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The following Achievement Hunter productions have separate Moment of Awesome pages:

  • Grand Theft Auto seriesincluding 
  • Minecraft series

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  • Any time the Achievement Hunter guys work together, you can expect multiple moments of awesome from everyone.
  • The person to win the first Achievement Horse Tournament was quite surprising in the sense that it wasn't Geoff, Joel, or Jack, but was in fact Michael.
  • To celebrate Geoff taking his cast off, everyone in the office decided to play Achievement Horse with one hand (except Barbara, since she's inexperienced at Halo). While most people had a rough start and some eventually beat it, Michael was the only person to finish the course on his first attempt. Cue jokes about how Michael's skilled at doing things one-handed.
  • Gavin eventually delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle to Geoff, Michael and Jack on Trials Evolution by winning two of the three sets.
  • Gavin winning round 1 of the Spleef tournament... only for Jack to win by simply stepping out the way in the last round.
  • The 2012 London Olympics Official Game gives everyone a few:
    • Gavin gets one for winning the archery, and while Michael does come last out of the non-NPC players he does get one round of perfect bullseye shots.
    • Michael winning the weightlifting by one pound. Gav comes second after beating Geoff and Ray.
    • Michael and Ray do pretty well in the shooting as well. Michael ultimately goes on to win with some awesome shooting in the last round.
  • Most of the Trials Horse or Halo: Reach Horse maps end with one for either player.
    • Gavin beating Jack in Trials Horse for the first time, after having lost both the previous matches.
  • The second Achievement Horse tournament. It ends with Burnie coming first, Kerry coming second and Michael coming third.
  • Their entire Trouble in Terrorist Town Let's Play had at least one for everyone, as at some point every player went One-Man Army on the others, or used sheer wits to do so.
    • "Shadles" killing pretty much everyone.
  • During their Let's Play of Mann vs Machine, they manage to stop the robots from destroying their base literally seconds before the bombs went off. Twice.
    • When the robots forced the crew back into their base, the Achievement Hunter crew, somehow, someway, managed to force the robots out.
  • For Achievement HORSE #101, everybody was given three attempts to complete a course. The only one to finish it? Jack. Let's Get Dangerous! indeed.
  • In their Regicide Let's Play of Halo 4, everyone does pretty well, though there are some moments from that stand out.
  • Episode 2 of Let's Play Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies confirms that Ray's Memetic Badass title is well-deserved. Near the end of the Let's Play he's practically carrying his team (Gavin and Jack) close to victory, only failing because he's a single player against enough zombies for six. In the last few minutes he clenches victory not through heavy guns or weapons, but by leading an entire horde of zombies in a circle around a truck and taking his time, picking them off through shots and smart use of explosives. By the end even Geoff, Michael, and Ryan are rooting for him to win.
    • The first Ray clutch was really amazing as well. He revived Gavin at least three times and kept running so that he wouldn't get swarmed. And he still had time to grab the Max Ammo. What makes the Ray thing so impressive is that he did not get much bonuses. It was only at the end when he was going One-Man Army on the seemingly never ending hordes of zombies that he started to finally get those bonuses. Even then, he didn't get all that many. He lasted that long by conserving ammo and ensuring that he doesn't get cornered by respawning zombies. In the end, he ends up with over 600 kills, more than triple that of Ryan who's in second place. When you look at the scoreboard, you really notice that Ray is carrying his team. While the GMR team has their kills fairly evenly distributed, Ray has more than double that of everyone on his team.
      Jack: That was like watching a robot play. That was amazing!
      Gavin: How does he do that?! What gun is he using?
      Michael: It's not the gun. Ray's smart and he doesn't suck like we do. He runs away.
      Gavin: He's killing more people per second then I did all game!
    • How awesome was this moment? The following week's Quick Bits, which showcases some of the funniest moments from a Let's Play, only shows the end. That's right. It was so awesome that in a Let's Play filled with Funny Moments, only Ray's triumph is shown.
    • The episode could count as a CMOA for all involved. Despite being on opposing teams, questionable competency, and repeated dicking around, they all manage to make it through the first ten waves fairly quickly, and it isn't until the final wave that they start faltering.
  • Let's Play Madden NFL 2013 is mostly CMOF after CMOF, given Gavin's lack of knowledge about American football, and it ends up a Curb-Stomp Battle for Ray and Ryan. However, Gavin and Geoff end the game by completing an 85-yard Hail Mary for a touchdown, astonishing them, the other team, and spectator Michael.
  • During the Let's Play Halo 4 Bonus Episode, the first match the guys play... it's an utter Curb-Stomp Battle in their favor. Ray even gets a Perfection medal. Their second game as a team does not go quite as well, but they manage to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat by five kills. During this game, Ryan manages to get a score of 30-2, getting most of these kills with a single Mantis.
  • Let's Play Crimson Map Pack episode 2 - normally, during the Halo let's plays, the top three normally includes Ray, Ryan and Michael (with Ray regularly taking first place). However, during this Let's Play, the winner isn't any of them - it's Gavin, who normally has one of the lowest scores. this time, his lead is 110 points more than second place Ryan, and 200 points more than regular winner Ray.
  • Let's Play Dead Space 3 demo: There's a part in the game where Jack and Michael have to fight monsters inside a room with a giant moving spinning drill. Michael, at one point, turns to see the drill about to shred him, and he manages to stasis (freeze) the drill while under the tendrils, less than a second away from death. He successfully escapes.
  • Let's Play Madden NFL 13: Super Bowl Special, mostly a series of funny moments due to Gavin's lack of football knowledge, has several awesome moments coming from the victorious Team Lads (aka Gavin, Michael, and Ray; aka the Baltimore Ravens).
    • Gavin, after finally figuring out what a running play is, asks where the "run-all-the-way" play is. Ray says that it's really hard - and promptly busts off a 25-yard run.
    • Down 18-16, Ray declares the upcoming drive to be "the drive." Next three plays: 29-yard pass, 21-yard pass, 30 yard touchdown pass.
    • Gavin's basically game-clinching moment of smartness. Michael and Ray have been on him for openly calling his plays all game, and this happens:
      Gavin: "All right, I'm going to pass it to Michael."note 
      Ray: "All right, well I mean, I don't really recommend that..."
      Gavin: "OR AM I!! HAHAHA!!!" (hands the ball to Ray, who runs for a 24-yard touchdown)
      • Everyone's reactions make that play.
  • The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 "Turned Mode" Let's Play. They play 4-5 rounds of it in twenty minutes, and Ray wins every single round!
  • Let's Play Halo 4 Majestic Map Pack. Gavin went from last to second.
  • Ryan getting a 21 for 1 kill shot in the Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army Let's Play, thanks to some well placed dynamite. Keep in mind, the others were getting 3-6 kills with grenades.
  • The Achievement Horse Tournament 2013 begins.
    • Ray versus Barbara is the first match. While Ray ultimately does go on to win, as you'd probably expect, Barbara Took a Level in Badass for this video and managed to win three rounds, as opposed to her match against Gavin where she only won a single round. Ray even admits that she did pretty well to get that far- at one point she was overtaking him!
    • Similar to the first one, the second match (Ryan vs Jordan) has Ryan winning, but not before Jordan ends up taking three rounds. The web community had predicted Ryan to win easily.
    • Geoff versus Joel. Joel wins despite Geoff being a guy who basically plays video games for a living.
    • Michael versus Lindsay. A complete Curb-Stomp Battle in Michael's favor.
