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In general

  • This video of Travis, and behind him is a Santa statue named Randall.
  • Yoshi & Travis LP The Best Game. Thorn was out of town for the week so Yoshi and Travis decided to do their own let's play. It looks like they're gonna play Batman: Arkham Knight, only for it to be revealed that they're actually LPing Hatoful Boyfriend. It goes downhill from there.
    • The voices they give the pigeons and the protagonist (whose name is McFrank Divorce) are Brooklyn accents. Oko San has a Samurai sounding voice.
    • Oko San flying into windows. Even when there are no windows nearby for him to fly into.
    • Because Mourning Doves aren't common in Japan but are in America, and despite that the characters have been given Brooklyn accents in Japan, they call the setting "JaBrooklyn".
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    • Travis having a hard time saying some words. He'll sorta attempt them, then give up half way through and sometimes say a completely different word (for example: Tri-fe = Triceratops).

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Bomberman Games

    Bomberman Hero 
  • Lets play Bomberman Hero has ThornBrain playing through the game as he and BigTUnit comment on the characters, level names, and ridiculous enemy designs.
    ThornBrain: And now we have a giant stingray.
    BigTUnit: (Pretending to be the stingray) I'm going to kill youuu.... I'm going to-
    The Stingray begins vibrating uncontrollably
    BigTUnit: -kill-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!
  • "Oh my God! IT'S A PARROT!"
  • Anytime Travis pretends to be one of the enemies. Especially with the mini-bosses.
    Travis: HI AHM THE DADDY!
  • The two's interpretation of Pibot as a sociopathic machine that takes delight in the suffering and death of others and occasionally harbors Ho Yay feelings towards Bomberman.
    "You came for me, my love. Let's fly away on a white stallion... Well it's not white anymore. It's kind of grey... I mean I crashed your ship. Allow me to hold you in my silver, human-killing arms."
  • ThornBrain's opinion of the game as the LP goes on. BigTUnit eventually points out the frequent complaints about the game compared to his praise of it in the first episode, causing Thorn to simply reply, "Fuck it."
  • In the final episode, while showing a montage from Millian's Treasure Hunt, the duo play Redial (which both commentators have made clear that they were sick of hearing by the end of the LP) over the montage and after the first loop begin adding lyrics to it.
  • "How dare you kill my sister! I'll backflip out of rage!"
  • Mentioning jumping in the water to get crystals.
    Travis: Oh, we were young and stupid back then.
  • Their interpretation of the dice block monster, and its life goal of rolling a 6.
  • The idea of Pibot having cake stuck to his back, and birds attacking him.

    Bomberman Jetters 
  • Their Bomberman Jetters LP was already guaranteed to be amusing, since these were the same guys who did the Abridged Series of the anime. However, the game's laughably bad voice acting (especially from Shout, Gangu, and Thunder Bomber), suicidal enemy AI, White Bomber and Max's insistence on saying the names of every item they pick up, and Max's complete lack of enthusiasm with everything he says added so much to the fire for the duo.
    • Special mention goes to "POOOOOOOOOOX!"
  • Shout's remarkably useless or obvious advice became the premise of many of their jokes, to the point where ThornBrain blamed his constant habit of getting caught in his own explosions on the fact that Shout never told him not to.
    • And from the final level:
    Shout: White Bomber, Max, I have no more advice to give you.
    Everyone: YEEEESSSSS!
  • The enemy is HAVING FUN! KILL THEM ALL!
    • The Higes have found religion! DESTROY!
  • The game says that the enemies are getting stronger "and stronger" in only Level 2, so Travis says that later the characters will warn Bomberman like, "THESE ENEMIES WILL RIP YOUR TESTICLES OFF!"
  • The guys mention hypothetical things that a mook attacking Bomberman with a clipboard would say.
  • Max getting really emotional over collecting watermelons:
    Travis: He gets really excited, like "MELON!"
    Thorn: I hate to break it to you...
    Yoshi: So he gets even more excited.
    • Then they find out he sounds a bit seductive when talking about the melon.
    • Their whole take on Max.
  • Yoshi and Travis try to make Thorn sound like he's better at using bombs with cannons than he is, only for Thorn to not realize this and they exaggerate how their joke is ruined because of that.
  • The entire discussion at the end of the second Green World video, involving Max and Birdy.
  • Thorn cut some footage that involves him pausing the game while killing an enemy, so the jump cut makes it look like the enemy disappeared out of nowhere, which got Yoshi confused for a moment.
  • Thorn and Travis's reaction to The Stinger after defeating the final boss.
  • Thorn and Yoshi's reactions to the tiger boss in UnderWorld. Specifically when Yoshi's making fun of him going "oww!" in the middle of his Evil Laugh, Birdy's advice, "An overconfident bowl", and this exchange:
    Yoshi: I wonder what the developers were thinking when they came up with this.
    Thorn: They weren't thinking.
  • The entirety of the battle against the Mujoe statue in HIGE Central. Truly no description can adequately describe the utter majesty of the brawl.
     Bomberman Generation 
  • Tentasia part 1:
    • At the beginning of the very first level, Yoshi assigns an incredibly hammy voice to Bomberman's odd running animation.
    • After the Charabom Battle:
    Yoshi: Well that was silly. Now back to fighting ferns!
    • Anything about Bomjy Jump, from Thorn's take on the name of it to Travis saying it's a form of execution.
  • Tentasia part 2:
    • The boss:
    Thorn: Presenting... a tap-dancing, Indian elephant.
    Epee Em: Oh by the way, the elephant is also a tank.
    • Earlier in the video is this short conversation on Professor Ein's useless "advice".
    Prof. Ein: Just keep climbing!
    Thorn: (imitating him) Shut the fuck up!
    Epee: (also imitating Ein) This level keeps going!
    Thorn: (still imitating) I keep talking!
  • The conversation about studmasters in the second part of OctoOcean.
    • The usefulness of Professor Ein's calls comes into question:
>> Syrg: So, I have to wonder, does the professor go calling anyone else, giving them advice? Because with you, it seems kind of self-evident: "Throw a bomb at it, Bomberman."
  • And Thorn and Syrg Sapphire's conversation on the ridiculous-looking boss:
Syrg: I'm still trying to figure out what in the hell this creature is supposed to be. It's got a battleship ass, some kind of floating brain in a jar on its front, shark-topus hands, and a squid's...body?
Thorn: I guess a hermit shark-topus?
Syrg: It's like Jabba the Hut fucked Lockheed Martin!
  • TakoDesert part 1:
  • TakoDesert part 2:
    • Yoshi claims that Ein got married immediately after second grade.
    • The joke weather forecast.
    • The boss of Tako Desert is trying to stop any and all Charabomb Merges, because he was born from one going horribly wrong.
    • The battle with Beast Pommy.
      • Jello saying that the P doesn't stand for "Pommy", it stands for "Pillow."
  • Nekki Moon:
    • Redundant mispronouncing Andlar as Andross.
    • Everyone's reaction to Constructor X.
    • While reading Bomberman's Wikipedia page, the group discovers that one of Bomberman's aliases is "Bomber John."
  • Majestar
    • The constant gender confusion over Bomber Elite.
      • Mocking the boss's comments.
      • The comments about how polite he is to the person he's trying to kill.
      Bomber Elite: (Throwing a bomb) Watch your step.
      Travis: Well, thank y-! Wait a minute...
      Thorn: (Imitating Bomber Elite's voice) Don't fall down the shaft!
      • Yoshi - (Laughing) "I'm sorry but I'm kinda laughing at the music. It's not exciting. And you're on an elevator fighting a he-she thingy."
    • Early in Mechanikal (which Thorn says is the Kraftwerk level), there's this:
    Prof. Ein: Stop the box!
    • When facing the pathetically easy boss, Thorn gets hit once (by his own bomb), causing Max to appear and seemingly insult Thorn.
    • The extensive jokes at the end about Mujoe's space battleship, and it being the worst airline ever.
  • ArmorJoe
    • The Japanese voices over the credits.
  • Bonus Episode
    • Travis gives advice to Thorn as his character is going through the mini game, but forgets that it's all pre-recorded.

