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Running Gags:

  • Billy Bob repeatedly taking only one point of damage from attacks.
  • The generosity of the item boxes.
  • Gene (Teddiursa) getting absurdly good items from Pickup.
  • Chugga getting annoyed by radar alerts.
  • Trifecta being KO'd in its first turn.

Episode 1

  • Everything he says in summing up Pokémon basics! Here's the full list:
    • Battles - "Beat up animals!"
    • Battles against Pokémon trainers - "Yes, when they're owned by other people."
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    • How do I win a battle? - "Don't suck!"
    • The battle screen - "Read the 4 options!"
    • Using Pokémon moves - "Water puts out fire!"
    • Switching the battling Pokémon - "When things get rough, get the hell out of Dodge."
    • Using items in battle - "Your opponents will infuriate you by doing this."
    • Calling a Pokémon in battle - "We'll get to this later."
    • EXP. Points - "Win to get stronger!"
    • Rewards for winning - "Win to get money!"
    • Leveling up - "I explained this two sentences ago."
    • Learning a new move - "Win to hit harder."
    • Evolution - "Win to get bigger."
    • Status problems and healing - "You better have Burn Heal!"
    • Types of moves - "Water puts out fire!"
    • What makes a move super effective? - "Water, once again, puts out fire, and it does double damage when it does."
    • What makes a move not very effective? - "Fire is put out by water, and it does half damage when it does."
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    • Pokémon-leveling tip - "All participants in battle get stronger!"
    • Single and Double Battles - "You use 2 Pokémon 99% in this game so the first half is completely pointless."
    • Pokémon-catching tips - "It's against the rules to catch something when it's passed out, but not when it's weakened."
  • Chugga's increasing annoyance with Jovi's Third-Person Person and It's All About Me tendencies.
  • Him abruptly ending off the video during Chobin's explanation of the Time-Cut Recorder.


Episode 3

  • Him talking about the Eeveelutions that he can get, and he easily boots out Flareon due to how lacking it is.
    Chugga: I already used an Umbreon, briefly, in my previous Let's Play of Colosseum, I've used an Espeon twice... and I don't want Flareon.

Episode 4

  • Chugga's reaction to the animation for "Lick".
    • Even funnier is his reaction to the animation for "Sand-attack" because he thought it looked like...something else.

Episode 5

  • When meeting the Teacher Lady in Agate Village:
    Chugga: We got a Super Potion and a Poké Ball here, both definitely worth picking up, but even more worth picking up is this old hag. *Beat* Might want to rephrase that. Even more worth checking out - nah, still not good. Even more worth pressing "A" next to is this hag, which I really shouldn't call a hag because she's actually a very nice lady.

Episode 8

  • When facing Cipher Peons, Chugga points out that some viewers during Colosseum apparently didn't know what the word "Peon" meant and thought it was bad to have enemies named "pee on".
  • He temporarily named Spheal "Mah Ball".
  • He jokes that the Cipher lab is not a place for sightseeing, which becomes a lot funnier when you remember him calling it a tourist attraction in the Colosseum LP.
  • On one of the generic Youtube comments of "Chugga is so great", another user had replied "True dat". The hilarious part? Youtube offered a Translate option, which translated it to "True that."

Episode 10

  • His growing annoyance at Lovrina saying "so".
    • And then he ends up adding a "so" to her dialogue just because he's so used to it.
  • His response to how Professor Krane sees Jovi as a way of being home.

Episode 11

  • After seeing Cail's losing animation (him falling on his back and staying motionless while screaming "Gwooh!"), Chugga says "WE KILLED HIM!"
  • Tentacool does one damage to Baltoy with Poison Sting, which Chugga laughs at. Cue Baltoy getting poisoned with Chugga responding accordingly.
  • Him claiming that the little girl in ONBS Station really is named "The Little Girl". When it turns out the girl is named Kandee, Chugga claims it debunk his headcanon.

Episode 12

  • The triumphant return of Chugga squeeing over Miror B
  • Chugga says that when he was a kid he used to make up nonsense lyrics to Miror B's theme like "Bananas, in pajamas, dun dun dun DUN!" Funny in itself, but Hilarious in Hindsight since there actually is an Australian kid's show called "Bananas in Pajamas", and its theme song is very close to what Chugga described.

Episode 13

  • The Poke Spot Monitor repeatedly bugging him.
  • Chugga using a southern accent during Sandshrew's bio because of the wild Pokémon battle music.
    • He names the Aron that he caught 'Billy Bob' for the same reason.
  • His impression of his "I FOUND A PHANPY" moment.

