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  • Sparkles* and Parv, alongside In The Little Wood and Strippin, do the "Tone Deaf 4-Chord Singalong".
    • Parv inadvertently kills the groove at one point, leading to Strippin shouting "Shut up and play, Parv!"
    • Parv randomly interrupts the groove to go "Bangarang", then resumes as if nothing happened.
  • Sparkles*, at one point during the Yogscast Christmas Livestream, stumbles into Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane's livestream while completely plastered. He's so drunk that his speech is slurred a little and he ends up speaking no sense at all. Duncan and Strippin actually have to go in and take him home (or to a concert as it later turned out), at which point Sparkles* gets up, gives Simon a drunken hug and then falls over twice on his way out.
  • "Riddles".
    • Kogie proves that he can drink five litres of water in ten minutes for a bet... except it turns out that there was no bet and Kogie made it up, with Sparkles* choosing to let him do it because "[he's] a bastard".
    • Just before he can make it to the toilet, Parv* gets in the way, trying to copy Gollum as done by Andy Serkis, even dressed up in a mocap suit. His impression is uncannily accurate, to the point that he's started Becoming the Mask and tries giving Kogie riddles, even though he's completely uninterested and needs to pee.
    • When Kogie needs to do a counter riddle (what he has in his pocket), Parv guesses first his hands and then a knife. Kogie grabs his hand and shoves it in his pocket to give him the answer. It's piss, which is enough for Parv to drop the act and squeal to Sparkles* for help.
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    • And inside the toilet is Leo, dressed as Gandalf, declaring YOU SHALL NOT PISS. This last one is enough for Kogie to shout Oh for fuck's sake!
  • This Instagram video, with Parv playing the guitar part to "Homunculus" at a music shop. Sparkles* just has this to say.
    Sparkles*: You're shit.
  • Hat Films cameoing in "Monopoly" as prima-donna versions of themselves.
    Smiffy: Why did we have to be the little dog? I fucking hate the little dog.
    Trott: Yes, my thoughts exactly. Why couldn't we have just been the top hat?
  • During the 2014 livestream with In The Little Wood and Strippin, Sparkles* tells a story about how he and the band were mistaken for Enter Shikari during their time in Japan. Going to the afterparty after a gig and being the first ones there, several Japanese fans bought them drinks, making the band think they'd finally struck gold in Japan. After an hour, they realised that there had been a case of mistaken identity and felt awkward when Enter Shikari actually showed up.
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  • Sparkles* is aware he has a TV Tropes entry.

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