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Tear Jerker / BillyMC

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  • His retirement video. Though it didn't last, it's still sort of heartfelt.
  • His Solitaire video, in which he announced his absence was because felt as though people only watched his videos to spout memes and 'feel-good' messages for the sake of irony. As a result of the latter, he also felt both his and Lime's personalities were being laughed at, and made them seem abnormal or out of place. Considering how cheerful he is, it's kind of sad to hear this, especially considering how it's affected him.
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  • Minor example; in one of his update videos, he mentions doing a live stream for charity and mentions that he'd like to do one for anti-bullying helplines and similar organisations. He says this resonates more with him as he thinks it isn't great that someone who is generally kind-hearted or nice gets abuse for just being them self. Pointedly, he stops for a moment and decides not to get bogged down in it. Although its not outright explained or directed at anyone in particular, one could easily assume Billy is talking about his own past (in terms of YouTube), but also his experiences growing up.


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