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Running Gags

  • A lot of his villagers.
  • Being very indifferent on if he likes villagers or not. It gets a lot more hilarious.
  • The Running Gag of Chuggaa acting like a Shell-Shocked Veteran towards people who've only played New Leaf and complaining about having to put up with Scrappy Mechanics when he played the earlier games growing up.
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  • His letters. All of them.
  • His growing frustration at how the first animal he talks to always wants him to get them a peach, when a peach tree is often just offscreen.
  • Him repetitively calling large amounts of bells "mere peanuts" due to the broken island mechanic.
  • Mentioning how odd it is that the snowmen can write letters... Yet they don't have arms.
  • His increasing rage that he can't show off anything due to the LP ending.
  • Chuggaa wearing a different outfit for each bonus video.
  • Things Emile did during the initial Animal Crossing LP being strangely prophetic for his projects between it and the Welcome Amiibo revisit.
    • He had made a wish for his next Let's Play to be a good one; it was Xenoblade Chronicles.
    • The fortune he still had on him and never cashed in turned out to be a Fi mask; he covered Skyward Sword two games ago.
  • Referring to the CAT machine with a different animal name each time.
  • Honking the horns of the RVs in the campground.
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  • Fang has apparently become a fast-talking salesman since Emile left, as most of his conversations involve selling to or buying from Chugga.
  • Phineas shows up frequently and unexpectedly, as it turns out that at the end of the initial playthrough, Emile was just that close to earning a lot of badges.

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    Animal Crossing: New Leaf 
Episode 1 Part 1
  • While mentioning town name suggestions, he riffs the spammage of Bob Comments to remove Google+ from YouTube, and pretends to think it's a town name suggestion and rejects it.
  • Chuggaa not feeling comfortable with telling Rover his name.
  • Pretending to not be mayor.
  • His initial intro to Rover.
    Staring at you, he gets up, HE'S SMILING, HE STARTS WALKING TOWARDS YOU... AND HE'S GOING TO SAY TO YOU... What time is it?
  • Heck, anything from his encounter with Rover.
    Wha- OH, GOD! Stop looking at me like that! Your eyes are scary!
  • The two puns made on the reveal of the fence and tent for his accommodation.

Episode 2

  • Him adoring Pete, and even calling him the biggest hero of Palette.
  • The letters he sends. Played straight with Biskit's.
    You were my best friend in another universe. Don't question it, just never leave my side. ACCEPT IT.
  • Chugga interrupting himself, then interrupting said interruptions with more interruptions which he then interrupts.
  • Because of an error in one of his 3DS's clocks, he sees Shari. Her eyes cause Chuggaa to shudder.
  • He notes that a male character can wear a dress in the game, and dubs it "Animal Crossdress". This becomes Hilarious in Hindsight later on.

Episode 3

  • He calls out Reese for yelling when she wants Cyrus to sleep.
    Chuggaa And yet you're over there yelling and screaming while he's trying to sleep. You're afraid of little ole' silent protagonist me poking him on the shoulder to wake him up, and yet you're just yelling like "AAAAAARGH!" and he doesn't wake up. He must be a heavy sleeper.

Episode 4

Episode 5

  • Chuggaa goes to see the new villager in his town.
    We had a new villager named Pietro moving into our town, and I want to meet him. I want to see what kind of animal this guy is, because he has a really weird house and I don't know that name, let's see. Whoa! Freaking psychedelic sheep!
  • Missing a shark shadow by a few milliseconds.
  • His way for voting on the bridges contained a lot of gems.
    • From Twitter, One of them was joking on cobble so they can banish the Minecraft Comments.
    choose coble, so people stop the minecraft comments
    • A Running Gag for the Suspension Bridge related jokes was using different meanings of "suspend".
    Pick the cobblestone bridge, because the Suspension bridge was banned from the bridge club for breaking the rules.
    • And of course, people settled for a lot of puns, too.
    The Suspension Bridge WOOD look great! (Wow, that was almost as bad as @chuggaaconroy puns!)

