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    Goat Simulator 
  • He headbutts a gas pump at a gas station. Cue screams of "OH JESUS!" and a "Michael Bay" award.
  • Vegeta comes across a satanic circle, and decides to enter it. It turns him into Devil Goat and gives him the achievement Blood for the Blood Goat.
  • The revisit one year later
    • He gets a crown and a rider who can't seem to get off. He claims the bouncy castle as his own and refuses to show mercy to his subjects. He will also eat all the food.
    • His problems with water

    Viscera Cleanup Detail 
  • While cleaning up a room full of body parts and blood:
    Vegeta: It's like a party back on planet Vegeta. You know, back when it was still around. My fifth birthday party was killer.
  • Vegeta's Angrish at the beginning. Look at him, the Prince of all Saiyans, being forced to-!
    • And his angrish at the end, what with the constant mess. Particularly when a leg falls out of the wall, and knocking over a bucket of gore, resulting in a Curse Cut Short.
  • Vegeta, being who he is, being upset about the blood being everywhere.
    Vegeta: [mopping it up] Really? Really?! On the damn walls!
  • Vegeta finally picks up most of various bits of debris and body parts, and tosses them in the incinerator. Then he turns around.
    Vegeta: Now all that's left is the mooo- [turns around and sees the room even bloodier than before as he's been tracking blood everywhere] -ooooopppiiing.
  • The thumbnail for the video is the Janitor from Scrubs wearing a Saiyan scouter and his best metal face.
  • "Oh God, there's so many little pieces! Who did this?! If I find them, I will DESTROY them! With my Mop of Justice!"
  • He gets a fresh bucket of water...and then knocks over a used, mostly blood-water bucket. It cuts to another scene moments later just as he lets out a string of loud, screaming curses.
  • Some of the responses to the corny jokes from the narrator are pretty funny.
    [Vegeta is carrying an abdomen with the legs and upper torso sliced off]
    Narrator: Someone got Medieval... on his ass!
    Vegeta: I get it.

    Surgeon Simulator 
  • Vegeta somehow gets his hand stuck in the desk and breaks his wrist.
  • Vegeta accidentally drugs himself with the anaesthetic. He then loses the anesthetic, and tries to use the antidote on the patient, which makes him lose blood faster.
    Vegeta (delirious): What does this thing do? What does anything do?
    *loses the patient again*
    Vegeta: Damn it, now I have to go get the fucking Dragon Balls.
  • The ending; Vegeta finally Rage Quits after getting drugged again and losing his bone saw in the patient.
    Vegeta: DAMN IT! IT NEVER! GETS! ANY! EASIER! *screams in frustration* Fuck it, I'm going out to lunch.
    Krillin: Hey, Vegeta, can I stop playing this?
    Vegeta: NO!

    Pajama Sam in: No Need to Hide when it's Dark Outside 
  • After watching the intro...
    Pajama Man: Do you have anything to say before I suck you into my Portable Bad Guy Container?
    Vegeta: Yeah, what the fuck am I doing with my life?
  • Pajama Sam gets his foot caught in a rope trap.
    Vegeta: Dammit! It missed his neck!
  • After coming across a horribly cross-eyed tree:
    Vegeta: I'd challenge you to a staring contest, but I'm pretty sure that's a hate crime.
  • Vegeta's burning hatred for the talking wooden boat who refuses to help Sam cross the river because he heard wood sinks in the water:
    Vegeta: You know I could prove it to you, you look pretty inanimate, so how about I just shove you the fuck in? Or better yet, how about I fill you with so many goddamn holes, you WILL sink? Then I'll just swim across. And laugh. As you drown.
  • Poor Vegeta suffers throughout the entire game from the utter stupidity of the title character and the story. Not to mention that singing between Sam, several carrots and a refrigerator.
    Vegeta: Stop... stop... STOOOOOOOOOOOOP!
  • He gets repeatedly scared of objects suddenly becoming Animate Inanimate Objects. Like a knife.
  • Vegeta comes across some doors to answer questions, and one of them is "What do you bang on with a stick to make music?" The options are: guitar, trumpet, drum and piccolo.
    Vegeta: That's fuckin' easy! The green one! (selects 'piccolo')
    • When he's declared the quiz champion, he yells "Suck it, Kakarot!"
  • At the end of the game he goes through another door... which is full of dancing, singing Animate Inanimate Objects. You can practically imagine Vegeta's look of stunned silence.
    • In fact, you can see his arrow slooooooooowly drifting back to the entrance of the room as he's about to make Sam back off.
  • Vegeta's Sarcastic Clapping at Pajama Sam's attempt to mine gold... only to immediately break the hammer he was mining with.
  • "Alright. Well, the carrot said I need to... liberate the carrots from the refrigerator and I assume that will be... WHAT THE FUCK AM I TALKING ABOUT?!"
  • He keeps trying to use Video Game Cruelty Potential, only to find out the game doesn't have any.
  • "I'M A TREE!"

    Scribblenauts Unlimited 
  • Vegeta managing to solve a surprisingly large amount of challenges by throwing shoggoths at them.
    Vegeta: Save the cat, Shoggoth. Save the cat! [...] I helped!
    • This does fail him once, when his summoned Shoggoth starts attacking him. How does he resolve this? With Cthulhu himself, of course.
    • Also a Brick Joke later when he LEAVES past Cthulhu and says hi to him.
    • After trying to solve a problem involving a person forgetting a gift, he tries giving a girl a miniature Shoggoth. When the girl runs away as one would expect, Vegeta just admits that he'd have liked it.
  • His solving problems with Depth Charges.
  • He tries to solve a bug problem with a flamethrower. It works...until he accidentally fires it at people of which he gave a rocket launcher who kills him with it.
  • During the high school level:
  • His attempts to stop God from smiting everyone. It takes him awhile.
    "God, stop being a dick!"
    • The sharp-eyed will note that when Vegeta hovers over God (who he summoned in-game) God is listed as "Evil God". Meaning that Vegeta deliberately summoned God and made him evil to see what would happen.
  • Vegeta is tasked with making a date more romantic:
    Vegeta: More romantic, you say...
    (Smash Cut to...)
    Vegeta: "I don't know what went wrong. Everything was going well until the wasps... and Cthulhu riding a bear... and a T-Rex showed up."
    • Even funnier is that up until that particular point, he was actually helping and doing well.
    • His dating tips include advising the boy he's helping to wear armor on the first date.
  • Vegeta has to cure a sick cat, so he spawns God to heal it. Only God does nothing but walk around cluelessly.
    Vegeta: Cure the cat, God! Cure the cat, God! [Frustrated sigh] God never listens...
    • Heck, Vegeta's reaction once he summons God in the first place is hilarious.
      Vegeta: WHY DIDN'T THAT SPAWN ME?!?!?!
    • Later, when a broken robot is brought in, Vegeta tries to turn to God again.
      Vegeta: Broken down robot? God are you going to help him? Hold on, maybe Robot God will. [Spawns a Robot God, who walks around the area just as aimlessly as regular God] You both just gonna sit there circle jerkin', or are you going to fix the goddamn robot? [God starts doing a few pushups right by the the robot] No, you're gonna do pushups on the robot, that's what you're gonna do!
  • During the intro, his comment on Maxwell's parents producing forty-two children:
    Vegeta: Jesus Christ, man, PULL OUT!

    Dark Souls II 

    Trials Fusion 
  • Vegeta tries the training for the first time... and falls over without going anywhere.
  • In one obstacle course, Vegeta does quite well... until he wipes out at the last minute.
  • Vegeta falling off a ledge:
    Vegeta: Uh oh... uh oh... uh oh... UH OH... UH OH!!
  • The ending. Vegeta proves to be a glitch magnet as he gets his head and limbs stuck inside a moving platform, and the jolt dismembers him while he screams, "MAKE IT STOOOP!"

    FTL: Faster Than Light 
  • In the finale, Vegeta finds himself matched against a ship he can neither defend against or harm.
    "I am not gonna die here! Goddamnit, I'm dying here!"

