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Tear Jerker / Kizuna Ai

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Given her distinctly Moe personality and some of the games she's played, it's not surprising that Kizuna AI's videos have delivered more than a few tears to both her and her viewers.


  • Ai-chan has, on multiple occasions, lamented the fact she lives in a white void (such as during Super Mario Odyssey, where she envies Mario's expansive and colorful world). The times she uses programs like Google Street View are a bit heartrending as a result, since it's clear she wants to travel the human world but can't due to not having a physical body (yet). Likely as a result, various fan art has depicted her in a proper home, complete with food and beverages. Still others have her going to various places with other "Virtual YouTubers", essentially creating a "virtual Earth" in which they all live.

Doki Doki Literature Club!

  • Ai-chan's reaction to Sayori's death in Part 8. The bloodcurdling scream would be enough, but she then sings along to the new music in a clearly shell-shocked state and later berates herself for picking the "friends" response to Sayori's confession of love (made even more heartrending since she didn't know Sayori kills herself regardless of what you choose, both here and at any prior point).
  • Similarly, when Yuri begins stabbing herself in Part 12, it goes downhill quick:
    • Ai-chan (still shocked) then asks whether the channel is going to be alright. A few moments later, she composes herself enough to tell young viewers that this isn't blood - Yuri's just play-acting, like in a drama (though one gets the feeling she might actually be trying to convince herself of that).
  • The last episode has several hits to the feels.
    • Ai-chan deletes Monika's character file, wanting to escape, but...
      Kizuna: Ah, she disappeared.
      Monika: It hurts... so much.
      Kizuna: Ah, I'm sorry. [remorseful Ai-chan noises] But I want someone to save me too...
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    • When the game restarts, Ai-chan is overjoyed to see Sayori alive and well, which continues until the ending.
    • During the credits, Ai-chan sums up her feelings about the game. After the game closes itself, she adds:
      "I feel like my head is full but my heart is empty, like... it's so sad! It really is sad. That galges note  can... that galges can make you feel like this... I had no idea. Period. The End."


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