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Drinking Game / Two Best Friends Play

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What could be better than combining the Best Friends and alcohol?! Take a shot if...

In any video:

  • Matt says, "America!"
  • Woolie says "Nigga!"
  • Any of them says "This is the worst!"
  • Any of them talk shit about James Small.
    • Two shots if they DON'T mention the Dreamcast and DON'T imitate his British accent.
  • One of them starts singing or rapping.
    • Two if one or more Friends join in.
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    • Two if they're speaking song lyrics instead.
  • Pat says, "it's fine".
  • Liam says, "it's fine".
  • One of them makes a "your mom" joke.
  • Pat screws up and doesn't solve a puzzle right away.
    • Two if it's a Resident Evil game.
  • They play the Snake Eater song.
    • Two if it's NOT while climbing a ladder.
  • If one or more of them quote the Metal Gear series (doesn't count during Metal Gear videos).
    • Two if it's the "dragged into the 21st century line".
    • If it's "more than enough to kill anything that moves".
  • If one or more of them quote or talk about pro wrestling (doesn't count during wrestling games/Rustlemania).
    • Two if they're pushing someone for Summerslam.
    • Two if Matt imitates Dusty Rhodes ("That's one big X, baby!")
    • Two if something is "FACKIN' BULLSHIT!".
      • Three if this spirals into "BREAK THEY BACK AND MAKE HIM HAAAMBULE".
  • If one or more of them quote the Simpsons (doesn't count during Simpsons games).
  • If Matt says, "it's not 100% clear".
  • If Matt says, "there was/is no time".
  • If one of them says, "what a mysterious game!"
    • Two shots if it's, "what a mysterious jogo!"
  • If one or more of them speak French.
  • If Tour Guide Nixon makes an appearance.
  • Take a shot/swig whenever someone (usually Matt) says "Monstars".
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  • When one of the Zaibatsu begins a drawn-out laugh, you must drink until he is finished.
  • If one of them says "don't talk about/stop talking about/shut up about" something, or any variation thereof.
    • Two shots if it's NOT Pat.
  • If one of them talks about how hot a girl in a game is.
    • Two if it's not Matt.
    • Two if they talk about how hot a GUY in a game is.
  • If any of them calls someone "gurl".
    • Two if something feels so good around their dick.
  • If someone quotes or talks about the movie Snatch.
  • For the designated driver: if one of them sincerely compliments another.
  • If any of them quote Spooky ("goin' NUTS!" or "Fuck off the edge of my dick!").
  • If someone imitates Stamper's grandma (the old lady "haaaah?!").
  • If someone quotes Adventure Time.
    • Two if it's "Oh my god, my (blanks)'s a horrible idiot!"
  • If they're laming it out like Cross Tekken.
    • Two if someone needs to "sacrifice (blank) for more time on the clock".
  • If one of them responds to "are you okay?" with "Buster Wolf"!
  • If Face/Off is referenced.
  • If Matt references Steven Universe
    • Two if its "Just let him be a DJ!" or "Earth Forever!"
  • If Matt say "My gwasses!"
  • If Zach is called "Sweet Baby".
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  • If any of them starts hating on their Sitcom Arch-Nemesis.
  • If [CRAZY TALK] activates.Explanation 
  • If any of them says "Family, family, family".
And for more fun...

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    Super Best Friends Brawl 
  • If Pat actually wins!
  • If one of them talks shit, then immediately crashes and burns.
  • If the screens between matches are clearly Matt being salty.
  • If there's an image or video clip inserted.

    Shitstorm of Scariness 
  • If Matt or Pat are actually scared.
    • Two shots if they both are.
  • If one of them have already played the game, and the other hasn't.
  • If they actually finish the game.
  • If one or both have never even heard of the game they're playing.

  • If one of them deliberately picks a dead wrestler.
    • Two shots if they all do.
    • Two shots if it's Chris Benoit.
  • If someone picks Goldust.
  • If "KISS (or buff) MY ASS (or bulge)!" is said.
  • If Woolie makes Zubaz or RAGE in the create-a-character mode.
  • If they use custom characters.
  • If they're not rustled by a game.

    Let's Play Silent Hill Downpour 
  • If a comparison to another Silent Hill Game is brought up
    • Two shots if it's "still better than Homecoming (or Origins)".
  • If Matt throws a weapon on accident.
    • Two if he does it on purpose.
      • When he does THE ax throw, give Matt a toast.