    • Gus versus Adam. Gus completely curbstomps Adam despite not having played Halo for a damn long while. He wins five rounds, Adam only wins one.
    • Martinizer. He takes out Kerry (runner-up in both previous tournaments) in a play-in round, and defeats Burnie (the reigning champion) in Round 1.
    • Gavin vs Caleb in the final match of round 1. Caleb beats Gavin 5-2 and extends his undefeated streak at Halo HORSE. According to Gavin, Caleb managed to win at least two rounds very quickly.
    • Caleb vs Gus face off in round 2. Caleb ends up beating Gus 5-1 in a Curb-Stomp Battle. Caleb still has not lost an episode of Halo HORSE.
    • In the start of the semifinals, Martinizer faces off against Caleb. Both of them have never lost an episode of HORSE before. Caleb ends up dominating Maritinizer by winning all five rounds. Keep in mind that Martinizer knocked out Kerry, the previous year's runner up, and Burnie, last year's winner.
    • Who wins the tournament? Joel, dealing Caleb his first HORSE loss.
  • Geoff's wise money management in Monopoly. He wrapped up his victory to such an extent that the only reason the video was over an hour long was because of Arc Fatigue.
  • During Things To Do In Red Dead Redemption: King of the Mountain, Ryan manages to take down a bird with a throwing knife between rounds.
    • The final round: After Ryan is eliminated early, Geoff knocks down Michael before being hit off the peak by Gavin. Michael immediately comes up behind Gav and punches him straight down the cliff for the win.
  • "Let's Play Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare" has Michael being the one who survives last against a horde of zombies in the final round of the game. This is probably because Ray was away for E3 at the time.
  • Let's Play Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Geoff struggles badly in the first two rounds, constantly getting killed and generally being the worst player in the game. However, in the third round, Geoff ends up dominating the entire time he is a spy. He hacks all three terminals, and he is only killed twice. He manages to get three kills which is impressive because he spent most of the round hiding successfully from Ryan and Gavin. The real kicker though? Geoff did it almost single-handily. Ray spent the round being The Load as he kept getting killed repeatedly by Ryan. He was, at best, a distraction which shows just how impressive Geoff was. This is conversation after the round ends basically sums it up:
    Ray: " did all the work. I was just in the way."
    • Another near the end of the first round. After spending the entire game being Ray and Ryan's punching bag, Gavin manages to survive Ray shooting at him, move behind him crouched, and kill him. But it doesn't stop there. He follows up with killing Ray again, once again surviving Ray's gunfire and knife him. Then he kills Ryan, knifing him from the darkness, and kills Ray again, this time zig-zagging to avoid gunfire. Too late to make a real difference, but still impressive.
  • When Burnie and Gavin play Halo 4 in Game Time, they talk about the story of how Burnie fought to bring Gavin from the UK to America, with the main problem in the way being that Gavin needed a Visa, which the application process for was immensely difficult. One thing Gavin did in this time was start up the Slow Mo Guys, which became moderately popular. Over time, Burnie eventually said that it was almost impossible to bring Gavin over, as there were so many requirements he had to fill that he didn't - he had to be written about in a newspaper, he had to appear on television, and he had to win an award. This depressed Gavin majorly...and then he made his Giant 6ft Water Balloon video, which absolutely skyrocketed in popularity, gaining two million views in one day. He suddenly found himself being written about in newspapers, interviewed on television, and winning a YouTube award; as he says in the Game Time video, he suddenly fulfilled every single requirement instantly to get a Visa.
    • Even if it's common knowledge for most Achievement Hunter fans, it's also awesome to hear about Gavin's experiences with working on major films, such as Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.
  • All four of the guys playing Rainbow Six: Vegas have their own individual awesome moments, but they also work really well as a team, winning one round, but also coming one kill short in two rounds and five short on another. Individually:
    • Ray is The Ace, as always, leading the team in kills most rounds. In one round, he has 18 kills, and he is the Sole Survivor of the only campaign they win.
    • Gavin is a Wild Card, acting as The Load at times but going on a tear in one round, leading the team with 17 kills. He would have won that round too, needing only one more kill, but the game lagged on him as he was shooting the last guy. Also, just about every shot he takes with his shotgun is a kill shot; he mostly only misses if he's taken completely by surprise. His only downfall is that he tends to die very quickly each map due to charging in, leaving him with only one life the rest of the game.
    • Geoff is also a Wild Card, but more consistent than Gavin. Even though he constantly shoots his teammates, he is also the most tactical among them, as he waits in hiding for the enemy to come to him rather than charging willy-nilly into various rooms. He gets the most kills in one round with 22, as Gavin, Jack, and Ray had all died very quickly that round.
    • Jack, while not having any particular moments of awesome, is the most consistent of the four behind Ray and is often one of the last to die.
    • Part 4 is the last episode of the series, and it is a CMOF for the whole team (Ray, Ryan, Geoff, Gavin). They come together as a team and wind up beating the episode's levels with frightening speed and efficiency, moving in pairs, calling enemy locations, and using every tool available to them. For this, they unlock an Achievement: Extreme Hunter. Beat all multiplayer levels on Realistic Difficulty.
  • One stupid fan commented that they wished AH would edit their videos and that they should start doing it again, in spite of the fact that that's clearly what they do and they haven't ever stopped doing so. So somebody on the channel came down on them hard. As one fan put it, best "you got owned" moment ever.
    What do you think you just watched? Did you think all of our names magically appeared in the corner of the screen by themselves? Did you think the game became self aware and skipped ahead at random intervals of it's choosing? Do you think the camera changed player perspectives whenever it felt like it? Yeah, we should really go back to editing...
  • In GO! episode 3, Geoff gets one for doing something never before seen in an Achievement Hunter video: he turns Ray's perfectionism in gaming against him and downright cripples him in the competition. Part of the reason Ray is so successful in the Let's Plays is that he has played a variety of games and completed them to perfection. However, because Geoff forces Ray to use his personal account, Ray is stuck trying to get an achievement with an account that has dozens of completed games. And since Ray dislikes leaving games uncompleted on his account, he is extremely reluctant to choose a new game for fear of being unable to complete that game. This combination absolutely destroys Ray and he ends up spending five minutes, trying to think of a game that has an easy achievement, while at the same time, being part of the few games he hasn't completed.
  • Part 2 of "Let's Play Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag" has Michael getting first place in the first two games, and second in the third.
    • And Gavin, after getting second place in the first game and fourth in the second, gets first in the third with over five thousand points. Second place, Michael, didn't even have three thousand.
  • GO! episode 8: Ray wins before anyone else has started playing a game. Some hadn't even chosen a game.
    • This also has the honor of being the fastest GO! challenge completed ever to date, at a mere FIFTY-TWO seconds.
  • Ray's incredible triple kill in "Let's Play- STARWHAL: Just the Tip".
  • For long time fans of Achievement Hunter, Geoff shutting out Jack in Achievement HUNT #9 is one of the most awesome things to happen. Why is it so awesome? Because in the entire history of these HORSE/PIG/HUNT videos (going all the way back to December 6, 2010!) Geoff has NEVER shut out Jack, whereas Jack has shut him out several times.
  • Michael and Gavin's anniversary revisit to Surgeon Simulator 2013, a full, hour-long Let's Play rather than just a Rage Quit, has them performing the secret alien surgeries. They end it by performing a successful Gavichal transplant.
  • As of February 2014, Achievement Hunter is now 5 for 5 in predicting Super Bowls - a feat even more impressive when you consider that some of them have been the end result of Let's Plays where their own incompetence has a bigger impact (such as a game with a combined 13 interceptions and a 14th one that wasn't counted for roughing the passer).
