 20% resolution gameplay would take up the full display (which, mind you, would cut out HUD elements such as the health bar and 90% of on-screen text). Jon does exactly that. Choice reactions from the chat include saying they could count the number of on-screen pixels, and discovering that the video quality is so terrible that setting the stream to the lowest possible video quality actually makes it look better.
    • Wild Mass Guessing from the chat as to why every game was screwing up so badly included theories such as "the new desk is cursed" and "this is karma punishing Jon for starting the stream by playing an actual good game" (the Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night E3 demo).
  • Fortune Cookie: Gearing Up for ConBravo edition
    • The first game Jon plays is the N64 Rogue Squadron. First he refers to the protagonist as "Loog Skywalker" and then Wedge constantly asking for help leads to the Running Gag "Wedge, why are you so bad at your job?!" He also plays a mission where he has to help the people of a planet called Gerrard V, which he interprets as "Jirard and his four brothers". While on that mission, he runs out of "photon torpedoes" (meaning proton, ironically) and his Xbox One turns on when it hears him say that syllable.
    • Jon learns that he could potentially hold the Guinness World Record for the longest LP with Superman 64 (for reference, it started on June 17, 2010 and is still ongoing). His reaction was priceless.
  • Fortune Cookie: Countdown to Next Con Edition
    • When Jeopardy! for the Nintendo 64 wins a Cookie, Jon decides to play the part of Trebek, with his co-commentators Dan, Khead, and Jewker as the contestants. Coming into Final Jeopardy, Jewker has a commanding lead, and Dan and Jewker both bet everything they have, while Khead bets all but $1. When the clue asks who the longest-reigning queen in the world at the time is, all three players respond with Queen Elizabeth II, only for them all to realize at the last second it's most likely wrong because the clue was asking from the perspective of when the game was released, not modern day. After a Mass "Oh, Crap!", they all get the answer wrong, leading to Khead winning because he was the only person to not bet everything. Then the game reveals the correct response: Elizabeth II. The game counted them as wrong because Jon included the word "Queen" in all their answers, so it wouldn't autocorrect properly. The resulting salt is legendary.
    • The triumphant(?) return of Bomberman Act:Zero after two years.
  • Fortune Cookie: Sick Trick Edition
    • Jon was playing Battletoads, when he hears the stream playing, and immediently blames Ultaki since he was new at co-comming. Then Taki reveals that the sound was Gex, who accidentally joined the call without realizing it and immediately left after apologizing.
    • While playing Battletoads, he gets raided with "Sorry Jon I would watch but Pcull is streaming." He originally subverts his standard countermeasures by pretending to end the stream...before activating the real countermeasures.
    • Jon gets raided again later... but is so focused on the game he's playing that he completely misses it. He still activates countermeasures as a courtesy, even though the raid had been over for several minutes.
  • Misfortune Cookie: Lady Luck's Revenge Edition
    • Jon introduces Russian Roulette, in which he picks five good games and one bad game, and labeled each option with numbers. On the first round, Option 4 wins. Take a guess as to what type of game it was. Jon calls out his viewers on this.
    • The chat chooses number 4 every time. Naturally, it's a bad game almost every time.
    • The Fortune Cookie audio is reversed after some viewers suggested it. Then, some viewers submit the reversed Intermission music and reversed Raid Countermeasures. When the latter is sent in, Jon tells a brief story about what went on.
    • One of the Strawpolls is titled "You can crush Jon's spirit, but there's one thing a Canadian always keeps... HIS SYRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!" A bit of (probably unintentional) meta-humor becomes involved considering that the Ocean dub of Dragon Ball Z was produced in Canada.
  • Danger Squad Challenge, Then Fortune Cookie: Pre-PAX West Edition
    • Jon's misfortune with the voice recognition systems in Lifeline.
      • Jon and the chat both enjoy the intro dialogue line "I can't believe we're spending Christmas in Space!" and dub the whole game concept "Die Hard IIIIN SPAAAACE".
      • Jon finishes the segment by trying "Fortune Cookie" as a voice command. Bizarrely, this makes Rio run round and round a table. Jon then almost knocks a glass over and Jake acts as though this is the game bleeding into Real Life, giving voice commands to Jon to save the glass.
    • Everything involving the revelation that Brian's name is actually Ryan.
      Jon: I'd like to point out I called you Brian five times in this stream and you've responded every single time.
      (B)Ryan: Yeah, well, now I caught you.
      Jon: ...Brian, I've been calling you Brian the entire time I've known you. You've responded every single time. You have literally responded to Brian for half a year now!
      • The best part: Jon says that when they first met, he thought his name was Ryan, but then someone else called him Brian and he responded to it, so Jon figured he was wrong.
    • He tries two rounds of Mario Superstar Baseball note  and utterly fails at both of them, angered to the point of throwing his controller and playing the "Stream Over" video.
    • Jon plays Friends: The One With All The Trivia despite knowing almost nothing about Friends. He gets several trivia questions wrong in a row, then finally gets one right - and the power goes out in half of Canada. When the stream comes back up, the chat makes "Friends Killed Canada" into a running gag.
    • After joking that Seaman (another microphone game) will come up on Cookie, it actually does!
  • Fortune Cookie: Always in Beta Edition
    • Jon devised a minigame that uses bits donated by viewers. As it was in beta, he set it to five rounds. When bits are donated, the panels vanish to reveal an image. While the chat never reached round 4, the images before then were amusing:
      • Round 1: Fake Smash Bros. splash for Wesker with the tagline "Wesker will give you an egg"
      • Round 2: WaluRobo (RoboCop with Waluigi's face)
      • Round 3: Skeletor with Jon's head
    • The first game he plays? An NES bootleg of Final Fantasy VII. He becomes incredibly salty during this as nearly every encounter contains at least one enemy that can heal more damage than Jon can deal in one turn, causing most battles to drag on and on.
    • He plays a DVD game based on Deal or No Deal... which he discovers has a 2-player option for some reason, so he goes with that and Jewker joins in. At one point, Jon receives a donation from the joke account "FiveFreeGoogleSearches", a Call-Back to when Jon played a different version of Deal or No Deal with his friend and roommate Dan (aka Kelekin).
  • Fortune Cookie: Prepping For TwitchCon Edition
    • Prior to playing the NES game based on Gilligan's Island, Jon accidentally hits both "End of Stream" and "Loading Stream" at the same time after an announcement regarding shirts.
      • Jon's exasperated reaction when the game shows up in the Cookie, for one particular reason.
      • The irony of Jon, commonly associated with Pepsiman, finding dried-up Coke in the Gilligan's Island cart.
      • Jon's amazement at the sprite of Skipper holding a club, which he compares to Fred Flintstone. Cue chat spamming the inevitable GRAND DAD.
      • The influx of Harambe memes during both of Jon's fights with the gorilla.
      • Hell, the gorilla fights themselves are gems, for being complete Curb-Stomp Battles both times. The first time Jon ends up being beaten to a pulp because he didn't have the club, and the second time Jon returns the favor to the gorilla after getting the club.
    • Jon plays Clustertruck for the first time, and predictably is rather shaky with the skill, not helped with the chat trying to screw him over with crippling events. Then things started getting interesting and hysterical when a developer decides to show up and screw with Jon. Some effects include super low gravity, turning the trucks blue (when asking for his favorite color), and even turning the entire level black and white with incredibly high contrast while making everything in zero gravity. To Jon's horror during the zero gravity segment, Lasertrucks was the winning event. Copious amounts of hilarity ensued.
    • During another round of F Zero X, Jon accidentally drives off the course, only to be followed by nearly everyone else, causing him to break down in hysterics.
      • To elaborate, he was playing the X-Cup, and the part where he fell off course was a hairpin turn so severe that even the AI failed to turn in time.
    • The very fact that Jon got raided five times during the stream.
      • The very first raid was from Masae Anela, who had never seen the "Raid Countermeasures" video before and ended up breaking down in laughter when it played. You can watch her reaction here.
      • The second raid ended up being pretty minor, causing Jon to shrink the Countermeasures video to an unrealistically small aspect ratio before shoving it into the corner of the screen.
  • Fortune Cookie: Back to the Grind Edition
    • The first game is the obscure Revengers of Vengeance, and it mostly involves Jon getting his ass handed to him by the AI.
    • Jon playing the Warehouse and Logistics Simulator's Zombie Mode, which involves trying to get the end of the stage with a forklift while running down zombies. Cue a modified version of the Forklift song.
    • Perhaps one of the best donation gifts/eggs to date came from user myohel0 who created this video, leaving everyone in the call and chat in hysterics.
  • Fortune Cookie: Avoiding Responsibilities Edition
  • Fortune Cookie: Punching a Wall of Games Edition
    • Jon's adventures in Pokémon Snap, naming his character "Paparaz" note  and taking pictures of Pokémon butts for Professor Oak.
    • When Jon plays Sonic Generations for the 3DS, he misinterprets a question about the song Sonic Boom to be about the video game Sonic Boom. A few fans insult him for his confusion, and in retaliation Jon pretends to end the stream, then decides to ban all Sonic games from the Cookie for a month. And this is on the heels of the last Fortune Cookie stream dedicating a whole segment to the general toxicity of fandoms.
      • Becomes even better when he plays Awesome Possum... Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt for a later cookie, and the game's general terribleness and bizarre, Anvilicious trivia questions cause him to decide that if any Sonic games appear in the Cookie for the next month, he'll just put Awesome Possum on the poll instead.
    • One donator sends in a clip of him improvising a comedic song for Jon. Things quickly derail when the singer starts ranting about the protonBomb emote, disturbingly describing how Jon effectively decapitated Bomberman and turned his head into a lamp before launching the hashtag #BringTheBombsBack. Then the singer plugs his own Twitch channel, before frantically ending the song to the best of his improvisational abilities.
    • Pretty much the entirety of the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance segment, due to the game being built on Crazy Awesome.
    • The final cookie is a Misfortune Cookie, with the game in 5th place being what Jon will play. When the timer runs out, there ends up being a three-way tie between Shadow of the Colossus, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, and Saints Row IV: Enter the Dominatrix for fifth place. Jon asks Khead to decide the game since it's his birthday, but then realizes that since it's past midnight, it's technically no longer his birthday. Instead, Jon rolls a die to decide the winning game... then keeps the result a secret until after an intermission. Shadow of the Colossus ends up winning, only for the stream to be cut short midway through the segment when Bagel chews through Jon's headset cable.
      XenobladeMonicals: TvTropes is gonna have some fun with this...
  • Charity Fortune Cookie Stream in Support of Direct Relief
    • The way Jon sets up the stream: People can put their donations towards any game of their choice, and each round the choices in the Cookie are whatever 10 games have the most money at that point. However, if a game makes it to $500 it must be played no matter what, and a round of Cookie is skipped. Naturally, the instant the stream starts, someone donates $1,000: $500 for Battletoads, and $500 for Jon's choice of Kaizo Mario World 1, 2, or 3.
      • Not only that, but so many games reached the $500 mark that no actual Cookie took place during this supposed Cookie stream, and it took two more streams just to get through them all.
    • While Jon is playing Kaizo 2, a viewer donates but instead of suggesting a game, he'll let Jon pick. Jon comments (without sarcasm) that he'd "pick something easy, like Ninja Gaiden" - and the chat explodes with people stunned at the fact that Jon really is so good at Ninja Gaiden that he'd consider it an easy choice.
    • The creative process Jon undergoes to create monsters in Amazing Island is a sight to behold. It yields such interesting creatures as Not a Cop?, a vaguely dragon-like creature with cartoon gloves for hands and a bolt stuck in its head; and Scrungles, a humanoid creature with a bird's beak, horribly mismatched Raymanian hands (one being a small dagger while the other is an enormous fist), eyes located on the knuckles of the enormous fist, and a pair of glasses located on its head where the eyes should be.
      • One of the first real events Jon does is what appears to be a normal foot race, but Not a Cop? moves so absurdly fast during the race that Jon's left in hysterics by the end.
      • Jon's bafflement when, after the game establishes that the player character is the first human to be seen on the island for a long time, he goes into the shop to find another human character selling upgrades.
    • The final game of the night, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, generally befuddles Jon and all others present due to its sheer ridiculousness. Highlights include that picking up a nut unlocks the achievement "My First Nut", and Jon's utter glee when he discovers the main character can use his gravity powers to lift a giant spherical statue over his head like it's nothing.
      Jon: [singing] He's got the whooooole world in his hand!
    • Jon discovers that when he opens the first door in the game, it reveals the title card of the game behind it, and laughs his head off.
      Jon: What is this game? Why do I have a news crawl on the screen? Why is bagpipe music playing?!
    • Jon gets on a train and NPCs seem to start throwing money at him for no apparent reason (actually his character stealing from them):
      Jon: How did I make money? People are giving me money! Why are people giving me money?!
      Jewker: Haven't they been doing that for the last nine or ten hours?
      Jon: [laughs] Not what I meant, Jewker!
  • From "Fortune Cookie: Christmas Shirt Available? Edition - !eggmas for Info":
    • Jon decides to open up the night with Merry Gear Solid: Secret Santa, a Metal Gear-themed Christmas flashgame. While nothing too amusing occurs throughout the game proper, the real punchline comes in when one of the supporting characters is revealed to be Solid Snake, who kills Santa... only to realize he took out the wrong target.
    • Right after Merry Gear Solid wraps up, Jon rolls the first cookie of the night, and one of the possible choices is Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions (a bonus disc from the Japan-only 1999 Integral re-release of the game, the disc itself being available as a standalone title in the west). No guesses as to what won that one.
    • Midway through the half-hour for VR Missions, Jon remembers that he was supposed to do a cookie for the top 10 games that didn't reach the $500 goal during the charity stream. He then takesCthe opportunity to do that next cookie, with A Link to the Past Randomized note  winning. Rather than continue the file from the charity stream, however, Jon decides to create a new file following the results of a Strawpoll. Hilarity Ensues.
      • In light of Bagel chewing up Jon and Lucah's Raphael doll, Jon decides to name Link "Raph", only to accidentally type "RAPR". He goes with it.
      • The very first item RAPR obtains is the Magic Cape; Jon quickly realizes that this means he could potentially fight Agahnim early. However, Jon gets a better idea: fight Agahnim early with Zelda following him. Thus, we get treated to the sight of Zelda watching herself get taken to the Dark World.
      • Once Jon successfully takes Zelda to the Agahnim fight and defeats Agahnim, he gets sent to the Dark World as per the original game's plot... only to find out that Zelda's mysteriously disappeared. This leads Jon and nearly everyone else to believe that Zelda died due to Jon messing with the timeline. Furthermore, this leads everyone to think the same of the Zelda that was supposed to go to the Dark World. One viewer, meanwhile, comes up with the theory that the early-game Zelda and RAPR fused in a way reminiscent of both Dragon Ball Z and JoJolion, and tweets Jon his depiction of the result.
      • After the whole disappearing Zelda debacle, Jon decides to reset the game and return to the Light World to see if anything's changed. He sees that the game now acts as if the Zelda Escort Mission was completed as normal, with the rain gone and the Sanctuary priest alive, despite him having supposed to have died shortly before the Agahnim fight; meanwhile, RAPR is also able to go to the Dark World through Hyrule Castle's gate and the lumberjack brothers have stopped cutting their tree, meaning that the game simultaneously recognizes that Agahnim was defeated. note  Jon and the chat are left in complete confusion at this apparent state of affairs, once again blaming it on Jon messing with the timeline.
      • Overlapping with Moment of Awesome, Jon continues to play the game regardless of its apparent messed-up state and finds the cavern with a friendly thief and several chests. From the thief's gift and the chests, Jon manages to find four Heart Pieces in that room alone, leaving him utterly baffled.
    • After a session of Bayonetta 2 and a session of Harvest Moon GB, Jon's final game of the night is Pokémon Puzzle League. Most of the run is spent mocking the So Bad, It's Good voice acting from the various characters, until Jon reaches the Tracey Sketchit battle. There, he runs into this infamous glitch, where the Puzzle Block stack keeps rising nonstop. Everyone breaks into hysterics as the block stacks grow progressively faster while the AI scrambles to continue arranging Puzzle Blocks. Jon decides that this is a perfect way to end the stream.
  • Fortune Cookie: Be Jolly, Or Not, It's OK Edition
  • Danger Squad: Contra NES & Fortune Cookie: Happy December Everyone! Edition
    • Jon plays a Ranma One Half fighting game as Genma the panda and discovers that every fight ends with him giving a unique taunt to his defeated opponent, but then always finishing it with "I just wish that pandas could talk", the repetition of which gradually becomes hilarious.
    • Jon plays lots of cutscenes from the Hide and Sneak Mickey Mouse game he played last stream, including several unexpectedly epic moments and a lot of Double Standard with Mickey overcoming problems in a badass way and Minnie bumbling her way through the same ones. Including one cutscene with a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment of the screen going black in the middle.
    • Jon plays the Jackbox Party Pack game Trivia Murder Party with the chat, and on the second playthrough, early on he gets the penalty where he has to pick one "finger to cut off" meaning he can't choose that option for the later questions. He picks option 4, and unsurprisingly given Jon's luck, that proceeds to be the right answer for almost all the following questions.
    • Since this was the last stream before Christmas, a group of the normal eggsong writers known as the Eggheads (TuneableNine220, Myohel0, XenobladeMonicals, TheManiacalGamer, GreenPowerStar, MasterTimeThief, PhillipPlays, TouyaShiro, EpicGuitar64, BoodaMedz, Tobiashawk, and HeavyBassX) created a Christmas-themed album The reaction to said album broke Jon and the chat more than any bad game and glitch in the last year! Said reaction begins here.
  • Fortune Cookie: Farewell to 2016 Edition
    • Jon starts out with Die Hard: Vendetta which is full of hilarious moments:
      • He plays a lengthy tutorial where the instructor constantly refers to his player character as "John" (McClane), confusing some members of the chat who think it's a co-comm voice.
      • Jon discovers that the game has a "HERO MODE" which involves it going into bullet time while Ode to Joy plays, and laughs his head off.
      • He fails the first mission repeatedly due to punching fellow cops and civilians.
      • As a Self-Imposed Challenge he tries to take on all the baddies using only punching. He very shortly upgrades the challenge to only dick-punching.
      • As Jon dick-punches the last enemy in a room to death, a slow-motion cinematic death cam plays of the killing blow, cracking up Jon and his co-comms for a good few minutes.

  • Fortune Cookie: More Video Games Edition
    • Jon plays Death Road to Canada and every time there's a siege, it ends right as one (or all) of Jon's characters die.
      • On his second playthrough, one of the first places he goes to is an umbrella store. One of the co-comms mentions that maybe there will be flavor text saying that an umbrella protects them from rain once they lose their car. There is.
  • Fortune Cookie: "Videogames" Edition
    • Jon plays Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator, leading to many interesting quotes like "Have you ever been inside a tank?"
    • After getting yelled at by chat for his pronunciations, Jon yells "Fuck off" at chat and the stream proceeds to crash almost immediately.
    • While playing Ultimate Chicken Horse online, Jon somehow manages to glitch the game by reaching the goal before the other players even place their pieces. The game eventually gives him the prompt to hold B to kill himself, which doesn't work because he's already reached the goal.
