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  • His video on Invisible Art features him reading from the manifesto of the Museum of Invisible Art. Halfway through reading the second section, he audibly struggles not to burst into laughter at how absolutely ridiculous and pretentious the 'poetry' is.
  • Launches a driveable outhouse in the air in Need For Speed II: "Just making sure the moon has a quality shitter."
    • The entirety of the video is just him driving the secret cheat code cars and generally trying to wreck the other racers. It doesn't exactly work, but it's hilarious.
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    • "I'm not racing as just any old outhouse. I am Turbo Shitter!"
    • "Too much speed, we're flying!" (proceeds to fly off the map) "Turbo Shitter! Nooooo!"
    • His first line after the opening: "My race car this afternoon is just a standard dinosaur. Should be a tooth and nail battle for first place."
  • Hears a baby cry in Shutter: "Somebody get that baby a stock portfolio."
  • During a Cry of Fear video, he reaches the first jump scare that makes other players jump or shout in fright. His response? "Excuse me sir, you're interfering with my photography, please move over."
  • Most people would immediately shriek or freak out at the sight of the Slender Man from Slender. What he did upon seeing him for the first time? He tried to arrest him for trespassing.
    • He called Slender Man a "sack of juiced nipples" and "Spaghetti Arms."
    • Trying to evade Slender Man by running in a zigzag the way you do with alligators.
    • Similarly in SCP – Containment Breach, he tried to arm wrestle SCP-173 only to accidentally walk past its field of vision and got his neck snapped. Later he tried to fight it for real only to get his ass handed to him again.
  • Watching the intro cutscene to Pepsiman and not understanding the dialogue: "And since I can't understand what he's telling me, I may as well be talking to a cow's udder."
    • "Parkour!" (gets hit by a car) "Aw, shit."
    • And then he gets hit again: "It is Pepsiman's anger that will drive him to succeed - Fuck you, car."
    • When he completes the first level, he tries to guess the plot of the game: "So using what I know about Isaac Newton, and cross-referencing that information with the mathematical formulas constructed by Euclid, I can accurately deduce that Pepsiman is hand-delivering these large quantities of Pepsi over to a tribal group of aliens. The plot thickens."
      • He keeps going after the second level: "Pepsiman is delivering the Pepsi, to the rectums of the aliens! Shit, that truck just hit him, the government is trying to assassinate him for what he's trying to do! So Pepsiman is now being framed for high treason when all he's trying to do is quench the thirst of the aliens' dehydrated assholes. Such a noble act of heroism, I, for one, will not stand by and let shit depart from my ass cheeks while Pepsiman needs our help - I, have, been, flattened."
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    • The Running Gag with the woman crossing the street.
    "Bitch, please, you had to know the wiener warrior known as Pepsiman was coming through! Stay on the sidewalk until you're ready for the big leagues."
    • "It's really quite peculiar: Pepsiman in essence is Pepsi, but he's being hunted by Pepsi - (giant can crushes him) - and I'm getting my ass kicked by Pepsi."
  • He's well known for being fearless, but the only thing that's scared him is catching a leaf out of his peripheral vision. That he thought was a Ninja Turtle. See it here.
  • In his playthrough of The Theater, what was his reaction to meeting the Swirly Faced Man in all his screechy wonder?
  • His pitching techniques in 98 Koshien. It's way too funny to give away.
  • Super Mario Br0s 3.
    "This is making me wanna purchase a pair of bowling shoes and then cut my feet off so I can't use the shoes properly."
    • Just everything he says about the trees.
  • Try watching his dubs of Anthony Sullivan's infomercials with a straight face.
  • In The Shit Mystery, he gives a scientific explanation of how defecation works, with lots of technical terms... while his attempt at 3D animation plays in the background. It looks like it was made in 5 minutes in Blender.
  • In his Zoo Tycoon video, he made this acronym as a helicopter took one of his gazelles away: "November. India. Papa. Papa. Lima. Echo. Sierra."
    • He changed the name of his zoo from "Grasslands Zoo" to "Fisting Festival" in order to makes customers feel welcome.
    • He keeps ignoring (or maybe not even noticing) the alerts telling him that the peafowls are drowning or that animals are starving.
    • "Nothing says quality zookeeping like a good old-fashioned peafowl mauling."