    The First Bomberman Megathread 
  • In the video of the first NES Bomberman, Thorn dies, explaining that when you die, you lose your special powerups, including the ability to walk through bombs and walls. Immediately after respawning, he gets himself pinned between a bomb and a wall and tries to walk through the bomb... dying again in the process. Then right after that, he gets a bonus stage from dying.
  • Bomberman '93:
    • Planet Inferno is supposed to be the fire level but ends up being so In Name Only.
    Redundant: Well, this is exactly what I'd expect to be in a volcano of sorts; a stump and a fish.
    "They died, and they were prepared for death, and then became undead, and so you killed them to prepare them for death-death undead-death."
    • The entire discussion of the terrified platypi.
  • Super Bomberman:
    • As they reach the second boss.
      Travis: What's the boss this time. A robot with TWO arms?
      A giant clown head appears
      Thorn: OH MY GOD! What the-?
      Travis: Oh my... I have nothing to say to this.
    • And after they finally stop laughing.
      Thorn: Two things wrong with this.
      Travis: Two things. One: EVERYTHING!

    Bomberman 64 
  • The entire Green Garden video is packed with observations on how weird the game was, but one part that really sticks out is Travis conceding that Bomberman Hero might not be so bad in retrospect, compared to this.
  • For people who played the game or watched other playthroughs, seeing the way Thorn set up the bomb jumping sequences in the first level which is either wildly convoluted or in one case significantly faster than the intended way, but still really silly looking.
  • After the first video, Thorn shows footage of the bonus costume and curses out the game, and Travis cheers that it only took Thorn one episode to do that, compared to past Bomberman games.
  • Thorn demonstrates how Bomberman can die in Red Mountain and lose all of his progress. Travis moans, so Yoshi consoles him, confusing Thorn in the process.
    Thorn: "Yes, console Travis, the guy who didn't do it!"
  • The first time Thorn fights Altair.
  • Mocking the Artificial Stupidity during the True Final Boss, both from the boss himself and from the partner you get during said boss.
  • Travis's increasing contempt for the credits sequence.

    Super Bomberman 2 
  • Travis notes that the sound effect for dropping a bomb sounds like a man trying to swallow a tire.
    Highwang: How would you know what that sounds like?!
  • In the first video, Word on the Wind jokes on how some of the enemies look like lovecraftian monsters and comments that Cthulhu was behind the events of the game. When they reach the fight with the final boss, Word learns she wasn't too far off.
  • After beating Magnet Bomber, Travis mentions how sad he is that since the bosses are Bombers instead of things like the giant clown face from the first game, they wouldn't be able to make fun of them as much. Then Magnet Bomber gets in his giant punching robot to start the second phase of the fight.
    Travis: Oh! Never mind.

    Saturn Bomberman 
  • Travis keeps getting Mujoe's early localization name wrong.
  • The creepy voice Travis assigns to Dr. Ein.
  • The joke where Travis isn't even watching the recording while talking to Thorn and Yoshi.
  • All of them keep complaining about the lack of Samurai in Samurai World.
  • Thorn teases Yoshi and Travis about the possibility of a mine cart ride... right before riding one.
  • Travis gets disappointed when enemies and objects in Dino World aren't what they appear to be.
  • Thorn reminds Yoshi that he and Travis have had wacky sex, but forgets to add that it wasn't with each other.

    Bomberman 64: The Second Attack 
  • After defeating Regulus, everyone discusses the Religious and Mythological Theme Naming of all the major characters leading to Thorn suggesting that if he checked the Old Testament thoroughly enough he'd probably find a Bomberman in there.
  • When God appears as the final boss, they eventually assign him an Eeyore-like voice as they bring up the destruction of the universe.

