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Tear Jerker / Let's Play

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Usually it's the game itself which makes you cry. Other times it's the reactions of those playing them when all you can do is sit back and watch because you're just along for the ride.

Burning Dog Face

  • Upon realising getting the full ending to Prince of Persia (2008) required him to deliberately undo all the work he'd just done and unleash the evil god he just spent forty videos sealing away. This would save a protagonist's life at the cost of dooming the world.
    "Elika wouldn't want me to do that."
  • Tugs the heartstrings again with his genuinely upset reaction to the death of Walter in Fable III.
    BDF: ...He was a hero too.


Spacey Sims

  • This user on YouTube did a Let's Play of The Sims 4 using characters from The X-Files. However, both of the protagonists die.
    • Mulder dies next to Scully and several of his Original Character kids, who all cry. The narrator buries him by the observatory because it was his favorite place and notes that he died surrounded by aliens which is "how he'd want to go".
    • Scully's death happens right after Woo-Hoo'ing with Mulder's ghost and it was anticipated from the beginning of the video but doesn't happen until near the end. She's buried next to Mulder, and it becomes extra sad when you see that his gravestone reads "The truth WAS out there."