    • He put the zoo's bathroom on top of a mountain surrounded by guardian tigers, and dumps a man in a pit of forty tigers because he disliked the zoo. His attempts to kill as many human patrons as possible (or at least make their visit very difficult) are pretty funny in general.
    • He zoomed into first person view, the result being absolute pandemonium.
    • "If this doesn't elicit piss from your nostrils, nothing will!"
  • Saying that he has never been so happy when he beat Oregon Trail, while still staying absolutely deadpan.
    • His names for his party in all of the videos:
    The Full Power Of Titties
    Cows Can Touch Ass Cheeks
    When Shitting Tell Asshole ThankYou
    Smell What The Rock Cooks
    Nipple Titties The Final Frontier note 
    • His gravestones' epitaphs: "HERE LIES SHIT"
    • Him not buying clothes for his party because he "wants everyone naked".
    • His reasons for buying bullets, including defense against hordes of zombies and games of Russian Roulette with the family.
    • His reaction to one of his party members drowning in a river less than 4 feet deep.
    • The conclusion he jumped to after one of his party members contracted measles and one of his oxen was injured in the span of one night.
    • His wondering how a thief could have stolen nine oxen in the middle of the night.
    • The jobs he gives his oxen, including medical duty, street racing, fighting in UFOC (Ultimate Fighting Oxen Championships) matches, hoof-to-hoof combat, and even reviving dead party members.
    • ""Is has measles." I can't tell if that's a statement or if it's telling me my party member already has measles. "One of the oxen is injured." What the fuck happened last night?!"
    • One particular part in Organ Trail:
    Text box: Titties turned suddenly and bit Frontier! You had to kill Titties.
    Cr1TiKaL: (Beat) What has this world come to? I'm pretty sure Frontier was bit previously, so the zombies are turning on each other.
  • During Oswald the Elephant:
    "Just walk on the stilts! Use the stilts! Be one with the stilts! You are the stilts! Feel the stilts! Have sex with the stilts, Oswald!"
  • In his video of the original Surgeon Simulator 2013, Critikal uses the hammer to break open the ribcage and sends bones AND the lungs flying, causing him to cry out "Oh, what the fuck? Happy birthday!"
  • Dear Lord, everything in his Happy Wheels commentary.
    "How was I supposed to know to keep my child alive? There should be a message in the beginning, 'Child is useful, do not murder!'"
  • From his Miami Traffic 3 commentary:
    *steals a car and drives away quickly*
    "It looks like Christmas has come early, ladies and gentlemen!"
    * crashes into a building and the car explodes*
    "...Fucking terrific."
  • Ski Jumping Pairs. The already hilarious gameplay footage that exemplifies the "Japan is Weird" stereotype mixed with Critikal's commentary creates comedy gold.
  • His way of cooking a turkey.
  • Pretty much the entirety of his Winback play through, but the absolute crowning moment is when Cr1tikal says, "this game is exactly how I remember it" as the bad guy glitches out in the background.
  • While playing Babysitter Bloodbath ,at 5:55, Cr1tikal actually laughs when a guy tells him he's been drinking liquor and tipping cows. The comments section exploded, with everyone freaking out about Cr1tikal's laughter.
  • The first line of his Winnie Home Run Derby commentary: "What's up, everybody, it's Critikal. I'm playing Winnie Home Run Derby: Legend of the Fuck Owl."
    • His reaction to hitting a foul ball: "OHHH! Everyone's fucking!"
    • "Most owls can turn their heads 270 degrees in both directions. This owl can fuck itself in all directions."
    • "For what reason are you an owl? And why have you decided to take up baseball as a hobby? This owl needs some toilet paper, because it's a dirty asshole."
    • "This owl just doesn't have feathers, it's made out of asscheeks. It has asscheeks for feathers."
    • Just the fact that he refers to playing against each character as fighting and defeating them is somehow hilarious.
    • And the fact that he's getting extremely immersed in what was meant to be a simple game for younger children.
  • This line from his Super Monkey Ball commentary: "If I had six fingers on one hand right now I would slap the shit out of a gopher."
    • "I don't know how many bananas it is, it's probably enough to feed a family of marsupials for twenty-five years."
    • "Now that looks scary. Feels as though my dick is trying to burrow its way back into my body. But I'm not gonna let it, I'm going to restore my wiener's honor."
    • Critikal suspects that Dr. Scholl trapped the monkeys in balls.
    • "You fucking ass-spanking, fruit-punch-drinking, guitar-playing, shit-eating piece of alligator jizz!"