Episode 6

  • The camper's name being Olaf.
  • His reaction to Pietro's catchphrase is priceless.
  • His absolute rage at the Sea Bass.
  • Choosing the Town Ordinance to Beautiful Town. Him signing it to law says it all...
    It is hereby decreed by LAW that you, that every citizen of Palette, must become... GARDENERS!!!
  • His reaction to the king's beard is priceless.

Episode 7

Episode 9

  • The sea captain's coat reaction.
  • The letters he gets.
  • The ridiculous Crack Love Dodecahedron that goes on in this episode, even being lampshaded in the title. Amelia has feeling for Pietro, who is Ambiguously Gay for Emile, and Sable seems to be warming up to him too. Chuggaa points out all the shipping that's started from this LP... and that no-one has shipped him with a girl character yet.
  • "OH MYAN, he gave us a PEAR!"
  • Everyone celebrating the Yield Sign.

Episode 10

  • For the fourth day in a row, a villager asks Chuggaa for a peach.
  • Chuggaa shows some public work project choices and reasons from the viewers. A noticeable one is "Well+Pango=Jerk Problem Solved."
  • After receiving a Tent Wall wallpaper from Molly, Pietro wants to buy it for 185 bells. Chuggaa thinks the wallpaper might be worth more and accuses Pietro of "pulling the wool over his eyes".
  • Chugga falls into a pitfall with Amelia watching.
  • After obtaining so many mushroom items, Chuggaa calls his house a "mush room" and has an evil laugh.

Episode 11

  • Discovering that the Mummy's Casket is a closet. He wasn't expecting it and he just starts cracking up.

Episode 12

  • Stinky was the only villager to show up to the ceremony for the Bench near his house.
  • Somehow, Chuggaa mistakes flowers for Shari. He then lampshades it.
  • Chuggaa tries out his new megaphone, which works by using the 3DS' mic, by calling out for Biskit. He gets no response after having wrapped up how well the feature usually works. THEN Biskit can be seen walking out from behind a house.

Episode 13

  • Pango completely failing to notice Shari standing right next to her and Chuggaa as she tells him about how something for Shari was mistakenly delivered to her place.
  • Pietro asks Chuggaa for a new way to greet people. He comes up with 'Hietro'.
  • Chuggaa Lampshading how Kicks has started a shoestore in a town where the Mayor's the only one who wears them.

Episode 14

  • While gathering signatures for Club LOL, Chuggaa tries to build up to giving Molly a glowing intro as he enters her house:
    Chuggaa: And hey, why don't we make that final signature a very, very special someone? An animal that we've yet to talk to and that I've missed in STINKY?!
  • Chuggaa finally ventures into Shari's home and gets an earful of her distinct taste in music.

Episode 15

  • The Reveal of the fanmade outfit that was judged by ProtonJon that Chuggaa would have to wear for the next week. Jon vetoed an Okami shirt and the (many, many) Steve shirts in favor of, in his words, "Something that commands the respect of a leader", and then he leaves off by telling Chuggaa to show the outfit, which turns out to be Princess Peach's Dress.
    "You son of a Canadian!"
  • He sees a clothesline pole and gets it for Shari. The letter he writes is priceless.
    Dear Shari,
    This clothesline isn't construction equipment, but I'm sure it'll be to your liking! Always thinking about you when I see weird junk like this!
    Very thoughtful, Emile

Episode 16

  • Shari's response to the above letter.
    Yo, Emile!
    Thanks for the emotional letter. Deep stuff like that isn't usually my thing, but you should come by if you ever want to talk about it. You're always welcome!
    Later! From Shari
  • Egbert asks for help devising a special greeting. Chuggaa's suggestion: Eggggggggggggggg.

Episode 17 Part 1

  • Chuggaa has to take a photo of himself in the Peach dress on his Town Pass Card in order to visit other people's towns.
  • His reaction to seeing the snow.
  • He purchases pink heart socks from Kicks to "match his ensemble".

