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  • Cr1TiKaL's videos detailing his interest in producing videos for the fun of it and not wanting any money from them. He follows up multiple times explaining how he's donating the money to charity and even goes so far as to try to take screencaps of the revenue he's made and is donating to the charities. YouTube, however, informed him that he isn't permitted, and so the viewer is left to take his word for it. Given his persistence, there's little reason to doubt him.
    • He has a twitter account he uses to post pictures of confirmed charity donations. This man strives to be a good example of humanity, and no silly YouTube rule is going to stop him!
  • A minor one but in the games with morality spectrums, he's seen as choosing the good side.
  • In his "Thank You" video, he says his ultimate goal is to end corruption.
  • In the Silent Hills playable teaser, when he hears that a pregnant woman was shot, he wanted to know if the baby survived.
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  • In the "Holy Shit" video, after reaching 1,000,000 subscribers, he reveals that over the last two years 50,000 dollars have been collectively raised for charity, and then goes on to talk about himself. He's very humble, and it's absolutely adorkable.
  • In his video "Can't Think of a Title", Cr1TiKaL explains that because he is still unemployed, he will start splitting the money he regularly gives to charity to survive until he finds a decent job that "doesn't make [him] miserable". That's right, the guy that has been donating 100% of his earning from YouTube for almost three years at the time of this writingnote  is telling his viewers that he feels absolutely horrible for taking money he legally earns and using it to survive instead of donating all of it.
    • And it goes both ways; almost every commenter in the video says that he has the right to do whatever he damn pleases with the money he earns and that they would accept more ads if it helped him get his life back on track.
  • In May 2015, still unemployed, Cr1TiKaL started a Patreon where people could subscribe to donate money if they wanted to, but assured everyone that it was totally optional and not expected. The Patreon reached $5,000/mo within days, and the Activity feed was full of long-time fans posting gifs from his videos, famous quotes, and heartwarming stories of how Cr1TiKaL improved their lives and how they're grateful for him (like soldiers abroad who are cheered up by his videos).
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  • His short speech about never abandoning hope in part 2 of his Layers of Fear series is very powerful.
  • His YouTube Strikes Situation video, where he pretty much says thank you to everyone for their support and encouragement while his account was disabled, and talks about how big of a part YouTube is in his life. The last parts of the video are pretty much just thanking the community again, saying he can't even put into words how much all of the support means to him personally.
  • He just graduated from the University of Tampa. Lots of fans are proud of him getting through it.
  • Along with it's hilarity, the poem The Huggbees Baste Critikal writes for his friend Andrew is absolutely heartwarming, as he wrote it to counter all the YouTube drama that sometimes gets overwhelming for some people.
  • When Critikal learned Toys R Us was going out of business, what did he do? In his own words, made his dog the happiest dog in the world.
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  • Upon being told that Calliope Mori of hololive, who is a big fan of his, sang 2019 Guy in a karaoke stream, he gave her an open invitation to sing any and all of The Gentle Men's songs. Before he even heard her cover himself, he was fully confident that she crushed it.
  • His video celebrating hitting 10 Million subscribers on YouTube, which sees him drop the Deadpan Snarker routine briefly to sincerely thank everyone for subscribing and reflect on his career.
  • Two words: "I'm Happy."
  • It's officially confirmed: "I Have the Cutest Cat in the World."