    • "I am going to regurgitate all of my previous meals."
    • When Dr. Bad-boon's airship flies in in the cutscene: "Oh, speaking of a giant flying dildo, there's one right there!"
  • One of his instructions in the Don't Shit Your Pants commentary is "gather energy for spirit bomb."
  • His frigging terrible gameplay of Touhou: Mountain of Faith is absolutely hilarious. Taken into the fact he's never played Touhou yet decided to pick the Lunatic difficulty for his first time.
    • Also doubles as a Moment of Awesome as he got pretty far without once pressing the shift key.
  • In his Orion commentary, when a group of dinosaurs are attacking him, he says, "Oh, damn it, Team Rocket's taking it to me!"
    • He runs into a dinosaur with a vehicle and sends it sailing up into the sky. It's pretty clear he wasn't expecting that to happen.
    "Oh. Wow. Welcome to the cosmos, dinosaur."
    • "You're going to sit there with socks on your feet and tell me I ran all this way to not even be able to stand on a simple appliance?"
  • His commentary on the Dark Souls series. In the first one, he tells his story of how Nintendo Hard buying the actual game was.
  • From his Mr. President commentary, his "playing street hockey" with the murdered President's body.
    • "Oh...I guess I'm his new briefcase."
    • "Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement: That was not the President. I'm the President. TALLY HO!" (leaps into the crowd)
    • Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You playing whenever the Secret Service character attempts a Diving Save.
  • In his Burger Making commentary, he makes every single order he's given absolutely wrong, and then gets offended when the customer is angry. "Tell me how delicious that burger is, Wally! ...You're an asshole, Wally."
    • "Miss Penny will be a little scared at first, but then she'll realize the burger just wants a hug, she'll give it a hug, and then the burger fingers her. It's the perfect plan."
    • His complete irrational hatred of Chuck. All of it.
    • How he attempts to seduce Miss Prudence with a burger. At first, he puts all of the right ingredients on her burger, and you think it'll be the first one he's done right in the whole video. But before he puts the bun on, he piles on an absolute mountain of "his semen" (mayo).
  • In his IWBTG commentary, his reaction when an apple flies up off a tree and kills him: "Why the fuck are the apples not bound by gravity? No apple falls from a tree going up! I'm sitting here abiding by the laws of gravity like an asshole, but these apples can defy it whenever they want to?"
    • When he gets to the third screen (which is full of spikes and clouds), he wonders if it's the future of pornography.
    • "You know something has gone awry when you're being hunted by apples."
    • "My arch-nemesis...We meet again and this time I have an erection! Whole different ball game. And I still got...eviscerated."
    • (makes it to the end of the fourth screen) Yes! Harvard professors deemed it impossible, but I did it! (gets crushed by spike plate) ...The day I beat this game is the day the Earth stands still."
  • He calls the nameless Pumpkin Ra's al Ghul, Donald Trumpkin, and a sentient basketball.
  • In the Spiderman 2 video, he interprets Aunt May's reaction to being kidnapped by Doc Ock's gang as a sign of her actually being part of the gang.
    • When he reaches Mysterio and sees that his costume has eyes on its chest: "I wasn't looking at your titties, Mysterio, your titties were looking at me!"
  • Goat Simulator, in its entirety.
    • "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your tongue, so that I may climb up it and supply you with this dope dick."
    • Goat!Critikal runs for reelection as mayor and does a stage dive.
    • After falling off a tower: "Fuck me, shove a candy cane down my dickhole, damn it!"
    • "The second I reenter reality, I'm coming back to that fighting ring and I'm taking you to lunch!"
    • His reactions to being constantly flung up into the air. "No. No, no. Honey Nut Cheeri-No's!"
    • He predicts that our world will devolve into a dystopia in the future if we don't allow goats to participate in our sporting events.
  • Cr1tikal plays Purin to Ofuro and, slight creepiness of the game aside, has a blast slapping a girl named Purin about while she slaps back.
    • "Holy shit, she is just delivering my pizza right now, fuck!"
    • *camera moves down to show the player character's headless shadow* "This is exactly what I thought I was when I entered the bathtub. A floating headless torso. Who else would you wanna be in the bathtub with you at the same time? I mean just look at this, this is clearly Washington Irving's first draft of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow I mean that's what this game is based on obviously."