Episode 17 Part 2

  • Andrew's reaction to his attire.
  • One of Andrew's gifts is a Tingle hood!

Episode 18

  • He mentions that he can't wait to see what Chester's house looks like. We don't get to see it until Day 33.
  • Liking the back of Croque's head.

Episode 19

  • He goes to Shampoodle to change his hair, including his hairstyle. It gives him blue hair.
    I paid three thousand bells just to dye my hair blue!
  • Chuggaa's showcasing the dancing at Club LOL when K.K.Slider is DJing, only to get caught off guard and panic when his town pass photo comes up on the green-screen behind him.

Episode 20

Episode 21

  • His present from Wishy the Star is a garden gnome.

Episode 24

  • While going through the submissions for Wishy the Star's design, one of the contest entries is Squidward's Bold and Brash painting from the episode Artist Unknown.

Episode 25

  • His new greeting for Pango? Nosey.

Episode 26

Episode 27

  • In a previous episode, after considering leaving town and being stopped by Emile, Shari walked up to him and gave him an exotic lamp for no apparent reason, acting shifty the entire time. In this episode, he briefly displays a letter he had written her, gifting her his exotic lamp because he knew how much she wanted it. Signed "I'm innocent, Emile".
  • After talking about some character's stories being left out of New Leaf being one of his few complaints.
    Chugga: "Speaking of complaints with New Leaf, hello Shari"

Episode 28 Part 1

  • Chuggaa's vacation with Madame Wario gets off to a great start when the game's automatic cutscenes mean he walks through an empty station, followed by his host saying he walked right past them.
    • Followed by his reaction when he DOES get to see how they're dressed, with him complimenting her old lady look and saying, "Old ladies are badasses. You can quote me on that."
  • His reaction to finding out Pietro also lives in Wee P!mp. And then Egbert's house shows up!
  • Chuggaa gets caught off-guard by the catchphrase Madame gave to her Egbert.
    Egbert: Enjoy your stay, big bewbs!
  • Chuggaa brought some baskets of perfect peaches in hope that they wouldn't be the native fruit of the town he visited, to show how much perfect fruit sells in other towns. Madame Wario trolls him by not revealing that she has a peach town, and Chuggaa finds out at Re-Tail when the peaches sell for a very low price.

Episode 28 Part 2

  • The two of them pointing out how their characters are going diving with things like headphones and Ugg boots on.
  • Chuggaa's parody of The Ugly Barnacle:
    Chuggaa: Once, there was an Acorn Barnacle. He was so acorn that everyone acorn'd! The end.

Episode 29

  • He fails to get a Bingo number from his three snowmen, leading him to try and build one more.
  • His panicked reaction when a dung beetle almost rolls his snowball in the water.
  • Declaring Croque to be more of a jerk than Pango ever was.

Episode 31

  • His belated birthday present for Isabelle is a new public works project: a fire hydrant.

Episode 33

  • Rocco wanted a lunch tray for Toy Day.
  • Chester is finally home.

Episode 34

  • Near the start, Chuggaa picks up a lost item. Turns out it's Shari's. Whom he'd just talked to.
  • The poor, misshapen snowman's reaction.
  • His Team Magma hat, combined with the Santa beard and monkey shirt, makes him look hilarious.

Episode 35

  • His determination to have one nice conversation with Croque. He fails.

Episode 36

  • Chuggaa's vacation for the day has him visit Masae Anela in her town, Chuggaa spends most of the episode trying unsuccessfully to make her fall into pitfalls, then they start trying to net one another when his plan fails.
  • Chuggaa and his friend squeeing over Amelia mentioning the street lamp is as much this as it is adorable.
  • "I'm gonna go plant my Pomeranian."
  • The episode has Hilarious Outtakes when Chuggaa tries to show one of Masae's villagers, who keeps wandering on the screen and forcing him to cut and run away to start another take, this happens no less than four times to the point he and his guest are screaming at them to go away. And at one point, Masae does indeed fall into a pitfall trap, but she didn't say anything since she didn't want Chuggaa to have the satisfaction.

