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  • Matt killing a fully grown grizzly bear with just a knife in the Red Dead Redemption episode.
  • Pat scaring the hell out of Matt at the end of the Amnesia video. By simply yelling "boo".
    Pat: (struggling to breathe) Oh, Christ, this makes this whole stupid fucking thing worth it!
  • The end of the Captain America video. Having managed to go the whole episode without using his catchphrase, and while making Cap do a flying punch on a Nazi robot:
    Matt: I'll unleash my powers! AMERICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
  • Matt at the end of the Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition video completing the Chun-Li parry trial.
    Pat: W-What?
    • It has come to light that this was likely staged, but it remains a funny moment, at least.
  • Matt and Pat singing Snake Eater (or at least part of it) in Metal Gear Solid HD.
  • In the Mario Party Super Best Friends Brawl, the events towards the end of the game practically makes Woolie and Pat neck and neck, but ultimately, Woolie comes out on top. And Pat's losing streak continues.
  • Matt and Pat teaching a bus a lesson in Sleeping Dogs.
  • Normally when people play Slender, they are nervous playing and freak out and runaway from the first sight of Slenderman. Matt though, he takes everything this game can throw at him with no fear at all. Heck, he even calls out Slenderman to come out and charges at him when he finally does. Albeit this ends in Matt's death, but still.
  • For the greater part of Erie, Pat skillfully avoids the horrific monster chasing him with no foreknowledge thanks to his and Matt's quick thinking, only ever getting caught three times, once because they didn't even know the monster existed, and once because the monster got stuck on a wall. At several points he stops to actively taunt the monster and gets away with it.
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  • In the bloopers segment for Metal Wolf Chaos, Matt somehow starts off on a tangent about if the Hulk was the president and fought terrorism in a giant hulk-bot built by Tony Stark. Pat spends a few minutes arguing how over-the-top stupid it is, before breaking down and admitting it's awesome.
  • In the Anarchy Reigns Super Best Friends Brawl Pat finally breaks his losing streak by wiping the floor with Matt and Woolie, winning all 4 matches.
    Pat: This will be be a curbstomp symphony.
    • In fact, the entire idea of the Anarchy Reigns Brawl. Consider how much more work went into the video than they usually do: they had to haul in three 360s, three TVs, set up their recording, and then hack together the footage from three separate feeds in order to make a cohesive video. Just shows how much they love the game.
  • Say it with me: Insanity Shotgun.
  • Liam's come from behind, 2v1 win in Playstation All Stars Battle Royale against Matt and Patt.
  • The end of the first race of the Mario Kart brawl.
  • Pat's rematch against Giga Gaia in Chrono Trigger where he turns his whole party in lightning bruisers.
  • Rising Superstar Liam trolling the SA-X.
    Matt: That was the epitome of the word "shenanigans."
    • Arguably even more epic in hindsight when Liam revealed in a podcast that he had no idea it would work and was on edge the entire time.
    • Woolie and Liam teaming up as Bash Brothers for the final battle to cover each other's weaknesses.
  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a balls to the wall difficult game, as per the norm for titles from Platinum Studios. During his LP of it, Pat breaks the game over his knee, routinely pulling top ranks and anticipating every challenge the game throws at him.
    • Not only that, but when he gets to Monsoon, he not only beats him on the first try, but he got a S rank on the fight!
    • The entirety of the Jetstream Sam playthrough. Some highlights include taunting a Metal Gear Ray, killing enemies in single hits with Sam's charge attacks, and Pat managing to not only taunt Armstrong into a blind rage, but dodging every combo thrown at him in Armstrong's enraged state. Even Pat is surprised he pulled that one off.
      • Pat also happens to lower Armstrong to Quick-Time-Event health right as he uses his giant fire pillar move, which makes it so that giant pillars of fire are exploding in the background while the quick-time event is playing.
    • Bladewolfs DLC has a good moment near the end of the last level where Pat Zandatsu's a Sword Mook while simultaneously slo-mo dodging a rocket from another mook. While the instrumental of "I'm My Own Master Now" plays in the background.