    • For Super Bowl XLVIII, they correctly predicted the Super Bowl MVP - a player who had not yet appeared on an NFL trading card - and the fact that he had an interception return for a touchdown.
  • GO! episode 17, where in a couple minutes, Ray wins the first GO! pizza party by deploying a parachute in Just Cause.
  • Let's Play - Call of Duty: Ghosts - On Slaught DLC Free For All. Not only does Ray win every round, he wins one without using any bullets.
    • Special mention should go to the final game, where Ray...
      • Gets the first kill in five seconds
      • Gets the first six kills (with most of them being Ryan, who is arguably the only person in the office that can keep up with Ray in an FPS).
      • Gets a final Kill-Death Ratio of 30-8. Second place? 11-12! (He was also the only person with a positive KDR)
    • It should also be noted that, aside from the first and last round, Gavin consistently placed third. The two rounds he didn't, Michael did, and Ryan finished second every round.
  • According to Let's Play - Titanfall Part 3, the guys were (at time of filming) the best Titanfall team in the world as of the end of the beta.
  • "Let's Play New Super Mario Bros. U Part 3," in a moment which seemingly went unnoticed by the guys, they have been caught in a mini-fight with four penguins, and Jack says, "Gavin, it's all you," sarcastically, as Gavin had just barely survived the last level. Gavin proceeds to kill three of the four penguins in one jump without hitting the ground (around the 19 minute mark).
    • The video also marked an awesome return to the series after a year, beating out the usual GTA5 videos as video of the week.
  • In Let's Play - Family Feud, Gavin and Ray absolutely destroy Geoff and Michael, winning 4 of the 6 rounds and taking both of the Fast Money Rounds handily. Geoff and Michael only ended up coming out on Top of 1 Round, while the other one (asking what fruit you would have with Jell-O) ended up going to no one.
  • In GO! episode 31, Ray wins GO! again, earning his second pizza party.
  • In Jeopardy! Part 2, in a game between Gavin, Ryan and Jack, the battle was mainly between two people Jack and GAVIN (which comes off as shocking after his performance in the 5th Grader one) off all people, even taking the lead at one stage until he lost all his money in a daily double.
  • Part 2 of the team's Let's Play of Loadout featured two random players who were of comparatively much greater skill than the Hunters. Of note is watikins, who managed a kill count so high in the team's second match that he accounted for nearly half the deaths of the opposing team.
  • In Battlefield Hardline, Gavin manages to hit someone with an RPG. From on top of a skyscraper. Long shot indeed.
  • In the third Wheel of Fortune video, in contrast to other quiz games, Gavin practically comes out on top of the others. And someone at the very beginning of the video had told him to win.
  • In the let's play for Tower Fall Ascension, Geoff, Gavin, Michael, and Ray were all even in score consistently, leading to many moments where the winner of the rounds generally won through luck or skill.
    • Special mentions to Gavin and Michael whose performances were consistently good throughout the entirety of the LP.
    • Any moment where the one player kills all the other three in one round.
  • The Let's Play for The Last of Us Remastered has some good moments of sheer awesome.
    • The moment around the 15 mark where Gavin manages to start off a chain reaction that brings all 6 players into the same room and ends up with Team New Lads/Lanyard winning the gun battle.
      • Then Team Gents coming right back and repaying the favour.
    • At the 18:50 mark you can hear faintly the sounds of Gavin saying "Oh yeah." to something. He then proceeds to sneak up the stairway Geoff and Jack are camping while muttering to himself "Coming up the stairs..." to which Kerry tells him not to announce what he's doing... turns out Gavin was acting as distraction so Michael could sneak up behind Geoff and Jack and dispatch them.
      Michael: Surprise bitches! Woo!
  • A Crowning Moment of Mogar: Michael proves surprisingly deadly in Samurai Gunn, winning the vast majority of rounds as well as every single Showdown. Even Gavin, who was skilled in the similar game Tower Fall Ascension, was driven to the point he practically gave up halfway through the video.
    Gavin: It's like onenote , one, and fifty-eight.
  • Ray wins GO! Episode 42 and takes the series for the third time in a row as a result.
  • In Let's Play 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures 2, after Ryan scores a hole in one while basically screwing everyone else, Ray manages to turn a "fuck it, whatever" shot into this.
  • From Let's Play: Halo 3: ODST (Vidmaster Challenge Endure) Attempt 2: After running out of ammo for his weapon while being chased by a squad of Brutes, Jack falls back on his grenades. While running and jumping backwards, he successfully sticks three of the Brutes in a row, culminating in him sticking the final Brute in the forehead, earning him the Imaginary Achievement "Bruticorn".
    • Jack one-ups this CMOA with an even greater one in Attempt 3. At the end of Set 1 (the same place where both previous attempts had failed), Jack is left the last man standing of the group with no lives left. Despite conflicting advice from his three dead comrades, Jack successfully defeats the rest of the wave, winning himself the appropriately named "Hero" medal and resurrecting his wildly cheering comrades. After this rough start, the Hunters dominate the rest of the game, finishing the game with 33 extra lives. Notorious No Respect Guy Jack finally gets his moment in the sun. "The fucking legend" indeed.
  • Let's Play The Last of Gus shows the team of Gus, Ryan, Michael, Gavin and Gus absolutely dominating every match they play. Their respawn counter never falls below 10 by the time they win each round.
  • Michael's incredible kickoff return touchdown in ''Let's Play - Madden NFL 15," with Gavin making a key block.
    • Jack more than makes up for his showing in the previous year's Madden video by managing to not throw a single interception.
    • In the final minute of the game, Ray, who had been sitting out and acting as the "coach" for Team Ladsnote , takes the controller from Gavin and proceeds to score two touchdowns within seconds. While the Lads still ended up losing 21 to 39, Ray managed to save his team from being completely annihilated by the Gents and showed once again why he is The Ace.
  • GO! episode 68 is Ray against Michael, Gavin, Ryan, and Jack in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Ray wins 20-8.
  • Let's Play: 3D Ultra Mini Golf Adventures 2 Part 4 has Geoff, the absolute worst player in the office, manages to hit the Hole-In-One shot (on his third stroke, but still!). Crosses over into the Funny page with his reaction, he cheers so hard he falls out of his chair and goes deaf in his left ear.
  • As of GO! episode 80, Jack has officially tied with Ray, taking his third straight series.
  • Geoff, Ryan, Jack, and Gavin play Towerfall Darkworld, and once again everyone puts up a good show, especially Ryan managing to win the second game, however the showstopper is Gavin managing to outsmart everyone in one round by staying hunkered down and invisible to counteract them all starting with shields. Then winning the whole shebang 2:1 over Ryan and only losing that one to a negative kill.
  • The Podcast crew play Capsule Force, and despite a rather poor start Gus and Blaine manage to battle back and tie the game up at 9 wins apiece against Miles and Kerry. The deciding match even comes down to sudden death. Sadly, Gus and Blaine ultimately lose in the end.
  • Let's Play: Fibbage 2 ends with an amazing win by Gavin. The question is about an odd world championship held every year in Fenny Bentley, England. He successfully tricks everyone else into picking his answer and is the only one who finds the truth: toe wrestling. In one shot, he earns 10,500 points - 3,000 for the right answer and 7,500 for tricking the other five - which kicks him all the way from second-last to first place.
    Michael: "Did he steal it with one final round?!"
    Gavin: "English knowledge!"