Episode 37

  • The title of the episode. "Super Stinky Suplex."

Episode 38

Episode 39

  • Biskit asks him to come up with a secret greeting. He combines internet slang with Biskit being a dog, and gives him Bwn'd, pronounced "boned."

Episode 40 - Part 1

Episode 40 - Part 2

Groundhog Day

  • Shari saying that "Someone" from "Anytown" showed off a really cool fashion shirt... called a "shirt."
    • Immediately after, Molly says the same thing about a "T-shirt."
  • Chuggaa changed Pietro's catchphrase to "honkypants".
  • Pango sends Chuggaa an invite on a date. Chugga suspects Pango of wanting to mug him.

Valentine's Day

  • Chuggaa gets a gift letter from the animal he's closest to. It turns out to be, to his shock and horror, Shari. Then he checks what the present actually is and sees that it's actually a very rare bouquet of purple roses, he's... confused to say the least.
    • He then proceeds to put the rose in his mouth for the whole video and comments that he's able to drink hot chocolate with the rose in his mouth and that the rose doesn't fall out when he opens his mouth.
  • Following up, Chuggaa goes to speak to Shari and she was feeling nostalgic, so she brings up his first letter the day she moved in, the one where he apologizes for making her a time paradox zombie. Upon seeing it, Chugga bursts into laughter.
  • When he talks to Molly, she wants something to replace her Mole Cricket, which Chuggaa gave her near the LP's beginning. There's a cut in the video with some text saying that Chuggaa couldn't find anything and feels hurt that Molly wants to replace the Mole Cricket (HMPH!).
  • He does the Shrunk Funk Shuffle to annoy Croque, but to his surprise, Croque dances with him.

Week Before Festivale

  • Chugga walks around town with a red Pikmin hat. Not that he says anything about it.
  • What was the second best reason for building the classic police station (and having Booker as the local police officer)? Having the lazy officer around would let Shari commit her crimes and Shari did give him a purple rose for Valentine's Day. The first reason was because the classic station matched town hall.


  • His scream when he found a rainbow feather.
  • The voice he gives Pavé.
  • After beating Croque in a villager game for a feather, Croque's catchphrase bites him, so to speak.
    I'll beat you next time. As if.
  • His attempts to do the Shrunk Funk Shuffle for Pavé.
  • Him claiming that the room filled with Pavé's furniture makes it look like his grandparent's house.

Molly's Birthday

  • Who's at Molly's birthday party? Croque. He constantly insults Chuggaa when he talks to him.
  • Chester, a panda, gives Chuggaa a Mama panda item that he'd been "hunting for."

Shamrock Day

  • Croque falls into a pitfall.
  • After receiving a balloon popping badge from Phineas, Chugga points out he hasn't won a gold badge yet and states that he plans on getting every single badge and starts listing all of the badge requirements.
  • While doing a favor for Pango, he tells us a story of how he was doing a favor for Pango a few days earlier to deliver something to Rocco. He shows a picture of Rocco's response being "Wow, I never expected Pango to return anything. Guess pigs will start flying now! GAHAHA!" with Pango on screen with a deadpan/unamused look on her face.

April Fools Day

  • His reaction to Rocco's talent being making puns. It's even better when he learns this is the real Rocco.
  • Chugga brings up the upcoming holiday, Weed Day on April 20- er, Weeding Day on April 25th.
  • While setting up the pictures, he says "We got pictures of friends and some rivals, I'mlookingatyouCroquefreakingMolly'sbirthdayruiner."

Gracie and K.K. Birthday

  • When the credits get to Monolith Software during the credits run during K.K. Birthday, he adds a footnote: "Hurry up and announce the damn title of your next game".