  • Adding to the Platinum Hype, during the The Wonderful 101 playthrough, both Pat and Liam prove themselves great at the game, Pat in particular pulling off extended combos.
    • Adding to the adding of the Platinum Hype, Pat and Woolie's commentary throughout the video is top-notch.
  • The Perfect Dark Super Best Friends Brawl sees Pat getting a perfect streak again. It seems that when Pat actually wins a Brawl, he wins decisively.
  • Towards the end of the Predator: Concrete Jungle LP, Matt, Woolie, and Jerry The Predator are lured into a surprise attack by a pack of xenomorphs! Their reaction? A synchronous scream that lasts until the next episode.
  • At E3 2013, Pat plays the Bayonetta 2 demo for the first time and ranks gold.
  • During Part 4 of The Last of Us Pat manages to defeat four runners and a clicker without dying or being detected once. Even better he didn't have to use any of his weapons, he just snuck up on all of them one by one and choked them from behind.
  • Woolie's Badass Boast after defeating Nathan Copeland in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.
    Woolie: I learn your name as you die!
  • In WWE 13, Woolie takes a chair to the head and keeps walking with no reaction.
  • During their Deadly Premonition playthrough, Pat is consistently taunted by his nemesis, Quint, and get's more and more infuriated when he can't track the man down. Finally, Pat catches up with the mad genius and proceeds to wreck the shit out of his life by ending Quint's engagement.
  • During the TNA Impact Rustlemania episode, Woolie gets a hold of a chair and has a stand off with Matt and Pat. Suddenly, the two burst forward at him at the same time, with Pat drop kicking him, immediately followed by Matt sending Woolie to the ground with a hay maker.
  • Matt's snake Jack making his feelings on the Super Best Friends Podcast known by actually flicking his tongue out at the end of the promo video, prompting 'that was awesome' reactions from both Matt and Woolie.
  • Pat winning the Scrublords grand finale. He won at the only game that truly mattered: Divekick. Made even better by the fact Woolie took the first round 5-0.
  • Woolie stepping up and pulling the Indigo Prophecy playthrough out of its funk by being a serious hype-man during the ridiculous room assault section.
  • From the Pacific Rim hype video. Matt's contingency plan for after Megatron seduces Kevin Nash. Metal Gear REX!
  • Super Best Friends Play Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death... just Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death in general really.
  • Woolie giving David Cage a "The Reason You Suck" Speech with how Indigo Prophecy's plot turns out to be a ripoff of The Invisibles.
    • With Beyond: Two Souls, how they're actually giving the game a chance and actually appreciate some elements. Lots of the fanbase has accused them of not doing so, but actually watching the videos, they are trying - the game is just proving more ridiculous and terrible than they imagined.
      • The same is apparent in the first episode of the Detroit: Become Human walkthrough. Despite Episode Zero largely revolving around their low expectations of the game and their predictions of ridiculous or stupid things that might happen, they go into the game at least giving it a chance. Some things—the graphics, animation, and a few cool moments, like Connor deeming his mission to save the girl successful despite his impending death—they actually praise. Their biggest gripe with the game thus far is its cringey-at-best depictions of android "racism" that has uncomfortable parallels to reality.
    • And after viewing the credits and seeing how it was different from the ending they got, and learning that the ending they got doesn't even matter Woolie goes on another speech calling Cage out, on essentially mooting all choices they have done throughout the game, this time the speech is backed up by Pat and Matt.
  • In Penumbra: Overture, the standard (and game-recommended) way of dealing with the wolf enemies is hiding from them. Upon seeing one for the first time, Pat immediately hits it with a hammer and knocks it over.
  • From The Walking Dead: Season 2, Matt and Pat decide to play Clementine's interactions with Rebecca with a bit more of an edge, cementing her Badass Adorable status by gleefully and unabashedly asking Rebecca who the baby's real father is, and following it up with what Matt refers to as a "Dante-shot" while Clem' threatens her with, "You should probably think about being nicer to me. That's just my advice."
    Pat: Everyone else gets forgiven, but she's decided to be a huge fuckin' problem, so fuck her.
  • While playing Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, Matt and Liam go to the casino and bet a ton of money on a bunch of random, stupid bets. Against the odds, they make money off the bet.