Legend of Zelda Games

     Twilight Princess 
  • Epona becoming the reincarnation of Pibot.
  • Hey Hey (Link)'s odd fascination with goats.
  • As they encounter their first attack tutorial, ThornBrain points out how the skeleton serving as Link's mentor is actually the Link from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. From this, the three debate how Link must have immediately had a growth spurt and decomposed after Majora's Mask's ending. Then we get this:
    Travis: It would be funny if you fought the Wind Waker version so the skeleton was like really tiny but with a massive head.
  • And as the hidden move tutorial ends.
    BigTUnit: He wakes up and it turns out that wolf actually mauled him and none of this actually happened. You now have rabies!
    Yoshi: That's what happens when you steal from the bird.
    • For context: Thorn had stolen a red potion from the bird shopkeeper, Trill, immediately before the Hidden Skill tutorial.
  • And from the end of the same episode, as they debate how Trill will get revenge on them for stealing the potion.
    BigTUnit: (As Hey Hey) How did you find me? (As Trill) I FOLLOWED MY NOSE!
    Yoshi: I (laughs) I hate you, Travis.
  • The (in)famous fanservice scene, as Hey Hey's shot comes up:
    • And shortly before that, they make analogies between goat herding and sumo wrestling, and Travis puts into perspective how Link has to sumo wrestle the mayor to progress:
    Travis as Mayor Bo: How can I help out? Oh, let's get oiled and wrestle, that'll help.
    • After the first round:
    Travis as Mayor Bo: That was good, but I think you need another shot of my ass. Are you ready?
    *Ass scrolls by, the guys laugh*
  • Thorn and Yoshi take turns messing up joke delivery. Then at the very end, Yoshi finally tells his joke while still messing up, and Travis sarcastically likes the joke.
    Yoshi (hysterical): THANK YOU TRAVIS!
  • The guys cooing over a puppy, then attempting to cook him immediately afterwards.
  • After beating the Goron Mine dungeon boss, Fyrus, Travis immediately reminds everyone that they have to make puns again. After a couple half-assed attempts from Thorn and TUnit, Yoshi shows off his amazing one-liner prowess.
    Yoshi: Looks like we just.... stabbed him a lot with a fucking sword.
  • They run into Telma tending a wounded Zora. "Despite all my cleavage, I just could not heal her." Then ThornBrain points out that he's actually a guy. Stunned Silence ensues, until he clarifies that he meant the Zora and not Telma.
  • Their realization that, for all of the bridges Midna teleports around, she didn't bother to help with a small white bridge in the Water Temple that would have saved a lot of time.
    Thorn: "... Little shit! You're right!"
  • The guys' collective reaction to Ooccoo.
    Travis: I like how the music sounds like even it doesn't know what to do with this thing.
  • The three propose a sitcom where Miyamoto acts like a troll. "That's our Miyamoto! *laugh track*"
  • Morpheel slowly reveals itself, first appearing like Morpha, slowly revealing one tentacle at a time before the big mouth, but before the mouth-
    Travis: And then a giant zebra pops out like, whoa that was unexpected.
    • After being grabbed by a tentacle and eaten by Morpheel for the third or forth time, Thorn tries to locate the eye-core as he sinks back down, completely unaware that he was sinking back into Morpheel's mouth again.
    • Then Yoshi reveals his boss pun at the end was planned long in advance.
    Travis: This whole end of this Let's Play is gonna be you sobbing. *impersonates Yoshi* I MADE THE ENTIRE WATER TEMPLE MYSELF!"
  • Iza, the boat-ride owner, is characterized as an airheaded Motor Mouth, eventually prompting them to imagine Hey Hey becoming extremely annoyed.
    "I will hit you with the paddle!"
  • Proposing that fitting the iron boots onto Hey Hey's wolf form would be adorable. Then realizing that, since there's only two boots, they would only go on his front paws and cause his hind feet to sail over his head every time he stopped running.
  • Thorn and Travis's characterization of Falbi (the clown who runs the cuccoo-flying mini game).
  • The idea of Hey Hey admiring the desert while dying of dehydration and being blinded by the sun.
  • Travis's Jovani impersonation:
    "Open up the blue nipple, my prize is in there."
  • After discussing psychology and theoretical particle physics, Thorn lampshades how Part 16 has more scientific conversation than usual.
    Thorn: "If this doesn't interest you, this isn't the Let's Play for you. Go back to Pikmin 2 where we talk about diapers. We've got science in this!"
    • Thorn then immediately points out how they spent most of the previous video making penis jokes.
    Travis: I was talking about roosters. I don't know what you're talking about.
  • Thorn tells the story of an incident in the early days of his and Yoshi's friendship: Yoshi forgot about the invisible rat monsters in the Arbiter's Grounds, and posted a video of how he thought he had found a glitch.
  • Travis: "Link, you must party to open this door."
  • Travis imagines that Stallord sounds like William Shatner, especially during its dying animation. And the cursed sword is George Takei.
    Travis: "Fireball! Ahhh!"
    • They bring it up just before the Temple of Time boss, and decide that they need to use an even more overused impersonation. Travis goes with Christopher Walken.
    '''Yoshi: " I hate you, Travis."
  • Travis slips in a Take That! to the My Little Pony fanbase, but then corrects himself... by saying the exact same thing.
  • The boss battle of Snowpeak Ruins hypothetically being a cook-off between Link and Yeto.
  • A Wolfos in Snowpeak Ruins having a demon voice.
  • Thorn manages to immediately begin the Darkhammer mini boss, somehow bypassing the cutscene for him.
  • Link finds goat cheese, and Yoshi notices how Link looks sad, so they all start pretending to wax nostalgically for the goats back in Ordon.
  • As soon as the guys notice Ooccoo, they try to pass her off as an ingredient to Yeto.
  • Three jokes, each leads into the next: First how Link would be a jerk if it ended up that the mini boss of Snowpeak Ruins was Yeto's friend, then making fun of the inefficient cannonball mechanisms, then the easily impressed Freezard.
  • After taking out a pair of Freezards in a hallway, Thorn uses the ball and chain to push two large metal blocks out of his way, leading to this.
    Travis: Wh- you just pushed those blocks.
    Thorn: Yeah!
    Travis: Hey, now that I think about it, couldn't you have used the ball and chain in the puzzle room?
    Thorn: Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff-
  • The running joke of Yeto shoving Link for every new ingredient, which leads to a joke about Link wanting to avoid finding any more ingredients.
  • Crossing over to the Pikmin 2 LP, the Purple Pikmin are so great, they'd even be good in Yeto's soup.
  • The entire post-Blizetta sequence.
  • Exploring the mansion after defeating the boss, and joking that Yeto and Yeta are "having a good time", and causing the ceiling to break.
    Yoshi: "Let's just say they're making soup..."
  • The entirety of Link sled racing Yeta.
  • Thorn shows off the glitch where you kill the Postman.
  • The three joke about Yeto rubbing off on Link and helping him herd goats.
  • Any mention of the Golden Cuccoo.
  • Yoshi's suggestion that the Lizalfos in the Temple of Time are Link's ancestors.
  • Trying to figure out where/what the Temple of Time is exactly:
    Yoshi: You may not know this, but it's actually a Chuck E. Cheese.
  • The running joke of noticing the specific types of enemies and traps in the Temple of Time (which takes place in the past), and putting them in the context of their possible roles in an ancient civilization.
    • Speculation over Jeremy (see below) and the ancient civilization reaches its peak when they realize that the old civilization collapsed because Pibot lost the princess!
  • The guys' attachment to "Jeremy", the Temple of Time statue.
    • Which extends into a joke about Jeremy falling into a pit, and then calls back to when they made the Postman fall off a cliff.
  • The voice Travis gives to the miniature Temple of Time statue.
  • Rumor has it that the guys' western-inspired dialogue during the entire Hidden Village sequence is a funny moment.
    Travis: Let's scramble and search for clues.
  • "Clown Repair Montage".
  • Yoshi's reaction to Ooccoo hopping into the ancient cannon with Link.
  • Throughout the whole LP, they've had their fun making jokes about Oocoo, now it comes to a head with her whole race as characters in the City in the Sky:
    • When they talk about how useless the Ooocca store in the City in the Sky is, considering they sell things Link can use and the natives cannot.
    • One Oocca standing on a platform falling into a bottomless pit... who then reappears beside Link when Thorn goes out of first-person view.
    • Chickens are genetically superior to humans.
    • Theoretically finding an Oocca on one's chest in the middle of the night.
    Travis as an Oocca: Want me to warp you out of the dungeon?
    Yoshi: ... This is my house.
    • Travis: "I'd hate to go to the Ooccoo sperm bank."
    • The Oocca doing random things to somehow build the dungeon, and a giant, fat queen Oocca constantly giving live birth like the Empress Bulblax.
  • Thorn does a puzzle in fast forward and lampshades it, prompting Travis to say:
    Travis: I can't wait until someone complains, "I wanna see in normal [speed]."
  • All conversations regarding the (Hyrule Town) Malo Mart's clerk.
  • Thorn uses bomb arrows on the Bubbles in the Cave of Ordeals, prompting exasperation.
    Travis: ...Are you- Really?
  • "That was almost clever, Yoshi", followed by Travis and Yoshi bickering.
  • Freezards and Ice Keese freezing Link.
  • The commentary when Link gets down to one quarter heart.
  • "You just drank boogers!"
  • Thorn and Yoshi talk about how easy the Zant Hands in the Palace of Twilight are, and Travis addresses the viewer.
    Travis: So to all of you who've had problems with this, they're just mocking you now. So are you just gonna take that or what?
  • This:
    Travis: What's up Nintendo and having these giant inanimate hands?
    Travis (coldly): ... Shut up.
  • The general riffing of the Palace of Twilight's enemies, either Zant's mask copies licking Link or Zant's incompetence in using twilit versions of basic mooks as the only other enemies.
  • Travis "offends" Jamaican viewers by saying they can teleport and how they are similar to Twilit Beasts in that respect (and the hair).
  • The treasure room right before Ganondorf and all the pointless items inside. Including Thorn equipping Link with the Magic Armor specifically to mess around and drain money so he can get the last orange rupee for a full wallet. The last part is sped up, so the Ominous Pipe Organ going faster is amusing too.
  • Trying to discern landmarks from Hyrule Castle's highest balcony and deciding that one of them is the clown having a party at his cannon. In the middle of a storm.
  • Travis's first thought after beating Ganon's beast form.
    Travis: All right! Who's hungry?
  • Ganon trolling Link after supposedly killing Midna. And then the slowmotion from Yoshi.
  • The final battle, mostly Travis learning about the fishing rod technique, the sped up music and Ganon walk animation, and their reaction to Zelda's face at the end.
  • The sounds they make for Link's awkward face right before the credits.

