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Heartwarming / Chuggaaconroy Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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  • The whole premise of his Animal Crossing LP. He wanted to involve his fans in the LP by letting them suggest things.
  • In Part 8 of his Animal Crossing LP, he starts to treat Shari better, even putting in the Yield Sign she requested.
  • A part of what he does every day in New Leaf is go and visit Sable of the Able Sisters. Every day, she warms up to him a little more.
  • His happiness at seeing many of the residents in his town, talking about his childhood memories and how much some of them really mean to him.
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  • The town name he chose, Palette, and why it was chosen.
    Mekaal Ahmed: I know this sounds similar to a notorious city from the Pokémon series, but how about Palette, the board that we use to create different mixtures of paint and create a piece of art? You want us all to be a part of this Let's Play, right? All of our ideas and input could be colors, and we could mix them together to paint the perfect town.
  • Day 18 of Animal Crossing: New Leaf—Emile got sick, and couldn't play for a few days due to not wanting to play without audience participation, and as a result, he lost Amelia from his town, one of his childhood animals. He asked his fans to vote for a public works project to be built in memory of her, and the winning vote, by NotACleverPony on Twitter, reads thusly:
    "The Street Lamp, so she can see where to land at night if she wants to return."
  • Biskit says he wants to move, but as he explains that it's to go on an adventure, Chuggaa decides to support his decision.
    • Then Chuggaa gets the Arwing fortune, which talks about how your friends always need you, and he decides to have Biskit stay. It works.
  • Pango asking Chuggaa to visit her house; at the end of the video he remembers and posts pictures from it.
  • In Episode 24, Shari says she wants to move. He makes her stay, but his reason is because the response that'd make her move was "Who are you?"
  • He tells the story of the Able Sisters. Aww....
  • He defends Shari when Croque is mean to her.
  • His decision to reestablish the Reset Center so that Mr. Resetti can have his job back, as well as taking the time to address and debunk many of the negative rumors surrounding him.
  • He brings medicine to a sick Egbert. When Egbert recovers, he's delighted to see his friend well.
  • Everything about the Toy Day video, especially when he squeaks with happiness when Molly says 'Santa' reminds her of Emile.
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  • His determination to have one nice conversation with Croque. He fails.
  • In Episode 35, Chuggaa accidentally makes Biskit sad, and is genuinely heartbroken over it.
  • Chuggaa visits Masae Anela in her town, and sees his Amelia in her town. She recognizes Chuggaa, and the second thing she brings up is how she loves 'our town's' street lamp.
  • Masae gives Chuggaa his favorite item, the Jingle Piano. It's doubly heartwarming because he was so worried he wouldn't find it.
  • His goodbye to Stinky.
  • His letters to Stinky and Molly in episode 37.
  • The story of why K.K. Slider is his favorite Animal Crossing character, and how his trophy from Super Smash Bros. Melee got him into the Animal Crossing series as a whole. The trophy had the game he was from as 'Future Release', prompting Chuggaa to search for who this mystery character was and what game he was from.
  • As Chuggaa goes to sleep in episode 37, his thought bubble is of when he first met Stinky.
  • Episode 39 opens with him reading a letter from Molly. "No matter how busy we get next year, we can't forget our regular chats."
  • Episode 40 has Pango being nice to Emile on their last day together. After their talk, he reveals that Pango's personality was always nice, and he was just incredibly unlucky with her responses.
  • The credits for the LP. It's everyone's contributions to the project.
  • The reveal at the end of Day 40. Chuggaa only accomplished half of his idea for the LP; as 2014 goes on, he'll return to Palette to showcase holidays. special visitors, etc. The first of the holidays is New Year's Day, meaning the very next day.
  • On Valentine's Day, Shari gets Emile purple roses and Isabelle gets him a chocolate cake. He also gets hot chocolate from Brewster.
    • And he goes "awww" when he sees Pango smiling and watering flowers.
