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  • In their first Five Nights at Freddy's 2 video, all five of the girls get killed by the Puppet, having missed the incredibly obvious "Click and hold to wind" button.
    Renae: Please tell me this mask works! I need comfort! I need security! (gets attacked by the Puppet)
  • Sydney's horrified reactions in the Happy Wheels videos, especially compared to the other girls mostly just laughing or cracking jokes.
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  • After Drea beats the first night of Five Nights at Freddy's:
    Drea: Yay, I made it to night 2. What the f*ck?! Who comes back to this place?! I must really need a job. Jesus Christ, am I a drug addict? F*ck me!
  • The voiceover gag used when Mars has sex with Beli.
    Machine Monotone: I want you to plunder my dungeon.
    Machine Monotone: Oh. Oh. Oh. Yes.
    Machine Monotone: Tell me more, you dirty whore.
  • A shirt Renae wore a couple times: "Reasons why I'm always late:"
    1. Slept in
    2. Couldn't do anything with my hair
    3. Lost my keys... again
    4. I really just don't care
  • Mars has a fantastic outro in the first video of the livestream she and Molly do for Until Dawn.
  • The 22nd AFK video they posted featured (amongst other things) Sydney pretending to be a magical princess (complete with wand), Mars showing the chaotic morning of a mother (with her own son starring alongside her), Kenzie singing a song about how good Mars is in bed, and Drea implying a certain trope with Stephanie's assistance.
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  • Their fifth reaction video featured Molly saying "Shia, have a snickers; you're not you when you're hungry", thereby sending up a popular series of advertisements.
  • There have been a few videos of the girls playing Cards Against Humanity, (the most recent one found here). As is usual with that game, hilarity abounds.
  • Their first anniversary video showcased the group during early 2014 reacting and responding to various viewer comments. The second one Sydney read out left Drea's jaw on the floor (at the 5:25 mark).
  • In the first Whack the Burglars video, Maddie did an uproariously funny impression of an old woman.
  • The end of the swan boat ride in The Park, especially Drea's reaction: having decided to call her swan boat "Frank," she actually strikes up a conversation with him... only for "Frank" to very slowly turn to stare at her. Cue open-mouthed gape of horror.
    • Maddie's bizarre groaning/dry-retching reaction to the witness report of Chad the Chipmunk stabbing a teenager in the eyeball. For added fun, closed captions describe this as a "Maddie sound."
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    • Sydney calling the Bogeyman/ Nathaniel Winter "the Mayor," and at one point actually greeting him with a cheerful yell of "Hi, Mr Mayor!"
    • Their reactions to Lorraine almost getting flattened by a Ferris wheel car while retrieving a roller-coaster ticket. Not just the screams, either.
    Drea: ...they lure you in... with free tickets for things... and then... AND THEN... they make you pay six dollars for a hot dog and... (stammers) they murder you!
    Stephanie: ...Guess I can go this way, now? Thank you stray roller coaster... card...
  • In Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, the Scooper doesn't kill Renae, leaving her stuck in the Scooping Room. She concludes that it's not a glitch, but that it happened because she's made of titanium.
  • Recently, some of the videos have had subtitles added. Out of these, there are seven videos which are packed with asides and jokes from the transcriber who submitted them; they are the first and second Whack The Burglar videos, Mars's fifth HuniePop playthrough, three of their reaction videos and the second WCW clip.
  • Nox Timore. Among other things, Drea's "first enemy" - the door, which she keeps getting stuck in front of.
    • Maddie's reaction to the monster of the game staring at her through the window.
    • Maddie's extra-loud scream at one particularly notorious jumpscare - which has been slowed down for added effect. According to Drea and Maddie herself, this will never not be funny.
  • Timore Inferno: Renae and Maddie's wildly differing reactions to the menu screen - Maddie's terrified, Renae's waving at the cute "widdle eyeballs."
    • The opening crawl reaction, specifically the point that there are dolls involved in the game.
    Maddie: HOLD UP. Nobody told me there were fucking dolls in this game! Dolls is where I draw the line with anything. I fuckin' hate dolls, it's my biggest fear. (Facepalm) There's dolls in this game.
