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Tear Jerker / Watch Girls Play

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  • Ode to Renae, where the girls say goodbye to their longest-serving member. note 
    • Subverted as of June 2016; Renae has re-joined the group.
    • Reverted in January when she left again and got blocked by the channel
  • Molly announces her departure from the group. It starts here and finishes here. And now we have Ode to Molly.
  • Stephanie announces her departure from the group.
  • Whilst an ode hasn't been made just yet, Mars announced on Twitter that she would be leaving the group to focus on her family
  • Drea's Announcement Stream, Andrea mentioned that she will be moving to Arizona and leaving the group. Her last stream was on the 18th of August that she would be leaving the group to focus on her family
    • First Steph (YMMV), then Mars, now Drea. How much more can the Nerd Herd take in one year?
    • When Drea gets up to leave for a minute, Renae cries as she continues the stream for a while.
  • Mariya made an announcementthat she will be stepping back from WGP for a while to focus on school and spend more time with her husband
    • When Mariya finishes her announcement of stepping back, Maddie starts to cry during the stream
  • The girls posted an announcement on Feburary 26th that they will be putting the channel on hiatus after dealing with a lot of hatred towards them
    • They made their return to Twitch on March 11
  • For longtime fans, the animosity that has built up between the group and its former members (leading to the hatred mentioned in the above post), particularly Renae, Rashae, Kenzie, and Drea. Also that the channel has removed and/or unlisted solo videos from those girls.

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