  • Achievement Hunter Hockey League: Week 1 has an incredible comeback moment for Gavin. Down 2-1 against Ryan in the last minute of the game, Gavin scores two goals in the span of half a minute, the last one taking him three seconds from a face-off with two seconds left on the clock. Not too bad for someone who has never even watched a game of ice hockey before, let alone played NHL on Xbox.
  • Let's Play- Mario Party 8: King Boo's Haunted Mansion Part 2 has Jeremy enact a doozy of a play- after Gavin gets a gold space that gives him coins and a direct path to a guaranteed star, Jeremy rolls, takes a risk at a fork in the road by mentally counting the (unseen) spaces, and gets it himself. He then convinces Michael to successfully use his Springo candy to warp to the bonus zone Gavin and Jeremy are in under the guise of screwing over Gavin, and Michael rolls just in front of Gavin. Jeremy reveals that this stops Gavin from successfully using his Duelo Candy- while it gives him two dice it also stops him where someone else is for a duel, and with Michael in front of him but not to the star, it nullifies the double. Gavin is forced to roll one die and misses it. Jeremy uses his Twice candy to get two dice without stipulations to steal the star and half the coins from Gavin. He wins the game, likely because of that move.
  • Let's Play - Rainbow Six Siege: Extraction has the gang trying to get the Hit and Run achievement, which is to beat a Terrorist Run in 2 minutes. They are able to do it with Jack and Ryan the only ones alive, six seconds to spare, and on their first try.
    • In their final mission, they manage to pull it off in under 60 seconds. Additionally, Matt manages to get four kills without even using his gun. He beats the enemies with a hammer the whole time.
  • Their Dead by Daylight matches against Funhaus was awesome. First up, it's Ryan as the killer and Funhaus as the survivors. In both rounds, Ryan utterly destroys them. Then it's AH against Funhaus' killer who only gets a single kill in both rounds, but it's because Michael willingly sacrificed himself to get the others out.
  • Jeremy absolutely dominating in VR the Champions - Gorn. He easily beats all the enemies sent his way, decapitating them like no one's business. Culimated at the end where he throws a detached arm in the air, reached down to grab an arrow and then turned and shot the arrow at the arm hitting it. That was his first try by the way.
  • In Let's Play - Driver: San Francisco with Game Attack, they are all competing to see who can get the best time in the survival challenge of Jericho throwing cars at you like the finale and many of them actually make some pretty sweet dodges. The true moment of awesome is that Geoff, who was a last minute addition to the video and started his run rough, won the competition on his first trynote 
  • Geoff, Michael, Jeremy and Ryan did a playthrough of Star Trek Bridge Crew, which, at the end, puts them through the "unwinnable" Kobayashi Maru. They're able to rescue six people within the disabled ship, take down a few Klingon ships and stay until they're out of shields and make a break for it. And at the end, the admiral congratulates the four for a job well done and lets them have control of the USS Aegis.
  • They return to Gorn, and although the video in question only shows Ryan having a go at the game (which has been significantly improved since their last go at it), he shows exactly why he is called the "Mad King". By the end, his most effective strategy against the opposing gladiators seems to be throwing other gladiators at them.
    • The second part features Jeremy, who once again proves that he needs some sort of outlet. He also repeats his action of shooting a flying body part with a bow and arrow.
  • Play Pals: Human: Fall Flat Part 6 contains the most unintentionally awesome move Michael's ever made. He leaps off a platform towards a reset puzzle (that he shouldn't properly be able to get to, as he's moving backwards through the level), hits a platform which spins 180 degrees out from under him, he grabs the top side as it comes back down on top of him and rides it all the way through the 360 to the other side, landing it afterwards.
  • After being consonantly belittled throughout the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid despite undeniably carrying the rest of the team, Alfredo losing it in the finale was immensely satisfying. This is helped by the fact that Ryan had gone full Heel by blaming everyone but himself for his constant arguing and Leeroy Jenkins behavior, which had led to multiple wipes due to no one being able to hear Alfredo's instructions. Only the threat of Fredo not helping was ultimately enough to shut everyone up and restore the team's efficacy, signifying that everyone acknowledges his Rookie Red Ranger status.
  • In Let's Play - PUBG: Git Gud #4 - The G Stands for "Good", they decide to do a 'lightning round' by heading to the school first, a spot infamous for attracting crowds of players at the start of the match. Not only are they the only ones who land there, but they go from a clear drop at the school, running other players over with a jeep, running through the bombardment zone with bombs falling all around, via not one but two supply drops, to Jeremy winning the game for their team. Lightning round indeed.
    • In #5, Michael manages to take out two players by himself (having split off and gone in a different direction from the others). When the rest of their team comes after him, he has to hide because he's low on health and ammo. Geoff, Jeremy, and Ryan hop into a car and decide to ride up and save Michael. They get there just in time and manage to take out the enemy players just as they're shooting through the door. And then they go on to win the match with three of them left alive.
  • In Let's Play - Rainbow Six Siege: Git Gud #5 - Not Gud Enuf, After Jeremy's claymore kill Jack thinking it was a friendly fire version, leaving Michael alone against three other players, by a stroke of luck, Michael hid by the corner and not a single player saw him and he manage to kill all three of them with a single clip.
  • RouLet's Play - Rainbow Six Vegas: With four players in a level with 50 enemies, Jeremy is left alone with 16 to go, and wins, capping off an incredible 34-kill performance.
  • Let's Play - Human Fall Flat: Learning to Climb: In the same part of the map where Michael performed the feat of hauling Gavin out of the void while he clung onto a pole, everybody bands together to save Gavin again, this time he having fallen off the moving platform with the box they needed. Jack first grabs the box, but he gets pulled off the ledge. Then Michael grabs Jack, and he gets pulled off the ledge. Then Jeremy grabs Michael, Ryan and Lindsay grab Jeremy, and Geoff grabs the back of those two. It takes them four minutes, but they manage to rescue everybody without having to make Gavin drop off the end of the chain.
  • Let's Watch - Hitman Escalation: The Mallory Misfortune: After repeated failures by Gavin and Ryan, it's Jeremy who successfully pulls off the final and most difficult level of the mission. Jeremy's never played the game and managed to unlock a game achievement that only .2% of players have gotten.
  • The sheer inability for Matt to lose at Mario Kart 8 in Mapril.
    • He wins 7 out of 8 grand prix and lose only in the last prix to Gavin in first and Michael in second due to the combined efforts of everyone.
      • The same circuit had Michael manage to dodge a blue shell through a well-timed mushroom, which he was ecstatic about having on-camera as proof he'd done it.
  • Same as the Old Geoff - Fore Honor - Golf It! (#14): After Ryan focuses his efforts on Alfredo, and Jack suffers a bug where his ball gets stuck, Geoff wins the second course.
  • Rooftop Dance Party - Gmod Gune - Murder: Thanks to new rules in place that random killings would result in being hit with a pool noodle, the gang significantly improve their gameplay, especially as the killer. Gavin, in particular, proves that when he puts in the effort, combined with no one wanting to risk a noodling enough to kill him, he's just as ruthless as Ryan. He wins the final round by killing Geoff before Geoff could shoot him, and parlays Ryan and Trevor's confusion to his advantage by remaining silent and taking everyone out.
  • Like PUBG, but Better- Totally Awesome Battlegrounds: During the second round, The Safe zone walls of the arena is closing, both Matt and Jeremy are safe but worry that Michael and especially Ryan wouldn't make it. Michael narrowly made it with seconds to spare, but right behind him, Ryan manages to squeeze right through with not a moment to spare. They all agreed that moment made the second round worth it.