Cherry Blossoms & Villager's Birthday

  • "Hey everybody, it's ChugNO!" Shari is still the animal he's closest to, so she's waiting for him right outside his door for the moment he comes out.
  • He gets a birthday letter and present from Biskit asking about sharing the large cake he most likely received. The present is a scale.

Shari's Birthday

  • Chugga getting sad that Biskit wanted to leave and wishing another animal would leave instead.
    Why does it always have to be animals like Biskit? Why can't Croque freaking leave? (grumbles) I'll be very civil about this, I've heard frog's legs are very tasty. Alright, that's not being very civil, but I don't care, it's freaking Croque!

Easter/Bunny Day

Nature Day

  • Rocco sends Chuggaa an elephant shirt and demands he wear it.

Channel Update

  • Him repeatedly failing to dig up a buried fossil when talking.

Croque's Birthday

  • He gives Croque a pair of socks for his birthday.
  • When Chugga sees Shari, he notices she's wearing a custom design of a red pikmin.
  • Shari is doing some cleaning and wants to clear out some junk and by "junk" she means a flat screen TV. Chugga comments on Shari's intellectually questionable decision.

September and October

  • Pietro sends Chuggaa a letter filled with romantic subtext and sends him a desert cactus.
  • Chuggaa introduces us to Cookie... and she has a cold.
  • Garden Gnomes Have Rights.


  • Pietro sends Emile a letter saying that his present is the essence of the true Pietro. It's a bubble tee.
  • Chuggaa meets Amelia, who says she wanted to buy a jackhammer.


  • When Chugga drops by the museum to see meaningful items throughout the LP and when he gets to the Peach dress...

    Welcome Amiibo 
Episode 1
  • After Isabelle finished explaining the MEOW coupons and the CAT Machine, she tells Chugga where the Campground is. It's literally right next to Town Hall.
  • Remember how Emile wrote all those sweet and heartwarming, even tearjerking, letters to the villagers when he ended the series before? When he starts this back up, he checks his mail, curious how they responded. Nobody replied at all.
    • And when he goes around to visit the villagers personally, he decides Molly apparently took up gardening to fill the hole in her life left by Emile leaving, while Croque's greeting to him is to wish death upon him.
  • Him being perplexed, amused, or annoyed by things he did in the original series, such as his "exquisite taste" of house furniture or the fact that he made Pietro's greeting "Hietro".
  • Honking the horn in Copper's SUV.
  • Spotting a balloon, Emile prepares to shoot it down, only to be interrupted by Rocco wanting him to come up with a new greeting for him. Trying to end it fast so he can go get the balloon, Emile just quickly makes Rocco's new greeting phrase "Fluffy!".
  • After catching a dragonfly for Egbert, his reward is the cool-sounding "chain gang shirt". Emile puts it on, and it turns out to be a blue-and-white polo shirt, something he's pleasantly surprised about.
  • As Emile is ending the episode, having just finished his outro and is about to climb into bed... Egbert enters the house, interrupting him. Emile just hastily tells Egbert to raid his fridge and goes to sleep anyway.
  • His TPC photo is still him wearing the Peach dress.
    : Well, those were dark times I didn't need to remember.
  • While he talks about how much Sweet Dreams Fuel in the game leads to people inserting dark fan theories into the Animal Crossing series, the video randomly zooms in on an axe in the background behind Harvey. Never brought up again, by the way.