    • Bomberman Act Zero features again for the first time in a while, and although they don't get eight people in a room for once, all the old running gags return with a vengeance as BAZ beats Halo 5 in Twitch views and Dan chokes as always.
    • Jon plays a Dragon Ball Z fighting game and is on his A-game when it comes to snarking over the cutscenes, including describing Goku's goal as "to fight space" and deliberately misunderstanding the positioning of the speech bubbles to suggest that Goku's shoulders or another body part are speaking.
  • From "Fortune Cookie: Severe Lack of Football Games Edition":
    • After Bagel repeatedly tried to sabotage Jon's previous stream by chewing at cables, in this one five seconds into the stream he turns up, jumps on Jon's keyboard, and starts iTunes. Chat jokes ensue about Bagel's musical tastes.
    • Appropriately enough, the first game Jon plays is Wayne's World, in which he fights musical instruments, leading to the rare sentences "Damn offscreen bagpipes!" and "These kamikaze kazoos are causing problems!"
  • Fortune Cookie: Not Playing Games in Moderation Edition
    • Jon plays Sonic Riders and, of course, ends up with glitches which make the announcer voice stutter and echo constantly throughout his playthrough.
    Jon: SON! SON! SON! SON! IC! IC! IC! IC!
  • Fortune Cookie: Prelude to a Second Cat Edition:
    • The first game Jon plays (at the start of the stream) is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game Boy game. After 45 minutes of gameplay, he starts up the first Fortune Cookie of the night - and the second game it offers is another Ninja Turtles game.
    • Jon usually limits games on the Cookie and those from co-comms to either cartridges or games from his Backloggery, so as to prevent ROM hacks. There are exceptions, such as for charity streams or the A Link to the Past Randomizer, but they're few and far in between. That being said, some of the co-comms frequently buy games for Jon with the intent being they want him to play those games. One of those games happened to be a reproduction copy of Kaizo Mario Bros. 3. Guess what got suggested, then immediately voted on by chat?
    • The fact that throughout a good portion of the stream, two users in chat are completely ignoring all the chaos going on just so one can teach the other how to download an emulator frontend on his computer.
  • Fortune Cookie: Last Cookie Before PAX East Edition
    • Jon made a poll before the stream began, asking viewers if it should be a Fortune Cookie stream or a Game Clearing one note . It ended up being two votes that decided Fortune Cookie to be the victor, and because they were so close together he invoked the 0% rule he normally uses in his polls... and ended the stream early.
    • The virtual audio cable messed up at the start of Berenstain Bears' Camping Adventure, turning everyone into robots.
    • Jon plays Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing and is delighted that he gets to both unlock Big the Cat as a character and a Jet Set Radio-themed stage, then comments on how surreal it feels to be playing as Big while "The Concept of Love" plays in the background. For some reason, the game also plays the Game Over music from that game when he wins the race, which confuses everyone because it's also the music Jon plays over the Stream End card (so obligingly the first time he completes the race he pretends to be ending the stream...again).
    • Yet another masterful egg sound. note 
  • Fortune Cookie: Mellow Midweek Midnight Edition
  • Fortune Cookie: *shrug* Edition
    • The final game of the night, at the suggestion of co-comm TieTuesday, is a tie-in video game based off Beastly. The game is so mystifyingly terrible in most every regard that Jon, the co-comms, and the chat are left in varying degrees of horror, bafflement, or delight. Jon keeps playing the game out of sheer morbid curiosity and ends up beating the entire game on stream as a result.
  • Fortune Cookie: The Future of Past Entertainment Edition
    • Upon starting the stream, Jon forgets to unmute his mic, and loads up the 3DO Demolition Man FMV game, only to realize this about 40 seconds in. He then promptly ends the stream, and restarts it, complete with repeated outro and intro.
      • The game itself is no slouch either, with the demo for the driving stage glitching out when Spartan's CPU-controlled car crashes into and gets stuck in one of the other cars. And then when Jon beats the actual stage, he starts breaking down at the sight of Spartan and Phoenix dueling Mortal Kombat-style on top of their still-moving cars in the next stage.
    • While Jon's playing Power Stone, Bagel jumps up onto his keyboard and lays on a key that causes Jon's webcam to take a picture. For a good 30 seconds, the chat overlay in the stream is covered by repeated pictures of Jon's hand taken by his webcam.
    • After Glover wins a Cookie, a very noticeable Vocal Minority in the chat is very displeased with the result, calling for impeachment the entire time it's played. Jon ignores them and plays the game as normal for most of its runtime, but when he's about to change games he decides he's had enough and keeps playing the game, purely out of spite for those users.
    • During one of the intermissions, the subject of the infamous 2-week-long 100% Baten Kaitos speedrun comes up. A few of the co-comms laugh at the absurdity of the run, which causes TieTuesday to drop in the call, talk breathlessly about how admirable the run is, and leave again, all in the space of maybe 20 seconds. It all happens so quickly the co-comms are left in confused hysterics.
  • Misfortune Cookie: It Makes Sense Today Edition
    • The stream is subject to one of the fastest fake stream endings Jon's done, when he accidentally quits 8-Bit Bayonetta while trying to pause it at the very beginning of the stream.
    • The first variety of Misfortune Cookie involves Jon rolling a die and playing the game whose ranking in the poll corresponding to the die's result. After the die rolls a 1 three times in a row, he gives up and just decides to roll with it, making it a plain old Fortune Cookie this round. When he decides to put it away after declaring the Cookie to be normal fare, the die finally decides to show another number, a 6.
    • During a round of Pulseman, Jon and chat are caught off-guard by the ridiculous premise of the game, in which a scientist falls in love with a human-like AI, uploads himself into her network, and conceives a half-human, half-AI baby with her that becomes Pulseman. Cue the inevitable jokes about finally marrying one's waifu.
      • When Jon reaches the boss of Stage 1, he's amazed by the insane appearance of the guy and immediately asks "What is this hackerman?!"
    • One of the submitted egg sounds from MasterTimeThief, who's known to generally make more elaborate egg sounds (such as the Big Bill Hell's parody mentioned under General/Misc. Streams), is titled to lead Jon to believe it's a riff on "Bohemian Rhapsody". It crashes three seconds after Jon clicks "play".
    • Jon plays Tony Hawk's Underground, and as per usual with games with lots of customization goes wild.
      • His custom skater is a giant blue man with eraser hair and freakish proportions dubbed Dr. Smack Daddy Smurf note , and he creates a trick that goes through five different trick animations in the space of a second, causing the model to absolutely freak out before a seal bark plays. Jon considers naming the trick "Kung-Fu Fighting", at which point Jewker starts Waxing Lyrical from the song "Kung-Fu Fighting" and suggests the names "Fast as Lightning" and "Little Bit Frightening". Jon decides to officially name the trick "Little Bit Frightening", or rather, "LittleBitFrightening" due to character limit.
      • When Jon unlocks an in-game Kiss concert, he runs up to the stage... and promptly starts tripping over the band's members.
      • Later, Jon decides to play as Iron Man for a bit, and realizes that he can make him use LittleBitFrightening. Hilarity ensues.
    • For the final Cookie, Jon asks for a poll to decide which type of Misfortune Cookie it will be. Jewker spoils a potential game in one of the options, and Jon jokingly tells him to get out of the call for swaying the vote. Jewker takes him seriously and leaves, and it takes Jon until after an intermission to realize Jewker left. Making it better is that when Jon stepped away during intermission, Jewker rejoined the call just to yell "April Fool's!" before leaving again.
    • The final game of the night turns out to be, of all things, Barbie Super Sports for the PlayStation! The sheer fact that a Barbie game managed to get picked (despite Barbie games usually being banned after one Fortune Cookie stream consisted almost entirely of them) is funny enough, to the point where Jon hears Lucahjin laughing upstairs at one point, but what really gets chat going is when Jon starts cycling through the menu options. At one point, a cat meow randomly plays, causing chat to think that Bagel was getting in on the action. note 
    • Someone submits an egg sound called "Eggy Potter 7", and when Jon goes to play it he realizes it's actually a video that's over 2 hours long. He skims through the video to realize it's actually just the entirety of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, and he notes that he'll have to actually watch it in full later, just to see if the submitter actually changed anything about it. Then the submitter also submits Part 1, much to Jon's exasperation.
    • Jon makes a mistake typing in his name for the file, then decides to commit to it. Welcome, Prouton!
    • This prophetic comment posted in chat at the end of the stream:
      game4brains123: TV Tropes is gonna have a field day with this one.
  • Misfortune Cookie: So Nice, We're Doing it Twice Edition
    • While Jon is playing Tetris for the Game Boy, Tom quietly enters the call without telling anyone. He doesn't say anything until the subject of Overwatch comes up during an intermission, at which point he sheepishly speaks up about playing it. The other co-comms express surprise at him finally speaking up and say they noticed him entering the call. He admits he was just waiting for someone to point out that he joined, at which point he'd say "Yahaha, you found me!", but he got sick of waiting.
    • Another egg video from MasterTimeThief, this one another parody of some of the Dr. Weird sketches from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
    • Jon tells a story from when he still worked at EB Games, when a kid came in with games like Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, and Super Castlevania IV intending to trade them in. Considering the absurd secondhand prices of some of the games and how the store would only give the kid a dollar or so per game, Jon and his coworkers decided to just give the kid $5 per game. Then they argued extensively about who got to keep which games for their collection.
    • One of the games Jon plays is a video game based off V.I.P., and the call and chat have a good time just riffing on the game. The highlight of the game comes in the form of the character Quick Williams, when Jon refers to him as Fast Bill at one point due to forgetting his actual name. This snowballs into coming up with other absurd nicknames for him for most of the rest of the game, with the co-comms breaking down more and more in hysterics with each successive nickname.
  • Fortune Cookie: Rescheduled Randomness edition
    • Jon starts the stream by playing a fighting game based off Xena: Warrior Princess. He eventually starts concocting stupid match-ups for the AI to fight out, all set in Joxer's stage due to how goofy and out-of-place its music is. This culminates in him setting up a match between four Joxers with infinite health, which he keeps going even after he cuts away from the game. The match quickly gets dubbed JoxerMania, and for the rest of the stream Jon randomly cuts back to the match instead of the normal intermission screen.
      • Earlier on, Jon sets up a match between a team of three Joxers and Despair. The Joxers continuously throw projectiles at Despair, who just stands in place and takes the hits until he dies. In a later round, Despair does start attacking, but not before side-eyeing a Joxer who hit him with another projectile at the start.
      • Jon very rapidly discovers that most fights can be won easily by spamming Autolycus' throwing dagger attack, which he refers to as "toothpick spam!" Dan informs him that, of course, this Game-Breaker trick won't work on the final boss. It does.
    • During the first pre-Cookie trip to the Void, one chat user jokes about sticking his dick in there and immediately regretting it. That's not the funny part, though. What is the funny part is how Jon sounds legitimately concerned when he responds to what basically amounts to a simple dick joke. And then another chat user claims that the Void added a few inches to said dick.
    • MasterTimeThief is at it again with another egg video. It also crashes immediately after Jon plays it.
      • Once the video manages to play, it begins with a flowery meadow and serene music... only for Dr. Weird to barge in shouting "Bullshit!" followed by more modified Dr. Weird sketches.
      • Later during the stream, MasterTimeThief sends several Chroma Key-ed versions of Dr. Weird's "Bullshit!" clip, each based on one of Jon's emotes. Jon wastes no time messing around with them.
    • Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, and You Don't Know Jack are all played one after another with co-comms Dan, SolarKnight, and Medz as contestants, turning most of the stream into an impromptu game show night, to the co-comms' varying levels of enthusiasm.
      • In Jeopardy!, the Final Jeopardy question asks for the name of the Greek mathematician who devised methods for setting enemy ships on fire by reflecting sunlight with a network of mirrors. Medz is left at a complete loss, and he just opts to answer with "Greek Man". Correct Response 
      • The best part of this is that Solar, the one who wasn't participating in Final Jeopardy due to a negative score in the main game, was the only one who actually knew the answer.
      • Jon mistaking Washington Irving for Lloyd Irving.
      • The same chat user who made the "dick in the Void" joke earlier quips how Dan's character in Wheel of Fortune resembles "a humanized Cheeto." Jon then retorts that it better resembles Arnold from The Magic School Bus. This is then followed by several members in chat making comparisons between Emile and Carlos.
      • At one point in Wheel of Fortune, Dan gets the puzzle "S????S??R" and immediately tries to solve it. He initially tries to input "SUPERSTAR", only to find that R is disabled. With that being his only guess, he throws in the towel and hastily answers "SXXXXSXXR". Cue chat comparing Dan's performance to Emile's.
      • The very fact that nearly every full-power spin ends up landing on Bankrupt or Lose A Turn.
      • Partway through You Don't Know Jack, the game softlocks. Jon cuts away to JoxerMania so he can reset the game and get a new round started up offscreen, only to discover that JoxerMania has also frozen. He then decides there'd be no better way to end the stream and calls it there. Solar promptly tells TV Tropes to have fun. And we certainly did.
  • Fortune Cookie: Something Something Easter Something Something Something Egg Edition
    • To reflect the amount of times Bagel-related shenanigans occur, a user named TheSmashToons submitted this video, which is a Bagel alarm, minus sound.
    • At the end of the stream, Jon decides to raid a Ninja Gaiden speedrunner. He realizes too late that it's a rebroadcast of their personal best time. He ends up raiding someone else after with #OurLastRaidSucked.
  • Fortune Cookie: No More Turtles Edition
    • The stream opens up with a fan-submitted edit of the infamous phone-order delivery scene from Samurai Jack, with a black and red Wesker Egg superimposed over Aku's face. Chat immediately starts shouting "EXTRA THICC" in glee.
      • Of special note is how the egg starts; it started out the same as the many Dr. Weird egg videos that had been shown on the past few streams, before presenting a fake crash screen that gets pushed offscreen by two attack kittens.
    • Early on in the stream, Snake's Revenge ends up being an option. Jon decides to take the opportunity to discuss the fact that the game's antagonist is literally named "Higharolla Kockamamie". Then he shows chat a picture of the guy from the game's instruction manual.
    • During a round of Jeopardy! on the PlayStation, one category asks to name famous film directors based on the names of the movies they worked on. Cue "James Cameron" being the answer to all but one of the questions. From that point on, chat starts joking about James Cameron being the answer to everything.
    • ProtonJon's Fortune Cookie 3000.
    • The entirety of Spy Muppets: License to Croak for the Game Boy Advance. Jon primarily spends his time gawking at the Narm-ridden animations and cutscenes, Kermit being a particular point of focus.
      • Throughout the game, Bunsen and Beaker act very suspicious about the various gadgets Kermit returns to them, leading Jon and chat to predict that the two will betray Kermit in the game's final act. Come the final level, and it turns out that they're actually Statler and Waldorf in disguise! Jon, his co-com, and chat promptly spend a good amount of time both marveling at and breaking down in hysterics at this plot twist, due to the fact that absolutely none of them saw it coming.
      • An early (and much-repeated) cutscene image shows a shocked/exasperated Kermit, but Jon and the co-comms decide it looks more like he's about to bite into an invisible sandwich. Chat members (of course) photoshop a sub sandwich in there and "Kermit's Sandwich" becomes a minor Running Gag in future streams.
    • Right after starting gameplay in a round of Wario World, Jon crashes the game while demonstrating Wario's inhale move. The fact that Jon referred to the move as the "best button" shortly before didn't help matters.
  • Fortune Cookie: Let's Just See What Happens Edition
  • Fortune Cookie: "Okay, So Here Me Out [sic]... Video Games" edition
    • During Mickey Mania, the first game, after a $1 donation by someone with the name One_Dollar that just reads "ONE MOTHERFUCKING DOLLAR," the chat goes crazy with the donations. Messages include but are not limited to a Running Gag of other donators having dollar-themed names and a Shout-Out to This Very Wiki.
    • Later, Jon is sent a very shady way to get a warp in Mickey Mania.
    • Jon gets a donation from someone with the name "Xbox_On" and barely catches himself before saying it.
    • ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS comes up on the cookie and everyone in the chat mentions SO MANY ROCKETS in the chat.
    • When Jon plays Link's Awakening DX, due to his used copy of the game having multiple save files named Chris, decides to name his own save file "CHRRS," to try and emulate Wesker screaming Chris's name within the strict character limit. Nothing much comes of it until during the next intermission, when someone tweets at Jon to show him that they hacked the game's memory to remove the character limit on names, just so they could make the Chris name as long as possible.
      • Before that Tweet, Jon reads a line of text saying that Link's sword has his name engraved on it, which leads Jewker to believe that the five-character limit refers to the amount of engraveable space on the sword, which then leads to a joke that the guy who engraved the name simply couldn't fit "CHRIIIIIIIIIII~S" on it and decided to just write down "CHRRS" and call it a day, hoping Link wouldn't notice.
    • The final game of the night is a video game version of Game of Life, and everybody is left creasing at how horrifying the 3D avatars are.
      • It's eventually pointed out that the avatar Jewker ends up picking looks uncannily like Barack Obama. When Jewker jumps out to a huge lead early on, it becomes a running joke that of course the president (well, former president more accurately as of 2017) would be the most successful.
      • The game celebrates the birth of Jewker's in-game daughter with a really gross and cringeworthy gag that leaves all of them mortified.
      • Everyone's mind is blown when it turns out the 'get $100,000' sound effect in one mini-game is actually where Jon got the 'jackpot' sound effect he uses for stream donations (which has been going off all night).
      • All the players pick male avatars. The little clips that play in response to landing on a space don't change to feature the avatar of the player in question (which confuses the players at first) which, combined with Buffy Speak, leads to this gem from Jon when Gex lands on the 'get a part-time job' space:
    Jon: "Er, Gex apparently got a job as...a woman...working at a drive-in, so you've earned $5000."
  • Fortune Cookie: Time to Press Buttons Edition
    • The very first cookie of the night is a game called Drunken Robot Pornography. The game's Non-Indicative Title quickly catches everyone off-guard and leads to more than a few wondering if the game can even be streamed. It can.
    • During one intermission, Jon gets a video submission from Jewker. It starts off as another edit of the "EXTRA THICC" scene from Samurai Jack, but then quickly shifts directions to Jewker pestering Jon to make the snickerdoodles. And then backmasked audio of Jewker starts playing, which Jon almost immediately recognizes as him just reciting the snickerdoodles recipe from the Radical Rescue walkthrough.
    • During another intermission, Jon gets sent a video of Resident Evil 5 cutscenes edited to match up with the audio of the first Game Grumps tee shirt commercial. Despite the audio featuring former Not-So-Grump JonTron, who had become a somewhat divisive figure in recent months, everyone still manages to get a kick out of it because of how well the cutscenes match up with the audio.
    • While Spiderman: Web of Shadows proves to be an uneventful game for the most part, Jon does still get some mileage out of it when he gets Spiderman stuck on a ledge in his jumping animation.
