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Tear Jerker / Two Best Friends Play

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Even thought the Zaibatsu have their funny moments, there's always sad moments lying beneath the surface.

  • Pat, the Jerkass Red Oni Hot-Blooded Pat, can be heard openly crying in the background during the The Walking Dead ending. He's only able to stop when Matt tells him about his personal Tear Jerker moment with the film Ratatouille.
    • In Episode 3, after Carley gets shot in the head by Lilly, a deflated Pat begins explaining things about the event and reprimanding Lilly before saying "I'm just making jokes because I'm legit getting super emotional here."
    • Additionally, in 400 Days, they let out pretty audible wails when Russell comes across Carley's corpse, which was the very thing they had been hoping not to see on the road. Pat, in particular, is rather dismayed and heartbroken.
      Pat: Noo-hooo-oooo! Oh!
      Matt: The feels.
      Pat: That's not what I wanted!
      Matt: The feels.
  • Another Tear Jerker moment comes in the second season of The Walking Dead, when Pat desperately tries to save Sarah, and the best friends cry out in protest as she's devoured. Pat explicitly says he wanted her to survive and blames Jane and Luke for being irresponsible in regards to the safety of the group, becoming more noticeably bummed out as the episode ends.
    • In the final part/episode, Matt and Pat freak out at the implication that the entirety of Season 2 was all a dream. They are practically groaning and screaming as they await for Clementine to awake. Pat himself sounds sad when he mentions that nothing would be as bad as it was if Lee were still alive.
  • Episode 27 of the Friendscast is actually pretty somber. From EA's giant middle finger to the Dungeon Keeper series with their abysmal smartphone cash in, the Broken Pedestal in regards to Mamoru Samuragochi, and the realization that the video game industry is slowly but surely imploding, it's clear that the Zaibatsu were not exactly in high spirits this time.
  • Pretty much every death of one of their party members in Pokemon Leaf Green Nuzlocke.
  • Matt's reaction to Ethan's death in their Game of Thrones playthrough in Part 4. Even in their Walking Dead playthrough, Matt's reactions to many of the surprising deaths were a simple "Whoa." or an "Oh!", and when Lee died he was talking about crying at the end of Ratatouille. However, when Ethan dies, he lets out a full-hearted gasp and a near-scream. He even sputters, "ARE YOU SERI—?!" He mentions at the beginning of Part 5 that Ethan's death was legitimately shocking compared to other Telltale deaths.
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  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it example, but Matt let slip in Episode 2 of the Until Dawn LP that his pet rats, Poison and Roxy, had passed away. The last time that he mentioned them he commented that they had been in poor health due to their age (2 1/2 years is pretty old for rats), and was pretty upset about it on the whole.
  • Matt being forced to kill Toriel in Undertale due to not realizing the game's Mercy mechanics until it was too late. He's so guilty that he restarts the entire game in order to do a true Pacifist Run just to save Toriel.
  • Near the end of The Beginner's Guide, when Woolie and Liam reach the tower and get to the twist ending, neither one of them say a word as the narrator starts to beg to Coda to make games again. The rant was so personal that Woolie felt uncomfortable about them let's playing the game (Liam and Woolie were unsure if this was a true story or not. It isn't but it doesn't make the moment any less sad).
  • In Episode 6 of Woolie Vs Reboot, Woolie sounds genuinely depressed while talking about the game, even with his commentary being done post-gameplay.
    • Woolie vs Reboot all around is half funny half sad at how much bummed he is about the game, the reason he takes his time to upload them is because it will be self destructive if he didn't, which is not that much of an exaggeration since half his videos had him drinking alone while playing the game to get through.
    • What makes it especially sad is that it isn't just him playing a very poor representation of one of his favorite franchises, but it's also his debut solo LP.
  • The entire LP of NieR is tear-jerking, especially the moments when Pat reminisces about his grandma, but Pat and Liam start explicitly sobbing after watching the final ending, witnessing all their data erased and the main character fading from everyone's memory.
  • Plague Of Gripe's Shitstorm V intro animation is surprisingly melancholic. The implication is that child Matt is either hallucinating his big brother Liam or communing with his spirit, and the father, Pat, has no idea what to do. It ends with Liam disappearing and Matt just calling after him. A far cry from both the straight horror and the comedy horror usually employed for these intros. Even worse is Matt's quiet "Dad?" at the end, suggesting Pat was also a ghost and has disappeared.
    • The podcast revealing that Plague specifically made that intro to play on Matt's real life fear of isolation make it even worse.