Episode 2:

  • ALL of Emile's shenanigans with the AR camera.
  • When going to Re-Tail to sell stuff, Emile finds a throne in sale. Which used to belong to Shari. He believes that she became a dictator when he was gone and now she's trying to sell the throne to anyone who wants to become the new dictator.
    • Almost immediately after, to Emile's shock, Egbert walks in and takes interest. He only backs off when he sees the absurdly high price.
    • Later in the episode, he accidentally digs up a time capsule that turns out to be Shari's. When he gives it to her, the item she buried in it turns out to be a sword.
  • Chuggaa gets a Fi mask from a fortune cookie... that he got in his original LP and never cashed in!
  • During the morning routine, Croque (who's been pretty rude for a long time) asks Emile for a catchphrase to replace his "as if" one. Emile's choice? "Kick me".
    Emile: "At last, my revenge! Croque, I have the hippest new catchphrase that ALL the kids are sayin'. Trust me on this okay, I've seen a lot on my world travelling over the last three years."
    • And then Croque's greeting manages to turn it around on Emile when he asks if the thing Chugga was going to say to him was "kick me". Shortly after, Emile falls into a pitfall and calls it Karma.

Episode 3:

  • Molly gives Chugga a personality quiz meant to improve happiness, including the weather he likes best, his opinion of Croque (kind of creepy) and what concerns him the most between Croque's hair (when he doesn't have hair), Cookie's clothes, Rocco's jokes, and Kitt's future.
  • Chuggaa's frustration sounds a lot like Gollum.

Episode 4:

Episode 5

  • "We got a closet, we got a dog, and we got some BEANS!
  • Chuggaa changing Fang's greeting (meant to be his catchphrase) to "+$19.99 S&H".
  • Fang offers to let Chuggaa have a gift off of him, if he guesses right.
    Chuggaa: It's always clothes. It's always clothes. It's never different. It's always clothes. *Fang opens the gift* It's furniture.
  • Chuggaa makes a series of awkward comments about how Joan's clothes make her appear... well endowed.

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

  • Kitt has read that your favorite type of flower can be a reflection of your personality, and asks him what it is. The choices are sunflower, chrysanthemum, dandelion, and daisy.
    Chugga: It was a hard choice but I think I'm gonna go with daisy.
    Kitt: Very interesting. Daisies signify innocence and hope.
    Chugga: *cracks up at the "innocence" part* Okay inside jokes, you might not understand why that's funny, but I'm sure if you dig hard enough you can find it. note 
  • When Chugga shows some footage of him trading with other people for Crazy Redd's artwork, one trade features Marriland treating the exchange like a drug deal, remarking "you got... the stuff?" complete with a mischievous glare emote. And Chugga plays along with "cough it up" after giving his side of the deal.
  • Anias (another player that he was trading paintings with) sends him a letter that just says "Gary was here, Ash is a loser". The letter even plays a jingle from the Pokémon series!

Episode 9

  • Much like Fang, Molly plays a present guessing game with Chugga.
    Chugga: It's clothes. It's always clothes. Except for that one time. It's always been clothes. *Molly opens the gift* It's furniture. Again.

Episode 11

  • Rocco asks Chugga to return something to Kitt...while Kitt is standing right next to them both. Chugga remarks on this.
  • Getting super salty about the sweets dresser being over triple the price of the sweets closet when it literally just looks like the same piece of furniture turned sideways.
  • When discussing one fish he still needs that spawns after 5 PM, and commenting that it happens to be after 5 PM at that moment, Chugga flashes the text "Meta humor!" on the screen for a split second.note 
  • While showing off the Puzzle League side-mode, Chugga scans a Tom Nook amiibo to demonstrate an example of a special ability. Later on, if you listen closely, you can hear it fall onto the floor. Chugga lampshades this.
  • While trying to keep a serious, sad mood while lamenting the fact that Molly is moving away, when Chugga reads her letter, he sees she sent him a frilly apron in response to his letter he sent the episode before. Corpsing ensues as Chugga is audibly trying — and failing — to not burst out into laughter.
  • Chuggaa's voice for Cyrus is... his Cyrus voice from his Pokemon Platinum LP.

Episode 12

  • During the minigame Chugga wonders if Shari could dig herself out of the pit that she fell into with a shovel he thought he crafted during that night...completely forgetting he crafted the slingshot not the shovel.
  • Chugga's increasing frustration with Fang in the minigame.