    Bro Force 
  • All of it. Every damn second. It's safe to say that Vegeta would have LOVED 80s-90s era action movies/heroes.
    • Any time "Punch Guy" comes up is a particular highlight, as he's Vegeta's favorite character. "Slow Down Time Guy" is a close second.
    • Highlights of the former include:
    "Punch! Punch! Punch!"
    "Punchin' through walls!"
    "Eat that, dog! Eat that, you! And you!"
    "By the power of punches! YEAH!"
    "No more messin' around, TIME FOR PUNCHES! YEAAAAH!"
    "Fists of fury!"
  • Finally managing to kill the first major boss (as the Brominator), after dying several times:
    "Area Liberated."
    Vegeta: (Firing the chaingun wildly in triumph) YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
    • Later still:
    Vegeta: Hey. Are you guys prepared? Because, I don't think that you were sufficiently warned. 'Cause, uh, today there is a, uh, high chance, probably about a 50 to 80% chance, OF CHAINSAAAAAAAAW! YA-HAHA!
  • At one point, while playing as B.A. Broacus,(who is wielding a flamethrower as his main weapon) after killing one of the attack dogs, we get this little gem:
    Vegeta: Now that's what I call a hotdog. (Beat) I'm hungry.
  • "TASTE FREEDOM!" (Explosion)
  • "Eat justice, assholes!"
  • As MacBrover:
    Vegeta: EAT TURKEY!
    Fiery explosion of death ensues.
    Vegeta: HehhahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's my kind of Thanksgiving.
  • "Now I'm this guy, what's he do?" *falls off cliff* "Okay, he dies."

  • "Honey! The table's got me! Help!"
  • "How hard could this be? I'm a great dad."
  • Vegeta's yelling during the interactive opening credits is priceless.
    "Look out! Octopus coming through!"
    "Seth Parker! AAH, YOU BETRAYED ME!"
    "Learn to fly, octopus! Come on, Tom Taylorson! AAAAAH!"
    "Land on the title! Title, break fall! AAAH!"
  • When his son suggests that burgers could be made of ponies...
  • When the kids start asking questions to Octodad.
    Stacy: Dad, where do rainbows come from?
    Vegeta: Sky!
    Stacy: Oh. Where do flowers come from?
    Vegeta: The fucking ground!
    Stacy: Where do babies come from?
    Vegeta: VAGINAS! Your mother's vagina!
  • "I'm going to steal the shit out of that cereal."
  • *slips on banana peels* "AAH! GAH! I look a fool!"
  • "Walk up in the club like what up, I've got no spine!"

  • The first real action Vegeta takes in the game? Backstabbing someone while they're peeing. Then video game physics kick in and, much to his surprise, the body leaps into the sea.
    "Kill him with his dick in his hand? Hmm...yeah." (stab) "What the - ah, good, he was a self-hiding body."
  • Two words: Corpse Balcony.note 
    • At one point on the way back to it, he runs into a bunch of mooks and complains people keep coming from the corpse balcony.
  • He laughs maniacally the first time he kills someone with rats... then actually gets disturbed as they keep eating the corpse.
  • Vegeta gets spotted by a couple of prostitutes at the Golden Cat. This is a problem. He proceeds to run around stabbing prostitutes in the face shouting "FIX THE PROBLEM!"
  • When he tries to kill someone, he hits the chair they were sitting in by mistake.
    Nobody saw that. And I didn't just hit the chair there.

    Rogue Legacy 
  • After dying multiple times with various characters, Vegeta notices that one of the possible characters has the ability to stop time. The next thirty seconds consist of little more than him laughing maniacally and killing everything...or at least attempting to, since according to the death summary, the only enemies he managed to kill as that character were the 4 shown onscreen.
    • Though it would've been funnier if he'd realized that he was basically playing as Guldo.
  • Vegeta doesn't think he's quite ready for the boss. And he's right, as he finds out one second later.
  • "Victory, for Vegeta!" (Grabs loot) "Money, for Vegeta!" (Breaks open a wall and finds HP-replenishing food) "Alright, and wall-turkey!"
  • At the very end of the video, after his many, many failed runs, he finally snaps when he dies again and Rage Quits, except unlike the Dark Souls II video, you actually hear him throw his controller across the room.

  • Vegeta plays Skyrim. This goes exactly how you'd expect.
  • His complete and utter indifference to the game opening with him about to be put to death.
    Vegeta: It's not even the first time I've died!
  • Hey, dragon. *roasted* FU--
  • Going completely mad with power over shooting fire. This segues perfectly into a random woman telling him not to set everything on fire.

    Five Nights at Freddy's 
  • Vegeta being utterly bored by the game.
    • Outside of the "It's Me" flashes near the start, which gets his attention for a bit.
  • Vegeta is not scared of the animatronics; he's a Saiyan- he can just kill them.
    Vegeta: Whatever; come get me! I'm the Prince of all Saiyans, you shits!"
  • Vegeta doesn't really like the game, but he does know a much better use for it. Looks like someone is getting a new game to (be forced to) play.
    • The banter between Vegeta and Krillin at the beginning of Night 2, and Vegeta laughing at the end.
  • Vegeta gets so annoyed by Phone Guy's rambling that at the start of Night 2 when the phone rings he yells at Phone Guy to go to Hell. "Funny Aneurysm" Moment if you've played the full game and know Phone Guy is dead.

    Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Turbo 
  • His initial reaction to the opening screen.
    Vegeta: "Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Turbo" (Beat for a few seconds) know what, sure, why the hell not?
  • Vegeta names his pilgrims Vegeta, Woman, and Guy, only for Vegeta to always die first, leaving Woman and Guy to pick up the slack.
  • When the wagon fights a satellite in outer space.
    Vegeta: What the fuck!? This is the eighteen-goddamn-hundreds; where the fuck did you come from!?
  • "Guy" would appear to be a woman.

    This War of Mine 
  • Vegeta instills a hierarchy based on how useful he considers each person's listed attribute. While he appreciates a fast runner and can see some value in bolstering spirit...
    Vegeta: "Loves child-" GET OUT OF MY FUCKING HOUSE!
  • When characters mention that they lack the tools to perform a task quickly, Vegeta yells at them to just suck it up.
  • He designates Pavle the fast runner as king of the house and treats the other inhabitants as such.
    Vegeta: Look at that, you assholes! Pavle built an entire workshop while you were digging at rubble!
  • When an NPC calls Pavle heartless for not sparing him any food, Vegeta gets offended and proceeds to make Pavle beat him to death.
    Vegeta: I am Pavle, king of war!
  • During the nighttime modes, Vegeta prefers violent confrontation. Naturally, that gets Pavle killed and makes everyone who does scavenger work after him break down and leave the house. Needless to say, Vegeta is not very good at this game.
    Vegeta: This is why Pavle shouldn't have died. He was better than the both of you. He could kill a person and not cry about it. He punched that homeless man to death, came home, "Oh, whatever." Look at you! You killed one person, who killed Pavle, and you're fucking broken down! Worthless!
  • Left with only the depressed, broken "Child Lover" Cveta:
    Vegeta: There's only one way this will end...
    Cut to Cveta shooting up an enemy settlement and getting killed.

    I Am Bread 
  • 5 Second Rule.
  • Spider-Bread, Spider-Bread, does whatever it fucking wants. Can it be-come toast? No it can't, 'cause it sucks.
  • After finally getting into the toaster, he finally laughs and celebrates, then realizes that you still need to get out of the toaster:

    Shovel Knight 
  • Vegeta reads every line of dialogue in the most dramatic voice ever, and pronounces Shovel "Show-Vall" and Shield "Shy-Yield".
  • "There is absolutely no failure going on here."
  • His taunting a trapped blob.
    And what're you gonna do? You're just gonna stay in there, trapped forever! Never knowing... oh, oh you wanna try and get out? Come at me! Oh, you can't! Hahahahaha!

