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  • Awesome Music: While Achievement Hunter: The Musical is surprisingly high in quality all around, "Good At Being Bad" is considered a genuinely good song on its own merit thanks both to the awesome feeling the song carries and Jeremy's epic raging singing/rapping.
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  • Badass Decay: Mark Nutt suffers this in VS episode 13 when Ray runs circles around Gavin in London 2012. Even Gavin is embarrassed.
  • Broken Base:
    • In response to Gavin's trolling, people are torn between it being another case of "Gavin gets his in the end" and thinking the others went too far in trying to win.
    • Achievement Hunter's monthly Coming Soon series and its host, Kdin Jenzen. Those who like the series find Kdin to be direct and to the point, descriptive, and entertaining in her own way, while finding the series to be well-edited and another great addition to the Achievement Hunter lineup. Those who don't find Kdin as bland, boring, and too much of a Motor Mouth, and the series to be nothing more than a monthly variation of AHWU without the famed Rooster Teeth sense of humor, thus seeing the series as weak and unnecessary.
      • Kdin seems to have become a third option as of late among the Broken Base over the crew members. Some commentators said that they find Lindsay, Matt, and Jeremy enjoyable behind the mic, but not Kdin, who these commentators say tries too hard to be funny and should go back to being the quiet behind-the-scenes editor.
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    • The announcement of the Let's Play YouTube channel, with some thinking that splitting up their content into different channels make things easier to maintain and some thinking that with each one split away, it makes the main RT channel obsolete, despite just losing just Let's Play videos.
    • Ray's domination of VS either makes him more of a badass than he already is, or makes the series dull and predictable. Died down though after his long winning streak ended and the challengers made more interesting game decisions, but has sort of returned with GO! considering that he has was the only GO! champion for a very long time.
    • Longer Things to Do in... episodes versus shorter Things to Do in... episodes. To recap, Things to Do in... started out as short videos, but then became progressively longer as each episode was published, eventually becoming short-length or even full-length Let's Play videos. Then, a number of fans complained about the length of them, and thus they became shorter again starting with Things to Do in GTA V - "Dish Jump". This received a backlash from the rest of the fanbase, who complained about the videos going back to their short form. Short-length fans say that the whole point of Things to Do in... is just to show what players can do in during their spare time in a video game, and longer episodes should be reserved for "real" Let's Play videos. Longer-length fans says that these videos should be entertaining, as watching the AH crew in a longer video is a lot more enjoyable than trying to have fans replicate what the AH crew did after watching a shorter video. So now we have a long versus short war going on with no end in sight.
      • Also, Things to Do in... becoming too GTA-focused for some, as more recent videos show an increasing lack of creativity in their concepts, which is causing several commentators to ask for a return to Things to Do in Minecraft or just the old Things to Do in... episodes involving recent games. Three videos in particular have prompted these complaints: "Cool Down", a gag video where the Fake AH Crew gets sprayed by a fire truck while visiting shops; "Fast Cash", another gag video whose concept makes no sense whatsoever; and "Car Wash", a short video that's just Michael driving the Crew, who are hanging from the sides of a Granger SUV, into the vertical scrubbers of an automated car wash (and an excuse for Lindsay to flex her video-editing muscles). The popularity of "Achievement Knievel" may also be to blame for helping make Things to Do in... completely focused on GTA V. The seemingly never-ending GTA focus ended for a while with a Things to Do in... episode involving Watch_Dogs in late June 2014, but has since returned to its GTA V format.
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    • Geoff in Let's Play New Super Mario Bros. U. His blatant trolling is either a hilarious experience or frustrating to watch, although in later episodes the base as a whole seemed to veer towards the latter one as almost all comments on parts 3 and 4 regarding Geoff are either saying that it's gotten old, or that it was never funny.