Episode 13

Episode 14

  • While Chuggaa is receiving his daily fortune, this happens.
    Chuggaa: Hoy! (discovers fortune is a losing one) Hoy. Hoy, hoy. PEAR WARDROBE!
  • Croque and Kitt have a conversation about baking, leaving Kitt sad.
    Chuggaa: Surprising exactly no one, yep, it's all his fault that they don't get along.
  • In the game's credits, one of the companies mentioned in the "Special Thanks" section is Monolith Soft. Expectedly, Chugga decides to stick a little sidenote next to the name: "Makers of the best game ever in the history of forever and then another one that's... almost as good. ->"

Episode 16

  • Fang sends Chugga a letter with another kiwi stool as thanks for hanging out with him at his house for a second time.
  • The vast bulk of the episode focuses on the eternal effort to catch a petaltail dragonfly, first in his own town, then cycling through Marriland's several towns, with Chugga and Devin utterly baffled about the code logistics that influence the spawning of the bug, from the possibility of Redd's tent in Palette to the amount or identities of the characters currently roaming the town. Their results are ultimately inconclusive.
  • At one point, we hear a noise that sounds like a hybrid between a rubber chicken and a naughty anime girl. Devin's confusion leads to Chugga explaining that that was, somehow, the noise he made while stretching.
  • Late in the search, Chugga notes an odd high-pitched squeak that he makes due to frustration, saying he learns a lot about himself when he's losing his mind.
  • In Devin's town canon, Hopper moved away because he had gotten old and died. Upon learning that he actually just moved to Palette, Devin concludes that he faked his death to get away, and since he's not walking around or at home, Chugga guesses that Hopper is hiding out in the museum to avoid confrontation with his old mayor. At the very end of the episode, Chugga does indeed find Hopper in the museum, lampshading his correctness with a quick flashback cut.
  • Chuggaa and Devin encounter a bizarre unpatched glitch in multiplayer mode, where if Player 1 digs a hole while Player 2 is trying to run over the space, Player 2 will become trapped in the hole, similar to a pitfall.
  • While Chuggaa and Devin are mentioning time differences, Devin mentions Daylight Saving Time.
    Chuggaa: I'm so glad you say "Daylight Saving Time" instead of "Daylight Savings", It's not a sale at K-mart, people!
  • Chuggaa's unenthusiastic fanfare and desperately shrieking "GIMME!" when Devin reveals a petaltail dragonfly he had just caught.

Episode 17

  • At the end of the previous episode, due to Chugga being tired from the dragonfly hunt, he ends the episode in the museum's bug exhibit and declares he's going to sleep there tonight. This episode starts with Chugga doing his usual intro while exiting the museum instead of his house, and doesn't mention this whatsoever.
  • Chugga visits Croque and learns that the latter has a Mama teddy bear. Which he got from his mother. And is embarrassed by. It lines up so well and Chugga is left both laughing and finding it endearing.

Episode 18

  • His reaction to the bizarre house Jitters lives in, which is bright green and yellow on the outside with a door made of scrap metal and a barbed wire fence around it. Then he goes inside to see his interior decorating the next day and sees he has a pet shark, which he's apparently raising to release back into the wild.
  • Emile shows off some of the homes he's made for villagers in Happy Home Designer. He points out that Francine and Chrissy both want rooms based around eachother and lampshades the Les Yay implications of that, then shows that he built a Stalker Shrine to Chrissy in Francine's room.

Episode 19

  • Chuggaa talks about how he learned that one of his favorite restaurants doesn't exist. The reason he believed it was real was because he'd gone there in his dreams so many times, he assumed that it had to have been a place he's actually been to in the past. What clued him in on the truth was when he was hungry one day and decided that he wanted to go there for dinner, only to realize that not only did he not know what the place was called, but that the road it would have been on doesn't even exist in his town.
  • The new resident, Jitters, has been given a voice that at best sounds like someone who hasn't slept in days from a caffeine bender.
  • Chugga learns just what kind of person he's dealing with when he discovers that Jitters keeps a great white shark in his house, with the intentions of growing it before releasing it into the wild.
  • The video starts with Chugga's mailbox being full, and Chugga wondering what exactly happened to fill it. As it turns out, he got the previous day's campground order twice due to a glitch. Chugga's befuddlement as he tries to work out how the heck this happened is hilarious.