    Skyward Sword 
  • They named Link "Dumple", and then noticed how The Imprisoned at the beginning of the game looks like an evil Dumple.
  • Zelda's loftwing spitting her letter at Link's head.
    Thorn: Fuck you.
  • Epee Em mistakes a shot of Link falling for a loading screen.
  • In the Sealed Temple, Thorn keeps having trouble placing a beacon on the exact right spot on the map.
  • Thorn, Yoshi, and Redundant all joke about how Gorko could have helped Link take on the Bokoblins.
  • Epee Em's reaction to Ghirahim. And then when Ghirahim starts getting up to Link.
    (Ghirahim flails his Overly Long Tongue)
  • Putting in the stone tablet for Eldin Volcano:
    Epee Em: So green gem led to the Forest Temple, I'm gonna guess red gem leads to Death Mountain?
    Thorn: Yep, only it's not called that in this game.
    Epee Em: (Beat) Life Mountain?
  • Thorn, Epee Em, and Redundant make Strich's bug hobby sound even creepier than it already was.
  • Yoshi interpreting Dumple as an Ax-Crazy lunatic.
    Yoshi/Dumple: I will find a chicken in here! I am hungry!
    • Taken to its conclusion when Yoshi suggests Dumple becomes a Meaningful Name and he starts acting like one (eating and flailing in water).
  • Everyone's reaction to Dumple finding a tumbleweed in a treasure chest in Lanayru Desert.
  • "You found 20 rupees- PUT THAT BACK!"
  • Travis describes using the Beetle item to play basketball.
  • Throughout the Lanayru Mining Facility, Travis feels sorry for the scorpion enemies because he finds them cute. This reaches its conclusion with the dungeon boss: A giant scorpion who could very well be the mother of all the smaller scorpions.
    Travis: You killed my babies, you bitch!
  • Travis vs. Groose:
    Travis/Dumple: Why are you eating a pine cone?
    Travis/Groose: I'M DEPRESSED!
    • The ground starts shaking and Travis, not knowing why, blames Groose.
    Travis/Groose: I didn't mean to eat the dragon's son! It was just there!
    • The aftermath of Groose potentially eating the boss.
    Thorn: Now he turns into the Imprisoned, but with a giant pompadour.
    Travis: He does pranks, like swirlies.
    • Halfheartedly cheering Groose up once his Heroic BSoD goes into full swing.
  • Pipit taking Link and Gaepora's conversation out of context.
  • Thorn greets Gondo with slang... and his enthusiasm is completely deadpan.
  • Thorn and Travis's interactions with the singing statue on the Island of Songs.
  • Thorn opens up a whirlpool passage in the Ancient Cistern:
    Travis: Yay, hot tub!
    • Then right after Dumple dives in, a Chuchu accidentally falls into the whirlpool as well.
  • Dumple goes back to the Lumpy Pumpkin, and Travis theorizes what the last and worst chore could be.
    "You have to marry my daughter."
    "You have to marry my son."
    "You have to marry me."
  • Travis is confused when Dumple returns Peactrice's affections.
    Travis: Did you really confess to her? Does that prevent you from saying it to anyone else?
    Thorn: This isn't a dating game, it's a sidequest!
    Travis (as Peatrice): "Oh, Dumple-chan!"
  • The entire Cawlin love letter sidequest.
  • "Ode to the bomb field!"
  • Anything concerning the bokoblin barbershop quartet.
  • Dumple's visit to Fun Fun Island; highlights include repeated attempts, and Thorn's voice inflecting, and the freaking trumpet.
  • The entire fight with the Imprisoned's second form. The crowning moment is the post-battle discussion for future body parts the Imprisoned can have.
  • The entire scene where you finally reunite with Zelda before she seals herself. As Thorn himself says, "this is supposed to be one of the most emotional cutscenes in this game, and we're just shitting all over it." Immediately after Thorn said that, Yoshi and Travis help out with that assessment;
    Yoshi: You could put eyes in the back of her head, and it'll look like a monster. *cue Thorn cracking up*
    Travis: It'd look like a Blonde Zoidberg. *cue all three (especially Thorn) completely dying from laughter*
    • And also the scene afterward, with Groose, when Yoshi lies about Zelda starting a softball team.
  • The whole cutscene involving the cannon that reveals the final dungeon has the crew laughing for several straight minutes. Afterwards, there's a minor running gag involving Dumple going to the cannon for advice.

     Majora's Mask 
  • The fact that this time, Link is named "Pizza Joe".
  • Yoshi regales Thorn with his memory of the Clock Town theme accidentally playing in the background of his dad recording for an answering machine.
  • After the first meeting with the Banker:
    Yoshi: "Pizza Joe, I will never forget your deposit." I wonder why...
  • Thorn runs into Anju moping at the Laundry Pool.
    Thorn: That woman's being very bleak. *shoots bubble at her* Get happy!
    Yoshi: Stop being sad in the rain!
  • Thorn and Yoshi reuniting with Kaepora Gaebora.
  • The drawing of a shocked Link that Thorn pastes into the video whenever he speeds it up, starting with their wait during the first final day. In the post-Woodfall collection video, he then keeps adding more of them to the screen during a particular Heart Container sequence, before ending it with pasting the face over said heart container.
  • Every single joke they make about Darmani, the dead Goron hero. From all the hilariously unheroic ways he died (which, in actuality, weren't that far off from the canon) to Travis's speculation that the hero gave his people a golden shower.
    • Their jokes regarding the Goron Elder and Baby are pretty good too.
  • The placement of Deku Flowers in Snowhead Temple prompting visuals of Gorons in letterman jackets shoving nerdy Deku Scrubs off the cliffs, extending to entire school scenarios being imagined for the species of Termina.
  • Travis's depiction of the Ice Wolfos's Gratuitous Japanese tsunderes and Real Bombchu being the happiest creature.
    Yoshi (while laughing): Why are these wolves Japanese? I don't get it! They're just wolves!
  • The post-boss fight puns for Goht. First, Travis starts too early, seemingly annoying Yoshi, then after the first three, the get lazier and lazier.
    "Looks like he... uh... fuck him."
  • Yoshi sneaking in a Spongebob reference:
    Travis: Why's [the Goron elder] shaking so much?
    Thorn: He's old, and he's cold!
    Yoshi: And probably filled with mold.
  • Wooden Zoidberg.
  • Thorn reuniting with Tingle on Milk Road, somehow even more deadpan than usual.
    "Oh look. My best friend."
  • The guys work their stuff on the Romani Sisters — Romani has a thick southern drawl and Cremia's obsessed with spiking the milk with different things.
  • Episode 11 ends with the guys spending a good 5 minutes or so describing a fictional band consisting of Gold Skulltulas, seagulls, and the Swamp Spider House's tree who always kill the audience.
  • Yoshi speculating that the secret behind Navi's Z-target assist was that Link was actually trying to stab her the whole time and just happened to slaughter the forces of evil in the process.
  • The Ice Arrows:
    "Try it everywhere! Even in your Pina Colada! Haha, now it's frozen and you can't drink it!"
  • "Heart attack... heartburn... PIZZAAAA!"
  • Getting the Circus Leader's Mask.
  • Yoshi and Travis point out how creepy and mean Link can be in the Anju/Kafei quest, impersonating Kafei with a mask and breaking into his house, and not giving Anju her necklace.
  • A Brick Joke at that — On Night 1 of the Anju/Kafei quest, they joke about what happens if the Postman tried delivering to himself. Come Night 3 (of another cycle in the video), they interpret his crisis as him still trying to figure out if he can mail things to himself.
  • Travis's growing exasperation with the Ikana Well.
  • Travis's reaction to the skulls of Igos's minions bickering with each other.
    "This had better be in the opera."
  • It's yet another one of those things that makes sense in context, but... Tower of Waffles.
  • At one point during the ascension of Stone Tower, they note how much it would suck if the Fire Keese flying around the area were instead Ice Keese, because they could freeze you mid-jump, causing you to fall down and have to start over. Barely over 11 seconds later, a Fire Keese immediately flies into Link as he's pulling himself up a Hookshot pillar, and he falls... off the platform... all the way down into the bottomless pit... and is re-spawned back at the beginning of the area. Meaning he has to start all over again.
    • As if that wasn't enough, right afterward, Travis immediately sings/Mondegreens the beginning verse to the theme of The Lion King, which Thorn and Yoshi follow up on...
    Thorn: *to the tune of the same song* "Oh fuck. Gotta do this again."
    Yoshi: *also to the tune* "God damn it."
    Travis: *also also to the tune* "AAAAAHHHH, MY LEG NOW!"
  • Travis's various family anecdotes in the final collection video, which Crosses the Line Twice.
  • On the final third night, they joke that Pizza Joe (the goron) gets blinded by the Light Arrows, and Yoshi and Travis agree that it's a fair trade-off since he stole Pizza Joe's name.
  • Their commentary as the four Giants appear to catch the moon.
  • The Moon Children asking Link existential questions about the nature of friendship:
    Yoshi: "They're really just saying, 'Are you sure you want to find Navi?'"
  • The commentary during the credits — specifically the parts with the Deku King, Postman, and the wedding.
  • "Freakin', you know..."