Episode 14

  • One of the trainers uses a Misdreavus... right when Billy Bob's on the field. Given the "It doesn't affect Misdreavus..." Running Gag from his Colosseum LP...
  • Chugga saying that he's going to cut away to heal his Pokémon, forgetting that he's standing right next to a healing machine.

Episode 15

  • Gene obtained an Ultra Ball from Pickup, a 5% chance at her level. Cue Chugga freakout.
  • Voltaire surviving Raichu's dig.
  • Michaell's first reaction to Cipher stealing the Data ROM? "Aww...The Miror Radar lost the signal..."

Episode 16

  • Chugga going off on an NPC for saying that Mt. Battle is his style.

Episode 20

  • His amazement to snagging Lunatone and then knocking Metang out with a critical hit, on the same turn. Gets funnier with what he said just before he won.
    Chugga: Shock Wave is not going to beat that Metang, not by a long shot.
    Gets a critical hit on Metang.

Episode 21

  • Chugga making fun of the terrible Photoshopping in the Bonsly photo.

Episode 22

Episode 24

Episode 25

  • He encounters a Shadow Nosepass and does the usual routine of giving it a bio and trying to weaken, but not KO it...completely forgetting that he doesn't have the snag machine until he tries to catch it.
  • This:
    Chugga: Oh! Mah Ball is evolving!
    Chugga: Hee hee hee... That sounded so bad...

Episode 26

  • Mah Ball has a name change to accommodate the evolution into Sealeo. His new name? Mah Stache.
    • And we get a repeat of his issue with Corona in Colosseum:
      Chugga: Yeah, I nicknamed it while it was unconscious and the Name Rater had no na... had nothing to say about that. He had no say in that, nothing at all. He was like, "Oh sure, you want to give it a new name," you know, so... You know what? That sounds like a prank. That sounds like a cruel, sick prank. You go unconscious, someone legally changes your name while you are unconscious, and you wake up being named, like, "Poo" or something like that. It's just... it sounds like a really cruel joke, I'm sorry. Anyway...
  • Chugga talking to his own on-screen notes in Pre Gym's basement. Bonus points for the text bobbing in time with Chugga's chiding:
    Chugga: ....If we go down here we get Battle CD number 35, and—heeey! Hey! Hey—you there! Yes, the text. You look rather sloppy, (the text "Battle CD 35 gives X Accuracy" tilts in confusion) just floating there, right—y'know, and (the text blinks) noth-nothing else! (quietly) All right, lessee, do that (text slides to the top of the screen), do that (text changes to three lines reading "Battle CD 35 - Metronome Cup - Prize: X Accuracy), OK, bring in a little friend for you (black text box with red border slides onscreen), and, uh, as gross as it sounds, get inside your friend—there you go! Better production values!

Episode 31

  • The trainers on the roof of the Cipher Key Lair keep disappearing when they're defeated, leading Chugga to theorize that they're all jumping to their deaths.

Episode 32

  • Chugga having a ridiculous amount of trouble trying to snag Gorigan's Shadow Hypno, to the point that he's forced to send out Gene into battle.

Episode 35

Episode 37

Episode 39

  • Chugga sees a spiral on the ground and cracks a reference to Twitch Plays Pokémon. He opens the item box in the middle, and...
    Chugga: Wait a minute. Look at the ground here. It's Lord Helix! Okay, I couldn't resist- *opens item box* THREE RARE CANDIES!! ...Lord Helix is bountiful.

Episode 41

  • After defeating Snattle, he makes a reference to two of the anime's episode titles in connection to two of Snattle's Pokémon, Lunatone and Solrock.
    Chugga: Were you always "Crazy as a Lunatone" or did you just recently become "Solid as a Solrock"?

Episode 42

  • Trifecta being taken out in one hit. Again.

Episode 43

  • Saying "Dodrio" when he really meant "Dugtrio". Using Dodrio's special background makes it even funnier.
  • He points out that the generator above the lava looks like a cake mixer and thinks of a theory where Greevil makes giant cakes for his mooks, which is how he got so many to join him despite Cipher going under in the past.

Bonus 2

  • The Running Gag of Michael being unable to remove Wobbuffet's translator.
  • The amount of Pokemon puns in the comments.
  • He also made a really good point about questioning how Kaminko's machine knew the nicknames of two random Krabbys.
  • When Michael needs to remove Wobbuffet's translator but doing his best Wobbuffet impression, Emile impersonates Wobbuffet's cry from the games.


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