Episode 20

  • For the entire episode, he wore the Red Pikmin hat and a custom dress with Steve and "I Heart Jon" written on the back. He brings no attention to this until the end of the video. Apparently, ACFan120 is to blame for this.
    Chugga: THANK! GOD! I have finally paid up for that painting, ACFan120! I hope you enjoyed my suffering.
  • Cookie has mimicked Croque's catchphrase Chugga gave him. "Kick me".
  • The story he got from a Tumblr post he tells beside the campfire about someone whose first crush was Cookie in the GameCube Animal Crossing. The story is fairly sweet at the beginning, with the player giving her gifts and writing her a love letter, but then Cookie moves to a friend's town and shows them the love letter, utterly ruining their reputation when everyone in school finds out. The best they can do to express their anger is to remove the memorial flowers they planted where her house stood.

Episode 22

  • Chuggaa goes to Town Hall to build the Fairy Tale Bench, only to find out that he had reached the limit of PWPs that he can put into Palette.
  • Chugga's new catchphrase for Pietro? "Pennies".
    Chuggaaconroy: There you go, buddy! Not striking terror into everyone whatsoever!

Episode 23

  • Fang tells Emile that he's planning on moving out of Palette. The latter decides to let him go since he's perfectly fine with losing Fang... and also points out that he's a human and that he has to protect himself from the White Fang.

Episode 24

  • Chugga makes one big poop joke at Croque's expense, after Croque sends him a stool.
  • Emile mentions feeling awkward when he found out that the person who told their story about being heartbroken by Cookie happened to watch the video where he retells it.
  • Chugga "making things right" by changing Croque's catchphrase...back to "as if". He wasn't trying to be nicer to Croque, but to atone for accidentally getting Cookie in on "kick me".
  • When talking to Pietro, Emile reminds the audience that the catchphrase he gave the sheep is "pennies", not something else.
  • Chugga mentions that since this day is the last day a petaltail dragonfly could spawn, it would be really cruel for the game to provide one after his agonizing hunt and when he no longer needs it. It does, and what's worse, Chugga has put his net into home storage for the Halloween festivities, so, in the absence of being able to actually catch it, he's reduced to swinging at it feebly with his axe.
  • Chugga rapping along to Pumpkin Hill while trying to find Kitt.

Founder's Day (Finale)

  • Chugga tries to sell Wisp's lamp at Re-Tail. Reese says it extremely valuable and offers to buy it for 100 bells.
  • After donating the last fish to the museum, the exhibits are complete. Chugga expects a reward and reveals that the reward can be bought from the museum shop and can be reordered from the catalog. Fang and Rocco try to barter for the museum model.
    Chugga: I worked hard for that not special item, damn it!
  • Chuggaa is constantly frustrated with his villagers asking him for favors, trying to sell him stuff, or trying to buy his stuff.
  • The Welcome Amiibo anniversary to celebrate his four years of service. Excluding him and Isabelle, Shari, Jitters, and Blathers are the only guests.
  • Shari gives him a free shirt (due to, in her own words, "Emile's Ninja Bargaining techniques"note ) twice in a row.
  • Like last time, Emile sends heartwarming letters to all the townspeople before he leaves. And then there's his letter to Jitters, who moved in mere days before the end of the series:
    Dear Jitters,
    You were... certainly interesting.
    That is all, Emile
  • His letter to Hopper ends with "[I] have a funny feeling you'll end up in movies! Or have you already?" This is actually a reference to the Animal Crossing movie, which did indeed feature Hopper as a recurring character.


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