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Tearjerker / Let's Dub Project

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  • Safe to say, if a moment was tearjerking in the original work, it's even more so when the quality actors of the Let's Dub Project get their hands on it.

Presentable Liberty

  • Rhuze's delivery of Charlotte's suicide note. Wistful and hopeful you can truly feel her encouraging the player character to continue living his life. Made all the more tragic by the end of the dub, which suggests the player character has completely given in to despair as he returns to his elevator jail cell.
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  • Throughout the dub, it's hinted by the player character that his relationship with Salvadore was more than just a friendship. It's paid off in the final episode with three words delivered after the reality of Salvadore's sacrifice hits him.
    Player Character: Adios, mi corazon.

Radical Dreamers

  • The final episode, full stop. Between Kid's stellar voice acting as she realizes who she is, Serge's realization of his feelings, a gorgeous credit sequence featuring images from throughout the series showing in the facets of the Frozen Flame and the use of some truly heartbreaking music care of OC Remix, it hits the listener right in the feels and never lets up.

Dangan Ronpa

  • Episode 60; Asahina's voice actress improvs one of her lines about being The Load into a full-scale Despair Speech where the guilt of her actions in Chapter 4 catches up to her and she claims to believe the only thing she's ever found is the lack of bathrooms on the third floor, and even that wasn't that important when it comes to bathroom use. Becomes a Heartwarming Moment when she does find the Mastermind's hideout and learns how Monokuma works, restoring her confidence.
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  • Episode 62; Kyoko is reunited with her father, or more precisely, his skeleton. Given how Kyoko is normally so stoic, having her voice carry such sadness, even as repressed as it is, is just so heartbreaking to listen to. Especially at the end, when after Makoto leaves her alone (at her request), her demeanor falls apart and you can hear her sobbing. Really makes you feel for the poor girl.

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