    • During yet another intermission, Jon gets another submission from MasterTimeThief. This time, it's a remake of the Raid Countermeasures video that not only uses the full five-minute Rambo parody from UHF, but also incorporates many in-jokes from other streamers as well as replacing the Kappa in the helicopter with Dr. Weird. The sheer amount of dedication put into the video combined with an already-hilarious scene ends up leaving chat in hysterics; Myo and a few others in chat go so far as to start pointing out how much fun TV Tropes will have with it.
    • Dudes with Attitude manages to garner a few laughs for all the wrong reasons, starting off with the game's lovely box art and title screen. Jon spends some time trying to determine who's the dude, who's the attitude, and who's the with.
      • Near the end of the round, Jon discovers that the game has a level editor. After some initial confusion, he makes a level with no jewels where the spawn point and exit are right on top of each other, named "HELP ME". Because Jon didn't put any jewels in the level, the exit opens up as soon as the level begins, which lead to this happening. Cue the Speedrunning jokes!
  • Serious Sam - 16 Player Open Lobby Co-op Chaosnote :
    • Partway through the stream, Jon gets linked to another Dr. Weird video on YouTube, this time by Simply-Vincenzo, about his own origins. It must be seen to be believed.
    • During the escape sequence at the beginning of Metroid Prime, Jon takes his time and goes through the path relatively nonchalantly, only to realize at the end that he's on a time limit. Which everyone but him noticed.note 
    • During an intermission, Jon takes the time to show off the Lara Croft memory card for the PlayStation. Chat immediately asks if her tits light up; Rosie promptly takes this ball and runs with it.
    • This monstrosity from Inspector Gadget: Gadget's Crazy Maze.
  • Fortune Cookie: ACTUALLY The Last Stream Before TRG Trip/Momocon Edition
    • The opening round of Razor Freestyle Scooter is sure to elicit constant amusement from viewers, be it through chat's constant referencing of Vinny's "Scoot the Burbs" song, Jon repeatedly making his player clap in mid-air, and the game's shoddy collision damage physics. However, all of this pales in comparison to the agony Jon experiences on Sky Fortress, repeatedly falling off the stage, which happens to be suspended 50 feet in the air, just to rescue some kid named Daryl. When Jon finally does complete the stage, all he gets is a clear screen with what is quite clearly composed of stock imagery from around the internet and the ability to play as Daryl. Chat proceeds to start blaming everything bad throughout the rest of the stream on Daryl.
      • Right before ending the round, Jon decides to relieve some stress by repeatedly scooting off Sky Fortress as Daryl.
    • During the first intermission of the night, Jon presents a 1-minute variation of the updated Raid Countermeasures video... which starts with the Superman 64 menu opening and resizing the screen to 20%. And then Jon presents a second version for false raids.
    • Wheel of Fortune on the Game Boy manages to be somewhat amusing for all the wrong reasons, be it the incredibly painful title music, the creepy pixel art Vanna White, or Jewker managing to do surprisingly well on a bonus board with just a random assortment of consonants and a vowel, much to Jon's exasperation. Even funnier, Jewker isn't able to figure out what said bonus board is supposed to be, only for Jon to reveal that it reads "A BITTERSWEET VICTORY."
    • Jewker's rationalization for why Jon should delete the 80-year-old file in Mischief Makers.
      • Shortly afterwards, Jon notices Hans the Arms Dealer in the chat and explains why he went after Darkling Tim. A couple minutes later, someone says the guys should stop messing around in the game and just finish it already, triggering a rant about how he wishes people would shut up, that the people saying that clearly haven't played the game, and that if they're sick of it they should just stop watching.
      • Then he mentions that when they finally do finish the game, his resultant tweet will be 'fucking finally'. They did! And he sent the tweet!
  • Fortune Cookie: Back To Normal Edition
    • Jon plays Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam, once again abusing the custom character creation to create an absurd monstrosity, this time a giant neon pink character with ridiculous proportions, an orange Fu Manchu (which is barely visible on the pink skin), red star-shaped sunglasses with gold frames, and neon green liberty spikes. The default name, "Guy" is changed to "Guy 2©®".
      • During the tutorial, Jon cracks up at this bizarre image which pops up every time he completes an objective.
      • Tony beats Jon in a race by a narrow 0.02 seconds, despite the fact that Jon clearly crosses the finish line first. The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard, indeed.
      • Later, somebody gives Jon a list of cheat codes and he goes through activating a bunch of them. First his skater is transformed into a giant warped cow that looks like something out of a John Carpenter movie, then after turning a few off his skater is now several times bigger than all the other skaters. As he summarises it shortly afterwards:
        Jon: "We raced downhill as a Picasso Cow shooting fish at Scotsmen playing bagpipes. What more could you ask for at this point?!"
    • Jon picks JoshJepson as his raid target for the night since it was his birthday, only to find Josh streaming completely hammered.
  • Fortune Cookie: "Nobody Messes With Adam We" Edition
    • Originally, this stream had been cancelled due to Jon's family visiting that night. At the start of the stream, he explains that the reason his family was in town was because his sister and her husband had entered a demolition derby, but it got rained out, so they all just went out for dinner instead and then went home, so he was able to stream after all. The sheer absurdity of the circumstances leaves a good portion of the chat baffled or amused.
    • Due to Adam West's passing, Jon says he would play a game that Adam West voices in as a tribute, but discovers that he doesn't own any, so instead he starts the stream with a game based off Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Then, not five minutes later, someone gifts him Lego Batman 3, much to his mixed exasperation and appreciation.
      • The Brave and the Bold game itself is a fun time in general, due to capturing a lot of the show's campy charm. However, the standout moment is Robin being turned into a cat, due in large part to Jon's utter glee. Even better is how in-game Robin asks if he was cute after the whole ordeal.
    • One cookie is a close race between Lego Batman 3 and Virtual Hydlide, but Virtual Hydlide ultimately takes it. When the people in the Lego Batman camp express their displeasure at the result, Jon enters LEGOBATMAN as the code for the game's random world generation, to try and appease both camps. This goes bad very quickly.
      • Even funnier, both this game and the one before it (Snowboard Kids 2 for the Nintendo 64) were published by, of all people, Atlus, leading Jewker to dub the stream "Atlus Night" (even though those were the only two Atlus games of the stream). MasterTimeThief promptly asks if Jon can stream Persona 5 now.
    • Once Lego Batman 3 finally manages to win a cookie, things go downhill very fast when Jon starts running into technical issues that force him to fiddle around with the screen, accidentally squishing it to 4:3 for a while before stretching it back to 16:9. Once he does get the aspect ratio fixed for the viewers, he decides to show exactly what his end looks like at the moment: the game itself is fullscreen, the picture isn't, and only takes up a portion of the middle of the screen while the rest of the screen is just black. Even more baffling; when Jon had the game accidentally set to 4:3, on his end it looked fine and filled the screen properly.
  • Fortune Cookie: Predictable Predictions Edition
    • A game based on Samurai Champloo quickly wins a cookie when it comes to light that Suda51 was involved in its development. The chat is lukewarm on the game at the start, due in large part to an abundance of cut scenes, but they start to warm up to it when gameplay starts proper. Then, the instant what can only be described as a murder rave bonus game comes up, opinion instantly turns, and the chat starts asking en masse for Jon to play the entire game on stream.
    • Jewker asks Jon to put Mario Party Island Tour on the cookie just for a single minigame that involves imitating the characters' voices. Jon's inevitable failed attempts at the game are funny enough, but what happens after he finally wins is even better: he decides to try exclusively going "WAAAAAAA" in a Waluigi voice just to see how well he does. He wins, with almost as many points as he got on his first win.
    • After Jon chews out the chat for excessive backseat gaming during an Ed, Edd n Eddy game, he angrily declared that there will be no raid and the stream is over, then the stream abruptly ends without even playing the End of Stream animation. A couple minutes later, the stream comes back on, and Jon sheepishly admits that he meant to do a fake stream ending but accidentally hit the wrong button, and that there will be a raid after all.
  • Fortune Cookie: Pre-Otafest Stream Edition
    • Before the stream even began, in a discussion about name differences between Final Fantasy games, BigDre87 accidentally spelt the acronym as "FFVV", which set off a string of posts consisting of game titles, song lyrics, and regular sentences vith vvery vord vtarting vith V. This went on for over an hour, and even kept going for a short bit when the stream actually started.
    • At Ryan's suggestion, You Have to Win the Game is put on cookie and wins it. Ryan tells Jon that the game has no music, so Jon tries to get the Fibbage lobby music playing over the game. However, he's first unable to find the music online at all. After a while of searching, he tries to run Jackbox and You Have to Win the Game simultaneously on Steam so he can idle Jackbox in a Fibbage lobby. It works at first, before Jon discovers that all of his inputs in You Have to Win the Game are also registered by Jackbox, meaning he just ends up clicking through its menus while playing. At that point, he gives up and decides to play different music entirely.
    • Another round of randomized The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past wins a later cookie, but the experience starts to get soured by excessive backseat gaming from the chat. This leads to an extended discussion of how backseat gaming has ruined Jon's enjoyment of certain games. In turn, this leads him to joke that he should institute a "punishment" for backseating where, instead of playing the game himself, he just plays a speedrun video of that game while still giving commentary as if it's him playing. Then he takes it a step further and says he should record a generic commentary track that he could play over any game and see how well it would match up to those videos.
  • Fortune Cookie: Sometimes Live Edition
    • The first game of the night is Gotcha Force, and Jon has a blast making fun of the ridiculous voice acting. Mana has it the worst, so naturally Jon picks her as his partner in almost every fight.
      • When given the option to name the PC, Jon is quick to give him the title of the antagonists: the Death Force.
    • WWE All Stars has a custom character feature, which Jon expectedly and enthusiastically abuses. His new creation is "Filler,"note  a massive man with tiny hands and feet, a football helmet clipping through his deformed, Nigel Thornberry-esque head, socks with sandals, a magically floating bow tie, the nickname "The Mastodon", and the agile, high-flying moveset of Rey Mysterio Jr., with a Knockout Punch as his finisher.
      • Jon is absolutely giddy when he sees Paul Bearer cutting a classic style promo at the start of the Undertaker's Path of Champions route.
      • Jon was unimpressed with Shawn's introduction… until Shawn breaks the fourth wall and pulls out a copy of the game, stating that he's in it.
  • Fortune Cookie: Overheating Edition
    • Jon starts the stream by playing the minigolf DLC for Dead Rising 4, playing online against someone from chat later on. After Jon finishes one of the holes, he cuts to countermeasures due to Josh raiding. When he cuts back, the person he's playing against has somehow gone from doing fine on the hole to being 4 above par.
    • For the first cookie, Ryan initially suggests Death Road to Canada, but decides against it after being reminded of a recent controversy surrounding the composer filing DMCA takedowns for all games she's worked on. One of the other games she's worked on that's mentioned is River City Ransom: Underground, and right as it's mentioned, River City Ransom appears on the cookie.
    • When a game based on The X-Files wins a cookie, Jon has to restart some of his streaming set-up due to the game's audio not coming through. Inexplicably, this causes all the gifs on his intermission wall to freeze, except one of Robocop drinking coffee from Family Guy. Chat is quick to make many jokes along the lines of "Can't stop Robocop."
      • The game itself is hilarious in how terrible it is, not helped by the game being for Playstation 1 and Jon's PS2 having issues emulating it. In particular, Jon has to restart the game early on, due to an extremely bizarre glitch happening upon picking a particular dialogue option which caused the game to freeze... and also play every line of dialogue in the entire game in succession. Dan jokes that this is a speedrunning technique and that Jon's on world record pace.
      • The game over Jon gets also warrants mention, both because of how abrupt it is and because of Jon's reaction to it.
    • Later, Jon plays a fighting game based off Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, which elicits a ton of laughs due to its terribleness. In particular, characters recoil off walls every time they come anywhere near the walls, and the hammy announcer declares "COMBINATION!" any time either character gets any sort of combo.
    • The final game of the night is Skullgirls, which Jon plays against Dan, Ryan, and Stan. All throughout Jon's matches, Bagel is being particularly mischievous, meaning Jon has to contend with pacifying Bagel while also fighting his opponent.
      • After becoming embarrassed at how badly he did in his appearances on the race streams, Stan wins a few matches during the roundabout, but because the viewers can only see what Jon sees and none of his wins were where Jon and the audience could see them, he laments that the one time he actually wins something on Jon's stream it happens off camera.
  • Fortune Cookie: Possibly Last Cookie Before ConBravo Edition
    • The first cookie of the night featured Samurai Jack and the Amulet of Time as one of the choices, which won easily. After it was played, the very first game to come up on the second cookie was Samurai Jack and the Amulet of Time.
    • For the second cookie, Jon plays Disney's Goofy's Fun House. After playing for a while, he discovers the game straight-up contains Goofy cartoons he can watch. This causes him to send the game to the void and go to cookie almost immediately after starting one up. What makes it is later on, someone submits an egg video of Jon sending the game to the void, to which they added Goofy's signature yell.
      • Earlier than that, Jon goes into Max's room and witnesses the beauty that is one of his posters.
    • The fact that the night's run of Digimon Battle Spirit ends with the Game Boy Player crashing. Again.
    • One of the later games is a Madden game for the Nintendo 64. Chat spends a good chunk of that round constantly referencing this Moonbase Alpha video. At one point, chat discusses the possibility of the Madden All-Stars team literally consisting of eleven John Maddens.
    • Jon attempts to hear Cranky Kong's "WEEEHEEEEEEEE" voice clip in Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, only for Ryan and/or Dan to keep accidentally talking over it every single time.
    • The last game of the night is Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3, which understandably summons an assload of Dragon Ball Z Abridged references from chat.
      • Continuing on from his last playthrough of that game, Jon makes it through the Namek saga and is caught off-guard by how bad the direction for some of the voice acting and writing, particularly Goku greeting his dying son in the most inappropriately enthusiastic way possible and Krillin's screams of agony being transcribed as "awwwwwwks."
  • Fortune Cookie: Countdown to Bagel Alert Edition
  • Subscriber's Fortune Cookie: Your Choice, My "Experience" Edition
    • Freedom Planet:
      • The co-comms state that Jade Creek is where the bosses start ramping up in difficulty, only for Jon to narrowly win against Neera Li and Serpentine in one go. The co-comms are baffled.
    • Future Jon donated to remind Jon that he needs to play game number 54 because it was a good one. Jon checked, and was baffled to find it was true. Chat went wild.
      • At the end of the stream, Jon reveals that the game was Worms Armageddon
  • Fortune Cookie: Busy Week Ahead Edition
    • A new egg song with vocals by Stan, this time a parody of this vocal version of the Tetris theme.
    • Jon plays Chocobo Racing, and the game's surprisingly funny writing, complete with plenty of Breaking the Fourth Wall and Getting Crap Past the Radar, pushes him to beat the game on stream.
      • At one point in the game, Jon learns about the Magicite shards that serve as the games' MacGuffins to the tune of the Final Fantasy prelude theme... as sung by a So Bad, It's Good MIDI of children singing. Which appears again during the game's ending.
      • When a Fat Chocobo that's swallowed a MacGuffin ponders eating the other characters, Stan wonders if the characters could retrieve the Macguffin from inside his body. This leads him and Jewker to have an extended conversation about the logistics of it, until Jon shuts it down, saying he doesn't want conversations about vore on his streams.
      • Due to the game's cutesy art style, Jon is consistently caught off guard by normally threatening Final Fantasy monsters being adorable. In particular, he and Stan note that the game's rendition of Behemoth just looks like a buffed up Spyro. One chat user dubs him "Spyroid".
    • The final game of the night is Mario Strikers Charged, and while playing through the game's introductory cup, he consistently curb stomps his opponents, with the highlight being one match where he wins 12-0 against Yoshi. Then he tries to play matches on the hardest difficulty (including one against Daisy), and the exact opposite happens.
      • Throughout the entirety of a match against Donkey Kong, Stan and Jewker do nothing but make constant references to the Donkey Kong Country cartoon, much to Jon's consternation.
      • Jon takes such a liking to Waluigi's bluegrass Leitmotif that he ends up playing it for the rest of the stream, even during the raid and end of stream video.
      • In a brutal AI match against Daisy, the ball bounces around before going into the goal. Jon and his co-comms are baffled.
  • Game Sharks Challenge & Fortune Cookie: Change of Plans Edition
  • Fortune Cookie: The Future, Yesterday! Edition
    • For the first cookie, Jon plays Game of Life on Steam with Medz, Solar, and Stan. They choose a fast game so they can actually finish it on stream, and are surprised by how fast it actually is, with none of them realizing Stan won until after he reaches the goal. This causes Stan to rejoice that he's finally won a game on stream, while Medz gets legitimately upset since he got one space from the goal without realizing it.
      • Earlier in the run, Stan pulls a card that asks everyone to name what their superhero cosplay would be. Jon picks "nothing," which leads chat to joke about him dressing up as Naked Lad, and Solar picks Ant-Man, which leads Jon to joke about Solar dressing as "Ants Man," a man covered head-to-toe with live ants.
      • Related to the quick ending, right before starting the game Jon played a video describing the "true story" of how he and Lucah met starting a conversation in the call about Jon's wedding plans. The way to end a fast mode game is to hit a random milestone in the game. Which one does the game choose? Get to the wedding chapel.
    • A Strawpoll pits Tembo the Badass Elephant against Sonic Mania. Towards the end of the poll, Tom decides to raid Jon. Hilarity Ensues as nobody is able to vote for their game and, in the confusion, Jon cannot figure out what game won the poll. The result? Both games win the poll! The sheer absurdity of the situation leads to it being posted on this exact page within minutes.
      • When Jon gets to Tembo, he manages to break it instantly. Everyone is so amused by the glitch that Jon keeps playing the game in that state and even manages to beat a couple stages. It gets to the point that when Jon accidentally fixes the game, he goes back to cookie almost immediately after. Watch the beautiful glitchfest here.
    • The last game of the night is a licensed Hot Wheels game for the Nintendo 64, which ends up being a gigantic comedy of errors thanks to a combination of bad controls, oddly-tiered cars, and a horrendously unintuitive damage mechanic (thanks to the cars not having visible health indicators).
  • Super Mario 64 Multiplayer with Friends, Then ???note :
    • The very first game of the night is Super Mario 64 Online, a Game Mod of Super Mario 64 that turns it into an MMO. Dan and Jewker manage to set the tone for the round by killing Jon on accident.
      • Jon decides to show off just how insane/silly the multiplayer interactions can get through this work of magic, taking advantage of how pausing simply freezes you in midair.
      • The gang attempts to race The Princess's Secret Slide. The gang accidentally clips Jon through The Princess's Secret Slide. Twice. Later, Jon attempts to make Dan and Jewker do this to him a third time on purpose, only for it to not work. Because only Jon could glitch a game to a horrific degree on accident and only on accident.
      • After that insanity, Jon and co. decide to race The Princess's Secret Slide for real, only for Jon to accidentally bump his head at the start thanks to Waluigi's very unconventional physics, costing him a good amount of time. Jon tries to gain back some distance by diving forward on the slide, which predictably makes Waluigi go down on his stomach. However, because his hitbox is so large, he floats while sliding, leading chat to dub him Superwah.