    • "It seems you forgot to add soap to your bath experience! Allow me to...slap your titties until they produce milk and thus artificial bubbles! Why are you not lactating yet, I just gave your titties the one-two-slapperoo!"
  • His rant while playing Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal
    • "You have the audacity to tell me that this is "EASY TO UNDERSTAND" when I'm over here decoding hieroglyphics trying to figure out what the FUCK these characters are saying to me in thier cryptic, disruptive language. They're missing W's, they're missing G's, they're missing grammer; and you're going to tell me it's fucking "EASY TO UNDERSTAND"? You sit there on your high horse and tell me it's "EASY TO UNDERSTAND" you can go right the fuck ahead and shit in my rectum, if that's what you're trying to do."
  • From Octodad - "That's a nice position, looks like I'm about to get a blowjob from a stegosaurus."
  • He spends much of the Silent Hills playable teaser getting angry at cockroaches.
    "I think they're the most disgusting, awful, revolting, repulsive, putrid, rancid, hopeless, meaningless, careless, pointless, useless, nippleless, wiener-fondling, fart-inducing, shit-producing sacks of filth this world can offer."
  • Five Nights at Freddy's is apparently the most-requested game Critikal has ever played, and for good reason.
    • His increasing anger at the previous guard's verbosity.
    • The entire story he tells, about a time when he was receiving a blowjob while really needing to take a piss.
    • (while opening and closing the door repeatedly on Bonnie) "I can do this all day, bear. All day. Peekaboo."
    • "Well this is really stirring my pasta."
    • His non-chalant, almost bored reaction when Bonnie attacks him.
    Cr1tikal: (puts camera down) "Oh, okay then."
  • Hybrid Heaven. oh dear god...
    • The absolute crowning moment is when the main character answers the door while jacking off and critikals commentary just makes it even better.
  • The Captain Pronin quadrilogy.
    • "I milk myself when I run."
    • Critikal!Pronin arguing with the sex hotline operator.
    • "Anytime, Mr. President. Look, feel free to contact me whenever about whatever. You want me to do magic at a birthday party? Alakazam, I'm right there fucking your wife."
    • Critikal!Pronin's accordion performance.
    (tears accordion in half) Fuckin' nailed it.
    • "Why are the New York Yankees stealing statues?"
    • "You answer Pronin when Pronin speaks to you!" (walks off in a tutu) "You don't answer my questions, I steal your clothes. I'm a gorgeous ballerina." (walks onstage during the ballet) "Rub your nipples on my cock, you fucking amateurs! Get out of the way, I'm Captain Pronin!"
    • "Don't blow your load yet, Chef Boyardee, I got more for you."
    • "Sorry, honey, the President wants to do Jello shots off my nipples."
    • He wasn't the best father but I always looked up to him because he was 8 feet tall.
    • "Do you like nature? Well, that's too fuckin' bad, here's a bear. You're watching Cobmecthoe...Npean...partine and some Russian shit."
  • The Worst Cutscene Ever Created. Critikal's anger and confusion over the cutscene's crappiness and plot is priceless.
  • Critikal finds himself a copy of Foodfight with blind idiot translation subtitles. It's so absurd that even he can't do the entire thing deadpan and starts cracking up a few times.
  • And now, he's found the worst game he's ever played. Bonus points for raging over the fact that he can't even understand the dialogue.
    "I can't understand what these characters are saying half the time. What's his name? Benjamin Spoon-Carrots or something?"
    "If a man lit my car on fire, took a shit in my shoes, milked my dogs without their consent, and stepped on my thumb, I would still hope he lives a life where he never has to play this game."
  • Now, Critikal has found out that wrestling is real after all.
    "Just as my father told me when I was a wee lad, wrestling will evolve and take place above the ring."
  • Layers of Fear:'
    • When he was reading the opening line, he decides to add an extra letter.
    "Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the shitter."
    • His brief singing at one point:
    "Oh, oh, oh, AH! I can't feel my WIENER when I'm with you! But I love WIENER! But I love WIENER!"
  • Critikal shows the highlights of Deadmau5's performance at TI5
  • The fact that, after so long being known among fans for not showing his face, he finally does so... playing two recorders.
  • Cr1tikal shows up in an episode of Planet Dolan. He has his introduction interrupted by a cough.
  • In his Emily Wants To Play video, Cr1tikal gets bored of the game and decides to play his ukelele. Then the lights go out and Cr1t drops his ukelele trying to reach for the mouse.