    Wind Waker HD 
  • The guys do what they do best and really hit the ground running; Episode 1 is full of hilarious characterization.
    • One that stands out is Link's grandmother, who's borderline abusive in her neglect toward Pizza Joe.
  • Pizza Joe/Link taking a selfie with his depressed grandmother after Pizza Jane/Aryll is kidnapped.
  • Yoshi (as Tetra): "Did you push Niko down a flight of stairs? We love that game."
    Travis (as Tetra): "It's more fun to push him upstairs. It's a much harder experience but he cries more."
  • Another selfie in the Forsaken Fortress.
  • Yoshi's attempt at the mail sorting minigame, and Travis's joke afterward.
  • Yoshi's vocabulary meets his confusion on Zelda enemies:
    Yoshi: "So with the grappling hook, I think with Moblins, that's what they're called, I'm not sure. I just call them dicks."
    Thorn: "I think Bokoblins."
    Travis: "Dickoblins!"
  • Pizza Joe takes a selfie... in the middle of a boss fight. This was given away by the Youtube thumbnail, but no less amusing. And Yoshi mentions that he will do this for all bosses.
  • Travis's voice for Prince Komali.
  • Travis's bewilderment at Pizza Joe's auction strategies, with Yoshi's bewilderment at Mila's father's cheap vases.
  • Jokes about the green Sonic recolor.
  • Yoshi gets the better of Thorn and Olivia by mentioning how he never misses the jump into the Forest Haven while they did. And then later against Travis with the gliding portion, where Yoshi is made to be a liar.
  • According to Travis, the Forbidden Woods is where the Deku Tree keeps his porn.
    Yoshi: "... What porn does a tree- I don't care."
  • Coming across the ominous, thorny structure that is the Forbidden Woods:
    • Followed by Travis declaring that the small midpoint island is the Forbidden Woods.
  • The Forbidden Woods video ends with an extended description of the King of Red Lions' pathetic life of losing playing cards to the ocean and having no one to talk to while Link is adventuring.
  • Link and Aryll muscling up and destroying Outset Island every time they drink Grandma's soup.
  • The Running Gag of the Great Fairies giving Pizza Joe strange and decidedly non-magical gifts.
  • The mental image of Ganon struggling to solve the block puzzle in Hyrule Castle.
  • Yoshi describes his selfie strategies.
  • The scene with Ganon, followed by the regrouping with Valoo and the Rito birds, especially Travis's voice for Komali.
  • El Poncho Marshmallow
  • This exchange:
    King of Red Lions (Travis): "Did you really seal that girl in a temple? She's gonna die now."
    Link (Yoshi): "IT WAS YOUR IDEA!"
  • Chasing Mila, complete with sneaking music, a rupee clipping through her, and Travis's idea to throw poor people under the ocean.
  • The running gag where Yoshi's off point during the Earth Temple, and Travis makes a few less-than-good jokes, so the guys decide that this is their worst episode.
  • Yoshi and Travis theorize how the people at Nintendo came up with Splatoon.
  • When Makar gets captured, Yoshi tells the story of what he did on his first playthrough — abandon Makar in the Wind Temple and go talk to the Deku Tree to try and look for a way to get him out.
  • "Shut up and Travis."
  • The sped-up sequence while Yoshi is describing all the things he has to do to get Pizza Joe and Makar to the right room.
  • Yoshi getting PTSD of the Goron trading sequence while watching it back in the recording.
  • Yoshi gets an awesome snipe on one of the Kargorocs... and then whiffs all the rest, insisting that he's still as skilled as he was a second ago.
  • Olivia tries to figure out which rapper Tingle reminds her of until Yoshi has to step in and answer. Thorn's also laughing to himself the whole time.
  • Thorn, on Dark Nuts: "The nuts come after dark."
  • Yoshi regales Thorn and Olivia with a childhood story of "Mike the Guitar Guy", who performed the first notes of All-Star at Yoshi's kindergarten assembly, with Yoshi years later wanting to track him down.
  • Travis, Thorn, and Olivia berate Yoshi for not accepting Puppet Ganon, despite it being Pizza Joe's only birthday present.
  • After all the credits and montage bubbles, King Daphnes' corpse would float up to the sea level.

     Ocarina of Time 3D 
  • "Mido, we're not leprechauns, we've been over this."
  • The Deku Tree taunting Link throughout the dungeon sequence.
  • At the end of the second video, Travis accidentally ships the twin brothers in Hyrule Market.
  • The notion of Link and Ganondorf getting into a staring contest when they see each other at Hyrule Castle.
  • The entire sequence in Kakariko Graveyard.
  • Thorn and Travis refer to the Cucco Lady, whose model is used for Anju in Majora's Mask.
    Thorn: "If we bring [the cuccos] back to that lady, we'll get something for it."
  • The carpenters.
  • The return of Tsundere Wolfos.
  • The idea of Miyamoto trolling on his deathbed.
  • "This is Travis's last episode on The Strawhat No forever."
  • Rock & Roll questionnaire.
  • Thorn vs. the Cucco flock at Zora River. He loses. Complete with a Brick Joke involving underwater Cuccos.
  • Anything related to King Zora.
  • Travis and Yoshi try to give flowery descriptions to the times they got licensed games for Christmas, and it devolves into all three of the guys describing random bad things that happened to them, in progressively blunt ways.
  • Travis and Yoshi think the Redeads in Future!Market Town are just different versions of the same NPCs.
    Travis: "The Happy Mask Salesman looks a lot different."
    Travis: "And then there's still two zombies spinning with each other- 'Wheeee.'"
    Yoshi: "They're all the exact same people."
    Travis: "Two zombies are laughing, but they don't know why."
  • Pocket Egg, an egg that you put in your pocket and can sit on, ruining your pants. Complete with a 90's commercial.
  • Dampe's diary entries:
    I wish I had a Pocket Egg, then I'd be cool.
  • Travis's suspension of disbelief is tested in the Forest Temple, when Link is pushing a block around.
    Yoshi: "... We back-flipped into a well!"
  • Travis constantly referring back to Ant-Man as a weird/useless super hero.
  • All three of the guys start having different, simultaneous trains of thought from Thorn explaining how Floormasters work.
  • The Dumple timer. Just... the Dumple timer.
    • Complete with a fishing hat in Part 13-2.
  • Highwang theorizes Darunia gave birth to his son by simply shaving a piece off his rock beard.
  • Groose falls into the lava at the bottom of Death Mountain Crater, and the next shot is child Groose respawning at the warp point. Yoshi and Highwang are thrown for a loop until Thorn tells them it was just editing.
  • Travis's fishing anecdote in 13-2.
  • Travis wants to bet that the boss of the Shadow Temple is a ferret, and will stretch the truth to fit what he wants.
  • Thorn and Olivia make jokes to refer to things they'll do together, one month after the video's commentary, but it Makes Just as Much Sense in Context.
    Yoshi: "... You have an interesting love life, Austin..."
  • Everyone thinks Link is impressed with Ganon's castle exterior.
    Olivia: "I like what they've done with the place."
    Yoshi: "You know... not bad at all! Looks pretty good, I like the rainbow vortex in the sky."
    Travis: "My job is done!"
    Yoshi: "Hyrule, consider yourself saved — in architecture."
  • "They never stopped composing... de-composing!"
  • Everyone is disappointed by the reward for 100 Gold Skulltulas. Travis wonders if Link is able to re-curse the man as punishment.
  • Travis and Yoshi come up with weird exclamations to say in lieu of swearing.
    Yoshi: "Well, that just divorces my father."
    Travis: "Well, that just lowers my APR financing."
  • The commentary for the video has been increasingly unhinged as the video goes on, until it culminates in everyone suggesting weird things for animals to say.
  • The entire scene with Zelda in the Temple of Time.
  • The sages make a bridge for Link/Groose, and Yoshi, Olivia, and Thorn speak at once:
    Yoshi: "And this was the entire point of you saving those temples, Link."
  • Travis and Olivia start getting descriptive in a spider/janitor fantasy of Olivia and Thorn.
  • The LP ends with Siri telling Travis he has no friends for asking her to divide by zero.