  • Vidmaster Challenge: Annual - Halo 3
    • Gavin, Jeremy, Jack, and Geoff challenge themselves to complete a Vidmaster Challenge on the game's most difficult playing mode. Not only that, they have a time crunch because Geoff had a flight to catch. They complete it just in time for Geoff to leave.
  • So Many Deaths - Halo 3: LASO - Pillar of August
    • Gavin, Michael, Jeremy, and Jack challenge themselves to play a Halo 3 level LASO (Legendary All Skulls On). Which meant the game's most difficult playing mode, all modifiers on, and all deaths meant returning to their last checkpoint. THEY COMPLETE THE LEVEL. Special mention going to Gavin getting the least number of deaths and Jeremy with the most Grunt kills.
  • Watch the Panic - Ultimate Chicken Horse: Gavin proves that once again, he's a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass in the pyramid level when he sneakily hides a teleporter behind an obelisk and waits until the second teleporter shows up and place it behind the goal flag. After watching the others die and claiming that he's trying to figure out a path, he immediately uses the teleporter to score himself a win. He also ultimately wins the level with a well timed jump that lands right at the goal flag.
  • Sticky Holes - Ultimate Chicken Horse: Gavin wins the Old Mansion level and proves that he's a Combat Pragmatist by taking advantage of the fact that the others overlooked the left side of map. He goes around the obstacles and scores two wins that allow him to win the level.
  • Couch Potato Week brings us episode #7 of Towerfall Ascension and features Gavin winning all three sets. This in spite of how closely all matches wound up being in the end.
    • Special mention to Alfredo who, despite having never played the game before, stays pretty much even throughout all the sets with the others.
  • Episode 8 of Towerfall Ascension has three rounds. Gavin once again wins each and every round.
  • THE YOUTH VS. HOBO - Gang Beasts | Let's Play: As the title implies, the highlight of the episode is Fiona as the Youth VS Ryan as the Hobo. The match is surprisingly intense, as neither one can be forced out of the ring for quite some time, given that Fiona is inexplicably impossible to knock out for long and Ryan is too heavy to lift and throw out of the ring. Ryan finally manages to toss out Fiona after a long and brutal duel.
  • For the last round of Infinite C4 - Gmod: TTT, Gavin calls for a lightning round. Alfredo immediately switches into professional gamer mode, quicksnipes Fiona almost instantly, then headshots Jack. Gavin tries to sneak up behind him and mow him down... only for Alfredo to swing around 180 degrees and noscope Gavin in the head with barely a word. Then he breaks out into laughter.
    Alfredo: Holy shit, I ended Gavin's career with that one!
  • The Temple of Traitor Traps - Gmod: TTT
    • In one of the rounds it's down to Trevor (the Traitor), Jack (the Phantom), Ryan (the Swapper), and Alfredo (innocent). Alfredo had killed Jeremy leading Ryan and him to hover over his dead body. Jack tries to scope Alfredo in the head but misses and hits Ryan instead, who was standing in front of Alfredo. Jack dies a second time and causing Ryan to swap into the Phantom.
  • Hiding in the Helicopter - Gmod: TTT w/ Tom Fawkes: In the penultimate round, Ryan summons his inner Alfredo. He was a traitor along with Michael, but got killed early on. While everybody else is busy arguing, Michael sneaks over and revives him. He manages to get to a sniper rifle, then just as Gavin (who hadn't been paying attention before) is starting to out him, he starts firing. He headshots Gavin, Jack, Jeremy and Tom, ending the round. Four shots, four kills.
  • Fighting Dementors at the Office from THE OFFICE: Trevor as a Mercenary, finds himself trapped in a traitor room after chasing and killing Ryan. When Hypnotist Lindsay, along with Jester Jeremy run in, he's at the far end of the room. As Lindsay prepares to kill him, Trevor suddenly teleports behind her and kills her. And according to what he said afterward, he set that trap up knowing the second traitor would come in to get him.
    Trevor: I set up that trap so long ago.
  • The Absolute Worst Traitors - Gmod: TTT
    • Jeremy pulls off an amazing gambit. As the Hypnotist, he gets the golden deag, and kills his fellow traitor, Alfredo, gaining everybody's trust. Trevor's attempts to kill Fiona, and she dies by backing into the spike pit. While everyone is hunting Trevor down, Jeremy starts reviving Alfredo. Jeremy then kills Trevor, the Killer, with the deag. This causes Ryan and Gavin to turn on each other, causing Ryan to die. Michael and Gavin assume that Jeremy is the Killer and go off to kill him. Jeremy manages to kill Gavin, but dies to Michael. Alfredo finally comes out of hiding and finishes off Michael.
  • We Got New LASO Alarms! - Halo 3 LASO ODST (Part 1): Gavin, Ryan, Michael and Jeremy manage to complete Tayari Plaza in 28 minutes despite having considerable difficutly adjusting to ODST's gameplay. Since they finished the level so quickly, they decide to continue onto the next, Uplift Reserve...and proceed to finish it in 13 minutes due to Gavin and Michael deciding to wing it and just Warthog rush throughout the level. Even more impressively, Jeremy and Ryan initially get left behind and often warped into the middle of combat, yet Gavin and Michael are usually the ones dying. They finish so quickly that Ryan gets the One Way Ride achievement for completing a level on Heroic or higher without using a single health pack.
  • Michael Must Go! - Ultimate Chicken Horse (#36) sees Gavin, Jeremy, and Ryan trying to stop the Chicky-Doo powerhouse that is Michael, who according to Jeremy's compiled stats had won over 50 percent of rounds to that point. They play six rounds; Michael wins all of them, including the final round on the very last turn.
  • The Jester Against a Horde of Zombies - Gmod: TTT: In the second to last round, it comes down to Ryan as the last Innocent, Jeremy as the Jester, and Gavin, Matt, Fiona, and Jack as Zombies. After killing Fiona, Ryan holes up in one of the gun rooms, and Jeremy decides to block off the only doorway with his body, banking on the Zombies not wanting to kill him. Ryan and Jeremy then work together to kill them off, with Jeremy giving Ryan brief shots at them by moving out of the way or crouching. Even when Jack manages to get in by jumping over Jeremy, it's still too little, too late, and Ryan guns him down with ease.
  • 60 Enter, Chaos Reigns - Fall Guys: Alfredo, whose inabilty to play platformers has worked against him in the past, finally finds a platformer that he's pretty good at. He clinches the win for the squad in the very final round by managing to stay on the Hex-a-Gone the longest. He gleefully shouts that he finally won a platformer.
  • The Silent Night Murders - Among Us: Matt managing to fool everyone into thinking Jeremy killed Fiona in the last round all but assured him the victory.

  • During their second Let's Play Worms, Ray's last worm single-handedly fire-punched all four of Michael's worms to death through a combination of Michael's incompetence and a lot of luck to win the game.
  • During part 2 of Let's Play Worms 2: Armageddon, Gavin manages to kill one of Michael's last worms in one game with amazing rope swing skills and a grenade.
    • Possibly the best moment was Nandy Rewman's move. It can only be described as being an accidental chain reaction that left few worms unharmed.
      • Made a simultaneous Funny Moment by the guys' gradually escalating reaction from laughter, to amazement, to completely freaking out.
      • Ray's reaction, especially. It takes a lot to make Ray freak out, so when he starts absolutely screaming "OH MY GOODNESS! HOLY SHIT!!" it is quite funny.
