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  • Their Shitstorm 4: Matt and Pat's Scariness Marathon special series of videos is so called because of sort of a goof from Matt. During one episode of their Superbestfriendcast in which they were talking to Guy Cihi, Matt brought Shitstorm into the conversation but hesitated on swearing in front of their guest, so instead referred to it as "Matt and Pat's Scariness Marathon" in an awkward manner. After the interview the other guys ribbed him about it, and the rest is history.
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  • The original upload of the Saints Row IV video on Machinima was uploaded a few weeks prior to the release of the game (the Best Friends had received an advanced review copy for the show), but was removed about a day after being uploaded. The video returned weeks later when the game came out, but with a very noticeable edit at the end to anyone who saw the original upload. The change to the video's ending in the re-upload version seems to indicate the reason for the original video being removed was due to the inclusion of a pretty major spoiler, especially with the game still weeks from being released. For those curious, the original video ended with Zinyak destroying the planet Earth at the end of the game's third mission.
  • Approval of God: SWERY himself has tweeted and promoted their playthrough of D4.
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  • Blooper: The initial upload of the The Punisher (Capcom) video had a scene where Matt paused the game to answer a deliveryman at his door, and could be heard speaking French to said deliveryman (meanwhile Liam asked "is it for me?"). The inclusion of this blooper went unnoticed by Matt at first, but a few days later the video was suddenly altered to have this editing blooper removed from it.
  • Colbert Bump:
    • T.E.C. 3001 has gotten a fair bit of publicity thanks to their ringing endorsement of the game in the second Xbox Live Indie Games video, prompting the developers to publicly thank them.
    • Invoked with their playthrough of D4, in which one of the explicit goals is to encourage more sales of the game so that future chapters can be made.
    • Clemps credits them for making his channel popular with Paige and the Best Friends promoting his Drakengard videos and having him over for the podcast.
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  • Creator Backlash: Downplayed. After 11 episodes, they decided to end the Mailbag segments indefinitely, not out of anger (they make it clear throughout the episodes that they adore their fans), but because they had become so overwhelmed with gifts that they were running out of room in their homes.
  • Creator's Apathy: The editing of the Omikron: The Nomad Soul playthrough didn't start this way, but in Parts 24 and 25 the in-game audio has slipped out of sync and Pat refused to fix it out of frustration at the game.
  • Fake Nationality: Slowly averted as time went on. The guys initially passed themselves off as American, but over time they revealed their real, Canadian nationality.
  • Funny Character, Boring Actor: Pat is pretty mellow and serious when he plays a game without someone else to bounce off and insult.
  • He Also Did: Years before Two Best Friends Play, Matt made the "Street Fighter Stupidity" video compilations among other stupidity compilations, he also had his Final Fight deviantart used as cover by a few other people.
  • I Knew It!:
    • Happened so much during the Beyond: Two Souls playthrough, that at several points Pat openly worried that the viewers would start calling bullshit because they were predicting the story with such accuracy they might as well have already played it.
    • In the The Last of Us playthrough, Pat instantly guesses that Sarah won't make it out of the prologue, and that the watch she gives Joel will become a Tragic Keepsake.
    • In the God of War (PS4), Pat quickly guesses the true identity of the Stranger, and the three also sarcastically predict major plot points, which turn out to be correct.
  • Name's the Same: One sidequest in Yakuza 0 has Majima helping a guy named Suda. Matt immediately jokes that it's Suda51, the creator of No More Heroes. A similar thing happens a few episodes later, with a thug named Kojima.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: The Punisher LP caps off with a fanart montage of "Pun-Pun Kill-Chan", the Rule 63 version of The Punisher.
  • Old Shame: Fighterpedia. A series that lasted one season before Two Best Friends properly took off featuring Matt and Woolie discussing the intricacies of fighting games. To sum up Matt's feelings about it:
    Woolie: *picking his character* Representin' that 'Pedia!
    Matt: *laughing* No one cares about Fighterpedia, not even me!