    Heavy Bullets 
  • When he's about to snipe an enemy through some brush.
    Vegeta: When you get to hell, you better arrange a welcoming party! BECAUSE I'M GOING TO BE SENDING FRIENDS! ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR LOVED ONES, EVERYONE YOU'VE EVER KNOWN OR CARE ABOUT—who happens to be a worm—IS GOING TO MEET YOU DOWN THERE! (bang!) Tell them I said "hi".

    The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth 
  • The whole playthrough isn't Vegeta's best material in terms of being funny, at least until the end.

    Hotline Miami 
  • Tagline: "You're going to hear two clicks; the first is me hanging up the phone, the second one will be me throwing the computer across the room!"
  • Vegeta walks into a bathroom where an enemy is peeing; he then immediately gets shot by said enemy.
    Vegeta: Who is that ready to kill someone when they're peeing?
  • The ending Failure Montage, after which Vegeta gives up and screams.

    The Stanley Parable 
  • The hilarity of the Stanley Parable playthrough in general derives its humour from its exploitation of Vegeta's worst characteristics against himself. Being a massively Narcissistic "Renegade for Life" causes him to do everything that is the opposite of what the Narrator is saying, just to prove that he alone makes choices for himself... only for his actions to break the game where he suffers severe bouts of rage-inducing Mind Screw until he eventually loses his sanity.
  • A mannequin comes right out into the doorway, scaring Vegeta out of his wits.
  • Not to mention while going to the phone room, he sees Popo's eyes, scaring the shit out of him.
  • Vegeta losing it as his button presses fails to correspond to the advertised action.
  • By the end of Part 1, he's legitimately freaked out by the mindgames the game plays on him.
  • Vegeta just completely loses it at the end of Part II.
    Narrator: When Stanley came to a set of two open doors, he entered the door on his left.
    Vegeta: No, I'm making a choice!
    Narrator: This was not the correct way to the meeting room, and Stanley knew it perfectly well.
    Vegeta: I know it damn well!
    Narrator: Perhaps he wanted to stop by the employee lounge first, just to admire it.
    Vegeta: I know where I'm going. I know what I'm doing. Look at the lounge; it's fantastic! I made the choice to come here! And now I'm moving this way, because I can go this way!
    Narrator: Stanley took the first open door on his left.
    Vegeta: No, I'm not! I'm going this way! Because I can! It's where I'm going! Because I'm going this way! (dives off the balcony) RENEGADE FOR LIFE!
    • What makes this especially hilarious, if you've played the game, is that jumping to your death is yet another thing the narrator will tell you to do. All you have to do is trigger the nearby lift then back off it. Just imagine how Vegeta would have reacted to that.
  • Hell, the entirety of Vegeta's journey on the Adventure Line�, and his increasing frustrations with the inability to stray away from the Line�.

    Strafe (Pre-Alpha Kickstarter Game) 
  • Vegeta: "Four Star Prince Build." Pandering will get you everywhere.
  • "Eat Physics! Bathe me in your blood!"
    • "That was graphic and horrifying."
  • Testing out the gun by shooting out the windows.
  • At one point, after respawning, he comes across a room that wasn't there before. In it is a Wolfenstein 3D clone. He plays it once and finds it awesome, but runs out of time, then tries again but gets stuck in a room and can't open either of the doors keeping him in, forcing him to wait for the time to run out... and then the clock running out doesn't end the game.
    • He restarts the game. When he dies again, he notices the room is gone.
  • His reaction to finding out the zombie enemies eat your corpse when you die. After the first time he talks to them as they do it.

    Dying Light 
  • Complaining about having to do parkour instead of fighting zombies.
  • "Everybody here is an asshole except me!"
  • After beating down a pair of zombies, he looks up to see another coming.
    Vegeta: Oh, you want some too, huh? [sees a larger crowd coming] Oh. You all want some. Um...Bye!
  • Upon getting into a fight with a big, hammer-toting zombie, Vegeta proceeds to throw an explosive gas canister at him... to no effect.
    Vegeta: One of these days, that's gonna blow up. (gets close to the zombie and starts hitting it; seconds later, the canister explodes... with Vegeta and the zombie caught in the blast) OH!! Oh, God! Oh, it did blow up! OH!
  • His Oh, Crap! moment when a table leg turns out to be a far less effective weapon than he was expecting.

    Darkest Dungeon 
  • "Yes, eat. That's why I brought all the food." Not long after, hunger sets in. "Who the fuck ate all the food?!"
  • "Stop spilling your drink on me, you dick!"
  • His Freak Out when one of his newly Masochistic members makes a Badass Boast and stabs herself, bringing herself to Death's Door.
  • When he's down to his last party member:
    Vegeta: "No problem! Four on one! Bring it on, bitches! Bring it on, assholes! Take that! Now you' you're not weaker. Okay. Just need to survive this battle! We got this! We got this! We...might not have this. Come on! Come on, let's do this! God damn it! Think you're fuckin' big men, coming after one person huh?! Well guess what? Fuck you! One down! Three to go! Fuck off! None of you can do this to me! (finally gets killed) God damn it, I knew it..."

  • TFS's custom character, Dumple Stiltskin.
  • Default Christopher Lee Dracula
  • Getting swarmed by ghouls in the beginning
    Vegeta: I don't want this...DO NOT WANT!
  • Dies quickly by getting mauled by a bear
  • Screaming the title every time he gets a game over
  • Realizing he has problems after threatening a man's family for refusing to acknowledge him.
  • Kirran's editing
    • "Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!"

  • "Why don't I have that?! I want that!" / "Why do you keep getting those and I don't?!" / "He keeps getting things! That's not fair! I want things!"
  • Goes from not being interested in "card game things" to getting really invested in it and screaming.
  • "IN THE FACE!"
  • Every time the opponent plays a minion he also has, Vegeta accuses it of betraying him. At one point he is about to do that when, to his utter confusion, he draws the very same card.
  • After two loses he starts claiming that the rule about Saiyans coming back from defeat stronger also applies to card games.

    Grand Theft Auto V 
  • Vegeta attacking random civilians for no reason, like any other player would.
  • Commenting on the fact that he only had to pay around 300 dollars for the hospital apparently bringing him back from the dead.
  • Vegeta visits a "shoe store".
    • Him getting thrown out for touching the strippers.
    • His reaction to seeing the interior of the "shoe store" and getting a lapdance:
    "Well, nobody's sold me any shoes yet, but the customer service is amazing!"
  • His confusion as to why the police are shooting at him for punching people when he does it all the time.
  • Vegeta attacking yard workers when they call the police on him.
  • Multiple crashes.
    Vegeta: Always wear your helmet, kids.
  • The animated version, which includes cameos by Nappa, Lani, Kaiser, and Taka.
    • Vegeta punching Yamcha on a bike as he's trying to escape the police.

    Hotline Miami 2 
  • "Because this went so well last time"
  • Comparing the player character to Gary Busey.
  • "What am I doing with my life?"
  • The ending Rage Quit - after giving into angrish and apparently pacing back and forth near the computer while screaming in rage, Vegeta then calmly states - "This has been Hotline Miami 2."

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 
  • Falling asleep during the opening text crawl.
  • Using Storm Troopers as projectiles by Force-hurling them into Wookiees. Also lifting them up with the Force and then letting gravity do the work for him.
  • Singing his own version of the Imperial March.

    Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire 
  • Complaining about the controls and making fun of the graphics.
  • "My overconfidence was my weakness!"
  • Comparing the player character to a cross between Chuck Norris and an orangutan.
  • Being uncertain whether or not he's the good guy because all he's doing is going around murdering people.
    Vegeta: For the glory of whatever side I'm on!

    Star Wars: Bounty Hunter 
  • Vegeta sings the opening crawl so he doesn't fall asleep from boredom this time, but he soon gives up.
  • His disappointment from fighting a monster in the arena that basically killed itself.
    Vegeta: Are you not entertained?! 'Cause I'm not!
    • The enemies aren't much more difficult, so he starts singing again.
  • Identifying the ID Scanner as a Scouter.
  • Complaining about the controls.

    Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast 
  • Finding out that Storm Troopers can't shoot well because their guns suck.
  • Death by slow motion fireball.
    • Patience is a Jedi's greatest asset, but it's something Vegeta doesn't have.
  • Hacking the game and turning on god mode instead of getting good.
    • Still dies by falling into a garbage pit.

    Metal Gear Rising Revengeance 
  • Vegeta's borderline-orgasmic glee over generally just about everything in this game.
    Vegeta: I HAVE ARRIVED.
    • Similar is his reaction to discovering Blade Mode:
    Vegeta: Hooolllyyyyyy Shiiitttttttttt� YEESSSSSS!!!!
  • At the end of part 1, a glitch occurs when Raiden gets thrown into the clock tower by Metal Gear RAY. In the next shot, the clock tower is not rendered, causing Raiden to smash into an invisible wall with debris floating everywhere. Since the clock tower is not there, however, after Raiden starts cleaning off the debris, the next scene fails to load, causing the game to freeze. Naturally, Vegeta thinks his awesomeness caused it.
  • After some of Raiden's physics defying stuff:
    Vegeta: Coming from someone who can fly, I'm not sure I believe every bit of this is physically possible. But still. Awesome nonetheless.
  • Vegeta is baffled that the villains would chain the Prime Minister to a box, cut him free, then kill him anyway. Why go through the kidnapping at all?
  • The newspaper article on part 2. Really, anything less than its entirety simply doesn't do it justice.
    Our beloved Prime Minister was found dead by the train tracks leading into the N'Mani National Tunnel this morning. According to eye witness testimony, they took him to a box and chained him up to it. Why did they chain him up to it? He was found dead with a giant ass cut in his stomach which we can only assume was the act of terrorists. Further, the wreckage of our hometown has led me to question why I even turned up to work in the first place. That giant fucking robot almost blew up my fucking house. Who is even reading this? Are YOU reading this? Please remember to like, favorite, buy the shirts, and subscribe. There is absolutely nothing left that we can do. All we can do is pray that the shadowy figure that cut the robot in half and blew up our only monument in the process can save our country.
  • His delight continues unabated after Raiden's body is rebuilt.
    Vegeta: Take that, infrastructure! Hahahahaha!
  • Amusingly, having skipped the tutorial, Vegeta somehow managed to figure out how to parry, but not when to use blade mode, or the lock-on function. He still manages to get through Blade Wolf without much trouble.
  • There's an amusingly Meta example with how much Vegeta's reactions fall in line with Two Best Friends Play, the youtubers who inspired the Two Saiyans Play series, including commenting on Sam's incredibly smug grin and pointing out the pointlessness of N'mani being chained up.
  • The Robo-box, as he calls it when in a box.
  • "I am a robot ninja, with a robot dog. THIS IS THE GREATEST GAME OF ALL TIME!"
  • Vegeta humming/sounding off the MGS theme, and praising the box. "Nothing here but us boxes."
  • "Do you know what I've killed? I've killed things like ten times your size— *gets hit by the enemy* YOU HIT ME! YOU DICK! YOU FUCKING DICK! HOW DARE YOU?! YOU RUINED MY PERFECT RATING! THIS COMBAT WAS GREAT UNTIL YOU SHOWED UP! GIVE ME YOUR *ends* FUCK! You made me get an A...SHUT UP, DOKTOR!"
  • Skipping dialog and telling them all to shut up.
  • Guess what was chosen after the Mexico mission, the Mariachi disguise. Henceforth, the Mariachi robot ninja.
  • *While fighting one of the robot dogs: Stupid Dog. OOGA BOOGA BOOGA!
  • During the monologue of memes, he fast forwards it, showing "War is bad" and "War never changes."
  • Vegeta concludes that they take office security WAY too seriously, with rocket launchers and miniguns.
    I mean, I guess I'm proving them right for having it, but at the same time, WHO CARRIES A GODDAMNED ROCKET LAUNCHER INSIDE AN OFFICE BUILDING?!?
  • "I have a good outlook on life. I don't like something, I get rid of it. It stops bothering me once it's dead... most of the time" - Vegeta's outlook on life in Metal Gear Rising.
  • "Someone comes to challenge me on the samurai bridge. Little do they know, I am Mexican!"
  • Vegeta gets pissed at Mistral's Body Double firing the dwarf gekkos.
    "How would you like it if I threw all my balls to your face...Wait.
  • Vegeta calls Sundowner a bitch for using explosive shields, and rages whenever he mistimes Blade Mode or does not hit the armor in the designated area.
  • "Just stay dead and I promise, I promise that I won't hunt you down in the afterlife."
  • Vegeta singing "Born to be Wild" but changing it a bit differently. Also, the tumbleweed.
  • It's safe to say that Vegeta considers the box to be an excellent weapon, just like Big Boss.
  • After Raiden gets punted by Armstrong: "This is the greatest villain of all time."
  • The Running Gag where Vegeta tries to imitate Raiden's first activation of Ripper Mode by dramatically screaming "Jack's back!" every time he goes to use Ripper Mode... and every time something happens which negates Ripper Mode or somehow turns it into a huge anti-climax. Every time.
    • An Enforced Trope. Generally the video cuts away as soon as he activates Ripper Mode. Though not always...
  • Vegeta doesn't know the meaning of the word stealth. He thinks he can do anything and move around right in front of the guards as long as he's using the box. He's never able to figure out how the guards can see through his great disguise.

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain 
  • After being sedated, Vegeta dreams of Revengeance.
  • In response to what his name is, and where and when he was born? Vegeta, Vegeta, in the month of Vegeta.
  • Vegeta complains about the boring opening level, where he's mostly crawling around and hiding. Cut to two hours later, where he's shooting and blowing things up.
    • All while the American National Anthem is playing at the background.
  • Any (read: every) time Quiet is referred to as "Booby Woman".

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 
  • He renames it Prony Hawk's Toe Skater 5 and says that Tony Hawk looks bored in the picture.
  • When he acquires all the letters to unlock an achievement, "Hail to the Chief" starts playing.

    Until Dawn 
  • True to form, Vegeta wants to kill everyone.
  • Vegeta doesn't like GoPros.
    Look at you, with your GoPro. I hope you die. Quickly. But not quickly enough.
  • Vegeta really wanted a porn party and rage quit when he didn't get one.
  • Repeating the Courage meme when he gets the chance to scare someone with a mask.

    Spooky's House of Jumpscares 
  • About five and a half minutes in, and Vegeta has overcome the initial effectiveness of the jump scares. He's feeling pretty cocky. Cue Specimen 2.
    Vegeta: WHAT THE FUCK NO!
    • And then he keeps getting stuck on the puddles of slime it leaves behind.
      "Stop slowing me down with your spooge!"
  • Every time a bit of Surprise Creepy puts him into a Stunned Silence. Every time.
  • His reaction to a note reading someone having drunk some 'metallic tasting wine'. He believes they either drank blood, or the liquor of a particular planet. He then mentions he's tried a lot of planets' liquor, and Earth has the third best.
  • His terrified reaction to the game turns into a rage-filled Cluster F-Bomb directed at Spooky after being eaten by Specimen 4.

    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 

    Call of Duty: Black Ops III 
  • To prepare, Vegeta binges on Doritos and Mountain Dew.
  • Lani's cat makes noise in the background, so Vegeta yells at Dr. Briefs' cat to shut up.
  • Vegeta is frustrated that he can't skip a cutscene.
  • "Call-a-[fuckin-]Duty!"