  • EVERYONE kicking tons of ass in Worms Revolution. Particularly Gavin, who dishes out massive amounts of damage to the enemy worms.
    • Michael's final turn in the second game. With one worm against Geoff's two, he uses a well-placed bunker buster to take out the one with more health by dropping him into the water.
  • Worms Revolution episode six has a few, particularly toward the end of the second game:
    • With everyone still alive, but with three of the four only with one worm (Michael has two), Ray uses a well-aimed homing missile to knock Gavin's final worm out of a hole and into the water, eliminating him.
    • Then, after Geoff's mishap with the sheep, Michael passes on eliminating Geoff's worm, on the same ledge as his, in order to try and supersheep Ray's sole worm, on the top of the map. He not only manages to kill the worm, but he picks up a health pack along the way, something which none of the players knew was possible.
      • What's almost even more incredible is that Michael using the super sheep was Gavin's suggestion, and it worked.
    • From earlier in the same game, there's Michael's overthrown cluster bomb, documented in further detail on the CMOF page.
  • In Worms Battlegrounds part 3, Gavin finally wins a round. It only took... 15 videos to do it. Even better, Gavin waited until the very end for the best superweapon possible to unlock to win the game. That said, the moment is somewhat negated by the fact that he asked for specific conditions that would make his particular... play style more reliable, such as unlimited ninja rope, no bunker busters, and no teleports.
    • Michael gets one for himself during round 2. By the time the round's halfway over, he only has one worm left with one hit point. He goes on to win the round, finishing Geoff's last worm with a well executed Super Sheep.
  • The penultimate turn of Worms Battlegrounds part 7 has Gavin flying with a jet pack with reckless abandon, dropping a banana bomb along the way. Said bomb manages to blow Geoff's remaining worm, with 167 health, into the water. Everyone wondered how the hell he did that.
  • Despite starting out with one less worm than the rest of the competitors in the first match of Worms Battlegrounds Part 8, Michael ends up winning the whole thing, narrowly taking Ryan out in a final one-on-one fight.
  • Worms W.M.D with Sam Levine sees Gavin using a total of 7 ninja ropes in one turn to deliver a banana bomb to one of Ryan's worms. 2 were used to get up and the other 5 to get away by swing across the ceiling, with one of the pieces he latches onto being a tiny pixel of ground.
    • Prior to using the first rope Michael was the only one to believe without hesitation that Gavin could do it.
    Michael: If anyone can rope, it's Gavin.
  • The Rope Sheep Maneuver - Worms W.M.D. continues Gavin's unnatural ninja rope skills, including defying gravity and the titular moment, in which he flips a rope sheep more than 180 degrees around an outcropping into the perfect position to launch Jeremy's last worm into the ocean and win the game. Especially awesome for Gavin since he's tried multiple times to use a rope sheep and this was the first successful attempt.
  • During the first VS episode, a one-on-one Halo: CE match, Michael nets his antepenultimate kill by offing Gavin with a single headshot.
  • Ryan's Curb-Stomp Battle (20 to negative 4) of Michael in VS episode 2. Ryan uses his challenger rights perfectly to set up Michael for defeat.
    • Michael does get one shining moment: when he finally gets a legit kill on Ryan. It is his only kill but it counts for effort.
  • VS episode 3: Jack challenges Ryan to a round of Geometry Wars, which Ryan has never played. However, he earns a more-than-respectable score of 276,700; remember, this is his first time ever playing the game. (Jack still wins with a score of over 1.7 million.)
  • VS episode 4: Geoff chooses a game that Jack wasn't sure whether he's played or not (Sega Bass Fishing) Jack proceeds to utterly dominate, getting a 5 pounder, then an 11 pounder- As the crew put it- Geoff was desperately trying to bait one, Jack was practically fighting them off. Jack caught one that was as big as Geoff's biggest on accident.
  • VS episode 5 (Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion):
    • Ray's managing to avoid dying even in seemingly hopeless situations; for instance, when completely off the side of the screen. He does not die once.
    • Michael's wealth of Cartoon Network knowledge.
  • VS episode 6: Ray's landslide victory to retain his title against Michael in Sonic & All-stars Racing Transformed.
  • VS episode 7, where Gavin attempts to beat Ray at Call of Duty. The one game that Ray wins absolutely, completely, every single time. Having never played the game before. However, this being Gavin, he still manages to score nine amazing kills, including one long-range ballistic knife kill making him one of the better losers thus far. Ray beats him by a fair margin, but still.
    • To quote one YouTuber's comment:
    "Gavin is no pussy."
  • The person to end Ray's winning streak in VS? Jack. Best part is that it's a total Curb-Stomp Battle for Ray, of all people. Regardless of how Ray may have been outmatched and had no idea how to play, Jack took it to almost Evil Genius levels, as Ryan did for him.
    • Even more awesome when you consider that Jack himself said that he didn't think anyone was ever going to get the belt back off Ray. Ray utterly beat the crap out of him in a fighting game. Well, what does Jack do? Utterly beat the crap out of him in a fighting game.
  • Episode 13 of VS is Ray versus Gavin in London 2012 Olympics. Ray doesn't just win. He completely destroys Gavin. To elaborate, Ray beats Gavin by 30 points in archery (which is especially bad considering that Gavin is Mark Nutt,) Ray takes first in Triple Jump while Gavin fails to even place. By this point, Gavin has no shot at winning but he plays Shot Putt because he wants to break the world record. But not only does Gavin fail to do that, Ray actually does it instead.
  • Episode 14 of VS is Ray vs Ryan in Worms: Ultimate Mayhem for the PC. Ray wins despite the fact that he was playing the game for the first time and Ryan claimed that he "used to plays Worms all the time."
  • VS episode 15. Jack challenges Ray to the claw game at the nearby arcade. Yes, that claw game. During the round, both are able to lift toys a short distance, and even move them, but no one wins one... until Ray wins two toys in one grab, keeping the belt.
  • VS episode 16. Geoff manages to stop the menace that is Ray. It is as glorious as it sounds.
  • VS episode 17: Michael challenges Geoff to Rapala Fishing 2010, and utterly annihilates him, catching a 22-pound, 15-ounce fish right off the bat. Later, Michael hooks two fish that are even heavier, one 37 pounds and the other 64 (as unnoticed by the guys until the end, the game displays the weight of a fish on the line), but both get away.
  • VS episode 18 has Gavin and Michael going at it in Marble Blast Ultra. The match is insanely close, but Gavin beats Michael, claiming the belt for the first time.
  • VS episode 19 has Ryan vs Gavin in Top Spin 3. Initially it seems that Gavin has the upper hand since Ryan does not know how to serve properly. But after a few rounds, Ryan learns how to properly play the game and then proceeds to start messing with Gavin. He keeps hitting different shots and placing them all over the court so Gavin has to keep guessing where he should go. In the end, Ryan wins by a pretty significant margin.
  • VS episode 20 has Ryan versus Jack in Doom II for the PC. It seems like it will be an even match. Jack is the resident Doom expert, but Ryan is the resident PC gamer of Achievement Hunter. The match is easily the closest in VS history. Jack takes an early lead at the start leading Ryan by 4 points. Then, Ryan makes a comeback to tie Jack. Jack then begins leading Ryan again but then Ryan makes another comeback to take the lead. Jack then manages to tie it up and it becomes a back and forth between the two. Finally, Ryan starts to lead Jack by 4 points and he is extremely close to winning, but Jack slowly starts to catch up and then narrows the gap to 2 points. Then the unthinkable happens. Time runs out giving Ryan the win.