    Let's Play Final Fight Streetwise 
  • When Pat murders mobsters with firearms in cold blood.
    • Two shots if he kills prostitutes.
  • If Pat uses the Instinct Counters outside of practice sections.
  • If the friends comment on Shout Outs from Street Fighter universe.
  • When Matt trolls Pat about the dodge move.
    • Toast to Pat when he finally figures out the inputs for the move.
  • If the music playing in the background is hilariously inappropriate for the situation Pat's in.

    Let's Play Heavy Rain 
  • When Pat fails a button prompt.
  • If either of them mention how terrible the voice acting is.
    • If it's not Ethan's.
  • If Matt hates on Ethan.
  • When one or both of them talks shit about David Cage.
  • When they say 'Jason' in a concerned voice after the incident.
  • If either of them imitate David Cage.
  • If Matt says "these prompts are easy".
  • If they talk about abusing children.
  • When something is mentioned to actually be good.
  • If Matt imitates Shelby's voice and/or cadence.

    Let's Play The Walking Dead 
  • When the game glitches out.
  • If Matt hates on Kenny, Ben, or Larry.
    • Two shots if he's honestly angry and not just talking shit.
    • By Season Two, you might need to see a doctor.
  • If one or both of them is obviously, genuinely concerned about Clementine.
  • If Matt hates on Duck.
    • Two shots if Pat calls him out on how fucked up that is.
  • If Matt has a hard time making a decision.
  • If one of them says, "it's unpatchable".
  • If they correctly predict what happens.
  • If one of them tells a character to put their dick (or any other genital part) back in their pants.
  • If they talk about Kenny's mustache.
  • Whenever the Shame Car comes up.

    Let's Play Indigo Prophecy 
  • If any of them compliment something in the game.
  • If any of them say that "x is a failure of the game designer".
  • If any of them talk shit about David Cage.
  • If any of them says in faux-French accent "I made the bad game".
  • If Pat deliberately fails a prompt.
    • Two shots if failing the prompt does absolutely nothing but put the character in a loop.

    Let's Play The Last of Us 
  • When Pat dies.
  • When either of them call Ellie "Garbage".
    • Two shots if one of them calls her "Ellie", then corrects themselves.
  • If one or both of them mention Ellen Page, or one of her movie roles.
  • If either of them say "Jesus, Joel!" or the equivalent.
  • If either of them say "it can't be for nothing".

    Let's Play Beyond: Two Souls 
  • If any of them compliment something in the game.
  • If any of them say "x is a failure of the game designer".
  • If a mention to any of Ellen Page's or Willem Da Foe's other roles are mentioned.
    • Two if someone needs to defeat Spiderman or gets nails hammered into their penis.
    • Two if the hamburger phone is mentioned.
  • If Jodie's character is put in a exploitative position.
  • When Pat makes a horrible decision on purpose.
  • If any of them hate on David Cage.
  • If they talk about Metal Gear.
  • If any of them correctly guess a plot point.
    • Two if they guessed it sarcastically.
  • If fart gas is mentioned.
  • If Pat commands his 'Stand', a.k.a. Woolie as Aiden, to do something on his behalf.

     Let's Watch Mortal Kombat 9 
  • If any of them talk about a retcon.
  • If any of them hate on Johnny Cage or Baraka.
  • If any of them talk about B-tier characters (e.g. Bo'Rai Cho, Mavado)
    • Two shots if they're talking shit.
  • If something is "metal".
  • If one of them talks about how cool a character is.
  • If they talk about the movies.

     Let's Play Eternal Darkness 
  • If an insanity effect happens.
  • If something actually scares them.

     Let's Play Deadly Premonition 
  • If screen tearing or frame rate are mentioned.
  • If a comparison to Twin Peaks comes up.
  • If Pat passes time by smoking.
  • If they laugh at the stock car screeching sound effect during fast travel.
  • If Pat hates on Quint.

     Let's Play Dark Souls II 
  • If Pat tells Woolie to drop his shield.
  • If Woolie dies at a boss fight or section that Pat says is easy.
  • If Pat mentions that the game is too on the nose with a Call-Back.