    A Link Between Worlds 
  • Everything with Dampe, again.
  • "Yeah, probably. But what are you going to do?"
  • Shield nipples.
  • Link/Taco Bob runs into a creepy man dressed as a bee.
    Bee Guy: "Ah, Taco Bob! Long time no see!"
    Thorn: "... How do you know me? I'm pretty sure I would've never talked to you."
  • Taco Bob's increasingly strained relationship with his homeless father.
  • Thorn wonders if veteran players of Link to the Past had "Vietnam flashbacks" when they saw the mini Moldorms.
  • Thorn and Yoshi keep joking about the happyface springs in the Tower of Hera, and refer to Moldorm as a burger, due to its design.
  • Yoshi suggests that instead of telling the player to take breaks, the Lorule save statues should tell the player to play for too long.
  • Highwang joins the LP:
    Highwang: "Where are you keeping those [Maiamais]?"
    Thorn: "...."
    Highwang: "Good answer."
  • Yoshi and Highwang's plan to motivate the Lorule citizens: Ignore the kidnapped sages and innocent victims, and just start a soccer team.
  • Thorn dies, but has a fairy, meaning he doesn't have to return all his rented items.
    '''Yoshi: "Fuck you Ravio, I'm keeping my items!"
  • Highwang has trouble pronouncing "Hadoken Hand" (when he meant to say Fire Gloves).
  • After announcing plans to re-LP Twilight Princess (the Wii U version), Yoshi begins reminiscing over two questionable jokes he made during the original LP.
  • Yoshi pictures Link/Taco Bob bringing a Maimai child back to the mother, only it's dead.
  • Thorn tells Highwang Get Out! after the latter suggests using the Ice Rod in the Ice Ruins.
  • Thorn goes for a Dark Souls 3 joke, which leads to Yoshi and Highwang having an extended conversation about Hunter x Hunter until he reaches the boss.
    Thorn: "I regret ever saying 'hunter.'"
  • Thorn, Yoshi, and Highwang imagine Shigeru Miyamoto shilling the floor tile projectile puzzle that appears in different Zelda games, with Yoshi saying it's based off Miyamoto's father throwing floor tiles at him as a child.
  • In the end, when Ravio turns out to be the Lorule counterpart to Link, they start coming up with other names for him. Burrito Jeff, Ham Harry, Bond, etc.

    Tri Force Heroes 
  • Yoshi points out how the game's silly introduction is something Travis would write, while Travis mistakes the Big Bad for Don Flamenco.
  • Before the three can start playing together, they each navigate the town at the start, but the viewer can only see Thorn's gameplay, and none of the players can see each other's gameplay, leading to this:
    Travis: "If you go up the stairs to the right behind the boutique, there's a creepy clown."
    Yoshi: "Travis, I'm in the fuckin' shop and you're already talking to clowns..."
  • Right out the gate, Travis trolls Yoshi and Thorn by picking up their Links in the first stage and throwing them randomly. He then proceeds to troll Yoshi for the rest of the stage.
  • Yoshi reads the Gripshot description:
  • Travis trolls Thorn and Yoshi by selecting World 4 too early on the level roulette, and forces the three of them to play through the Slippy-Slidey Ice World, which proves disastrous.
  • Every section of the Hinox Mines has at least one sequence where disaster and hilarity ensue.
  • Travis keeps trolling Thorn and Yoshi in Silver Shrine by throwing them back further in the level.
  • Thorn dons the Hammerwear, which makes Link resemble a Hammer Bro:
    NPC: "Did you use a koopon to buy that?"
    Thorn: "Oh fuck you, lady."

    Twilight Princess HD 

    Breath of the Wild 
  • Thorn climbing Dueling Peaks, losing his stamina bar inches from a safe spot to rest, tumbling down the side, losing all his health in the fall, surviving due to Mipha's Grace... only to die to one solid landing as he smacks against a shrine of all things.
  • At the beginning of one of his alternate videos, Thorn summons Epona with an amiibo and then shoots her dead with his bow to show off Malanya's role in the game. Upon speaking with the horse god, Malanya decides that Epona's death was an accident.
    Thorn: It was an incredible accident.
    Skippy: You should put a flashback to what you just did.
    (scene immediately transitions to a slow-motion monochrome flashback; "The Sound of Silence" cues)

Other Games

     007 Agent Under Fire 
  • The mundane actions which qualify as "Bond Moves" in Agent Under Fire are hilarious in their own right. But the resulting discussion adds icing to the cake.
  • Part 2 has a scene where Thorn is hiding in a vent and taking out guards, one by one. When there are only 2 left, one of the guards begins spinning in a circle, causing Thorn to pause for 15 seconds before shooting him; the guys all promptly crack up. Later in the video he admits that the sight made him laugh so hard he was literally crying.
    My friend is dead! CIRCLE STRAFE!!!
  • At the end of a driving mission is a Moment of Awesome for Thorn, in which he uses a shortcut, boosts up to the armored van, and uses the Q-Pulse to take it out. What makes it a CMOF is the fact that right after that happens, he loses control and his car gets hit by a train. Yoshi and Travis continue laughing long after the video is finished.
  • As Thorn attempts to snipe 2 guards from a doorway before he can enter their field of vision, the automatically closes right as he takes the shot, blocking the bullet and alerting the guards to his presence.
  • On three separate recordings, Thorn watched as the enemies ran around blindly trying to find him and ended up running off the platform and falling to their deaths.

