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Tear Jerker / Achievement Hunter

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  • The terrifying variation/extension of their Hot Foot Things to Do in Minecraft, which consists in collapsing floor and ceiling around the players, is about as cheerful as you can imagine. Indeed, the game's second round is torn between heart-wrenching death scenes and pure, terrifying Psychological Horror as Ray, Jack and Ryan fall down one after the other to their respective deaths, screaming, while Michael and Gavin do their absolute best to stay together until the very end. This all culminates in both of them getting trapped in a one-by-one space together until, mere seconds after Ryan falls down, they end up getting suffocated in the sand together, bringing the game to an apparent tie (a first for a Things to Do In...). In the end, there's still only one winner, Michael, as Gavin dies a few seconds before, but the whole scene is quite an emotionally wrecking Dying Moment of Awesome, tripling as a Tear Jerker, horrifying nightmare and CMOA.
    • Yes, of course this is Played for Laughs. This is an Achievement Hunter video we're talking about, after all.
  • Though the episode is, for the most part, extremely heartwarming, Gavin's description of his depression over his opportunity to work at Rooster Teeth slipping through his fingers due to the incredibly high requirements to get a work visa is very saddening.
    • Beforehand, he also mentions that while he is now very happy, he lost an entire group of friends owing to the fact that he didn't want to do drugs and they did. For anybody who's had similar problems it's a rather sad thing to imagine, especially for somebody as happy and cheerful as Gavin.
  • Geoff's reaction to the Dead Island trailer, or at least the 20 seconds of it that he could stomach watching before slamming the video off. It was easy to see that he was absolutely pissed about the developers' decision to market the game that way.
    • It should be noted, the trailer starts with looking at a dead girl - which Geoff clearly isn't comfortable with but pushes through. He became visibly upset right away, and once the trailer reveals that it's moving backwards from the girl's death by falling from a window, Geoff immediately shuts off the video.
  • Achievement Hunter releasing a Let's Play for Rainbow Six: Vegas on the day of Tom Clancy's death.
    • Could also cross with Heartwarming, since it had been mentioned by some AH members earlier that Rainbow Six was one of the Let's Plays they had recorded a while ago in case of a backlog. It's possible they released it in honor of his death.
  • JJ's goodbye montage (he's still working at Rooster Teeth, just not with Achievement Hunter) thanking the fans at the end of "Let's Build - The Twelve Towers".
  • In Episode 93 of Let's Play Minecraft, Ray passes the news of Harold Ramis' death. Their reactions are of pure sadness, and it's pretty heartwrenching to watch.
  • In the Let's Play Grand Theft Auto V episode, "Gavin's Heist", Geoff remains the only survivor. Everybody else was killed by the police or, in Gavin's and Ray's case, blown up. Geoff pitifully cries as he makes his getaway. Played for Laughs, of course.
    Geoff: My best friends are all dead...and I'm broke!
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  • Even though we can't help but look forward to their new office, seeing most of the game case shelves in the AH office cleared of their gubbins in AHWU #209 is emotional.
  • In the "Michael's Heist" episode of Let's Play GTA V, Ray and Ryan kill what must be HUNDREDS of cops while remaining almost completely silent, trying to remain focused enough for the team to finally have a successful heist. When Ryan finally succumbs, Ray's 'last words' are "RYAN! NO!! YOU BASTARDS!" The worst part? The entire scene is set to slow, mournful piano music. (Once again, Played for Laughs.)
    • Geoff responds with "NOT RYAN!"
    • What's even worse is that Michael had been planning for them to die from the start; the police just made his job easier. And Geoff? He was in on it too. Except in the end, he was betrayed, too.
  • The fallout between Gavin and Team Lads after the former's incompetence in Let's Play Grand Theft Auto IV: "Cops 'n Crooks Part 3". This wasn't the typical "God dammit Gavin!" you're accustomed to. From this video all the way to Episode 63 of Let's Play Minecraft, it honestly seemed like Michael and Ray were truly sick and tired of Gavin's failures and legitimately hated him.
    • What made this one just as harsh was that, when Gavin is kicked out in the beginning of "Cannon Ball Run", Gavin just goes silent. He doesn't act silly or goofy or any of that. He's just sounds defeated.
  • "The Grand Heist" episode of Let's Play Grand Theft Auto V: Right after Ray's Heroic Sacrifice to defend their escape, the Fake AH Crew make their way to Mount Chiliad, almost finishing the heist off with only one loss... only for an act of god (the Titan being unable to fly any higher, making it buck down) causing them to crash into a police helicopter and kills the whole team. They were this close, damn it!