     Let's Play The Evil Within 
  • If Pat compares a part of the game to Resident Evil 4.
    • Two if it's another horror game.
  • If Pat complains about letterboxing.
  • If Pat or Matt get freaked out by the save room.
  • If Pat or Matt make up a ridiculous last name for Sebastian.
  • If a technical issue happens or they mention a technical issue that happened.
  • If Pat and/or Matt get spooked by foreground scenery, Joseph, or Sebastian's own shadow.
  • If Pat or Matt get Joseph's name wrong.
  • If Pat or Matt call out a boss on being bullshit.
  • If Pat says "Excuse me".
  • If "green goo" or "bioslime" is mentioned.
  • Take two shots if the game crashes, to help dull the pain.

     Let's Play Def Jam: Fight for New York 
  • When COMP starts playing.
  • Whenever Matt or Woolie ridicule Bless.
  • Whenever they start to speak in-character as RAGE.
  • When they imitate another character (such as "Crow" or Sticky Fingaz).

     Let's Play Murdered: Soul Suspect 
  • When something glitches.
  • When they blame Woolie or Liam for something being wrong in the game.
    • Take two if they're both blamed.
  • When they mock something for being consecrated that makes no sense (such as an elevator).
  • When they fail to guess a clue.
    • Two if it's because the clue is so simple, it made no sense to guess.

     Let's Play Life is Strange 
  • Whenever Liam starts hating on Warren.
  • When they mock the Totally Radical dialogue.

     Let's Play Silent Hill 2 
  • When Pat gives trivia or series backstory.
  • When either of them legitimately complain about the game.
  • When another Silent Hill game is brought up.
  • When Pat gets lost.

     Let's Play Silent Hill: Shattered Memories 
  • When someone compares the game to the first Silent Hill.
  • When Pat discusses psychology and the psychological themes of the game.
    • Take two shots if someone else discusses psychology instead.
    • Take two shots if Pat's psych education comes up.
  • When Liam makes a phone call.
  • When any of the other Silent Hills are mentioned.
  • When they praise the game.
    • Take two if they criticize it instead.
  • When one of them get scared.
    • Take two if they're actually scared and not startled.

     Let's Play Freedom Planet 
  • When they compare a boss to a "Treasure boss".
  • When they compare the gameplay to other games on Sega's platforms, except Sonic The Hedgehog.
    • Take two sips when they do compare the game to Sonic.
  • When they're pleased with an aspect of a game. Do only if you want to pass out by part 3.
    • Two when they start shouting in glee over something done in the game.
  • When they guess what happens next.
  • When they reminisce about 8- or 16-bit gaming console
If you really want to kill your liver, take a shot instead.

     Let's Play Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain 
  • When Liam gun-jumps, but everything turns out fine for him.
    • Two when things go horribly wrong.
  • When he and Pat praise Troy Baker.
  • When they say a quote that was in the trailers at the appropriate moment.
  • When they talk about a soldier named Yuri in a Russian accent.
  • When Liam sings "The greatest soldier in the world, Big Boss".

     Best Friends Play Final Fantasy X 
  • Whenever Lulu's "chest beefers" or Tidus' "ball window" are mentioned.
  • When they speak in-character about food or being hungry, or about pushing anything.
  • When Jecht is mentioned to steal Tidus' girlfriends.
  • When anyone says "Bleetzball".
  • When Yuna gets kidnapped.
  • When any of them (especially Woolie) starts imitating Wakka's accent.
  • Take a really small sip when the guys imagine Wakka as a raging racist. (Yep, this happens a lot.)
  • If the party is compared to Slipknot or AKB-47.
  • When Rikku's dad gets compared to Hideki Kamiya.

    Super Best Friends Play The Punisher 
  • Whenever they talk about some of the insane plotlines of The Punisher comics.
  • Whenever they discuss Frank's uncanny ability to determine whose innocent or not.
  • Whenever Matt "accidentally" fucks up the Trigger Pressure interrogation.

     Let's Play Dark Souls III 
  • When Pat says he's "huge".
  • When Pat starts marking out about stuff that was in Dark Souls I.
  • When Pat's over-levelling doesn't help him beat mobs.
  • Take a really small sip when Pat misses an obvious item that was right in front of him.