     Pikmin 2 
  • Day 1:
    • Yoshi and Travis exaggerate the product placement in the game and talks about needing to buy Pepsi to beat the game.
  • Day 2:
    • Near the end, they joke about the Purple Pikmin getting burnt up by being in the ship's exhaust pipe and leaving purple smoke coming out of the rocket during takeoff.
    • On the topic of Purple Pikmin, the Running Gag that they are Game-Breaker God Mode Sues.
  • Day 3:
  • Day 4:
    • Near the start:
    Yoshi as the Ship: Aw man you landed! Wanna take a dump?
    • The Burgeoning Spider Wart:
    Travis: Suspicious ground-testicle, what's that about?
    Yoshi: I don't know, let's all touch it. Together.
    • Yoshi is an old man.
    • The running gag of bottle caps and old food being worth more than jewels.
    • They get to the boss of the Citadel of Spiders. Between the ultra-bitter spray and the Purple Pikmin, it's down to a sliver of health about 14 seconds after it appears:
    Mugiwara Yoshi: Okay, this is Beady Long Legs, and ah...
    ThornBrain: And that was Beady Long Legs.
    Mugiwara Yoshi: (laughing) And that was Beady Long Legs.
    • Seeing a Fiery Blowhog in the dusk takeoff animation alongside multiple Yellow Wollywogs leads the group to believe that it was adopted by the Wollywogs and has an identity crisis similar to Mallow.
    • The ending of Day 4 has an extensive fat joke at the Hocotate Freight President's expense, as well as making him sound like Mickey Mouse.
  • Day 5:
    • On Day 5, they rapidly fluctuate between highbrow humor (psychology jokes) and lowbrow humor (a dirty diaper as one of Olimar's suit upgrades), and even lampshade it.
      • And then Travis brings out his tuba mouthpiece after the main video ends.
    • Discussing a hypothetical, exaggerated middle finger gesture the player could get for making no progress on one day, at the end of Day 5.
    • Travis and Thorn (and Yoshi) make jokes about Yoshi's relationship ending after accidentally making insensitive jokes during one of the videos.
    • In a discussion on the product placement in the game, Yoshi says "ya want some Yoplait?", but he put the emphasis on the brand name in a way that sounded funny.
    • A dollar bill treasure that subtracts from your debt repayment total.
    • "Grrrocho".
  • Day 6:
    • The guys decide that a children's book about the Dumple would be awesome.
      "But no one likes the Dumple."
  • Day 7:
    • The running gag that Travis may be drunk.
    • In response to Thorn saying that you twist nuts and punch bolts, Travis remarks that he'd punch "that John Travolta dog". Thorn and Yoshi's reactions are icing on the cake.
    • Yoshi talks about eating chalk as a kid... in eight grade.
      Travis: Eighth?!
    • Travis gives the Waterwraith a very camp, Southern voice.
      • And while fighting the Waterwraith, Yoshi smacks his hand on his desk.
    • On the topic of killing the Bulbmin's mother(s) and leaving behind the babies:
      Thorn: "Happy Father's Day, by the way."
      *Yoshi laughs hysterically for the next two minutes*
    • The three joke about Pikmin 3 (not released at the time), and wondering if having all seven types of Pikmin would have their marching songs sound terrible (e. g. interrupting each other, one being behind, etc.)
      • Which finishes with the idea of the Pikmin doing a jazzy song, then getting squished by a Wollywog, who finishes for them.
    • Travis jokes that since Shigeru Miyamoto got the idea for Pikmin from his garden, that Miyamoto pushed his wife into their pond and blew a whistle at her.
    • "GET THE DONUT!"
    • The joke where Yoshi only knows five songs.
    • This Take That!, courtesy of BigTUnit.
      Travis: He took away your maturity, you find Carlos Mencia funny now!
  • Day 8:
    • The President as your new partner.
    Yoshi: Your new partner is the president!
    Travis: Please don't eat the Pikmin.
    • The Pikmin auction/football play.
    • The concept of throwing the President like a Pikmin, and having him leave a crater.
    • The President casually punching a Blowhog.
    • Miscounting the amount of Pikmin needed to carry a wooden bear.
    • Travis meets the President's wife, then the ensuing theories and scenarios.
      • He even sings a rendition of the end of day theme, but of the President eating things.
  • Day 9:
    • After noticing all the explosives in the Subterranean Complex, Travis starts singing Redial.
    • They talk about bomb traps in the dungeons, and how the game fakes the player out by dropping honey instead of bombs.
    Travis: And they'd drop a teddy bear, "aww".
    Yoshi: Filled with bombs!
    Thorn: And honey!
    Travis: Honey bombs!
    • Yoshi and Travis start arguing about the time Yoshi ate chalk.
    • Travis calls the President, "the Mayor", and it just kind of goes on from there.
  • Day 10:
    • Thorn's reaction to seeing the Silencer at the end of the Cavern of Chaos.
    • Theorizing Olimar being the villain in Pikmin 3.
    Yoshi as Olimar: I'm the bad guy now, because... raaaah!
  • Day 11:
    • Yoshi gathers a party of 100 Purple Pikmin.
    Travis (sincerely): You know, this reminds me of this time in high school-
    Yoshi: How does this remind you of a time in high school?!
    Travis: Well let me finish the story-
    Yoshi: We're with a bunch of random plants running and drowning, and you're like 'you know, this reminds me of high school'-"
    Travis: I went to a weird high school. Anyway-
    • They can't appear decide whether or not the Gatling Groinks are or are not having a soup kitchen in one of the sublevels.
    • Yoshi imagines Travis doing a "YEAH!" Shot, to which Travis provides cheesy 80's credits.
    • The Monopoly jokes.
    • Travis compares Pikmin 2 to being on a desert island, and proceeds to hallucinate that Thorn and Yoshi look like chicken legs.
    • Travis's reaction to seeing Louie again.
    • Thorn jokes that during the ending, they leave the President behind just like Louie.
  • The Day 11 failure reel has a Bulbear drop directly on Yoshi's full party. There's no commentary, but Yoshi just stands there as this happens, as if he's like "well, that's that, I guess."

     Shadow of the Colossus 
  • The opening cinematic sequences take a long time, and the guys start joking about it.
    • Yoshi jokes that the opening intro is so long, it even goes into the title screen.
    • Long to the point of killing the protagonist's girlfriend.
  • Travis and Yoshi have the protagonist and the second Colossus have a conversation while far away.
  • Travis tries to get out of going through a confusing forest in order to reach the sixth Colossus.
  • Thorn and Travis wonder what Agro does between escapades.
  • Travis on luring in the colossus:
    "I have to look delicious. I gotta think; 'delicious'."
  • Thorn's deep, evil voice in the beginning of Part 9.
  • Part 11, the boss fight hinges on your ability to grab a stick off the ground, then light it on fire to scare the Colossus; the problem is, Travis has no idea how he's supposed to grab it. Then he remembers the button prompt to grab stuff off the ground is... the exact same grab button he's been using the entire game. As if that wasn't funny enough, when he FINALLY grabs the stick and lights it on fire...
    Travis: *runs up to the Colossus and swings the stick at it* Ha ha! Who's winning the battle NOW- *Colossus casually swipes Wander's feet out from under him, knocking him back* -Fuck. *cue Thorn laughing*
  • In Part 15, Travis starts getting cocky because he's doing well in the fight and starts taunting the colossus by crouching repeatedly. The colossus then strikes the temple Travis is standing in, causing a part of the architecture to fall on him...and he miraculously survives!
    Thorn: Good thing you're made of jelly!
  • The entire commentary during the final parts, especially after Wander reverts from being Dormin.
  • Yoshi imagines what the Colossi did for day jobs.
    Yoshi: Before you killed him, this one was an accountant!
    Travis: That bull is just at a desk, with a suit on.

     Ni no Kuni 
  • Travis' confusion/amusement by Thorn stating "Sweetie Pie, that's the next level for pie." Travis then imagines a press conference where "the next generation of pie" is being hyped.
  • The entire conversation Thorn and Travis have about Shadar at the end of Part 4.
  • "By the way, I stole your wallets."
  • Thorn's complete, unadulterated joy toward the end of Part 16, when the party gets Tenri.

     Sleeping Dogs 
  • It'd probably be best to say that, given that this is a Sandbox game, this is a whole LET'S PLAY of Funny.
    • "Boom! I recycled you!"
  • The very end of Part 2, Wei Shen gets killed (in a gameplay sense). What does him in? Well, a truck drove up... and Travis was too slow to run in front of it. Instead, he just casually ran into the BACK CORNER of the truck, tapping it with his body, and Wei Shen just falls over dead. Thorn and especially Yoshi quickly followed via laughter.
  • Travis' completely logical obsession with the Classical Music station, leading to such moments as driving to a mission on a Scooter as Action-y as he could, to the tune of Ride of the Valkyries. And later, after establishing the Jade Statue sidequest, driving to the next mission casually to the tune of Giuseppe Verdi's Rigoletto Act 3.
  • During the Bus Mission in Part 3, Travis hits a thing in the center of the road just right, somehow causing his Bus to leap into the air and almost clear over the enemy car next to him, bouncing off of it into the adjacent sidewalk.
  • At the end of Part 5, Travis shows off the Action Dismount and then, after getting up, immediately runs into a moving truck.
    Yoshi: At least you were wearing a helmet.
  • "Cop." Coming from a spur of the moment Bond One-Liner after Travis threw a triad Mook into a furnace, this becomes an excuse for Wei Shen's increasingly violent approach to solving crime.
  • Every time they bring up Crazy Fedora Man and Dr. Wei Shen.
    • And also all the jokes about Shen (or even others) being Winston.
  • "Dammit, Wei..."
  • The whole conversation at the end of Part 9. It's just one of those things that needs to be heard.
  • Episode 10, Wei Shen goes on a date. Considering how the entire rest of the playthrough has gone so far, it doesn't need saying that this is going to be great.
    Tiffany (the date): That was really impressive...*cue Travis, Thorn and Yoshi DYING of sheer laughter*
    Travis: *mocking Tiffany* "That was really impressive, you knew all the words!"
  • Part 11:
    • Travis drives past a car, which forces it to turn, but he goes into a cutscene and seems to make it get stuck in its pathfinding. Cue the car driving in a circle in the background for the entire cutscene.
    • They meet King for a mission and afterwards imagine he keeps popping up in increasingly cartoonish ways to ask Wei about his music. This eventually transforms into King as a running gag for the entire rest of the LP, asking questions about hilariously irrelevant things.
  • In the Year of the Snake DLC, the riffs each guy makes on the cop montage. Kinda thematic as each guy has a riff for a different scene.
    Thorn: (Wei is giving a parking ticket) Well, time to be a douche to people who just parked.
    Travis: (Wei is helping a lost tourist) Hold on a minute! You need to calm down with your maps and shit and you gotta go that way cuz you gotta read fucking maps, you dumbshit. Get the fuck outta my face. I'm a cop!
    Yoshi: (Wei is trying to calm an argument between two civilians) Okay, we are both roughly the same height. We've confirmed this.
  • Every single inner monologue that Wei Shen has during the Year of the Snake story... And by "Wei Shen has", I actually mean "The Strawhat NO! provides for him".