  • "DON'T FUCK WIT' SKULLGIRLS, a rallying cry Matt and Woolie made in response to Skullgirls getting Screwed by the Network and being delisted from Play Station Network and Xbox Live Arcade. Notably, the video ends with Matt pulling down his Punisher beanie to wear it as a mask.
  • Part 12 of Pat and Woolie's I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream LP. For most of it, Pat had been going by the strategy of carefully examining everything in the environment before making his decision or taking any action. Then he comes up against a Nazi scientist about to remove the spinal chord of a child. He looks around the room a little and upon finding a scalpel, immediately goes to stab the scientist with it. Even Woolie wasn't expecting that. After a guard kills Pat for it and the sequence starts over again, he just does the same thing again and finds a way to get away with it.
    • Part 13 has Pat in a state of Tranquil Fury almost every second he's in the presence of one of history's most horrible monsters, Dr. Mengele. When given the option to have the Golem brutally murder Mengele he enthusiastically takes it.
  • Can we get some love for all of the Funtime Adventures? All five episodes are amazingly animated, continually funny and always feature at least one awesome sequence. Episode 5 is the pinnacle of it, with Pat falling out a tower, killing a ton of enemies on the way down to use them as a crash mat for his landing.
  • Super Best Friends VS: Dark Souls II reveals that Woolie, a newcomer to the franchise, is a complete natural at the game, capable of beating a boss solo on his first attempt, a feat that Pat and Liam, players of the first game, failed to replicate.
    • Along with that, Pat proves to be an outstanding teacher to help ease Woolie into the game. Prime example is his total acceptance of Woolie's class choice for sorcerer, knowing that would be his most comfortable fit. Compare that to Liam pressuring Matt away from knight to go for the standard warrior.
  • Pat subverting the shittalking being done about his ability to play The Last of Us after openly complaining about this during the playthrough of Left Behind by burning four Infected to death at once.
  • 2Snacks's animated opening for the "Cryme Tyme" series with animated Matt and Woolie weaving a path of destruction through a city and throwing dollar bills on the entire cast of Skullgirls in the back of a limo. Not only did it also catch the attention of P-Money, whose song was used, but he liked it so much that he shills the opening.
  • Speaking of Skullgirls, after an hour of playing it for Friday Night Fisticuffs, Pat has gone from being completely negative to playing the game for the whole weekend and Monday between it and episode 47 of the Podcast.
  • The group were successful enough that Woolie and Liam had been able to quit their jobs to do Let's Plays full time!
  • Woolie managed to catch Zapdos during the Nuzlocke. Granted, he did it using Repels and the Master Ball, but that's not why it's here. The reason it's here is because how it gets christened. Elite Four, The Shockmaster is coming to get you!
  • Woolie beat the Nuzlocke.
    • After seven hours live on stream, with a One-Hit Kill to Ja Rule's final Arcanine.
      • On a LiveStream that was hype enough and funny enough to more or less save the playthrough, and net them 11,000 viewers by the time they got to the final battle.
      • Also during the final battle: Kamina had taken out Ja Rule's Pidgeot, causing him to send in Venusaur. Knowing that Venasaur had Solarbeam, a move with a one turn charge, and Sunny Day, a move that lasts five turns which would negate that charge time, Liam advises that Woolie spam Ice Beam until it uses either move, then switch him out for something that can waste turns until Venusaur was out of PP for those moves, likely killing the chosen Pokémon in the process. As predicted, Venusaur goes for Solarbeam, charging up. Considering that Venusaur is Level 60, outleveling some of Woolie's team by 14 or so levels, it's pretty much a guaranteed kill for whoever goes out. After some deliberation, they send out Ludacris the Victreebel to die with a heavy heart. Solarbeam hits... And Ludacris takes a quarter damage. As this is Venusaur's only attacking move, Ludacris is able to put it to sleep thanks to Gen 3 mechanics and recover all the damage taken thanks to leftovers, causing Ja Rule to waste a Full Restore. Ludacris earns Woolie's respect for the rest of the playthrough, even giving him a shout-out at the end-game screen.