     Let's Play Nier 
  • Whenever Liam says a song playing currently is really good.
    • An extra half of a shot if Pat agrees with him.
  • When they start praising the party members.
  • When they start talking about hit-stops.
  • When Pat gushes about two-handed swords.
  • When there's lots and lots of text.
  • When Pat freaks out during a Wham Line or Wham Shot.
  • When Pat realizes who the Shades really are, take three shots.

     Let's Play Catherine 
  • Whenever Woolie implies the game takes place in Japan.
  • Whenever Matt makes a decision that brings him closer to the Cheater side.
  • When any of the Stray Sheep patrons is said to be dead.

    Let's Play Omikron The Nomad Soul 
  • If any of them compliment something in the game.
  • If any of them say that "x is a failure of the game designer".
  • If any of them talk shit about David Cage.
  • If they go for advice.
    • Down your drink when Pat realizes the mistake of his ways.
  • If they switch bodies with someone else.
  • If the gameplay changes to a fighting game or a FPS.
  • If Astaroth from Soulcalibur or his quotes get mentioned.
  • If the friends get legitimately angry at each other while trying to figure out how to progress.
  • Down your drink if there's no progress during the episode, for you can't take back the time you've wasted.

     Let's Play Dark Souls I 
  • If Pat says "You did it".
  • Whenever Woolie commits acts of wanton violence.
    • Two shots if he does it for an item he will never use again.
  • Whenever Woolie dies fighting a boss or an invader. (Be careful during Artorias, Manus and Kalameet boss fights.)
  • Whenever he gets an extremely rare drop almost instantly.

     Let's Play Yakuza 0 
  • If the guys comment on the song that is playing currently.
  • If Pat performs an extremely cool Heat Action that makes them go "Ooh!".
  • Whenever they encounter a Mr. Shakedown.
  • Whenever they imitate Bacchus.
  • If "never-before-seen results" get mentioned.
  • Take three shots if they spend the entire episode doing nothing but side quests.

     Let's Play Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure 
  • If Trane throws someone off the roof or out of a window.
  • If the guys say "Suckas never learn".
  • Whenever the true elements of hip-hop get mentioned.
  • If Matt actually completes a Freeform challenge.

     Let's Play Knights of the Old Republic 
  • Whenever Pat and Woolie shit on Carth.
  • If Woolie acts like a complete sociopath.
    • Two shots if this behavior gets him killed.
  • Whenever Woolie fast travels to a hideout/Ebon Hawk.
  • If Pat and Woolie imitate alien speech.
  • If Pat says "You did it".
  • Take a really small sip whenever they use Burst of Speed.
  • Whenever Woolie levels up (Be careful during Dantooine.)
  • If Woolie plays Pazaak.
    • Two shots if he wins in one try.

     Let's Play Binary Domain 
  • If Pat picks Charlie and/or Rachael.
  • Whenever the vending machine hits "Jackpot".
  • Whenever "Jugland" is said by the guys.
  • When Pat accidentally shoots his teammates (especially Bo).
  • If Pat messes up a dialogue option and lowers his teammates' trust.
  • If they recognize voice actors, especially Johnny Yong Bosch.

     Let's Play God of War 
  • If the guys start to in-character as Kratos.
    • Two shots if it's "Close your heart to it".
    • Two shots if they do it outside of this LP.
  • Whenever the time stop is mentioned.
  • If the guys give up on a puzzle way too early.
  • If Pat misses an incredibly obvious item.
    • Two shots if he was actually looking straight at it.
  • If Dante's Inferno is mentioned.
  • If "strength goes up, X goes down".
  • Down your drink when they encounter a Chest Monster.

     Let's Play Detroit: Become Human 
  • When the guys fail a button prompt.
  • If any point from the official bingo card comes up.
  • If any of them hate on David Cage.
    • Tip down something stronger if they admit something looks legitimately cool.
  • If obvious racism comes up in the story.
  • If RoboCop (1987) gets mentioned.
    • For higher difficulty, if any film that Detroit has some parallels with is mentioned.
  • When Connor dies.
    • Two shots if Pat deliberately tries to kill him.
    • Down your drink if another player character dies or Connor dies for real.
  • If Chris Jericho is mentioned.
  • If the protagonists' relationship meter with side characters (Hank, Alice, the members of Jericho) goes down.
    • Two shots if it goes down hard.
  • For Part 11, down your drink when Woolie runs away from the warehouse.