    • Also...
    Stephanie: "I killed them. Only my dolls will remember my anger."
    Stepanie: whut.
    • Maddie having her first encounter with a Creepy Doll: quite apart from the fact that she's almost too scared to go anywhere near it, the damn thing jumpscares her the moment she gets within three feet, resulting in another slowed-down scream.
    • The various names given to the monsters, from Drea's "giant toothy vaginas" to Renae's "penis eater."
    • Stephanie's reaction to the stilt-legged monster with the tiny T-rex arms is to crack up laughing, proclaiming "Housekeepiiiiiing!" She then hopes that Maddie finds this as funny as she did. Cut to Maddie, who is still screaming.
    • Up until the halfway point in the game, Maddie is able to keep it together despite the presence of the dolls and numerous jumpscares... and then a horde of giant spiders shows up. Nobody likes the giant spiders, but Maddie actually goes so far as to try to fight them off with her eyes covered, all while screaming at the top of her voice. Cue game-over.
    (Facepalm) THERE'S FUCKING SPIDERS. Hoooooly shitballs. No, no, no, no, no. Nope. Nope. Fuckin' no. I'm drawing a line. That's it, that's it, that's all you're getting from me. I'm done! I'm fucking done!
  • Neverending Nightmares, specifically Drea's intro. Quite apart from kicking off with a song of "fuelin' up on cocaine and whiskey," she gets frightened by the sound effect upon entering the menu.
    • Drea getting into continuous arguments with the main character, providing a silly voice for him just for good measure.
    Make that bed. Make that bed, you little bitch! You pansy-ass nancy-boy, you look like the type who likes to make beds and probably uses a ruler to do it!
    • Renae commenting that, because she likes the game's art style so much, she doesn't know if she can even be scared by it. Three seconds later, a bird crashes into the nearest window, making her jump.
    • In between being frightened by elements of the scenery, Drea briefly explodes with excitement over the main character's collection of toy soldiers. Plus, she really likes the cuckoo-clock execution diorama.
    • The encounter with the baby-monster in the second episode: Renae and Sydney decide to investigate the wardrobe and end up being hidden when the monster appears in the corridor; Drea runs on - and ends up bumping right into it, getting killed instantly.
      • Also, Drea keeps running headlong into waiting monsters, usually resulting in really loud screams.
    • Drea wondering about the size of the inmate-monsters' penis.
    • Somehow, all three of the players end up in a different ending path of the game (Renae with "Wayward Dreamer, Sydney with "Destroyed Dreams," and Drea with "The Final Descent"); one particularly funny aspect of this is that Renae and Sydney apparently finished the game ahead of Drea, leading her to wonder aloud if the girls were just fucking with her regarding the length of the game - even speculating that the game itself literally never ends. And yes, she turns this into a song: "this is the game that never ends/it just goes on and on my friend..."
    • In the first video, Renae wonders about the relationship between Thomas and his sister Gabby - and asks if this is a "Lannister thing." In the third video, this comes back in a very funny way when Drea finds herself in a dream where Thomas and Gabby are married.
    • Upon being killed by Nightmare Gabby yet again, Drea loses her temper and claims that she's gonna "take that knife and shove it right up your stupid vagina! You're a stupid vagina with a stupid ugly face!" For good measure Drea bumps into two Nightmare Gabbies at once soon after, and lapses into terrified Angrish.
    • Sydney finally discovers something in the game that really upsets her, namely watching a repeat of Thomas tearing out his own arm-bones with a crowbar, before waking up in the hospital dream of "Destroyed Dreams."
  • Girls React: Furry Force.
    • The video (being reacted to) itself starts fine until the 'Trans-fur-mation' at 2:01. From that point on, Drea is on the verge of throwing up.
    • Various reactions to YIFF mode, starting at 5:20:
    Mariya: Is that an orgy?
    Drea: It's like an orgy ball!
    Lexie: And now they're having an orgy in the sky.
    • Sydney's hearty laugh at 5:40 when the Master ditches his minions after seeing the aftermath of YIFF mode.

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