      • Jon's amusement at the odd walking animations for a good chunk of the characters (thanks to them being rigged to Mario's skeleton), most of which end up humping the air. Jon particularly mention's Peach's "crab hands."
      • At one point, Jon mentions how during a practice run of the game, Bagel hopped on his keyboard and accidentally hit the hotkey combo to switch the visuals to free dot mode. The horror that resulted must be seen to be believed.
      • Midway through the round, Jon decides to beat the game early via glitching his way to Bowser in the Sky. Once he defeats Bowser, he demonstrates how you can switch characters midway through the ending cutscene by causing Peach's kiss to transform Waluigi into his true form, PEACH!
      • Earlier, right after beating Bowser, Jon has Waluigi stand still while waiting for Dan & Jewker to reach a good stopping point before grabbing the Big Star (as beating the game forces everyone to view the ending), only for Waluigi to start walking in place. Chat immediately starts comparing it to a moonwalk. This becomes somewhat Hilarious in Hindsight when Dan later suggests Michael Jackson's Moonwalker for a cookie.
      • At the end of the round, the gang decides to come together and beat Bowser for real. Because they all get the Big Star within quick succession of each other as Peach, the ending ends up appearing as if playable peach is leaving behind several afterimages.
    • During one intermission, Jon receives another egg based on the Sonic Sez PSA's, including one that condemns stealing. During this particular one, chat happens to be playing a game of Bank Heist with Gatherbot, which leads to the sight of the !bankheist command being heavily spammed throughout the PSA.
    • During another intermission, Jon receives two videos specifically designed for one-man raids, both still based on the Rambo parody in UHF and both of them are a barrel of laughs. The first video, by MasterTimeThief, is the "mooks on the hill" portion, edited to only feature a single Kappa (with other soldiers clipping into the shot thanks to the somewhat rough editing). The second one, by ACfan120, is the exploding arrow portion with ACFan dubbing over the single old soldier with a high-pitched "pew pew pew", ending with the message "on man raid" written in Comic Sans.
    • Hotel Mario comes up on Cookie. The results are inevitable.
    • During the Cookie after Hotel Mario, Dan's suggestion of Michael Jackson's Moonwalker is significantly overtaken by The Simpsons: Road Rage and one other game. One chat user then states that Dan might want to keep his suggestion for the next cookie, since for this round it's ended up "deader than Michael Jackson." Then another chat user responds with "that was pretty dark, unlike Michael Jackson."
  • Fortune Cookie - 1 Year of Bagel Alerts Edition
    • In celebration of the one-year anniversary of Bagel's adoption, Jon opens the stream with a Visual Novel called "Cat President." The results were... Interesting, to say the least; Complete with Jon Strawpolling key decisions, Only to ignore the vote and have Lucahjin make the key decisions.
    • The cat that Lucahjin picked being a caricature of Donald Trump. Chat had a field day with this.
    • Jon decides to play the Pokerpocalypse video. Captain Falcon chimes in at the best possible moment
    • During the first half, Jon occasionally lets out a "HMMMM..." in an increasingly goofy tone.
    • Jon getting roasted by Co-com
      • Shortly after, a chat user tells Jon that he should shave. He is less than amused.
    • After being completely useless for the entire fight, Luigi gets the kill shot in Kingdom Battle.
  • Fortune Cookie: Whoops, Guess We Need a Subtitle Edition
  • Fortune Cookie: Usual Descent Into Madness Edition
    • While Jon was playing Wii Bowling, Tenmar joked about calling Nintendo because of how Jon was playing. He then asked what Nintendo's number was, to which Jon responded with what he thought was a random 1-800 number, only to find out that not only did he manage to list off the actual number for Nintendo Support that he remembered all the way back as a kid, but it's also still in operation.
    • "Why is Mexican Ghost Rider trying to hump Juan?"
    • The last game of the night, Trapt, manages to garner a good amount of amusement before it even starts thanks to Jon pointing out the protagonist's odd choice of outfit, which leaves her right tit exposed (though she does have a bra on). It doesn't take long before this loose mammary gets dubbed the "party boob."
      • The game itself doesn't disappoint either, thanks to the central mechanic of using increasingly over-the-top traps to kill enemies. Two particular highlights include a killer clock and a boulder that can be rolled down slopes and then sent back up with a spring trap.
  • Fortune Cookie: One Week to TwitchCon Edition
    • While playing Mario's Early Years: Fun with Numbers, the game started to fade and flicker, and eventually the screen went black! Jon and co-comms are completely befuddled.
    • A donation message was simply the very old joke, "I just flew in from Chicago, and boy are my arms tired!" On it's own? Not funny. Donated by someone with the name "I Masturbate On Planes"? Hilarious.
  • Fortune Cookie: Back & Everything Broke Already Edition
    • The stream is even more glitchier than usual, with Firefox crashing at almost the two-hour mark and causing Jon to have to restart the stream. At one point, even Discord goes down.
    • The first game played (Tower 57) has Abraham Lincoln as one of the playable characters. The second game, Win, Lose Or Draw starts off with the Attract Mode drawing Abe. This makes Jon wonder if that will be this stream's running theme.
      • During the actual game, Jon and chat spend a lot of time giggling over the odd Totally Radical cheers the in-game teams give whenever they get a correct answer. "Very Special!" manages to strike a particular cord with Jon.
      • At one point, the game gives Jon an incredibly Off-Model drawing of King Kong; Jon promptly ends up laughing his ass off at the fact that the game took the time to include his gorilla tits, nipples and all.
    • Braden sent in a movie detailing Jon's issues with chat when he was playing Final Fantasy V. To the tune of Funiculi Funicula. With the "Please no Spoilers" Ditty as the chorus. Cue the Spider-Man 2 and Vinesauce jokes!
    • At one point, Jon, Ryan, and Medz start discussing the GBA Video cartridges that had hyper-compressed cartoons stored on them. After some digging around, he finds one in his house that includes "Pizza Delivery", which he obviously plays (after some initial trouble getting around its incompatibility with the Game Boy Player). Everyone then spends a good chunk of time laughing at both how awful the footage looks because of all the compression and how much hot water this'll put them in with Twitch and YouTube's copyright systems. This ultimately culminates in TrojanHorse711 sending Jon a copy of the old raid video, compressed and fitted onto a fully functioning GBA ROM.
    • During a round of Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time, Jon gets caught by a pterodactyl enemy in the Stone Age level and dragged back a bit; chat takes quite a liking to Bugs' resultant "WOO" sound clip.
      • Later, Jon learns that he can kick down a tree to open a path. Then this happens.
    • The last game of the night is Muppets Party Cruise for the Nintendo GameCube. The sheer mention of it alone sets chat ablaze, but the game itself (unlike some other Muppets games) fully lives up to the hype:
      • One of the first things Jon does is mess around with the in-game menu options, leading to the rather impressive sight of Kermit's "Ahoy There!" voice clip going off like a machine gun. Ryan and Medz immediately mention how much fodder this'll grant Dalton.
      • At one point, Jon decides to check out the game's credits, and discovers that it features Kermit rapping. Everyone is left bewildered by this, with one chat user outright comparing it to "Amish Paradise" the second time it comes up.
      • Once again, Myo expresses immense regret at his association with the Kermit joke, constantly spamming the FailFish emote, cheering after an FMV where Miss Piggy accidentally knocks out Kermit, and eventually devolving into a constant string of "fuck"s.
  • Fortune Cookie: Powered By Salt Edition
    • While playing Mystical Ninja Goemon, Jon decides to visit Plasma's fortune telling center and is ecstatic to discover the fact that he shouts his own name with a thick Japanese accent every time he's spoken to. This eventually leads to "#PURAZUMAAAAAAAAAAAAA" becoming the raid message for the night.
      • Later on in the game, Jon encounters Baron for the first time, and is just as ecstatic when he comes across this line.
    • During one intermission, Myo sends in a detailed, three-page long novelization of the Raid Countermeasures video, of all things. As Jon reads it out, pretty much everyone ends up hysterical at how completely absurd it is. And then, just as a cherry on top, Myo edits it to add a line describing the stray white pixel on Donkey Kong Jr's sprite.
  • High Risk Fortune Cookie: No Votes, One Pull per Round
    • Before the stream even starts, both chat and the mods manage to have one collective This Is Gonna Suck reaction upon hearing the premise of the stream (which in this case is Exactly What It Says on the Tin).
    • Jon begins with Time Splitters 2 and discovers to his delight there is a level editor, which he proceeds to break as badly as he does character creators in other games. He makes a battle room that's almost entirely pink ("Light red!") except for one random corner, with epileptic flashing lights, and then fills it with two teams, red and blue, armed with flamethrowers and fire extinguishers and consisting almost entirely of monkeys. Jon himself promptly decides to be on team green. Utter chaos ensues as the room immediately fills with monkeys on fire.
      Jon: "Alright, who are we putting in in the bot slots? Ah, let's put in..." (scrolls through entire list of characters) "...a monkey..." (scrolls through entire list of characters) "...a monkey..." (scrolls) "...a monkey..." (Edobean corpses) " monkey, Harry Tipper, a monkey," (scrolls) "let's put in a ghost..." (scrolls) "...a monkey...R-109, and probably a monkey."
    • MasterTimeThief makes an 8-bit intro style version of the raid video similar to the intro to Ninja Gaiden, including dialogue of Robertcop yelling 'AHHHHHHH!' over still images of explosions. At one point the text reaches the side and wraps to the top of the screen, à la what happened in the Samurai Pizza Cats stream.
    • During a round of Starblade, Edo decides to read out the game's story; cue Jon's surprised laughter at the mention of having to destroy a space-octopus in the planet Red Eye.
    • Jon's park in Sim Theme Park: Drink Island, where the drink lines are long and the bathroom lines are longer! The very premise of the park alone strikes quite a chord with the chat; then one of the rides ends up catching fire.
    • While playing Tempest 2000, Jon randomly blurts out the line "behold, the UTERUS!" in reference to this rather unforunately-shaped level. Much later into the stream, someone sends Jon fanart of that line of all things.
    • During one intermission, Jon and his co-coms discuss the recent Dead Rising 4 DLC themed around various Capcom characters. Jon decides to Google it to get some clarification on what it is, though he specifically avoids referring to it by name because of his discomfort at the potential results of searching up "Frank's Massive Package." Later, he does manage to pull it up, and discusses his horror at the sight of Frank's unnecessarily-detailed ass in the Cammy costume.
    • During a round of Extreme-G 2, Jon manages to get his racer stuck in a corner of the track, unable to move, while all the other racers seem to zoom by him. All of a sudden, the screen fades to black... and the game declares Jon the winner... BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE DIED! Everyone and their mother practically bursts their guts laughing at this.
    • The final game of the night is XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and Jon ends up being thrown for a loop when the very first mission after the tutorial turns out to be set in Calgary, where he and Lucah just so happen to live. This then leads to Jon and his co-coms joking about the various differences between life in Canada and life in America, with Edo being the token American of the group.
  • Fortune Cookie: Wait, This Isn't Saturday Edition
    • The Atari Jaguar version of NBA Jam wins a Cookie, so Jon stuns the younger co-comms with a picture of the console's infamously huge controller. He then finds a cheat code called 'STORY' which just plays a very slow text crawl of one of the port developers telling a story about his colleagues getting sick from eating 'old meat' instead of jerky.
    • Jon plays Legend of Mana and gives his character an unpronounceable emoticon-based name, then reads off his interpretation of the little icons showing player abilities:
      Jon: "We've got 5s in punching, lots of punching, bouncing things off of our chin, hitting some stars with a cane, flexing our muscles, getting a headache, having two hearts, and being discovered in Metal Gear Solid."
  • High Risk Fortune Cookie: No Mercy Edition
  • Fortune Cookie: A Cookie For All Edition
    • Jon discusses the Superman 64 situation after the Game Sharks challenge at the start of the stream and Superman 64 will come up on the Cookie at some point as a result. He was nearly right: near the end of the stream, the licensed tie-in game for Superman Returns is played (albeit due to a co-comm suggestion), much to Jon's displeasure. After spending a good amount of time making fun of how stilted the game's execution is, he decides to take said stiltedness to its logical extreme by unleashing utter havoc on Metropolis during the open world missions. One Discord user outright calls it a video game adaptation of Superdickery.
      "Superman away!"
      • Earlier, another Discord user attempts to make a joke about Jor-El giving birth to Superman (as unintentionally implied by the game's awkward writing), only to accidentally type "Kal-El" instead. This leads another user to start discussing the logistics of Superman giving birth to himself.
    • The second game of the night is One, which wins the cookie purely because everyone is so curious about what it might be (even Jon, who calls it "One...just...One."). Edobean, the only person who actually knows the game, shows up to describe it in a vague but gleeful way that leads to other co-comms accusing her of being in 'the Cult of One'.
    • The last game of the night is an Incredible Hulk game for the original Xbox; within minutes it manages to leave an impression on Jon with this glory.
      • Eventually, after much dicking around as the Hulk, Jon manages to crash the game, producing an incredibly loud, cacophonous buzz. Jon then goes to intermission... and promptly switched back to the game audio several times.
  • Action 52 & High Risk Fortune Cookie Note 
    • At one point during Action 52, Jon comes across a Prince of Persia pastiche based around an Indiana Jones expy named "Billy Bob". This leads everyone in the #general room in Discord to create a deluge of fake movie and video game titles based around the Billy Bob character, with the gag lasting for over an hour.
      • Once Jon starts up the "Non Human" game, virtually everyone ends up getting caught off-guard by the multitude of bizarre, screaming faces at the bottom of the level. Additionally, there's Jon's bewildered amusement at the manual's description of the game reading "you are a demon" at one point.
      • Jon discovers the unnecessarily violent attacking animation for Johnny Jawbreaker in "Lollipops".
      • After playing the infamous Cheetahman game, Jon becomes enthralled by a speedrun that was submitted earlier the same day and positively explodes with glee when he figures out the glitch used by the speedrunner to skip to the final boss.
    • "Reach for the Propane Egg," a song that Jon wrote in Tomodachi Life for Wesker and Hank Hill to sing together.
      "Hank's got the ProPAIN!
      Wesker's criminally insane!
      Eggs will change your life!!!!!!
      • Before Jon even starts the game, G at one point mentions the phrase "all star," which chat gleefully points out. This leads to Jon reciting the lyrics to the song in Waxing Lyrical fashion, his voice filled with nothing but sheer disappointment in chat.
  • Fortune Cookie: Christmas Cookie Edition
    • Throughout the stream, Xilehnoc gifts an absurd amount of subscriptions to a multitude of users. According to Jon, by the second round of the night, Xilehnoc had gifted ninety-three subscriptions, with Xilehnoc himself later attesting that his credit card, PayPal, and Amazon accounts all froze because of the absurd amount of money he spent on those subs.
    • Once again, various community members created a Christmas album filled with in-jokes and references for Jon to listen to; he plays several over the course of the multiple intermissions, and nearly all of them end up leaving everyone in stitches.
  • Fortune Cookie: Last Stream of 2017 Edition
    • The final stream of the year manages to start on one hell of a high note when Jon decides to complete Barbie for the NES, simply because two other streamers beat it on-camera earlier that day and he still hadn't.
    • Taiko Drum Master manages to be a highlight in and of itself from the very start, with Jon and co. utterly baffled by the songs available in the game. Among others, the game features "Rock the Dragon", the Jimmy Neutron theme, "Believer", "Killer Queen", "Toxic", and "Katamari on the Rocks". Then there's the fact that Jon was missing one of the drumsticks required to play the game; since the drum controller's too thick to play with one's bare hands, Jon is forced to use a bizarre variety of off-the-shelf substitutes. In order, he manages to make do with a water bottle, a screwdriver, a Wii Remote Wheel, a standalone Wii Remote, and a microphone, the latter of which actually ends up breaking.
      • Oh, and to top it all off, there's the sheer lengths he had to go to just to be able to play the game. First he attempts to play with the drum placed on his crotch (leading to a deluge of inevitable jokes at Jon's expense), and after a while, is forced to play the game sitting on the floor.
      • Brutalmoose shows up in chat and repeatedly offers such advice as "use a shoe jon" and "has anyone suggested the shoe strat" through the entire game.
      • Jon sums up the experience shortly after the game was over:
        Jon: "I just spent half an hour plus fuckin' playing Taiko Drum Master sittin' on the floor with a goddamn screwdriver, a Wii Steering Wheel, a Wiimote, and then a fuckin' microphone which I broke halfway through the goddamn song of Britney Spear’s 'Toxic'. I don’t give a fuck anymore."
    • The Wacky World of Miniature Golf with Eugene Levy for the CDi also manages to elicit a number of reactions from Jon and co. due to the bizarre nature of the game itself. In short, it's an FMV mini-golf game (a-la Dragon's Lair) where one's performance is based solely on how well they can time their hits in relation to specific on-screen cues. Jon basically says "fuck it" and cheats at the game using a guide, only to be caught off-guard at how oddly specific all of the hole-in-one requirements are. The So Bad, It's Good witty narration by Eugene Levy only manages to make things better/worse.
      • Some amusement can also be found in the fact that Jon picked his specific character to play as based only on his resemblance to Danny Sexbang.
      • At the end of one hole, the game hypnotizes the player into not believing Atlantis exists. Of course, the entire chat acts like it worked on them, leading to "#AtlantisDoesNotExist" becoming the raid message at the end of the stream.
    • The final game of the night is Legendary, a terrible, terrible game for the PS3 that Jon bought when he went into a game store and specifically asked the employee for a bad game. Jon manages to cap off 2017 in perhaps the most fitting way possible via a slow descent into madness throughout the entire playthrough.

  • Fortune Cookie: First Cookie of 2018, Last Stream Before MAGfest Edition
    • Jon manages to start 2018 on a high note before the stream even begins. To put a long story short, in the time between the last stream and the start of this one, Jon went out to a hockey game with Joscelyn and some of his other friends and decided to buy hot dogs at one point. Apparently Jon looked so silly holding the hot dogs that his friends had him recreate it so that Joscelyn could take a photo of it; Jon, knowing what they were planning, burst into laughter, leaving us with this result. Discord went insane over it, spending the next three days posting photoshops of it, all of which Jon highlighted during an intermission. It reached meme status so quickly that it even got its own fanart.
  • High Risk Fortune Cookie: Lady Luck's Revenge Edition note 
    • Pre-stream: Stan rallies chat to start posting pictures of people and objects in cardboard boxes with the #ProtonSoapBoxDerby, in celebration of the announcement of Nintendo Labo. Jon reacts accordingly.
      Jon: [completely deadpan] "Also, I would like to ask, what the fuck happened on my Twitter feed? What the hell is the '#ProtonSoapBoxDerby'?"
    • Jon got Adventures Of Dino Riki, and it was as terrible as he remembered. In particular, he struggles with the game's awful platforming sections, dying over and over on the first world - and then Ryan looks up info on the game and finds out that it apparently gets much more difficult on world 4.
      Ryan: "World 4 is four stages with no checkpoints."
      Jon: "W-WHAT!? That is SO STUPID!"
      Stan: "This is a good game."
    • The cookie selecting Super Troll Islands, and one of the first search results a co-comm found when looking for info was the Nightmare Fuel page for Game Grumps.