  • The fact that the humans were victorious gave Vegeta a good laugh.
  • Naming the player character Stupid (for tripping and falling into the Underground).
  • Vegeta's pissed at Flowey's trick, but brightens up considerably when told that it's "kill or be killed".
  • Toriel explains to Vegeta that a set of buttons must be pressed in a specific pattern. Vegeta asks what would happed if he pressed the two she didn't touch. She says "Fucking try it and see what happens, asshole." Vegeta then lets out a Big "WHAT?!".
  • When Vegeta attempts to kill a Froggit, only for Toriel to scare it off with a Death Glare, the page zooms in for a Close-Up on Head and Vegeta says a Defensive "What?".
  • Sassing Toriel but beginning to get softer on her to the point of wanting to let her live and quitting after beating her.
    Vegeta: (sarcastically) Thanks, Mom!... (sincerely) I miss my mom.
    • This turns into Tear Jerker as Toriel's kindness breaks through to Vegeta, creating an emotional connection with her. Throughout this, we get a glimpse into Vegeta's life and let's just say: Be thankful for what you have because Vegeta never had it.
    • His sincere response to Toriel trying to distract him from leaving with the fact that snails make terrible shoelaces. "You know, I had my suspicions, but you telling me that just kind of confirms it."
    • Once calling her L'Oreal.
    • Also qualifies as a Tear Jerker and Heartwarming Moments: At the end of the ruins, he tries to get out of fighting Toriel, but he's forced to kill her. This causes Vegeta so much emotional anguish that he rage quits the game.
      Vegeta: Nope! Nope, fuck this, I'm done! Nope! Nope! Not having any of this! Not going on this feels trip today! Fuck you!
      • Vegeta then proceeds to walk away, and it sounds like he's actually sobbing as he does.

    Assassin's Creed Syndicate 
  • Another Spider-Man song parody.
  • British Vegeta.

    Pajama Sam 2 
  • Tagline: Sam why can't you do anything right?!
  • Vegeta was okay with the first one as a fever dream, but this one seems to be happening in real life (although he admits that Sam's house is weird and has problems).
  • His reaction to Sam wanting to change the weather is pretty funny.
  • Vegeta goes from yelling at Sam for screwing up to actively rooting for him to wreck stuff more.
  • "God. I do all the damn thinking around here."
  • Implying Thunder and Lightning might be fucking, then playing fucktastic porn music.
  • "Give me a banana! Vegeta hungry!"

    Just Cause 3 
  • Vegeta deals with the game's Loads and Loads of Loading in different ways— going out to eat lunch, taking a nap, filing his taxes, and devising a way to end world hunger.
    • And with the amount of bad graphics overlays, Vegeta has basically become JonTron.
  • While playing the game, Vegeta becomes very frustrated when he lands on his face while trying to fly.
    AGH! Fuck! My face! Not literally.

    Star Wars Battlefront 
  • Getting "F'd in the 9."
  • Getting stomped by an AT-AT.
  • Gleefully manning a turret only for no one to show up, then getting blown up.
  • His team wins right when he gets a Luke Hero Pickup, depriving him of it.

  • It's a sponsored game, by none other than...
    Vegeta: (sighs) So you're back.
    Nappa: Say my name.
    Vegeta: Nappa.
    Nappa: Spell my name. N-A-PPA.
    (The Ghost Nappa picture pops up, complete with confetti, airhorns and cheering)
  • Why is Vegeta playing Deadpool? Because Nappa is funding the Deadpool movie.
  • Both of them wince when Deadpool scratches his balls with his gun at the start.
  • At the dog part:
    (LB for doggy style)
    Nappa: Uhhh...
    Vegeta: Uhhh, I'm already worried about this.
  • After blowing up a toilet and Deadpool saying something about not being the only one with shit in their pants, Vegeta wonders how the game knew that. Cue the X-Files theme.
  • Nappa is trying to copyright the word "movie."
  • At the end, Vegeta once again tells about watch the movie on February 12th, then says "PAY ME MONEY!" Nappa pays Vegeta 1 dollar at a time, up to the first 1000, then its nickles.
  • Nappa shows some surprising cunning and self-awareness, taking jabs at Vegeta's ego and need to prove himself to Goku. It's pretty clear that Vegeta is genuinely put on the defensive by his comments.

  • Vegeta's dating skills come down to how well he can play Bejeweled. Answer: Not well.
    • Even a commenter manages to sell how good Vegeta really is at this game.
    Commenter: Vegeta approaches romance in pretty much the same way he approaches fights. He brags a lot, massages his ego, then gets beat into the dirt and fails.
  • "Vegeta! Game face! Go!"
  • "Fuck you! My abs have abs, woman!"
  • Towards the end of the game, Vegeta has a bit of a breakdown.
    Vegeta: You know what? Fuck love! Fuck all this bullshit! I don't need you! I don't need any of you! You're all just bitches, who don't love-don't know how to love-don't know how to like a nice guy like me! Fuck you! Shit! Fuck!
    Vegeta: Please love me...

    Yandere Simulator 

  • Declaring his character Prince Henry.
  • Stealing everything from the teenagers' camp.

  • Right off the bat, where he learns the premise and mechanics of the game:
    Vegeta: "Time moves when I move"? Don't you put this evil on me.
  • Next scenario:
    Vegeta: (after shooting the first enemy) I'm gonna look in circles while you die.
    Vegeta: WHAT?! It was a setup?! WHO SET ME UP?! WAS IT YOU?! (looks at someone coming down the hallway) Or was it YOU?!
  • Generally, any time Vegeta overreacts to his own deaths.
    • Like trying to jump over the car.
  • And when he gets a particular achievement...
    Vegeta: Wait...can I? (swings sword at bullet, cutting it in half) [Gasp!]
    Notification: Achievement Unlocked!: "So It's Possible!"
    Vegeta: of the year! 10/10! 10/10! Cuttin' bullets in half!
    • And at the end of the video:
  • "Digital butthole"

    X-Com 2 

    The Division 
  • The game runs horribly on Vegeta's "Briefs Level" PC, causing several framerate drops and "timewarping". Vegeta gags every time it happens.
  • The ending: Lanipator breaks character to call out Ubisoft for releasing another shoddy PC port and making a point of mentioning his obscenely high system specs to emphasize how much of an Epic Fail it is that the game runs this poorly.

    Bear Simulator 
  • "Beargeta's" constant failures at trying to catch and eat the ducks, coupled with his increasing annoyance that they keep flying off.
  • Finding a fox and asking "How's Zootopia?" before trying to kill it. He loses, but at least he keeps his Top Bear hat.
    Vegeta: That's the important thing to remember, that I am the Top Bear around here! Just not as strong as a fox, I guess.
    Vegeta: What does the fox say? I guess the fox says die.

    There's Poop in My Soup! 
  • At first he's disgusted by the title, but he's soon enjoying it way more than he should, according to him.
  • Vegeta going extremely bombastic in playing a game that involves throwing poop at people:
    Vegeta: I pooped on your kid! I'm gonna poop on your wife! I'm gonna poop in your soup! And now I gonna poop on YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!!!!!!!!!
  • Poo puns
    Vegeta: It's the FOURTH OF POO-LY!!!
  • The various Youtube comments discussing on what if Freeza would react to Vegeta absolutely enjoying this game.
    Frieza: Well, I suppose I should have expected a monkey to be enthralled with flinging its own dung at people.
  • As well as comments imagining what if Bulma was in the next room hearing Vegeta shouting about pooping on everyone, and ending up taking it literally.

    Salt and Sanctuary 
  • If you've seen him play Dark Souls, this goes about as well as you'd expect.
  • When building his character, he imagines himself with a beard and a screen cap from Super appears as a joke.

    Quantum Break 
  • "Oh no they broke the quantum! (logo shatters) AAAH!"
  • He blames future Trunks for breaking time.
    Vegeta: If this is the boy's fault, I swear to God...
  • Going on a killing spree was a foregone conclusion.

    Senran Kagura: Estival Versus 
  • The title of the video dubs the game "Senran Kagura: ANIME BOOBS THE GAME".
  • Another game that makes Vegeta question what he's doing with his life.
  • "CREEP ALARM", which pops up whenever Vegeta becomes too focused on the obvious fanservice.
    Vegeta: Nice.

    Catlateral Damage 
  • Vegeta is surprisingly good at being a cat.
    • "The humans will pay!"
    • "If it fits, I sits."
    • Knocking everything off because he needs the space for himself.
    • Attacking portraits of other cats, seeing them as rivals before he realizes they are actually unlockable, playable characters.
    • Vegeta loudly and angrily screaming "meow" while playing the game.
  • The end of the video. Vegeta beats the first level fully and is going full Large Ham, then it cuts to the outro where Kaiser points out that, well, Vegeta's acts of evil weren't very much so.

