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Tear Jerker / Zoey Proasheck

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  • While her "You Are Awesome" video is mostly heartwarming in terms of the ending, a lot of it is genuinely upsetting. (Note to sensitive people: In spite of the Tear Jerker moments aplenty, it is very worth watching. You will ultimately feel better).
  • The final part of her Gone Home Let's Play. After a mostly constant stream of heartwarming cuteness, hearing the usually cheerful Zoey tear up and try to convince herself that everything will be fine is enough to push anyone watching to tears. It's still heartbreaking even if you know that the ending IS happy.
    • And even the ending makes Zoey weep tears of joy (along with you).
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  • The ending of her Let's Play of Among the Sleep, after spending the entire series reassuring herself and the toddler protagonist that the scary things are all in his head, you find out who the bad guy is.
    "Turns out the scary things are actually a lot more real than I thought."
  • After she discovers the truth about AZ and the Ultimate Weapon in Pokémon X, for just a second you can hear Zoey sound...crushed. She later tries to cover it up by pointing out the day is saved, but quite clearly she's saddened by the revelation.
  • On February 16th, 2015, Zoey's cat, Ziggy, passed away. The little guy was responsible for getting Zoey through so many of her hardships, even moving in with Fiona. He was a star in her Christmas stream. He will be dearly missed by everyone.
  • The "Real Talk" on the 2015 Christmas Eve live stream jerked more than a few tears, as Zoey talked in detail about Ziggy's death and how the loss affected her year and her mental health, though it also crossed into a Heartwarming Moment as she turned it into a Rousing Speech about her progress and the importance of helping people with mental and physical health issues through charity, and overall thanking her viewers for sticking with her through thick and thin.
    Zoey: You're fucking awesome. [...] We're literally saving lives.
    • And from the same stream later on, a fan's donation message about a parent lost to cancer caused Fiona to tear up because her father died the same way.
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  • Her 2017 Jingle Jam stream of "Please Knock on My Door", a game visualizing the creator's experiences with depression, is even sadder. Zoey reads the character's voice while channeling her own past experiences, and sharing some actual stories of her lowest points. As the Bittersweet Ending of the game plays out, Zoey starts crying, though this does turn into a happy cry as Fiona arrives with almost perfect timing and hands her takeaway. Zoey then flat out tells Fiona and the stream that she loves her.

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