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Nightmare Fuel / Two Best Friends Play

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The Zaibatsu may be a great source of fun, but that doesn't mean they're strangers to creating their own batch of Nightmare Fuel.

  • Aside from the Slender and the Shitstorm of Scariness videos, Pat felt this in the Deadly Premonition LP when he accidently triggered to Other World to take over, and was soon attacked by a giant dog that was taller than York.
  • The intro to the second Shitstorm series can also count as this, where it ends with a thing that Pat thought was Matt rolling its eyes back, its neck twisting at an unnatural angle with bulges coming out of the flesh, eventually splitting its head apart in a spray of blood as toothy growths sprout from its body.
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  • The opening to the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Fisticuffs begins with Liam arriving to Woolie's apartment, with most of the lights turned off. When he enters the game room, he finds Woolie sitting there with what looks like a makeshift ceremonial altar with a quilt over his head to mimic a cultist robe. When Liam elects to wait for Matt and Pat, he calmly urges him to stay. As Liam begins backing away, all pretense of sanity fades for a brief moment.
    Woolie: COME. AND SIT. DOWN
  • The two get a bit of a Jump Scare in episode 52 of Dark Souls II when they are invaded by Plague Of Gripes, and after a little while trying to search for him the duo decides to continue on and readies a crossbow to snipe an enemy. Only to find the invader on the other side of the bridge and thanks to lag, it looks like he Flash Step across the bridge towards them.
    Pat: That's the scariest thing I've seen in this game!
    • Even better is that Woolsworth's head was blocking their view of the other side of the bridge until they went into first person aim, meaning that not only did he appear to flash step directly in front of them, but he just appears from nowhere to start with.
  • In Sonic Dreams Collection, a very horrific looking Big The Cat is found inside Rouge's Vagina. Everyone promptly freaks the fuck out, especially Woolie and Matt.
  • The opening of the fourth Shitstorm, where Matt and Pat are sitting on a bench in a creepy castle, visibly shellshocked and dripping with blood. Given the short flashbacks, Matt's bloody axe, and the fact that Woolie's severed head is between them, it's implied that they killed Woolie, Liam, and Plague.
    • The second iteration continues the story and gets even creepier. Ghosts appear from the shadows, including one that flickers for a second behind Matt. A small girl ghost offers a hand to Matt only to begin convulsing before something tears its way through her face and launches itself at the friends. All of this while Woolie's head smiles and laughs.
  • On the third episode of their Undertale playthrough, Matt and Liam decide to reset the game to go for a no-kill run. The video has a cold opening in which Flowey directly addresses Matt. He mocks Matt for having being a murderer and having to restart. Then Flowey confronts the viewer. Flowey berates them for watching Matt and Liam suffer for their amusement because they don't want to get their hands dirty. Given the game they're playing, the whole scene is unsettling yet fitting.
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  • It's kind of unsettling when Matt starts screaming in anger, especially in the last minutes of Sonic Unleashed.
  • Matt and Pat seem to get legitimately unnerved by how the prologue to SOMA takes place in a very accurate portrayal of modern-day Toronto, Canada.
  • Pat himself can become legitimately scary at times, particularly at the end of The Last of Us, where he's completely on board with Joel's final rampage, showing no remorse for killing the Fireflies. During Left Behind he repeatedly argues with Matt and defends everything Joel did. Plenty of players agree or at least sympathize with Joel, but Pat's immediate and unflinching dedication to kill anyone between him and Ellie is pretty damn terrifying.
    Pat: I'm here to kill you. (shoots unarmed scientist in the head)
  • In part 28 of Omikron, the game became so stressful that, at one point, Woolie and Pat start screaming at each other. No, it's not Played for Laughs; they genuinely get super pissed at each other (for context, they were trying to figure out how to open the door. They kept giving each conflicting information). While they thankfully do make up and apologize, it's still very chilling to hear them be at each other's throat, while poor Matt is confused and little scared at what's happening.
    • Matt decides to change the intros to really channel the idea of despair they have playing the game. At first it simply cut the intro saying WE PLAY OMIKRON NOW but with each subsequent episode the intros began to play clips of disturbing videos while a nightmarish voice declares "Omikron start now". Snippets of text began to appear, showing increasing despair.
    • The video descriptions have also mutated. After disappearing partway through, the playful mockery was replaced with borderline gibberish and eventually one-liners that, strung together, are the ravings of a madman facing some Lovecraftian abomination.