    • Special mention goes to this exchange from the introduction:
      Jack: "I'm going to your home court, we're playing a PC game this week. But you're coming to my court because we're playing Doom II."
      Ryan: "Uh... I hate to tell you, Jack... (wraps his arm around Jack) Doom II is not just your court, my friend."
      [Cue excited yelling and screaming from The Lads, and an Oh, Crap! from Jack.]
  • VS episode 22: The Ryan versus Ray match in SoulCalibur. Ray snaps Ryan's win streak by taking every match and continuing his streak as the only competitor to never lose when he picks the game. Ray chose Kilik for the first three rounds because his bo staff had the greatest reach in the game. On the fourth match, to change things up, Ray chose Voldo who is one of the hardest characters to play while Ryan chose Maxi. Despite making things more difficult for himself, Ray does eventually learn to use Voldo a little bit. In the third round of the final match, Ryan has half his health left and Ray only has a tiny sliver. Ray successfully combos him to take off all of Maxi's health and to win the belt.
  • VS episode 23 ends up being what Geoff dubs "the greatest VS of all time". Michael challenges Ray to a best-of-7 match in the Banjo-Tooie minigames, and it comes down to the final game, the "trash can challenge". Michael takes the lead early, but Ray charges back at the end... only to come up ONE POINT short. Michael wins 61-60 and takes the belt.
    • What makes this even better is that, when Michael reveals the game, he proclaims that he's gonna bring Mogar into the fight. Boy, does he bring it. He does what MARK NUTT couldn't.
  • VS episode 24 has Gavin beating Michael in Guitar Hero 2. Playing "Free Bird". By a good 10,000 point margin.
    • Episode 25 continues his trend by having Gavin defeat Ryan in a round of Divekick, 4-1, to five rounds each.
  • VS episode 36 has Gavin challenges Michael to the end of the Co-op campaign of Splinter Cell Conviction. Near the end, Gavin starts firing randomly. Michael uses this to sneak to Gavin's side to sync kill him. Despite the initial confusion, Gavin manages to sync kill Michael instead, winning the belt.
  • After having only a couple of wins - if any at all - every time it's his turn, Gavin manages to pull off a winning streak from episodes 36 through 38, beating Michael, Ryan, and Jack in very amazing victories; he only barely loses to Geoff in episode 39 and actually has Geoff shaking from how close the match is.
    • To make this even better, keep in mind that he won three matches in a row; the only person who's had a longer winning streak was Ray, and aside from Ryan who has the same streak as Gavin, nobody else has had a streak last longer than two wins in a row. In other words, in terms of longest win streak, Gavin is tied for second place.
  • Episode 39: They make QWOP exciting.
  • Episode 40: Geoff beats Ray leading to Ray's first loss when he's the challenger. At what game, you ask? Peggle!
    • As well as Ray's first challenger loss, this is Geoff's first time he successfully defended the belt.
  • Episode 41 has Michael continuing his Beat Them at Their Own Game trend against new champion Geoff by challenging him to Peggle 2 on the Kinect. Both rounds are close, but Michael wins each.
  • Episode 42, Gavin challenges Michael to an obscure game, and after tying, he manages to beat Michael. That isn't awesome in itself; what was awesome is that Michael suggests that Gavin had intentionally thrown the rounds that he lost in to set up the decisive round. Considering that the basis of his losses were nonsensical, it's not completely out of the question.
  • Episode 43, Ryan challenges Gavin to a game where each had five rounds to get a high score, the highest score winning. Ryan uses up all of his rounds to get a measly 20 points. Gavin easily beats his score in the second round.
  • Episode 46, Gavin has steam-rolled his way through the competition so far. He is on a four-win streak which is the second highest in Versus history. The only streak higher is his challenger Ray's five-win streak from episodes 11-15. It's a game of FIFA Street, where Gavin has a slight advantage due to being a soccer fan. Despite the disadvantage, Ray delivers a Curb-Stomp Battle to Gavin in a decisive 5-1 win.
  • Episode 51, Jack takes on Ryan in You Don't Know Jack. After being curbstomped for practically the entire game, spending most of it in the negatives, Ryan manages to only just come from behind and win the game in the Jack Attack by a 328 dollar margin.
  • Episode 57, Lindsay makes her third appearance (and her first as a permanent contender) and challenges the champion, Michael, to Dead or Alive 4. After barely losing the first set, Lindsay proceeds to sweep Michael in the next two sets and earns her first belt. A very different outcome from her debut.
    • Episode 58 continues Lindsay's streak as Geoff challenges her to Dead Or Alive 5. Unlike Michael, who got in at least one win, Lindsay cleans house against Geoff.
  • Episode 59, Lindsay wins for the third week in a row, handily defeating Jack in "Cat-A-Pault".
  • Episode 60, Ryan vs Lindsay in Cat with Bow Golf. The Mad King reigns supreme in a crushing victory of -34 to 60, finally putting an end to Lindsay's winning streak.
  • Episode 61, Ryan vs Michael in Conker: Live and Reloaded. Though the game itself is fairly unremarkable, thanks in large part to neither player knowing how to use the cable cars and thus being stuck on opposite sides of the map, Ryan manages to net the only kill of the game in spectacular fashion by nailing Michael with a pair of throwing knives from across the map. For context, throwing knives were Ryan's only ranged weapon and Michael was playing a character with a sniper rifle.
  • Episode 62, Ryan vs. Gavin in Super Pole Riders. Although Gavin takes an early lead with the first point and seems close to running out the clock on Ryan, the latter suddenly seems to grasp an understanding of the controls, and makes a magnificent comeback. After scoring his first goal, Ryan takes the next 2 with relative ease, taking the game before the timer hits zero.
  • Episode 73 involves the game that started the division, Burnout Paradise. Jack challenges Geoff to a Stunt Run competition and throws down a curb-stomping 2,509,760 points for Geoff to beat. Geoff could only muster 437,175 points in response.
  • Episode 75: While Ryan starts out bemused by Michael's challenge (getting the best score in 5 rounds of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Training Lair), to the point of barely exerting effort in his first few playing sections, he suddenly becomes focused enough to play the game with vigor (possibly due to Michael reminding him that Ryan had always won in their one-on-one matches). He goes on to surpass Michael's score by a wide margin.
  • Episode 76: Gavin challenges the champion in a game of TowerFall: Ascension and revives the name of Mark Nutt with his 2D archery skills against Ryan.
  • Episode 101: In what is probably another Take That! at Nintendo, Jack and Lindsay go at it in a game of Jenga... that is Donkey Kong-themed!
  • Episode 102: Another Jenga game! The twist? Ryan made the damn thing from scratch, and it's freaking HUGE!
    • Both competitors had their share of awesome moments in this one. Jack removed 5 seemingly load-bearing bricks by very quickly karate chopping them out and Ryan stopped it mid-fall twice, first by catching the whole thing with his face, and the second time by steering the whole stack back into place using the block he was holding.
  • Episode 104 has Ryan retaining his titles in the VS reset but it wasn't an easy task. It cam down to a shoot off between him and Gavin that saw Ryan get a ball to the hole less than an inch closer than Gavin.
    • Matt, in his first VS competition places third in the rotation, beating out Michael
  • Episode 105 has Gavin getting his revenge and beating Ryan.
  • Episode 106 has Matt earning his first win, beating Gavin. Compare to Lindsay, who was soundly thrashed by Gavin in her VS debut.