    • Censoring some of their more offensive jokes. While some understand the need to censor considering the hugely negative reaction to Connect the Hots and other jokes they let pass in the past,note  others dislike how distracting a black bar over the screen and beeped out words are, especially if the crew then all start laughing about them and feel that if they're going to censor, they should simply remove the entire scene. There's also the fact that they only censor some jokes, particularly ones that are tasteless to some people, but leave in others that are just as offensive, if only to a specific audience. Fibbage for example had a racial slur Gavin made censored, yet in the same video they left in repeated use of the word "cunt", despite it being a pretty offensive swear (especially in the US where the company is based) with sexist leanings.
    • Some viewers got really pissy at Ray's bored and deadpan takes starting around 2014, thinking that if he's tired of playing Minecraft and GTA IV/V and he should take a break or be let go. Others think he should stop complaining because he's getting paid to play video games for a living.note 
      • Related to that, his departure from Achievement Hunter divided people. Some were sad to see him go, some were glad that he was getting to do things he enjoys, and others were just glad he's gone.
    • Their long-running Let's Plays, particularly Minecraft and Video Game/GTA, have become this. Some feel the series have long since lost their entertainment value and they've exorcised everything they could possibly do with it. Others enjoy them as some of the regularly and consistently entertaining products, and some who only watch these videos, and never bother watching anything other than them. Minecraft discord died down some in 2017 when they began dabbling in modpacks starting with Sky Factory, and G Mod/TTT entered the debate after being upgraded to a weekly series (in large part due to its popularity), as well as games they play regularly like Chicken Horse.
    • The idea of Achievement Hunter doing videos that isn't about video games, such as the video where they pranked Ryan into changing his gamertag has divided people as well - either it's good to see some crazy stuff outside of games or that a group dedicated to games shouldn't be doing stuff like this.
    • The team with Ray vs. the team with Jeremy. Some feel that Jeremy on the team brings in a new dynamic of sorts while others feel that half the games the gang plays would be better if Ray were around.
    • On March 21, 2016, Achievement Hunter introduced a new logo for its Let's Play videos with a vibe set back with the old days of MTV, replacing the falling Xbox controller logo. Immediately, viewers went ballistic - there were either the people who like the logo and the new introductions, like the logo but hate the introductions, hate the logo but love the introductions or outright hate both of them.
    • 'Growing the Lets Play Family' by having Funhaus, Kinda Funny, and ScrewAttack, among others, contribute Let's Plays to the site that don't always include the AH team, including the weekly GTA Let's Plays. For some, these videos are a fun way to be introduced to others who the AH guys are working with without AH themselves distracting viewers from them; for others, these aren't bad but would greatly prefer just AH doing content on the site/channel with the other teams' content just being linked (and would rather keep weekly GTA vids to just AH screwing around); then others instead feel this is an underhanded way to make people watch content they don't want to watch.
      • The biggest discussions (or complaints) over this can be seen in this video advertising the revamped Let's Play channel. The biggest argument over this seem to be between if this channel was always supposed to be Achievement Hunter-only Let's Plays (noted by the fact Achievement Hunter moved all their Let's Plays over when it was unveiled) or if Geoff always planned to expand it in the future to other groups. Those who believe the former essentially accuse Rooster Teeth and Fullscreen of trying to pull another Twitch Debacle by forcing Geoff to put these groups on the channel against his will and that Ray had the right idea by leaving the company. Those who believe the latter accuse the believers of the former of being horribly close-minded, overreacting badly to the change, urge them to either give them a chance or unsubscribe, and state that as Achievement Hunter and the Let's Play channel were his from the get-go Geoff is free to do whatever he wants to do with them. The first group respond by calling the second group sheep who'd gobble up everything that's tossed at them and that they're watching the channel's descent into the crapper.
    • As is usual for anyone new who joins, Fiona has gotten a mixed reception between people who find her unfunny and off-putting, largely citing the fact she often repeats the things others say that are funny, while others find her endearing and funny, citing her banter with Gavin and her Butt-Monkey status. As people have become more used to her, this seems to be dying down, as it has everyone before.