  • A rather minor one, but Matt announced on his tumblr that he's taking a hiatus from the Super Best Friends channel for an unspecified amount of time due to stress and neglected health. Even if it's temporary, his fans were saddened by the news. In a meta-moment of funny however, this message came the day before the ending of his playthrough of the PC version of Omikron: The Nomad Soul, leading some to joke that Matt needed to take a break because of the pain Omikron put him through.
  • And following Matt, Liam is now leaving TBFP, stating that his own mental health has deteriorated so much, that he decided to leave the group. The only solace is that this only applies to the videos, streams, and podcasts — he is still friends with them and, as per Matt, will still be able to hang out with them in real life.
  • The Best Friends Play Dark Souls title card, which features a very downcast looking Woolie and Pat. While it's fitting for the game, the real sadness comes from the meta subtext of the fact that Matt's on hiatus and Liam's gone. It's just ol' Chewie and Fuckface in the Morning now.
  • The revised Super Best Friends opening, which begins exactly the same but changes once it gets to Liam. First we see Liam walking away with his brokenhearted fangirls sobbing, then he's absent from the Zaibatsu Lineup, then we cut to Pat, Woolie, and Matt's skeleton slumped around table after going through the hell that was Omikron instead of having fun like they originally were, and a dismayed Woolie getting crushed in Triple Triad without Liam. Liam's absence is felt through the whole opening, but it's made worse by what took his 4P place in the lineup.
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  • There's a palpable disappointment and bitterness in Woolie and Pat's conversation in Persona 5's 4/3 video, where they learn about Atlus setting restrictions on Persona 5 LPs, effectively changing their schedule for the next several months. And they can't test those restrictions, for fear of getting their livelihood interrupted.
  • In part 16 of Bully, as Pat reminisces on an old English teacher he had in high school, he realizes that, because of how old she was then, she's most likely dead now, which saddens Pat due to her being one of his favorite teachers.
  • Woolie explaining on his channel how depressed he is about what happened to Reboot and how the Guardian Code is a farce to what was his beloved show.
    Woolie: A pale uncaring sun sets on a young bird that hit the sidewalk before it learned to fly. A dog, cries voicelessly for reasons it doesn't fully understand, when brought to its owner's grave. A middle aged woman looks out of an office window and realizes that her children have not spoken to her in years; because she's become exactly like her mother. An old man with hours left to live, feels deep fear; as he realizes that he's forgotten the name of his deceased wife. The door shuts, devouring the last bit of light in the room. As the newborn in cradle spends its first night alone and comes to understand; that profound loneliness is the way of things. Reboot: The Guardian Code premieres March 30th on Netflix!
  • Fitting into the Darker and Edgier tone of the second playthrough, their opinion on Detroit: Become Human ends on a more sour note. While in the first playthrough, they surmised that it ended up being way better than they anticipated and that they could even recommend it, by the end of the second they are completely taken back by how badly the plot fell apart on a second viewing, and how many of the worst story elements were hiding just beyond sight. The straw that broke the camel's back however, was one particular plot point, that deviancy was planned obsolescence all along, a deliberate ploy by Cyberlife so that people would buy the next generation of androids, and so that the rise of android-sympathy would be flushed down the toilet at the same time; the reveal of this "twist" took that boiling over disgruntled feelings for the game, and made them explode, Woolie and Pat in particular because they were vocal about their positive ratings after the first playthrough. Woolie was reduced to shouting in angered disbelief over the stupidity of it, and Pat went on the record saying that he retracts everything good he said about the game's plot, because this detail alone retroactively ruins the entirety of it for him.
  • On December 16, 2018 a new video was posted on the channel titled "Super Best Friends (FINAL)". It contained the guys calmly explaining that the Super Best Friends are disbanding and they will no longer make any new content under the brand, as Matt and Pat have drifted away from each other and stopped enjoying doing LPs and other stuff together. Matt in particular was on the verge of crying, and Woolie seemed really distraught about this situation, as he's still on good terms with the other two, but they're not leaving the Internet forever, as each of them will be focusing on their own content to keep the loyal viewers entertained.
    Woolie: We expected nothing, and you delivered everything, so thank you... like, thanks to every single one of you for changing our lives.
    • What might be the worst part of it all is the explanation of why it's coming to an end. There were no issues over money, or who ran the website or even issues over creative control (as far as we know anyway). Woolie just straight up explains at the start of the video that Matt and Pat are just not friends anymore. For two people that are supposed to be, and likely really were two best friends, that really, really hurts.
    • Woolie would later be asked on stream if there would ever be a reunion special. He basically says that everyone has essentially moved on and have gone on to do their own thing, and more importantly, happy too. While "never say never" might come up, it's not something that will happen in the near future.