    Enter the GUNGEON 
  • Vegeta comes across the Mahoguny. Cue King Yemma.
  • His "entering the gungeon" song
  • Vegeta starts making a list of Renegade Facts or "Rent-a-Facts" but quickly loses count. Two of the items on his list are how bad he is at counting, but the others involve him killing things.
  • Rage quit
  • Popo makes a special appearance at the beginning of the game.

    Final Fantasy XV (Demo) 
  • The tagline: "Vegeta explores his dream world and falls in love with a squeaky hammer."
  • Repeatedly calling the mascot character an adorable piece of crap (renames him Assbutt)
    • "You drink out of this, don't you. Can I ride you now?"
  • His Final Fantasy "finals" chart.
  • Despite enjoying playing as a crocodile, he reluctantly admits that the human is better at killing things (despite yelling at the player character to be better at climbing).

    Mighty No. 9 
  • Two words: Rage Quit.
  • Yelling at Countershade for allowing the humans to escape instead of killing them, saying that he can do a better job of killing the humans.

    TMNT: What the Shell? 
  • Snarks at the Nickelodeon logo, then once again questions his life choices that led him to this point.
  • Notes that the Foot Clan are doing a pretty poor job of hiding in the middle of the street...while the Turtles are the ones keeping to the shadows and hiding on buildings.
  • Return of Rent-a-Facts!
  • "Turtles don't care. Turtles are cold-blooded! See, they really are.. I DON'T HAVE TO EXPLAIN MYSELF TO YOU!"

  • A Renegade playing Paragon. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
  • Zooming in on loading screens, for which Vegeta waits impatiently. He also complains when he has to run across the entire map, which takes him two minutes.
  • Vegeta finally Rage Quits when his monster character doesn't do as much damage as its appearance would suggest. On the plus side, he gets to play Bro Force again.

  • Opening with "I'M BACK, BITCHES!"
  • Yelling "Give it to me!" and "Mine!" repeatedly as he yanks the cores out.
  • Toys with the idea of leaving the robot dog companion for dead.
  • The last gaming scene pauses and plays like the "To Be Continued" meme drawn from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime, complete with a clip of the song "Roundabout" by Yes.

    Job Simulator 
  • He takes offense at being called "human" and "monkey."
    Job Bot: Hello, human! Welco—
  • Vegeta was told to earn a living in real life. He decides to start with "auto mechanic" because he considers it the closest to what Bulma does and he thinks it'll be easy. He just doesn't take into account that there's a certain slang term for mechanics.
    Job Bot: A true grease monkey—get under the hood and get your hands dirty—
  • He loses consciousness briefly between each game.
  • This gets hit with a massive Rewatch Bonus: since it's a VR game, what you have is Lanipator cosplaying as Vegeta standing in a room flailing his limbs and yelling at nothing most of the time. Then he pulls off his headset when he gets tired of the game and things get even better...
    Vegeta!Lanipator: (throws down VR headset) Nope! Nope! Can't do it, can't do it!
    Grant: (stopping him from walking off) Vegeta, we need you to keep going with this—
    (Vegeta!Lanipator storms off, only to come back in a moment later)
    Vegeta!Lanipator: Where's my money?!
    Grant: (having trouble keeping it together) Over that way...(points out to the hallway)
    Vegeta!Lanipator: Thank you! (leaves, comes back in to flip off Grant one more time)

    Detroit: Become Human 
  • When Vegeta begins the game:
    Vegeta: Beep boop, initiating Renegade.exe
  • During the anti-android rally, Vegeta somewhat encourages the protesters, up until realizing they would attack him. But he tends to bring out some comments about their mothers.
    Female Protester: [after pushing Vegeta's android avatar down] Look at this little motherfucker. You steal out jobs, but you can't even stand up.
    Vegeta: What can I say, your mother likes to be on top and fucking is a big job.
    Male Protester: [after a cop comes to break off the rally] They're gonna take your job next. We'll see how you like it.
    Vegeta: Oh please, I'm far too busy fucking all of your mothers to be a cop.
  • While playing as Kara, after Todd explains her her funtions.
    Vegeta: Alright, guess I'll get started then.
    [cue to Todd attacking Kara and Kara avoiding him and shooting him]
    Vegeta: Holy shit that escalated quickly.
  • Vegeta looks at a giraffe as Markus.
  • While solving a crime as Connor, he determines that the person tripped and fell on a knife, leaving one suspect: a chair.
    Vegeta: You're going away for a long time you son of a bitch.
  • Markus again:
    Carl: Every time I go to one of these, I ask myself, what the hell am I doing here?
    Vegeta: Story of my fucking life.
  • When the cops show up:
    Vegeta: Look, I can explain everything. I—
    [Markus gets shot]
    Vegeta: FOR WHAT?

    Marvel's Spider-Man 
  • The video gives us a variant of the Spider-Man theme song, called "Spider-Getes" sung by Krillin and Vegeta (chances are Krillin is being forced to sing along):
    Spider-Getes, Spider-Getes,
    Better than other Saiyan elites
    Fuck Chris Pratt, fuck Paul Rudd
    He's got spider genes in his Saiyan blood
    Look out! Here comes Spider-Getes!
  • Vegeta becomes quite concerned when he finds a rat.
    Vegeta: It's bigger than my foot!
  • When Spider-Man intervenes in a robbery:
    Vegeta: Alright, time to kill! I mean, um, not kill. What's the opposite of that? Yeah, fuck it— TIME TO KILL!!!
  • When Spider-Man finds Kingpin, Vegeta is surprised of how strong he is, leading him to say something similar to what he said when he met Broly in Abridged's take on Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan (which in turn references a famous Dragon Ball meme):
    Vegeta: Who made you?! How many push-ups do you do?! How many sit-ups?! What kind of juice?!
  • After capturing Kingpin, Spider-Man faces some thugs. Vegeta disposes of one of them by throwing a mailbox at him, only for Vegeta to make a Reality Ensues realization with a Wham Line:
    Vegeta: Oh my God, he's fucking dead!
    • To hammer the point home, it briefly shows the scene in Spider-Man 2 showing Aunt May's reaction to Peter claiming culpability in Uncle Ben's death.