      • To make it all the sweeter, the final move of the entire playthrough is Blastoise's most powerful technique - the Hydro Cannon (something that could only be learned on Island Two from the Move Tutor). An excited Liam eggs Woolie on to use the move as the ultimate finisher, and it ends up scoring a One Hit Ko on Ja Rule's Arcanine, sealing DMX's victory.
      • Oh, and the name Woolie gave to that part of the Stream? Battle for Everyone's Souls.
  • How does the Zaibatsu end The Amazing Superfriends (superhero month)? A 98 minute video of The Wonderful 101, covering the highlights of the whole game. Included are Matt's fresh reactions to the final few levels.
  • The fact that Matt and Pat actually really carefully critique Ground Zeroes and the associated, oft-brought up points about its price and length, rather than just being screechy poo-babbies and declaring it a complete rip-off as has become habit on message boards; they discuss the fact that the retail/digital prices were perhaps a little high still, suggest that people who might only play it once might feel ripped off but that those who replay it and want to explore the sandbox Kojima has provided will definitely find it more rewarding, and that newcomers to the franchise might be utterly confused with it as a starting point. It does just really sell the fact that the Best Friends know what they're talking about when it comes to games.
  • Part 18 of Dark Souls II has Woolie get invaded twice in the bell tower. Woolie has very little trouble with the second invader, but has to beat the first with no spells or estus. Even more impressive is that the first invader switches through several powerful play styles while Woolie is fighting him, and Woolie is still able to beat him.
    • The first invader, Kurt Cobain, deserves points for not only changing play-styles on the fly and playing each perfectly, but for showing ridiculous amounts of Honor Before Reason, by standing back when Lemon invaded to keep the fights 1v1, and then by allowing Woolie to heal even though he couldn't himself. Near the end of the fight, Pat admits he's starting to root for him.
  • During the Fist of the North Star FnF, the second round of the final battle between Pat (Kenshiro) and Woolie (Raoh) comes to an explosive end as Pat lands a move that will kill Woolie after about 21 seconds on the ingame clock. However, if Woolie manages to beat Pat before the timer runs out, he'll be fine. After landing a combo to take Pat to a sliver of life, Woolie charges in, only for Pat to land a Fatal KO, which he knew would land because Woolie would be too focused on the rushdown offence to beat the clock to bother blocking the hit. The moment is so hype they forget they have a third round left.
    • In addition to that, all Pat (Kanji) vs. Woolie (Akihiko) matches in Persona 4: Arena. It's probably the most skilled the two have ever been.
  • The discussion at the end of The Walking Dead Season 2; the controversy over their treatment of Kenny aside, they actually carefully discuss how they feel the second season compares to the first, and note that while the first was probably better written, the oft-emphasised idea of choice and how much they factor in is, they argue, better employed in season two and make your choices - especially the last few - particularly worthwhile in terms of where things will go. As they explain - Lee will always start to turn, the Stranger will always start to make the same arguments against you, and it will always end with that heartbreaking scene. Season Two at least tries to make your choices matter in a big way, and it was neat to see them acknowledge that.
  • Woolie actually managed to beat Dark Souls II, surprising everyone. And thanks to Plague and the Mad Warrior armour, the last shot of the game was a Predator sitting upon the throne of Drangleic.
  • For those who don't know, Matt went to art school. Though this is a somewhat common fact among the TBF. What alot of people don't know is Matt can draw. Matt! Can! Draw! Super Good!
  • How about SWERY plugging their D4 videos on his twitter? And from the looks of things, it's more than just the first video of the LP getting noticed. Especially funny due to an offhand remark in episode 3 that SWERY wouldn't watch the LP.
  • The Two Snacks Opening for Season 9 is absolutely amazing! From the quick paced and amazing attention to detail, to the little things implemented into the background. Like Zach, and Godzilla.
  • Liam goes through most of Platinum Games' The Legend of Korra with only half health just to get more experience from each fight, and still sweeps most of the game single-handedly.
  • From their Far Cry 4 video, two words: Flaming. Leopard.
  • In the dramatic battle of Street Fighter Alpha, CPU Akuma gives a hard time to both Ryu and Ken.
