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  • Ascended Fanon:
    • A special charity poster calls Ryan "Mad King Ryan", his Fan Nickname. An "Achieve" shirt existed featuring an image of the same.
    • X-Ray & Vav is essentially Achievement Hunter Fanon: The Series.
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: Whenever Harvey Dent gets mentioned in any capacity (usually in Gmod since that's Jeremy's name in that game), they take on a Batman voice and say "can he be trusted". The actual quote they're trying to reference is "do you trust him".
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  • Creator's Apathy: Ray's primary reasoning for leaving Achievement Hunter (alongside the situation of RT confiscating and acquiring his personal Twitch account for their own personal use) was his growing dissatisfaction with being forced to play the same games like Minecraft and GTA Online multiple times a week, which he found to be soul-sucking and torturous. When Gavin mentions losing footage for a Minecraft episode and being forced to re-record it, Ray can be heard bluntly admitting he'd rather kill himself then do such a thing.
  • Creator Backlash: Ryan seemed to carry some embarrassment over the "I'm still in the air" meme. The next year brought the "Give Me Your Milk" joke which he's similarly fed up with. Seems every year must bring some phrase to wind up Ryan with.
    • Seems to be averted (so far) with the "YOU!!" joke that's persisted over a few videos.
    • According to Ray, he was never a fan of Let's Play Live from RTX 2013, seeing it as a terrible idea.
      • On his, he also mentioned an incident where the AH team was presented with a video idea from higher-ups, only for them to refuse to do it. Geoff ended up arguing with an unnamed executive for weeks on the matter, until the executive outright forced the team to take on the project. Luckily, whatever it was was never released, but it was still bad enough for Ray to describe the experience as "fucking embarrassing."
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  • Creator Couple: Michael and Lindsay. She edited many of his videos and helped managed the division alongside appearing onscreen with him. The Marvel trailer parodies were her idea.
  • Defictionalization:
    • Michael mentions how he found a glossary of the Achievement Hunters' made-up words for damage degrees and having to correct it, leading to jokes about the non-existent "The Gavin Free Dictionary". To no one's surprise, fan versions of exactly that sprung up days later.
    • After all their Monopoly videos—both involving official Monopoly video games and their unofficial versions made in Minecraft—they finally have an official Achievement Hunter Monopoly game available for purchase.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: The first videos were more about actually achievement guides and Easter egg videos - their first-ever video was Burnout Paradise, where Jack showed players an easy way to get one million points in the game's Stunt Run mode. Then the channel became more and more about Lets Plays and other gaming experiences where the crew went bonkers.
  • Executive Meddling: In their Let's Play of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, their third stage is quickly covered up with the "Technical Difficulties" sign with Ray quickly calling out "We can't show this stage." Obviously, the team picked a stage that Nintendo hasn't revealed yet and Nintendo pretty much said "Please don't show this one, yet."
    • Nintendo's constant flip-flop on Let's Play videos has caused AH to stop, restart, stop again, and restart again doing Let's Plays on Nintendo's games.
  • Fan Nickname: A few.
    • Michael and Gavin working together is called "Mavin". It's both a team name and a shipping name.
    • Ryan is known as "The Mad King" owing to his being the (Played for Laughs) Token Evil Teammate of Achievement Hunter. Whenever he goes One-Man Army, it's referred to as "full on beast mode".
      • In addition, he was also called "Other Jack", due to their near-identical voices.
  • Missing Episode: The Magic: The Gathering Let's Play. The only Let's Play, according to Geoff at the AH Panel at RTX 2013, that was unanimously voted (by himself, Ryan, Michael, and Ray) to be deleted immediately afterward and never be released.
    • One episode of Let's Buildnote  was removed after the comments got filled with long arguments about a game Geoff and Gavin made up and discuss during the video, in which they follow hot chicks around in cars called "Connect the Hots".
    • The project mentioned under Creator Backlash above. Nothing is known about it aside from
      • 1: It starred the main team minus Gavin.
      • 2: None of them wanted to do it and Geoff fought back for weeks until they were outright forced to.
      • 3: It was fucking embarrassing.
    • After The Jackbox Party Pack 6 was released, AH did Let's Plays of all the games in the pack, but the one for Joke Boat has never been released. Ryan proclaimed at the end of Role Models that the Joke Boat video does indeed exist and urges the viewers "not to let them bury it", suggesting the editors decided not to put the video out.
    • The live Theater Mode taping at RTX 2019 was unanimously decided by everyone in attendance that it would never come out because the movie in question was so egregiously offensive and So Bad, It's Horrible that nobody in the cast, camera crew, or audience enjoyed it.
    • Due to a new company policy of removing content that may no longer reflect their views or Code of Conduct, the House Party Let's Watches have been hidden from view due to the offensive sexual content.
    • Large chunks of the team's emergency backlog for videos along with many of their October 2020 videos had to be scrapped following Ryan Haywood's inappropriate behavior scandal. The crew had to take the week off from October 7th to 14th to process the magnitude of his betrayal. Two This Just Internet episodes were also removed because of fan tweets referencing attraction to him. Jack and Michael have since stated on a livestream on the 14th that they will be scrubbing all of his featured content, effectively Unpersoning him, although they acknowledge the difficulty of completely erasing him and really honing in on the more obvious Harsher in Hindsight moments..