      • Jon is actually shocked that there was a dearth of information about the game, like how many levels there are and strategy guides. He ends up asking the chat to look for info about the game.
    • Jon rolls the next game; Ryan is hoping for a good game, but Stan and Jon tell him to never expect something good from the cookie. What does Jon roll?
      Jon: [cracks up] "Final Fantasy VIII!"
      Stan: "Oh my God..."
      Ryan: "Oh, okay. Cool! This is gonna be fun!"
      Jon: [continues laughing] "We're doin' it! We're doin' it! RPGs are allowed, boys and girls!"
      • Jon proceeds to spend the entire time playing Triple Triad in an attempt to bankrupt himself.
    • Jon got a scare when his Twitter account was locked due to a tweet violating Twitter's Terms of Service. The tweet in question was from 2011.
  • Fortune Cookie: STAMOS!!! Edition
  • Fortune Cookie: Stopped Playing DBZ Fighterz for Some Reason Edition
    • During Ninja Gaiden 3 Jon tells a story of when he cosplayed a character from Baiten Kaitos and won an award. One of the Co-coms says "pics or it didn't happen" and one of the people watching the stream manages to find the old pics of Jon's cosplays and a pic of Jon back when he graduated college. This briefly results in "22-Year-Old Jon" overtaking "18-Year-Old Jon" as a meme.
    • Related to the above, the Pleather Gundam.
    • Jon plays Rocket Power: Beach Bandits.
      • There was another person also streaming the game called Mintbearycrunch.
    • There are multiple donations from Woahken Crash Bandicoot making fun of Matt Hardy's character while merging it with the Crash Bandicoot "woah" meme.
    • Jon plays Harvest Moon 64 and names his character "❤farmo", his farm "⭐Dudeo", and his dog "🐾🐾🐾~🐾&".
      • Before the game starts, TallManStan mentions grabbing a blanket and pillow, seemingly joking at the fact that they are playing a farming sim, which are typically boring to watch. Partway through the game, Jon and Myo realize that Stan has stopped responding, leading them to believe that he actually fell asleep.
    • Jon plays Neopets: The Darkest Faerie and marvels at the fact that the game actually seems pretty decent. Also, his and the chat's reactions to coming across NPCs voiced by Fred Tatasciore and Steve Blum.
  • High Risk Fortune Cookie: Democracy in Riot Edition
    • The stream is raided five times during the first game alone, with the last two being mini-raids that happen simultaneously.
    • The upper gif in the center of the intermission gif wall is of Rafiki throwing baby Simba off Pride Rock. A donation later that night noted that it occasionally syncs up with its neighbor Jem getting smacked with a snowball hard enough to floor her, painting a lovely image of Rafiki throwing Simba at Jem.
    • The cookie pulls up Garfield: Caught in the Act only for Jon and chat to reroll it because he beat it on stream last year. The next game that comes up? The much better choice of Dokapon Journey for the Nintendo DS.
      • The game shows off The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard, big time. Even on "easy" difficulty. Even with only one AI.
      • The game proves to be quite the gong show for the human-controlled characters as well, with everyone, including the AI, dying at least once. Dan's character in particular manages to stay dead for the majority of the round.
      • At one point, Ryan fights and kills Jon's character and decides to steal his name, which lets him pick a replacement name for Jon. What name does he decide to give him? "Medz."
    • One of the gifs on the intermission wall is of Sailor Jupiter with Waluigi's face. Shortly after Dokapon and at the end of a Twitter showcase, one chat user decides to point out how a tiny bit of Jupiter's butt is visible under her skirt.
    • The final pull of the night is ClayFighter: Tournament Edition. At the request of chat via a Strawpoll, Jon picks Blue Suede Goo and ends up actually doing pretty well as him, with the character's constant shouting of "hey, watch the hair man!" quickly striking a chord in chat, to the point where it becomes the raid message for the night. However, as anyone familiar with Jon knows, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, and the night very quickly turns into one of the best worst train wrecks in ages.
      • Partway through the game, Jon comes up against Tiny, who very quickly hands Jon's ass to him six ways to Sunday thanks to the game's obscene damage scaling mechanics. It takes a startling amount of tries for Jon to overcome him, only for the following opponents to be just as bad, if not worse... and one of those later opponents is a rematch with Tiny. Because of this, Ryan decides to pull up the tier list for the game, and promptly learns that Blue Suede Goo happens to be the lowest-ranked fighter on it. Jon appropriately decides to switch to the higher-ranked Blob at one point, but after some matches ends up going back to Blue Suede Goo anyways thanks to him being the only fighter Jon knows how to handle.
      • Once Jon reaches the final boss of the game, the appropriately-named N. Boss, he immediately knows what kind of gong show to anticipate thanks to chat informing him that he's somehow worse than Tiny, only for N. Boss to blindside him anyways and destroy him within seconds. Jon eventually manages to defeat N. Boss, at which point he learns that the guy has an insta-kill attack.
      • After conquering that steaming train of nonstop bullshit, Jon decides to detox with some Dragon Ball Fighter Z, only for his copy of the Steam version to take a suspiciously long amount of time to load. He thinks nothing of it once the game boots up, until it suddenly locks up on the next loading screen. So he decides to try the Xbox One version instead... and it outright crashes on him, also during a loading screen. What's more, when Jon tries to show off the error message signifying the crash, his capture card decides to stop working. Jon, understandably quite pissed, quickly decides to go to intermission to vent about it, at which point the stream itself goes down for apparently no reason. And just to put the constipated poop pellet cherry on the shit sundae, once Jon manages to get stream back up, sorts everything out, and finally starts up the Xbox One version of FighterZ, the Xbox One itself craps out on him. Jon sums up the night quite succinctly on Twitter:
  • Fortune Cookie: ...And Now, Videogames Edition
    • The starting game of the night was Donkey Kong 3... that took all of 6 minutes to beat because of how short it is. And it was put into #8 of the 64, to boot, due to him beating Donkey Kong, and Donkey Kong Jr..
      • Jon also admitted that for the longest time, he thought the game was a bootleg due to scarcity, the protagonist being named Stanley, and the game in general.
      • Jon briefly pulls a Let Us Never Speak of This Again regarding the previous stream. He says that he's over it, but then notes his voice betrayed his words.
      • Naturally, TallManStan asks in chat if he's the protagonist.
      • In stage 4, Jon gets killed as soon as he picked up the powerup.
    • After that, Jon gets a Cookie with Apocalypse: Starring Bruce Willis, and Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F (or as Jon likes to call it, "Project D-Vaff"). Needless to say, the two games locked horns with great intensity, leading to some rather fun crossover fanart, up to and including Rosie's drawing of Miku with a bazooka.
      • After going to Intermission, Jon lampshapes at it being the fastest he had to pull up the Intermission wall that isn't the result of something crashing.
      • Jon had an unusually hard time getting available co-coms due to them either tied up with work, doing their own streams, or watching Dragon Ball Super, with Solar joking that they were on strike. Jon joked he could have just done the stream by himself, then realized he should have done it as a way to avoid mod choices.
      • Solar then tells chat that he has a new cat. Named Loki. Everyone but Stan began saying it was a bad idea naming a cat after the Norse God of Mischief.
      • The first donation of the night read that he beat Battletoads and was looking for another game to kick his ass with, and picked Ninja Gaiden due to Jon, and gives him all the vitriol. Cue an incredulous Jon remarking the apparent double think.
    • Jon plays Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures, and wastes no time showing off how gigantic of an asshole Pac-Man can be when he's in a certain mood. This quickly turns sour in the best worst way possible when Jon accidentally gives Pac-Man manic depression and nearly softlocks himself.
    • Virtual-ON Oratorio Tangram appears on the cookie again.
    • An egg video is played based on a commercial the Muppets put out for crumpets. Highlights include Chuggaaconroy's face being pasted onto Fozzie when he makes a pun, the facetious "translator's notes" ("TL Note: 'Crumpet' means 'egg' in British") and at the end when, after Statler and Waldorf make their standard riff, the video turns monochrome and zooms in on Kermit's face, while a slowed down version of The Rainbow Connection plays and the infamous "God is dead" quote from Nietzsche's "The Madman" flashes on screen.
    • A user named Stay_Hydrated_Bot comes to chat pointing out how much water Jon should've drank by then, and Jon isn't sure if it is a real bot or not. It is. You can ACTUALLY send it to remind streamers to stay hydrated. One of the viewers checked and decided that it shouldn't be banned because it is an AWESOME bot and not like the normal bots on the channel. Though it was and the same viewer found out what stay_hydrated_bot was based off of: memes of speedruns of Baiten Kaitos, specifically the 100% runs
      • Later, a deluge of less-awesome bots showed up at once and started spamming intentionally inflammatory anti-Donald Trump messages in chat (something which Jon expresses confusion at, considering he's Canadian and still living in Calgary), prompting one of the mods to lock chat to sub-only mode to filter out the spam. Somebody quickly gifted Stay_Hydrated_Bot a sub to make sure it could still post in chat and remind Jon to stay hydrated.
    • The stream goes down temporarily, which causes the bottom left Spider-Man gif on the Intermission wall and only that gif to freeze. Almost poetically, it depicts Spider-Man standing in a room on fire.
    • Jon plays Golf With Your Friends and one of the devs donates.
      • This after GWYF caused the aforementioned stream downtime, ate up most of Jon's CPU due to poor optimization on his graphics card, cranked-to-max default settings, and several bizarre glitches that only Jon could find. Little wonder why he opens up the donation apologizing.
  • Fortune Cookie: Thrown To The Hounds Edition
    • The first game of the night ends up being a car mechanic simulation game on Steam; Jon promptly enters full Jeremy Clarkson mode, ripping damn near everything off of the car, dicking around with the various functions in the computer, overfilling the car with oil, and calling it a day. And then someone in chat sends Jon the most recent version of the game, in which it's possible to game over by doing exactly that.
    • One of the GIFS on the wall is Emile's Hiker Dance
    • Apparently Jon still has yet to find his missing Taiko Drumstick.
    • During the next cookie, a licensed Wii game based on Casper's Scare School pops up on the cookie; while it loses to a game that the co-comms agree is in very poor taste, it manages to win the next cookie out of sympathy alone... and it turns out to be just as piss-poor as Jon anticipated. Some particular highlights includes the disturbingly stiff character models, one of the minigames involving egg balancing of all things, and Jon's frustration at the fact that the minigame with the most amusing-sounding name is unlocked last.
    • One of the games is Dragon Ball Fighter Z, already notorious for its constant connection issues. Things start off on a particular high note with a match between Jon and Jewker, in which Jewker gets disconnected in the middle of the match, allowing Jon to wail on his party nonstop. The best part? The game counted that as a win, prize Zeni and all!
      • Later, Jon's controller suddenly goes haywire on him when in the lobby, and eventually manages to glitch the game so badly that Jon can't even close out of it for a bit. Come the next game, Jon learns that his USB hub itself crapped out on him because of that glitch.
    • The final game of the night is a Genesis game based on Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie; Jon manages to get quite a number of laughs out of it because of the fact that a startlingly high amount of levels are just flashbacks to the TV show, with hardly any of it actually being taken from the movie (while simultaneously being more faithful to the film than the SNES game).
      • Throughout the stream, Jon manages to get attacked three times by hordes of bots spamming "fake Americans" and other nationalistically-charged troll statements, with chat temporarily going into sub-only mode each time. The third time this happens is during the Power Rangers game, and once sub only mode gets switched off, Elliot promptly expresses disappointment that nobody in chat recited Rita Repulsa's "after 10,000 years I'm free!" line.
      • Rewinding back, Jon was suffering from a string of rerolls because he kept getting strategy games, getting annoyed quite quickly... only to roll up Superman 64.
      • Crossing over with Moment of Awesome, the very fact that the game managed to be on the exact same cookie as Superman 64 of all games... AND WON! It started in second place, then gained steady steam, as if chat wanted to keep the game played only within an LP, then manages to overtake it and push for a 2% difference, preventing Superman 64 from getting the 1% Pity Cookie slot next Cookie!
    • After all was said and done, Jon then realized he didn't have a game for Game Clearing the following Monday, forcing him to go for Mod Choice Game Clearing. And guess what happened on Monday...ORBS!
  • High Risk Fortune Cookie: Friday Edition
    • After the... experience... that was the last stream, this stream starts off with Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness for the Nintendo 64. While the game turns out to be mostly uneventful, the unusually sultry "yeah" voice clip that occurs whenever Ms. Pac-Main gains an extra life manages to catch on with chat.
    • Dan manages to return as a co-com even after taking so much shit over Orbs-3D; he doesn't stay on for very long.
    • Bahamut Lagoon, oh boy. Despite being an RPG, the game manages to become a group favorite quite quickly due to a variety of odd quirks with the fan translation. Among other tidbits, there's Jon's sheer joy at the fact that "Salmando" is the default name of the thunder dragon, the unusually quippy text options in scenes, and the fact that one of the items in the game is A PORN MAGAZINE. And this was from a translation that Tomato of all people worked on. Needless to say, fanartists grabbed this ball and ran with it like no tomorrow.
      • Even better is when Jon decides to feed one of his dragons the porno mag and learns that, when used in-battle, it casts sleep magic of all things.
      • Jon has fun changing the dragons' names (except Salmando). An NPC tells him a number of popular choices for dragon names, ending with 'the name of a girl you like'. When Jon finds the default name for a fire dragon is "Molten", he promptly changes it to "Moltres", only for Jewker to ask "Is that the name of a girl you like?"
    • One of the games pulled up on the cookie is Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition. While the game mostly treads old ground at this point, it manages to stand out due to it bearing the typical Wii motion control jank, leading to the rather interesting sights of Leon constantly making swimming motions and stabbing everything in plain sight.
      • Then there's the scene right after the prologue, featuring Leon reciting the So Bad, It's Good line "Where's everyone going? Bingo?" after seeing a horde of malevolent villagers hobble into a church. Jon prepares himself to laugh once again at the sheer stupidity of the line, only for Khead to talk over it (in part due to the delay between what Jon sees in front of him and what co-coms see on-stream). Jon understandably gets quite pissed at this and is sent an audio recording of the line as compensation... only for MasterTimeThief to interrupt that. It doesn't take long for chat to compare it to the Cranky Kong incident in Donkey Kong Country Returns.
  • Fortune Cookie: Dangerous As Always Edition
    • The first game pulled on cookie is Kids on Site, an FMV game for the Sega CD by Digital Pictures (of Night Trap fame). The game instantly catches Jon and chat's attention once he hears the description of it, and it manages to far surpass anyone's expectations by being as unashamedly over-the top as possible. Among other things, everyone manages to take a liking to the amount of mayhem one can inflict on Nuts, to the point where half of chat actively begins calling for his blood.
      • Afterwards, they look up Nuts' actor on IMDb and find out his only other acting credit is in a cheap 80's sex comedy called Stewardess School, which also starred Rob Paulsen, something that Jon sadly overlooked.
    • The next game is Flying Nightmares, a flight simulator for the 3DO. While a good chunk of chat is initially salty about it beating out Super Mario Sunshine, they manage to get on-board very quickly from how janky it is; the fact that Jon starts the game off by driving off the runway and into the ocean is pretty telling.
    • The game right after Flying Nightmares is Pilotwings 64; the game isn't as eventful as one would expect, but it still manages to feature a few highlights. In particular, there's the unusually suggestive-sounding "oh yeeeeah" Robin makes when picked, and the end result of Jon attempting to land the bird suit.
    • The last game of the night is Spongebob Squarepants Battle For Bikini Bottom, which, while mostly plain by Fortune Cookie standards, still manages to offer some entertainment in the form of Jon's constant snarking about the game's set design and poorly-aged graphics, the game's already good writing, and the game's very unconvincing substitute for Clancy Brown as Mr. Krabs.
  • Fortune Cookie: How Weird Can We Go Edition
    • The 3DS port of Metal Gear Solid 3 wins a Cookie, only for the game's infamously long cutscenes to ensure that Jon is 20 minutes into his 30 minute play window before he even gets to play at all... briefly... and then a round of codecs intervenes. When he finally finishes those, his 30 minutes are up so his first real play action is to kill Snake.
    • However, he then decides to play on when he finds that he can use the 3DS camera to make his own camouflage for Snake (with Raiden's head), and uses a photo he took of his stream showing his logo endlessly repeating into 'The Void'.
    • During Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, Jon tells the story of when he fell asleep while playing one of the Gundam games, and somehow ended up beating several levels in his sleep.
  • Fortune Cookie: In Defense of Eggs Edition
    • While Jon himself was pretty on edge at the start due to unfortunate timing of the Splatfest and a particular blowup due to his Berserk Button getting pressed, fans knew immediately how to cheer him up; by spamming him with his new $25 alert which is an edited version of the Thunderbirds intro countdown, which each ship having the number 5 instead of the classic "5, 4, 3, 2, 1!" countdown. He got so many of that donation that it actually broke the notification for a while! Jon and his co-coms found this hilarious.
      Jewker: "Why do all of you have such a disposable income!?"
    • All of the games played during this stream were Nintendo games, and two of them were Mario games. A rather monumental coincidence already, but what makes this even funnier is that this stream took place on March 10th, which Nintendo had dubbed MAR10 Day.
    • Jon plays the Game Boy Advance NES Classics port of the original Super Mario Bros, which at first seems like nothing memorable. However, while playing stage 1-2 he suddenly realizes that the much smaller screen size of the GBA compared to the NES's internal resolution results in noticeably compressed, Off-Model sprites. The biggest offender happens to be Small Mario's sprite, in which his head is crushed into his torso, giving the appearance of him not having a neck. Fans promptly sent in tons of fanart of no-neck Mario and other characters, with the results ranging from gonky to outright Nightmare Fuel.
    • At the urging of a chat member who recently had a bad experience with this person, Jon tells the story of AbdallahSmash, a Youtube Let's Player with a substantial case of Small Name, Big Ego, who years ago was a contestant on Thrown Controllers. Upon stepping up to the mic, he introduced himself by plugging his Youtube channel and then handing a business card for said channel to Emile. When Jon tried to signal him to get a move on with the game, Abdallah then assumed that Jon also wanted a business card. Laser-Guided Karma then hit this guy in quite a few ways, most of which Jon admits were intentionally invoked by him. First off, after the panel, Jon showed the business card he was given to the guys behind Retsupurae, making him a prime target for them. Second, during the panel, Abdallah rolled a video game challenge where he had to get the first Chaos Emerald in Sonic 1. They meant to have the contestant start in the Special Stage, but accidentally forgot to create a save state for it. Instead of letting Abdallah roll a different challenge, Jon decided to give him the extra stipulation of having to clear Green Hill Zone Act 1 with 50 rings, which he failed at due to screwing around too much.
  • Fortune Cookie: Small Steps To Big Things Edition
    • The stream starts off with a rather amusing instance of Mood Whiplash when Jon gets both a 5 Alert and a raid in quick succession, right when he's attempting to discuss the issues that led him to take the week off; Jon and chat alike can't help but laugh at the Contrived Coincidence.
