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    Super Mario Sunshine 

  • In episode 34, Josh does the Grunty's Furnace Fun quiz, but at first all the questions seem to have the same answer ("Freezeezy Peak"), to his bafflement.
  • In the finale, he somehow glitches inside the Jinjonator statue as it rises.


    Yoshi's Island 
  • His reaction of utter awe and surprise when he's saved by a Goonie.
    • Later, he finally reaches the end of the level; however, Mario was knocked off of him a while back and he can't reach him, causing him to desperately call out for Mario to come to him to no avail.
    • Yoshi standing on a cannon while Josh wonders if he's seen the enemy before. The cannon promptly shoots Yoshi.
    • At one point in the game, he gushes over a Podoboo of all things saying how cute he finds them in the game.
    • Him asking a Dancing Shy Guy to stop shaking its butt at him.
    • "Stop looking at me, Snowman!"
    • "Kamek, you fuuuck!"
      • Also, he reads Kamek's lines in a voice that sounds like Herbert.
  • His utterly squicked/horrified reaction to the Prince Froggy boss fight, which he doesn't quite recover from by the end of the video.

    Donkey Kong Country Returns (with Lets Play/Super Jeenius) 
  • The Running Gag of referring to bananas as "Blanabbas".
  • "So sad, bad dad", the Catchphrase which rapidly becomes a Madlibs Catch Phrase as the game goes on.
  • At the end of World 2, Josh says this is the furthest he's ever played into the game and everything else will be blind. Jeenius tries to reply "This is further than I've ever got by a long shot" but ends up saying "This is further than I've ever got by a laptop." This later gets a Call-Back in Rayman Origins.
  • In episode 9, they go to ridiculous lengths to complete a level without the humiliation of getting a Game Over. Then after all that trouble, in episode 10 they completely lose track of how many lives they have and get a Game Over then. SuperJeenius's reaction has to be heard.
  • The entirety of Crowded Cavern.
  • After struggling to complete the World 5 bonus level, Josh ends up losing what they think is their last life before they realize that they still have one more. Josh is excited to try again...and dies almost immediately.
  • They complete a difficult level but without getting all the Kong letters in it, then discuss when to go back and get the ones they missed. Josh suggests 'at the end of the world' (as in group of levels) which Jake misinterprets as 'when the world ends on December 21st 2012'. This leads to them actually going back and doing a level (ironically a different one, as they misremembered which one it was) on that date, months later.
  • In episode 24, "Red Red Rising! Over the woods and through the Grandma! To Jesus' House we go!"

    Super Mario 64 
  • There's a moment in episode 7, when he rides a shell. Starts at 9:13, and ends one second later.
    • Him gushing over Dorrie the Sea Monster in Hazy Maze Cave, to the point where he nicknames him "Awwww"
    • Josh dying three times trying to get the 100 Coin Star in Tall Tall Mountain, much to his surprise and dismay.
    • The failtage of Tiny-Huge Island. Mario started the video with 23 lives and went down to four.
      • Josh's reaction to when the Wiggler falls through the floor is priceless.
    • A Funny Background Event occurs in Tall Tall Mountain in which a random Bob-omb somehow glitches through the floor and falls down from the sky behind Mario to its doom.
    • His utter surprise when he glitches through the wall and dies at Tick Tock Clock.
    • At the end of beating every level in Tick Tock Clock (including getting the "100 Coin Star"), Mario ends up falling all the way from the top, hitting '''every''' platform below him on the way down. While that happens, Josh goes completely silent.
    • His reaction to when a Bob-omb walks off a cliff on Rainbow Ride.
    Josh: Bob-omb? Why'd you commit suicide, Bob-omb? I just wanted to hug you!
  • The voice he gives to the giant Snowman in Snowman's Land.

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 

    Rayman 2: The Great Escape 

    Rayman Origins (with Lets Play/Super Jeenius) 
  • Part 13 has a gem of a response to a Funny Background Event that quickly made its way into the foreground at about the 11:30 mark.
    SJ: It ate a TOWN.
    *"it" starts to spit out bits of debris*
    Josh: And now it's gonna... barf on us?!
    SJ: Oh dear God!
    Josh: Yep, it's gonna barf on us!
    SJ: Rayman's Oranges are coming back to get us!!
  • The hell of a Freudian Slip in the beginning of Rayman "Oranges" part 15: "Let's play in jizz!"
    • All of episode 15 really, especially the "Rape Ape"...discussion.
    • Upon entering the level entitled "Don't Shoot the DJ", this exchange occurs.
    Josh: (singing) I shot the DJ...but I didn't shoot the DJ! (stops singing as he bursts into giggles) The DJ doesn't really have a sheriff/deputy thing going on.
    Jake: No.
    Josh: He's just a DJ.
    Jake: Yeah.
    Josh: ...So, I shot him, but I didn't shoot him.
    Jake: Why did you shoot him, though?
    Josh: 'Cos he was a fucker!
  • Another Freudian Slip: Josh accidentally referring to Globox as "Blowjob" and Jake's reaction.
  • During a fight in episode 17 against That One Boss, Josh slips down off the bottom of the screen and dies.
    Josh: I was still holding the button! Why did I go down?!
  • At the end of Episode 17, Josh and Jake high-five, there's a loud slap and you hear Josh whimper in pain from where Jake high-fived him with all his strength.
    Jake: He chose poorly.
  • In episode 21 here. One enemy type fires electrical bolts at them, up until this point all of them have done so horizontally or vertically, then Josh gets killed by one in a secret stage firing his bolt at an angle. You can see where this is going by now.