    • Similarly, Off Topic #179 was taken down on October 11th 2020 due to it containing the hosts discussing Ryan's habit of staying alone for an extra day or two when the team were travelling to get some alone time from his wife and kids, which it was later revealed were the times when Ryan would commit his indiscretions. The subsequent RTAA about him missing a flight after an AH event in Los Angeles was also deleted when one account came forward and revealed it was a massive lie.
  • Old Shame:
    • Creeper Soccer is this for Geoff and Gavin. Due to a design flaw (the floor and the dispensers kept being destroyed by the Creepers' explosions), the Let's Play became basically unplayable.
    • The Let's Play Magic: The Gathering video as mentioned above.
    • "YOLO" as one of Ray's catchphrases. Ray himself has not said it in a long time and has sworn that he will not say it again as it is something he now regrets saying so often.
    • Their "Let's Play 7 Days to Die Part 3" video has Ryan go deep into his previous employments, which included being a model where he dressed up like a gnome and stood on a mushroom. He doesn't like to talk about it, both because it's apparently embarrassing and also that he wasn't very good at it.
    • At the RTX 2014 panel, several of the AH members (particularly Lindsay, Michael, and Ryan) expressed distaste for the near-two-hour Let's Play of Fuel.
    • Ray is not proud of his year-long stint as Angry Ray, and apologized profusely for it at RTX 2016, explicitly admitting that he was an asshole and that he shouldn't have lashed out at his coworkers as he did.
    • Jack personally regrets his attitude in the early episodes of Let's Play Minecraft citing his genuine dislike of Gavin and his jealousy of his Breakout Character status among the fans as for why he acted the way he did.
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor: In early October 2020, it came to light that Ryan had been sexually inappropriate with multiple community fangirls, including some as young as 17, for several years starting in 2017, if not longer. Following this, he departed from the company to try and work things out with his family. Most of RT, including AH, was understandably quite devastated, feeling blindsided and betrayed by his actions.
  • Schedule Slip: Fragger wanted to do a full guide to the Insanity difficulty for Mass Effect 2. He never finished it (only getting to Tali's recruitment mission) and to this day people come on to that page and snark about how thankful they are for Fragger showing them how to finish other tough segments of the game.
  • We Interrupt This Program:
    • From January 31 through February 2, 2015, no videos were released due to Monty Oum's hospitalization and subsequent death.
    • In early October 2020, they cancelled several streams and the release of several AH shows, AH videos, and content/series in the wake of Ryan Haywood's actions coming to light (see Role-Ending Misdemeanor above).
  • What Could Have Been:
    • They've filmed quite a few Let's Play videos that they haven't released. They filmed one in Magic: The Gathering which was never released, and out of all their World of Warcraft Let's Plays they filmed six but chose not to release four.
    • Gavin also came very close to not making it to Achievement Hunter, owing to complications with his visa. He eventually got it fixed, however, and is now a full-time employee.
    • At one point in the past, Nintendo claimed that they can monetize ad revenue from YouTubers' Let's Play videos using YouTube's Content ID system because they use their IPs. In response, Achievement Hunter did not publish another Let's Play involving a Nintendo game after "Let's Play New Super Mario Bros. U Part 2", and even pulled a Take That! to both Nintendo and AH's own fans by tricking viewers into thinking that Pokémon X and Y would played on VS, until the surprise release of "Let's Play New Super Mario Bros. U Part 3" 53 weeks after part two's release (due to Nintendo reversing their decision regarding Let's Play monetization around mid-2013). Nintendo's full return to the channel extended even further as Ryan, Ray, Ashley, and Kerry got to play Mario Kart 8 for a Let's Play before the game's release.
      • This came back again thanks to Nintendo's new rules, forcing Burnie to cancel the long-hoped-for Super Smash Bros. RT Tournament. Eventually, this became reversed again in 2016.
    • When Achievement Hunter released their own Monopoly board, someone on Reddit wished they could have used the Tower of Pimps for the Hotels. Geoff responded that they wanted to, but there's rules as to what can and cannot be changed with the boards.
    • Jack revealed in his LEGO building stream that he almost convinced Rooster Teeth to buy the '89 Batmobile LEGO set as part of their Batman 50th anniversary celebration, where he would have streamed himself building the set and taking the opportunity to talk about their merch, but the higher-ups ultimately didn't go through with it.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things:
    • Tweets from Jack have implied they won't use facecams for regular videos because they get pestered to, a lot. They use them on occasion, not all the time. Though they have been using them more often in recent years. Not to mention, VS and GO! both have recorded the Hunters on-camera (though not through facecams) as they play their games; the latter uses a camera all the time due to the unique nature of the series.
    • Most of the group have been a little cynical towards their fandom. This can be due to many things including comments complaining about videos being uploaded late, hateful comments towards anyone not in the "main six" (most notably, Lindsay has been the subject of sexist comments), being shown sexual fan art of them kissing or even having sex with their friends/coworkers and more. However, the biggest annoyance they face is constantly having their "catchphrases" or even just things they've said once being constantly tweeted to or messaged to them in some way. This specifically happened to Ray which led to him from being one of the loudest and most talkative to being the quietest out of being afraid of creating a new phrase to be constantly hounded by on Twitter. Also at RTX 2014, the Achievement Hunter panel was full of uncomfortable questions and people just requesting shoutouts. It got so annoying that when one fan was up to ask a question he first said, "I have a real question," which led to the Hunters and eventually the audience cheering.

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