    • During Splatoon 2 Jon and the co-comms have a discussion on how the Switch supports the Wii U adapter that allows the use of nonstandard controllers, with Jon joking that someone will try to play Dark Souls with the Donkey Konga bongo controller. Later the chat informs him that someone played Overwatch with a microwave oven.
    • At one point, the commentators got into a discussion about how many channels on Twitch have emotes of Chuggaaconroy. They came up with 4. (Jon, Lucahjin, Marilland and NintendoCapriSun)
    • During Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap, the topic of the Roseanne revival comes up. Jon promptly expresses his bewilderment at the fact, given the series's rather infamous final season, in which the whole series gets Denser and Wackier after Roseanne wins the lottery, except she never did and just made that all up to cope with Dan's death from a heart attack. Jon then mentions how the revival plans to handle this: Roseanne wakes up in bed, turns to Dan, who's alive and well, and tells him she thought he was dead, prompting Dan to complain that people keep thinking he's dead, which sends Tom and MTT into utter hysterics.
      Jon: "Yo, what I'm saying is The '90s were fucking weird, dude."
    • Jon accidentally sets off the Fibbage music when he has problems with switching his camera views to show a video, and refers to it as the 'fixing music'. This keeps popping up again and again as a Running Gag throughout the stream, with him playing it (accidentally or on purpose) every time a camera change goes wrong.
  • Fortune Cookie: Happy Easter Edition
    • This stream marks the debut of a glorious new joke alert: Captain Falcon failing the standard slot machine and shouting one of his Star-KO groans from Super Smash Bros. before the animation goes monochrome and zooms in to the tune of "The Lonely Man". Chat wastes no time in spamming the fuck out of it for the duration of the stream.
    • Considering this stream took place on the eve of April Fools, it makes sense that this stream was filled to the brim with tech issues, miscellaneous mess-ups, and even Twitch itself dying for a moment. Fittingly, Jon seemed to be the only one not surprised by this.
      Jon: "The real April Fools would be when everything goes right for once."
    • Jon gets raided five times over the course of the first game and intermission. After the final set of countermeasures, Jon forgets to turn his mic back on, leaving the commentary is muted through the entire first intermission— including the introduction of the co-commentators and the reading of donations. After realizing that they were muted the whole time, Jon sheepishly moves on to the next game.
    • The second game of the night is Grand Theft Auto Advance. Everyone's astonishment that a game like Grand Theft Auto could even be playable on the system is amusing enough, but what particularly highlights the round is Jon accidentally driving into the ocean because he was too busy looking at a raid.
      • During the round, Jon comes to the discovery of the Game Boy Color port of the original game and decides to play it right after GTA Advance. Turns out, where the GBA port of GTA kicks ass, the GBC port sucks ass. Case in point, the game uses tank controls to move your character.
    • Jon reading through the computer opponent names for Virtual Pool 64. Every. Single. One. Is a pun, verging into "The Many Nicknames of Dave Ryder" territory, as chat was apt to compare it to. Particular mention goes to how Jon, the co-comms and the chat all simultaneously did a 180 on their opinion of the game purely because of all the opponent names.
    • Midway through the stream, Jon's Discord mods decided that it would be a brilliant idea to change their names and icons to various joke-misnomers, much to Jon's consternation. Then most of the normal users start changing their names and icons to Medz's.
    • The chat somehow managed to get both Crazy Taxi 2 and Digimon All-Stars Arena at a perfect vote-by-vote tie on the Strawpoll. Logically, Jon came to the conclusion that the only reasonable course of action was to play both games at the same time. This goes about as well as you'd expect.
    • For the final game of the night, after the madness that occurred with two games, Jon pulls out the big reveal: April Fools! It's Misfortune Cookie time!
      • Insult to injury for the chat? Multiple. He announces this after Resident Evil 5 already hit about 30% of the votes, that he had been planning this for months, and that RE5 even showed up at all to bait it was an utter fluke.
      • And the punchline? The cookie gets a three-way 11% tie, leaving Jon utterly flabbergasted. Darkwatch ended up winning.
  • Fortune Cookie: Of Course Everything Broke While I Was Away Edition
    • Jon hits the ground running by showing off Pizza Titan Ultra about a week or two early due to winning a copy at PAX and just loves how corny and absurd the concept is, which can quickly be summed up as "Crazy Taxi meets pizza delivery and mechs".
    • This piano rendition of the raid countermeasures video, complete with Sad Falcon at the end.
    • While it'd need to be trimmed down a bit for Jon to actually use it, the Thundermeasures are WAH raid countermeasures video.
    • The stream title ended up being prophetic, as his Retron 5 ends up dying when he goes to start playing Base Wars.
      • A quick note on the concept behind Base Wars itself: it's baseball, but with cyborg players that can and will destroy each other if a force-out or put-out happens.
  • Fortune Cookie: Merry Frogmas Everyone! Edition
    • Jon gets raided EIGHT TIMES IN 1.5 HOURS. One chat user even started a timer between raids.
      SerenaYvonneGabena: Three minutes =D
      • That being said, about half of them were mini raids, to the point Jon put his foot down when there was difficulties authenticating several of them and demanded they do the Raid command to prevent potential fake raids getting the video.
    • Worms Armageddon pops up on the cookie and wins by a vast majority. Hilarity Ensues.
      • Particularly funny was when the mods try to set up a Kermit's Sandwich-themed map. It took two attempts, both hilarious in their own right.
      • On that note, both maps feature an Easter Egg of 18-Year-Old Jon hidden in the corner.
    • Dalton's Magnum Opus.
    • The Countermeasures got the dud.
  • High Risk Fortune Cookie: "What'll It Be Tonight?" Edition
    • When Jon gets to the cookie for the second game of the night, he mentions how there are games that will be autovetoed: games that are rhythm-based and games that will mute the VOD. The cookie pulls Guitar Hero 5 after the explanation, to Jon's chagrin, forcing him to veto it.
    • After Jon tells Tom that he can do mod choices for Jon's game clearing streams, he starts going through Jon's backloggery to figure out what to choose. Some games that Tom notes are marked as unbeaten prompt confusion from Jon, in particular Turtles in Time. Then Tom realizes he's actually been looking at his own backloggery the entire time.
    • The final game of the night is a Jeopardy!/Wheel of Fortune combo pack for the PS4; while the game turns out to be relatively tame (at least by Jon-playing-Wheel-of-Fortune standards), it does manage to garner a good amount of laughs when a trivia point on the first loading screen displays its coding address instead of the actual trivia. The phrase "#Trivia_Title_52" quickly becomes the raid message for the night.
  • Fortune Cookie: Last Cookie Before TRG Colosseum Charity Marathon Edition
    • The Game Sharks challenge is the first played. Let's just say it isn't the BEST game...
    • Ninja Gaiden 2 has a character who looks eerily similar to Duke Nukem. Cue the next game being picked being the ORIGINAL Duke Nukem game.
    • Jon dying to the same Slime in Zelda 2 three times, prompting a fake stream ending.
    • The final game of the night is Quarterback Attack, a Full Motion Video football game that ends depicting the sport in a very interesting way.
  • Fortune Cookie: Home For an ENTIRE WEEK! Edition
    • In a somewhat milder variant of the "State of..." and "ONE MOTHERFUCKING DOLLAR" incidents from streams past, this stream sees Jon constantly hounded by $100+ donations under an increasingly ridiculous cavalcade of donor names.
    • While playing a round of Pikmin, Jon decides to rattle off a bunch of stories from the previous weekend's TRG charity marathon, ranging from the flippant to the downright terrifying. One memorable story consists of him describing how the whole affair with the lamp during days two and three had been a worked show from the start, with a whole whodunit subplot being planned out; however, things apparently went off the rails pretty quickly thanks to Tom's "Lord Donator" character being made up by him on the spot, and solely because he happened to come downstairs in his robe to check out what was going on in the living room.
      • Related to the above story is Jon's admission that the only reason why Josh was blamed for the lamp's disappearance on day 2 was because he slept in too late.
    • The final game of the night is The Hurricane of the Varstray -Collateral hazard-, a Japanese Shoot 'em Up game on Steam that quickly strikes a chord with chat thanks to its So Bad, It's Good Translation Train Wreck. Jon particularly falls in love with the exaggerated rivalry between the pilot he picked (Miho) and the Russian pilot Tatiana, which includes such gems as Miho shouting "you bitch!" after the much larger-breasted Tatiana asks her what her cup size is out of the blue, and Miho frequently calling Tatiana a "dickweed". The game's eccentric writing ends up being so funny to Jon that he devotes the entire second half of the stream to completing Miho's story mode.
      • On the character selection screen, Jon and co-comms joke about Tatiana's facial expression making her look slightly drunk. They were absolutely right: her main character trait is being a Vodka Drunkenski. Jon even refers to her as such on one occasion.
      • One person in chat points out that the pilot Wilma Thoreau looks like Rule 63 Jon. This leads another user to make their best attempt at actual Rule 63 art of Jon, which they outright admit is just a "lame-ass knockoff" of Mai Minakami.
  • Fortune Cookie: Gone for 2 ENTIRE WEEKS! Edition
    • The return of Dead or Alive Extreme 2
  • Fortune Cookie: "Only Desynched By 9 Minutes" Edition
  • Fortune Cookie: Burning Down Everything Edition
    • After Jon spent the last week fixing tech issues on his new computer, a Windows 10 update messed everything up again. So how does Jon open the stream?
      Jon: [HUGE sigh] "God dammit. Fuck."
    • When co-comms join for the second game, Jon introduces himself as though he's a co-comm.
    • The amazing game known as Fox Hunt returns, and the good news is that it didn't crash where it did last time! The bad news is that the level right after, the Hospital, is a maze from hell with multiple floors, no real sense of where you have to go, and cutscenes that honestly should have been rated beforehand. It takes Jon nearly 20 MINUTES to get out of!
    • The Running Gag of the co-comms explaining away every bit of weirdness in Fox Hunt with "Hey, it's California, y'know?"
    • The final game of the night is Hey You, Pikachu!; while being mostly mundane on its own due to its nature as a sim game, Jon manages to get a lot of fun out of playing up Pikachu as a massive jackass for all it's worth and then some.
  • Fortune Cookie: No Travel For A Month Edition
    • Continuing the trend from last episode, there were a lot of remixes of The Muppets Party Cruse, including one that used The Lonely Man and one that ran the lyrics through various text-to-speech voices.
    • When Jon goes to the third cookie of the night, what's the first game that pops up? Action 52 for the Sega Genesis.
      Jon: "Good night, everybody!" [Fake stream ending]
      • The kicker? After Pokken Tournament DX pulls a surprise win, Jon admits he would've preferred Action 52 because he's terrible at Pokken Tournament, as he proceeds to show off.
  • Fortune Cookie: Bad At Sports Edition
    • Jon starts off with Mario Tennis Aces, quickly showing off the start of story mode, which is a good thing, since not only does it give a crash course on the game's new mechanics, but it also features the start of a downright insane Excuse Plot with an odd number of similarities to Avengers: Infinity War.
      • During one match, Jon attempts to show off what he describes as "Waluigi's most powerful skill", only to completely miss the ball altogether. Jon immediately plays the "end of stream" clip without a second thought.
    • While Mega Man 2 proves to be rather passe on its own, Jon still manages to have fun looking through the extras included in the Legacy Collection (via which he is playing the game), with the concept art for some of the scrapped Robot Masters eliciting a sensible chuckle or two. At one point, Jon declares these extras to be better than the actual game.
    • Jon plays 3-player Wheel of Fortune with the co-comms and does his occasional Running Gag of misinterpreting the special prize cutscenes, in this case for a trip to Las Vegas:
      Jon: "What's our prize? IT'S A BUNCH OF LIGHTS!" (Photo of a casino) "It's A BUILDING!" ("$4,450" appears over the photo) "You too can walk inside a building for four thousand four hundred and fifty dollars!"
    • Jon gets salty over the course of the game due to co-comm Taki's habit of randomly picking rare English letters, yet still doing better than Jon himself. This culminates in that player winning, after the random letters he picked for the final puzzle turn out to make the answer obvious. Jon then, of course, interprets the final prize cutscene literally:
      Jon: "You won... PARIS!"
      Dan: "You can go visit Camille!"
      Jon: "You bungee jump off a bridge to your death! ...twice, apparently? I guess it's a flashback!"
      Dan (impersonating Will Smith): "I ain't no bungee expert, but I don't think you're meant to bounce off them rocks like that."
    • One can find quite a bit of amusement in the sheer fact that Jon had to veto Tabletop Simulator for being too boring.
    • Xilehnoc submits a video of Wesker pitching Tier 2 subs for Jon's channel. At one point in the video, the Lonely Man theme plays, but the real kicker is that as Jon's playing it, someone sets off the Sad Falcon donation alert with near perfect timing, causing Xilehnoc to go ballistic in the chat because no one could tell he'd already had that idea.
  • Subscriber's Fortune Cookie: More Control of Fate Than Usual Edition
    • The first cookie of the night's winner is The Game Of Life - Spongebob Squarepants Edition for the PC by a landslide, only for Jon to realize that the game's install media is a CD and his new computer does not have an optical drive. Later, he mentions a discussion in the mod room where they were lamenting on telling Jon not to have the drive installed because "how often do you use the CD drive?" The answer to that question? Three times in the span of a decade! It gets replaced by Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment, which won just as hard.
    • Jon mentions that his nephews have taken an interest in Power Rangers (specifically the Ninja Steel series). When one of the chat members mentions that the Ninja Series "is awful", Jon feels the need to clarify that they're only four. This leads into a rant about how kids that young don't really care about the quality of the show and takes on a nasally voice to show how he WOULD sound if he talked like that to them.
      Commenter: "So you're showing your sister these, right?"
      Jon: "Fuck no."
    • Jon keeps having problems with XSplit (software he uses to stream) freezing up when he changes cameras. At one point he starts yelling at XSplit, only for his Xbox to hear him and turn on, frustrating Jon even more.
      • On the subject of XSplit, it freezes again at the end of the stream, leaving Jon dejected that he isn't able to end the stream showing the raid target or using the End Stream clip. When he attempts to forcibly close XSplit, the End Stream clip suddenly plays, much to his chagrin.
      Jon: "Robocop, I hate you so much right now."
    • On the second cookie, one of the co-comms suggested number 2. The user assigned to that number? Jon himself. He allows it.
      • Jon's choice (from years ago, when he just entered a game to test the spreadsheet, which won from the hilarity of it) was Ninja Gaiden Black. He uses past save files, over a decade old from when his younger self was extremely good at the game, to show off various parts of the game, such as the insane hardest difficulty. Later, he shows off the Alma boss fight, gets damaged, and opens his find he has no healing items.
      Jon: "Past Jon, what the fuck?!"
    • Jon manages to accidentally (temporarily) break his chair when the lever slips, tipping him forward onto his desk—as he's trying to explain this to chat, Lucahjin pops up behind him and unintentionally gives him a Jump Scare.
    • The final game of the night is Tony Hawk's Underground, which means the glorious return of Dr Smack Daddy Smurf. Highlights include him jumping over a helicopter while doing a sick trick, and Jon putting him into story mode cutscenes where he gets betrayed by an asshole named Eric—which prompts all the Erics in chat to get offended by association and deny his kinship with them.
  • Fortune Cookie: Internal Screaming Edition
    • Jon starts the night off with Zone of the Enders, a mecha game that Jon cannot stop comparing to Neon Genesis Evangelion simply because of Leo's striking similarities to Shinji in how they act to the point where Leo doesn't want to pilot the mech for similar reasons to Shinji. The donations write themselves, honestly.
      Jon: "Shinji donates and it just says [Screams]."
    • A quick Call-Back from the last cookie stream happens when Jon shows off his desktop background; which is a character from a Power Ranger-styled book he's currently writing.
      MasterTimeThief: "So, what would you say is the draw over this story over something like, say Breaking Bad?"
      Jon: [Immediately breaks out laughing] "Fuck you."
    • Someone sends in a Japanese ad for a beer commercial that mimics the Thunderbirds countdown with 9 repeating, similar to Jon's 5. Jon notes that they didn't do the bit right, as there were only 4 nines.
    • Somehow, Sesame Street 123 for the NES manages to stay in the Cookie three times thanks to it repeatedly falling under the 1% rule. It eventually goes Up to Eleven when Jon realizes that he's nearing the end of the stream, meaning the game will be on the next Fortune Cookie.
    • While playing Resident Evil 4, Jon asks for his co-coms to be quiet, so he'll be able to hear a line from Leon. He jokes that he's expecting someone to donate during it. And just as the line happens, someone donates and perfectly covers up the line.
      Jon: "Son of a bitch! I called it!"
    • The final game of the night is an old NES version of Wheel of Fortune with particularly goofy avatars. Hilarity Ensues when Jon is reminded that one of the co-comms, MegaGWolf, is British and the show hasn't aired in Britain since 2001, meaning he has no idea what's going on.
  • High Risk Fortune Cookie: "Wait, I Own That?" Edition
    • The first game of the night is Mad Dash Racing. It's... not good.
      DanTheEnigma: "So how was Bad Rats the runner?"
    • Krazy Kreatures is worth noting just from the boxart alone. Everyone was freaked out by it at first and expected the game to be a weird NES horror game, but it turns out to just be a simple puzzle game.
    • Tetris Ultimate shows up on the cookie. Gex asks this question.
      Gex: "Would Tetris be considered a puzzle game?"
      Jon: "...Did-Did you actually just ask that question? Did you actually just ask 'Is Tetris considered a puzzle game?' Tetris."
      Gex: "I dunno..."
      Jon: "The game that basically launched the goddamn genre."
      Dan: "Hmmmmmmm!"
      Gex: "Hey, some people don't consider it a—(unintelligible)"
      Jon: "Tetris."
      Dan: "Well, they're wrong, Gex!"
      Gex: "It's an interesting argument..."
      Jon: "TETRIS."
      Dan: "No, it... What argument is there?!"
      (Gex doesn't respond)
      Dan: "EXACTLY!"
      Jon: "Sorry, Gex, there's literally no argument. Tetris is a puzzle game."
      Gex: "Like I said, I've heard some people argue—"
      Dan: "WELL, THEY'RE WRONG!"
      Jon: "Who the fuck argues that Tetris isn't a puzzle game? Why are they arguing it?"
      • Jon asks what the person's actual argument was. Gex's answer?
        Gex: "Because technically, um... there's really no thought process into it or something?"
        Jon: "WHAT?? No thought process in TETRIS??"
      • Gex admits the person who made that argument was probably high at the time.
      • Once again seeing an opportunity to meme, Jon's fans didn't waste the chance.
    • A viewer sends in an egg based on the Action Man (2000) theme song, after Jon mentioned it (and showed a clip from it) in the previous stream. Jon is impressed and amused, and continues to play it multiple times through the night.
    • For the last game of the night, Jon rolls Beyond: Two Souls on the cookie. Chat immediately calls for him to veto it due to it being considered one of the worst games created by David Cage, an already controversial game developer. Jon briefly ponders if people are aware of the usual content of his streams, but decides to put it up to a Strawpoll vote, and two-thirds of the votes are for him to veto the game. As he prepares to reroll the cookie, a co-comm mentions that it'd be hilarious if Jon rolls Heavy Rain or a game that's even worse. What game does Jon roll and end up actually playing? Bayonetta 2!