    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening 

    Portal 2 
  • During the Portal 2 custom map, 12 Angry Tests, he's going through one rather easy test chamber, and is riding a tractor beam to the end...
    Josh: That was a really easy puzzle...I'm a li - I'm slightly disappointed with that one, cause that was - like, exactly like one of the-
    (the tractor beam vanishes and drops him to the floor, followed by a creepy, robotic laugh playing)
    Josh: (gasps)
    (the entire level begins falling and ripping apart)
    Josh: What?! ...I take back every word I ever said. Ever. In my entire days...of being on this Earth.
  • From the Portal 2 custom map "Looking Up," Josh spots two walls covered in repulsion gel.
    Josh: Wall jumping?! I'mma be Samus all up in this bitch!

    Super Mario Galaxy 
  • The Mystery Science Theater 3000-style segment in the first episode, with two silhouetted Toads riffing on the cutscenes.
  • When a Magikoopa blasts Mario off into space, the return of a certain Kamek-related catchphrase.
  • His Tempting Fate moment in episode 8 when he says "I don't remember this level being terribly difficult" and instantly sends himself flying off the first platform and dies.
  • His inability to pronounce "Cosmic Comet" in episode 10.
  • In episode 14, the entirety of his attempting to do the secret star of Freezeflame Galaxy. ESPECIALLY when he somehow glitches his way out of a fall.
  • In episode 15, he keeps trying to start a sentence talking about comparing the two Galaxy games, only to keep getting squashed by the same Thwomp over and over.
    • Later on he tries to jump for a star, but keeps accidentally talking to Toad when he pushes the button, to his annoyance.
  • In episode 16, after seeing a level is called "Blasting Through The Sand", he sings "Blasting through the sand, in a one-horse open sleigh! Why would you use a sleigh in the fucking sand? You idiot!"
  • In episode 18, after Josh nearly dies on Bowser's Dark Matter Reactor, he lapses into nervously singing his commentary...and he keeps nearly dying, so he just keeps going.
  • More of a meta one, but if you've seen Super Mario Galaxy Versus (which Josh wasn't in) it's amusing how opposite his views of the game are to AttackingTucans' - for instance Josh preferred the sequel while Tyler hated it, and Dusty Dunes Galaxy is Tyler's least favourite level but one of Josh's favourites. Even when they're not even in the same video, they sill manage to disagree about everything!
  • In episode 23, Josh's reaction when a Tox Box crushes him without warning after the secret star has appeared.
  • In episode 25, Josh repeatedly managing to miss the invincibility star enroute when he blasts to a planet in the sky.
  • Josh's Humiliation Conga in episode 28 where he keeps slamming into every one of the spiky balls and losing all his health in one go.
  • The fail montage of Luigi's Purple Coins in episode 35.
  • In episode 37, "Slow and sweaty rins the wace".

    Fallout 3 

    Spyro the Dragon 
  • The Running Gag of "KILL THE WIIIZAAARD!"
  • From Episode 5:
    Josh (while talking about an enemy that hits you with a vulture held like a club): Their little, like, chicken club...not chicken club, that's a sandwich at McDonald's! Um...vulture club. He's using it like a club, that's why I call it a club. It's not a dance club, it's a bludgeoning club. (beat) "Welcome to Bludgeoning Club! We meet every Wednesday, in the library, and we bludgeon people to death!"

    Super Mario Galaxy 2 
  • In the first episode, because of Nintendo's copyright policy on game cutscenes, Josh pauses the cutscene and steps into view himself to summarise what's going on. After noting that the game implies that Princess Peach is the most important person in the universe, he stands there for half a minute staring incredulously and inanely into the camera.
  • The Running Gag of him referring to Octoombas as 'Octagons'.
  • In episode 10, Josh does a voice for Bowser Jr that is so exaggeratedly cacophonic that he chokes on his own spit and then spends the next minute coughing and laughing.
  • In episode 12 Josh finds part of the Chompworks level that he feels reminds him of 'a futuristic government building', and then decides that this means he can declare himself 'the President of Space'.

     12-hour Mario P Arty Stream 
  • Boo's Haunted Bash (MP 4)
    • The fact people are keeping track of "Freindship's Ruined" and "Chealsy Rages".
    • People joking about Josh getting wet.
    • "And then Yoshi shoves the stars up his "Eet Shute"[[labelnote: explanation]] The user meant to say "egg chute", but the his auto-correct wrote this. [[/lablenote]] also, "The Eet shute is his butt".
    • Someone randomly wrote "#Bowser Pancakes" in the chat.


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