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Tear Jerker / ProtonJon

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  • Set up, but then subverted big time with Notte Luminosa.
    • And then double-subverted with Yanama's apology video.
  • During a Fortune Cookie on March 1, 2017, Jon revealed that the real reason he was so bitter during The Runaway Guys' Mario Party 3 LP was that his girlfriend of five years had split up with him shortly before. It also did not help that during the stream, he was still living with his ex at the time and he admitted that if it wasn't for Jake being there for him, he would have strangled Emile.
  • During the Bagelfest: Road to Recovery stream, he admitted to having a fear of loss, and that he didn't know what he would do when it was time for Bagel to pass on, or if anything happened to Bagel or Lucah. He did go on to say that he did know that he couldn't let that fear stop him from having those relationships, having Bagel as a pet and Lucah as a girlfriend. It also doubles as a moment of Heartwarming.
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  • During Fortune Cookie: Thrown To The Hounds Edition, a Steam game called Squishy the Suicidal Pig wins a cookie and almost immediately brings the stream down thanks to the game's plot; a pig commits suicide in order to reunite with his parents, who were taken away from him and sent to a slaughterhouse, and lands in Hell, where he makes a deal with the devil to get to heaven where his parents reside. The game's flippiant treatment of suicide as a major plot point, the explicit use of the pejorative "suicide is a sin" belief, and the downright depressing nature of the opening puts Jon and most of the chat off from playing the game, especially since the game itself is just a standard puzzle-platformer that didn't need such a downer of an opening. Later on in the stream, this crosses into Heartwarming territory when the game causes a slew of positive messages towards anyone watching contemplating suicide.
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  • At the start of the stream for February 24, 2018, Jon announced the passing of BlueChoco, a mod member and a beloved member of the community, from a surgical complication he got from treating a hernia. You could hear his heart breaking in his words during the beginning of it.
  • The March 10, 2018 Fortune Cookie stream had a very rough start. The first game being played was Splatoon 2, and Jon had been hyped all week for the Splatfest, which was Chicken vs. Egg, meaning that he'd get to represent Team Egg. Unfortunately, his capture card was suddenly plagued by technical difficulties, and by the time he found a workaround and started playing, there were only 20 minutes left in the Splatfest, which equals about 4 or 5 matches. Needless to say, Jon did not start the stream in a very good mood. He slowly cooled down as he got to play, but during the last match, he spotted a chat user making an innocent but very poorly thought-out joke about being better at the game than him. Jon flew off the handle and requested that the offender be banned. Things then went From Bad to Worse when another user told Jon to learn to take a joke, which is the absolutely worst thing to say in this kind of situation. Jon immediately went into Tranquil Fury mode and made a “The Reason You Suck” Speech about why he can't stand those kinds of jokes and how even well-meaning jokes can wear one's patience thin after almost a decade of such jokes being repeated ad nauseum. (Case in point...) This incident made Jon come very, very close to ending the stream early, but he decided to keep going so that he wouldn't disappoint the rest of his audience by depriving them of 80% of the stream or his mods who were excited to play Salmon Run with him. Crossed into Heartwarming territory after things had settled down when the person who made the instigating joke donated to apologize and Jon admitted that he might have gone a bit out of line due to being in a bad mood. Then crossed into Funny territory when most of Jon's regulars decided to cheer him up by donating 25 dollars each, which caused a clip to repeatedly play of the Thunderbirds intro with every number in the countdown replaced with 5 (this got to the point where "Who's Fiving?" was a candidate for the night's raid message). Nevertheless, the incident left Jon seriously shaken, to the point where, when put on top of a lot of other unspoken issues keeping him on-edge at the time, he had to take a week-long hiatus from streaming.
  • The beginning of the March 17, 2018 Fortune Cookie stream had Jon admitted that he was still shaken with Choco's death and the disastrous Borderlands 2 hacked Ultimate Vault Hunters-difficulty run (a game Choco pumped hundreds of hours into) had not sat well with him either.
    • During 30 Second Hero, chat immediately were saddened when the Time Goddess had with her a blue bird.
  • The first part of the August 22nd, 2018 Misfortune Cookie stream was full of problems. No mods were initially available to get on co-com, leaving Jon by himself. Technical issues continued to arise as usual, considering Jon hadn't programmed the Misfortune Cookie background into his new computer yet, leaving Jon a bit miffed at the start of the stream. When it came time to load the first game choices into Strawpoll, he started doing it himself. But before he could post the link, Dan had swooped in and posted his Strawpoll in the chat unannounced. This led Jon to get audibly frustrated and ended the stream early. He eventually returned after a few seconds and, after several minutes of silence on Jon's end, resumed. By this point, the chat, crossing into Heartwarming territory, attempted to convince Jon to take it easy and make the stream a chill stream and just play Picross, a game Jon had been playing both on and off-stream. Jon apologized, stating that the day felt "off" to him. He later stated that both he and Reese were beginning to stress about not only their upcoming wedding, but PAX, which Jon said he was getting sick of attending since he has been to PAX seventeen times. While the mood eventually picked up, Jon even beating two games that night, the first few hours were pretty heavy.

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