    "You bent me over, and handled me like a man, but you didn't come inside me, you came in my haaaaaaaaaand, yeah, you- [giggling] oh shit, oh fuck, fuck [ukelele falls], okay, well, yes, yep- just dropped the ukelele lunging for the mouse- [doll kills the player character] Perfect, yep. That was ten minutes well spent and I probably just busted this fucking ukelele. That's... now we're feeling it.
  • Cr1TiKaL and his good friend Kaya decide to watch some wrestling. Throughout the video, especially when New Jack gets the upper hand against Gypsy Joe, Cr1TiKaL, who is known for being The Stoic and a Deadpan Snarker, absolutely breaks down laughing multiple times.
  • Two words: Sad Fish. It features Cr1TiKaL making fun of depressed-looking fish, especially the frogfish.
  • Cracking up while reading the MONA Manifesto
  • The Huggbees Baste Just... The Huggbees Baste.
  • Yu Yu Hakushit, an abridgement of Yu Yu Hakusho: The Movie and a hastily made entry into Team Four Star's abridging competition. It's... something.
    • The disclaimer. Instead of simply rattling off copyrights and ownerships, it's Critikal rambling a bunch of silly nonsense.
    • The sound effects are merely Critikal and Huggbees making a bunch of noises, with the exception of the running sounds, which can be heard as "Taptaptaptaptap" or "Runrunrunrunrunrun", as well as THE SOUND IT MAKES WHEN SOMEONE PICKS UP AN ORANGE!
    • The plot. A vitamin C monster has kidnapped a baby and will only give him up if he's brought an orange. Yusuke concludes that the best place to find an orange is in Hell.
    • While running towards the main villain's lair, Kuwabara is grabbed by the leg by a hand emerging from the ground and trips over, remarking that it's a nasty handjob. Immediately afterwards, a mook with a photoshopped demon face and nightmarish voice goes over the sheer torment that he will inflict on Yusuke and company for a full minute, after which Yusuke and Kuwabara decide to, in their own words, run like little bitches.
    • Hiei's voice is replaced with that of Tim Kitzrow.
    Hiei, after cutting a Mook into pieces: BOOMSHAKALAKA!
    • The vitamin C monster gets covered in lava and spends half a minute bitching about how much it hurts.
    Vitamin C monster: I don't think you guys understand how much this hurts. I was in fucking LAVA. That shit's, like, a thousand fucking degrees.
    • Afterwards, the monster decides to use his ultimate attack. He never gets to use it but he spends a very long time saying its name.
    • The ending. Yusuke is unsure of what to do next, with Kuwabara suggesting he come to his bar mitzvah. Suddenly, all characters in the shot are shown wearing yarmulkes. Then the camera pans out to show the Earth itself wearing one.
  • MGS V: Saving Miller - he gets so pissed at Miller for asking him "What took you so long?" that he spends the entire video killing him.
  • During his gameplay of Outlast, he reacts to a Jump Scare of a screaming headless corpse falling from the ceiling by calling him rude for yelling at him.
  • The Wrestling Match of the Century. Cr1TiKaL plays WWE 2K15 and sets up a 6-man elimination chamber match...with five of the wrestlers all being different versions of Brendan Fraser, who all share the exact same entrance animation and music. And the sixth wrestler? Cow Man, making his return from earlier WWE videos.
  • Cr1TiKaL made a parody video where he spoofs fidget spinners, ouija boards and the incessant request to like the video that some YouTubers do...while wearing an Elsa helmet on top of it.
    "It's Shit Pants Scary Ghost Guy!"
  • How to destroy an economy via monkey nuts according to Cr1tiKal.
  • Cr1TiKaL decided to play Roblox in a stream. This is a video with the stream's highlights, and it's...glorious, to say the least. One particular clip has most players in the map, as well as somebody who donated, simply chanting JOIN BRICK BOYZ. Cr1T, once again, known for being an eternal stoic and Deadpan Snarker, entirely loses his shit, unable to emit anything other than small giggles.
    Cr1TiKaL: (speechless with laughter)
  • Every goddamn frame of his Enviro Bear 2000 gameplay...or rather his gameplay of a bear driving sim. To elaborate, the former half has him accidentally throw his clock away, but is still able to hibernate before winter - and later on, a large rock presses down on the bear's gas pedal, perpetually ramming him into a larger rock. Plus, the entirety of the latter half has the bear's car progressively become filled to the absolute brim with random objects like pine cones, leaves, rocks, fish, berries, bees and at one point a badger. Cr1T also focuses on ramming into the A.I. opponents, and in the end is still able to complete the level with only just a few seconds left!