    • As Rooster Teeth matures, its employees don't find all of their old content funny any more, thus a number of videos with questionable content was removed. Responses ranged from asking whether having a single video that's part of a series missing is a good idea and whether they should opt to take the entire thing down altogether, to disappointment that they're "bending in to the pressure", to calling them cowards, to use a polite term.
  • Cargo Ship: Jack and explosive barrels in Garry's Mod, to the point of jumping off the edge of a map after one when Jeremy tossed it overboard.
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • The guys gunning down horses in "Bear Puncher". The whole premise itself, really, given how they are going out of their way and punching a bear to death.
    • One episode of Worms sees Jack attempting to invoke the meme of "Celebrity dies after they're mentioned in an AH video." How, you ask? He named his team of worms after conservative talk show hosts.
    • To Catch a Lover features a lot of spousal abuse jokes. It would be horrifying were it not almost completely accidental in Trevor's case and gleeful revenge in Ryan's.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • X-Ray and Vav. The two were originally spawned when Gavin accidentally said his name was "Vav" and he wondered if anyone called Ray, "X-Ray". Since then, every achievement video the two do has them in their alter-egos. The duo is extremely popular on YouTube and their return was well-received. They even received an animated series.
    • Ray himself was an Ensemble Dark Horse for the group as a whole. The man had only been employed there since just a few weeks before Let's Play Minecraft debuted, but he is probably one of the best regarded people there by the fans. He had the least haters of the Achievement Hunter crew and he had more merchandise than any other AH employee. Plus, Ray has a reputation of a badass since he tends to do the best at Let's Plays and he was the group's ace. Finally, Ray is a funny person and much of what he says or does is extremely entertaining.
      • On Rooster Teeth Podcast #220, Burnie hypothesized that the company loses $50 for every minute Ray is not at his desk.
    • Team Lads in general. Along with Ray as mentioned above, Gavin's work for the company is quite top and very entertaining, while Michael is proven to be both an effective team leader and a rather cunning Magnificent Bastard (if his Heist is anything to go by).
      • Also note that we have Creator pages for all three Lads, although Ray just recently got one so that people can continue to add tropes about him without being tied to AH after his departure from the company.
    • Edgar, despite not even being real.
    • Jeremy is quickly getting up in the ranks here for being both The Ace and a troll, many viewers proclaiming that he's both a Ray Jr. and a Gavin Jr.
    • For actual videos, the New Super Mario Bros. U videos were clamored for, but disappeared (most likely due to Nintendo's then-policies toward Let's Players), but surprised everybody with a third video a year and a week later, which became video of the week.
    • Also for videos, there's Let's Play Worms, which interestingly has a Rooster Teeth Wiki article despite being updated way less frequently. Also notable considering that Let's Play Grand Theft Auto still doesn't have a main article there yet.note 
    • In terms of guest contributes, Geoff and Griffon's friend Max became this almost immediately after he first did a guest spot. Largely a result of his many stories, skill at telling them, and just generally being a funny dude. Max would go on to actually work at Rooster Teeth proper as a set dresser and art director, and regularly showed up in RT Life, On The Spot, and other RT videos.
    • Trevor Collins, as the resident Pretty Boy and a surprisingly expressive rapport with the group. All while being the boss of the group.
    • Alfredo Diaz, for his FPS prowess, subsequent ineptitude with any other kind of game, expressive personality, and hilarious rapport with the gang.
    • The post production team also get their share of adoration, largely due to the team's incredible patience whenever they get dragged into the shenanigans, while also playing along at times. They even got their own streaming slot, Post Team Does Stuff.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • In one Let's Play for a Tom Clancy game, the crew debate whether Tom Clancy is dead or not - Ray checks and confirms that Tom Clancy is still alive. Said video was released about an hour before Tom Clancy really did die. (As noted in Crosses the Line Twice above, this 'cursed to die after being mentioned by AH' thing seems to happen a lot.)