    Pat: That's how the fight goes!
    Woolie: That's the canon battle!
    • To clarify, Dramatic Battles involve two human players fighting one cpu simultaneously, which is typically about as broken as it sounds. Nevertheless, CPU Akuma suddenly defeats both Ryu and Ken in the second round, tying things up one-one. Then, in the final round, he pulls out a clutch Shun Goku Satsu on Ken, scaring the Zaibatsu even further and turning what started out as some nice lame fun into an epic (and canon!) duel between archrivals.
    Pat: Look at him go!
    Woolie: Oh, my God! Akuma!
  • Episode 70 of the podcast. AKA, the Blitzcast. Too much news. Not enough time. No way out. The group burns through 50-odd pieces of news in 2 hours, summarising each in two minutes.
  • In the finale of their Walking Dead: Season 1 playthrough, Matt has taken too much crap and snaps.
    Stranger: You're a monster.
    Matt: (Icily) No, I'm not.
    Stranger: You're a murderer and a thief.
    Matt: NO, I'M NOT.
  • Even though they admit it took them 3 hours, an online search, and a 15 minute coffee break, episode 82 has Woolie curbstomping the Ivory King in Dark Souls 2.
  • Woolie's Wonderful 101 rap in his Top 10 Games of 2013. Set to the Tables Turnover remix.
  • During their Guilty Gear Xrd there is at least one example of a match where they think one of them has won the match just for the camera to pan around revealing the other fighter losing, causing the Zaibatsu to lose their shit.
  • Pat making a note of the rather Unfortunate Implications in Heavy Rain, as Madison (the only playable female character in the game) is not only the only one whose body was mocapped and based off of a model and not their voice actor's body, but she is also the only one who gets into "all the creepiest rape-scenarios possible".
    • Furthered during their ongoing war with David Cage in their Beyond: Two Souls playthrough, as they are quick to note the unfortunate implications of some of the scenarios Cage puts Ellen Page's Jodie in.
      • Taken even further in the playthrough for Episode 3 of Life Is Strange, where Matt points out that what could have been a rather exploitative scene in a swimming pool between two women is handled far more tastefully than Cage's work, and that he should take notes.
      • On another note, the fact that the guys are so familiar with David Cage's bad writing that they manage to accurately predict some of the more outlandish scenes in the game with Woolie calling the game's final twist (Aiden is Jodie's stillborn twin brother) LONG before the end of the game.
      Woolie: No fucking way! I fucking called it! What a hack!
    • And in the Heavy Rain stream where Woolie was behind the controller, we have Woolie's reaction to the illogical sex scene and romance between Ethan and Madison, the latter of which is shown as being eager for it despite having barely escaped multiple sexual assaults that day. When prompted to go through with the scene, Woolie finally loses his temper over her writing.
    Woolie: FUCK OFF! (Denies Madison) Oh my God! Please leave the video game!
  • As of January 2015, the Best Friends are running four separate LP's at once, with Matt himself contributing to three, including a solo endeavour. While the Best Friends have been known to run more than one LP at a time, this has to be some sort of a record.
    • Especially impressive is how Matt is conducting his solo LP of No More Heroes. Without someone to bounce jokes off of, he's instead discussing the mechanics of the game and his time spent testing it, and it works.
  • During Part 5 of Pat and Liam's LP of Super Mario RPG they come across a confusing minigame in which they must hop across a pond on the backs of tadpoles to a musical arrangement (It Makes Sense in Context). If Pat's commentary is to be believed, Liam did it blind.
  • Pat gets a lot of grief for missing obvious things in various playthroughs. But his in-depth knowledge and expertise of Silent Hill 2 are a reminder of just how awesome he can be.
  • The entire Friendcast interview with Guy Cihi, especially for Pat given his admiration of the game and Guy's work in it and the fact to that he managed to contain himself and have an extremely successful interview that he was sure he'd fuck up in some way. The fact that they managed to score the interview with him right at the time he was starting two new projects that he could talk about was the cherry on the sundae.
    • Also, Guy approaching them for the interview and him plugging their Silent Hill 2 playthrough. This is easily the biggest name recognition they've gotten since SWERY pumped their D4 playthrough.
