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  • Acceptable Targets:
    • Douchetubers like the Paul Brothers, KSI, and RiceGum, as well as other children-exploitative YouTube content like N&A productions.
    • IGN for its infamous plagiarism controversy.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: His entire commentary style in summary can be described as this trope. In particular, his very long, very detailed story from his Five Nights at Freddy's playthrough where he talks about how he tried to receive a blowjob while he had to take a piss.
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  • Estrogen Brigade: It's a well-acknowledge fact among the Youtube comments that everyone (straight men included) finds Critikal attractive, and that was before he did a face reveal that turned out to be just as handsome as he sounds.
  • Genius Bonus: In "Boat Racing", he says, when driving the boat, "Faster than a bullet, more unstable than francium." Francium is actually a very unstable element, due to its short half-life.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The video "Finger Family Mystery" opens with him saying he's "gone down one of the deepest rabbit holes mankind has ever known". The next year, Down the Rabbit Hole would also cover the Finger Family Videos, and included some segments from his video right at the beginning.
  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient: Critikal is infamous for being The Faceless for the majority of the time...until now at least, when he ended up giving out his Snapchat name on a video and fans were able to see this and this. The fans (and arguably the internet) lost it.
    • Made even better when Critikal uploaded this and this.
  • Memetic Mutation:
  • Memetic Badass:
    • He has developed this reputation among his fanbase.
    • He applies this trope to Russian cartoon character Captain Pronin.
    • Vasily Kamotsky, Siberian farmer and unstoppable slap machine. Critikal practically spearheaded his whole following in the West once he started following slapping contests. And granted, Vasily is someone that can put the average man on the ground with a single slap, so it's well deserved.
  • Misaimed Fandom: Inverted by "Yu Yu Hakushit", an entry into Team Four Star's #TIBA competition. While Critikal fans loved it, few TFS fans seemed to understand that the video was deliberately awful for comedy in direct contrast to the absurdly high production values they were used to, and widely panned it. TFS themselves thankfully caught the joke and were far more respectful, letting the video down gently saying it wasn't their cup of tea.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • He mentions this trope by name when talking about the long line of zombie-faced workers in the Chemical Spillage simulator game.
    • His gameplay of Five Nights at Freddy's. Even with his commentary, the jump scares (and the anticipation of them) can be enough to make you scroll away and turn the volume to the lowest possible.
    • The "Eye Surgery" game he played is downright horrifying. Even with Critikal's goofy commentary, it's hard to not cringe when he's tearing into Marie's eyeball. It got worse at the end when he got a game over and assumed the patient died. She didn't, Critikal ran out of time.
    • At the beginning of "The Thickness", he says that he's "really shitty" at Dark Souls III, so rather than continuing with his first character, Big Moist, he makes another one by the name of Brendan Fraser. He ends up creating a character with an unnerving Slasher Smile, and it's so disturbing that Cr1TiKaL abandons the project and makes a whole new character entirely.
    "Wow. This is genuinely disturbing." note 
  • Nightmare Retardant: His commentary when playing horror games makes them a whole lot less scary.
    • Especially his The Walking Dead commentary. During a particularly gruesome fight with a zombie, he describes the zombie as a prostitute that he is not fighting, but having sex with.
    Cr1tikal: (while beating the zombie's head in with a hammer) "I am the carpenter of sex. You are not engaged in proper intercourse unless there is a hammer or some kind of construction instrument involved."
    • Another good example is in his Slender commentary. Most players flip shit and run away screaming when Slender Man shows up. What does Critikal do? Fearlessly charges at him, trying to arrest him for trespassing.
    Cr1tikal: (to the other D-class personal while dealing with SCP-173) "Hey, you two stay out of this. This is between me, this wall, and this Martian that looks like a foam finger."
    Cr1tikal: Serenade me Fazbear, serenade my candy ass.
    Cr1tikal: Taste knowledge, you invisible douchebag!


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