    • The Best Friends are genuinely horrified by how casually and nonchalantly the Nomad Soul destroys and ruins innocent lives just to get past a puzzle blocking their progress. To wit, they are genuinely speechless when the Nomad Soul murders an innocent scientist, then forcefully possesses an innocent beast tender WHO WAS SHOWERING THE NOMAD SOUL IN HERO WORSHIP NOT A MINUTE BEFORE, destroying his soul in the process, just because they were too lazy to move a rock.
  • During one of the Podcasts, Woolie relates a story from when he was a boy visiting his relatives in Grenada. One evening, he was in his relative's home, when he went into another room by himself. When he did, he walked in on a shirtless man wielding a machete in the middle of a burglary. When the burglar noticed Woolie, he threatened him with "I'm coming back", before escaping out the window. While Woolie and the boys play it for laughs, it's pretty clear that young Woolie was terrified.
    • For that matter, the naming subject of "Shanghaied to Grenada". While it's also Played for Laughs somewhat, there's still the fact that Woolie's parents told him they were just visiting Grenada when really they were moving there. The idea of leaving home under the assumption that you're on vacation only to learn that you're never going back and this is home now is terrifying to an adult, let alone a child.
    • On another podcast, Woolie goes into depth about the bizarre and convoluted (relatively recent) history of his family that he can trace. A long time ago, his grandfather that neither he or any of his immediate relatives have ever met owned a large plantation in Jamaica called "Maddentown." Grandfather Madden eventually departed Jamaica for the UK with a relative of his wife and that woman's daughter leaving the grandmother behind. Woolie goes on to explain that his grandfather died of a heart attack that may have been caused by poisoning from his new family. Woolie even describes the events he learned of as "TV shit." The entire story has a very eerie vibe to it as Woolie casually remarks how so many children have been born into his family that are promptly forgotten about and some are only known by death certificates alone.
  • Woolie plays The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth for the first time, and finds the opening cutscene far too relatable. Considering what happens in that cutscene, it paints a darker light on Woolie's past.
  • The opening of the Resident Evil 7 Biohazard playthrough is fittingly horrifying. Viewed from the POV of a faceless character, they walk through the house before noticing something walking past a crack in the wall and being jumped by a snarling Pat. Knocking him away and sprinting for a place to hide they come across a barred and chained door only for a Molded wearing Matt's hat to burst through it and violently wound the POV character before screaming in their face. Some static later and the Matt Molded can be seen dragging the corpse of the viewer away. And given what we know about the Molded....
    • The ending, for all its silliness, is kinda scary too. First someone gets, presumably, killed by Zach. Then we see Matt and Pat in a disturbing art style sitting around a table with Woolie's head on a plate and presumably the rest of him on the others as Pat holds a chunk of flesh in his hand. The camera then zooms in on Pat uttering the "Welcome to the Family Son." line with his mouth animated through Synchro-Vox.
  • During their L.A. Noire playthrough, Woolie becomes increasingly bothered by the brutality of the murders he witnesses while on the Homicide desk, especially those having to do with the Black Dahlia murders. He and the other guys make mention about how things like this are what burn cops out, and why they'd never want to be the shoes of an officer investigating or responding to such a crime.
  • Woolie's monologue about ReBoot: The Guardian Code, where he likens the characters to five bloated whale corpses ready to explode with bacterias and doom nearby villages, along with footage of it to drive the point home.
  • While Pat advocating and openly enjoying being evil in games with a Karma Meter is nothing new, his sheer, borderline-orgasmic joy over going full Dark Side in Knights of the Old Republic is rather unsettling. In particular, his reaction to Pockets cementing her fall to the Dark Side by slaughtering her Light Side companions can only be described as "maniacal, orgasmic ecstasy". Even Woolie, who had been loving the Comedic Sociopathy of the Dark Side playthrough, is starting to get unnerved by just how into it Pat has become.
  • The Uncanny Valley Nightmare Face that is Pat/Jörmungandr on the title card of their God of War (PS4) playthrough.
  • Woolie getting his hand chopped off in Life With Baiken is Played for Laughs, but the prop used to represent Woolie's now severed hand still looks realistic (but caucasian amusingly). Woolie screaming at his now bloody and dismembered arm doesn't help.
  • Woolie's VaatiVidya style Kirby lore videos, though spawned from a joke, can be genuinely creepy because of his consistent even tone throughout and the way a simple perspective flip can make the saccharine Kirby series into a Cosmic Horror Story. The ending of his video on Shiver Star paints a frightening possibility of who he thinks the destroyer of Earth and a great deal of Humanity is.
    Woolie: Snowy and cold, Shiver Star is a winter wonderland- a wonderland full of monsters and... Dark Matter. (02 appears on screen for half a second)

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