  • After a little over twenty minutes of versus play of Bio F.R.E.A.K.S., they decide to attempt an arcade run, specifically because Maximilian didn't on his channel. The Best Friends get liquored up, set the game to Novice with infinite continues, and slog their way through the matches, getting hung up at the penultimate Mirror Match. Through some cheap tactics, they beat Clonus, and face Mutilator. After a first fight of testing the waters against him, Woolie summons his inner Rage and demolishes Mutilator on the second bout.
    • And then it gets EVEN BETTER. Max and the Zaibatsu both thought the challenge would take the Zaibatsu FOREVER to complete, much like the earlier Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. challenge. It took Woolie THREE TRIES AND ABOUT FIFTEEN MINUTES to complete. Woolie specifically, because the challenge didn't even go on long enough for him to swap out the controller. And what should happen when the final blow is struck on Shao Kahn? COMP happens.
    Matt: *Genuinely astonished* Wow! Get fucked Max! Holy ffff-
    • And a few seconds later Woolie has a quote that's just as golden.
    Woolie: We are NOT smart. Don't you dare call us smart.
    • Down in the comments section, from Max himself:
    Max: FUCK KUNG LAO. FUCK IT. DAMN THAT CAT. Good game guys.
  • Pat defeating the Blood-starved Beast in Bloodborne without using any consumables.
    • And then Woolie manages to kill Amygdala on his first try. And he wasn't even at full capacity on Blood Vials.
    • And in the Finale they finish off the game drunk. God knows what they were thinking, but they somehow pulled through after a good long slog.
  • In the Friday Night Fisticuffs video for Karate Tournament and Holloseum, Pat mentions that he used to practice mixed martial arts. He also mentions that once he did a Punch Parry that broke his opponent's knuckles.
  • The animated intro (the first one, at least, given the Best Friends have a habit of getting more than one) for Jurassic Week, which has an awesomely rendered Matt stepping forward to observe a T-Rex crapping out bad games, prompting Matt to declare "That is one big pile of shit".
  • In part 7 of their Freedom Planet Let's Play, they beat the level 7 boss in one go.
  • The fact that despite having covered it already and deemed one of their worst games of 2013, Matt and Pat still decide to suffer through a full playthrough of Ride to Hell: Retribution. All while attempting to give it a (slim) chance.
  • After years of literal silence, Billy speaks up for the first time during podcast 98 to argue with Pat over his choice to max out a sub-optimal class in Final Fantasy XIV:
    Billy: They don't ask "how did a Lancer even get to level 50 in the first place?" It's because I'm fucking good.
  • Similarly, James Small, that one British friend that's been brought up over the years, has not just appeared in the podcast but has also made his vocal debut with the rest of the Zaibatsu in a Mystery Box episode.
  • Reaching the climax of their Silent Hill: Shattered Memories playthrough, Liam proceeds through one of the trickiest Otherworld sections in a manner that has Pat almost flabbergasted, stating that Liam did in a couple of minutes what took him several hours.
    • The Rising Superstar beat the game with zero deaths.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, RUSTLEMANIA IS BACK! Bonus points for this being an extremely well put together and choreographed trailer.
    • Some of the intros for the individual episodes are amazing, too, with the likes of Plague Of Gripes, Steve Blum and Takahata101 putting in an appearance to deliver some shoot-style openings. The amount of work done for this month is crazy.
      • One intro has Maximillian from Yo Videogames and his crew calling out the best friends in NWO style promo. The Zaibatsu respond in kind with a Dgeneration X promo.
  • Pat near-effortlessly taking down Nemesis in the penultimate showdown of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis; after gleefully pointing out Nemesis' arm being blasted off, he explains that by using the environment's acid supply, you can also take off Nemesis' head, and then proceeds to do so, making the rest of the fight entirely one-sided as the Pursuer flails blindly.
