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Tear Jerker / Chuggaaconroy Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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  • Amelia's goodbye letter. Because Chuggaa was sick for so long, Amelia left and is no longer a part of Palette.
  • Chuggaa just sounds so crushed when he has to say no to Molly stopping by his house at a certain time. In the next episode he's also hurt when Molly doesn't show up for the grand opening for the water fountain he had built just for her.
  • It gets worse. Way, WAY worse. He has people choose a public works project for where Amelia's house used to be. The winner was a street light, so she can see where to land at night if she wants to return.
    • After the celebration ceremony, Biskit tells him he's planning on moving. He changes his mind, but still.
  • In episode 32 of his Animal Crossing LP, Stinky decides to move out just to get out of cleaning. Shocked at this, Chuggaa decides to let him move.
    • His goodbye to Stinky in episode 37.
    • As Chuggaa goes to sleep in episode 37, his thought bubble is of when he first met Stinky.
  • His determination to have one nice conversation with Croque. He fails.
  • Chuggaa accidentally makes Biskit sad in Episode 35, and he is genuinely saddened over it.
  • Accidentally saying "No" to going to a Public Works Project ceremony, disappointing Isabelle.
  • Chuggaa visits Masae Anela in her town, and sees his Amelia in her town. She recognizes Chuggaa, and the second thing she brings up is how she loves 'our town's' street lamp.
  • He accidentally opens Biskit's time capsule when trying to rebury it.
  • The looming reminders that Episode 40 will be the last episode of the LP. Of course, then The Stinger of Episode 40 reveals that it's not.
  • Episode 40, Part 2 has the end of the episode, FULL STOP. This resulted in someone on twitter tweeting this:
    You have done it. I am on the verge of tears. I know this LP will continue, possibly beyond 2014... But i'm still sad.
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  • Croque shows up at Molly's birthday party and constantly insults Chuggaa.
  • On Shari's birthday, Biskit wants to move out. Chuggaa lets him go, then he is revealed to have stayed in Palette at last.
  • On Father's Day, Chuggaa reveals that Pango suddenly moved out without warning.
  • On the Summer Solstice Chugga gets a letter from Biskit... It's a farewell letter. Biskit moved without warning too. What makes this worse is that he didn't know about it and opened it up happily.
  • Remember when Chugga introduced to us Kid Cat, saying he was one of his best friends in a different Animal Crossing? Chugga let him go. He said he did get a warning, but let Kid Cat go.
  • In his September and October comeback video, Chuggaa shares a letter Fang sent to him when he was depressed about not being able to work and upload videos. Fang asks him if he's alright, and says that he think of Chuggaa as a close pal, telling him to not disappoint him and mope about silly stuff.
    • In the same video, he reveals that Chester moved away unexpectedly.
    • Chuggaa introduces us to Cookie... and she has a cold, and thus isn't as cheerful as she usually is.
  • November 18th is both the 1-year anniversary of the Animal Crossing LP and the final video of the LP.
    • The ending of said finale. He sits under the town tree and, as the credits roll, he shows the final letters that he sent to his villagers, each both heartwarming and a tearjerker. The letter sent to Croque, despite their animosity in the past, is worth mentioning.
      Dear Croque,
      We never got along and still don't. So why am I saying good-bye to you? I want you to take good care of Molly. If you ever make her cry, you will hear from me.
      Make her very happy, Emile
    • In his letter to Shari, he mentions that despite a "weird relationship" at first, he thinks of Shari as his best friend.
    • "Have a safe trip! Eek eek!"
    • One fan got so sad about the series ending that he created a petition for Emile to continue updating the project.
  • Emile feels horrible when he walks in on Kitt only to discover he had forgotten her birthday.
  • Molly deciding to move out of Palette. Since she's one of Emile's all-time favorite villagers, it's clear that he's heartbroken about her decision, but for the sake of her happiness, he decides to let her go. He then ends Day 9 with a rather bittersweet stinger: shortly after going to bed, he gets back up and sends Molly one last heartfelt letter, along with a four leaf clover as a parting gift. All of this is done in complete and total silence.
    Dear Molly,
    I hope the choice you ultimately make is what makes you happy. I will miss you, but I promise to give it my all to run the town we started.
    You're the best, Emile
    • And after Molly has moved away, at the end of Day 12, Emile shows some submitted fanart of her and his Animal Crossing avatar. A few tug at the heartstrings simply because of the memories and the fact that she's gone, but two stand out. One has her sitting on a tree stump with the four leaf clover Emile gave her pressed between the pages of her book with her eyes tearing up from the memories. Another has Emile staring at the night sky from his hammock near Croque's house, with Croque sitting in it with him and appearing to miss her too, even if he won't admit it.
  • Somewhat amusing as well, but in episode 16, Shari tells Emile she's planning to move away. Emile, still heartbroken about Molly and not wanting to lose another close friend, chooses to stop her. Shari's reaction is one of reluctant agreement, choosing to stay only because Emile wants her to, causing Emile to grumble about her playing games with him. This brings to mind how Emile had willingly let Molly go because she seemed to be looking forward to it, and now Shari's attempt to do the same is shut down. Makes you feel bad for both parties involved.
  • Downplayed compared to other examples, but still sad: When showing off some of the houses he made in Happy Home Designer, he shows a house he made for a character named Jeremiah, who wanted "a blue house". While he obviously made gratuitous use of the color blue, Emile also made it blue in the sad way, by making it rainy, decorating the outside like it was Jeremiah's birthday, and going inside to mention how nobody came to Jeremiah's party.
    • And then there's Harry's house. At first it comes off as pretty funny considering the entire house is a complete dump, but then you see the picture of Goldie right next to his bed. Not only that, there is a crib as well as a clacker toy in his house, Implying that Goldie left him, or even died, leaving him a depressed, single father.
  • By sheer coincidence, the (potentially) last song Chuggaa hears from K.K. Slider is the same one he heard when he first moved to Palette, Bubblegum K.K. The volume of the Book-Ends and the acoustic guitar make the cheery song sound bittersweet as well.


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