     Let's Play Detroit: Become Human - 2nd Gig 
  • All the points from the original LP apply.
  • Whenever Pat explains anything about the game's development and lore.
  • Whenever someone says "GUN!"
    • Say goodbye to your liver.
  • When Connor tastes some liquid and someone goes "rero rero rero".
  • When something causes Hank's relationship gauge with Connor to go down.
  • Whenever they hate on / yell at Alice because of what they know from the first LP.
  • When Markus kills people.

     Let's Play Resident Evil 5 
  • Whenever someone says "black evil".
  • Whenever the guys blow themselves up.
  • Whenever they come across a useful item they can't pick up because their slots are filled with excessive ammo.
    • Two shots if they sacrifice something to pick the item up.
  • When they die in the laser room due to being burned by the light beam.
  • When they insta-kill enemies with their melee moves.
  • When Pat upgrades his guns, but not Matt's, or when Matt is deprived of useful weapons in general.
    • If Matt DOES get something useful, tip one down if he royally fucks up using it.
    • Two drinks when Pat upgrades Matt's weapons.
    • Take an extra drink if Pat offers up a weapon to Matt, and he rejects it.
  • When they're looking for a new shotgun for Matt.
    • Down your drink when they finally find it.
  • When the guys kill Jill.

     Let's Play Marlow Briggs 
  • Whenever they guys start talking in-character as Marlow.
    • Two shots if they say "That's nasty" or "I want nothing to do with it."
  • When they discuss black characters from the 90's cartoons.
  • When cutscenes on a budget kick in.

     Let's Play Devil May Cry 
  • Whenever Shmup God Pat is mentioned.
  • When Dante falls off a bridge into the ocean.
  • When Pat attempts to finish a Secret Mission.
    • Two shots if he dies during it.
  • Take a small sip when the combo meter goes to "Stylish".
  • When Pat switches guns after getting the Grenadegun and swearing he'll never switch again.
  • When Pat gets a Blue Orb Shard.
    • Two shots if he collects four of these and gets a Blue Orb.

     Let's Play Devil May Cry 3 
  • Whenever Woolie gushes about Vergil.
  • When Woolie hates on Jester.
  • When Woolie talks about his brother.
  • When Pat levels up his Style.
  • Whenever the guys proclaim Dante a dork.
  • Toast to Pat when he unlocks the Easy Mode.
  • When Pat fails a Secret Mission.
    • Two shots if he dies during it.
  • When Pat gets a Blue Orb Shard.
    • Two shots if he collects four of these and gets a Blue Orb.
  • When they talk in-character as Dante in a nerdy/baby tone.
    • Two shots if they do that for Vergil.

     Let's Play Devil May Cry 4 
  • Whenever Woolie gushes about Vergil.
  • Whenever Nero is mentioned to be Vergil's son.
  • When Woolie gets a Buster on bosses.
    • Two shots if he actually does a Devil Buster.
  • When Woolie gets a MAX-Act.
  • When Woolie makes a Gyro Blade come back to him.
  • When Pat gets a Distorted Real Impact.
  • When the guys fail a Secret Mission.
  • When they get a Blue Orb Shard.
    • Two shots if they collect four of these and get a Blue Orb.
  • When they talk in-character as Nero/Dante in a nerdy/baby tone.

     Let's Play DmC: Devil May Cry 
  • Whenever Woolie mocks Sparda or says "CBT".
  • Whenever the guys go on a discussion about setpieces.
  • Whenever they praise the game's art style.
  • When Pat does a Demon Dodge.
  • When they imitate Dante's noises.
  • Two shots when Pat uses an item.
  • Whenever El Donté is mentioned.
  • Whenever Pat doesn't remember some things that happened in the game.
  • When Pat fails a Secret Mission.
  • When the guys get a Health Cross Fragment/Devil Trigger Cross Fragment.
    • Two shots if they collect four of these and get a Cross or just buy them like cowards.
  • Toast if they get the SSS rank for a mission.
  • When Woolie falls off the stage.

     Let's Play Kingdom Hearts 
  • Take a small sip whenever the guys make a DMC reference. (Be careful during the Deep Jungle episodes)
  • Whenever they imitate Donald's or Goofy's voices.
  • Whenever they fangasm over Cloud.
  • Whenever they talk about the voice actors.
     Super Best Friends Play (Final) 
  • When the channel ends, drink all the alcohol you own.


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