  • In the Super Best Friends' playthrough of Darkest Dungeon, things start going pear-shaped in the second video, when Pat's Crusader gains the Hopeless affliction and commits Suicide by Bandit as a result of becoming overstressed. When his Leper Jolland is also tested, it looks as though Pat's going to lose two members of his party to insanity— except that Jolland goes the complete opposite direction and becomes Vigorous, passively healing himself from death's door and turning the tide of the battle in an instant. It ends with Pat having to abandon the mission entirely, and his Crusader is permanently killed, but Jolland is immediately elevated to the status of Memetic Badass by the Youtube commentators, most of them demanding that he be given a spot in the Zaibatsu pantheon.
    YouTube user Katagara: When the party was at its darkest hour, when Reynauld had met his end in the depths of his despair, Jolland the Leper found himself at death's door and rejected it with pure leprous vigor. Far removed from True Rage and The Storm, he embodies friendship in the face of overwhelming bullshit. He's the hypest shit.
  • In Until Dawn, Matt and Pat managed to get all the characters out alive. Considering how tricky it's known to be for first-time players to avert some of the deaths, this is certainly an accomplishment. Even Matt himself seems baffled that they pulled it off.
    Matt: Holy shit, I can't believe everyone's still alive...!
  • "Greatest soldier in the world -- Big Boss!"
  • Liam fultoning a ranked commander at the last moment right in front of an enemy tank.
    Liam: It's my win.
  • Fan retelling of how Matt and Woolie saved Skullgirls. Most comments are praising the animator for his Monty Oum-esque style
  • The LP of Metal Wolf Chaos is making so much groundswell that FromSoftware is totally confused as to why its making so much noise NOW.
    • Even better is the explanation given to them by the first person to reply on Twitter. Google's rough translation: "Because playthrough by prominent Canadians."
  • From the LP of Naruto: The Broken Bond, their non-canonical but Fridge Brilliance explanation for why Naruto's Sexy Jutsu has Censor Steam: that young Naruto doesn't actually know what girl parts look like and tries to obfuscate what would otherwise be Barbie Doll Anatomy.
    • Twitter has taken to cherry picking panels and art of the various Naruto arcs they missed, and Woolie and Matt both start freaking out when Pat shows them Naruto's latest design, which they all agree is hype.
  • In NBA 2K16 Livin' Da Dream, The Zaibatsu are disgusted by how Vic blackmails his own friend and how it makes no sense for the main character to show so much loyalty to him. Even explaining how the team owner should set things up with Freq.
    Pat: Freq I don't think you understand: I'm the one with the money and I give you the money. So I have all of the power and you have none of the power so... all of these discussions are a courtesy.
    • In one part in the game, Vic and Freq are in a car having a light-hearted conversation when Vic suddenly starts guilt-tripping Freq again, bringing up his dead parents and tough upbringing to make Freq feel bad about having a good life. In-game, Freq just purses his lips and listens. The guys react to this with disgust and fury, bringing up how Freq has paid a six-figure bail for Vic, throws lavish parties out of Freq's wallet, and even tried to hook up with Freq's girlfriend...and then, in-game, Freq finally adresses this. Liam, Pat, and Woolie are practically squealing with delight as Freq finally tears Vic a new one.
    • In the final part, there's their reaction to Vic's eight-minute ghost monologue about his life after dying in a car chase. While this is clearly intended to make us sympathize with him, the three of them point out that all it does is make him look worse, which culminates in Pat saying this:
      Pat: I think the intended feeling you're supposed to come in with this is like, 'Man, I know somebody like Vic. I'd better reach out and treat him right.' No. No one's coming to here with that. You know what people are coming to this with? 'Man, fuck that bitch, I'm glad he's dead! I should go kill my friend that reminds me of Vic.'
  • The Punisher LP's intro, a Punisher Max inspired artwork with Pat as Microchip, Matt as the Punisher and Woolie as Barracuda (complete with the "FUCK YOU" teeth).
  • While it may be lessened somewhat due to Woolie's build and his overpowered weapons, he manages to beat Demon's Souls by killing False King Allant in one try.
  • Liam nailing Toadofsky's sympohony while Pat is crying about how old he is and how they are too stupid to figure it out.
  • Matt, Pat and Woolie actually managing to beat Omikron is one for all three, but a special shout out needs to be given to Woolie who suffered through both Omikron and Reboot at the same time. And not only did he not go crazy (well, mostly) in the process, he actually finished Reboot as well, with the finale episode being uploaded on the same day as Omikron's.