    *cue title footage of Fighterpedia mentioning how much it sucked*
  • Schedule Slip:
    • Their Top 10 Games of 2012 lists didn't come out until May - June 2013, and their Top 10s of 2013 wouldn't come out until December 2014.
    • Matt's Sexy Bond-A-Thon. The first three videos came out within two weeks. The fourth didn't come out until almost two years later.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Lawsuit threats from Konami pretty much ended their "Best Friends Watch" of Metal Gear Solid 4.
    • Asura's Wrath was stopped before the episode even aired. It has been played now however by Zach.
    • Ditto with the Peace Walker let's play.
    • The Shitstorm of Scariness 2 video on The X-Files: Resist or Serve got removed from YouTube after a copyright claim from FOX got it content ID'd. Thankfully the launch of the new Super Best Friends website, which doesn't have to deal with YouTube's finicky content ID system, now has the video up and viewable for all here.
    • Happened yet again with a planned Persona 5 LP. Atlus decided, in their infinite wisdom, to not only restrict what could be shown during streams or LPs, they also banned anyone from showing any content beyond the in-game date of July 7. This essentially made it impossible to LP the game, so it was cancelled before it even began. To make matters worse, the news about Atlus' restrictions came mid-recording. On the plus side, the episodes they did record will be released as quicklooks.
  • Vaporware: Of course they're going to make jokes at the expense of Duke Nukem Forever's 14-year development time.
    Pat: It came out!
    Matt: No...
    Pat: It came out!
    Matt: Okay, you encoded something on a disc, and you put it in here to troll me.
    Pat: Downloadable content?! They still didn't finish the whole game!
  • Trolling Creator: Their BlazBlue video possibly being their best example but their attitude toward comments criticizing their gameplay or pronounciation is pretty much making it worse.
  • What Could Have Been: When Matt came up with the idea for the original video, Two Best Friends Play Kirby's Epic Yarn, he wanted it to be himself and Woolie. Woolie thought the idea was stupid, and declined to take part. Pat was Matt's second pick, even though they weren't even very good friends at the time.
    • Woolie has gone on record saying the reason he turned it down was because he was busy watching Street Fighter IV streams when asked, and at the time didn't think the idea was worth spending his time on. Nowadays he jokes that he semi-regrets that decision.
    • Apparently, there was going to be a BioShock Infinite episode, but due to the controversial content, they found it difficult to approach without sounding insensitive.
    • There was a "Super Best Friends Watch" of Metal Gear Solid 4, and it even had some episodes made, but they were forced to drop it when Konami threatened to sue.
    • An Asura's Wrath Let's Watch was stopped as well.
    • As Pat revealed on Retsu Talk, they were gonna do a Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker let's play, but unfortunately Konami threatened to sue yet again.
    • New Super Mario Bros. U was planned to be a series, but the first video had the unfortunate timing of being uploaded around the same time that Nintendo was removing monitization from Let's Plays in May of 2013. Nintendo's stance on LP monitization was reversed just a month later, but by that time the guys had already moved on to a busy schedule of doing other games, so they opted to not continue the series past part 1 (Nintendo related Let's Plays still occur, but NSMBU will continue to stay a standalone video, and with the channel's end it is extremely unlikely it will ever progress to a full playthrough).
    • A video for Daylight was recorded for one of the Shitstorms, but it was never uploaded because Matt and Pat felt the game was so boring that they couldn't get any interesting commentary out of it.
    • They had a hide under coats as a parody of survival tips video and one of their Running Gag. They had too much trouble and considered it wasn't good enough.
    • A full Persona 5 LP was planned, and even announced on the podcast. It was promptly cancelled less than a day later after Atlus released restrictions on spoilers so severe that it would essentially make it impossible to do a full LP.
    • Tying in to the channel's sudden end was the cancellation of a Fisticuffs episode on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate; the guys had all made mentions of obviously recording the episode and planning for it way before launch, but the disbanding of the Zaibatsu prevented it from coming to fruition.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: Pat stated that he has no interest in doing further Dark Souls LPs because of all the vitriolic comments from viewers over the series.

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