    • During their Rainbow Six: Vegas co-op let's play, Ray jokingly mentioned how he wouldn't be here for another year and needed a name for a Mariachi Band. The very next day he announced that he was leaving Achievement Hunter.
  • Growing the Beard: Most agree that the division didn't really take off until they focused on their Let's Plays, rather than their achievement guides. It might even be said that their Let's Plays are the reason they are the Spotlight-Stealing Squad of Rooster Teeth. Even for Let's Plays themselves, early on things were much more task-oriented and low key compared to later ones. At times the main source of entertainment in videos came from Gavin sabotaging the game for everyone else; now the comedy of Let's Plays is driven by force of personality of all members.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • When playing Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, Geoff wonders if Tom Clancy is still alive with Ray confirming that he is. Tom Clancy passed away less than a week later, not to mention the fact that the video was uploaded on the day his death was announced.
    • At the end of their Deceit video guest-starring Pat and Woolie, Michael jokes that he hopes they leave worse friends than when they arrived. Shortly after, the Super Best Friends announced that they were going solo.
    • Many comments about Ryan, especially about him and his wife, have become this in light of his inappropriate behaviors and subsequent departure. Michael lampshaded this in their first stream after the scandal, where he bitterly remarks how so much older stuff now looks terrible in hindsight.
    • A lot of jokes, stories, and banter surrounding Geoff's alcohol consumption became this when Geoff opened up in 2020 about how he was genuinely struggling with alcohol dependency and how it contributed to serious depression, which culminated in a nervous breakdown, and likely played a part in his divorce from Griffon.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • The group made a second Madden NFL video, titled the Super Bowl Special, in anticipation of the 2013 Super Bowl match-up between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. Geoff said "Whoever wins (in) this game will win the Super Bowl." Turns out, he was right.
    • They did it again with their third Madden video concerning the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. What makes this even more hilarious is the fact that, while their game wasn't as bad as the near-Curb-Stomp Battle that the actual game was, one has to wonder if Jack's General Failure actions jinxed them. (To put that game into perspective, the gents team (As the Broncos) threw eleven interceptions in that game. That is more than Peyton Manning himself threw in the entire 2013 season.)
    • This is especially common in AHWU. Since the clips are filmed out of order (Geoff is usually filmed last but his clips are shown first and then at the very end) we tend to see the aftermath of, say, one of Gavin's pranks before actually finding out what it is.
    • After Gavin hits his patient in the head with a hammer in the original Surgeon Simulator, Michael comments that "he needs brain surgery now, dude." One of the levels in the updated Steam version is a brain transplant.
  • Fragger did a Retro Active video on Rise of the Triad, and said that a remake and/or reboot would be very much welcome, albeit unlikely. At QuakeCon that same year, within a few weeks of the Retro Active video, Interceptor Entertainment announced the Rise of the Triad reboot. Many comments on the Retro Active video suggest that Fragger was (indirectly) the one behind the reboot.
  • 7 Days to Die: In day six, Gavin builds his 'Bridge of Love' and Jack yells at him for contributing nothing to the oncoming wave of zombies. Cue that night, half of the horde goes after Gavin on the bridge, meaning everyone at the bunker is able to easily fight them off because of Gavin's 'useless tactic.'
  • Ho Yay:
    • Played With ever since Ray and Gavin came up with the nicknames X-Ray and Vav respectively. The two claim to be in a relationship. Case in point, this video.
    • If that wasn't enough to convince you, try this video. (Word of warning: audio is NSFW.)
    • Gavin and Michael are a huge source of this. Michael even admitted on his podcast to enjoying what the fans are doing with that angle.
      • Mavin is regularly lampshaded by Lindsay who admits that it's her favorite ship.
      • Michael knows the exact date he first met Gavin, Feb 14, 2012. Valentine's Day.