    We Happy Few 
  • At the beginning of the video:
    Vegeta: So I've been told a few times that I need to chill the fuck out. You know, put a smile on this face every now and again. So, here we are. With a happy game. A few of happy misses, that we are... that happines happens to be with we... happy... Vegeta.
  • Vegeta is surprised to find that besides the "Start" button (or "Begin" in this game's case), there's a "Not Yet" button.
    Vegeta: That is the most bizarre prompt I think I have ever seen. "Do you wish to start?" "Yes." "Are you sure?" "Yes, let's begin— Not, not yet— Yes. But— No! Yes. But maybe yes."
  • When the game begins with the effects of the Joy pill wearing off on Arthur, Vegeta decides to just take another Joy pill, which is the game's Press X to Die, ending the game right then and there and playing the end credits. Vegeta instead assumes that he won the game in record time.
    Vegeta: Yes! I did it! New record! I am the best at video games! Victory, for Vegeta! [beat] Yeah! [beat] Easy-peasy. I'll be honest, not sure how I feel about the game... um, little short but it's... it got the message across that drugs are great! And that if you take drugs, you will win at everything much quicker than if you don't take the drugs. So stay on drugs, kids! Get out of school, and do as the Saiyan Prince tells you, especially when the drugs will allow you to... ha. [goes back to the last save]
  • Pretty much the entire birthday party scene:
    Victoria: There you are! You nearly missed the piñata! It's the most adorable Spanish custom...
    Vegeta: Ah, thank God, it sounds real sqruishy too.
    Victoria: You smash it until all the sweets come out.
    Vegeta: Ah! Candy, for Vegeta!
    Victoria: Hit it! Hit it!
    Vegeta: Oh ho ho, don't have to ask me twice! Imma beat the shit out of this thing.
    [Vegeta!Arthur hits the "piñata" just as the Joy pill wears off, and realizes that he's covered in a red substance]
    Vegeta: Argh-gah! Oh, it spread everywhere. [sees that Victoria and the others are eating the contents of the "piñata"] Hey, I'm the one that broke it, I get first dibs at the—! [realizes that the "piñata" is actually a rat and the others are eating its remains] —rat. Nevermind, you're good. Y� you're good. Alright.
    Victoria: You are off your Joy! Quick, take one of mine.
    Vegeta: Ah, I just don't want to eat rats right now, really.
    Victoria: Oh my Lord, he's a Downer! Call security!
    Vegeta: I've been told that before, you don't need to call security about it! [after going into the boiler rooms] Alright, well, drugs are great but say no to peer pressure. If people are asking you to take drugs, that's when you say no, you say "Fuck you, I do drugs on my own terms!" [when bobbies arrive] Ah fuck, it's the Popo!
    Vegeta: [later, after coming to a dead end and grabbing a pipe] Alright, well, today you face off against Vegeta!— [gets smacked by the bobbies] Augh! My brai— urgh! [after noticing that the bobbies leave] Argh, that's right, you better fucking run!
  • Similar to the Corpse Balcony from Dishonored, Vegeta disposes of the bodies of some defeated Wellies by tossing them into a bathroom, making a trip with every single body to dump them off the same bathroom.
    Vegeta: Alright, look, I'm not a huge fan, so... you can just... get over here... [tosses body onto a toilet] There, much better. Got anything on you? No? Alright, worthless anyway.
    Vegeta: [later, after arriving with another body at the bathroom] Yeah, have a friend.
  • Vegeta finds the hard way that the game does not have the same approach towards Talking Is a Free Action that he's used to.
    Vegeta: [after managing to open the Control Room] Ha! Who's the bitch now, Control Room? Hahaha— [a Wellie appears and attacks him] The fucking—?! Mother—! Son of a—! Today, you'll f— [the Wellie punches him] Aw fuck it! I was posturing, you prick! Fuck you! Cross arms with Vegeta, the— [the Wellie keeps punching him] Fuck you, let me talk! That man doesn't understand how battle works! Fuck you! Imma punch you in the dick! Fuck you! Combos suck! [Vegeta manages to knock him down] Regardless, victory for Vegeta!
  • Finding an abandoned telephone booth that repeats the message "The rabbit got into the garden" lets us know of Vegeta's particular approach to dealing with rabbits.
    Vegeta: Rabbits in the garden? Well, just fucking deal with it. Don't want the rabbit in your garden, you buy foxes; then when the foxes become problems, you get wolves; and then when the wolves are problems, you get gorillas!
  • While looting:
    Vegeta: I don't need a helmet, helmets are for cowards, it will not fit over my glorious mane!
  • While being around a dilapidated estate:
  • By the end of the video, becomes clear that the game drove Vegeta psychotic, beginning when Arthur has to fight a guy named Danny who apparently plagiarized him.
    Vegeta: Let's go Danny, let's go. What's you got? What's you got, Danny? Come on, show me what you got, huh? Oh! [begins stabbing Danny with a sharpened stick] Missed, dummy! You got stabbed! How you do that, huh? You sure do suck at this, Danny! Come on, try again. Oh, nice try Danny. [begins stabbing him again] Nice try, idiot. Ha! You fucking suck, Danny! That's for stealing my article, you son of a bitch!
    Vegeta: [after ambushing a Wellie] It's OK, it's OK, yeah, go to the toilet. [tosses him into the toilet, then begins stabbing him with the sharpened stick] Alright, now, fucking die, yeah, just be dead, it's OK, a lot of people die in the toilet, think of Elvis.
    Vegeta: [after ambushing another Wellie] It's OK, you just have to die, it's fine, don't worry about it. In fact, I'm gonna carry you into the bathroom, with your friend, you can die together, in his arms, on the toilet, while I stab you. There we go, better.
    [after Vegeta!Arthur goes to a town square]
    Character in the game: Another rotten Downer...
    Vegeta: Yes, another rotten Dow— Who said that?! Who the fuck said that?! [starting assaulting Wellies] You shut your fucking mouth! I know a rotten Downer! You're a rotten Downer! Fuck you! I'll kill all of you! Come at me! Who wants some? [punches a guy with a goatee and sunglasses] Hipster son of a bitch! [...] [later after getting confronted by another Wellie] What you want?! What you want?! What you want?! Come on! Come on! I got all fucking day! This makes me happier than any goddamn drug! Adrenaline, rushing through my goddamn fingers! Yeah, fuck you! [punches him and knocks him down] VICTORY! FOR VEGETA!

    Donut County 
  • The intro, where after seeing the deer:
    Vegeta: What the fuck is happening here, I am totally lost.
  • After clicking the duck button, you actually hear Vegeta say quack.
  • This exchange:
    Mira: [about creating holes to destroy the city] How could you do that
    Vegeta: I have my reasons.
  • Vegeta likes BK a bit, well except for this part:
    BK: Vegetables stink!
    Vegeta: HEY! FUCK YOU!
  • Vegeta makes "Nom!" sounds each time the hole take something, and enjoys causing them to fall.
  • During the rabbit level, he resists the urge to call the carrot Kakarot.
  • Unfortunately (for him) when he gets the rabbits in the hole, they start fucking each other.
    Vegeta: Haha, got you you stupid bastards.
    [the rabbits start doing it, making the hole bigger]
    Vegeta: Oh no. OH NO! They're fucking in my hole. Get out of my fuck hole! Got to get them to stop. It's not stopping!
    [after putting more rabbits into the hole]
    Vegeta: Oh no, it got worse! Oh it's getting so much worse! The fuck hole is too big. AGH, it's too big, STOP!

    God of War 
  • Big surprise, Vegeta can relate to Kratos.
  • He of course blames Kratos' son, guess his parenting extends to games as well.
  • When he's fighting Draugers early in the game, one of them has a very off-animation after being flung in the air.
  • When Daudi Kaupmadr grabs the dead animal, he actually calls it Nappa:
    Vegeta: God dammit, Nappa?
    Atreus: We're going to fight that?!?
    Vegeta: You're going to fight it.
  • While fighting the Stranger:
    Vegeta: (After punching the Stranger through a rock) That was my favorite rock.
    A 2nd rock has been destroyed
    Vegeta: That was my 2nd favorite rock.

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey 
  • Surprisingly, Vegeta thinks he needs a shield in the Spartan battle.
  • Guess who doesn't like 300?
    Leonidas: Tomorrow is a day the world will remember.
    Vegeta: Especially when it's made into a mediocre action film, several thousand years later.
  • Vegeta doesn't like the scenes without violence:
    Vegeta: Fuck is happening? I don't care! LET ME STAB THINGS! GO AWAY CLIPPY! I'll be right back I'm gonna make a sandwich.
    [goes to I Am Bread]
    Vegeta: OH GODDAMNIT!
    [back to Assassin's Creed]
  • After starting and seeing a bird fly (and not be impressed):
    Rogue/Volunteer (as Vegeta calls him): Cyclops has a message for you.
    Vegeta: I'm not joining the fucking X-Men.
  • After Phoibe feeds the bird, he gets angry because now the bird will never leave.
  • Vegeta pronounces Mount Ainos as Mount Anus.
  • He also tries to hunt animals, and gets killed by a wolf. He then tries to run away from the wolves.
    Vegeta: [after being killed by the wolf, weakly] Don't eat m'dick.
    [another wolf prepares to attack]
    Vegeta: Oh fuck, no more wolves.
  • The end of the playthough comes when Vegeta tries killing Talos the Stone Fist, ignoring the hint that says a red skull on top means they are too strong to fight. The strategy of not fighting comes to his mind and eventually...
    Vegeta: [after swearing a lot from dying yet again] Fuck this shit, unrealistic. 0/9000.

    Red Dead Redemption 2 

  • After finding Susie hiding, he decides to start calling her Nappa from that point on.
  • His reaction to Lancer calling him and Susie clowns.
    Vegeta: I am not a clown! Nappa maybe.