  • Chuggaa decides to give the cake Isabelle made for him to Dr. Shrunk instead. Shrunk has special text about how much he loves it, and thanks him.
  • Chuggaa celebrates Molly's birthday and gives her red carnations.
  • On Shamrock Day, Chugga gets a letter from Molly saying "OK, here it is! I had a dream you really wanted this. You were crying and everything! After that dream, I couldn't NOT give it to you. Please take good care of it. Your friend, Molly." There's a present attached with some cityscape wall wallpaper.
    • Pango asks Chugga to deliver a present to Egbert. Upon receiving the present, Egbert states he was going to give it to Chugga.
  • His Animal Crossing villagers celebrate his birthday in the cutest and most heartwarming way possible. They set up decorations and a cake just for him. He puts "My next LP to be a good one" as his wish, and Shari even says that she'll let everyone know so they can cheer him on.
  • Chuggaa is nice to Shari for her birthday, and she profusely thanks him for his gifts.
  • After Chuggaa gave Pietro a birthday present, Pietro responded the next day by giving him his picture. And the same day, Croque sent him a nice letter.
  • In his September and October comeback video, Chuggaa shares a letter Fang sent to him when he was depressed about not being able to work and upload videos. Fang asks him if he's alright, and says that he think of Chuggaa as a close pal, telling him to not disappoint him and mope about silly stuff.
    • In the same video, he reunites with Pango and Stinky on Main Street.
  • The finale is nothing but this and Tear Jerker in alternating amounts. Main heartwarming moments include:
    • Buying one final shirt from the Able Sisters as a keepsake.
    • Deciding that, in place of him as Mayor, Isabelle can keep the town running and his house will be left for her to use as a "home away from home".
    • The letters he sent out to the animals before leaving, which show up onscreen while credits roll.
      • In particular is his letter to Croque: "We never got along and still don't. So why am I saying good-bye to you? I want you to take good care of Molly. If you ever make her cry, you will hear from me."
      • And in his letter to Shari, he mentions that despite a "weird relationship" at first, he thinks of Shari as his best friend.

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  • When Emile heads up to main street to update Palette's dream address in Episode 1, he ends up running into Biskit and Stinky.
  • The first person he meets once he's able to roam around the town, is Molly. And it's clear in his voice he is very happy to see her.
  • Emile letting Molly go, and his letter.
  • Him squeeing over how adorable he finds Wisp.
  • After Molly left Croque became nicer to Emile, which he interpreted as him feeling guilty and wanting to make amends.
  • During the finale, Chugga has yet again written some rather nice letter to his villagers, old and new.
    • Two that really stand out, however, are the letters to Shari and Croque. For the villagers who gained the reputations of being a criminal, possibly obsessive time zombie and the Token Jerkass Villager respectively, the fact his letters to both of them are genuinely heartfelt and fond - not even making note of the former's creepy reputation and not containing any jabs at the latter like the threatening letter to him from last time - says a lot.
    "Dear Shari, Hey... I never thanked you for not teasing me about my last letter. Thank you for that. Don't think I haven't noticed your protectiveness of me since I got back. I missed you too, Emile."
    "Dear Croque, I feel like the rift between us closed a bit due to hard times that affected us both. We may not be best friends, but being there for each other makes me glad we met. Maybe she wanted this, Emile."
    • The letter to Pietro deserves mention too - For a villager that's often branded as creepy, hideous, or outright dangerous among fans, the fact all Chuggaa has to describe him as is "a ray of light in my life", and tells him he's "good as you are" and tells him to "be there for everyone" like he has been for him is downright string-tugging.
  • The Stinger of the finale. After the history of Palette is recapped, we see Chuggaa going to Masae's town. There, he goes into a house: and in there, he finally reunites with Molly, who moved into her town.
    • And look carefully. Molly has displayed the four-leaf clover Emile sent her in his final letter to her.


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