    • This needs to be explained in detail. Omikron is possibly the worst game they've ever played on the channel. The camera is garbage, the graphics are akin to vomit, the plot is so nonsensical that it sounds like multiple other plots mashed together, the controls are atrocious, sudden shifts in gameplay such as turning into a fighting game and an FPS, random glitches that vary in levels of horribleness and utterly stupid design decisions. That's not even taking into account how there are apparently only TWO guides on the planet that explain how to beat the game, and both of them are poorly written.
    • Additionally, this is the last of Quantic Dream's games they've played (until the inevitable Detroit: Become Human LP rolls around) and was so aggressively horrible that even the fans were divided on if they should have continued (for some context, Matt and Pat did an LP of Ride to Hell: Retribution and even that game didn't rattle them as badly as Omikron did). Despite it all, they stuck through it and beat the game. Which means that, even as his absolute worst, David Cage can't beat the Best Friends.
  • In the wake of Matt's hiatus and Liam's departure from the channel, Pat and Woolie went above and beyond in making sure there's enough content for 2 videos each day, with 2 LP's at once and many one-offs and mystery boxes to compensate the channel's schedule. Keep in mind, before all of this the channel was doing 2 updates each day with twice as many people; they don't have to keep the same pace for videos, but they are anyway.
    • All of the boys deserve credit for how carefully and sensitively this has been carried out; while obviously needing to ensure the health an safety of Matt and Liam, they have been very open about why. Compared to say, Jon's leaving Game Grumps, which was a uncomfortable mystery and source of fan concern for some time, the Best Friends have been very up front as to the how and why of what's going on.
  • In Dark Souls, Woolie defeating the Capra Demon in one try, then defeating Havel despite having really low damage output. It shows that Woolie did learn from previous Souls games.
    • He later went on to defeat the infamous Ornstein and Smough in just 3 tries. Bonus points for killing Smough first.
    • Really, Woolie deserves props for being able to go through every single game in the Souls series (albeit in the very unorthodox way that he didnote . The contrast between how he went about playing the games from start to finish is astonishing, half of which came from his ability to learn and the other half coming from Badass Teacher Pat.
  • Matt returns from his hiatus for the Resident Evil 7 Biohazard LP, and announces himself in the most understated, yet badass way possible.
    Matt: Hey, what's up. I'm thinkin' I'm back.
    • Combined with hilarity, Pat spinning Matt's declaration in the same LP that he'd kill himself if he met a ghost into a plan to fight the ghost on its own turf.
  • Woolie's Shut Up, Hannibal! moment when Roy Earle pops back up in L.A. Noire is pretty good.
    Woolie: Hope your master scratches behind your ear, fuckface.
  • In quite possibly the biggest example of Achievements in Ignorance on the channel, Pat manages to get the best ending of Binary Domain despite having spent the entirety of the playthrough constantly fucking up with the Trust system by constantly shooting his team mates and constantly pissing his team mates off with his dialogue choices.
  • As referenced above, their Metal Wolf Chaos LP has gotten significant attention from FROMsoft themselves, which as of E3 2018 has prompted a remastered version for X-Box ONE, PC, and PS4 shown by Devolver Digital, as well as a website "Mech America Great Again". People familiar with the LP and how it got the game some much deserved attention are ecstatic over the Best Friends bringing the game to Western shores 14 years after it's original release.
  • When Matt and Pat first played Into the Breach shortly after launch, the result was an XCOM 2 style Curb-Stomp Battle in the Vek's favor. Fast forward to 2018, and Woolie and Pat take the game for a second spin with Woolie at the helm. Woolie proceeds to utterly dominate the Vek, acing nearly every single mission and successfully detonating the bomb and saving the timeline, all with only two island liberated.
  • Matt, Pat and Woolie disbanding the Zaibatsu is sad for sure, but their farewell video is done with class and grace - especially considering the early note that the once-Two Best Friends now struggle to get along. Closing shop now seems like the best thing for them, rather than descending into bitterness and carrying on just for money, and it's awesome they realised this.

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