  • Fortune Cookie: Burning Bad Luck Edition
    • The stream starts off strong when a viewer sends an edited version of the Party Cruise theme that skips every other beat. While the resulting cacaphony is amusing on its own, Jon listens to the version that skip every other other beat, and breaks into laughter and latches onto the clapping section when Kermit says "—good. —like it" in a surprisingly deadpan manner thanks to the respective lines' emphasis being on the words that were cut out. He finds this so amusing it becomes the raid message for the night and eggs for it are made within a handful of minutes.
    • Sesame Street 123, the 1% holdover several times over from the previous stream, wins the first cookie of the night. The first half of it (Grover's Astro Counters) starts as you expect, but what really takes the cake is Ernie's Matching Magic, in which you match shapes. At one point, Jon decides to pick the mode that the game describes as the "HARDEST MODE OF ALL", and finds that it's literally just a disgustingly drawn-out version of the shape-matching game where the player completes pictures by matching the appropriate shapes. That's not the funny part. The funny part is when Jon receives a tweet claiming that he was "boring [him] to death", and then prolonging the round out of spite.
    • Co-comm Taki then suggests another edutainment game, Pajama Sam 2, just to troll the chat. Jon rolls the cookie for the first random game...and it's another edutainment game. Jon points out to the chat that at least this means the joke vote will be split. Of course, despite all the people complaining about the last game, the chat proceeds to vote in Pajama Sam 2 over Professor Layton and the other edutainment game comes a strong third in the poll.
    • During one intermission, Jon shows off an animation loop that Ryan's been working on for his own pre-stream screen: Poppi α resignedly swigging down an entire glass of Jack Daniel's in one gulp.
    • During a round of the original Super Smash Bros., Jon decides to check out the various character bios and promptly gets caught off-guard at the reminder that there was only one Pokémon game at the time of Smash 64's release.
  • Fortune Cookie: Happy Birthday Waluigi Edition
  • Fortune Cookie: Onwards to ConBravo Edition
    • A Running Gag somehow starts that Jewker is actually a Gamecube - which the chat runs with, and adds to an existing joke from a previous stream that the other co-comm, Myo, is an ant. Specifically an Ant Cop.
    • A user who submitted an egg sound the previous stream complained that Jon stopped before the best part, so for the first intermission, Jon decides to play it. Cue the Party Cruise rap, with a Stream Over fakeout soon after.
  • Fortune Cookie: TurboGrafx Powered Edition
    • During a playthrough of FTL: Faster Than Light, Jon misreads the map. This ends up with his ship stranded on a jump point with no way to get past the advancing rebel fleet. He has to jump into the advancing rebel fleet in the hopes of escaping. He had to endure at least three bombardments to be home free. He dies after his second jump.
    • The final game of the night is The Stanley Parable. His first ending he does is the compliant ending. He and his mods act like he's beaten the entire game. The second is the confusion ending.
      • The last ending he shows off for the evening is the Game ending. Which leads to Jon audibly bracing himself as he undertakes one of the necessary steps to reaching it: traversing a series of rooms where one door's red and the other's blue.
  • Misfortune Cookie: Everything Goes Wrong On Purpose Edition
    • The stream starts with The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight. One setting has the player input a sound file. Jon puts in an old egg sound. Cue "YOU WILL GIVE ME AN <Blarrg noise>" repeating on occasion.
    • The first game picked is Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader. Noteworthy is Jon's incredulous response every time his wingmen ask for orders when Imperial TIE fighters/walkers/etc. are attacking them.
      Wedge: "Orders, sir?"
      Jon: "...SHOOT PEOPLE!!"
    • For the next Cookie, Jon announces the theme is that they will all be movie tie-in games. The Genre Savvy chat suspects, accurately, that there must be more to it - they all turn out to be Home Alone games. This also results in a derailment when Jon accidentally discovers a bizarre similarly-titled Steam scam game with thousands of zero-effort achievements while typing in the title.
    • Then while playing the game, Jon sets traps in a futuristic-themed house and a household robot randomly appears and electrocutes Kevin. Then, later, as Jon as Kevin tries to fight the Wet Bandits, the robot intervenes and ends up electrocuting both him and the villains repeatedly, doing more damage to the villains than Jon did.
    • Another unexpected character in Home Alone is a ghost that also zaps Kevin. Jon attempts to reference the Jacob Marley scene from A Christmas Carol, only to slip and say he was attacked by "the ghost of Bob Marley".
    • One game played is Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly, which is notorious for being very buggy. Jon makes use of one bug that lets him go straight to the final boss, and counts it as a cleared game once he beats Ripto.
    • The final game of the night is The Adventures of Batman and Robin, a racing/driving combat game for the Sega CD where the cutscenes between each level are entirely comprised of footage from an unaired episode of Batman: The Animated Series. Around the halfway point of the game, Jon eventually gets fed up with the choppy framerate and unfair difficulty and uses a level skip code to skip past the Riddler's level just to see the cutscene after it. In the cutscene, the Riddler naturally accuses Batman of cheating, but given the circumstances, chat interprets this accusation as being directed more towards Jon than Batman.
  • Fortune Cookie: Week before PAX edition.
    • At one point, Luchajin lets out a very loud noise and comes into Jon's room, turns out she had just finished her Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc playthrough and was still riding the wave of emotion from the last trial. While it's both funny (and cute) with how he comforts her, she eventually walks off saying she's going to get a drink. Jon playfully asks if he's gonna come up and find 3 empty wine bottles and she says that's exactly what's going to happen.
  • Subscriber's Fortune Cookie: Your Choice, My Scrambling To Get Them Working Edition
    • The entirety of setup done to get freaking Clue of all things up and going. The version that was originally picked was Murder at Boddy Mansion on CD-ROM (thankfully, he got a disc drive since the last time this happened)...only for Jon to have no idea where the disc is, since where he thought it was was just full of burned DVD's of random anime episodes. So instead, Jon was gonna boot up the version on the SNES...when suddenly Dan sent him a version released on Steam with not only online multiplayer, but with a ton of really cool costumes and designs for the classic characters (that left everyone impressed) and multiple maps, albeit locked by DLC. The game itself was just as crazy.
    • When Fighter Maker 2 comes up, Jon notes that he was only just able to reach the game disc without standing up, adding sarcastically 'Who wants to stand?' The co-comms (ACFan120 and TallManStan) mishear this as 'Who would want Stan?' and this single mishearing spawns a scenario where singleton Stan has to find love with a member of the chat, while Jon plays on the "Captain Falcon School dot com" running gag, pretending to be Captain Falcon as a dating advice guru. After a long rambling Disorganised Outline Speech about Captain Falcon's dating advice, ACFan120 gives a timid reply to Captain Falcon, "I only came here to learn how to parallel park!"
      • This comes with the meta-humour, as later noted, that ACFan120 actually did meet his girlfriend through Jon's chat (or at least through the TRG fandom).
    • When they actually do come to play Fighter Maker 2, Jon (as usual) makes a terrifying monstrosity of a character, this time naming it 'Abomination' from the start. For a variation this time, he makes a female fighter in a ninja mask with violent orange hair and Simpsons-yellow skin, who wears two skirts at once and travels everywhere by cartwheeling forwards through the air in a frantic blur.
  • Fortune Cookie: Last Week Being Engaged Edition
    • The winner of the stream's first cookie is Mario Kart DS, a game that Jon admits to not having played since it first came out... in 2005. Rather tellingly, Jon sees that his friends list is filled entirely with people from the Something Awful days, with such fitting emblems as pixel art Sonic, the "it is a mystery" ghost, a crudely drawn penis, and... a Swastika.
      • After beating Grand Prix with Waluigi, Jon takes note of the fact that the credits play over footage of Waluigi driving through the sunset a-la Lupin III (Green Jacket). Not only does Dan compare the scene to the opening of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, which generates a surprising amount of fanart on its own, but someone in chat also jokes that it looks like Waluigi's mowing his lawn. Later, Camille sends Jon an edited version of the Ruby and Sapphire intro based around Dan's joke, which manages to catch Jon off-guard when it ends with a voice clip he legitimately had never heard before: Wesker shouting "nice scream, I love it!" (Actually a voice clip from Soul Calibur IV, which Wesker's voice actor D.C. Douglas provided a custom male voice track for.)
      • While trying out Mission Mode for the first time in thirteen years, Jon decides to take on the Chief Chilly fight. Partway through the fight, Chief Chilly jumps over Jon right as he's attempting to ram into him, causing Jon to drive into the water. Jon's reaction is, predictably yet amusingly, resigned consternation.
    • During one intermission, Jon gets sent an egg combining the Thunderbirds intro, the typical egg sound, and the Power Rangers in Space intro. After letting it play, Jon reveals that he's gotten so many similarly-edited audio eggs that he can now tell what audio clips are playing where just from looking at the waveform.
    • Later during the stream, Pac Man Party wins the cookie, and manages to keep everyone captivated by its sheer peculiarity. Highlights of its... bizarre... nature include a very unorthodox text scrolling sound, the severe penalties inflicted on players simply for landing on a bad space, the fact that you can drive your opponent into debt, and the fact that one of the first board's cinematics involves a kazoo-toting kraken flooding the area, which none of the characters in-game address.
    • The last game of the night is the Game Boy Advance port of Doom. While the game itself isn't that amusing on its own, considering the fact that it's, well, Doom, things escalate rather rapidly when a number of users decide to start mass-gifting subs to various members of chat, culminating in one user gifting out twenty subs at once, much to everyone else's shock.
      • At one point, Jon makes note of the GBA's less-than-stellar rendition of the game's soundtrack, and how the first level of the game swaps out "At Doom's Gate" for a track from one of the later levels. At the end of the round, Jon decides to look up exactly what the GBA port's version of "At Doom's Gate" sounds like, and finds out that it sounds awful, with thin, tinny guitars and off-tempo percussion (among other issues). Out of sheer curiosity, Jon then decides to check out the version of "At Doom's Gate" from the Sega 32X port of Doom, and finds it to be even worse, with everyone comparing it with fart noises. Jon then decides to start overlaying the GBA and PC versions of "At Doom's Gate" on top of the 32X one, creating a cacophonous mess that must be heard to be believed. He does it again at the very end of the stream, with even more versions of "At Doom's Gate" thrown in for good measure.
      • While Jon and company are busy riffing on the farty-sounding 32X version of "At Doom's Gate", Bagel comes in and starts chewing on his third grade diploma.
    • While searching for a target to raid, Jon finds a streamer broadcasting off of their PS4, using the Eyetoy camera to film their CRT TV while playing Faxanadu. He finds it so impressive that he decides to raid the guy, who turns out to have the most kickass gaming collection ever, crossing over with Awesome Moments.
  • Fortune Cookie: Last Stream Before Wedding/Honeymoon Edition
    • Throughout the stream, Jon's chat ends up receiving an OBSCENE amount of gift subs, with most of them coming from a user known as BlazeCyndaquil. Just to give a perspective of just how much subs Jon's chat kept getting, Blaze's first two "sub bombs" each consisted of one hundred gift subscriptions, which ended up unlocking a new emote all on their own. Things just escalated from there, with constant gift subs coming in from Blaze and a number of other Twitch users, causing Jon to break down from both laughter and emotion, eventually lying down on the floor because he was that overwhelmed by it all. Not only that, but the sheer amount of notifications coming in from the deluge of gift subs broke Bit Boss and caused Jon's alerts to get backed up by up to two hours. By the end of the stream, not only were over one thousand subscriptions given out in chat, but Jon also ended up unlocking six new emote slots from it all.
      • Adding on to the craziness of the sub bombs was the sheer amount of Tempting Fate at the hands of both Jon and Jewker, with Jon responding with a Rapid-Fire "No!" each and every time. It eventually reaches a point where Jon ends up having to restrict himself from saying the exact number of subs needed for a new emote slot, due to it being the biggest prompter for more sub bombs.
      • The chaos of the night reached the point that Jon actually appreciated getting interrupted by a raid just for the moment of respite. Predictably, with the alert system getting so horribly backed up, the raid notifications always came in late.
      • One of these late notifications (for Highwang's raid) finally shows up at the exact same time as another raid happens.
    • During a round of F-Zero, Jon decides to play for Camille the basement theme from Resident Evil: Director's Cut. Camille, understandably, is left quite dumbstruck. Jon plays it again at the very end of the stream.
    • While playing Star Wars Chess, Jon and company end up getting a big kick out of the game's over-the-top capture animations, which range from the flippantly silly to the jarringly violent. Particular highlights among these animations include an AT-ST Goomba-stomping Yoda, Chewbacca blowing up Boba Fett, and R2-D2 gassing Darth Sidious to death.
    • Yakuza 0 is the last game of the night. Predictably for Yakuza, the appearance of Mr. Libido ends up baffling Camille the whole way through.
  • Fortune Cookie: Back to Normal Edition
    • Jon and the co-comms get to discussing the reveal that a Piranha Plant will be playable in the new Smash Bros game and debating what Kirby will transform into when he steals its power. For some reason, this really captures the imagination of Jon's audience, who drown his Twitter in artist's impressions of the different suggestions.
    • Jon raids Stephen and Mal's Extra Life charity stream (Gamecube-themed) at the end of his own, and suggests his fans donate towards a game for them to play. The game in question (suggested by a chat comment)? The Game Boy Player disc, and nothing else, just the disc.
    • And then, as the GBP disc approaches first place... the stream crashes. And when it comes back up, Stephen explains that something exploded in his computer, describing it as sounding like there was a sparkler (a type of low-power firework) inside. Oh, and he's explaining this through a glitched audio feed, because though the backup computer is working fine on their end, somehow the audio feed to Twitch is getting corrupted, and nothing they do can fix it. Naturally, everyone in chat immediately blames Jon for the problems.
      Jon (in chat): I DIDN'T CAUSE THIS!
  • Fortune Cookie: Too Many Videogames Edition
    • The skill of ProtonJon's mods rears its head again with Fortune Survivor, a full parody of "True Survivor" from Kung Fury. Jon's left in hysterics during most of it, and the co-comms end up losing it too when the Universal logo appears with "VOD MUTED" at the end of the song.
  • Fortune Cookie: Video Games are Here Edition
    • Jon doesn't expect to find many people playing the just-released Robo Puzzle Smash, but gives the online matchmaking a shot anyway. Cue the dev PXLPLZ appearing as his opponent, much to Jon's dismay.
    • Jon also gives the 48-hour beta for Override: Mech City Brawl a shot. At one point, after executing Setesh's Super, he goes completely invisible... but only for Jon. As his opponent HJTenchi confirms that he can still see him just fine.
    • After playing a round as Contessa, Tenchi recommends that Jon test her out himself, along with some advice on how to wield her Super. During the following match, Tenchi's slightly confused about how to execute Mya's Super before Jon points out how he needs to have low health first. Cue Tenchi rushing in to use it on Jon... only to knock his health down low enough for Jon to use Contessa's Super. The one he gave Jon advice on how to wield earlier.
      Tenchi: "Thanks for the tip, Jon."
      Jon: [a few seconds later] "Thanks for the tip on the Super by the way, Tenshi."
      Tenchi: [being blown away] "No prob, brah—!"
    • During Wheel of Fortune, Tenchi lands on a Bankrupt space. Then, after a significant pause, the wheel abruptly inches over a few spaces, before going into a full spin.
  • Fortune Cookie: Good & Bad Games Here Edition
  • High Risk Fortune Cookie: No Mercy RNG Edition
    • After Jon's viewers voted for the night to be a High Risk Fortune Cookie, the first game it pulls is a Barbie game, very much setting the tone for the night.
    • Jon gets distracted from playing by the fact that Soulja Boy has brought out a console (actually a terrible, massively overpriced Chinese knockoff compilation) and then belatedly realises he has to persuade his chat not to buy him one.
  • Fortune Cookie: Christmas Sweater Season Edition
    • This session starts out with Jon trying out Rain World on the request of Dan from Adult Swim Games. Jon sardonically notes that he suspects Dan wanted to see him suffer more. In the middle of the session, Dan abruptly declares his real motivation: "That's what you get for dodging me in Smash!" Jon is less than amused and tells him to Bring It.
    • Jon tests out Rain World's competitive survival mode and finds that it's only local. So his opponent is completely helpless, a sitting duck for Jon and the predators to take out at their leisure. Jon promptly blows himself and his opponent up with the same grenade.
  • Fortune Cookie: Free Form Salt Edition
    • Jon cracks up at Blues and Bullets' remarkably brief Title Theme Tune, which is literally just the title sung once, drawn out in incredibly hammy fashion.
    • One game, Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon, ends up bugging out and displaying an empty speech box. Cue demands for it to be the raid message—despite that message being nothing at all.
    • He also has difficulty getting over the sight of Capone in a bowling jacket.
  • Fortune Cookie: Last Stream of 2018 & Before MAGfest Edition
    • Jon mentions before starting up Batman Forever: The Arcade Game that he'd heard it was full of Sensory Abuse. That turns out to be an accurate description.
    • How Jon ends the final stream of 2018: with one last teeny malfunction.
      Jon: "Bye everybody. Don't know why I actually did a hand salute; my camera's not on. Whatever! Going to bed; goodbye!" [switching to black screen] "Oh, Robocop's already gone already, Robocop went to bed already. J-just didn't even tell me. Didn't send me a note, nothing. Just — I'm getting him up. Get the fuck up."

  • Fortune Cookie: First Cookie of 2019 Edition
    • The various clips based on Typing of The Dead.
    • Just as he did in 2016, Jon ends up playing Big Bumpin` when it comes up on Cookie - and, just as in 2016, finds that the servers are still online and he even gets a full lobby for a multiplayer match.
    • The Scooby-Doo game played gave Velma the power to stop time and turn invisible, and her sneaking resembles a Naruto character running really slowly. This instantly led to comparisons (and edited pictures on Twitter) with Bayonetta, Dio, Naruto himself, and the "I have the power of God and Anime on my side" kid.
      Jon: "Now I am Velma, destroyer of worlds."
  • Fortune Cookie: Playable Pet Cat Edition
    • As the title suggests, Override: Mech City Brawl's Epic-level Bagel skin for Mya has debuted, and Jon opens the stream by showing it off. Fittingly enough, he's immediately matched against a Vidar, coincidentally the character that Tenchi latched onto for his "Get Back Here!" Boss potential.
      • Just as fittingly — and perhaps inevitably, given his luck — Override immediately gets glitchy. note  This leads to bizarre moments like robots hanging in the air, teleporting attacks, and Jon picking up a gun that completely fails to fire.
      • Amazingly enough, despite the circumstances, Jon gets matched up against the same player three times. He even apologizes for this at the start of their third match.
      • After showing off Bagel!Mya in several online matches, Jon decides to test out the two new characters, Stardust and Maestro, putting the latter as a CPU opponent in his first test match. Near the end of the fight, CPU!Maestro abruptly stops moving entirely, just as Jon comments "Guess it's a good old-fashioned brawl after all." An awkward stand-off follows, with Jon tentatively edging closer to Maestro and getting spooked off by a single, small hand sweep before the AI goes back to standing motionless again.