    "And my passenger seat is filled to the bitch with scrotum tickling accessories."
  • His attempted playthrough of Battletoads, which is basically just him trying to complete Turbo Tunnel for 8 minutes while also mistaking his character as a frog, only realizing that he's a toad almost 7 minutes into the video.
    "Show them what you're workin' with, Mr. Frog, yeeeeaah... (dies) anus..."
    "Frog fury, bitches, here it is, that's a wall..."
  • Aside from a small scream after a leaf flies in front of his scope while playing Medal of Honor, Cr1tikal has never been scared by a video game before: even Outlast, Five Nights at Freddy's and Slenderman fail to elicit any signs of fear from him. So what finally manages to make Cr1tikal scream? 3AM at the Krusty Krab.
  • His Sodden Super Slam Smackdown livestream, showing gameplay of WWE 2K18 featuring four of his most popular characters: Beef Testosterone, Captain Pronin, Cow Man and Professor Sad, all fighting each other and in a tag team against Fetishimo, Optimus Prime, Ourvork The Conqueror and a pink Trix Rabbit - in addition to Super Snorkler who appears in a Ladder match. Highlights include:
    • Tiana voicing her hopes on Ourvork winning in a 8-way Battle Royale match. Only moments after, he's the first to be thrown out of the ring.
    • Optimus Prime's continuous No Holds Barred Beatdowns towards Super Snorkler, to the point where Charlie states just how much Prime hates the Snorkler.
    • Cow Man thwarting Ourvork's pin on Beef...the latter immediately responding by trying to attack Cow Man, who punches him right in the face. And then Ourvork shoves Cow Man right off the ring.
    "Oh, by God, Cow Man again is cheating! Jesus motherfucking Christ!"
    • Cow Man randomly punching Fetishimo in the face, despite the latter not even being tagged in.
    • Pretty much the majority of the 8-man tag team match, especially the climax: after Cow Man thwarts Optimus' pin on Beef, an enraged Prime tosses Cow Man into the corner of the ring, before throwing Beef in the same corner, and then the unthinkable occurs. Due to a brutal Game Breaking Glitch, Optimus finds himself in the corner as well, engaging in a position that can only be described as a turnbuckle threeway. When the creation of the "peanut butter and fuck sandwich" has ended, the scene seems to have affected the rest of the fighters, with them continuously entering and exiting the ring and their tag positions, and some even just wandering aimlessly...and Cow Man? He remains in the corner of the ring for the rest of the match, completely unmoving and presumably Died Standing Up. Or, in Charlie's words: "Cow Man's spine has literally been severed". Even the referee is also affected, perpetually staring off into space or right at Cow Man directly unless a pin is being performed. In the end, the new characters manage to best the OG squad, Trix doing the pin on Beef.
    • The last match of the stream ends with the game finally giving up the ghost and crashing. Charlie assumes that it was because the game couldn't handle any more of Cow Man's relentlessness, which technically means that Cow Man has earned a long sought for victory after everyone elsenote  won before him.
  • Cr1TiKaL trolling his teammates while playing Last Year: The Nightmare by refusing to rescue them from closets unless they meet his demands - such as doing an impression of Heath Ledger's Joker from The Dark Knight, or answering trivia questions.
  • For the better part of 2018, people in the comment section of Cr1TiKaL's videos kept requesting him to do a Moist Meter on Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. For Christmas, he went out on an errand.
  • While playing Fear of Nightmares, he gets killed by a jumpscare consisting of a werewolf flying at him while making a loud screeching. He then (in his standard monotone) states this was the first jumpscare to ever startle him. The rest of the video is him describing how angry he is that a "bottom of the nutsack barrel" jumpscare actually scared him.
  • The entirety of 2019 Guy. Intentionally sung in the style of a particularly angsty and pretentious early 2000s band.
    My dick's not big
    My girlfriend fucks my friend
    You say I'm down on my luck
    I say it's a win-win,
    'cause I'm a cuck!
    And I hope he fucks her good
    In a way I wish I could
    I just want to WATCH!
  • Tumblr user poolnareff's AMV's, which reveal that cr1tikal's voice works really well for Jotaro Kujo.


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