    • Ray likes to ship himself with Ryan as part of the R & R Connection. Like the others, this is Played for Laughs.
    • Lindsay and Fiona, as the two girls of the main talent, have a largely Played for Laughs Romantic Two-Girl Friendship, with Fiona jokingly declaring she loves Lindsay, and even became the basis of Fiona's character in Dead Little Roosters (which was written/produced by Fiona). Adding to the banter that both are openly into girls, too, but Lindsay is of course Happily Married to Michael.
  • Idiosyncratic Ship Naming: The Hive Mind, for Matt and Jeremy.note 
  • Iron Woobie: Caleb. Ever since the screen-peeking incident, the guy cannot show up in a video without people in the comment section professing their undying hatred of him. Even if what he did was wrong, the fact that it happened a long while ago and people are still hating on him seems extreme, not to mention that the Hunters themselves don't really take winning the Tower of Pimps all that seriously. Despite all this, he takes all the hatred in good stride and he even jokes about his screen-peeking ways.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!: The initial feeling about VS seeing as three episodes went by with Ray wiping the floor with everyone because they don't choose games that they can play, leading to Ray beating them with ease.note  It died down afterwards. Oddly though, he has since won GO! for each of its first three "seasons", so there's that.
    • Some fans are getting tired of Gavin and his tendency to make many mistakes in games. There were surprisingly a lot of negative comments on "Let's Play Worms Revolution Part 4" when Gavin kept getting his worms to fall to their deaths, leading to debates on whether or not Gavin was intentionally messing himself up for the sake of being funny.
    • People have noted that Michael's Rage Quit (or Hell, his personality overall) isn't quite as funny as it used to be, believing that he is merely feigning anger now than actually getting mad. Rage Quit has since been replaced by Play Pals.
    • Certain competitive games where one of the group is considerably better than the others, due to the predictable nature of how things will turn out. Averted somewhat with FPS games, since Ray and Alfredo both ended up often being the Butt-Monkey where they were often forced to play with a handicap only to still win in the end. Played Straight though with Ultimate Chicken Horse and Mario Party for Michael, Mario Kart for Matt, and Towerfall for Gavin; Chicken Horse especially tends to grate fans both because of how long the Let's Plays tend to lastnote , the fact Michael will shut down anything that gives others advantages (such as coins, jetpacks, and teleporters) only to happily use them himself, and is typically the most vocal complainer about the other games' skewered win/loss ratio. This is all part of Michael's "character", though, so it's more an issue about viewer reaction to him.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "Geoff's laugh cures cancer."
    • "I'm gonna build a house," Jack's earlier Catchphrase for when he gave up on the current Let's Play goal.
    • "Vav, get outta here."
    • "No way in! No way out!" A Running Gag in the third part of the trip to the End in Minecraft; while everyone else goes off looking for supplies, Ray stays behind in the stronghold and begins blocking the ways in and out with doors, iron bars, and roses, ominously chanting this phrase whenever someone tries to leave or come in.
    • Geoff and Gavin have a Let's Play series for Splinter Cell: Blacklist. When Gavin tried to "be sneaky" in one episode by throwing a guy in a dumpster next to the guy's friends, he got killed instantly. Cue Gavin and Geoff joking about a guy looking left and seeing "a guy dressed in black throwing Karl in a dumpster." It's now spawned a new set of memes about Ray looking to the right and seeing Ryan throw Gavin in a "hole", or a Dumpster looking to the left and seeing Ray throw Gavin in Ryan.
    • "WAFFLE-O" note  has become the rallying cry for fans whenever the Broken Base needs repairing.
    • "Geoff's dead."
    • "No shoot no gun plz", from the description of a Grand Theft Auto V custom Le Parkour map.
    • Alfredo in many games, but especially in Fall Guys. After getting so good that winning was no longer challenging, he's instead decided to stop at the end to try and make other players lose, or deliberately grab them to make them fall off.