      • For his final match, Jon attempts to use Maestro's music to tame three savage Bagel!Myas. This goes about as well as can be expected, though Jon at least gets to use his special first.
    • During a run of Death Road to Canada, one Sadistic Choice leads to a near-Total Party Wipe... and a distressingly well-timed Falcon death. Jon takes this well:
      Jon: "Literally only Ginny survived!" [Falcon dies] "WHO TIMED THAT MURDER SOUND?! What is wrong with you?!"
    • That same session also features Trent, a cheerfully clumsy black dog whom Jon realizes bears a slight resemblance to Trucknuts McFucknuts... causing Camille to do a verbal double take at the name. For some reason, Trent's Shooting keeps improving despite being a dog and unable to actually handle guns. Save for carrying them in his mouth in rather awkward fashion.
  • Fortune Cookie: Happy Birthday D.C. Douglas! Edition
  • Fortune Cookie: It Won't Stop Being -30 C Outside Edition
  • Fortune Cookie: Don't! Touch! Anything! Edition!
    • When starting up Initial D: Extreme Stage, Jon tries to enter his name as "Beep Beep". However, due to the character limit, he ends up with "Beep B".
  • Fortune Cookie: "My Greatest Adversary, Everything" Edition
    • The first cookie of the night ended up being Okami HD for the Xbox One. There's just one problem: his Xbox One console hadn't been turned on in a long time. This ends up causing problems, mainly that Okami won't launch. Jon decides to play the PS2 version, with the long cutscene included. He decides to try to race his Xbox One with the part where he can get to gameplay. Okami PS2 wins. When his Xbox One gets running, he decides to see how long he can get to gameplay by skipping the cutscenes. His time to a save point on the XBO? 49 seconds! For the PS2, it was 19 minutes.
    • An early art in the stream featured Jumney drawing female ProtonJon playing the saxophone. Jon makes some comment. Jumney responds by dropping the mic.
      • Followed by a solid moment of Jon corpsing and realizing the preview for the video broke.
      Jon "It was such a mic drop that it broke the Dropbox!"
    • During the Wii version of The Price Is Right, Jon gets hit with some unbelievable good luck and unbelievable bad luck.
      • On the front of good luck, during one Contestant's Row, Jon bids $1000, then gets annoyed when one of the AI players after him bids $1001...only for Jon to win because the price was exactly $1000.
      • On the front of bad luck, Jon spins the Big Wheel first and gets a commanding .95... only for both of the AI players to spin .95 and tie him, which led to Jon losing the tiebreaker.
  • Fortune Cookie: Never Enough Time Edition
    • During one round of co-com suggestions, Gex suggests Mario Super Sluggers, much to Jon's chagrin since he didn't like Mario Superstar Baseball. After it manages to pull ahead of the Switch port of The World Ends with You and win the poll, Jon goes and fetches the game, only to come back and reveal HE DOESN'T OWN THE GAME. Gex immediately goes on the defense, assuming Jon already had the game in his possession, despite the fact Jon catalogs his game collection and, as mentioned before, didn't like the game's prequel on the GameCube. With this in mind, Jon declares The World Ends with You as the actual winner of the poll.
  • Fortune Cookie: Everything Happened at Once Edition
    • The stream opens with Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball, which Jon confesses was meant to be an April Fool's gag where he and several other streamers attempted to see how high they could get a random bad game on Twitch's rankings. He spends most of the game struggling with the game's spotty net detection, as many shots that seem like they should go in fail... and then the computer manages to score while directly underneath the net.
  • Fortune Cookie: "I Can See the Floor Again, Almost..." Edition
    • While showing off Super Mario Maker 2's Multiplayer Mode, one of the stages proves to be a Luck-Based Mission due to the moving platform in the final area. First time Jon makes it there, it's nowhere in sight, and he revives in the first area to find it completely chaotic courtesy of a Lakitu gradually flooding it with Spinies. Things only keep rolling downhill from there.
    • Jon's goal for the first game is simply to get enough wins in Multiplayer Mode to bump himself up to C-Rank. Despite only needing three victories, this proves much harder than anticipated, and culminates in him attempting to softlock the game for the others by stealing a springboard.
  • Fortune Cookie: Back At Full Power Just In Time To Leave Next Week Edition
  • Fortune Cookie: ConBravo's Next Week Edition
    • Due to setting a sub goal of 5000 from the last Mario Maker 2 stream, chat has taken upon themselves to gift out a huge amount of subs, with Tenchi and Kasperr egging on the chat for sub bombs and constantly asking Jon "Are we there yet?"
    • Aside from the very first game, Blazing Chrome, every single game ends up being about ducks: Duck Game, Quackshot, Duck Dodgers in the 24th and 1/2 Century...and most notably, Donald Duck: Goin' Qu@ckers, which was nominated by a co-host as the final game AND appeared as the FINAL Fortune Cookie draw, an event so improbable that Jon was in complete and utter disbelief.
  • Fortune Cookie: Let's Video Game, Maybe? Edition
  • Fortune Cookie: Can't Stop Teaching Edition
    • Jon joked on the Friday stream before this that there would be a required essay for his "SNK history lesson". Lo and behold, someone actually did make a nine-page essay... And then it turned out some parts were from Wikipedia, leading people to jokingly accuse them of plagiarism.
    • Of all games, Science Papa for Wii shows up, and Jon has some fun, given his... loose grasp of chemistry.
      • Jon's feats of impossibility include making soap dirty and setting water on fire.
      • Jon is told to make bleach, and Dan jokes that after that he'll be asked to make some soap to clean the sink. He is promptly told to make soap, surprising everyone in the process.
  • Fortune Cookie: Saturday, the 14th Edition
    • After reacting with dismay to the chat pointing out that the armored heroines in The Princess Guide still have Jiggle Physics, Jon selects Alpana and is startled by a different sort of animation.
      Jon: [as Alpana rapidly gyrates while speaking calmly] "What is this motion?! What is this motion?!" [suddenly reverts to normal, slow animation] "Oh, she stopped."
      [reads line, advances to next textbox, Alpana starts wildly bouncing again]
      Jon: "What is this motion?!" [later] "'Ah, you must not move.' I will do all the moving for you and the rest of humanity, apparently."
    • Among the game's offered personalities for the protagonist is 'Perverted'. Naturally, Jon chooses this, leading to Bartholomew the Eccentric female Hero Knight-turned-Instructor/Pon-Pon analogue writing some interesting notes in her diary, and Jon declaring that he needs to double-check the game's rating, only for Bubba to confirm that it's T.
  • Fortune Cookie: One Year of Going Home & Being a Family Man Edition
    • After finishing the NES version of Family Feud, Jon comments that all of the game's answers are likely up on GameFAQs, and decides to check. Jewker abruptly makes a confession:
      Jewker: "Alright, I'm gonna be real with you. I actually was checking just in case... None of the questions we had were up there, ever."
      Jon: "What?"
      Jewker: "Yeah. 'Cuz I was like 'Alright, I'm gonna secretly CTRL-F'—" [StickerMitch bursts out laughing] "—check if they were there—"
      StickerMitch: "You... you dirty, dirty CHEATER!"
      Jewker: "How the fuck were they not up there? I'm willing to admit it. I didn't cheat, though. I can't cheat if there's nothing to look at!"
    • One of the Eggs following Family Feud casts Kanji Tatsumi as The Emperor, using a clip from Hiimdaisy's Big Long Persona 4 Comic. However, a well-timed donation makes it sound as though Kanji has a chainsaw:
      Goldman: "Show yourself! Our new ruler, the Emperor!"
      Kanji: [over dramatic thud and chainsaw revving] "You sayin' I like dudes?"
      RobertCop: "AAAAAAAAAHHH!"
      Yosuke & Chie: "AAAAAAAAAAA—!"
      Narrator: "And then there was a wacky chase scene!"
      Kanji: "No come back I love girls!"
      Jon: [laughing, mystified] "...What was that from?"
    • Lifeline returns, much to Jon's dismay. After playing around with the Bonus Mode for a bit...
      Jon: "Alright, we've stalled as long as we can..." [to Rio] "Hello."
      Rio: [silently stands up]
      Jon: "Hi."
      Rio: [annoyed sing-song] "What is it...?"
      Jon: "...Bark like a dog."
      Rio: "Little dog, arf arf, or big dog, wuff-wuff?"
      Jon: "...Alright, that's gonna do it for tonight, everybody!" [chuckles] "...Tell a joke."
      Rio: [sarcastic] "Ha, ha. Don't worry, there are plenty of ways for me to die in here."
      Jon: [sputter-laughing]
    • As it turns out, Jon had quit the game right before entering the Sun Suite, which requires a two-part verbal password. Rio recites the first part, Jon has to recite the second, and then they have to recite the whole poem in unison. Jon's mounting frustration is outdone by Rio. Ironically, it works on the attempt where he rushes through it.
      Jewker: "Now say it backwards."
    • The game's also just as bizarrely obtuse with its expected commands as ever, to Jon's ongoing frustration.
  • Fortune Cookie: Not So Spooky Stream Edition
    • Jon starts off the stream playing Crossniq+. He got a rank online earlier in the day when he was playing just for fun, except he typed his name in as "PQOTONJON" instead of "PROTONJON". When he goes to put his name in later, he checks to see if he really did misread the "Q" as an "R".
      Jon: "Yeah, that's the Q. How did I make that bad a mistake? Huh."
      [proceeds to correct his name: PRPTONKGG]
      Jon: "...OKAY! Maybe I... need to get checked out by a doctor!"
      • He then discovers that for some reason, he can't go down from the "G" (which looks a lot like the "O" because of the font) to the "N".
    • Prior to that, he checks out the game's largest grid option, 16 by 16, for the first time, and bursts out laughing at the sight.
    • One vote comes down to a close race between Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! and Resident Evil 2. So close, in fact, that at the moment the timer runs out, both have 183 votes. Then the next two votes to come in raise them up to 184 each, respectively.
  • Fortune Cookie: Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend Everyone! Edition
  • Fortune Cookie: Back At It Again Edition
  • Fortune Cookie: Off-Grey Saturday Edition
    • Someone suggests making a custom Bit Cup with a bra instead of a cup. Jon wants to concede, but admits that two parts of him are in constant battle over good idea/bad idea.
      Dan: "And they both need support!"
      Jon: [laughing halfway through] "I fucking hate you right now."
  • High-Risk Fortune Cookie: "Left or Right?" Edition
    • A new alert debuts. Rather than the Bit bra, it uses the Wario Land buckets, with a random chance of something other than a Bit landing on Wario's head. Naturally, the stream opens with one of the rare animations immediately triggering, forcing Jon to take a moment to avoid breaking down laughing.
    • Jon plays through The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors, unlocking one of the new characters: Yaksha. He decides to give her a whirl before moving on, and is taken aback by her distinct character design.
    • Jon marvels at the backstory of SoulBlazer, wherein a greedy king makes a deal with the King of Evil, Deathtoll, and agrees to sacrifice every living creature in the world to him... for a single gold coin each. Jewker comments that they really can't top that kind of introduction.
    • Deathtoll also inspires the hero's name: Lifetax.
    • The guards of the first village leave a lot to be desired. One decides his post isn't necessary and lets Lifetax right on through, while another asks him to turn the wheel that will open the way to the Underground Castle for him. Jon agrees with Jewker that he "definitely got Huck Finn'd."
      Jewker: "Everyone in this village sucks. I hate them all, except Grandma."
      Jon: [having finished with the wheel] "You couldn't turn that?"
      Guard: "Oh, no wonder! I was turning it the wrong way!"
      Jon: "Oh my god..."
  • Fortune Cookie: Space Heater Edition
    • During Ninja Gaiden Black, the co-comms go off giving Chuck Norris-esque facts about Miyamoto Musashi, namely ones that were designed to make him look like an asshole.
    • Jon raids the same guy from the Let's Just See What Happens Edition of Fortune Cookie. He remembered.
      Alex: "Proton Jon was here like 2 years ago and I brought up Superman 64, but I'm not gonna do that again."
  • Fortune Cookie: The End of the '10's Edition
    • Jon's first game in SuperMash is a combination JRPG/Metroidvania titled Overbearing Annihilation. As it opens on 'CHAPTER 3: Song of Bonding', Wesker starts yodeling. Made even funnier by how alerts were backed up, yet this still managed perfect timing.
      Jon: [laughing] "There it is! There's the song of bonding right there!"
    • Kirby's Dream Course wins a cookie and Jon decides to play a match against co-comm SmashToons using Nintendo Switch Online. Hijinks ensue, including but not limited to random SNES endgame savestates, discussion of the nation of Jersey, Dalton's "greatest shots" going awry, and the potential of using savestates to rig the game in his favor. Such as when Jon barely pulls off a shot, and Dalton pauses and highlights 'Load Suspend Point'.
      Jon: "Ggg-ha—! No, no, no, I earned that, no!"
      Dalton: "I'm not actually gonna do that... As funny as it would be, no."
    • Then the connection starts getting loud and laggy, and Jon is suddenly disconnected from the match near the end of the last hole. The cause? Reese microwaving a pizza.
      Reese: "Sorry, it was my fault."
      Jon: "Wait, what?"
      Reese: [laughing sheepishly] "I had the microwave on..."
      Jon: "YOU TURNED ON THE MICROWAVE? That's why the Internet died?"
      • And then Dalton wins by switching the player 1 and 2 inputs at the last second.
    • The fact that Jon, of all people, ends up closing out the last Fortune Cookie of the decade on two Sonic games in succession.

  • Fortune Cookie: Smoke Alarm Free Zone Edition
  • High Risk Fortune Cookie: At The Mercy of Fate Edition
    • The second game rolled for the night was Mega Man 8: Anniversary Edition, causing Jon to wonder why the cookie has been giving him Mega Man games lately.
      • The last game of the night ends up being Mega Man 2... for the Game Boy. Jon continues to wonder about the cookies's seemingly love for Mega Man, with people wondering if the month of January was going to be mostly Mega Man games.
    • A discussion of horse-flavored mouthwash leads into HeIsAnEvilGenius recounting how he was inspired by an old Listerine commercial:
      HeIsAnEvilGenius: "They were like 'Listerine is an action hero for your gums!'"
      Jon: "Oh I remember those commercials! Yeah~!"
      HeIsAnEvilGenius: "Yeah! And it was the dumbest thing, but then I just started going to Walmarts and bringing Listerine to the movie section, putting them on the shelves, because of that commercial..."
      Jon: "What?!"
      HeIsAnEvilGenius: "And — and one thing led to another, and eventually, it got to the point where I actually had a Listerine poster on my wall in my bedroom..."
      [Jon completely loses it laughing]
      HeIsAnEvilGenius: "I'm serious! This movie theater magazine that I had, had an ad for Listerine that looked like the poster to a movie, and it had, like, this big Listerine action figure, and the gum disease villain, and I cut it out of the magazine and put it on my wall as a poster."
      • This is combined with the Mega Man theme when fanartists start drawing pictures of a Listerine-themed Robot Master. What follows is a bizarre Contrived Coincidence as Jon looks at a bonus on Mega Man 8 showing art concepts for proposed Robot Masters submitted by fans at the time the game was made...and one of them is, indeed, mouthwash and toothpaste themed.
    • The complexity of the lore of different media franchises is discussed, with Jon pointing out that Tekken 3's lore consistents mainly of people being thrown into volcanoes. Repeatedly.
    • The chat is impressed to learn that HeIsAnEvilGenius is the man behind Peter Chimaera of "And Then John Was a Zombie" intentionally terrible fanfic fame, and begins trying to persuade him to write a sequel.
  • Fortune Cookie: A Barrel Full of Barrels (Note: May Not Contain Barrels) Edition
    • In an odd bit of serendipity, one of the minigames of WarioWare: Touched! asks him to "Spell EGG!" Jon and his co-comms can't help but marvel, wondering what the odds were of that.
    • The final game of the stream is none other than the GBA Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective. When Jon starts it up, the first file is named Dan, leading him to wonder if DanTheEngima gave him his copy.
      • Dan himself soon arrives and confirms that no, he actually wasn't responsible for giving him the game. Making the file names nothing more than sheer, dumb coincidence.
  • High Risk Fortune Cookie: Have I Played These Before? Edition
  • Fortune Cookie: Colosseum Countdown Edition
  • Fortune Cookie: "I Forgot Today's Subtitle" Edition:
    • Near the start of the stream, Jon plays D. He gets through the first disc, and due to a mod choice returns to finish the rest as the last game of the night. Hilarity Ensues throughout, particularly due to the game's cheesey (especially by modern standards) nature. Highlights include:
      • Jon finds a 'slot machine' that spins a number between 00 and 99, gives it a couple spins, and gets a perfectly-timed alert.
      • Jon returns to the spinner after finding the number he needs to get. He explains how he believes the puzzle works, gives the machine a spin, and immediately lands on the target number.
      • Jon and his co-comms constantly mock the main character's slow movement speed and bizarrely-loud walking-on-stairs sound effect.
      • Jon's familiar with the start of the game due to having played it on stream before. Not long after he gets past what he's done previously, a surprise moment catches him completely off-guard.
      • The best moment comes near the end, where Jon triggers a particularly plot-relevant cutscene and completely loses it at the sudden reveal.
        Jon: WAIT, WHAT?! [laughing]
        Co-Comm: Excuse me?
        Jon: [still laughing] The D does stand for Drac-! Oh my god! Oh my god, the D does stand for Dracula! I'm waking up Reese I'm so sorry but holy shit!
  • Fortune Cookie: A Downward Spiral of Sorts Edition
    • Jon decided to have FamilyJules a co-comm. This might have been a mistake as Jon quickly looses control.
      • Jules' first request is "Hungry Pumkin", aka the game that gave us the Memetic Mutation of "Give me the [food item]!" and "No! I don't want that!" For the rest of the stream, Jon continues to spam Pumkin saying "Noodles!" after someone sent him the sound clip.
      • FamilyJules' story during Mario's Picross 2. Said story involved Masae Anela, which ended up joining the call and suggesting Beautiful Katamari as the next game, which won with 70% of the vote.
  • Fortune Cookie: Hot-Blooded Video Games Edition
  • Fortune Cookie: Press Start To Stop Edition
    • Much like Super Mario Bros. 3 way back when, Bad Dudes turns into a scrambled mess, with the opening text first appearing as long rows of 'ZZZZZZZZ':
      Jon: Guys, are we playing as 4L367 or KLJIK7J?
  • Fortune Cookie: Symphony of Glitches Edition
    • The first game rolled after Mr. Driller: Drill Canada Hunt for the Wii. While Jules and Jerod joke about Canada in front of Jon, the game is effortlessly given a mercy kill and wins the poll.
      • It's not just that poll either. EVERY poll of the stream ends in a mercy kill, and the frequent Lampshade Hanging after the final poll (and the VOD description) proves that this isn't lost on anyone.
    • Jon reveals the new TRG site, with biographies for each member of the team. The title given to Jon on his bio? "The Master of Misfortune". When Jerod asks for his wife Erika's title, Chatia's says "The Voice of Reason".


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