  • Episode 109 has Michael and Lindsay going toe to toe in a best of 3 air hockey match. Michael pulls out the victory after trailing in game 3 by scoring 4 unanswered goals.
  • Episode 111 has Jeremy, in his debut defeating gaming ace Ray in what is sure to be Ray's final VS appearance.
    • With this result both Matt and Jeremy kick off their VS careers with victories over the main Achievement Hunter members.
  • Episode 118 has Geoff coming out of retirement to finally defeat Lindsay in a game: beer-guzzling!
  • As of Episode 130, Jeremy has won five straight VS victories after defeating Michael in Episode 126 and summarily beating Ryan, Gavin, Matt, and then Michael again. After only half a year as an official competitor, Jeremy has already tied Ray's record and could very well break it if he defeats Jack in Episode 131.
    • The record has officially been broken as of (the official) Episode 131. After defeating Lindsay, Jeremy stands at six consecutive victories and a clean sweep of the current participants.
    Rage Quit 
  • Surgeon Simulator 2013 - Steam Version has two Shout Outs to Michael and Gavin's Rage Quit of the game as achievements: "Like an Animal", which has you tossing everything off of the table and "Like A Wet Paper Towel", which has you throwing the heart away.
    • Speaking of, watching Michael and Gavin finally complete the heart surgery in this version.
    • Not only that, but Michael and Gavin successfully completing every level in the game in their two part Rage Quit.
    • Michael and Gavin's final goodbye to the game and the patient: Like a Wet Paper Towel.
    • An update to Surgeon Simulator 2013 contains a secret alien surgery level, with organs named after Let's Players who have played the game. One of these is called a "Gavichal". It's a heart and it drugs you.
  • In the Rage Quit for Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds, Michael challenges community member Andrew to a duel. Initially, Michael had the upper hand... until Andrew summoned White Night Dragon, who was practically a One-Man Army. Thanks to the card's effect of negating all spell and trap cards used against it, every one of Michael's attempts to bring it down failed.
    • Made all the better because Andrew had no idea this would occur, and is as dumbfounded as Michael. They don't realize its effects until the 2ND time Michael uses a spell/trap card.
    • Andrew actually hurts himself with this, too, as he attempts to hook "Rush Recklessly" onto one of his monsters, only to accidentally attach it to the Dragon, negating the spell card's effects.
  • Rage Quit: The Impossible Game Level Pack 4: Michael finally, finally, finally beats one of these levels. It only takes him 16,537 attempts.
  • RT subscriber AxialMatt. He's contributed three games to the AH team's Let's Play Minecraft: a NFL field, a Grifball court, and a racetrack. Just look at all of them. LOOK AT THEM.
    • And now he's been hired.
  • The Achievement Hunter panel at RTX 2013 had a few:
    • X-Ray and Vav appearing in full costume, accompanied by the music of Batman: The Animated Series.
    • Mogar slaying Slender Man.note 
    • Also, the live Let's Play of Grand Theft Auto IV the day before was extremely funny and well done, despite the lack of editing.
  • Somebody made plushies of the AH crew. With a built in voice box.
  • The mixes by Tease It Productions, blending voice clips of the AH guys with original beats. As of this writing, they've done clips for all six Achievement Hunters plus X-Ray and Vav.
    • One of their tracks was even used as the credits theme for Episode 276 of the Rooster Teeth Podcast.
  • The fanmade rap The Achieve Men based on the Achievement Hunter crew. It's surprisingly good.
  • One from the fans, but LeVar Burton, Gary Sinise, and Giancarlo Esposito have all done introductions for AHWU.
    • And then LeVar came to hang out with the RT crew for the 2014 Extra Life, where he read his recent book to everyone.
  • Ray made an achievement guide for the game Out of this World, which has the Mycaruba character made popular by the Game Grumps. Ray is a fan of them, and put in the character saying his name in reference. What makes this awesome is that Ross comments on the video.
  • Otakon 2014 revealed that Michael would be lending his voice to the character Sting in FUNImation's dub of Fairy Tail. Not everyday one of the guys lends their talents to something like that.
  • What does the Stinger of the Season 12 finale of Redvs Blue reveal? The Chairman is in possession of The Meta's helmet. But wait, what does the ACTUAL stinger reveal? The trailer for the then-upcoming X-Ray & Vav animated series.
  • A special Behind the Scenes video shows us just what Ryan was doing with all the GoPros - setting them up to make a fully 360 video of Gavin and Ray's chair race in VS 98. Combines with Tear Jerker a little because Monty is clearly visible watching the race in the video shortly before he died.
  • The Achievement Hunter Rap Battle. Geoff, Jack, Michael, Ryan, Gavin, and Jeremy go head-to-head spitting out rhymes and never losing flow. Jeremy wins by the sheer fact that he wrote it.
  • Several years after the knife-throwing feat, The Mad King manages to surpass himself.
  • While not a full Achievement Hunter video, it is their equipment - their grappling hook finally becomes useful in helping Blaine retrieve his shoe from the studio roof.
  • On Off Topic #100, Geoff recounts how, when he and Millie were invited to the premiere of The Woods, they had Millie be in charge of checking people in at the theater it was being screened at (which involved two lists: 300 people who bought tickets, and 100 VIP people), and she took the job extremely seriously. So seriously, in fact, that when Geoff decided to do an "Irish goodbye"note  with Millie, as soon as she found out what was happening, she insisted on going back and saying goodbye. It's worth mentioning that this occurred when they were three blocks away.
    Geoff: [A]nd I was like "No, we're not gonna do that," and she goes, "Yeah, no, that's rude, we're going back," and she just turned around and started walkin' back, and I was like "Alright, I'll catch up."
  • A fan built the Achievement Hunter and old Funhaus offices in Prop Hunt. Her recreation was so impressive that the first comment on the Reddit post was from an impressed Michael, and both groups played it in a friendly match at RTX 2018.
  • After Extra Life 2018's stream concluded, Jeremy stayed behind to stream a full playthrough of the remastered Spyro The Dragon trilogy, for a full 20 hours and running on about four hours of sleep. Jack and Michael popped up towards the end of the day for support and his wife Kat stayed with him the whole time. He ended up raising an additional $60,000 towards their Extra Life donation.
  • When Chad roped Achievement Hunter in to a heist in which Bungalow were stealing the Stage 5 microwave, Achievement Hunter responded by pulling off a counter-heist in which they successfully stole Chad's desk, without anybody noticing.
    • Arguably more impressive (given that the absence of Hector delayed the Core team by a considerable margin) was the AH crew running to the bungalow in the first place; they left their office while Blaine, Jessica and Ellie were halfway down the parking lot, and when those three were at the end of the parking lot Christina and Jon came out from behind Stage 4 looking for the van, and not one of the Hunters can be seen in the background of Jon's footage. They timed it perfectly.
    Geoff: If we were a chop-shop on our end, we would have disassembled an entire Lamborghini in thirty seconds.
    • A YouTube comment sums up the differences between the two heists:
    Rooster Teeth heist: Sloppy, poorly executed, they basically got it because no one bothered to stop them.
    Achievement Hunter heist: No one even saw them do it.
    • Another commenter had thoughts on members of the Core team pointing out their locked doors when a few Hunters came by for celebration pizza
    Connor M: Everyone else said “my office was locked haha” Listen, if they wanted to break into your office the locked door wasn’t going to stop them.
    • Seeing the stinger to the first video and the entirety of the real Heist shows why AH even bothered to go along with the Core's frankly pathetic, poorly thought out and executed "heist". They realized that a clumsy heist would give them a bigger window for the real deal.

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