    • [gavin screaming] Explanation 
  • Memetic Psychopath:
    • Ryan is the first that comes to mind of course.
    • Geoff is an in-universe example with his "maniacal Wii-U tablet laugh".
    • Matt fell into this thanks to his habit of designing various That One Level maps in various games. He further became this when they did Smash and Mario Kart games with him, because of his inhuman skill level with the games, leading to jokes about Matt sucking Satan's dick for skill and savagely enjoying the misery of others, despite his passive praise towards them.
  • Misblamed:
    • Ryan got a lot of unnecessary hate for delaying "Galacticraft Part 3", in spite of the fact that it had to be because Ryan's wife was pregnant and giving birth there and then, which pretty much forced him to. This led to people accusing him of canceling the entire show later on, which wasn't true.
    • Two cases involving fans of Yogscast. Initially, people assumed Gavin was knowingly making a cheap hateful joke at their expense in Deathcraft — in reality, he and the rest of the office genuinely did not know who they were. Since then he went on to follow Simon Lane and Lewis Brindley on Twitter, and RT partnered with the Yogscast in 2020. Later, AH had the bad timing of playing the mod Galacticraft after the Yogs started doing so, and were accused of copying.
  • Never Live It Down:
    • After Caleb's derailing of the game played in Let's Play Minecraft Episode 28 and a brief incident where he looked at the other guys' screens in Episode 29, he has been constantly ridiculed by them during their Let's Play Minecraft episodes. Screenlooking is now referred to as Calebing. He still can't live it down now. Mind you that, at the time that photo was uploaded, it had been over two years since both those incidents happened. He eventually left the company altogether to focus on his Ultimate Frisbee career, but still remains on good terms with everyone.
    • The intolerance toward Gavin's shenanigans have spun off into this, with many viewers believing that he's only capable of messing things up and discounts all his positives.
      • Gavin's supposed incompetence when playing Worms seems to be this as well. Overall, he's not really that much more incompetent than the others, and they frequently fuck up just as much; the only real difference is how spectacular Gavin's fuckups are, and largely its due to a mix of poor luck and him playing with the weapons provided. It's also notable that any time he doesn't fuck up, its usually a Moment of Awesome.
      • During their playthrough of X-Men, Gavin, playing as Storm, spent the entirety of it jumping back and forth all over the screen and barely killing any enemies. It got to the point where viewers remarked that they could have played the entire game without Gavin and they wouldn't have even been able to tell the difference.
    • Any of Ryan's quotes that get made into a shirt, particularly 'I'm still in the air', which automatically gets him a ribbing from the other guys whenever he accidentally says it in videos. 'Give Me Your Milk', anyone?
    • Geoff's bashing of Gavin halfway through the Quiplash video is frequently criticized by fans. Considering that jokes made at Gavin's expense have been done many times before, the comments in that video suggest fans are either tired of them or simply forgot about them. Michael and the rest of AH also seemed less than amused, though their hilarious reactions may have inadvertently encouraged the audience to vote for Geoff's answers.
    • The 'lollipop' incidentnote  resulted in this for Fiona. While most seemed to laugh it off, it became an immediate point of mockery for her, particularly from Michael. Some overzealous fans however, especially ones who were still unwelcoming of Fiona, took her answer as Serious Business, blamed her for ruining the game and treated it as if she was somehow playing the game wrong, despite - well, it's an opinion. Fiona just really likes lollipops.
    • In a deadly serious sense. Achievement Hunter has stated in no uncertain terms that Ryan will never be forgiven for his sex scandal.
      Michael: I hope he never comes back. In any capacity.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Shark Attack, particularly where Michael has the diver hide in a ship with a shark in plain sight. Adding to it, he sounded legitimately frightened and panicked in that scene and a few others.