  • The end of "GO! #56": Instead of getting a pizza party, Jack is given a printed out picture of a pizza. After being told he can't redeem it for a real one, he crumples it and puts it in his mouth. The last shot of the episode (after "sharing" some with Ryan) is him looking into the camera, paper in mouth. Obviously, Played for Laughs, but still...
    • And then comes the next episode, where they call back to that scene by cutting to said shot, in monochrome, with sad music playing.
  • The announcement that Ray Narvaez Jr. has decided to leave, in order to pursue livestreaming as a full-time career. While his explanation makes sense, and he has promised to retain his role in X-Ray & Vav and show up in Achievement Hunter videos from time to time, it's still tearjerking to see such a core member of the group leaving.
    • The Let's Play Minecraft episode that aired (to the public) on Ray's last day is called "Brown Out" and is, basically, a trip down memory lane about Ray's victories, with casual conversation all the way. It ends with Ray being sent into the mysterious tunnel between Michael and Gavin's houses, while everyone is silent, after they all said their goodbyes and he has roses in hand. And then the remaining five demolish his house.
    BrownMan has left the game.
    • The whole "demolish his house" thing is Heartwarming in Hindsight given that the very next episode revealed that they're not just getting rid of Ray's house, they renovating it and making it nicer than ever.
  • Their seventh anniversary video. Geoff and Ryan look just so dejected, especially since it seems that no one else is around!
  • The ending to The Trojan Bar Heist. Michael is the only one still standing, and after driving the police vehicle he tried to get away in into the water, he sounds legitimately panicked as he tries to get his dead friends to say something. Played for Laughs when Geoff bursts out laughing.
  • In Dead by Daylight Part 3, Geoff is attempting to rescue Jeremy during the third round and, just as he reaches him and goes to pull him off, Jeremy is gutted and killed. Both Jeremy and Geoff were stunned by the turn of events.
  • While also very funny, the Let's Play - Destiny 2: Leviathan Raid - Emperor Calus (Finale) does get fairly sad during the crew's darkest point. Seeing these friends we've watched play games for years viciously attacking other can be rather rough. Thankfully, Michael, for once playing the Team Dad, assures the audience that they're still good friends (despite Geoff's assertion that they're "definitely...coworkers.")
  • As of November 16th, 2017, Geoff and Griffon announced that they were getting a divorce. While the split appears to be amicable, it's still sad to see for them and Millie.
  • Early on (3:22) in Fore Honor- Infinite Minigolf - More Matt Maps (#6), Geoff, as usual, tries to bring up some experience from his life and relate it to what they are talking about. However, just when he starts to say "my wife", he audibly pauses for several moments as he struggles to correct himself, finally settling on "my divorcing wife Griffon."
  • While played for laughs, in "7 Days to Die: Mysterious Sign (#11)" Gavin and Jack made it their mission to get to the top of a tall building, and while they made progress, at one point they encountered a horde of Zombies and split up to get away. Gavin made the unfortunate mistake of swinging his axe at a Barrel while battling a zombie and it exploded, killing him instantly. Jack, in Horror, Cried out his name.
  • The iconic Achievement City map file has been corrupted. Downtown may be gone for good.
  • Hearing about Gavin and Meg having their home broken into by a Loony Fan (emphasis on "Loony") with a firearm is horrifying enough, but how close it was that we could be hearing about how close we all were of losing them as more information is coming out about this fan's intent to harm and kill Gavin and possibly Meg as well.
  • While also pretty funny at the same time, after forty one episodes of sky factory, the team accidentally destabilize a Draconic Reactor causing the whole world to explode. Made all the more poignant when Gavin asks if everyone remembers when the world used to be one tree.
  • At the end of A Way Out, both Michael and Gavin are very reluctant to fight each other. Michael gets the gun in the final gameplay sequence and initially refuses to shoot Gavin, in the hope that there's an option to spare him and/or an ending where they both make it out alive. There isn't. Michael later states that he was actually angry that the game forced him to kill Gavin's character.
  • Ray coming back for Off Topic #177 is one of happiness for old fans of Achievement Hunter. Especially hearing Geoff mentioning trying everything in his power to get Ray to stay.
  • Several days after Etika's tragic passing was formally announced, Geoff took the last 15 minutes of Off Topic #187 to address the subject, especially since Fiona had been a very close friend of Etika's and made her statement about his passing. Geoff's voice can be heard audibly breaking as he commented on how wonderful Etika had been when he visited the AH offices and how serious mental illness is. He pleaded with the audience that if any of them are struggling, to please seek out help and know that there are still people who still care. Fiona also addressed the fact that people's words online do have an effect on others, stating that she will always be resentful and angry at people mocking Etika's breakdowns while his friends and family were trying to get him legitimate help.

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