    Bioshock Infinite 
  • Travis riding the sky-lines while drunk.
  • The group discussing Bioshock/Vigor-themed cocktails at the end of episode 8. Special mention goes to Thorn suggesting the Luteces' drink being simply water, and Travis and Thorn for exploring the notion of Return To Sender as a drink. Apparently it'd involve ipecac. And Skittles. For texture.

    Punch-Out!! Wii 
  • Their commentary over Doc Louis advising Mac during the King Hippo Minor Circuit fight.
  • A joke about Doc Louis falling down the stairs leads into an extended skit where they discuss different weird training montages, taking driving tests, and Sonic the Hedgehog replacing Doc Louis as Mac's coach among other things.
    Thorn: "At the end of the game, Doc dies and it does a training montage as you follow the hearse. Punch-Out."
  • All of their comments on Doc Louis in the Major Circuit video, particularly the part between Round 1 and Round 2 of Great Tiger's fight.
  • Deciding that Don Flamenco without a wig looks like Nicolas Cage
  • Doc's reaction to Mr. Sandman towering over Mac, as interpreted by Travis:
    "I made a bad choice in life."
  • Yoshi points out Doc Louis giving Mac encouraging remarks during the title bout, then Travis jokes that Doc went to the wrong corner.
  • Yoshi's rather strange problem of having to do retakes because he sometimes destroys the boxers in the first round.
    "I swear, this game is difficult."
  • The other boxers trying to get at Little Mac's balls.
    • Which carries into the video epilogue.
  • Thorn's reaction to Title Defense!King Hippo:
  • More between round commentary from Doc, this time with Title Defense!King Hippo:
    Doc: Did you see that, Mac baby?! Did you see that?!
    Doc!Travis: He's cheatin' like a son of a bitch!

     Survival Kids 
  • Thorn gets to shine on his own as he mercilessly lampshades the absurdity of the game's opening sequence.

     The Last Of Us 
  • Episode 1:
    • Despite the game having a dark opening, the trio still manage to lose it on their first episode. One word: Watch.Explanation 
    • And the imaginary cop that follows Joel around through the chaos of the prologue just to give him tickets for every little thing.
  • Episode 4:
    • The guys deciding that hearing the song "MMMBop" makes Joel angry enough to drive faster.
    • Travis trying to shoot a Clicker with the bow. In fast motion.
  • Episode 6:
    • Joel's Christmas Tirade. All throughout the episode.
    • Also "THE JOEL!!!".
  • Episode 7:
    • Within the first 5 or so minutes of the video's start, Travis ends up at a point where he has to get Ellie up a ledge... Except that running up to the ledge doesn't prompt her to be boosted up. Cue Travis continuing to not realize how he's supposed to get past this for such a long amount of time, he actually speeds the gameplay up so we see everything he did while he was stuck, such as re-loading his save and even pointing a gun at Ellie.
    • Finally, he realizes he's supposed to use the cart Ellie had just pushed underneath the garage door and pull it over so HE can climb up the ledge and help her over. After it finally ends, Yoshi points out that, in his opinion;
    Yoshi: I feel like that's an accurate representation of Joel, though.
  • Episode 15:
    • At the start of the credits, Travis slips up when seeing the Naughty Dog logo and accidentally calls the game Sleeping Dogs.

     Undertale Streams 
  • Thorn names the fallen child "Worst". Other than just being funny on its own, there are two other reasons it's funny:
    Highwang: That's so poetically corny, it's perfect!*cue Thorn dying from laughter*
  • When Thorn is in Toriel's house, he reacts to seeing bad puns in Toriel's diary.
    "... I want to leave."
  • Highwang suggests that Flowey would make a good houseplant for Thorn.
  • Thorn and Highwang meeting Sans.
  • Highwang tries to make a political joke about Snowdin's local authorities... and gets completely ignored for his trouble.
  • The entire Papyrus date sequence.
    • Followed up by Papyrus's phone call in the next video.
    Thorn as Papyrus: "Do you love me yet? Oh wait you already do. Do I love you yet? Wait, no I don't- nevermind goodbye."
  • Thorn eats the Instant Noodle item before Travis wants him to, so they spend the rest of the segment lightly bickering over it, and Thorn eventually dies on purpose without saving, just to make Travis sit through a few scenes again.
  • Thorn's reaction to Mettaton EX.
  • Thorn and Highwang joke about Jerry interrupting a sequence of scripted encounters in Asgore's castle.
  • At the True Pacifist Ending, they notice Mettaton standing Behind the Black when he makes one comment, but is otherwise missing from the entire finale, leading them to think he's just sitting back and watching the whole final battle from Behind the Black.
  • In the penultimate part when Thorn's talking with everyone after the final boss, Papyrus ends up complaining that the plot didn't lead to him becoming a member of the Royal Guard. But the way he puts it makes it one of the most hilarious parts of the whole playthrough(next to the whole "You were never The Worst" bit just 8-9 minutes prior):
    Papyrus: Truly, this is the worst possible ending.*cue clapping and Highwang laughing*
    Highwang: You did all this for the WORST ending, Thorn!
    Thorn: The WORST ending, you say?!
    Highwang: Yes, the WORST, oh my god...!*continues laughing*
  • Frisk and Asriel hug each other:
    Highwang: Wenk.

     Legend of Grimrock II 
  • The names of the characters — Ogre Taint, Cricket Dazzler, Failure of a Son, and Pubert.
    • Each of them represents one of the commentators — Ogre Taint is Travis, Cricket Dazzler is Yoshi, Failure of a Son is Thorn, and Pubert is Jacob. They chose their names and to make sure you don't forget it, Thorn made sure to add the goofiest pictures of the commentators he could to their respective characters.
  • The gang gets a lot of comedic mileage out of the gameplay premise of a party of four characters being chained together and moving in a group, with one of the first jokes being that Ogre Taint (a Minotaur Barbarian) is just dragging the other three characters behind him without noticing their distress.
  • Pubert will eat just about anything. Whether it's something he WANTS to eat or not isn't particularly relevant to the rest of the party.

  • The various model glitches that arise from Thorn playing the widescreen version of the game. When a character is supposed to leave the scene, sometimes they just appear frozen off to the side.
  • "The Otters are Watching me masturbate Zoe!"

     Slime Rancher 
  • The Mood Whiplash from certain game mechanics juxtaposed with the cutesy atmosphere makes for some morbid moments. One such example is Thorn tossing Henhens into a newly-crafted incinerator for achievements, to the shock of his co-commentators.
    Jacob: Who hurt you?!

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