    • Trevor and Jeremy's horrifying makeovers into Bert and Ernie. Jeremy looks more like a goblin Uncle Fester while Trevor looks like an alien. Naturally, they proceeded to creep out the support room, the main room, Barbara, and Chris Demarais.
    • During the filming of an episode of Haunter at the Long Leaf Sawmill, Jeremy inexplicably gets a set of scratch marks on his back. Later on during a recap video, it was revealed that the incident scared a great many crew members to the point where some walked off. The show's producers even suggested shutting the whole thing down because everyone was too uncomfortable to continue.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: "Mavin", for Team Nice Dynamite's Michael and Gavin; it's acknowledged by the group in Episode 35 of Let's Play Minecraft.
  • That One Level: Matt has a habit of designing these.
    • His golfing maps are guaranteed to send Geoff or Alfredo into Angrish without Ryan's help. Some of them are so buggy that's he's been temporarily banned for it. In fact, they got the attention of the developers and brought his maps into their course picks folder.
    • The Super Mario MAYker videos are a slew of these (though some of them aren't Matt's).
      • Coincidentally, Wipeout X in Minecraft came out right after these, leading many to suspect this of it.note 
    • His Things To Do can fall into this as well.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!:
    • The initial fan reaction to Ray and Michael doing most of the Achievement Hunter commentary (instead of Geoff and Jack) was this, though most people quickly warmed up to them.
    • The general movement of gearing Achievement Hunter toward Let's Plays more than achievement guides caused a lot of flak from the earlier fans. This has been acknowledged by Geoff himself, stating that the Let's Plays are what gets them through the weeks that no new games come out. He's not wrong: it can be argued the group got way more publicity with their Let's Plays, to the point some newer fans might not even know they used to do achievement guides. Some would even say that if they want achievement guides, they'll go to sites like TrueAchievements or XboxAchievements instead of AH.
    • The Vocal Minority of the fandom seems to have this opinion about any change in staff (most notably the inclusion of B-team members in Let's Plays or Ray leaving) or video format that AH has. While many don't mind the changes or grow beyond their initial doubts, you'd never know that from looking at the YouTube comments.
    • This has now extended to anyone not Achievement Hunter period. It doesn't matter if you're Funhaus, ScrewAttack or what, if you're not Achievement Hunter, you're "terrible".
    • Averted with regards to Alfredo becoming the new fourth in their Halo LASO playthroughs. Given the reason why Ryan left and the popularity of LASO, continuing the series without him was understandable, and viewers found Alfredo to be just as entertaining in several completely different ways. It helps that Alfredo was already very well liked.
  • Vocal Minority: Those who do not like any of AH's crew members (Lindsay, Matt, Trevor, Alfredo, and previously Caleb, Kdin and Jeremy) nor collaborator Kerry whenever they appear, which have resulted in numerous dislikes and hateful comments on their crew members-only YouTube videos. AH's response to this group so far seems to be to make more videos without the main six in an attempt to tell their fanbase that AH is more than just the "Original Six", and they are getting tired of this mindset, though Jeremy has worked through being Ray's replacement into being his own welcomed character and Matt is usually welcomed with his technical fuck ups being considered hilarious more often than not. Trevor and Alfredo also grew into being liked, and the fandom has warmed up considerably to Fiona and Lindsay as well.
    • This got Harsher in Hindsight when Mica Burton called out the company for failing to respond adequately to the hate and the heart-to-heart the AH team had in "Off-Topic" #263.
    • Unrelated to the replacement/cast padding problem, the status of Ryan after his Role-Ending Misdemeanor was also contentious, but that is all we will say about that.
  • X-Pac Heat: Caleb to the point that he doesn't even appear in their videos anymore, even after the other crew members became increasingly featured. It's been mellowing out a bit since AH has long since considered the incidents water under the bridge and has started to bring him back into Let's Plays. He eventually left the division to work in RT's marketing department and left the company altogether to focus on his family and Ultimate Frisbee career.

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