    Hitman 2 
  • Vegeta has trouble shooting out a camera at the beginning due to the recoil of the gun. When he finally shoots it:
    Vegeta: Haha! First try!
  • After he throws a flashbang and headshots the target:
    Vegeta: Boom! Haha! I'm so fucking good at this!
    Smash Cut to one firefight later...
    Vegeta: Alright, maybe I wasn't as great as I though but I'm still pretty goddamn good!
  • One of Vegeta's runs in the first mission ended up with him killing the target without alerting his presence. Normally it would be a successful stealth run until he decides to go scorched earth and kill everyone.
  • On another mission, he manages to do a stealth run, up until he kills the guard who frisked him before leaving.

    Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu 

    Spyro: Reignited Trilogy 
  • "Toys for Bob. Why does Bob get all the toys? Vegeta wants toys! I WANT TOYS!"
  • After freeing the dragons, the fairy shoots Spyro, according to Vegeta of course. He gets annoyed over it.
  • Vegeta reacting to one of the world's names, "Sunny Flight":
  • "Burninating the sky!"
  • He gets angry over not getting the cake, and gets more annoyed at being "shot at."
  • While hitting the goats, he calls himself The Prince of All Goats.
  • After the warrior dragon gets freed, he gets excited, up until he leaves and the fairy once again "shoots" him.
    Vegeta: Don't fucking touch me.

    Hades Early Access 

    Just Cause 4 
  • Vegeta still isn't happy over a single player game being online.
    Vegeta: Logging in... Performing online, why? It's a single player fucking game!
  • The start:
    Mira: I'm seeing explosions, what's going on?
    Vegeta: I'm destroying everything.
  • Vegeta claims to have been stealthy when they find out he is there.
  • "Excuse me, Playstation 2 human, what is happening?"
  • Vegeta hates how he can't kill people after the Grappling hook and wingsuit is broken.
  • When asked about why play Just Cause, it's the story. Same reason for why people watch pornography.
  • After taking a tank, Vegeta claims he has no regard to everyone's safety.
  • At the end:
    Vegeta: Yeah, nowhere to be seen. Mysteriously as I came, I disappeared. And that's how Trunks was born. Heyoo!

    Donkey Kong Country 

    Super Ghouls And Ghosts 
  • Consider the difficuty of the series that Vegeta is about to play. Consider Vegeta's Hair-Trigger Temper. Recognize the logical conclusion.
  • Vegeta takes the opening cutscene with remarkable nonchalance.
    Vegeta (regarding Arthur running past the civilians during the festival) Wow, what're we all looking at? Where are you going in such a hurry? (reaches the castle) That's a small castle. (mock panting as Arthur reaches the throne room) Ah, made it. (Cue outside thunderstrikes revealing demons) Uh, what? Ah, more of them.
  • Vegeta revels in Arthur having a woman cuddle up to him.
    Vegeta Yeah, you know it.
  • Vegeta's introduction to the armor shattering mechanic is hilarious:
    Vegeta Wha - WHAT the fuck?! What is happ - wha - where'd my clothes go?!
    • And he later wonders who the hell designs armor that fragile. His first suspect is the Tuffles.
  • Vegeta's frustrations with the first level's difficulties lead to this hilarious line:
    Vegeta I'm just trying to have a nice run in the graveyard, with my fucking boxers on; y'know, a general Sunday...!
  • The crowner, however, has to be the very end, where Vegeta discovers the ocean wave hazard and how it can lead to a One-Hit Kill, with little to no warning as to where you're supposed to stand:

    Resident Evil 2 Demo 
  • Throughout the demo Vegeta complains that he has to be the one to fix everything, with an edit of duct tape being added to repair whatever it is. At the end of the demo he runs into the thirty minute time limit to play and smashes the screen with his controller. He then adds duct tape to the screen.

    Think of the Children 
  • "Think of the children? NO."
  • "All right you little shits. This time, don't fucking die OR I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!"
  • Vegeta makes the point that for all that he's on trial for letting one of the kids get hit by a car, he doesn't see them prosecuting the driver that actually hit the kid.
    "Where's that guy? Huh? Or lady. Ladies can kill children too."

    Yoshi's Crafted World 
  • Vegeta keeps referring to Yoshi as a Namekian.
  • Vegeta making Yoshi stick his tongue out to a Piranha Plant.
  • "You just throw your young? That's so...efficient!"
  • That moment of Nightmare Fuel where Vegeta points out that a Koopa Troopa stuck in his shell while it bounces between two walls never to stop is an 'existential torment' is still funny for how out of place it is in a lets play of such a cheery game.
  • "Poochy's a little murder machine."

    One Piece: Grand Cruise 

    Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot 
  • "Oh. Oh, fine, I see how it is. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Oh yeah, cause he's so fucking important! Where's Dragon Ball Z: Vegeta? The good game? Huuuuh?! WHERE?! Motherfu— This is the last time I do this shit for you."
  • When Goku talks to Gohan about his hope to fight Piccolo again, Vegeta censors every mention of "fight" in the conversation, making it instead sound like... well, you know.
  • When looking at a photo taken from the original Dragon Ball, Vegeta is distracted by how big Krillin's head was as a kid.
    Vegeta: It's like a bobblehead. Like one of those... Foon-ko Pops.
  • Vegeta accusing Piccolo of stealing his Beam Spam. Then when he starts playing as Piccolo he gives him shit when his Ki-blasts can't destroy a stone arch.
  • Considering he starts playing as Goku, and that game being named after Goku, Vegeta is about as happy to be playing this game as you'd expect... until he sees Goku getting beat up by Raditz, which he finds hilarious, laughing hysterically for a solid minute as the cutscenes play. Turns out he wasn't aware that Raditz's first fight against Goku was a Curb-Stomp Battle, because he assumed that Raditz was going to die at Kame House, then lets out a Big "WHAT?!" when Raditz knocks out Goku in one hit.
    Vegeta: (as Raditz is stomping Goku's chest) I changed my mind, this is the best thing ever. Oh, I'm lightheaded. Oh god.
    • Speaking of Raditz, Vegeta voices nothing but contempt and disappointment for him up to the point where he expected Goku to kill him.
      Vegeta: (after Raditz killed the farmer) I guarantee you he was proud of that.
    • He also takes a moment to laugh at Yamcha getting killed by a Saibaman.
      Yamcha: I guess these monsters weren't as tough as you thought!
      Vegeta: Wait for it...
      (Saibaman jumps onto Yamcha and self-destructs)
      Vegeta: Ahahahahaha! It never gets fucking old! Ah, that's great.
  • Then he gets to his fight with Goku and, of course, he lets himself (well, Goku) get beat up by himself.
    Vegeta: Oh, I have waited a very, very long time for this. (...) Yes! Get him! Get him, me! Hahahaha! Beat the shit out of him! Come on, Kakarot, fight back! "Oh no, Vegeta, you're too strong! Ah! Please stop, I'm low-grade Saiyan garbage!" (...) "Oh no, you broke all my pocket bacon! Oh, you're just too elite!" (...) That's right. Ahhh... this is so cathartic... I feel like this is a form of therapy.
    • His response to the eventual Game Over screen, implying that he let himself beat Goku over and over again: "Oh, no, no, no, no. This game's just beginning."
  • The second he gets to the Namek Saga, Vegeta quickly calls it the best game ever, due to taking control over himself and going through all his victories during the arc... and then he gets to the part where Frieza beats him to death. Cue Rage Quit.
    • Depending on how you look at it, it's either funny or horrific that he Rage Quit at that point in the story. If Vegeta had gotten that far into the game, then that would mean that he endured seeing himself losing to Zarbon and Reccoome. Even if you consider that he knew he would get back at them, there's still the fact he also must have beaten himself as Goku and Gohan to have even played through Namek to begin with. He accepted beating himself as Goku more than he does losing to Frieza.
      • However, we all know of Vegeta's insistence that whatever Goku can do he can do better. And if Vegeta could claim that he's better at beating himself than Goku is, we all know damn well he would.

    Cyberpunk 2077 



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